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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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now to run in these elections these protests started most of the candidates were also detained they're here now and also asking for support pressuring the government to black these activists out of prison or people like a 23 year old used enough was a young actor who sas who just happened to be. in the same location as a rally didn't even have any intention to join the rally who has now been sentenced to 3 and a hop years in prison a lot of people were angry about this and not only about his but also a 21 year old student who is facing many years in prison who now the government called for extremism charges not only people from the opposition but also people within the government circles have been very upset and angry about these arrests priests even have come out open letters have been signed by doctors scientists and people from all kinds of professions stressing the government to let these people
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go. still ahead on al-jazeera. the democrats as a political battle to impeach the president begins it's 4 years since i'm in ma see this fall was song with one of the secrets of ahmed groups refusing to join the peace accord. and there it is mostly clear across much of the middle east some town further to the all streaming across the caspian save it as of the much the in the way of moisture and in fact warming up as well again into back to 21 on monday with that woman as we head into tuesday what we have got isn't a warm air in place in tashkent 23 degrees but the rain and the mountain snow that really just push in on it chews day so just 14 celsius in the meanwhile 28 degrees celsius in kabul to the south. so there's no real cooling off here either still
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feeling pretty nice of course into muscat 33 degrees celsius one of the more showers into the south and the west of yemen on a warm couple of days ahead again into doha 38 degrees and still feeling fairly humid then down into southern africa and now we've got some rain pushing into the far south it will work its way eastwards and certainly as we had into durban on monday that is where we'll see some showers not feeling too bad 20 degrees celsius still very warm across in johannesburg 26 is your high temperature on monday and then that rain will continue to work its way up the eastern coast and that will then bring the rain in simle southern sections of mozambique and also once that rain produce out of the way some cooler air pushes into one is the high the of 21. 2 planes came from sugar and 15 men checked now to tell mr bush.
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it is possible to fully clean the premises and skeletons but what you then leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned from mystery wanted to give evidence from started speaking about the role in the before even the saudi government just jamal khashoggi murder in a saudi consulate on al jazeera. welcome back you're watching i'll just time to recap our headlines yemen's houthi military commanders have released images which they say show the surrender of several brigades of saudi troops i'll just 0 is unable to independently verify the video's
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claim the images show hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia near the town of natural and after a major attack near the border between the 2 countries. violence has continued into the night another day of the government protests in hong kong demonstrates is attacked an abandoned taxi in the commercial area of one child they told media the driver was speeding towards the crowd. in austria exit polls in the indicates the conservative people's party has won more than 37 percent of the vote . the early election was called after the governing center right coalition collapsed following a corruption scandal following final results rather odd you are not. with the 60. us president donald trump has lashed out at an ongoing impeachment inquiry against him trump called the proceedings brought by house democrats the single greatest
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scam in american politics the presidency is alleged by a whistleblower to have pressured ukraine's the devil odometers the landscape to investigate his political rival joe biden and the gallagher has more from washington d.c. or both the republicans on the democrats are now trying to control the narrative of these impeachment proceedings the republicans are saying are one close aide to president trump are saying this is deep state sabotage of the whistleblower was politically motivated even though we don't know the identity of that person whether it's a he or a she the democrats say this is a far more clear cut understandable issue they say that when president trump asked president selenski of ukraine to investigate a political rival and potentially withhold funds from that country that is an impeachable offense the investigation is going ahead at a rapid pace and that whistleblower so-called whistle blower may be appearing
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behind closed doors in the next few days there is a recess at the moment but the house democrats will continue with their investigations they will continue handing out subpoenas and they will continue asking the trumpet ministration some very difficult and pressing questions britain's prime minister is battling several fronts as he joins members of the conservative party in manchester for their annual conference is not only the braggs it pressure on johnson it's also calls now for him to resign over corruption allegations from his time as london's mayor lawrence lee has more from that conference in manchester. manchester certainly a difficult place for the conservatives behold in their conference cities by tradition the socialist city all the local m.p.'s around here from the opposition labor party thousands of people turning out in the in the rain to protest against boris johnson against the conservatives and by extension against his entire. policy boris johnson maintains he wants to get breakfast done that's the slogan of their
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conference he's going to the hospital on sunday to talk about money for the national health service he wants talk about numbers of police officers and all these sorts of things but bracks it is overshadowing every single thing and the question that he still can't answer when he keeps being asked is how is he going to get the u.k. to leave the european union at the end of october as he has vowed to do or he said he would rather die in a ditch while at the same time parliament has passed a law demanding that he does the exactly the opposite and go to the european union to ask for an extension for at least 3 months he says he'll of a the law he also says to leave the european union at the end of october and both of those things cannot be true and consequently wohl this conference is going on up the road from here in london all the different opposition parties are working now flat out to come up with some sort of strategy to block him entirely from forcing the end of october looks like if not next week and in the coming weeks they will force a vote of no confidence in him bring down the governance and potentially try to
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install some sort of national unity government instead to force extensions of bracks it's so all these things lead to a situation where the conservative party is trying to set the agenda at its own conference but events are gradually moving away from them all of the same time. violence technical failures and disillusionment have had a dramatic impact on ghana stans presidential election the estimated voting turnout was less than 25 percent for saturday's vote there were nearly 70 attacks across the country at least 5 people were killed and hundreds of others wounded but it's been the u.s. response. to those attacks that has angered many afghans as tony berkeley explains . the u.s. retaliation for the taliban's election day attacks was swift but according to locals in gaffney province a bomb from an american drone attack killed 6 men and injured 2 others the question of i don't think they were all civilians 5 of them were killed on the spot and the
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6th one was told the hospital where he died one is my son and the other one is my brother amongst them that i and sunday angry locals protested by carrying the bodies of the men to the governor's house in the provincial capital thank god my they say the victims were not taliban fighters never you know these 5 civilians were killed intentionally in the drone strike the cornet's were provided by an afghan security officer the people want the government to answer i ask and security forces fired in the air to try and hold the procession of several people wounded by the gunfire was an increasing number of civilians have been killed in air strikes me is controlled by the taliban which prevented voting in saturday's presidential election. security operation prevented any taliban assaults in the capital kabul during polling but elsewhere the group carried out mortar and rocket attacks at voting stations around the country that killed several
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people including 2 children early for car suggests that around 2000000 of the 9000000 registered voters actually voted the afghan government says this election was a big success and in some respects it was people still voted despite the taliban threats and the biometric technology and the voter verification measures make cheating more difficult but not impossible especially in the rural areas. the international community wants a smooth post-election process that is seen as essential to launch a new peace momentum peace is very important. hopefully provide the foundation political foundation to move the peace process constructively that's very important that depends on what the taliban does next but even though we carried out attacks saturday they were not as big as feared and that could be taken as a positive sign taliban are still in a position to some talk they didn't want to lines havey attacks to block the roads
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toward destination democracy is important but for many afghans peace is what they really want is the only way they lives can be substantially improved. al-jazeera kabul. now they have been protests in lebanon against the government accused of widespread corruption demonstrators marched through the capital beirut burning tires and blocking roads lebanon's local currency has dropped for the 1st time in more than 2 decades people say living conditions are becoming increasingly difficult. it's been almost 4 years since the main man government and ethnic rebel group signed the nationwide cease fire agreement there's still no sign of lasting peace some groups are refusing to sign the document including what's regarded as east asia as the largest non-state army it controls an isolated region on the borders with china and thailand find hate takes
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a rare look at why our state. in the far east of me and is a defacto independent territory it's run by the country's largest rebel army which unilaterally declared it a state it's largely cut off from the outside world in particular the rest of me and their human right now why is still a wild frontier people who live here have id cuts only for the state we can travel outside of. the united states army controls to areas on the borders with thailand and china this state is run under a one party communist system it's heavily reliant on chinese support in the form of trade investment and in the near future thanks to a new casino possibly tourism. when i 1st moved here there was only jungle everywhere but now it's more developed in the past it was very poor and 5 behind but it's getting better. there was signed a bilateral ceasefire deal with the me and my army in 1909 and haven't been
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directly involved in any significant fighting since they're largely left to run their own affairs and still maintain a well organized and well resourced fighting force of up to $30000.00 now about having under pressure to join the governments nationwide cease fire agreement which like many other ethnic armies are refusing to do they say they're not prepared to meet one of the key conditions of that deal which is for this soldiers to lay down their weapons and join the me and my military the are also fiercely protective of their income streams like jade mining and the illegal wildlife trade many products like tiger and bear teeth are sold openly in the state capital punk come the united states army is also thought to be one of the region's largest manufacturers of illegal drugs a business that says it's no longer in but there are many who believe those who run this area are still stuck in the past and until they open up life will not improve
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for you i'm in philadelphia i want want to continue to do. i want to see more people move through here which will improve trade in business in the past 2 or 3 years it's been very bad can make a so much. why our state serves as a reminder of how fragmented me and mar is while the syria may be at peace for now it's the people that continue to pay the price of civil war through isolation and a lack of developments when hey al jazeera at least $36.00 people have been killed and dozens more injured when a bus and a truck crashed in eastern china it happened on an expressway just north of shanghai in junks sue province initial investigations suggest the bass had a flat tire just before the accident. well they said nigeria trying to find the families of hundreds of men and boys freed from a purported school on thursday as many as 400 captives some as young as 6 were released during a raid in the city of could do that they were supposed to be and rolled in
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a religious school several of them had been chained up beaten or sexually abused 7 people have been arrested. give to me when i came one of the most. so it is really critical one could not even stand. and then there are so few that we need to take also to the security council to. try 13 the level of. illness. in peru a controversial airport is being built near ancient ruins critics say it could destroy historic landmarks historians and archaeologists say the new airport will do a lot of damage to. the crown jewel of the income's civilization the government still plans to move forward with the project but our son shows reports from the television general outside of costco. ruins that speak of a rich history and go once reigned from this palace more than 600 years ago this is
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the old town of chinchilla the door to the sacred valley of the us and to the sanctuary of much of picchu ancient traditions are still being embraced here today but that may change. less than 2 kilometers away bulldozers are leveling the ground for a controversial new airport that's expected to shuttle millions of tourists to historic sites more than 200 archaeologists conservationists and some residents like last year hugo say this will destroy the ruins is the airport shouldn't be in the sacred valley to share has culture tradition for thailand but the big powers want it because it's the door to my trip each or many tourist operators say the airport will be conveniently closer to much of peachy. nearly $1800000.00 people this is the citadel every year supporters of the project say it will benefit communities around the airport. 70 percent of our tourism and comes from. about $3500000000.00 every year now the population of gero continues to be poor if there
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is a transformation there won't be development some farmers like it believe their lives may change. it will bring development to our community and country but the cost of development is high opponents to the project's $18.00 heritage will be tarnished by traffic contamination noise and uncontrolled construction is the most but then. they favor tourism by sacrificing a bigger destiny this is linked to the price of the land would cost $0.50 per square meter before is now at hundreds of dollars. the transparency of the project is being questioned a prosecutor is investigating 13 former government officials suspected of pollution in contract deals in the middle of this controversy there are people like these women who say they want more tourists to come and buy their products but at the same time they say they want to preserve the secret valley of the us for centuries
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women have been depositories have cheated us traditions in the pretense of color who is poor is divided so i would be in favor of an airport if more people come and make business with us but only if it will preserve our environment and our ruins much of the change of scenery a magnet for visitors will be wiped out activists say at this point they will fight in court to protect their ruins and stop this project they say will for ever damage part of peter's cultural legacy my data centers and to see that. let's take you through some of the headlines here now just the other now yemen so the military commanders have released images which they say show the surrender of several brigades of saudi troops al-jazeera is are able to independently verify the videos who sees claim the images show hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi
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arabia near the town of not drawn after a major attack near the border. but that the local are kind of. specialized infantry units at the front line cord and a large number of the aggressors personnel and as they managed to set up ambushes as per the plan our forces opened a way to allow the aggressor personnel to step into the ambush specialized units cut off the resupply line of the enemy from the east and the west after that the cordon was sealed around this personnel from all sides the infantry units turned the ambush into an all out offensive. violence has continued into the night after another day of anti-government protests in hong kong demonstrators attacked an abandoned taxi in the commercial area of one child who told media the driver was being being crowned. austria's sebastien kurd says address supporters are thoroughly projections show his conservative people's party winning the country's
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snap parliamentary election his party has a big lead with more than 37 percent of the vote the early election was called after the governing center right coalition collapsed following a corruption scandal. u.s. president donald trump has lashed out as an ongoing and he explained inquiry against him trump called the proceedings brought by house democrats the single greatest scam in american politics the president is alleged by whistleblower to have pressured ukraine's leader of not only of the landscape to investigate his rival joe biden. russian police say about 20000 protesters have rallied in moscow in support of jailed colleagues the demonstration was called by opposition leaders to demand the release of activists detained at an authorised rallies in july and august there have been protests in lebanon against the government accused of widespread corruption demonstrators marched through the capsule burning tires and
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blocking roads. but as the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story. the you know voter turnout in afghanistan's presidential election there were several attacks and some polling stations didn't even open so is the election credible and how will this affect attempts to end the year's long conflict with the taliban this is inside story the am
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. i am the one welcome to the program back to the people of afghanistan have been through a lot over the last 2 decades invasions wars corruption and the situation doesn't appear to be getting any better so when the time came on saturday to choose a new leader they had to decide if the risk was worth it the taliban had threatened to attack polling stations across the country and it appears many afghans felt the danger was simply not worth it the electoral commission estimates only 2000000 out of the 9000000 eligible voters cast the ballots 500 polling stations didn't even open and some of the new voting machines didn't work and despite the heightened security at least 5 people were killed in nearly 70 attacks will bring in our guests in just a moment but 1st cis report from rob mcbride in kabul. what's becoming obvious now is that there was a very low turnout in this election kus thing severe doubts over its legitimacy now
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the afghanistan government is playing this up as a success as you might expect saying that despite all the onus predictions of widespread violence throughout the country it was able to open something like 4 and a half 1000 polling stations nationwide and keep those polling stations open an extra couple of hours against all of the threats and violence from the taliban the afghan government says this is a legitimate election but what possibly kept voters away were threats of reprisals or punishment from the taliban also a widespread apathy just about the general state of affairs here in afghanistan whether this election would change anything such as the endemic problems such as corruption in some respects this election was the easier part now comes the harder part of actually deciding who will be the next president of afghanistan because of course we don't get an actual result back from this ballot until the beginning of
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november and unless there is an outright winner with 51 percent and amongst the 14 candidates that looks highly unlikely then they still have to go to a further runoff causing yet more disruption possibly and as people have argued while this election may lead to a new dawn and a permanent peaceful afghanistan there is always the danger that it makes a precarious situation worse rob mcbride for inside story. well previous elections were mobbed by accusations of fraud in 2014 abdul abdulla national afghani both claimed victory to end of a dispute the u.s. brokered a power sharing government with gandhi as president and abdullah as chief executive of ghana's sans next leader will have to deal with major security threats from the taliban the armed group has increased its attacks earlier this month there were hopes of a new deal with the u.s. for the withdrawal of foreign troops but president donald trump canceled the talks
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saying he doesn't believe the taliban wants peace the armed group has refused to hold direct talks with the afghan government illinois or let's not introduce op panel joining us on skype from kabul mohammad yousuf freshie director at the free and fair election form of afghanistan in dublin also on skype michael semple professor at queen's university belfast who has negotiated with the taliban and also in kabul for him dashti chairman of the afghanistan national union of journalists welcome to you all thank you so much for being with us on inside story mohammed use a fresh sheet in kabul if i can start with you so unofficial figures for now but it looks like the historically low voter turnout in this afghan election what factors do you think contributed to this low voter turnout was it the taliban threat or the fatigue of repeated fraud elections thanks so much there are a number of factors the 1st. election that we have.
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this year and also you had parliamentary election last also a 3rd. lady not. did you did to disperse this started by if you are elections the whole movement all good yet trust the groups is also another effect or you had really bad experience of those in need to know that was also another thing. another reason that affected the low turnout it's up all the i.c. the election commission decision they decided to withdraw from conducting provisional concert elections and the past we had rachael kohn selections attached to prison for the election and they were the candidates and the parisian about they were really about to work with the citizens with the waters to bring them to the. polling process this time our presidential election candidates what
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not to believe it to have a broader campaign and also a significant presence in all joe the country due to security issues and also the financial issues doubting about elections right that $32.00 result was about security and also the taliban traits that also effected and for women there was an election commission decision that they should take action at election. in some part of the country and some polling centers there was no presence or lack of famous stop that it should work specifically for female one stations i see so a number of factors and security and election fatigue being 2 of them famed dashti in kabul afghanistan new election commission had promised measures to ensure a cleaner vote but already between the candidates there are allegations of fraud and ballot stuffing how valid and credible was this election in your opinion and
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was this a left tainted vote than previous elections that afghanistan has experienced. i forgot something on lata my colleague mr she says a factor as to is always there to the low turnout a yes or the position let's election of honest not then uncertainty between the peace negotiation and the. election even who nobody will be leaving in afghanistan that the election could happen if you were expecting. of the election for a couple of months or even couple of years so people are not really to have election time so this was another factor but regarding your question as far as the turnout world law i think there is no law lots of play is
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forefront. so not normally if you have 5 to 6000000 vote then there was a possibility of having to 3000000 votes but as we have our own moralist 2000000 votes there is no possibility of high fraud from the form of the other. reports or being shared with the front from the officers to the ordinary afghans there is no law big indications of fraud at least yet of course the. easy they have to check each and every void and then to release their report how many. would we have had. the allegations seems to be lighter than in 2014 election but however it's important to point out that it's still early days and things could
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change within the next few days of course michael in. says the election had already been pushed back twice and came after the peace talks between the u.s. and taliban collapsed earlier this month there are those who believe that the vote should have been held after a negotiated peace deal between the u.s. and the afghan government and the taliban where you stand on that do you think that would have made a difference in the turnout figures for instance. yes i think the reality is that something like half the afghan population was dissent from chinese before they the polling started because there was no way that they could safely have gone to the had to the polls there was no way that you know election commission staff could have operated in their areas because the taliban weren't going to let them so you know they there was a push really over the past year to try and make progress on the peace process to
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create conditions in which they the taliban essentially and withdrew their objection to elections. and the taliban on board and allow an election in which all afghans would be enfranchised now unfortunately they the process anyway didn't make the kind of progress that we wanted there was no agreement on a ceasefire i believe they you know the taliban and the u.s. were perhaps further apart than it was acknowledged and then donald trump pulled the rug out from it so you have basically a afghan government was left with little alternative but to go ahead with right selection and every industry that forced forced upon people right there the afghan government is framing this election as a success story that being able to hold an election in one of the most conflicts affected countries in the world is a success in itself but how useful michael do you think unhelpful is it to afghanistan moving along its path towards peace. the jury is still
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out and i think it is they the current government may end up being remembered as they the government which presided over the 1st free and fair election in afghanistan not be quite strange with a you know with it with a low turnout but i think it's very important to emphasize this i think that we're seeing a shift that they if they if the election commission applies its own rule. in they here. the weeks ahead then only votes which actually represent real afghans going and casting their ballot will be included and the tradition which grew up over the past 15 years of small teams of people stuffing boxes and getting those votes including the count that would be ended now that would be remarkable progress not so that possibly the government will be able to claim credit for a a free and fair election but they the peacemaking in afghanistan i believe is
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actually going to take quite some time and i certainly believe that a. legitimate government which is able to unite the people who've been involved in this in the in the kabul focused political system is a sunni quandong for successful peacemaking they the taliban are probably still pushing to gain power right perhaps to reinforce their emirates only if they have a an effective negotiating partner in kabul will they be forced to to accept that only that compromise is the only way to end this war so the action is important but it will only work if it's possible to get a clean result in the days ahead mohammed yes a fresh let me get your thoughts on that michael says this could perhaps be the 1st free and fair election in afghanistan but what sort of my mandate does it give the winner if the turnout is so low. well basically i called in to our
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elections the low turnout or high turnout is not an issue for the legitimacy of the election of course. if you have brother participation of the people it will be also it will increase the social. capacity and political. aspects of the government and there will be more strings that if you have brought the prospects and at this stage we do not see any problem based on our election law and the legal framework as a as a challenge and it intimacy of elections do you agree with that. also in kabul do you think you know the fact that only a small protest percentage of the country will determine the democracies fate is going to improve things or could it destabilize things even more rather than leading to some sort of long term peace agreement for afghanistan. oh i think.
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i fully support what mr i should say the world the legal status of low 3rd out or i turn out in our electoral law but of course if the turnout is high the garment will be more stronger in village a to me sea level rise up and if it's law of course there are there will be always a critics on the garmin that the president just succeed with having a 1000000 or voice or are something like that but defacto is that if the election will be as clean as it was mentioned by our colleague in dublin. that that bring. a tremendous change in our electoral system. to a government which came in the poor for the 1st time in the last it in years with the
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clean votes of afghans this milby this will be a significant issue for the upcoming pretty but even if we're going to see do you think we're going to see for him every people of 2014 when you know neither candidate got the 50 percent needed to win in the 1st round and that there's going to be a runoff that could lead to a prolonged crisis political crisis as we saw back in 2014. if the difference between the votes of the 2 condit is something about 8 to 10 per cent then. it will be accepted by the other side but if there is a difference of 3 to 4 to 5 percent of the void between the 2 front runners of course we can expect that none of them will. solve the election in we may
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go to the 2nd round which will make a crisis which could make a political crisis for for us yeah michael simple how do you see then i mean it's early days obviously we don't know what the results are but how do you see the situation developing ashraf ghani the 2 front runners ashraf ghani and abdullah have shared power since 2014 in a compromise which was negotiated by the former u.s. secretary of state john kerry if there is deadlock again do you see the american stepping in or will the afghans have to sort it out themselves this time round. yes it is a really critical question because you know i think it's it's clear that the united states is getting tired of its role in afghanistan if there is some good news if there's some progress i think that they will persist but a political crisis a particularly something which led to some real you know civil disturbances would tip the balance in the us against continuing to assist off on this town so it's
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important they resolve this coming to the issue of they know whether there will be a 2nd round or not and this is down to they refer to that what i what i was able to pick up from the early results coming in is that it does look like a 2 horse race that they the minor candidates only seem to have picked up really a ask uttering of votes and so most of the votes are going to the 2 lead counted as and increases the increases the chances that one of them will claim a 1st round victory so i think that now it's looking that way that this will be decided on the 1st round rather than the 2nd round and this is also where that the the work which has been put in to try and overhaul the electoral machinery it is absolutely important i mean something we should mention which might come as a shock for some of the viewers that most of the election commissioners who are responsible for the parliamentary election held last autumn. are not in jail right
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they have been jailed for their misconduct in that election they what we have in this presidential election but we didn't have previously what is 1st of all biometric machines which is to verify that there are real voters rather than just a roomful of people stuffing stuffing boxes and we also have a an electoral roll as an additional check things which did not exist in 2014 so yes these elections are going to be are going to be closely contested i'm sure that both of they. the 2 leading candidates and their teams believe that they have won they will contest it basically results sheet by results sheet but the election commission if they apply their rules in a far better position than 2014 to give a clean result that they will be able to back up with the evidence so i mean i very much hope that afghans will be spared the agony of protest dispute and us
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mediation right out which in the end which in the end of course does help to undermine the legitimacy of the resulting government let's hope the afghan vote alone and the application of the election laws are sufficient to give a clear winner monotheists a fresh head in kabul michael says he thinks this election will be decided in the 1st round do you agree with that. oh well as still not very clear according to our reports and mission b.c. that the 2 leading candidates they have dead wards in different parts of the county in some parts of country one and another part another one you have the majority do you see the majority of wards but it's also a would be to mention that. get us some other candidate effect at the awards. it is about that they should 1st announce the. total number of participants their parts but in this elections we still don't know about the
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number of voters they did about spitted in our elections and also the need to follow that. and i see these databases and technical steps. might based on my decided to. move clarity at the shot in a short time to know who will be there when at night and it will be exact results well in the 1st where there is a possibility of the round of perhaps ok let's look at the bigger picture now if we can frame dashti you know there was unprecedented progress as we said earlier this month was a negotiated end to the war with the taliban and the americans and taliban negotiating but of course that collapsed before the election where does this votes that happened on saturday leave that process now. well i think. all sides which are involved in of on a stand. particular of the afghan government or live on their supporters is you
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know supporters and those countries for supporting the government of on a sunday are vision. to a point that. there should be end of the war but how in u.n. . just these are the questions of course the negotiation was starved because of various reasons but us soon as we have the new government i believe that that negotiation. vive. and as ours as we're going to have the in egypt image government that going to make things easier because previously. there excuse was that they will not negotiate with the government which will last only for a couple of months. so then if if if the negotiation will be revived then
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we gonna have a legitimate government for another 5 years which could ease the negotiation with all of one in of course with their supporters in the support of those in the. global supporters of the afghan government michael do you think any new afghan government after this nicholas year after this election will be able to negotiate in a stronger position is peace with the taliban still possible. it is still possible it is necessary i think that afghans on both sides of the conflict have decided that now is the time i suspect that they the taliban will try to to hold out for a while longer voiding meaningful negotiations with the afghan government and i think that's where are they the success of this election's written really matters. a strong a strong government which is able to give effect of leadership to its security
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forces which is able to make a credible offer to the the taliban of getting them on board. and accommodating some legitimate grievances of the of the taliban and also which is which is able to to demonstrate that it can you know keep the country together even during a period of the us withdrawal then i think that eventually maybe not in one week maybe not in one month maybe it will take time they will get the taliban to the negotiating table and we'll achieve a settlement but it's difficult to it's difficult to stress enough just how important having a legitimate and effective government in kabul is to moving this peace process forward what about the negotiations between the americans and the taliban and the withdrawal of foreign troops enough in afghanistan where a desert go after the selection. well mike i think i've a personal take on this i think that those talks have actually gone as far as they
2:45 am
were ever going to go that every child in afghanistan knows that united states is keen to withdraw its troops from afghanistan as soon as can be done responsibly and that they only have provisions and conditions they have and is that the security should be assured in their wake i really don't see much purpose in any further negotiations between the and the taliban and the and the us they'll be only going over an old old affairs the issue is getting the taliban and the hero and the afghan government to the negotiating table so they can talk about today how afghans can work together to rebuild their country that's the real issue that's the the u.s. is a sideshow all right thank you so much for going to meet them shelby speaking to you again often in the next few days when the election results come in thank you very much mamadou so fresh michael semple and for whole bashed and thank you as
2:46 am
well for watching you can watch this program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for sash inside story and of course also join the conversation on twitter to handle that inside story from need for you back to boy and a whole team thanks for watching and. been accused by several women of being detained you've been with the country confinements all the while you have are framed from speaking to the media why have
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you told them to hold islamic studies professor tanika. to al-jazeera about the ongoing right now accusing actions against him. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had al jazeera fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . growing dark and harsh in unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games they say if i throw stones they'll destroy the house and take me worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment big took me to the cheap and blindfolded me the time for
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them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison my side announced at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sad me say this is the news live from dell coming up next 60 minutes
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yemen's houthi rebels released pictures from what they say is a major move through assault inside. they claim to have captured thousands of saudi backed soldiers. a territory in turmoil violence in hong kong continues into the night off to another day of mass protests. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london with the top stories from here up including the indications suggest conservative media sebastian kurtz will win the austrians general election but who will partner him a coalition. and to stand at the wall that led its championships in doha. well the women's 100 meters final take center stage and the men's 200 meters is underway with our 100 meter champ christian coleman who's withdrawn from the event.
2:50 am
yemen commanders of released images they say show the surrender of several brigades of saudi troops claim the footage is of hundreds of captured fighters inside saudi arabia near the town of not john it follows a major attack on the border between the 2 countries reports. this is the who's he defense minister in a command center planning to launch an attack inside saudi arabia and coordinating with his forces on the ground. according to the who's the spokesman it happened on august 25th and lasted for 72 hours that. specialized infantry units at the front line cordoned a large number of the aggressors personnel and as they managed to set up ambushes as per the planet our forces opened the way to allow the aggressor personnel to step into the ambush it was these claim more than 500 people were killed and at
2:51 am
least 2000 captured some of them were wearing uniforms like this with the saudi national guard logo but many of these prisoners of war are what the who are calling yemeni nationals will be lowered and disillusioned by saudi arabia to fight against the who thinks. also on display these armored vehicles which the who things say belonged to the saudi military moloko. specialized units cut off the resupply line of the enemy from the east and the west after that the cordon was sealed around this personnel from all sides the infantry units turned the ambush into an all out offensive. there who things have also made several other statements in this video none of which al-jazeera can independently verify meanwhile saudi officials have not responded to this video or the claims made by the who these but for now this appears to be more evidence that this conflict is likely to pose further challenges for yemen and the region or such
2:52 am
a pari al jazeera. carol piso is professor of political science at the university of richmond and author of several books on yemen she joins us now on skype from richmond good to have you with us how significant are these pictures which the who these of released well assuming that there are 10 ticket it they're very significant because these are the encouragements into saudi arabia and. show an exceptional or unexpected. level of exchange. the fact that they though they seem to be increasingly be taking the fight inside saudi arabia does that show really a failure on the saudi war effort. well yes i think so i mean the assumption all along has been
2:53 am
a very asymmetric warfare where the saudis control the air and who's the is you know operating on the ground inside yemen so and having the movies out for a on the ground even even on the ground in inside saudi arabia is a significant. development how is this going to empire the prospects of peace holds well the conventional wisdom on these talks is that. any side any r.t. wants to come to negotiations. from a position of military strength so so far. the saudi led coalition has. then in
2:54 am
a position of military strength and the thieves stiff and again asymmetrically in a relatively weak position now the clue is seem to be in a much stronger. military position and so. they may be more willing to negotiate but the saudi led coalition or the kingdom of saudi arabia specifically made the much less willing to negotiate and they were you know even 2 weeks ago. we same the who theories claim at least of los those drone attacks that hit saudi oil pipelines now we're seeing these pictures we can't of course confirm. their accuracy but they do appear to show some significant losses at least on the side of the saudi backed forces does all of this indicate that perhaps the balance of power is changing in the iman
2:55 am
well yes it appears i mean the action couple of years a couple of weeks ago you could look at have been. blamed on the iranians army run. this not i mean this doesn't add any that we see in so far that has no iranian fingerprints on it and so yes it does appear that that is are much stronger militarily than what they were assumed to have them. for the who sees this point as you analyze their position. what do they hope to secure before they would be ready for a peace deal. you know that's a very good question i think they would hope to secure or at the very least.
2:56 am
an equal partnership at the age renegotiation of course what they want in. leadership of the unified yemen which appears frankly rather remote. but at the very least they would hope to be sitting as partners not only with this so-called legitimate or internationally recognized government but with the kingdom of saudi arabia or i will leave it there thanks so much sheila cut a piece. thanks so much sally state television is reporting the personal bodyguard of king solomon has been shot dead in the city of jeddah major general abdul aziz of them is reported to have been killed by a friend over
2:57 am
a personal dispute the gunman was also shot and killed in a standoff with police after refusing to surrender and a senior saudi government official has refused to answer questions about the whereabouts of a man believed to be involved in the murder of journalist jamal shogi adult was interviewed by u.s. public broadcaster p.b.s. but they didn't reveal the whereabouts of saudi danny look. you're asking all these questions he was a close aide to the crown prince where is he now are you should ask the public prosecutor probably prosecutor won't talk to us the danish column again. egypt is under pressure to release a number of foreign nationals have been arrested over the past few days among those is jordan which is demanding the release of one of its citizens and the family of a dutch man peter bass are also asking for him to be freed he was detained for
2:58 am
allegedly flying a drone and also dialer summoned the gyptian ambassador after a sudanese student was detained in cairo while it has and is accused of taking part in anti-government protests and of being part of the muslim brotherhood for the 2nd consecutive day protesters marched in khartoum demanding has since release. violence has continued into the night after another day of huge antigovernment protests in hong kong demonstrations in tags and taxi in the commercial area of one chinese they told me the other driver was speeding towards the crowd they say he stopped the car and was a schoolteacher from the scene by police tens of thousands of activists earlier defy the police band to march through hong kong in the 17th week of protests scotland has more. in what has become a weekend pattern here in hong kong protest leaders spread the word about an event through social media and now they come starting with small confrontations that
2:59 am
escalate into battles with police pulling out their entire anti-riot arsenal including a water cannon with chemical laced blue dyed water but even though it's become a routine and even though the protesters will eventually get pushed out to some it doesn't matter they say they will keep showing up. i really have to care about the success rate of the protesting i never would have started to protest in the beginning it's about our demands have to hold the can't just keep silent and let things happen. i the movement started over a bill that would have allowed extraditions from hong kong to mainland china it was permanently show. but the movement grew and intensified mainly because of what protesters have said is the heavy handed treatment by police as a crackdown on the protests and an authorized marches for the majority of this authorized march through central hong kong here the protesters faced little resistance from the police the police were there but there really wasn't any
3:00 am
confrontation it was when they got close to the government complex here their final destination where there have been kind of frontlines there's been confrontation and then a push back and then another front line is been established the police just on the other side and that's one of the front lines here on one side of the government complex. to show the protesters do not represent all of hong kong's people a probation group held 2 events across the territory on sun. a few hours before the march began they sang the chinese national anthem i was and in taiwan viewed as a breakaway province by beijing a show of support for hong kong people came out in the pouring rain as part of what's being described as a global anti-authoritarianism day. it's in to support it that the hong kong anti-government protesters will again come out in force on tuesday it's china's national day marking 70 years since the founding of the people's republic of china the protesters say they will use the occasion to continue their fight against what they say is beijing's move to gain more and more control over their city scotter al
3:01 am
jazeera hong kong.


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