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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2019 9:00pm-9:33pm +03

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u.s. consumers in modern times the i am a free trade guy and one of the things i 1st told donald trump when i met him when he asked me to work for him as a senior economist i said mr you know donald i'm a free trade guy he said look i believe in free trade he just but he said i want a level playing field we are in an epic battle with the chinese it's going to last decades don't the trump tariffs on china we can talk about decades long battle right now don't they represent the biggest tax increase on u.s. consumers in modern times well no we can you say no but those are your goods oh wait a minute hold you said the idea of a 35 percent tariff on imported goods would represent the biggest tax increase on u.s. consumers in modern times suddenly start working for trump and that's not true i know their average american family has seen about a 1500 dollar reduction in their taxes thanks to the to the worst economy that i've had wiped out by these tariffs not still haven't been to new york federal reserve has $800.00 or how about that you know who's been every one of those who you know new federal reserves are awaiting the tax policy that is wrong entirely for the federal budget your burden of those of those tariffs are borne by american
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consumers look at that if that's the case then why would china care the fact is anyway before bearing the cost of it just here are some of the i so enjoyed this conversation because yes steve oh you're all going with yourself i'm not the one who said i'm not the one who said every coach or tariff imposed on the u.s. hurts residents of the united states because all restrictions hurt the united states that tariffs have never would always end in an unhappy ending because you also let me explain all you with us because it's an important point do i think that these these tariffs on china are hurting american consumers absolutely there was double trouble they said he'd look he says the chinese and not any americans are paying the tariff that's a law you know that's a lie you say that you are saying is the the book of the cost of the tariffs is being borne by the chinese through depreciating their currency for providing increasing subsidies to their companies and when they do that the cost is borne by the chinese not the united states the people who've done the studies on the steven reading of print a lot of the money that you don't even know what i found the. even reading is that
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one of the country's top experts on international trade is a professor of economics at princeton. all of the u.s. tariffs of imports passed absolutely for consumers that's what do you think it's a bit about but about would you are supported having free trade with nazi germany or the japanese such china has not been in germany we are in china not i do i do think we are in a new cold war with china with china now as a german about china nazi germany in 2015 when you said why are we picking an economic weight i don't care about the human rights violations in china i care about about them bill i'm wondering when you can get up there about a given 2015 you didn't care about them you said do we really want to pick an economic war with china whether or not in 2015 the only consolation i think this is that you said it in the national review article china is our number one import market do we really want to pick an economic war with then i don't we should right now is you telling us that even more of 23 after he was well we have to know he was wrong and trouble trouble on the floor of 2019 tells us even more 2050 let's go to our panel who are waiting patiently to come in here and join the discussion rick wilson is a long time republican political strategist who has worked for george h.w.
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bush rudy giuliani among others since 2015 he's been a leading i think it's fair to say conservative critic of president trump author of the book everything trump touches dies now there's a title you and stephen have moved in similar right wing circles you've both worked on republican presidential campaigns who better represents conservative economic principles right now you or him or work i'm not an economist by trade or training steve it is but i will say this i still believe with the things that i think stephen believed before which is the primacy of free markets and now we have a president who wants to talk companies what to make where they can make it who engages in state capitalism sort of crony capitalist things and i think stephen. pryor stephen and now stephen there's a big dichotomy there and it's i don't think it's stephen alone i think there are a lot of republicans who just made that compromise you know so i'm curious like how does it feel like to flip so fast and. the horrors result i've always said read
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right. quickly respond that i've always said the single most important thing to reduce the national debt in the deficit and i think it's important priority for the united states is to grow the economy to put more people to work to make more american companies you know richer and more profitable rick we have done that in spades stephen you mentioned the economy is greater than ever before more bring in journalist reviews he's a constitutional lawyer member of the trump 20 twentieth's advisory board or author of the book the legal basis for moral constitution genet stephen says talks about this great economy anyone paying attention to the news recently and look at some of the numbers coming out there's a fear of a recession or at least a downturn coming maybe even ahead of of the next election how does a self-inflicted recession some given the trade war how does that fit with the whole make america great again message going into 2020 this could be a problem for him is it not we want to talk about the constitution here not 100 percent of economic factors can be directly attributable to a single president and so with you look at the leadership style of barack obama
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it's a great point see where i was getting republicans during the obama program but i think that that's the but we did it and i certainly am and you know congress is also very much responsible and both sides and how worried are you about a recession but i think that we are point about self inflection is is also very very consistent with what we're seeing with the mainstream media who are so intact in a stacked against this particular president that they are the ones that are creating a false narrative so i listen to it even once this is like to give him an opportunity will give him over to actually is so good at all that are you going to let me get going rather than trying to you a question is ition so much when you say the mainstream media is to blame for the post talking about a recession do you include the white house chief of staff and that mick mulvaney said there might be a short moderate recession next year is he part of the mainstream media there there might be but i think that you're trying to prove tax and isolate these comments and try to spin them into your narrative rather than just going to the white house you know stuff like that we're going to win but you're saying you're going to take it out on this do you come back and ask them. tiffany cross is the co-founder managing
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editor of the national news outlet the b d c a liberal commentator you're shaking your head that you want to come in and respond so i it's really clear that the campaign is in full blown panic mode because he's fallen short on some of the promises that he made in 2016 to help perpetuate this false idea that people voted for him because of economic anxiety and you know given that this administration is kind of faulty relationship with the truth why is it anybody believe what you or any representative of this administration says when most of your economic solutions seem more based on messaging and attacking what then i call the mainstream media and calling fact are untruth lies so yeah but that's not going to. be that i have not i have not reversed course on the debt and i think that that is a huge value album and i think should be related to that were so that it shouldn't be reelected then no i'm saying well you shouldn't 20 others you know saying people
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really and i definitely should the whole reelected look i think you have to look the whole range of issues and what trump has done on the economy and i think it's been spectacular let's talk about immigration people have called trump's immigration policy dangerous crazy extreme nativist what do you say to them i say that we have to build the wall we have to secure our border i am totally in favor and by the way i'm the most i'm made to be the most pro moderation person in this room i've written books and books i've written i've really are you still i'm so i'm totally pro-immigration so do you think trump's policy is dangerous crazy extreme let me do you think this dangerous game i saw you question do you think is dangerous crazy an extreme no i think those are your words look you thought i think trumps policy is a crazy policy with a very extreme nativist position it's a very dangerous thing that in 2015 before you went to work now here's what i believe i don't always agree with his positions on immigration but i do believe that in 2. so we get the border secure and we get that wall bill once we do that we
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can increase our legal immigration and i am for immigrants coming into this country who want to contribute to who's going to. this is an administration has backed legislation to haul of illegal immigration the ones to accept 0 refugees next year they support the bill in 2017 wants to end the visa lottery program and family migration crackdown is now is of legal or not true let me know how it got helped i helped write it's just not true to me just because i helped write the bill i know more about the bill than you do i have had i don't agree some fellow there's a lot of not and family immigration what they added bill does it allows spouses and children to come into this country a preserves the sanctity of our president every one of the presidency and a president go off and chain migration visa that was the low point was all illegal immigration pubs not but will hold on here's what we're doing but we're basically saying yes an immediate family member you can bring in a spouse or a child we want you know you can bring in but not your 2nd cousin not your on how
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about you and by the way i want you to give littles what about to bring in your in-laws if they're if they're you mean they're really i mean wouldn't you want to run the 1st lady brought whatever goes on here is an option migration just so everyone knows what the policy is because you can decide whether you like the policy or not we want to have more high skilled talented young workers come into this country who will benefit the united states now some people oh that's a racist policy a racist policy that's the power of the germany that's the policy of australia that's the policy of canada why shouldn't we take in pretty sure. you have to internationalise let's take the immigrants who were going to make biggest contribution trump and his policies on immigration can be quote compassionate while preserving our sovereignty i think that's true. if you look at the camps at the border is it compassionate to detain 1000 people in a room designed for 40 people where women you know i can't comment because i can't go nowhere like that and that's leading to not include because of lack of sanitary
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products children left and i was at the border do office of inspector general i've been in the border in texas and i can't speak for all the camps and so on but the ones that i've seen humane the people are working at the border they are they are doing everything they can to help those people and the idea that somehow somehow our border patrol people this is the and all sorts of inspector general says 88 i don't males held in a cell with a maximum capacity of 41 but i don't support that that's what's happening is a compassionate not we should stop doing that. isn't the real reason the donald trump if we could agree. to get some agreement without a reason but also you know the real reason we have to change our asylum policy because what's going to accept your refugees is what is what steven miller 10 while i don't agree with steve miller and the by the way that's not the trump assertion ok the one who has a well founded fear of persecution should be able to con unless a rough minister from syria. here is that well he's closer to the syrian refugees are compassionate but i am not a foreign policy expert on if there isn't
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a real reason donald trump is fighting this war on immigration is that he's a racist if when the president tells 4 women of color members of congress to quote go back to where they came from even the 4 of them all of them are u.s. citizens and 3 of them were born in the us is that not racist i know donald trump i've spent a lot of time no that is not a race ok he's not a racist is that comment racist people can interpret only. we can you tell us about him is it not a sense of why when you answer it because what's the problem if you have something wrong i don't think donald trump is racist i didn't ask those who agree with some of the telling people to go back to where they came from is it racist to say yes or no question. i don't know i'm not going to. well one of the rallies this summer in north carolina when he mentioned representative in the crowd chanted send her back send her back i don't seem to be ok with it i don't like that stuff you said you love the people from rallies but you stood with them and chanted sound about how i would so and so why the people i am who and why because i think it's not it's not
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it's not what i think that's what you get a lot of them it's not real it's not bringing us together why don't you like is it not because it's racist here is one of the things about donald trump that certainly look i'm a big fan of donald trump's i made that clear but i will say this that what i wish he would do i wish he would bring us together more and be last divisive and i've told him that i think you know i think he's his performance has been spectacular with respect to getting jobs back and so on but he's got to be the president. of not races that you're. probably divisive not racist as your preferred word he has to be to each would be the president of the people he's got to work on that isn't the problem stephen that you're sitting here defending the president's what many would argue are blatantly racist comments when you yourself had to withdraw your nomination for c. on the federal reserve earlier this year partly because of mr john istic remarks you made you say you made 1020 years ago really and partly because the race is coming you made that cause a lot of problems you about the obama's just wrong years ago that cause a lot problems for you. the comment you made about the homeless i mean i have 6
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full time investigative reporters looking into things i wrote 25 years ago this was years ago talking about you know letters that are what 25 years ago i'm not talking about those yeah i'm saying those in the past i'm saying that what's what is so i think anyone who looks at the evidence of what happened believes that i was completely unfairly treated i mean they see you doing my job or you don't regret saying that the 1st thing donald trump does as president is kick a black family out of public housing it was a joke it was a joke it was funny about that it was a cartoon that was in the in the b. you found it funny it was basically it was a joke it was you know you know you have an apology as a regret that i shouldn't say that but it was a joke ok let's go to our panel tiffany the u.s. has always had problems of racism i could do that we could say it started with donald trump how much worse in your view do think it's become on the donald trump or is it just a continuation where do you stand on the racism yeah it's just a continuation i mean people like to say that it happened i saw a resurgence of this kind of rhetoric under barack obama as evidence as stephen
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morris comments i think instead of spitting in my face and trying to tell me it's raining you and you need to acknowledge that you right with the racist president when you talk about immigration and you talk about you know that his policies are not racist i think perhaps the only immigrant that donald trump may like is former model birth there who has a college degree and given that she came in this country because she had to find i'm curious if you were exam i can answer what was her special talent that she got this special treatment that she got that einstein was. going to get you about asylum policy immigration policy when you see donald trump the justice department go to court to prevent migrant kids in detention centers from getting soap and toothbrushes is that something you defended in court on behalf of the d.o.j. that wasn't the substance of that particular law so i don't know what i was and i said yes you know the no you asked a different question which is trying to isolate that particular fact that's in your favor rather than looking like
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a. sure getting things to actually get out of my favor it's basic human rights and that the basic right i think you're right that you're right i'm right and i'm not taking across the border by human trafficking i got is what the donald trump administration is making sure been waiting very patiently risk accusation of like cherry picking and facts selection my grandmother had a phrase when you have a turd in the punchbowl you don't have punch anymore you've got water with a terminal so you can't say that if something happened this is a part of the overall lawsuit we just a lot over that we decided nor that that's part of the that's part of the system of cruelty of the of the steven miller the president steven miller immigration policy they are designing this program in order to cause pain and suffering to children and families ok border general you have to look at the entire scope of the lawsuit and to make sure that you understand and that particular point you know this and i had the shelters and i'm going to you know great great amazing as you are that they
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are trying they are doing everything that they can for the children at the board of the late president trump is trying to do is to make sure that they don't get john as you mentioned those people rick i want to ask you one question isn't a problem for you and for never trust republicans like yourself is that racism and bigotry long preceded donald trump look i glue on the road a lot about this in my book you will and i told you who are just for the record you went to george h.w. bush who in 1981 a pretty racist out about willie horton didn't start any drug bush campaign didn't run mentality was the allies running out a lot with them but the long story short i wrote about this in a lot of my book and i realized something over time you know not every trump supporter is a is a nativist racist but all the nativist racists right now are trying to supporters everybody ok let's close this area we need to take a break then it's a very lively show as you can see when they come back and paul to and talk about donald trump the mound donald trump the leader we're going to hear more from our panel and from our very patient audience here at the george washington university in washington d.c. stay tuned join us after the break. it's.
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to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with it comes to the fight against corruption. needs heroes heroes like no who are abandoned who refuse to 50000000 donna brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's from a rural debate to please nominate your anti corruption era. recently reelected for a 2nd 5 year tan. we asked the president of malawi about alleged election fraud and corruption there been allegations made against you even how corrupt is malarky the
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president of malawi pete in the 3 care talks to al jazeera. hello again adrian for going here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera iraq has lifted a curfew in baghdad and other areas of the country whether been violent protests for days at least 93 people have been killed parliament is currently holding an emergency session. more protests in hong kong despite a rail shutdown and calls to cancel demonstrations fewer protesters than in previous rallies and taken many though covered the faces in defiance of a ban on mosques imposed by hong kong's chief executive us house democrats have
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subpoenaed the white house for documents related to their impeachment inquiry donald trump says he won't cooperate until the house of representatives votes to approve the investigation. greece and the united states have signed a new defense agreement secretary of state might compare was in athens for the meeting the agreement establishes a new american base near the turkish border the greek prime minister urged washington to help diffuse tension between cyprus and turkey which is developing closer ties with russia the united states is eager to go a partnership with greece on a range of energy issues for the sake of your prosperity and a stable eastern mediterranean region. last march i met with the leaders of cyprus greece and israel in jerusalem we free countries with free markets want to achieve energy security together we want to make sure that rules govern international exploration of the mediterranean sea its energy resources and that no country can
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hold europe hostage people in pakistan administered kashmir marking 2 months since new delhi revoked the special status of indian administered kashmir hundreds of people marching towards the line of control indian administered kashmir has been in lockdown since august when local politicians were arrested and a security top down was put in place cameron's opposition leader maurice come to will likely be released from jail as part of an amnesty ordered by president paul bia come to was detained in january for organizing protests meanwhile a national dialogue aimed at ending a separatist conflict has concluded in the capital your own day cameron's english speaking regions have been fighting for 3 years to break away from the french majority on thursday president bia announced the release of more than 330 people. i'll be back with a little over 25 minutes here on al-jazeera but let's get you back to head to head
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. welcome back to head to head on al-jazeera english here in washington d.c. in front of an audience at the george washington university for the 1st time my guest tonight is the senior economic advisor to president donald trump he's an all star he's well known conservative commentator and he's an advisor to the trump 2020 reelection campaign stephen moore thanks for weighing in on stephen a lot of people watching around the world. fascinated by donald trump wherever you go fascinated by this guy on a level i've never seen in any world leader in modern times you know the man personally you've met with him you've invited him i'm sure a lot of people in this hall and at home must be wondering what is it like to advise someone a world leader who knows so little about anything. well look i mean 1st of all one of the things that really struck me about donald trump when i 1st met him 4 years ago you know that look i would say 95 percent of politicians are you know wonderful
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people in public and jerks in private sometimes trump can be a jerk in public but he's actually a really nice guy in private i mean i like donald trump a lot of come to admire him i think people underestimate his intelligence i bet his i.q. you're going to laugh at this i think he's probably got about 100 i.q. the guy is amazing his breadth of knowledge about about you know the world affairs and i want to guy who says it like it is sometimes does he stick his point in his mouth yeah i think we should comedy like it's not going to agree that people definitely voted for him because they didn't see him as a conventional politician but when you say breadth of knowledge and high i.q. this is a man who thinks wind turbines cause cancer thinks you can stop a hurricane with a nuclear weapon you need id to buy a box of cereal things england in great britain of the same thing well soviet union just rebranded as russia these are things he says every day i don't know i cannot go here to defend the rethink that you have just you would you just call it what is going to hire you in a breadth of knowledge i asked about you sell it to defendant because i think one of the flaws of donald trump is the thing is waking. would be better to stop
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talking so much on letters record speak for itself why would you want to stop talking if you've got such a high i.q. and such a broad because you know i do i do worry that there is a little bit of trump the team that people are tired about it's where he's good is when he focuses on an issue and he comes up with solutions that are work you know you talked about that's why people are impressed when you talk about trump fatigue is the problem that he seems kind of fatigued people talk about his mental i don't see that he's cognitive decline this is a president and i think the president this is a president who refers to himself as the chosen one as a stable genius he rants and raves on twitter in the middle of the night he recently retreated a supporter who called him the king of israel and the 2nd coming of the lord if you were sitting on a plane stephen and the last thing you heard a pilot say was i'm the 2nd coming of god you would get off the plane with you mr president of the united states saying that you know what a lot of times he's saying these things to tweak people like you and get underneath your skin but by the way i think it's
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a rather wretch the liberals are now saying you know trump doesn't have the mental acuity to be the president and i'm listening to joe biden every day i mean come on ladies about it all by it's funny unbelievable and i don't agree with you someone should check out joe biden it's not just liberals it's not just liberals you keeping liberals former white house starts of communications anthony scaramucci republican senator susan collins and bob corker former trump advisor omarosa newman they've all come out and said this guy quote is an obvious mental decline he's unstable everyone knows it. the white house continues to deceive the nations as one former aide on how mentally declined he is he's not liberal to the people who worked with him these are republicans there are a lot of republican number trumpeters out there i don't have a trump and they worked for donald trump called me have never come i mean i worked in the white house when i worked for them too and i'm here to tell you that guy is i've never seen by the way anybody in my whole life he's a freak of nature you were 20 i mean we can agree he's a feature measure now he works 20 hours a day when he's playing golf and watching t.v. will come out i mean this is a guy who i mean come on is it not fact that he plays
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a lot your whole album that he plays god i don't have a problem but you just said he works 20 hours a day i'm just going on what you're saying when i'm saying is this guy around the clock is paying attention to what's going on or playing golf states ok so we play some rounds of golf lot of saying is he had his own gravel they have never seen before but that's what people are questioning the work ethic given he's always playing golf or watching t.v. in your book you write that everyone around him seem to love donald trump that trump treats his people well and yet he has the highest turnover of staff of any modern and in fact i'll let you also why in fact when they resign or when he fires them he then attacks the yeah i don't like that he's a sloppy steve bannon dumb as a rock rex tillerson iraqi owner as he called her a dog highly unstable not job scaramucci ironic clueless bonehead jerome powell these are the people trump treats his people well you wrote how does that work look i don't like that he does that but i do like how does that fit with. your opinion as it has every description the trump treated people don't seem to treat people i'm saying as the people who are around him love him you know the liars them and then
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love the many so you know what prompt us he's a c.e.o. if people. use them and that's what a good c.e.o. should do year i'm president i'm pretty sure it is somebody who is able and don't want to go and get rid of 3 and call them a nickname or a dog i'll look that's a different issue how me saying there's an issue what's the issue is that i agree with you he shouldn't call these people names but i am i do think that if they're not provided you know what i'm asking what he does i don't know i mean i guess i don't know what i say visit to his mental decline. is it to do with racism no is attorney why did he do this why does he call a woman a dog why does he call his own former advisor dumb as a rock his former secular state who praised rex tillerson why do you do that a mosque you can you know and we don't i wish you wouldn't do it that's why i'm asking why does he i don't know i don't know why he doesn't and i wish he would do and i think it gets him into trouble i think if donald trump didn't do those kinds of things you're talking about he did not have a 40 percent approval rating you know 70 percent i'm honestly why he doesn't you can't tell me even though you're telling me he's the smartest guy in the i mean i don't like
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a lot of the personality i don't most likely racist but which part about what i'm saying is what americans care about is suppress performance is results not what he says that how he acts ok and isn't it the case stephen moore that if you did if you did have a falling out would trump if you did kind of turn on trump or criticize him publicly in any strong way he'd come off to you too when he when i was going so you would be so i steve tomorrow morning that's why i'm not going across i'm like i mean i mean i mean let's bring in our policy wilson is here wilson long time republican political strategist worked for george h.w. bush rudy giuliani never trump i think it's fair to say rick a lot of people on in your camp would say the people don't cross him because they're afraid of dollar they are there's no question about this i've talked to members of congress members of the senate who despise this man who think he is the worst president they've ever dealt with in terms of being consistent honest direct and having having any sort of connection with with with ethical boundaries these
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people are terrified of him this is not how a government would normally be would seem to work but the fact is trump has a gigantic threat it's that hammer of his social media that he's willing to use against his own allies almost as much as he is against any and hone it rick you know this you're a pollster donald trump's approval rating among republicans is what $85.00 or 90 percent it's trump's parody now and you know what if republicans come out against him they're going to lose their primaries because he's so popular with as well the guy who got the big. it is and it is now across party there is not a party right now dedicated to limited government and its just responsibility to the economic growth there is not a party going to get it to the limited government fiscal responsibility and the old tenets of conservatism it is now donald trump's party it is a man of his mob it is not a political party with his consistent i don't want let me bring in let me bring in journalist rivers is a constitutional lawyer member of the trump 2020 advisory board rick says your policy is no just trying to do in response yes of course because you know what i
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think what i think stephen is saying as far as this president donald trump being the most conservative we can measure him not by our own personal opinions but i think full articles to accuracy to the u.s. constitution and that is really the metric of any president and if you look at not only the economy the lower unemployment rate but also the $150.00 judicial appointments and including 2 supreme court justices that are faithful originalists this is the promise that donald trump has for america and so like him as a person or not i'm not looking for someone that i want to go have a beer with i am looking for a leader and i'm one who will stay faithfully within the margins of the u.s. constitution the whole idea of make america great again is actually working ok tiffany cross is the co-founder managing editor of the b.b.c. national news outlet liberal commentator tiffany isn't the problem for a lot of liberals and people don't i don't have a trumpet as a you can pile up old examples of things he doesn't see me on hinged. and yet it stephen points out the vast majority of some of his supporters millions of your
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fellow americans still love the gun it beggars belief but you see because you're trying to have a logical conversation with the illogical she said that he was faithful to the constitution except for birthright citizenship except for the a monument clause this is ridiculous that's why we kind of i want to make everybody very much part of the problem and listen i said look it's really not like you know trying to get applause lines i mean listen my people who built this country ok. i love this country and it just says something to me that after all that america has done so my ancestors i can stand here today and be a bigger patriot than you or you because this president is an existential threat to america he has lost it preys on foreign adversaries like vladimir putin he waxes poetic about love letters he writes with kim jong un and he invited the taliban so camp david a week before 911 and what world do we exist that we don't feel like we're living
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on a saturday night live sketch 24 hours a day that reasonable seemingly reasonable people become i'm reasonable but unfortunately you're trying to say that we are not patriots simply because we disagree with you and that is absolutely not an ok statement to make we haven't been out of logical thinking that we're going to be logical and remain not to be just a going to fix it however conscious no matter where you are such as how i'm going to take any additional time to let me respond really probably not you're not going to agree with your that i'm going to 3 thing within the margin of the constitution simply because you claim that somebody does not constitute little does not mean that it is and stephen was going to ask you this question you're listening into this conversation and at what stage do you go this is just not normal saying tweeting a very stable genius thanks look if trump's policies were not working then i'd be with you all i'd say you don't get rid of the guy but guess what they are worth it's funny because you did so good with a guy before you went to work for the guy let's go to our audience to be very waiting very patiently at the g. w. university here in washington d.c.
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if you have a question for stephen moore raise your hand the story here gentlemen the front relate from a friend to come to you. my question for you stephen is there are fears of recession that emanate from whether it's trade wars whether it's the misuse spend deficit which was spent on tax cuts for the wealthy rather than on spreading the wealth as needed to be done so how could you doubt donald trump as a great economic president when what we've actually seen is that he's really pushed the economy into a decline well look i mean we did not inherit a strong economy if if americans have felt good about where the economy was circa 2016 hillary clinton would be president i mean it's just no question clear 3000000 people did vote for hillary clinton in the not yet but. that's not the problem the reason that trump won those states like michigan and iowa and wisconsin and ohio and pennsylvania and west virginia i went to those states and you know what when i
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had asked people in those states people in places like your reports of pena and charleston west virginia and flint michigan i'd say to them how is that obama recovery going for you i'm a donald trump since he was elected we have created one point $4000000.00 mining construction and manufacturing jobs those jobs were declining under barack obama he's brought back middle class jobs shipped out of the with the whole trade war going on obviously there are a lot of objectives president trump has in mind if there is one particular objective that he should be striving for if you could bring one thing home what should be in your name with respect to china with respect to china so i think the biggest problem i have which i and i think would probably agree i mean there's 2 actually there that they have never opened up their markets to us the way we've been opened up our markets they have terrorists that are 3 times higher than ours are we can't live with that all we want is a level playing field.


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