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tv   Life Begins At 100  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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canterbury doctor we all want this huge wage to be escalating but no way to know what it is to really engage the community and accept so i hope in the months particularly the one which is very reasonable and then it's not an independent commission of inquiry not just investigating the police but looking to the whole saga the whole block up we've had many commissions of inquiry to the past it's nothing new but she refused to do it and that use and to be able to acquire and tomorrow there was no expense and hauling on a big macho pm so i think these protests much will not stop and the people are not going to stop wearing the place but she's quitting and the pope ranger politicians and business people who advice those who support her crazy i've ridden with the prime minister of malaysia dr mahathir he said she should step that she should step
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down but to turn one of our top stories the impeachment investigation into u.s. president onil trump there have now been subpoenas issued let's go to our alan fisher is live in washington d.c. so allan president trump is unary clear that there's at least net right now he's not going to cooperate so what are democrats doing about that. of course donald trump has been famous throat to his administration for any time he gets requests for documents from the democrats who took over the house of representatives and therefore oversight responsibilities at the beginning of this year that he said no he has built that store and wall he's decided that he's not going to give them any information whatsoever now the democrats said they wanted details of the phone call with ukrainian president they wanted all the information surrounding that the white house is essentially seeing that's not going to happen and saw the subpoenas have
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been issued that means they're legally obliged to do that now this is going to end up with the supreme court because it will go to a few courts here and then it will be appealed up and it will eventually end up in the supreme court there is every possibility though that the democrats will win that some of these court appeals won because congress does have the right to commit oversight so they look into the executive branches built big to right in there to the constitution the other thing is very difficult for the white house to argue any sort of secrecy about that phone call or with the president of ukraine when they've released what they say are the key parts of that phone call so makes it really difficult to put the argument in front of a judge so it's going to be a court battle it probably won't be a long court battle because once you get into the a pietschmann process then the courts tend to speed things up it has been a bad week for donald trump things just got worse in the last couple of hours doesn't seem like it's a really good time for vice president mike pence either alan. now exactly right you
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remember it's about a week ago no they start melting into one another here in washington at the moment that donald trump essentially threw mike pence under the bus when he was being asked about his phone call with the president of ukraine he said well someone should ask my parents about his meeting with the president of ukraine and his phone calls there so the democrats thought you know what that's a really good idea and that's exactly what they did what they've said to mike pence is we want everything you knew about these phone calls vice presidents often get a briefing book the phone calls that the president has had the day before just keeping him up to date with what's going on in the administration so he will of course something like that they want to see those documents now in the past mike pence along with other government departments has done exactly what they said they were going to do which is say no you're not getting them this executive privilege for some reason we can't give them to you we're not going to shore them to you that's not going to happen this time around what they've said is if you don't hand over these documents by october 14th 11 days from now then quite simply we are
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going to see that this is an act of structure that's very important because that's what got richard nixon in the end it was the obstruction of congress and so they're saying to him essentially if you don't comply we're going to impeach you too and that is a distinct possibility so you're right bad day for donald trump bad day for mike pence ok alan fischer live in washington d.c. allan thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera trying to hack the u.s. president a cyber group linked to the iranian government is attacking microsoft's account. and search and 1st time voter registration to meet a young people who could sway a 2nd box at referendum.
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high once again we've got some wet weather in the forecast to southern parts of china over the next couple days lost a fine and dry at the moment as it has been for a good part of this week but we are starting to see one or 2 heads just cropping up as we go on through sas date does she try to keep in that northeasterly wind but eventually these showers will drift across the south china seas heading over towards hong kong into the far south of china bits and pieces of sharon so you're possibility in quite a brisk way and feeding those showers in as well so while the blustery sunny out in the open water is sunshine and showers to across a good part of southeast asia particularly in simulation we chain of storm still in place here as they should be at this time of year running across into the maple instead northern parts of somalia heavy showers along the spells of frank grassy not in the way up into the gulf of thailand bangkok could see some very heavy rain as we go on through the next couple of days heavy rain stays in the forecast for
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northeastern parts of india would like to see some wet weather pushing back across the western side of india quite a few hours there out of the western ghats pushing up into horatia so wet weather there it's a sudden possible pakistan for a time but sunny somewhat drier and brighter for sunday. weather sponsored by catalona. 2 planes from studio 50 and checked you know what tell mr mayor my question. it is possible to fully clean the premises all forensic evidence but what you then leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned from just 3 wanted to give an excess of the stuff that speaking about the hole in the books before even the saudi government give up with just that. murder in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now iraq's prime minister says a curfew on the capital will be lifted at 5 am local time on saturday after hundreds of anti-government demonstrators defied the lockdown for a 4th day of violent protests at least 15 people have been killed yes house democrats have issued a subpoena to the white house for documents related to donald trump's engagement investigation trump says he will not cooperate with the inquiry until the house of representatives approves the investigation. and a fire protesters in hong kong are challenging the new ban on face masks which is now in effect chief executive carrie lamb invoked the colonial era law to enforce the ban and gain greater powers to clamp down on pro-democracy protesters. and there are reports u.s.
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president tunnel troposphere election campaign is among accounts targeted by a hacking group linked to the iranian government the warders news agency says attempts to access trumps accounts were unsuccessful across office confirmed hundreds of accounts were targeted by the group known as phosphorus they include those of current and former us government officials and journalists and prominent iranians living abroad particularly in ask more from washington. this is a pretty unusual move but it shows how much things have changed for tech companies since the 2016 election microsoft making this announcement saying for the 1st time in this new election cycle that they believe a foreign government backed hackers try to get access to a presidential campaign other not saying exactly which campaign and again this is microsoft alleging iran's involvement without actually providing any proof but the allegation is that it wasn't just the presidential campaign it was former and current government officials journalists prominent iranians in america and they said it wasn't a very sophisticated attack of the almost 2700 people they tried to identify what
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their e-mails were they were able they say to target about $241.00 of those people but only succeeded in 4 attack 4 accounts being hacked and microsoft says none of those were government officials or the presidential campaign still it does send a message that things are different this time around and tech companies are sending the message to hackers especially those associated they believe with governments that they're not going to stay quiet and hundreds of facebook and instagram accounts have been removed for what the tech giant is calling coordinated and authentic behavior facebook says the accounts ran misinformation campaigns mostly targeting the middle east and north africa most supported the saudi arabia and egypt and were critical of qatar iran and turkey dozens targeting indonesia were also removed demonstrators have again taken to the streets in haiti's capital demanding the resignation of presidential the now maurice or tester set tires on fire as they march to the united nations office in port au prince opposition
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leaders are urging the international community to withdraw their support for maurice right is march is the latest in almost 4 weeks of protests in which 17 people have been reported killed. greece's prime minister has accused turkey of trying to exploit europe's like rape crisis during a parliamentary debate with the talk us said ankara can and must control migration to europe after our relative 3 year low more people are reaching greece by boat from turkey and the rise has increased pressure on overcrowded migrant camps turkey's foreign minister says his country is being unfairly blamed for the refugee crisis shows on that unfortunately they have the same basic necessities a sheet as a case turkey off to there was a small increase in customs of the greek islands in fact that the french president criticised when he addressed the european council parliamentary assembly is not accept a new set of making such accusations we need to say how we can solve the problem
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together task the feeling is supplication the. turkey as stated in the joint declaration must also assume its responsibilities it has the ability to control the flow in the museum it cannot give the impression that this issue is being exploited for its geo political pursuits i want to be clear this issue is here to stay europe is and will be a magnet for migration from asia and africa the phenomenon will continue and is likely to intensify that is why we need unity maturity and planning court documents have revealed u.k. prime minister boris johnson will send a letter to the e.u. asking for bracks that delay if a deal isn't agreed to in 2 weeks' time a scottish court is considering whether johnson could be jailed if he takes the u.k. court the u.k. out of the block rather without a deal but johnson says he will comply with the new law which forces them to prevent a new g.o.p. exit on october 31st ireland says the latest proposal is not good enough as
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millions of young people in the u.k. had back to university or had there for the 1st time they're also being encouraged to register to vote it comes during deep political turmoil over britain's decision to leave the e.u. and the hayward reports from southampton and southern and. and. it's an exciting time for new students in southampton at 18 they're full of hope and ambition living away from home and with the prospect of being old enough to vote in any upcoming u.k. election they're all starting college life as britain prepares to leave the e.u. the result of a referendum they were too young to vote. the fact it's taken 3 years and like if it was now i would have been able to vote whereas like i wasn't able to vote i feel like it's affecting the people of my vote maybe things may have turned out differently 2 years ago remain. so you're making it so difficult for us at least i don't think that's a motion to stick by the rich to of the student leaders are calling on young people to get on the electoral roll so they can vote if there's a general election the u.k.
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prime minister is reported to have wanted october the 15th as an election date so fewer university students would have had time to register so soon after starting a new term she didn't have such a powerful voice but so often the marginalized it's his disgraceful because that. new generation of leaders and they should be having a say southampton is split politically at the moment so every vote will matter the student population here runs into tens of thousands so if they choose to vote it will have a big impact on the result here if there is an election and of course here in southampton there was a highly marginal constituency at the last election there were just $31.00 votes in it in 2017 younger people tended to bhopal labor and other smaller parties rather than both conservative yet the older generation still go to the polls in bigger numbers younger voters are certainly
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a significant part of the electorate in any forthcoming general election one thing that's important to say is that as we have an aging population and rates of turnout still higher among older voters it's easy to overestimate the extent to which the youth vote is going to swing in a particular constituency and that since you know every vote counts when this generation of students graduate in 2022 the impact of britain's plan departure from the european union on younger people looking for work should be clearer and he would in southampton as katara celebrating gold effie world athletics championships are ismail has around up. more ties isa bar sheen is the toast of dough have to winning another high jump world title this time in front of his home fans is a gold in the final with a winning effort of 2 meters 37 centimeters are seems victory made all the more
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sweeter with him coming back from a 14 month injury layoff to retain the title he won in london 2 years ago on the track there was a new world record in the women's 400 metres hurdles final america's mohamed taking gold in a time of 52.16 seconds the olympic champion winning her 1st world title sydney mclaughlin who claimed silver also finished inside the previous world record time elsewhere the bahamas won their 1st gold medal of the championships in the men's 400 meters final statement carter taking the title in time of 43.48 seconds in southeast kemper 21 the 3000 meter steeplechase i mean pereira's to cold in the women's discus day 9 of the championship sees 6 titles decided in the stadium including both the sprint to relace the day ends with the final night road race the men's marathon it's already a popular tourist destination but now new york has a new attraction that's loring and sightseers surprisingly it's humpback whales
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which experts say are increasing in numbers off the city's coast there were 272 sightings of the mammal last year compared with just 5 in 2011 percent salumi explains why these tourists have come to new york to see a show but not the kind one typically associates with the big city here along rockaway beach and brooklyn the wildlife is the star attraction. this is the main species that we are going to be looking for today. specifically humpback whales. not too long ago whale watching here was a hit and miss affair these days it's practically a sure thing. it didn't take long at all for the spotters to find what they came for. like. oh ok. that's great news for captain tom palla dino who runs the cruises 4 times
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a week his family has made a living on the water here since the 1940 s. . now in the fifty's and sixty's and seventy's there was very few where you would see want to year this year. it's probably 98 or 99 percent of our trips we do see well which is absolutely right in the last decade the whale population around new york has just exploded there were 272 sightings last year compared to just 5 in 2011 experts say the reason is cleaner water. stronger pollution controls have brought back dolphins too as well as the whales favorite food a fish called menhaden. researchers from the group gotham whale have been onboard tracking the creatures we develop data for you simply where the whales are what their behavior is the species that we take photographs of those we do and we share
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their kind of matching profile with people up and down the coastline for the public it's easy access to the might of nature magnificent the whales are amazing and of course to be able to see them right here at that all over the world watching whales what would kill a thing to do seem off the coast what home area. and a whales tail of a successful conservation effort kristen salumi al-jazeera off the coast of new york. our website as al-jazeera com the top news of the day is right there al jazeera dot com keep it here for a wrap up of the day's headlines. take a look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera iraq's prime minister says a curfew on the capital will be lifted at 5 am local time on saturday after hundreds of anti-government demonstrators defy the lockdown for
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a 4th day of violent protests at least 50 people have been killed as house democrats have issued a subpoena to the white house for documents related to the impeachment investigation into president onil trump trump says he will not cooperate with an inquiry and told the house of representatives votes to approve the investigation the fire protestors in hong kong are challenging a new ban on face mass which is now in effect chief executive carrie lam invoked a clonal era law to enforce the ban again greater powers to clamp down on pro-democracy protesters. there are reports u.s. president tunnel trumps reelection campaign is among accounts targeted by a hacking group linked to the iranian government reuters news agency says attempts to access trump's accounts were unsuccessful microsoft has confirmed that hundreds of accounts were targeted by the group known as phosphorous they include those of current and former u.s. government officials journalists and prominent iranians living abroad or is this
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prime minister is accused herky of trying to exploit europe's migrant crisis during a parliamentary debate kuria korea because it's a talk is said anchor a can and must control migration to europe turkey's foreign minister says his country is being unfairly blamed for the refugee crisis he was on the unfortunately there have been baseless accusations as a case turkey off to there was a small increase in crossings of the greek islands the fact that the french president criticised turkey when he addressed the european council parliamentary assembly is not acceptable and so it is making such accusations we need to see how we can solve the problem together turkey the feeling is supplication the demonstrators have again taken to the streets in haiti's capital demanding the resignation of president when employees are tester set tires on fire as they marched to the united nations office in port au prince opposition leaders are urging the international community to withdraw their support for movies are days
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march is the latest in almost 4 weeks of protests and which 17 people have been reported killed there are the headlines keep it her on al-jazeera more news to come and start story as that next. a genuine attempt to bridge the chasm that's how the 2 k.'s prime minister describes his bricks in the photos of the news they are not convinced but remain open to suggestions so on mr johnson's ideas workable and is the e.u. ready to compromise this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program today with me peter dubey die in a ditch and not extend breck's it his words or deliver on october the 31st britain's prime minister boris johnson may have to live up to those words very soon that's if the european union does not approve his proposals the e.u. has already said there are problems key is what happens to the border between ireland and northern ireland there are more talks planned for october the 17th but that's just 10 days before boris johnson says leave will mean leave even if it's against the law as the law and now stands with one eye on a possible general election m.p.'s would have to vote for what he wants knowing that the e.u. can ultimately veto the whole thing anyway. do note for one moment resign from the fact that we have shown great flexibility in the interests of
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reaching an accommodation with our european friends and achieving the resolution which we all year if our european neighbors choose not to show a corresponding willingness to reach a deal then we shall have to leave on october 31st without an agreement. we are ready to do so but that outcome would be a failure of statecraft which all parties would be held responsible ok we'll get the reaction from the e.u. and ireland shortly but 1st here's why this is you has become so very contentious no border checks exist at the moment between island and the u.k. and ireland is adamant that's the way it will stay they use economy depends on all of its members being able to trade as if it is one country that would be to jeopardize it if ireland is openly trading with an outside country which the u.k.
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will become post breck's it or us johnson so-called final offer does suggest a compromise northern ireland gets to stay in the e.u. single market but will have to leave the customs union along with britain if that doesn't work the proposal would allow northern ireland to vote every 4 years on whether it wants to abide by e.u. trade rules. so how has that gone down with the parties involved european council president donald source says he is quote open but unconvinced to the proposal by the proposal a skepticism shared by the wider the as we have said 7 i think points in the united kingdom's proposal and further work is needed but that needs to be done by the united kingdom and not the other way around we would remind you that it's the u.k. leaving the european union and not the european union leaving the u.k. and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that that exit is on an orderly basis and we are willing to engage constructively with our counterparts but we're
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not going to be the ones left holding the bag the board or any other kind of object meanwhile the irish prime minister. made it clear the current proposals would not work our objective is very clear we don't want to see any customs posts between north and south nor do we want to see any tariffs are restrictions on trade north and south they were all about just in the 1990 s. we don't want to go back to the us the majority of people in the north don't the majority of people in the republic of ireland don't well the proposals are also struggling to find support in northern ireland but members of the democratic unionist party have defended buttressed johnson blaming ireland for setting the u.k. on a path to no deal the proposal will be amended the proposal is there the proposal will get the support of the height of the commons there for the european union it's a very serious proposal to very reasonable proposal as i say i hope that other
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european leaders will prevail upon the irish government to to look at this proposal in a fansub i'm serious way to do it they haven't done. ok let's get going joining us today on inside story from dublin on skype is the neckar obra coyne a professor of politics at the school of law and government dublin city university in brussels we have hit a clip head of the think tank open europe brussels and in birmingham we'll be joined by alex the router that director of the center for breakfast studies at birmingham city university welcome to you all don't occur in dublin 1st so the e.u. is open but not convinced what has to change to convince the european union. well essentially disposal has being ruled out as the basis for a final agreement what is lacking is these details it's again aspirational it speaks of you know again a frictionless order which is what we've had for the last quarter century now in
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ireland and maintaining doubt despite the wish of the united kingdom to leave it to customs in a single market but it lacks the detail and how that can be reconciled and more worrying perhaps is that it it has this mechanism whereby in trying to create the illusion of sense of north america by saying that if if northern ireland doesn't want to be in. the same regions as the rest united kingdom it can you can opt out but the thing is is that northern ireland doesn't have a sovereign government it has a regional assembly which hasn't met now for almost 3 years and you know it's a comp it's an exercise in conflict resolution in the conflict management and it would give you so essentially 2 long party in northern on the d p which has a close relationship with the serve the party and does not represent majority opinion in northern ireland it's important to stress that northern ireland voted to remain in the european union the vast majority of people in our the north and south are in favor of the backstop which bars jonson's for pows are essentially trying to
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dismantle what in a way is a set that doesn't honor existing commitments that the british were who have entered into just to be clear appear to come up in brussels when we talk about the backstop i'm never quite sure what that actually means what that actually means is the continued free movement of stuff across a borderless border it's staying with you peter in brussels when the irish prime minister ot shipley of iraq could talks about a number of aspects that still need to be fine tuned which which aspects is he talking about it. well yesterday for mr far off the seat for a car mentioned a number of options as a possible outcome and in and he makes clear deaths the irish government is. is is not prepared to tolerate northern ireland with leaf the same customs regime as the e.u.
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and i find this quite. quite problematic because i think if you look at british politics even the labor party is opposed to customs checks within the territory of the united kingdom so i think as long as the irish government sticks to its position that norton not and has to remain in the same customs union asked the e.u. i think that's going to be very problematic what the british government wants to do is to to have fire norton aren't in the same customs union asked the united kingdom so you wouldn't have customs checks between or not and great britain but then of course you would need customs checks between northern ireland and the others public now the proposal of the u.k. government is discussed in checks with only be done at company premises really no that can work but it's going to only work if you exempt small businesses and the
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european union is not there to do that even if its external customs barrier is actually quite leaky and in practice we have all the flexibility there but the same flexibility it is not prepared for the sake of peace in in or not and so i think both the irish governments and the e.u. will have to make a move now if they want to deal given that also the u.k. government has moved quite considerably. ok we'll come on to those 2 points that you're raising peter and then a little later let's go to the router in birmingham alex when it comes to the slightly absurd elements of this because critics of boris johnson say what he's proposing with 2 borders is slightly absurd amid a we list on my phone bear with me the number of organizations by my reckoning that are for what mr johnson is proposing or not the d u p yes green tick but we have to build in
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a health warning as raised by donator shin fein no s.-t. o.-p. no the alliance party no the green party no manufacturing northern ireland no retail northern ireland no northern end retail consortium no c.b.i. northern ireland no nobody nobody in northern ireland seems to think this will actually work so what's the rabbit out the hat here that boris johnson can come up with between now the next set of talks october the 17th and halloween october 31st . i don't think there is one i think realistically the only options he really has on the table if he wants to reach ritual agreement with the european union is to either go back to to raise a maze final negotiated deal and somehow repackage that to be more palatable to his employees or otherwise revert back to the original offer which effectively put the border down the irish sea i just do not see anything else in the offing here you know when we talk about technological solutions and we talk about tracking vehicles and the like that's all very well when you're operating within the same customs
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union zone but once you cross a customs barrier you then need to have checkpoints in place and even even norway where people talk about norway being a member of the single market which is kind of what johnson proposes for northern ireland but norway is not in the customs union with the a you that the white times there on the best of days can still be in the order of 15 minutes and of course the norway sweden border is a quite a small one relative to norway in some sense in terms of the size of those economies the northern ireland border of course 300 miles long quite stradley it would just be a recipe for smuggling and contraband so really the any the only thing on the table for him to shoot will be a troll agreement would be to go back to one of those 2 versions of the agreement that was thrashed out over the last year or so failing that it's hard to see then where he goes if he really wants to leave the european union by the 31st of october and the nation brokering in dublin i mean i guess to boil this down mrs may's deal m.p.'s hated it the european union was kind of on board but what mr johnson is
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proposing is an inverse of that so the european union will hates it but chances are looking at the numbers he might get the parliamentary numbers in the house of commons in london to get it to fly. well i doubt he'll get numbers in a westminster i think that is a mountain that he counts 5 and that's why he's looking for an election before this is is sorted out but but it's correct to say as your previous speaker highlighted that the border in ireland is extremely difficult to to control and it's impossible really to imagine any any workable alternative arrangement to the backstop that might we retain the status quo by the allowing the united kingdom to leave the customs union single market and that's been at the heart of the problem when there are over 300 crossings between northern ireland and the republic of ireland if you compare that to the eastern flank of the european union if you go to the baltic sea for example to the black sea there are
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a $147.00 crossings and and there's no recognition in the world provide at least that there's an existence now where you have to separate custom regimes and and yet you don't have a border to the east now but to get bogged down on the issue of trade and transport is to miss the whole point northern ireland has been a zone arena of conflict for for decades and indeed ireland has been in a conflict for centuries and it's not a treaty trade wasn't at the heart of the conflict the pump it was essentially about identity i want gregs it has done against the wishes of the people of ireland north and south east to restrain the constitutional question and and to take northern ireland out of the same arrangements as the republic of ireland against the will of the people of northern ireland and the republic of ireland this is essentially an expression of english nationalism it's nothing to do they did never of course promote about the implications for the situation aren't when the vote took place in 2016 and we are running out of time but why are we running out of time it's true you know how few years since the brakes referendum took place but no
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clear workable plan has been outlined by to purchase government and now with 10 days to a european council meeting we're getting a draft a couple of pages draft with no detail as if it's the basis for some new agreement as if everything that happened in the last 2 or 3 years didn't happen i thought we weren't. go see thing because of these trees amazement as you remember is the same as a member of the same party as far as johnson forrest johnson was foreign secretary in december 27th in the backstop was initially negotiated and the backstop then was a compromise what he's trying to do is not you know opera companies the compromise is already there it's a matter of whether it essentially bridge covered under its existing agreements of what it is i'm dr or. alex to return in birmingham would you agree with that analysis in as much as the good friday agreement i mean donna has got it right surely the good friday agreement was never about trade it was about in effect respect it's the people who live in ireland respecting the autonomy and the the
9:36 am
wishes of the people who live in northern ireland and vice versa but project fear quotes kind of says are boris johnson is endangering the good friday agreement but you can only in danger of the good friday agreement if those political paymasters who had alliances in allegiances with the paramilitaries actually say to those self same people take up arms again and go back to the troubles of the seventy's and the eighty's but in reality that is never ever going to happen shortly. but i believe couldn't come into america you can never be sure as to what impact the return to our border would have but the moment you start contemplating any kind of installations even if you talk about customs possibly talk about placing a border with drones as some technological fantasies have been prone to doing you provide a target for disaffected people in society and i think one of the key points here is of course that the e.u. takes its obligations as an opt out of the good friday agreement very seriously and
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that in turn gets to the wider significance of the e.u. which i think is lost on the british public particularly because many people here who object to the e.u. just see it as a vehicle for taking british money and when it's pointed out to them that the e.u. monies returned to britain will they say to money we can spend it everyone that's what we should do better misses the wider point the wider point being of course that the european union was a vehicle to promote peace on a shattered and lottery destroyed continent and in the ashes of world war 2 and in a sense that the northern ireland peace process as mirrored that in a fashion a colleague from belfast who once said to me and more than a nobody is northern irish other irish or you're british and the thing that the european identity element has done is to try and diffuse that in a fashion is something that both communities could grab onto as an addition element to remain as in particular that european identity as they would put it is being torn away from them and in the case of northern on that it has particular implications for have a province would go forward. put a clip in brussels let's broaden the surface 2nd boris johnson is hostile to the idea of
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a customs union it's difficult when you've got countries say like the relationship that alex has already mentioned like norway and sweden where it's half in half out but logic would dictate that boris johnson isn't hostile to the customs union so his hostility is a function of his political imperative he wants to be a conservative prime minister again after the next election how's that dynamic going down in brussels for you given that his ambition is vaulting he's only ever wanted to be quotes king of the world now here is in his mind i guess if he was a 4 year old again king of the world that's why he wants to stay. what are people in brussels thinking of all this while the diplomats are of course trying to work something out and and and the member states are to a large degree i would say on the on position of the irish government however there are reports from from room work that france and germany was been looking into the
9:39 am
possibility to have a time limits. to the backstop that would also be apparently plan b. of boris johnson in case the e.u. would ultimately reject his compromise proposal now i think ultimately the keys are with the with the irish government and at the moment their position is look at the u.k. can leave the e.u. that's possible it can leave in a in orderly manner with a deal but the condition is that a part of the u.k. northern ireland stace under de gustibus the regime of the e.u. which effectively with mean if the u.k. will have an independent trade policy and of course as the world's 5th biggest economy one day that will happen that you would need customs checks insights u.k. territory and i think people have to understand that's not such an unreasonable
9:40 am
it's not so unreasonable for the british not just a conservative party but actually also labor to be against that so i think the irish government has to think very deeply if it is actually with its hardline position not creating a new deal dynamic because ultimately if there is a new deal and i don't think interview will happen at the end of this month i think it will have an extension instead it's just my my $0.05 but if there is a new deal at one point that could happen often worse johnson is for example reelected and has been radicalized because he has to make all kinds of promises to convince bricks of party fodor's in such a cause. thanks are until being a great loser because nothing so much to you k. but its partners in the e.u. belgium the netherlands from sturman it with the irish government to protect. the border in order not and so in this let me just boil that time he truly put that
9:41 am
point tomorrow and then a final point in any other than donna simon coven of the irish foreign minister being very very tough this past week but the dublin government the t. shirt the red carpet hind the scenes they seem to be signaling actually we might be able to talk on top of which emanuel mccrone radio silence angela merkel radio silence is there a warming of the mood music to what mr johnson is putting out there not at all and my view what they're trying to do is simply not close the door on talks they've made it clear that these proposals such as they are and not on the basis of of durable agreement simply because they lack any any detail but at the same time their political enough to know that they can't rule it out of town to specially when it seems that boris johnson is trying to engineer a situation whereby the plane will be put on the european union and the irish government just in relation to what your previous speaker said about it all coming
9:42 am
down to the irish government i think that flatters the position of the irish government some of ireland is part of the european union the european union it will see some of these issues not the irish government the irish government as a constituent part of the european union has its views and indeed the only fronts here learn from the year between united kingdom and ireland will be on the island of arms of course arnot is central to this but don't for a moment think that this is not the e.u. decision this is been a an attempt indeed by the conservative government was some time to kind of divide and rule as it were to look at the suggestion that aren't is an outlier that actually the european union is is is really eager to concede to virus johnson's demands but it's the irish somehow that are the stumbling block they are at the one . page on this d.d. use parliament steering committee yesterday said that what boris johnson was talking about was not even remotely in the realm of what was or was feasible this is not something that is uniquely irish and i have to say from the long term perspective in arden's this is kind of his eerily toland of how the order came to
9:43 am
exist in the 1st place in 1020 we're now approaching the anniversary of the partition of ireland how was it done it was essentially a private deal between the tory party which tory led government and the unionist north americans to to and essentially was done to the government of iraq which said in its document that its aim was to achieve united are in a very same document partition ok alex that was in birmingham what you make of boris johnson's kind of calling card of the moment which is let's get bricks it done that was the calling card of the conservative party conference last week some people might say look he's being really really cynical because that the sell the selling point here seems to me to be let's get it over the line let's do it this is stage one and some people are saying stage 2 might take a decade. yes i would think to put it to fully that remark is a bad as instrumentalists being in the kitchen and saying that chop an onion you know what happens at the end of all that the simple answer to that fact is the patrol agreement is only even the beginning of the end to quote the 0 churchill it's just the end of the beginning if we get a withdrawal agreement in place and in the improbable possibility of that happening
9:44 am
you know in the next few weeks that would just be part one and and b i let's be clear about this people who say they are secure breaks the finke that breaks it should come to an end get breaks it down simply getting withdrawal agreement in place will not get breakfast it done if we want a new comprehensive economic relationship but the rest of the european union if you look at a relatively simple case such as the canada a year free trade agreement the sita that took a good 8 years of negotiation now it's at entirely different ballgame when you have a member country that wants to leave and wants to have a level of economic integration that just goes beyond simple free trade this process could easily take a decade so people are sick of breaks that now they haven't seen nothing yet and even if the u.k. were to fall out of the european union they would hold agreement in place it would then have to begin the process of patching up all those bilateral arrangements that would cover case sectors such as chemicals aviation medicine food standards ok i
9:45 am
want can i ask you will just about all rain and retain a 2nd as they say here is peter coming to you 1st in 10 seconds do you think brics that stage one will happen on october the 31st. i don't think so the e.u. does not seem to be willing to engage with the compromise so i think words will resign just the example and it will have an election and there will be an extension requested by the greek government until maybe the 1st of april ok do not broken in dublin do you think bracks that stage one will happen on halloween. no i don't think so i think we're not anywhere near one for that's possible alex how bout you . well there was a time when i thought no deal was distinctly possible at halloween but now i don't for the simple reason that the benefactors all but ruled that out and i don't think prime minister johnson got to find a way around that so now i think really an extension and the ban act that's a whole different conversation gentlemen the clock as ever has beaten us here on inside story thank you so much your company thanks to all our guests they were the
9:46 am
matter or broken piece of clip and professor alex the rooster and thank you to you 2 for your company you can see the show again anytime you want on the website al-jazeera dot com forward slash inside story and for further discussion do go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com and you can also talk to us on twitter our handle as ever at a.j. inside story or you can tweet me which are back at peter topping one for me peter davi and everyone on the team here and thanks for watching the season finale.
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planets escaping the point of the climate an ecological emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of an at suspenseful crisis in the face of irreversible changes to the lives all be with you throughout as well on violent correspondent nic clark we'll have reports from the front lines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called the threat al-jazeera brings you a new weekly planet s.o.s. what sets up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. most memorable moments with al jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to. us if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place we're able to cover music like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. al-jazeera world tells the
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dramatic story of the birth of a nation and how a political agreement reached my fronts into news you would spot the bitterest of view. this guy the london see it him and did mention we will still look at the rivalry conflict murda division ought to have to newseum the battle for independence on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and a ha these are the top stories on al-jazeera iraq's prime minister says a curfew on the capital will be lifted at 5 am local time on saturday after hundreds of anti-government demonstrators defied the lockdown for a 4th day of violent protests at least 50 people have been killed u.s.
9:49 am
house democrats have issued a subpoena to the white house for documents related to the impeachment investigation into donald trump trump says he will not cooperate with the inquiry until the house of representatives approves the investigation doctors for us to macwrite it hopeful bernie sanders say he did have a heart attack earlier this week you can see right there he has left the hospital after receiving treatment they canceled all campaign events after suffering chest pains on tuesday the 70 year old was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery to treat a blocked artery sanders is seeking his party's nomination to challenge donald trump in the 2020 u.s. presidential elections to find protesters in hong kong are challenging a new ban on face masks which is now in effect chief executive kerry lamb invoked a colonial era law to enforce the ban and gain greater powers to clamp down on pro-democracy protesters and we allow is from hong kong's democratic party she says the new law will only make protests worse. it's really terrible the whole
9:50 am
thing is completely counterproductive we all want this situation to be escalated but the way to do it is to really engage the community and expect some of the months particularly the one which is very reasonable and that is to set up an independent commission of inquiry not just investigating the police but to look into the whole saga a lot of stuff. commissions of inquiry in the past you but you refused to do it and not you as you used to apply tomorrow the process is a calling one a bit notch at 2 pm so i think much will not stop and i'm not. wearing the phrase she's crazy and opposing politicians and business people.
9:51 am
is a problem frankly i agree with the prime minister of malaysia but the hot he said she should just expect that our demonstrators have again taken to the streets and haiti's capital demanding the resignation of president obama wastes are just are set tires on fire as they march to the united nations office in port au prince opposition leaders are urging the international community to withdraw their support for moyes friday's march is the latest in almost 4 weeks of protests in which 17 people have been reported killed. transport has ground to a halt in cities across ecuador after 2 days of protest over the rising price of fuel demonstrators are angry over the government's decision to end a decades old fuel subsidy present when a merino says he is open to talks with the protesters but has refused to scrap the plan a state of emergency was declared on thursday. greece's prime minister has accused
9:52 am
turkey of trying to exploit europe's migrant crisis during a parliamentary debate carry on mr taka said and current had and must control migration to europe turkey's foreign minister says his country is being unfairly blamed for the refugee crisis shows on that unfortunately there have been baseless accusations as a kate's turkey off to there was a small increase in closeness of the greek islands the fact that the french president criticised turkey when he addressed the european council parliamentary assembly is not acceptable and sort of making such accusations we need to see how we can solve the problems together turkey the feeling is supplication the court documents have reveal u.k. prime minister boris johnson will send a letter to the e.u. asking for abraxane delay if a deal isn't agreed in 2 weeks time a scottish court is considering whether johnson can be jailed if he takes the u.k. out of the block without a deal that johnson says he will comply with the new law which forces him to
9:53 am
prevent. it on october 31st ireland says the latest proposal is not good enough so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera next jamal khashoggi murder and a saudi consulate. nobody's happy with it but back then cut it into pieces it will be finished to the secular fishel animal and ryan has arrived. we're. back again are trying to find out what happened to demolish saudi arabia for farmers return with democracy. democracy show cheers from up. some form of closure foreign minister
9:54 am
saying this was all a terrible and the execution of jamal khashoggi your frequent critic of the shots on the regime and the side of the saudi consulate you know you're a me i'm. trying to. the world here hello i have to mock a chef james was a premeditated foreigner monday the 1st of october 28th. nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the belgrade forest in the northwest of the took his city of istanbul. it was the start of the week so there were only a few visitors. just before sunset surveillance cameras picked up a car belonging to the consulate of saudi arabia in istanbul it passed through a security gate before moving through the forest it would later emerge in the tookie shouts about newspaper that it was carrying the saudi military attache. xeni what took his intelligence with cole
9:55 am
a surveillance mission. according to. elma xeni had returned to istanbul from jeddah that day with a deadly plan. to eliminate the saudi journalist jimbo. one out of the was on the 21st of june 2017 mohammed bin selma was made crown prince of saudi arabia. 2 weeks later a major diplomatic crisis blew up in the gulf between saudi arabia and 3 of its allies and qatar. also that june another writer close to be in selma on advised either to take part in the campaign against qatar or to leave the
9:56 am
country ashaji chose to leave saudi arabia he flew from jeddah via london to the united states. the pressure increased i believe in 214 or to 15 when he was banned from writing minster of information decided to publish the letter burning germar from writing and i think you found that very insulting you should remember the german was banned from tweeting and writing articles why did he. because his dog or the speed of the. weave. and. the concept of the cross and the freedom of conciliation we did work. for i think 100 percent money is there in. version 213 no he just has to do it right i showed he had studied journalism at indiana state university
9:57 am
in the early eighties and worked for the saudi diplomat feisal while he was ambassador to the us. shows he's for children also had us nationality isn't this some. footage that it looks to gather. all the time if you know. all of a massacre there are you see there are. clubbing mixture us in the middle of this formulation what's to. do isn't very happy he was worried he one time told me his 2 sons complained to him that they are held hostage because of him they couldn't travel soon they were both bankers and their work requires them to travel and they could not leave the kingdom their passports were confiscated and they were blaming him and that really caused lots of guilt.
9:58 am
he told me he felt guilty that is causing the. stress and suffering. in august 27th teen ashaji tweeted for the 1st time from his self in the us i returned to writing and tweeting grateful to his highness the minister of information for his kind efforts gratitude and loyalty to the royal crown prince no free pain is broken and no tweet is silence under his reign. the tweet seemed confusing and contradictory and posed questions about his relationship with his native country. the saudi authorities had banned him from writing in a phone call from an adviser to the royal court so doubt qahtani. ashaji later referred to this ban in a b.b.c. interview shouted be a little. bit early and must call your bluff will be
9:59 am
a real hard if you will live any longer be the man remain a good. in september 27th seen a show she started writing for the washington post. this enabled him to communicate with a far wider audience and sphere of influence. for the saudis i think this was the scariest thing the guy writes for a paper that's already all over the world that are driven by this is a makers in the us. someone from a missing mind enough to fill out a family coffee then them for better than many men do a lot of what. their mother wasn't the most because he more. by this time she wanted to legalize his status in the u.s. and in december 2017 was granted political asylum that offered him a degree of stability and he began to create a network between washington is down bull london and other world capitals khalid
10:00 am
elsa fori took the producers of this program to his friend jamal's apartment in tysons corner of virginia. they managed to contact a show she saw on the dollar but the coal lead nowhere. to run. as we speak today there are already into live shows under notice jill no nobody will dare to speak and criticize that informed life saudi intelligence was closely monitoring her show she and his movements and briefing the new crown prince and heir to the throne of the horn of the world. i mean. the saudis trying to tempt the journalist to return a source close to her show she said that the adviser to the roll call. contacted him twice by phone. he allegedly said that mohammed bin salmond trusted her show
10:01 am
she implicitly and that the doors of the rule court were open to him whenever he chose to return. the same source said that the saudi government maintained communication.


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