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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 160  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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they may threaten to withhold security cooperation from the european union if it doesn't get a brits it deal soon according to the spectator magazine the magazine cited british government sources as saying downing street will take an aggressive stance if talks break down. and hundreds of algerians are marching through the capital and other cities protesting against presidential elections in december and straight to say the vote could not be free or fair while their former president's allies and military leaders retain positions of the lizzie's beautifully has stepped down in april after huge protests over his bid for a 5th term. brazil's president says oil polluting northeastern beaches were not produced all sold in brazil. as it could be a result of criminal activity or a shipwreck those were the headline story navigator will be here with the al-jazeera news in 30 minutes that's all from me but next.
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hour jews iraq where every. welcome to the stream we all used to seeing where i might seem sit com shows where they need us seriousness breaking the mold 5 placing a nigerian immigrant woman at the heart of the story. today we meet 3 cast members of bald hard. a prime time comedy that takes a sideways look at the pitfalls and peaks across cultural relationship send us your thoughts through twitter and you tube. bob hard is the new u.s. comedy series airing on c.b.s. it portrays
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a blossoming romance between an american man and i derian immigrant woman the show is winning praise for reflecting the latest side of the immigrant experience in the u.s. have a look. next door get a check up for the all took us out of reach more. wanted we picked this up but. yeah. live the shocks. the wind call it but don't get the bomb. there's not a thought to be more weirdoes you are doing your duty we are for nigeria. a target for committed our. lord fellow comic who says you're telling friends i'll.
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make sure my show. we're joined from los angeles by for lack a arlo will forget who she plays out mashallah also in los angeles is do you know your sherry she is co-creator of the show and please i wish you all as friend carrie and completely how light up you know. she plays on all the in the show ladies i will leave i am introducing you i cannot believe we are talking about this my brain has exploded we're almost the 3rd episode in and i'm still pinching myself that this is even happening a sitcom in america with nigerians talking about the nigerian immigrant experience with americans african-americans it's blowing my mind let's start here on jena as instagram page. since it documents pretty much everything at you should go to i
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recommend it this is the wrap up day of the pilot happy faces but at this stage you have no idea what might actually happened. so you know all of that on the right day all feeling really. feeling very happy this is chuck norris is the show creator gene is one of the co-creators. gardell he plays bob. graham at that moment cost do you know who started what we. did this with i think on. rest. you know what and never thought i'd been pitching ideas for years trying to get my coach on the t.v. you know i've been trying to put stuff works. networks and people just didn't get a or just weren't ready for it but you know chuck took a chance and he found me online and. just came together we shot the pilot and even
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when we shoot the pilot i couldn't believe it was happening i can't believe this is going down i don't know how people are going to fear but halfway through the pilot i was like you know what we're making a wonderful show here and i've got a funny feeling that people are going to go yes it's going to pick it up i was so competent i bought a house and that's. why people thought i was crazy but i was like no show's going to get picked up i'm good be moving to l.a. for this show and i'm a place you can see that place on instagram show he was. you are smiling so brutally on all who is such a gem of a carriage when 1st read that character what were you thinking. oh well it would just be a dream to get this i mean i've you know came into the project in the traditional way i. you know i went for the additional. and another one here which was quite exciting she said you know screen test so you know i just thought
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oh my god if i could get this to be amazing. came to be well where. i was that i'd seen charlotte. chewing gum mckayla cohen has. taken a screenshot of her 6 and found her details and i sent them to chuck and alan with the other coke ways of the show and i was like this is i actually does you don't need to auditioned anybody else this is so i found a us senator and that's where they will dish it came for even senior women who. i was like i don't know your other things is not yours you write here. and i did you know i mean you know i came in the traditional way but of course everything that went before before was from madame jean. quite the recommendation so i want to bring in this from twitter a fan of the show this is miles who says don't sleep on bob hard this show is full of fresh humor heart and nuance that you can't easily achieve in
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a 30 minute network so i can't wait to see where this goes major props to gina and co and then in addition he gives a shout out be a guest to you thought ok your delivery of every line is perfection by the way miles right so talk to us about the 1st time you were on that front ok what was that like. the 1st time i was on set. i actually don't remember when i was so much has happened so much has happened since then if you ask me what experience you're trying to get me to recollect and i notice you don't know i'm not i've never been to go to a set of a major primetime show so for you working with other 93 an actor's here in the u.s. what is that experience like it's great it feels like being back home actually we have a couple of other cast members who are going to be introduced on this episode who are from the exact same region exact same town that i'm from. and it feels as well
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so it feels like almost like any gesture or union. to have people appreciating our culture it feels great and i don't get to go home very often i think i try to average about once or twice a year so it's good to be surrounded by people who remind me of family so i will show that it's in in the series has an aunt and uncle that she miss west and. all who played by shiela and then. and this is how we meet them in the 1st episode have a. thank you. yes i'm looking for the show oh i'm sorry i'll be sure that he's sleeping she works at elite. what do you want to. know
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nothing like that goes into. the well why does it have to be so big this is why 20 do tell me when i said if i think. i love ladies how you're laughing at us. coming. so how did you time painting to play that card to that oh i was feeling you go on using your life. and i you know i was able to track it but even that's interesting minds me of a mixture of paranoia. and a need as a control and take control of the situation you know so well yes i've got plenty of relatives who who fit that mold. and some love on line i want to play this for you because it's also another gift people are loving the gifts to express their enthusiasm so jane says we say when the story is over this is
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a quote. from the characters tell me what is your credit score i will tell us on our why did he not talk to us about the writing process behind this because some of these are pretty inside jokes for a certain comedian but others are ones that everyone can get behind you know these are all basically story from my life and the life of every child of nigerian immigrants you know i'd even know if the joke about the white man at the door because i said in the room i said to chuck i said listen whatever white people not tonight all we ducked because we're like a bill collector or it's never a good thing and so that's where that line came from and i couldn't believe when i actually got in the show because i thought well the whole life. so the fact that we were able to get these inside jokes and it's all based on basically my life my life story you know i just sat in a room with the right chuck and you know i just told him a bunch of stories about my life we wrote all down and then we started putting it
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into a script and then i would go with this is what would happen this is how our reaction would be when bob came to the door this is you know. both based on aspects of my mom's car so if you see my mom is only appropriate that your mom should make an appearance as well so via instagram we bring your. right. yet the right right center stage and then mom holding your brother and then sitting there and then not to these for lack a out this is some of your family big brother and little munchkins in london so whatever everybody has this immigrant experience that's that's actually me and my my brothers. my brothers well exactly yes i you should look up for lack of a story about her family i think she's told it many many many times here and this is a for lack of here this idea about nigerian immigrant family there are certain things
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that happen to you as a niger nigerian immigrant i expectations for education and study what you can do you can go out with you have a girlfriend and have a girlfriend or if those things are very much not join experienced in a joint to run with that for a little bit well yeah i mean if you ever see my standup i did a show in england called live at the apollo which is how chuck found me it was a set was still about how in a night shift family you've got 4 choices of career doctor lawyer and disgrace to the family that is basically it there's no other choices as a child i was always. a member have a drama teacher my mom you know your daughter she's she's kind of maybe she came to . you know drama acting and my mother was like well she can act like a doctor when she becomes a doctor and that's always been me actually shoot basically and it's a similar but it's not even just like i've spoken to after my shows indians
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pakistanis chinese vietnamese a lot of immigrant kids of immigrants come to me with the same story when you go to a different country and you set up somewhere else you want the best for your children you want them to gain as much as they possibly can from the host country and so you came for the job so the most clearly the most possibility of success and those are the jobs you know and that's just how it has been and that's why i made sure that what you get if you show. so that was basically it and you know you're right we heard from so many people online who said they can see their stories in this especially when it comes to their parents' expectations of their job so the teeth on twitter says it doesn't matter what i want i'm going to be a doctor through african answer smiling faces there in just a little bit and they understand the truth of it but i want to pivot just a bit to a video comment we got from someone a former supreme gas comic herself and she's the host of keeping it real with audio
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and hear her thoughts very enthusiastic thoughts on this series. i'm going to live all of the goodness 16 years in america and i finally got to the nigerians and i'm going to come there must be a god in heaven to me as you have done well i think you and people like and did you know but what was going on you know under one of the many constant come if you have the last 2 kids that i mean because of ghana and you know absent telling the rest of us that we women did something and there's america there's a nother like giving us our going on here so you're not on the other changing climate i mean if you were there in front of you oh yeah. yeah. you know folk love it but i mean that's something i just want to bring experience i mean this experience we've seen. the story of african-americans and we've seen the different types but we haven't seen the african immigrant story you know whenever we've watched television and you see african-americans play in africans the accents
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always slightly off or you don't know what country they're supposed to be from or what tribe so i'm not even you about my family from berlin city where banda like but growing up in london i was surrounded by a lot of you about people my mother speaks you about fluently and that was the tribe that came to mind when i when we were making the show i was like let's make them all you know but because that is what i'm most familiar with more than even my own tribe and i just wanted to get our experience and the nuances that you know the book the talks the discussions that we have it's africans with african-americans and caribbeans i was born in england so i was i wasn't raised about african-americans i was raised by caribbean but a lot of the discussions saying a lot of the prejudice is between the africans the caribbean. based similar to the africans the caribbean and american i wanted to get that story told because i don't think it's ever really being told from our perspective something that i have never seen before in american. practice. which is one of the. major
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tribes in nigeria do you know just explain to you how closely she is affiliated with the euro bar and this is he's trying to get closer to abba shola and the way he's going to do it is he's going on her language have a look at the. sure if i want to say hello in her language carol you can't no no carol pretty sure that's what i said. now how do you think of. the double double double double you know i speak mandarin i did not know that we are going to see the end tomorrow i saw a lot of i think now i want you for lunch i get this is important how do you say i'm sorry you're an uncle for should spend time with me but i really enjoyed myself and i'd like to do it might be. if you know but i.
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should. like to see legacy. but i say. instead. yeah i love hearing you speak your where you're wise and oh you're already better than mine and every time he has a scene where you have to speak your want to make sure that i'm always there watching this is so. and is you but his name is bio and you're about it's just. that the thing about. sirius is that the little the little gems so if you're watching i don't know nigerians you want to know africans and the little gems alas for you so things like the food and i know i'm listening to the dialogue by muscle sitting on the dinner table what do i need. a very very relaxed reference to changing which is a little test like a little snack that you have nobody explains anything so if you start with
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a show you then have to go off and do some research if this is not a culture you have to learn what with doing it to people just what is that and then what i learned and i look it up with i would explain that you don't want to seem that people are stupid we want people to just go off and go what is that austin i cheating coworkers and then i chill friends go what is this stuff and then we try to get. the say should get people you know cross cultural relearning. and i say you . pick your pardon for lack. you know i mean of course they might to seen these things in shops you know you might have seen clone same chip you know now maybe because of the show they've you know try them try telling a cow yeah you know yeah a lot of times a lot of times when we're shooting scenes expression me with with my on. the family scenes and my uncle and my son the art department our crew they're very very thorough and they come and they ask us right shiela they ask us what we do this
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time of the day or what makes sense and we offer suggestions and they look it up on google and. yes that's right a shot and that's. their amazing beauty of working in chalk quote in that they are so meticulous everything they do. they want to make it look 10 tickets possible and we just go and i'm like i'm pounded yam and skip so we need. to we do we need to do it you know i think and i think. sorry shall i go ahead talking over you know i was going to say write down. traditional snacks such as call it up. for a long time well yes and i write. gusting up to. make a save save that you know in some themselves help us out here and i did have to do a little googling myself even though i have a lot of a lot of nigerian friends but it was an education so i appreciated that but you all
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mentioned authenticity and making sure that that was important to this and bringing it to screen and part of that is the authentic conversations real life things are actually happening offline so this is a tweet from someone swirling who says watching monday's bob hard zombie shola and the comedic portrayal of an uncle's detective work. work pertaining to bob i'm reminded of the added hurdle that differing racial and cultural perspectives brings to the equation and so i'm going to take that and run with it a little bit because we got this comment live on you tube from someone this is robin and there are other comments like this out on the internet so i want to bring this up for discussion robin says i tried to like the show but when she meaning the main character of the show told her friend an african-american woman you people i was done and she's referring to a scene with bernie wants and johnson and to be fair she makes a joke she says you people but the people she means is americans but it brings to
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the surface this discussion and sometimes tensions between african-americans and africans in america talk to us about delving into that well yeah but it is about. trying to make them regular people just living their lives jobs having kids having their own beliefs and having their own prejudices because human beings have prejudices and we don't know which discussion these are discussions that we've had in the african community in the african-american be something you know. experience . in my life and the lives of countless african the mckeen a kind of an example from the show because i feel that if i can play this clip people get it immediately and they might be a bit shocked when they see this but let's go ahead. tell me this friend is saying can we have got to get married one day and they're having
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a little bit of lunch in the canteen and that's when we pick up the shell have a look. she has many options top of the list nigeria man symtab europa den nigeria my different track. of the afrikaans except for missions and. then you have dan white then african american. way wait so a black man is last on your list the white men get it. get you to come up. or you graphic and think you better than us know what. the make it easy for them selves was supposed to me. going bang guys with a stance be my muscle i. just bite into that braces propaganda you see on t.v. there are more white people on food stamps and welfare than black people that's not
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what it says on the fox news. which is formed by life i. once knew what occurred to me when i 1st saw that scene in particular was amongst the sweetness of some real savage honest comedy at it was almost too painful to watch but i would say that. nothing. like i was a conversation can hide amongst the african community and amongst i remember not have that song called names as a child not by white children at school but by the black children. and the same happened to african kids in america. go ahead what we can say shall i was i was going to just what gina said you know back in the day that you know some of the conversations have been had between the caribbean's and those from parts of africa . you know a fair amount of teasing going on as well. so yeah i mean it's
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a good conversation to bring up so that we can you know we have miller yeah i know we do. but it's not about a conversation to be had with anybody this is a real this is a real nigerian conversation as i was speaking the same time for lack a go ahead for like they were going to say. this is this doesn't act like a 4 it's i think we're probably as shocked as you guys were when we read the pages we knew it was going to grab. it was going to cause it was going to cause like some sort of conflict and dissonance but the fact is this this is an authentic representation of conversations that people have across the lines so you have america and where we're covering every perspective renee renee comes from the african-american perspective and we're covering a particular type of africans perspective but this is all accurate and i think what's most important is that is going to allow us have conversations like this that a lot of people are not aware that african kids are being bullied i grew up in nigeria
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so that wasn't particularly my experience but i've spoken to my friends my friends generation african friends who grew up in america and they told me about the experience that they have but this doesn't represent every africans experience. every pinioned it's important that we highlight this so we can have this sort of tina you know that's a rat so that's a rather like a that is everybody you want you want you know hollywood i am rapping you well you want to get him back to. you know i think like it is never that i never had to wait until next time i shall. take them out monday night c.v.s. to watch them pull the hearts out of a show that has this conversation be going down on this noisy one comment on you tube from ricky has as i watch essentially that into big on cable c.b.s. rock to the show thank you thank you as for watching see you next time take having lady.
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and the slaughter the most incredible stories are often true. and sharing all experiences. makes it on for me or for me. in this life no versity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than all. and the slaughter of what we're told is freedom of expression. the right to more and. sean and the march into the darkness. because you dislike the desire to understand the. make sure.
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and the human condition is you reverse. one simple mistake could be fatal. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for former north korean soldier the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . own knowing a witness documentary on al-jazeera every week a news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when the entire service is control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they report on the stories
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that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already had the information they're listening post on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour life from a headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey lines up artillery on syria's border for an operation against kurdish fighters but donald trump says the u.s. has not abandoned the kurds. the u.s. president calls it impeachment inquiry a kangaroo court as democratic rivals release new information.


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