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tv   A Tale Of Singers And Murderers  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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last year the trade was a good and easy to win you know he didn't say it but he did say it clearly hasn't been easy to win and in terms of being good don't these trump tariffs on china represent the biggest tax increase on u.s. consumers in modern time the i am a free trade guy and one of the things i 1st told donald trump when i met him when he asked me to work for him as a senior economist i said mr you know donald i'm a free trade guy he said look i believe in free trade he just but he said i want a level playing field we are in an epic battle with the chinese it's going to last decades don't the trump tariffs on china we can talk about decades long but right now don't they represent the biggest tax increase on u.s. consumers in modern times well no we can you say no but those are your goods oh wait a minute hold you said trump's idea of a 35 percent tariff on imported goods would represent the biggest tax increase on u.s. consumers in modern times suddenly start working for trump and that's not true i know their average american family has seen about a 1500 dollar reduction in their taxes thanks to the to the worst economy that i've had wiped out by these tariffs not still haven't been to new york federal reserve
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has $800.00 or how about that you know who's been everyone's list of those who you know new federal reserves are only in the tax policies and it is wrong entirely for the federal budget your burden of those of those tariffs are borne by american consumers look at that if that's the case then why would china care the fact is anyway before bearing the cost of it just here are some of the i so enjoyed this conversation because yes steve oh you're all going with yourself i'm not the one who said i'm not the one who said every quote or tariff imposed on the u.s. hurts residents of the united states because all restrictions hurt the united states that tariffs have never would always end in an unhappy ending but he also let me explain you know you would you'll see because it's an important point do i think that these these tariffs on china are hurting american consumers absolutely there so why does donald trump not excite the base he did look he says the chinese and not any americans are paying the tariff that's a lie you know that's a lie you say that you are saying is the the book of the cost of the terrorists is being borne by the chinese. through depreciating their currency they're providing
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increasing subsidies to their companies and when they do that the cost is borne by the chinese not the united states the people who've done the studies on the stephen reading a print i'd love that you don't even know what i found what we're seeing even reading is that one of the country's top experts on international trade is a professor of economics at princeton. all of the u.s. tariffs to be imports passed absolutely for consumers that's what do you think it's a bit about but about would you are supported having free trade with nazi germany or the japanese such china has not been in germany we are in china not i do think we are in a new cold war with china with china now as a german about china nazi germany in 2015 when you said why are we picking an economic weight i don't care about the human rights violations in china i care about about them bill i'm wondering what you care about there about a given 2015 you didn't care about them you said do we really want to pick an economic war with china where they're not bad in 2015 the only consolation i think this is that you said it in the national review article china is our number one import market do we really want to pick an economic war with then i then we should right now is you telling off even more of tony for me after he was well we have to
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know it was wrong and trouble trouble on the floor of 2019 tells of stephen moore 2050 let's go to our panel who are waiting patiently to come in here and join the discussion rick wilson is a long time republican political strategist who has worked for george h.w. bush rudy giuliani among others since 2015 he's been a leading i think it's fair to say conservative critic of president trump author of the book everything trump touches dies now there's a title you and stephen have moved in similar right wing circles you've both worked on republican presidential campaigns who better represents conservative economic principles right now you or him work i'm not an economist by trade or training steve it is but i will say this i still believe with the things that i think stephen believe before which is the primacy of free markets and now we have a president who wants to talk companies what to make where they can make it who engages in state capitalism sort of crony capitalist things and i think stephen.
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prior stephen and now stephen there's a big dichotomy there and it's i don't think it's stephen alone i think there are a lot of republicans who just made that compromise you know so i'm curious like how does it feel like to flip so fast and so hard resolve that i've always said read right. with me respond that i've always said the single most important thing to reduce the national debt in the deficit and i think it's important priority for the united states is to grow the economy to put more people to work to make more american companies you know richer and more profitable rick we have done that in spades stephen you mentioned the economy is greater than ever before more bring in journalist reviews he's a constitutional lawyer member of the trump 20 twentieth's advisory board or author of the book the legal basis for moral constitution genet stephen says talks about this great economy anyone paying attention to the news recently and look at some of the numbers coming out there's a fear of a recession or at least a downturn coming maybe even ahead of of the next election how does a self-inflicted recession some given the trade war how does that fit with the
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whole make america great again message going into 2020 this could be a problem for him is it not we want to talk about the constitution here not 100 percent of economic factors can be directly attributable to a single president and so with you look at the leadership style of barack obama it's a great point see where i was getting republicans during the obama program but i think that that's the but we did it and i certainly don't and you know congress is also very much responsible and and both sides and how worried are you about recession are well but i think that we are point about self infliction is is also very very consistent with what we're seeing with the mainstream media who are so intact in a stacked against this particular president that they are the ones that are creating a false narrative so i listen to it even once this is like to give him an opportunity will give him over to actually it's no good at all if you're going to let me get going rather than trying to get my question is a shame so much when you say the mainstream media is to blame for the post talking about recession do you include the white house chief of staff in that mick mulvaney said there might be a short moderate recession next year is he part of the mainstream media. there
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might be but i think that you're trying to prove texan isolate these comments and try to spin them into your narrative rather than just go to the white house. tiffany and i we're going to move in but you say you're going to stick it out on this do you come back as one problem tiffany cross is the co-founder managing editor of the national news outlet the b d c a liberal commentator you're shaking your head that you want to come in and respond so i it's really clear that the campaign is in full blown panic mode because he's fallen short on some of the promises that he made in 2016 to help perpetuate this false idea that people voted for him because of economic anxiety and you know given that this administration is kind of faulty relationship with the truth why is it anybody believe what you or any representative of this administration says when most of your economic solutions seem more based on messaging and attacking what jenna calls the mainstream media and calling facts are untrue. so yeah but that's not going to.
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be that i have not i have not reversed course on the debt and i think that that is a huge value album and i think should be related to that were so that it shouldn't be reelected then no i'm saying well you shouldn't 20 others you know saying people really and i definitely should tell him reelected look i think you have to look the whole range of issues and what trump has done on the economy and i think it's been spectacular let's talk about immigration people have called trump's immigration policy dangerous crazy extreme nativist what do you say to them i say that we have to build a wall we have to secure our border i totally in favor of a better way. to be the most pro moderation person in this room i've written books and books i've written i've written or you should know i'm totally pro-immigration so do you think trump's policy is dangerous crazy extreme let me do you think this dangerous game i saw you question do you think is dangerous crazy an extreme no i think those are your words look you thought i think trumps policy. it's
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a crazy policy with a very extreme nativist position it's a very dangerous thing not that that in 2015 before you went to work now here is what i believe i don't always agree with his positions on immigration but i do believe that until we get the border secure and we get that wall bill once we do that we can increase our legal immigration and i am for immigrants coming into this country who want to contribute to who's going to. this is an administration has backed legislation to haul of illegal immigration the ones to accept 0 refugees next year they support the bill in 2017 wants to end the visa lottery program and family migration crackdown on the house of legal or not true let me know how it got helped i helped write it's just not true to me just because i helped write the bill i know more about the bill than you do i have had i'm going to vary the filters on how to show you a greater not and family immigration what the ad bill does that allows spouses and children to come into this country a preserves the sanctity of our president every one of the presidency and a president go off and chain migration visa that was the whole point is that all
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illegal immigration pubs not put will hold on here's what we're doing but we're basically saying yes an immediate family member you can bring in a spouse or a child we want you know you can bring in but not your 2nd cousin not your on how about you and by the way i want you to give littles what about to bring in your in-laws if they're if they're you mean they're really i mean that you want to run the 1st lady brought whatever home got here is an option migration just so everyone knows what the policy is because you can decide whether you like the policy or not we want to have more high skilled talented young workers come into this country who will benefit the united states now some people oh that's a racist policy a racist policy that's the probably the germany that's the policy of australia that's the policy of canada why shouldn't we take in pretty sure. you have to internationalise let's take the immigrants who were going to make a contribution to trump and his policies on immigration can be quote compassionate while preserving our sovereignty i think that's true. if you look at the camps at
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the border is it compassionate to detain 1000 people in a room designed for 40 people where women you know i can't comment because i can't i don't know well i got a new pleading clothes because of lack of sanitary products children left and i was at the border do office of inspector general i've been in the border in texas and i can't speak for all the camps and so on but the ones that i've seen humane the people are working at the border they are they are doing everything they can to help those people and the idea that somehow somehow our border patrol people this is and also is of inspector general says 88 i don't males held in a cell with a maximum capacity of 41 but i don't support that that's what's happening is that compassionate now we should stop doing that isn't the real reason that donald trump if we could agree. to get some agreement i got a reason but also you know the real reason we have to change our asylum policy because what's going to extend the refugees is what that is what steven miller 10 while i don't agree with steve miller and by the way that's not the trump assertion
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ok with anyone who has a well founded fear of persecution should be able to come in as a rough minister from syria. here is that well he's closer to the syrian refugees is that compassionate i am not a foreign policy expert on. this is the real reason donald trump is fighting this war on immigration is that he's a racist if when the president tells 4 women of color members of congress to quote go back to where they came from even though 4 of them all of them are u.s. citizens and 3 of them were born in the u.s. is that not racist i know donald trump i've spent a lot of time no that is not a race ok he's not a racist is that comment racist people can interpret it. we can you tell us about it is it not a sense of why would you answer it because what's the problem if you have something wrong i don't think donald trump is racist i did not start with some of the telling people to go back to where they came from is it racist to say yes or no question. i don't know i'm not going to and i won't go into one of the rallies this summer in north carolina when you mention representative in the crowd chanted send her back
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send her back i don't seem to be ok with it i don't like that stuff you said you love the people from rallies but you stood with them and chanted sound about how i would so and so a lot of people i already why because i think it's not it's not it's not what i think that's what you get a lot of them it's not real it's not bringing us together why don't you like is it not because it's racist here is one of the things about donald trump that certainly look i'm a big fan of donald trump's i made that clear but i will say this. that what i wish he would do i wish he would bring us together more and be last divisive and i've told them that i think you know i think he's his performance has been spectacular with respect to getting jobs back and so on but he's got to be the president. not races that's your preferred word probably divisive not racist is your preferred word yes device he has 2 devices you should be should be the president of all the people he's got to work on that isn't the problem stephen that you're sitting here defending the president's what many would argue are blatantly racist comments when you yourself had to withdraw your nomination for c on the federal reserve earlier
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this year partly because of misfortune istic remarks you made you say you made 1020 years ago really and partly because the race is coming you made that cause a lot of problems you about the obama's just one years ago that caused a lot problems for you. the comment you made about that almost i mean i had 6 full time investigative reporters looking into things i wrote 25 years ago this was any years ago i'm talking about you know letters that are what 25 years ago i'm not talking about those yet i'm saying it was in the past 10 years and i'm saying that what's what is so i think anyone who looks at the evidence of what happened believes that i was completely unfairly treated i mean they don't rise up for you don't regret saying that the 1st thing donald trump does as president is kick a black family out of public housing it was a joke it was a joke it was funny about that it was a cartoon that was in the in the b. you found it funny it was basically it was a joke it was you know you know you don't apologize a record i shouldn't say that but it was a joke. let's go to our panel tiffany the u.s. has always had problems of racism i could do that we could say it started with
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donald trump how much worse in your view do think it's become on the donald trump or is it just a continuation where do you stand on the racism yeah it's just a continuation i mean people like to say that it happened i saw a resurgence of this kind of rhetoric under barack obama as evidence as stephen moore is comments i think instead of spitting in my face and trying to tell me it's raining you and you need to acknowledge that you are right with the racist president when you talk about immigration and you talk about you know that his policies are not racist i think perhaps the only immigrant that donald trump may like is former model birth there who has a college degree and given that she came in this country because she had to find visa i'm curious if you are exam i can answer what was her special talent that she got this special treatment that she got that einstein very very. going to go with you about asylum policy immigration policy when you see donald trump's justice department go to court to prevent migrant kids in detention centers from getting soap and toothbrushes is that something you would have defended in court on behalf
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of the d.o.j. that wasn't the substance of that particular loss i don't know that i was and i said yes you know you asked a different question which is trying to isolate that particular fact that's in your favor rather than looking at it i can assure you doing things to go she's going to do a favor it's basic human rights the basic right thank you right. right right. across the border by human trafficking and that is what the donald trump administration is making sure to be very very patiently receive accusation of like cherry picking and fact selection my grandmother had a phrase when you have a turd in the punchbowl you don't have punch anymore you've got water with the term so you can't say that if something changes is a part of the overall lawsuit we just a lot over that we decided nor that that's part of the that's part of the system of the of the stephen. what the president steven miller immigration policy they are designing this program in order to cause pain and suffering to children and
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families ok border little generale general you have to look at the entire scope of the lawsuit and to make sure that you understand and that particular point in all of this and you have. already got a major mission work that they are trying they are doing everything that they can for the children at the border but what president trump is trying to do is to make sure that they don't just as you mentioned those people rick i want to ask you one question isn't a problem for you and for never trust republicans like yourself is that racism and bigotry long preceded donald trump look i glued it on the road a lot about this in my book you will and i told her just for the record you worked for george h.w. bush who in 1900 run a pretty racist out about willie horton didn't start out in a drum bush campaign didn't run that alex was the i was wrong they are allied with them but the long story short i wrote about this in a lot of my book and i realize something over time you know not every trump supporter is a is a nativist racist but all the nativist racists right now are trump supporters everybody ok let's take this very we'll take a break there it's
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a very lively show as you can see we're going to come back in part 2 and talk about donald trump the man donald trump the leader we're going to hear more from our panel and from our very patient audience here at the george washington university in washington d.c. stay tuned join us after the break. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every to kill us of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick at me to plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as any new york solution to the. owing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. incarcerated.
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in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties. and unexpected creative opportunities. a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. prison lives inside and out a tale of fingers and murderers on al-jazeera. hello again i'm asking them this in doha and these are the top stories here it out there the white house says turkey will soon invade northern syria the u.s. release a statement saying it will not be involved and it will remove all of its forces from the area so then cause ian has the latest from istanbul we know that turkish
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military roun foresman to the region has been on the rise for the last couple of weeks and turkey turkish officials has have been making calls that they are ready so according to prisons are gone and defense minister they can go inside when and where they want everything is ready even more doctors are deployed to the region. for the operation and we have been hearing that turkish military vehicles were deployed to the region it can happen and it's time according to do it turkish officials. iraq's government has denied that its security forces fired directly on protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations another 5 people have been confirmed dead in baghdad the capital taking the total number killed to at least 109 exit polls show mrs main religious party and harder coming 1st in
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parliament elections just ahead of its main rival the heart of 2 newsy a party turnout there was low across the country amid growing frustration with established party is a 2nd whistleblowers come forward in the impeachment inquiry against u.s. president donald trump the person's lawyer says his client has firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations made in the original complaint. lanka's upcoming elections will have a record number of candidates hopefuls have been filling their filing their nominations at the country's election commission in colombo but there's one name missing the incumbent president matthew palace in the center he's decided not to run after 4 years in office the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is pledged to hold new parliamentary elections he says all factions will be part of the vote including his party's long time rivals hamas saudi arabia says he is working to remove the sudan from the united states sponsors of terrorism list sudan's new
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prime minister abdullah dog and the leader of the sovereign council abdul fatah al the hands are in saudi arabia right there is of the latest headlines let's go back to head to head now. welcome back to head to head on al-jazeera english here in washington d.c. in front of an audience at the george washington university for the 1st time my guest tonight is the senior economic advisor to president donald trump he's an all star he's well known conservative commentator and he's an advisor to the trump 2020 reelection campaign stephen moore thanks for weighing in on stephen a lot of people watching around the world. fascinated by donald trump wherever you go fascinated by this guy on a level i've never seen in any world leader in modern times you know the man personally you've met with him you've invited him i'm sure a lot of people in this hall and home must be wondering what is it like to advise someone a world leader who knows so little about anything. well look i mean 1st of all one
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of the things that really struck me about donald trump when i 1st met him 4 years ago you know that look i would say 95 percent of politicians are you know wonderful people in public and jerks in private sometimes trump can be a jerk in public but he's actually a really nice guy in private i mean i like donald trump a lot of come to admire him i think people underestimate his intelligence i bet his i.q. you're going to laugh at this i think he's probably got about 100 i.q. the guy is amazing his breadth of knowledge about about you know the world affairs and i want to guy who says it like it is sometimes does he stick is put in his mouth yeah i think we should comedy like it's not going to agree that people definitely voted for him because they didn't see him as a conventional politician but when you say breadth of knowledge and high i.q. this is a man who thinks wind turbines cause cancer thinks you can stop a hurricane with a nuclear weapon you need id to buy a box of cereal things england in great britain of the same thing well soviet union just rebranded as russia these are things he says every day i don't know i cannot
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go here to defend the rethink that what you have just you would you know just call it what is going to hire you in a breadth of knowledge i asked about you sell it to defendant because i think one of the flaws of donald trump is the thing is raking in. would be better to stop talking so much on letters record speak for itself why would you want to stop talking if you've got such a high i.q. and such a broad big number because you don't you know i do i do worry that there is a little bit of trump the team that people are tired about here it's where he's good is when he focuses on an issue and he comes up with solutions that are work you know you talked about that's why people are impressed when you talk about trump fatigue is the problem that he seems kind of fatigued people talk about his mental i don't see that his cognitive decline this is a president and i think the president this is a president who refers to himself as the chosen one as a stable genius he rants and raves on twitter in the middle of the night he recently retreated a supporter who called him the king of israel and the 2nd coming of the lord if you were sitting on a plane stephen and the last thing you heard
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a pilot say was i'm the 2nd coming of god you would get off the plane with you mr president of the united states saying that you know what a lot of times he's saying these things to tweak people like you and get underneath your skin but by the way i think it's a rather wretch the liberals are now saying you know trump doesn't have the mental acuity to be president and i'm listening to joe biden every day i mean come on ladies about it all by it's funny unbelievable i do not agree with you someone should check out joe biden it's not just liberals it's not just liberals you keeping liberals former white house starts of communications anthony scaramucci republican senator susan collins and bob corker former trump advisor omarosa newman they've all come out and said this guy quote is an obvious mental decline he's unstable everyone knows it. the white house continues to deceive the nations as one former aide on how mentally declined he is he's a liberal to the people who worked with him these are republicans there are a lot of republican number trumpeters out there i don't have a trump and they worked for donald trump called me have never come i mean i worked in the white house when i worked for them too and i'm here to tell you that guy is
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i've never seen by the way anybody in my whole life he's a freak of nature you were 20 i mean we can agree he's a feature measure now he works 20 hours a day when he's playing golf and watching t.v. now come out i mean this is a guy who i mean come on is it not fact that he plays like your garden that he plays golf i don't have a problem you just said he works 20 hours a day i'm just going on what you're saying what i'm saying is this guy around the clock is paying attention to what's going on or playing golf states ok so we play some rounds of golf lot of saying is he had his own gravel they click i've never seen before but that's what people are questioning the work ethic given he's always playing golf or watching t.v. in your book you write that everyone around him seem to love donald trump that trump treats his people well and yet he has the highest turnover of staff of any modern and in fact i'll let you also why in fact when they resign or when he fires them he then attacks to yeah i don't like that he's a sloppy steve benen dumb as a rock rex tillerson iraqi owner as he called her a dog highly unstable not job scaramucci ironic clueless bonehead jerome powell these are the people trump treats his people well you wrote i was at work look i
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don't like that he does that but i do like how does that fit with. your opinion as it has every description the trump treated people don't seem to treat people i'm saying as the people who are around him love him you know the liars them and then love the many so you know what prompt us he's a c.e.o. if people. use them and that's what a good c.e.o. should do year i'm president i'm pretty sure it is something i don't want to go and get rid of 3 and call them a nickname or a dog i'll look that's a different issue how me saying is an issue if what's the issue is that i agree with you he shouldn't call these people names but i am only thinking that if they're not provided you know what i'm asking what he does i don't know i mean i guess i don't know what i say visit to his mental decline. is it to do with racism no is it to why did he do this why does he call a woman a dog why does he call his own former advisor dumb as a rock his former secular state who praised rex tillerson why do you do that a mosque you can you know and we don't i wish you wouldn't do it that's why i'm asking why does he i don't know i don't know why he doesn't and i wish he would do
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and i think it gets him into trouble i think if donald trump didn't do those kinds of things you're talking about he did not have a 40 percent approval rating you know 70 percent i'm honestly why he doesn't you can't tell me even though you tell me he's the smartest guy in the i mean i don't let you out of the personality i don't know this but which part of what i'm saying is what americans care about is a press performance is results not what he says about how he acts ok and isn't it the case stephen moore that if you did if you did have a falling out with trump if you did kind of turn on trump or criticize him publicly in any strong way he'd come off to you to win new york when i was going so you would be so i steve. that's why i'm not going across i'm like i mean i mean i mean let's bring in our policy wilson is here wilson long time republican political strategist worked for george h.w. bush rudy giuliani never trump i think it's fair to say rick a lot of people on in your camp would say the people don't cross him because they're afraid of donald they are there's no question about this i've talked to members of congress members of the senate who despise this man who think he is the
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worst president they've ever dealt with in terms of being consistent honest direct and having having any sort of connection with with with ethical boundaries these people are terrified of him this is not how a government would normally be would seem to work but the fact is trump has a gigantic threat it's that hammer of his social media that he's willing to use against his own allies almost as much as he is against any and hone it rick you know this you're a pollster donald trump's approval rating among republicans is what $85.00 or 90 percent it's trump's party now and you know what if if if republicans come out against them they're going to lose their primaries because he's so popular with as well the guy who got the big. it is and it is no party there is not a party right now dedicated to limited government and as fiscal responsibility to the economic growth 'd there is not according to the limited government fiscal responsibility and the old tenets of conservatism it is now donald trump's party it is a man and his mob it is not a political party with
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a consistent i don't want let me bring in let me bring in journalist rivers is a constitutional lawyer member of the trump 2020 advisory board rick says your policies notice trump and the mob do in response yes of course because you know what i think what i think stephen is saying as far as this president donald trump being the most conservative we can measure him not by our own personal opinions but i think full articles to accuracy to the u.s. constitution and that is really the metric of any president and if you look at not only the economy the lower unemployment rate but also the $150.00 judicial appointments in 2 thing including 2 supreme court justices that are faithful originalists this is the promise that donald trump has for america and so like him as a person or not i'm not looking for someone that i want to go have a beer with i am looking for a leader and i'm one who will stay faithfully within the margins of the u.s. constitution the whole idea of make america great again is actually working ok tiffany cross is the co-founder managing editor of the b d.c. national news outlet a liberal commentator tiffanie isn't a problem for
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a lot of liberals and people don't i don't have a trumpet as a you could pile up old examples of things he does that seem unhinged. and yet stephen points out the vast majority of some of his supporters millions of your fellow americans still love the dog it beggars belief but you see because you're trying to have a logical conversation with the illogical she has said that he's faithful to the constitution except for birthright citizenship except for the a monument clause this is ridiculous that's why we kind of i mean i thank you very much part of the problem and listen i said look it's really not like you know trying to get applause lines i mean listen my people who built this country ok. i love this country and it just says something to me that after all that america has done so my ancestors i can stand here today and be a bigger patriot than you or you because this president is an existential threat to america he has lost it preys on foreign adversaries like vladimir putin he waxes
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poetic about love letters he writes with kim jong un and he invited the taliban to camp david a week before 911 and what world do we exist that we don't feel like we're living on a saturday night live sketch 24 hours a day that reasonable seemingly reasonable people become i'm reasonable but unfortunately you're trying to say that we are not patriots simply because we disagree with you and that is absolutely not an ok statement to make we haven't been out of logical thinking that we're going to be watching all i dream and not say what you just are going to fix you know have a conscience no matter where you are such as how i'm going to take any additional i'm going to respond probably no you're not going to agree with you on that i'm going to 3 thing within the margin of the constitution simply because you claim that somebody does not constitute little does not mean that it is and stephen was going to ask you this question you're listening to is going to they should be at what stage do you go this is just not normal saying tweeting a very stable genius thanks look if trump's policies were not working then i'd be
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with you all i'd say you don't get rid of the guy but guess what they are worth it's funny because you did say get the guy before you went to work for the guy let's go to our audience to be very waiting very patiently at the g. w. university here in washington d.c. if you have a question for stephen moore raise your hands the story here gentlemen the front row wait for my friend to come to you. my question for you stephen is there are fears of recession that emanate from whether it's trade wars whether it's the misuse spend deficit which was spent on tax cuts for the wealthy rather than on spreading the wealth as needed to be done so how could you doubt donald trump as a great economic president when what we've actually seen is that he's really pushed the economy into a decline well look i mean we did not inherit a strong economy if if americans have felt good about where the economy was circa 2016 hillary clinton would be president i mean it's just no question clear 3000000 people did vote for hillary clinton the no not yet but look. that's not the problem
3:33 pm
the reason that trump won those states like michigan and iowa and wisconsin and ohio and pennsylvania and west virginia i went to those states and you know what when i had asked people in those states people in places like your repulsive pena and charleston west virginia and flint michigan i'd say to them how is that obama recovery going for you i'm a donald trump since he was elected we have created 1400000 mining construction manufacturing jobs those jobs were declining under barack obama he's brought back middle class jobs shipped out of the with the whole trade war going on obviously there are a lot of objectives president trump has in mind if there is one particular objective that he should be striving for if you could bring one thing home what should be in your name with respect to china with respect to china so i think the biggest problem i have which i think trump would probably agree i mean there's 2 actually there that they have never opened up their markets to us the way we've been open up
3:34 pm
our markets they have terrorists that are 3 times higher than ours are we can't live with that all we want is a level playing field by the way everything that will trump is asking for from the chinese is reasonable there's nothing that donald trump is asking the chinese to do that they shouldn't that they shouldn't do ok on the other one by the way which may be more important is they 'd are stealing 300. 1000000000 dollars a year of our intellectual property if other countries are stealing that you're not going to have a job i want to go to the gentleman the front and then the lady behind next good evening everyone and immigrant from. most of the executive director of the senate. and immigrant the executive director are you a senator yes i am a citizen and i am the executive director of the central american research center here in d.c. president cancel temporary protective status is a program which. is just to be clear you're talking about the program that people came into the country could the children could remain no this is a program
3:35 pm
a humanitarian program protection when there is there is a crisis in the country of origin either manmade or natural disasters so most of the recipients from from that are either from central america are hyper concentrated. because of trade in the construction trade or 200000 people who have 200000 kids right is that a good policy to terminate that that program going is going to create a negative impact on local economies you know it's a good question sir i confess to you i don't know enough about that program but you make a strong case for it and if these if these people in the country who have come from central america if they do have a well founded case that why they shouldn't go back then absolutely should allow them to stay as long as they don't you know is the longest there are productive citizens this country yeah paper that why does it matter if he's a citizen and i just was wondering at. the reason i ask you.
3:36 pm
the reason that the reason i ask that question is i love america america's immigrant heritage it's what makes us a special place on the globe i love it when people become naturalized citizens want to become americans they just have to come into the country legally and abide by our was ok the ladies are waiting the block to. question is down term has been well documented making thousands of misleading and flat out false statements throughout the course of his presidency does a version for truth telling undermine his ability to lead and unite the country i think when 21 trump says things that are false that does undermine his his presidential authority and i wish he wouldn't do it he should stop saying things that are untrue but he does say things that are untrue you know you don't so he's a liar. i mean ever going to say that i think trump is an exaggerator and i think it gets him exaggerate so he does the exact quote exaggerate like when you said i always said we were going to 5 percent growth we knew we were going to get up to the no that's an exaggeration but when he says my dad was born in germany even
3:37 pm
though he's born in new york that's an exaggeration is it. when he says melania got to know kim jong il and she's never met kim jong il that's not an exaggeration there's an exaggeration there's a lies ok let's go back to the audience let's go to this lady here in 2nd row. i'm a freelance reporter focused on the extremism. is a freelance reporter focused on extremism extremism. my question has to do with white nationalism and the trumpet ministration isn't it impossible to deny that the trumpet ministration has done more to mainstream white supremacist hate than any president i think to i think donald trump is. he is not a he is not a white supremacist himself and i think i can't speak for him but i think i'm speaking from because i know how i feel i hate weight supremacy i think you know every model for king said it best a man should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin gender when then the hi thank you i do
3:38 pm
a lot of work with tears for the heartland talking about the impact of the tariffs on the u.s. economy from farmers to services to retailers are already being harmed by this july alone the u.s. click to $6800000000.00 from u.s. companies not from china but from u.s. companies we've seen manufacturing take a hit exports taking hit farmers taking a hit at what point is enough enough i know we all agree we all agree china has been a bad actor but we don't think terms of the right approach to get there i think there are other ways we can put forces on china to make changes but the tariffs are going to really have an impact on the economy going to 2020 strong here more folks are very concerned about where we're going with the economy it's a great question and you know so i'm happy to sit down with you and you can tell if somebody in this room can tell me a better policy that will change china's behavior than terrorists i'm open ears when don't say go take i'm doing world trade organization and all i know when you hear someone like christopher gibbs is ohio soybean farm he says i was a truck voter but he hasn't come through he's lost on trade i won't be voting for the president. look you can quote some farmers but i can tell you that it's really
3:39 pm
good to talk to lot of farmers who fully support what i'm a little sad about the up and we know we're taking a hit here but we were willing to do this because we think donald trump is going to bring very briefly right if this is a great policy that china is paying for why are we subs. farmers out of the tune of at least $32000000000.00 because of the damage they're taking economic outlook i recover not saying that the farmers and manufacturers aren't being hurt by the terrorist they are it doesn't seem like it's very easy to win if what i am saying is that this is you know short term pain for long term gain that china is going to start behaving themselves and i'm going to look at a 1000000000 dollars 32000000000 dollars in subsidies go socialism well wait a minute that's really giving money to all of that that's the forecast that we're going to have to. get as gentle as we wait in the black shirt for a while a recent time article stated that the trade with china cannot be considered unwinnable do you agree with this or see any positive outcomes for either side on one of all a recent time article time magazine time magazine look i mean yeah this is one of
3:40 pm
the top is going to win this war i hope before the election but i don't know how long this is going to take but it is right it is fighting the right fight the american people are behind them china is a menace we are in an incredibly bad situation with china we cannot live with their behavior and we better stop it now before you know that rather than 10 years from now when they're bigger than they are today gentlemen and by the way when that trade deal is signed sealed delivered you think the economy is strong right now you can see the big i don't mean it's all right now i'm the advocacy director for a youth climate organization called 0 hour so just on what 0 hour there's increasing evidence of climate crisis in this day stream hurricanes like hurricanes during that just happened if the ministration continues to not only say hurricane dorian it's just that you're saying there's no reason are you saying there's never been hurricanes before let me answer that i mean are you saying there is no let him allegedly or should it come out that it must really hurt we're going to lot of
3:41 pm
hurricanes before it's even steven. yet then ministration continues not only deny this urgent threat but also roll back climate regulations such as the water of the united states rule. from an economic perspective how can you argue that transitioning to green energy would throw millions into poverty and destroy the economy when in reality there might not even be an economy to talk about in the near future we don't know that well we're going to have an election in 2020 on this and the dollar if the democrats want to run on getting rid of fossil fuels in america and they want to go to ohio and pennsylvania and west virginia and texas and energy producing states and tell those people that they're going to put millions of people out of jobs so be it by the way we have 2 forms of energy that riyad a clear reduce greenhouse gases you know what those are nuclear power and natural gas and the left as against both do you still believe that climate change is the greatest scam in the last 100 years i think it's i think it's totally overblown and
3:42 pm
i think what you're still going to grant a scone i think the scam is that somehow people in government are going to change the global temperature they can't even balance the budget they can't they can't solve any problems over struck the world poverty and we expect that the united nations would change by the way every single country every single country that that signed the paris climate accord which i bet you're in favor of every single country is cheating on it especially china time for one last one lady in the 2nd room my names are fine on her i'm an immigration attorney i am a citizen i'm asking the question you've got a teen immigration. talked about the dangers of teen immigration that is a lie you could never sponsor your 2nd cousin twice removed the family immigration is always based on immediate family and that and that hasn't changed and then he talks about the whole countries can you just can you speak to that it's very clear to the american public specially people look like me people of color that when you
3:43 pm
talk about you that president trump is for legal immigration maybe legal immigration the people who are white so we have a we want to put in place a merit system america based immigration system and i guarantee you one of the quite eerie of that of. marriage has nothing to do with race or gender and it's basically based on age skills whether you can speak english whether you're you know whether you have the kind of talents that this country needs and that seems to make sense to me by the way there is chain migration you've had many examples of somebody who comes in and they bring 25 or 30 relatives with them as you go through the chain now look i mean look the trumps and the maloney has found it. so. but i want to make sure everybody understands this we're not getting rid of the family based immigration system you can bring your you can bring your children you can bring a spouse but the idea that you can bring an elderly parent down now we don't want people who are 78 years old coming to this country unless or young unless unless
3:44 pm
unless they're the 1st lady's parents just to reiterate this you're bluffing but it's pure hypocrisy on senate races these at the. white world elderly parents going to come in tribute not people we met on the elsewhere and some not working and contributing i don't know about that we're out of time but into us is question is a crowd a lot of young people are students of you know asking questions you're very keen on the policies you say present from great for the economy but obviously the president is about more than just growth it's important but the president is also the lead in saying it's all leader of the nation state in this country and head of government is donald trump do you think a role model for the young people in this room do they grow up with god his life has been incredible i mean this is a guy this is a guy who's built credible companies he's becoming the listen again it comes to what is a plus and even if you grow them but it came i think he is absolutely a role model i mean the guy has his life and story is amazing he built great companies the 1st major american businessman or woman to become president the united states yeah i think most you know i always tell people that a lot of people keep talking about social justice and all these as you want to
3:45 pm
change the world the single most important thing for the user those are your kids the single most important thing if you want to make the better about the world a better place start a business start a business and quite ok and that's what donald trump is not i don't know if you've grown up on that. stephen moore thank you so much for joining me on had died and 112 audience at george washington thank you to our panel of experts for coming along thank you all for watching at home it's a new season of head to head there's going to be shows next week on the week after do you tune in stephen thanks so much for joining me question thank you. do no know your dog be negotiating it we would have a deal and we would be now one of 3 times you put a deal and you disagree with that deal because of the turnover that is the worst of the lot it was brought to us when you want to put this up and maybe his time goes head to head with the chairman if the u.k. spreads to reach in time the tones a very loose tough i'm sure there's not
3:46 pm
a loose about soften shop it's pretty clear actually it is clear as brits it means brits yes it is and it's just as clear as leisurely. on ounces of. al-jazeera. and for you. hello with the southwest monsoon finally retreat he's almost time for the season to change in this part of the world but it's not obvious the next couple days you see the cloud here that runs up through pakistan and towards afghanistan that is rain on and off the nexus are drifting out of the way leaving behind still fine whether it was thames not obviously dipping 30 in tehran $38.00 in baghdad but the change
3:47 pm
taking place in central mediterranean so cooler air windy rares coming across the levant again it's not obvious just yet still 31 aleppo for example but there are changes taking place further south around armaan the chances are we'll see yet again thunderstorms all monday up in the higher grad across across to the u.a.e. as well they might even come up towards kind of a don't know reach at the end to quarter remains largely empty as well as probably seen the back of the heavy fire because there's no persistent south westerly wind a few showers still seem likely in the west and yemen in the mountains of west new maybe even southwest and saudi but the wind direction shows a change in the gulf a change in humidity that's before things to a little cooler and dry but not yet there in south africa rain is to be seen on monday in the eastern cape 30 heavy rain to.
3:48 pm
subzero temperatures stream altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan bridged in order to rejoin the border we do hajar there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in the kurdistan. al-jazeera. new indications from both washington and ankara that a major turkish operation in more than syria may be imminent.
3:49 pm
hello i missed the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a rising death toll in protests across iraq but the government there still denies its forces were sponsible for shooting protesters. tensions in hong kong are now the courts prepared to deal with protesters accused under new facemask rules. the venue is world class it was an amazing that's conditions we've had all year and it's a wrap 10 days of the world athletics championships and on a high note in doha. now the white house says turkey will soon or to major operation in northern syria it's been threaten to do so now for a number of months washington released a statement saying the united states armed forces will not support or be involved in the operation and having defeated the isis territorial caliphate will no longer
3:50 pm
be in the immediate area while in a tweet to turkey's presidential spokesman has said the country doesn't want anyone to land and a safe zone within syria has 2 objectives protecting borders by cleaning up the terrorist elements and allowing the return of refugees in a safe manner turkey is strong and resolved he treated well let's speak to sin and cos they are our correspondent who is live for us and istanbul so soon in these terrorist elements the tackiest talking about who are they referring to talk us through the background of this. well so say you know the some parts of the euphrates there were as turkey calls north of the syria is under control of the syrian democracy forces which is said to be mainly arabic and also that includes syria x. and kurds other factions other elements in the society but for turkey turkey insists that the command there level of the syrian democratic forces is run by the former by the p.k. k.
3:51 pm
commanders and p k k is an alp old organization for turkey which is listed as a terrorist group by not only turkey but also the united states and the e.u. and armed forces of the syrian democratic forces mainly consists consist of the syrian kurdish fighters group y p g which is also considered as an offshoot of the p.k. k. and turkey believes that this group which has a style with some some come told in the eastern side of the. of it's inside of syria it is going to result as an independent kurdish state which is going to divide iraq iran and turkey and that will also include northern syria to become a greater kurdistan turkey is against that then turkey turkey says that this kurdish group aims not only threaten syria's territorial integrity but also turkey is that's why turkey wants to clear the area from these fighter groups and how soon could we start seeing these movements from the turkish troops happening. and if
3:52 pm
there's a truce have been saying for weeks that they're ready any time at any minute either with the support or without the support of the united states and ford last couple of days we know that the troops are there they reinforcements are there and they say they claim they are ready to enter and it's time however there is no agreement active there has never been an agreement how far the turkish military could call for a possible safe zone troops insists that trump has promised president are gone 30 kilometers they've saved some but the u.s. military just says 5 kilometers so for now people even discuss whether this will be a limited operation or not sin and cos they are live for us in istanbul thank you for that update c.n.n. well we are hearing that the s.t.'s kurdish forces that's the syrian democratic forces that c.n.n. was just referring to say they will not hesitate to defend themselves against any turkish operation while my one cover line is the head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies at the institute for graduate studies
3:53 pm
and he joins us now live here in doha more let's start with this territory that we're talking about here how large of a swathe of land could we be looking at in terms of this territorial operation and who would that affect. well in fact there has been differences between turkey and the united on the dept of security or saves on turks are actually trying to establish in the north east of syria the turks actually they have been trying to establish like 50 kilometers deep into syrian military the syria the united states actually was looking for something like between 5 and serving. 110140 kilometers along the borders between jobless and called danny so this is something that was not really happy with we expect that if the turks actually are going into syria of course
3:54 pm
i suspect that the u.s. president now is or might be actually willing to allow them because we know that there has been also division within the administration. president brumby he twice actually promised that he will be pulling u.s. troops from the from northeast syria the 1st time was. 2018 2nd time was in december 2018 after a phone call with the turkish president. and when he said i mean syria is yours you can go in but then they've been tied when actually object to do that and we all know that jim matters for my view as secretary of defense resign because of that. of that agreement between and and the president began so if the turks are going to go and probably they are having the support of that of president but not the been tag on and i believe the president will be trying actually to have. thought about
3:55 pm
that but he's lying have to have something like a middle ground between his military establishment on the one hand which is object to abandoning syria democratic forces which the united states used against isis in syria. and appeasing the president of the gun on the other hand so if the turks are allowed to go inside syria so probably they are going to be allowed to go into a like 5 to 7 kilometers deep into syrian territories this is something the united states was actually willing to give to you from the very beginning and i want to ask you that because why now you're talking about this potential schism within the u.s. administration why we're seeing this now well i believe that because president is actually desperate to have any any achievement in foreign policy you know that he canceled the talks with the taliban he was actually trying to to have a deal with the taliban to withdraw their u.s.
3:56 pm
forces from afghanistan and so on that did not work he tried with iran actually to also to start a negotiation with the iranians on the sides of the united nations security and general assembly a couple of weeks ago that did not work and he's trying with north korea also it did not work now he might be actually looking for the pull out of you is troops from syria so in order to pull out u.s. troops from syria i mean somebody must must get an actually and and fill the vacuum the united states is it would be leaving behind so took you might be that i mean. that party which might be just. be doing that that mission so here we have to look at the at the domestic needs of president prob on the one hand and all saw at the brush of the turks are trying to put on from administration at this particular moment and don't forget that turkey now everybody is seeing the united states in a very weak was right now why because the americans they could not actually and to
3:57 pm
the iranians when the at that saudi arabia a few weeks ago or so now the turks are seeing if we attack u.s. allies in syria the united states probably will not do anything so since there are . actually willing to start any sort of confrontation in the region so i think that is the better have so why the turks are putting this back on the agenda. there from the institute for graduate studies great to hear your insights announces their thank you and thank you. on to other news now iraq's government is denying accusations that its security forces have shot protesters during 6 days now of a violent demonstrations at least $109.00 people have died since tuesday and more than 6000 people have been injured she had tanzi has now. after days of demonstrations across iraq the number of dead continues to rise in the aftermath of the killings iraq's interior ministry pushed back on eyewitness
3:58 pm
accounts that security forces fired live at the protesters but could be out of a limb could take everyone knows there were no armed battles clashes or confrontations between the security forces and the protesters but there were wicked and he knows hands that targeted the victims on both sides when we went and checked the bodies of the martyrs the injuries were in the head or the heart it is clear that the shooting did not take place from a close distance or from the area where the security forces were present a serious investigation is ongoing to find out who is behind such a wicked and he miss operation have been scores of casualties as demonstrators vote a government that's been in power for just over a year but the protesters are mainly young men and youth unemployment has now reached 25 percent according to the world bank. we the youth are protesting peacefully what do they want from the youth why are they killing us. the protesters say they have a system of a say is corrupt and serving the interests of
3:59 pm
a few they say they don't support any political parties but that doesn't stop the political opposition from backing the protesters and calling for new elections i think this is a case of political point scoring this is a systemic issue so when you have parties refusing to take part in parliamentary debates making sure that there isn't a core and so they can't go ahead this is all so that they can pile on pressure on the part prime minister i did have that maybe on sunday the iraqi government pledged 17. reforms covering my own redistribution increased welfare payments to those in need of the construction of 100000 new housing units the government launched a program of home demolitions in september targeting the makeshift shelters of the poor the head of the u.n. mission to iraq has called for the violence to stop in a tweet or of a few international voices to speak up as iraq still struggles to deal with the aftermath of the invasion by the u.s. and its coalition of the willing in 2003. now the
4:00 pm
palestinian president mahmoud abbas is planning to hold new parliamentary elections he made the pledge after meeting senior palestinian leaders in ramallah the vote would notably include all palestinian factions including longtime rivals hamas it would be the 1st time polls have been held since 2006 no date has yet been announced. and an important step in sri lanka's upcoming presidential election begins on monday the back of the candidates filling out their nominations at the electoral commission in colombo now one who won't be on the list is incumbent might surprise us or a senator who has decided not to run after 4 years in office he sparked a constitutional crisis last year when he sacked and replaced the prime minister the decision was overturned by the supreme court on the elfin and as reports from the capital a record 41 candidate supporting cash for the election ahead of handing in
4:01 pm
nominations on monday but the president might be policy receiver not to be among that group now when the.


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