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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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choose a lindsay in exchange for launching an investigation into trump's political rivals here in the u.s. all of this apparently reveals in the text messages that former u.s. special envoy to ukraine her volker shared with investigators on the hill yesterday and they appear they point to the fact that volcker coached an assistant to the ukrainian president the day before his phone call that he advising him to say he had to agree to open this investigation and in that time that the ukrainians would receive the invitation to the white house that continued until after the call as u.s. ambassadors pushed for at the koreans to then make a formal statement saying that it would open an investigation giving language should the ukrainians even that that the name of the company of joe biden's son in ukraine as a target of this investigation that led up to trump's decision then to withhold the
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military aid about 4 $100000000.00 to ukraine and apparently that caused some confusion among u.s. diplomats ambassador bill taylor who was of the embassador to ukraine said are we now saying that sect that security assistance and white house meeting are conditioned on investigation he wrote that in a text the answer came from ambassador to the e.u. gordon sunderland who is a trump supporter and was a donor prior to his appointment he said call me bill taylor pressed forward a few days later saying i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign then suddenly and immediately responded bill i believe you are incorrect about president trump's intentions the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quo of any kind so as you see that last statement is what trump has been pointing to in these text messages changes as. his own defense but it's
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notable kemal that when ambassador sunland sent that and sent that text it was just as whistleblower report was being made public in the united states just keeps they can doesn't it saudis or castro and capitol hill thank you still ahead on al-jazeera troubled waters on the nile why egypt and other countries are worried by the largest dam in africa. and we're looking at how young voters in person will shape the country's next general election. hello there we have got some rain across the middle east is knows exactly why it's spread you can see where the cloud is across more areas tools east but as we go through the next couple days some rain showers pushing into southern areas of iran and working their way across into southern areas of pakistan as well it's already
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cooled off quite a bit across much of afghanistan 20 celsius in kabul and then the cloud and the rain pushes further in the general direction so reading comes in much of central and northern areas of pakistan but drying out across much of iran meanwhile some showers to northern turkey much cooler and on sunday a high that of 19 degrees celsius so some nice sunshine in beirut with a high of 29 is still pretty warm across much of the arabian peninsula fairly calm conditions no real strong winds and focus so still feeling quite humid particular in doha soften a $37.00 is the high temperature is gone is the clouds along the southern areas of both oman and on into yemen temperature wise it's in the late thirty's and muscat we've got 30 celsius on sunday and then into southern africa the temperatures a still in the high side 70 calls into a double in johannesburg there is some cloud just a sliding by the south coast 21 is a high there few cape town on saturday. recently
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reelected for a 2nd 5 year tam. we asked the president of a battle waged election fraud and corruption there's been allegations made against you even how corrupt is the president of. al jazeera.
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top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera at least 50 iraqis have died in 2 and a half 1000 have been injured and for days and nights of unrest members of parliament are being summoned to an emergency meeting on saturday to address the protests many demonstrators that define curfews 'd to step up their demands protestors in hong kong appear to be defying a ban on face masks which is now in effect groups of demonstrators have come out in parts of the city setting up fiery blockades in the streets hours after the announcement of the chief executive kerry lamb. on the u.s. state department is facing a deadline to hand over documents relating to the whistleblower complaint that sparked the impeachment inquiry at the same time ukraine's top prosecutor says he will read several criminal cases including a company at the center of donald trump's impeachment inquiry. american tech giant microsoft says a cyber group believed to have links to the iranian government has targeted
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accounts related to a us presidential campaign the company says the cyber group called phosphorus has targeted hundreds of accounts including those of current and former u.s. government officials and journalists more on this one with patty callahan in washington what more can you tell us. well microsoft just put out this statement saying that this group as you mentioned phosphorous they say they're linked to iran and to the reigning government i think it's important to point out that microsoft has not provided any proof of that but they are making the allegation as you mentioned for the 1st time we're hearing that potentially the u.s. presidential campaign was targeted by a foreign government they also said journalists and also human rights activists and prominent arabians inside the u.s. so in all microsoft says that the iranians looked at 2700 different e-mails they try to drive track down exactly you can probably guess what somebody is e-mail addresses if you know their name and you know what they're using and of those 2700 that they looked into they attempted to hack into 241 accounts they go on to say
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that this wasn't exactly sophisticated or all that effective actually because they say they were only able to get into for accounts and they did so by basically using public knowledge trying to figure out someone's phone number or other e-mails associated with that e-mail so that they could try to hack into him but he had microsoft saying that only 4 individuals were impacted none of them with a presidential campaign but a little bit different in 2016 i think it was taken back by all that was happening out in happened in retrospect but now microsoft to say we're going to send the message that when we see this we're going to say it interesting stuff thank you for that political line in washington. denuclearization talks between north korea in the united states and use restart on saturday in sweden because the north giving up its nuclear weapons in return for the lifting of sanctions have been stalled for months now when he has moved from the south korean capital. there have been plenty
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of handshakes and historic moments in this new age of diplomacy on the korean peninsula some concessions have been made by the parties involved but there's been no progress towards the denuclearization of north korea speaking at the united nations general assembly on monday north korea's ambassador blamed the united states only hopes on e.q. it depends on the u.s. on whether the d.p. r. k. u.s. negotiations will become a window of opportunity or an occasion that will hasten the crisis the last summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un in hanoi in february ended early without a deal or even any significant announcements the holo diplomacy continued in june with another symbolic meeting at the demilitarized zone but no substance then and none since the hanoi summit broke down because of a gulf between the 2 sides which the united states may now be willing to partially bridge they had wanted complete verifiable denuclearization before offering any
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sanctions relief the north koreans wanted most sanctions lifted in exchange for the dismantling of their main nuclear facility. trump is now talked about a new approach which could include offering to lift some sanctions in exchange for the destruction of the yongbyon nuclear research complex the us president recently blamed his former national security adviser for past failings of john bolton fired back saying maximum pressure must be maintained on kim jong un he may try to get relief from international sanctions he may make some concessions but under current circumstances he will never give up the nuclear weapons voluntarily this year north korea has continued to develop its short and medium range missile technology conducting tests 11 times its most recent came just hours after the resumption of talks was announced. trump says he's not concerned about the tests which some
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experts believe designed to strengthen their negotiating position you know this has to lower the bar of demands are on north korea when it enters into a working level negotiations otherwise north korea will continue to increase its capability to pose a direct threat to the very national security of the state is unlikely to be any major outcome from the resumption in talks but if a deal is reached any time soon it may be left to a potential 3rd trump him summit to announce it when hey al jazeera solve a former colleague of the murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi says his phone has been hacked for months by saudi and emirates the agents here by daddy has worked closely with clash of ji on arab media projects and is now a democracy activists living in norway hostile g. of course killed by saudi hit squad in istanbul just over a year ago but about the was among several of his friends warned by the cia of
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potential threats to their lives israeli soldiers of opened fire on protesters in gaza killing one of them and injuring at least 18 others gaza's ministry of health says 28 year old died after being shot in the chest the friday protest major barrier was the latest in 18 months of demonstrations on the border against the israeli siege water it's a precious resource in east africa and several countries depend on the river nile but now a new dam in ethiopia could threaten supply downstream so sudan ethiopia and egypt are holding a meeting in khartoum to discuss sharing all that water the reports from. this factory is making baby clothes destined for the u.s. but it has a problem it's out of electricity running on a diesel generator much to the frustration of human the site's manager who wants to go green and it was up to him bottoms were neutral spoke about the war going to
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already know that you know the direction of the field ethiopia has done what most countries thought impossible ethiopians half of whom live on less than 2 dollars a day raised $4000000000.00 to build africa's the largest hydroelectric dam on the world's biggest waterway the river nile without any assistance from international donors the grander innocence dam is now near completion and this is making countries downstream nervous among them egypt because it gets 90 percent of its fresh water from the river nile how. do you recognize in them you hear these words going in a sense. for you to watch of the night. and in the night egypt wants more water than ethiopia is ready to supply the dams reservoir is the size of greater london if build too quickly egypt will fall short of water the issues 100 percent income garman's are scientists and see what is going going this is had
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reported on doesn't consume or think he took his own small tool right to use it some bristles but talks between the knowledge sharing countries are stalling intention is arising. last year ethiopia accused egypt of sending rebels to neighboring a rich to sabotage the dam prompting another knowledge sharing country sudan to send its troops to its border. while this is the rainy season here in ethiopia and waterways are overflowing bringing power to people's homes and farmland for most of the year this river is a slow trickle because egypt controls most of the flow of the river nile into its cause. 3 at least for now ethiopia's dam will start producing electricity next year with the potential of providing power to the entire horn of africa where most live off grid clean energy to a promising and rising economy its neighbors may be worried about the effects but
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it seems there is no stopping ethiopia's ambitions nicholas hawk al jazeera. the greek prime minister is accuse turkey of failing to control the flow of migrants and refugees into europe and of exploiting the crisis. in numbers crossing the see have sharply increased this year following a relative lull since the peak of the crisis 3 years ago those comments come as the greek government changes its refugee distribution policy. turkey as stated in the joint declaration must also assume its responsibilities it has the ability to control the flow in the museum it cannot give the impression that this issue is being exploited for its geo political pursuits i want to be clear this issue is here to stay europe is and will be a magnet for migration from asia and africa the phenomenon will continue and is likely to intensify that is why we need unity maturity and planning. now is where
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students head back to university there is one key thing students are urging leaders are urging them to do and that is register to vote ahead of the possibility of a general election and i would look at that now from southampton. so. it's an exciting time for new students in southampton at 18 full of hope and ambition living away from home and with the prospect of being old enough to vote in any upcoming u.k. election they're all starting college like a sport and prepares to leap to a u. the result of a referendum they were too young to vote. the fact it's taken 3 years and like it was now i would. wear us like i wasn't able to vote i feel like it's affecting. my vote maybe things may have turned out differently 2 years ago remain. so you're making it so difficult for us i don't think that's a motion to stick by it bridged of the student leaders are calling on young people
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to get on the electoral roll so they can vote if there's a general election the u.k. prime minister is reported to have wanted october the 15th as an election date so fewer university students would have had time to register so soon after starting a new term she didn't have such a powerful voice but so often the marginalized it's his disgraceful because that. new generation of leaders and they said we're having a say southampton is split politically at the moment so every vote will matter the student population here runs into tens of thousands so if they choose to vote it will have a big impact on the result here if there is an election and of course here in southampton there is a highly marginal constituency at the last election there were just $31.00 votes in it in 2017 younger people tended to bhopal labor and other smaller parties rather than both conservative yet the older generation still go to the polls in bigger
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numbers younger voters are certainly a significant part of the electorate in any forthcoming general election one thing that's important to say is that as we have an aging population and the rates of turnout still higher among older voters it's easy to overestimate the extent to which the youth vote is going to swing it in a particular constituency and that since you know every vote counts when this generation of students graduate in 2022 the impact to britain's plan departure from the european union on younger people looking for work should be clearer and he would in southampton. for the 1st time in more than a century the ethiopian capital out of sabah is hosting the people's thanksgiving event but it is against a backdrop of growing ethnic tensions in the country creel now reports. the o.p.'s iconic mess hall square has been completely blocked off for this event known as the
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you reach peace festival at the liberated by one of the opiate the largest ethnic groups the world more people and say they're expecting hundreds of thousands of people turned out today in fact the or a more tourism i would estimate it would be more than a 1000000 people that's the band it's going to be about giving the bounty the cost . and 2016 though it was modified violence at this very festival about an hour away from here at tempe to kill more than 50 people government so security is very tight here today of something but joyous and thankful that the 1st time the spectacle had to be held here in the center. in more than a 100 years i do truly european fashion something special to go there and that's the big giving during every now and again the sun comes out.
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of the headlines on al-jazeera at least 50 iraqis have died 2 and a half 1000 have been injured in 4 days and nights of on wrists members of parliament are being summoned to an emergency meeting on saturday to address the purchased many demonstrators are defying the curfew so to step up to moments with iraq's highest religious authority the grand ayatollah sistani has a huge purchases and secure she's not to use violence. and. we hope that the voices of reason and logic can prevail for the best interests of the country all the officials have the responsibility to make the right decisions to move forward everyone should be aware of the danger of excessive violence before it is too late of headlines a ban on wearing face masks during illegal protests came into effect in hong kong an hour ago chief executive carol lam said the ban was designed to deter people from demonstrating but it's had little impact so far with people lighting fires and
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blockading roads ukraine's top prosecutor says he will re-examine criminal cases including the company at the center of donald trump's impeachment inquiry it comes as the u.s. state department is facing a deadline set by the house intelligence committee to hand over all documents in the case israeli soldiers have opened fire on protesters in gaza killing one of them and injuring at least 18 others the friday protest about it was the latest in 18 months of demonstrations on the gaza border against the israeli siege and a former colleague of the slain saudi journalist jamal khashoggi says his phone has been hacked by a saudi and amorality operatives baghdadi democracy advocate living in norway so security sources informed him that operatives have had access to his phone for months and the great prime minister is accusing turkey of failing to control the flow of migrants and refugees into europe and exploiting the crisis is crossing the aegean sea have sharply increased this year following
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a relative low since the peak of the refugee crisis 3 years ago. you're up to date with the headlines we're back with news on 25 minutes right after inside story. a genuine attempt to bridge the chasm that's how the u.k.'s prime minister describes his breakfast the foes of the news they are not convinced but remain open to suggestions so are mr johnson's ideas workable and is the e.u. ready to compromise this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program today with me peter dubey die in a ditch and not extend breck's it his words or deliver on october the 31st britain's prime minister boris johnson may have to live up to those words very soon that's if the european union does not approve his proposals the e.u. has already said there are problems key is what happens to the border between ireland and northern ireland there are more talks planned for october the 17th but that's just 10 days before boris johnson says leave will mean leave even if it's against the law and the law and now stands with one eye on a possible general election m.p.'s would have to vote for what he wants knowing that the e.u. can ultimately veto the whole thing anyway. do not for one moment resign from the fact that we have shown great flexibility in the interest of
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reaching an accommodation with our european friends and achieving the resolution which we all if for our european neighbors choose not to share a corresponding willingness to reach a deal then we shall have to leave on october 31st without an agreement. we are ready to do so but that outcome would be a failure of statecraft which all parties would be held responsible ok we'll get the reaction from the e.u. and ireland shortly but 1st here's why this is you has become so very contentious no border checks exist at the moment between island and the u.k. and ireland is adamant that's the way it will stay they use economy depends on all of its members being able to trade as if it is one country that would be to jeopardize it if ireland is openly trading with an outside country which the u.k.
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will become post breck's it boris johnson's so-called final offer does suggest a compromise northern ireland gets to stay in the e.u. single market but will have to leave the customs union along with britain if that doesn't work the proposal would allow northern ireland to vote every 4 years on whether it wants to abide by e.u. trade rules. so pose that gone down with the parties involved european council president donald source says he is quote open but unconvinced to the proposal by the proposal a skepticism shared by the wider e.u. as we have said 7 i think points in the united kingdom's proposal and further work is needed but that needs to be done by the united kingdom and not the other way round we would remind you that it's the u.k. leaving the european union and not the european union leaving. the u.k. and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that that exit is on an orderly basis and we are willing to engage constructively with our counterparts but we're
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not going to be the ones left holding the bag the ball or any other kind of object meanwhile the irish prime minister. made it clear the current proposals would not work our objective is very clear we don't want to see any customs posts between north and south nor do we want to see any tariffs or restrictions on trade north and south they were all in the 1990 s. we don't want to go back to the russian the majority of people in the north don't the majority of people in the republic of ireland don't. well the proposals are also struggling to find support in northern ireland but members of the democratic unionist party have defended boris johnson blaming ireland for setting the u.k. on a path to no deal the proposal won't be amended the proposal is there the proposal will get the support of the house of commons therefore you're kidding you need to look very seriously at this proposal to very reasonable proposal and as i say i hope that other european leaders will prevail upon the irish government to to look
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at this proposal in a sensible and serious way today if they haven't done. ok let's get going joining us today on inside story from dublin on skype is the nature of recording a professor of politics at the school of law and government dublin city university in brussels we have peter club head of the think tank open europe brussels and in birmingham will be joined by alex the router that director of the center for breakfast studies at birmingham city university welcome to your alternator in dublin 1st so the e.u. is open but not convinced what has to change to convince the european union. well essentially disposal has been ruled out as the basis for a final agreement what is lacking is its detail it's again aspirational it speaks of you know again a frictionless order which is what we've had for the last quarter century now in
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ireland and maintaining doubt despite the wishes united kingdom to leave it to customs union a single market but it lacks the detail and how that can be reconciled and more worrying perhaps is that it it has this mechanism whereby in trying to create the illusion of sense of north america by saying that if if northern ireland doesn't want to be in. the same regions as the rest united kingdom it can it can opt out but the thing is is that northern ireland doesn't have a sovereign government it has a regional assembly which hasn't met now for almost 3 years and you know it's a comp it's an exercise in conflict resolution in the conflict management and it would give you so essentially 2 long party in norton on the g.d.p. which has a close relationship with the conservative party and does not represent majority opinion in northern ireland it's important to stress that northern ireland voted to remain in the european union the vast majority of people in our the north and south are in favor of the backstop which bars johnson's proposals are essentially trying
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to dismantle but in a way a set that doesn't honor existing commitments that the british welcome to entered into just to be clear pizza type in brussels when we talk about the backstop i'm never quite sure what that actually means what that actually means is the continued free movement of stuff across a borderless border but staying with you peter in brussels when the irish prime minister or a t. shirt and you have a red card talks about a number of aspects that still need to be fined chewed and which which aspects is he talking about. well yesterday for mr fox he sits for a car mentioned a number of options as a possible outcome and in and he makes clear debts the irish government is. is is not prepared to tolerate northern ireland with lease the same customs regime as the e.u.
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and i find this quite. quite problematic because i think if you look at british politics even the labor party is a post to customs checks within the territory of the united kingdom so i think as long as the irish government sticks to its position that norton not and has to remain in the same customs union asked you i think that's going to be very problematic what the british government wants to do ace to to have fire norton aren't in the same customs union asked the united kingdom so you wouldn't have customs checks between order not and great britain but then of course you would need customs checks between northern ireland and the others public now the proposal of the u.k. government is discussed and checks with only be done at company premises really no that can work but it's going to only work if you exempt small businesses and the
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european union is not there to do that even if its external customs barrier is actually quite leaky and in practice we have all the flexibility there but the same flexibility it is not prepared for the sake of peace in in or not and so i think both the irish governments and the e.u. will have to make a move now if they want to deal given that also the u.k. government has moved quite considerably. ok we'll come on to those 2 points that you're raising peter and then a little later let's go to the router in birmingham alex when it comes to the slightly absurd elements of this because critics of boris johnson say what he's proposing with 2 borders is slightly absurd amid a we list on my phone bear with me the number of organizations by my reckoning that are for what mr johnson is proposing or not the d u p yes green tick but we have to build in
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a health warning as raised by donator shin fein no s.-t. o.-p. no the alliance party no the green party no manufacturing northern ireland no retail northern ireland no northern line retail consortium no c.b.i. northern ireland no nobody nobody in northern ireland seems to think this will actually work so what's the rabbit out the hat here that boris johnson can come up with between now the next set of talks october the 17th and halloween october 31st . i don't think there is one i think realistically the only options he really has on the table if he wants to reach ritual agreement with the european union is to either go back to to raise a maze final negotiated deal and somehow repackage that to be more palatable to ease employees or otherwise revert back to the original offer which effectively put the border down the irish sea i just do not see anything else in the offing here you know when we talk about technological solutions and we talk about tracking vehicles and the like that's all very well when you're operating within the same
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customs union zone but once you cross a customs barrier you then need to have checkpoints in place and even even norway where people talk about norway being a member of the single market which is kind of what johnson proposes for northern ireland but norway is not in the customs union with the a you that the white times there on the best of days can still be in the order of 15 minutes and of course the norway sweden border is a quite a small one relative to norway in some sense in terms of the size of those economies the northern ireland border of course you know 300 miles long quite stradley it would just be a recipe for smuggling and contraband so really the any the only thing on the table for him to shoot will be a troll agreement would be to go back to one of those 2 versions of the agreement that was thrashed out over the last year or so failing that it's hard to see then where he goes if he really wants to leave the european union by the 31st of october and an asian broker in there in dublin i mean i guess to boil this down mrs may's deal n.p.'s hated it the european union was kind of on board but what mr johnson is
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proposing is an inverse of that so the european union will hates it but chances are looking at the numbers he might get the parliamentary numbers in the house of commons in london to get it to fly. well i doubt he'll get numbers in a westminster i think that is a mountain that he counts 5 and that's why he's looking for an election before this is is sorted out but but it's correct to say as your previous speaker highlighted that the border in ireland is extremely difficult to achieve the troll and it's impossible really to imagine any any workable 'd alternative arrangement to the backstop that might we retain the status quo by the allowing the united kingdom to leave the customs union single market and that's been at the heart of the problem when there are over 300 crossings between northern ireland and the republic of ireland if you compare that to the eastern flank of the european union if you go from the baltic sea for example to the black sea there are $147.00 crossings around
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and there's no mechanism in the world provide at least that in existence now where you have to separate custom regimes and and yet you don't have a border to police now but to get bogged down on the issue of trade and transport is to miss the whole point northern ireland has been a zone rina conflict for for decades and indeed ireland has been in a conflict for centuries and it's not a treaty trade wasn't at the heart of the conflict the pump it was essentially about identity i want gregs it has done against the wishes of the people of ireland north and south east to restrain the constitutional question and and to take northern ireland out of the same arrangements as the republic of ireland against the will of the people of northern ireland and the republic of ireland this is essentially an expression of english nationalism it's nothing to do that you never of course promote about the implications for the situation aren't when the vote took place in 2016 and we are running out of time but why are we running out of time it's true you know how few years since the brakes referendum took place but no
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here workable plan has been outlined by to push for much and now with 10 days to the european council meeting we're getting a draft a couple of pages draft with no detail as if it's the basis for some new agreement as if everything that happened in the last 2 or 3 years didn't happen i thought we weren't. because of these trees amazement as you remember is the same is a member of the same party as far as johnson forest johnson was foreign secretary in december 27th with a backstop was initially negotiated and the backstop then was a compromise what he's trying to do is not you know opera companies the compromise is already there it's a matter of whether it essentially recovered under its existing agreements of what it is i'm dr or. alex to return in birmingham would you agree with that analysis in as much as the good friday agreement i mean donna has got it right surely the good friday agreement was never about trade it was about in effect respect it's the people who live in ireland respecting the autonomy and the the wishes of the people
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who live in northern ireland and vice versa but project fear quotes kind of says are boris johnson is endangering the good friday agreement but you can only endanger the good friday agreement if those political paymasters who had alliances in allegiances with the paramilitaries actually say to those self-same people take up arms again and go back to the troubles of the seventy's and the eighty's but in reality that is never ever going to happen shortly. but i really couldn't come into america you can never be sure as to what impact the return to our border would have been the moment you start contemplating any kind of installations you have you talk about customs possibly talk about placing a border with drones as some technological fantasies have been prone to doing you provide a target for disaffected people in society and i think one of the key points here is of course that the e.u. takes its obligations as an opt out of the good friday agreement very seriously and
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that in turn gets to the wider significance of the e.u. which i think is lost on the british public particularly because many people here who object to the e.u. just see it as a vehicle for taking british money and when it's pointed out to them that the e.u. monies returned to britain will they say to money we can spend it everyone that's what we should do better misses the wider point the wider point being of course that the european union was a vehicle to promote peace on a shattered and largely destroyed continent and in the ashes of world war 2 and in a sense that the northern ireland peace process as mirror that in a fashion a colleague from belfast who once said to me and more than a nobody is northern irish other irish or you're british and the thing that the european identity element has done is to try and diffuse that in a fashion is something that both communities could grab onto as an addition element to remain as in particular that european identity as i would put it is being torn away from them and in the case of northern and that it has particular implications for have a province would go forward. put a clip in brussels let's broaden the surface 2nd boris johnson is hostile to the idea of
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a customs union it's difficult when you've got countries say like the relationship that alex has already mentioned like norway and sweden where it's half in half out but logic would dictate that boris johnson isn't hostile to the customs union so his hostility is a function of his political imperative he wants to be a conservative prime minister again after the next election how's that dynamic going down in brussels for you given that his ambition is vaulting he's only ever wanted to be quotes king of the world now here is in his mind i guess if he was a 4 year old again king of the world that's why he wants to stay. what are people in brussels thinking of all this while the diplomats are of course trying to work something out and and and the member states are to a large degree i would say on the on position of the irish government however there are reports from from room work that france and germany was been looking into the
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possibility to have a time limits. to the backstop that would also be apparently plan b. of course johnson in case the e.u. would ultimately reject his compromise proposal now i think ultimately the keys are with the with the irish government and at the moment their position is look at the u.k. can leave the e.u. that's possible it can leave in a in orderly manner with a deal but the condition is that a part of the u.k. norden aren't stace under the customs regime of the e.u. which effectively with mean if the u.k. will have an independent trade policy and of course as the world's 5th biggest economy one day that will happen that you would need customs checks insights u.k. territory and i think people have to understand that's not such an unreasonable
2:40 am
it's not so unreasonable for the british not just a conservative party but actually also labor to be against that so i think the irish government has to think very deeply if it is actually with its hardline position not creating a new deal dynamic because ultimately if there is a new deal and i don't think a new view will happen at the end of this month i think it will have an extension instead it's just not my my $0.05 but if there is a new deal at one point that could happen often worse johnson is for example reelected and has been radicalized because he has to make all kinds of promises to convince bricks of party fodor's in such a cause. thanks are until being a great loser because not so much to you k. but its partners in the e.u. belgium the netherlands from sturman it with ask the irish government to protect. the border in order not and so in this let me just boil that time he truly put that
2:41 am
point regarding the not funereal going to any other than donna simon coven of the irish foreign minister being very very tough this past week but the dublin government the t. shirt the red carpet hind the scenes they seem to be signaling actually we might be able to talk on top of which emanuel mccrone radio silence angela merkel radio silence is there a warming of the mood music to what mr johnson is putting out there not at all and my view what they're trying to do is simply not close the door on on talks they've made it clear that these proposals such as they are and not on the basis of of durable agreement simply because they lack any any detail but at the same time their political enough to know that they can't rule it out of town to specially when it seems that boris johnson is trying to engineer a situation whereby the blame will be put on the european union and the irish government just in relation to what your previous speaker said about it all coming
2:42 am
down to the irish government i think that flatters the position of the irish government some of ireland is part of the european union the european union it will see some of these issues not the irish government the irish government as a constituent part of the european union has its views and indeed the only fronts here learn from the year between united kingdom and ireland will be on the island of ireland so of course our image is central to those but don't for a moment think that this is not the e.u. decision this is going to an attempt indeed by the conservative government was some time to kind of divide and rule as it were to get the suggestion that ireland is an outlier that actually the european union is is is really eager to concede to virus johnson's demands but it's the irish somehow that are the stumbling block they are at the one. page on this d.d. use parliament steering committee yesterday said that what boris johnson was talking about was not even remotely in the realm of what was or is feasible this is not something that is uniquely irish and i have to say from the long term perspective in arden's this this kind of is eerily retold and of how the order came
2:43 am
to exist in the 1st place in 1020 we're now approaching the anniversary of the partition of ireland how was it done it was essentially a private deal between the tory party the tory government and the unionists nor lardons to 2 and essentially was done to the government of iraq which said in its document that it's same was to achieve united are in a very same document partition ok alex that was in birmingham what you make of boris johnson's kind of calling card of the moment which is let's get bricks it done that was the calling card of the conservative party conference last week some people might say look he's being really really cynical because that the sell the selling point here seems to me to be let's get it over the line let's do it this is stage one and some people are saying stage 2 might take a decade. yes i would think to put it to fully that remark is about as instrumental as being in the kitchen and saying that chop an onion you know what happens at the end of all that the simple answer to that fact is the ritual agreement is only even the beginning of the end to quote a 0 churchill it's just the end of the beginning if we get a withdrawal agreement in place in the improbable possibility of that happening you
2:44 am
know in the next few weeks that would just be part one and and the i let's be clear about this people who say they are secure breaks the finke that breaks it should come to an end get breaks it down simply getting withdrawal agreement in place will not get bricks it done if we want a new comprehensive economic relationship with the rest of the european union if you look at a relatively simple case such as the canada a year free trade agreement the sita that took a good 8 years of negotiation now it's at entirely different ballgame when you have a member country that wants to leave and wants to have a level of economic integration that just goes beyond simple free trade this process could easily take a decade so people are sick of breaks that now they haven't seen nothing yet and even if the u.k. were to fall out of the european union they would drop agreement in place it would then have to begin the process of patching up all those bilateral arrangements that would cover case sectors such as chemicals aviation medicine food standards ok i
2:45 am
want can i ask you all just about health raintree tale a 2nd as a series peter coming to you 1st in 10 seconds do you think bracks that stage one will happen on october the 31st. i don't think so the e.u. does not seem to be willing to engage with the compromise so i think words will resign just the exam will and it will have an election and there will be an extension requested by the government until maybe the 1st of april ok do not broken in dublin do you think bracks that stage one will happen on halloween. no i don't think so i think we're not anywhere near one for that's possible alex how bout you . well there was a time when i thought no deal was distinctly possible halloween but now i don't for the simple reason that the ban act is all but ruled that out and i don't think prime minister johnson got to find a way around that so now i think really an extension and the ban act that's a whole different conversation gentlemen the clock as ever has beaten us here on inside story thank you so much your company thanks to all our guests they were the
2:46 am
matter or broken piece of clip and professor alex the rooster and thank you to you too for your company you can see the show again anytime you want on the website al-jazeera dot com forward slash inside story and for further discussion do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com and you can also talk to us on twitter our handle as ever at a.j. inside story or you can tweet me which are back at pizza topping one for me peter davi and everyone on the team here and thanks for watching the season 5 finale.
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subzero temperatures extreme altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved ordinary jointness. too high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in the car to stop on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. from doha everyone on kamal santamaria this is the news hour from al-jazeera.
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iraq has defined the curfews to voice their anger against the government forcing parliament to call an emergency session. i will continue to take part in protests with the backing of the. hong kong's protesters hit back as leader carry lamb invokes a colonial era law and bans facemasks to quell months of demonstrations and microsoft says an iranian hacking group has targeted accounts linked to the 2020 us presidential election. how about i'm in london with the latest from europe including a power lies to man walks again using a mind controlled exoskeleton scientists hailed the breakthrough is having the potential to transform patients' lives. and i'm far as smile at the world athletics championships where the action is heading back out on the road into. but
2:50 am
in the international stadium the home favorite targets another gold in the hijab. so iraqi members of parliament are being summoned for an emergency session to discuss the ongoing protests killed 50 people 2 and a half 1000 injured as well in 4 days of unrest some demonstrators are even define the curfews now to step up into months as this report now from baghdad. protesters take cover under a bridge in central baghdad as gunshots ring out iraq's security forces continue to fire bullets at unarmed protesters dozens have been killed during the past 4 days and nights of anti-government protests i more than 2000 people have been injured overnight the iraqi prime minister other loved a lot of the appealed for calm his words seemingly having little effect. that they
2:51 am
made promises by the prime minister are to fool the people and they are firing live gunshots siletz this was a peaceful protest they set up these barricades and the sniper sitting right there since last night i said grand ayatollah ali al sistani said in a letter read out by his representative. and. we hope that the voices of reason and logic can prevail for the best interests of the country all the officials have the responsibility to make the right decisions to move forward everyone should be aware of the danger of excessive violence before it is too late. in the holy city of najaf in southern iraq mourners for one of the protesters who died a child there's no god but a lot of shade with he was martyred in a protest he was calling for the rights of the people he was 23 years old. the
2:52 am
protest similar to others earlier this year aimed at government corruption the lack of jobs and basic services as well as religious discrimination the pollen says it's listening to protest system and will hold an emergency session on saturday the age of the protesters has surprised many in iraq but with a young and often unemployed generation it's perhaps unsurprising that frustration has turned to anger and anger into violence a lot of the protesters have reached a conclusion that the road is blocked and that the political parties have failed the ayatollah is now playing a fatherly role but he might not be able to influence the protestors. in baghdad there are checkpoints every few 100 meters and mobile patrols drive through empty streets despite the curfew protesters continue to gather not just head but across the country. imran khan now with a live update from baghdad on any thoughts on what an emergency session of parliament could even achieve given how much anger there appears to be towards the
2:53 am
governed. well there seems to be a lot of anger as you say towards the government but it's also coming not just from the protesters but from the government from the parliament itself the speaker of the parliament he's been speaking in the last 510 minutes or so he's taken the side of the protesters what he's saying is that the government have failed to put in reforms they need to put in these reforms right now he's also criticised the government not doing enough but he's very definitely blaming this government this government is only a year old and these problems are a lot older than that so it seems like some politicians now speaking out and they're looking at what's going out on the streets and saying actually this is a very big movement on the defying the curfew in baghdad so maybe we should be showing support for them as it might be a quite popular move for us whether anybody takes them seriously or not the problem is that yes you can criticize the government but what the protestors are saying is
2:54 am
not just the government it's the system of governance that they've actually lost faith in now this emergency session of parliament will take place on saturday but already what we're hearing is the major political blocs are about to. boycott the session because they say there's no real agenda on the table on what are they going to discuss them only talk about for days and nights of violence which of kill dozens of people and injured thousands more but really how long has this been brewing in iraq. well these protests going on going for a number of years last summer we had protests in bastra and in baghdad around much the same things people very frustrated that they have jobs in a basic services like electricity like water they were you know given the brutal heat of the some of tickly down in the south people were out on the shore eats in
2:55 am
the middle of the heat saying what is the point of being here so this is been brewing for a very long time but it was no real spark for this one what happened is there was just a small protest that's developed and developed and developed so it's really about the anger of the people here. ok thank you for all of that that is in baghdad and now our guests. dean who is in erbil in northern iraq president of the middle east research institute pleasure to have you with us we're hearing that the speaker in the iraqi parliament is saying he's giving the government 10 days to come up with some sort of reforms i mean from everything we're learning in what enron was just saying this is not something that will get fixed that quickly is it. quite right everybody every politician now will follow a trend by distancing itself from the government close and deciding
2:56 am
to at least. going to the side of the demonstrators basically this government is one of the good ones who had all the best one we've had for some time in terms of the team being a good team. collaborating together with the presidential the 3 presidents have been teaming up nicely they have been getting on with strategies visions and things to do to deliver on services and meet the expectations of the people but the iraqi system of governance is dysfunctional rule of law is poor the institutions are not solid and it's been this problem these chronic problems have been accumulating for a number of years no government can have the magic wand. quickly delivering on all these promises that they make and this government had the lived
2:57 am
a period of 2 months of honeymoon where people gave them the benefit of doubt. might the was able to come bus right people down and come everybody around except that the what people expect the speed of what they expect for the delivery and the services as well as jobs that they expect is far greater than what any government can do so the gap is huge between the ability of the government and people's expectations and now they have help you see coming yeah you know i just wondered i just it just struck me i thought were you there in a veil in in northern iraq the area of kurdistan where obviously the protests have spread to because people seem to be a lot happier with the governance there are wonderful something for the central government and bank that to learn from what's going on in the north. well kurdistan is the other iraq having its own government its own region and if people criticize or go to the streets will be done here directed at the kurdistan regional
2:58 am
government but people here enjoy the basic services they elektra see is almost continuous whether it's private or public sector. unemployment is much lower than the rest of iraq the population is not as huge and the new government in kurdistan newly formed is now promising to get on with reforms and diversifying economy so overall conditions in kurdistan is better and other parts of iraq were like the number elsewhere they've just come out of the isis war there are plenty of developments and investment in humanitarian as well as development aid so people are not as angry as in the south the people in the south have waited and waited and sacrificed a lot them and the things that are not improving but remember the over government when they came to power all parliaments when they delivered talks they all promised the same thing to the extent that now the public have lost faith in this political
2:59 am
elite so what currently the speaker of the parliament in the last few minutes tried to promise is more housing and more services but people are now rejecting the elites the entire political process the entire parliament this is why many major factions within the parliament are withdrawing and refusing to even go to parliament like say iran supported by macleod the souther right so essentially all these promises are highly unlikely to calm people down to the extent that people expected to last the sunnies friday prayers speech may come people down but now people don't want to listen to that either says iraqi state and iraqi authorities you know running out of options running out of ideas running out of cards and that's why this chaos may continue over and above the political complexities that are driving these events and agendas strong returns is not
3:00 am
allowed in joining us from erbil thank you for. thank you 2 other news and protesters in hong kong appear to be defying a ban on face masks which came into effect in the last few hours demonstrators were out in parts of the city center setting up fiery blockades in the streets after chief executive carroty lamb made the announcement on that ban well from saturday if any protester caught wearing a mask during rallies faces up to a year in jail and a fine to put the ban in place lam invoked a colonial era law which gives a greater freedom to clamp down on the increasingly violent protests received movements it is the emergency regulations ordinance law which effectively gives carry the authority to pass rules without having to go through the legislature but she is insisting it doesn't mean hong kong is under a state of emergency as supporters of scott hyde. placemats have become one of the main symbols of the protester movement here in hong kong there are also
3:01 am
a way to hide identities from surveillance. now it's illegal for protesters to cover their faces. there.


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