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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 282  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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wants to put this dark chapter in its history behind it and the muslim and american . he. loses it. and the meticulous in my judgement of the mother who are the human rights watch oh man of the month for the with. al-jazeera to the cia to comment on all of these allegations but they did not reply. there's evidence that it wasn't just the british and american intelligence who colluded with the libyans canada may have also been involved most of a korea a canadian citizen of libyan descent says he was tracked kidnapped and rendered to libyan intelligence he says he was accused of having links with so-called international terrorism but that this has never been proved. miss you if you want to move. can who are. any it i don't marry more than what he did
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have the bus that i'm not a colony and read then and then and then why you know if you can at. least i'm going to deny most of the good list i mean you made it or the rule of law with it in this in order to them to do it on the island in a multiple names italy today let's list that has are things very kind of if you know it in court or you can you read in your hood many akha the faint allusion about the maverick with the other. candidate in correspondence between libyan intelligence and the canadians is a letter from the libyans saying thank you for the information about the arrest of the canadian citizen most of our mohammad clear otherwise known as father of the ally f.g. in the summer of 2002 we greatly value the information we have received on it and what it has about what it in the future if it was. has affinity and i can bury them
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in obama moment and what they set it off for quite a long time and well how would i not for the better the. well to any techie that. these and look around and do it for limit of insurgent and. water can want to feel secure with a. bucket how early senate thing senate in which they have a. law you are a fool and me you must. be. a loony and they're going to cut come to be. meeting with the how did you get that opinion and democrat the influence of learning for the learn of learn of. learn from them. but that journey.
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to be a matter of fact. according to korea the libyans had information on him that they could only have obtained through collusion with canadian or american intelligence this would again have been at a time when gadhafi was still considered an enemy of the west had in my room a minute mr heel and you coolly she has how to be married. to me she has. many local thought. of the earth and if she. looked at the field of the. field of the what am i under you for about a no brainer. and i could not as a wish well implement in the city and. the free it being created. down to luck was. you know
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i had a gentleman and i and i met a mess and. you would work. with a sheet of. should work and should be you can. see you willfully go get this documents says that the americans wanted to know why there must a for muhammad career had any information that might assist the 911 investigation. that mary. had there was that. had. been gertie you know any kind of thought that any cathedral. where do. the. work was done what the law and most of the new look and the man who what when where and when cher were in jail but then just but you know last. and. look at the look at the look at well i'm looking at whether or not
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i don't know us but an al-jazeera asked the canadian security intelligence service to comment on most of our kleeneze allegation they replied to say they do not comment publicly on specific cases but they are that our exchanges with foreign agencies are or was guided by a pleasurable law ministerial direction and a robust suite of internal policies all to ensure that c.s.i.s. is not complicit directly or indirectly in the mistreatment of any individual and that everything we do to keep canada's safe is consistent with canadian values. al-jazeera came across another case of abraham we see another libyan opponent of gadhafi this time in our lives. he says he was detained for questioning by the irish authorities before the visit of george w. bush to our. 2004 this led to media stories saying he had links to al
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qaida. but the. death of them well that and we don't have much. oh do him a dead man ought to pull and that might. help a little bit learn the lesson. there. or what doria what the. ork of it he said that he spoke of a. comfiest officious combat in. how many or most or all of the diffusion i had thought that in that it was a little town bill america we love the.
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already there only well it may be hard if it was so close on 30. all boosie is says that none of the charges against him in ireland was ever proved but that he was nevertheless put under house arrest and subject to travel restrictions. on some of the you know they have their ballot. we need to see assia. but i thought i thought i love so far at least all i need to have mac that's my but that's the look sick of the shins. kind of telling me that i remember them too i mean we have a lot. i licked a lot of old but it was said by regime it would look at it. and then message cut they were all for it i think i'm going to have any i think the stuff that doesn't fit your mc if i am a buffet adam
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a whole lot more can the unlit help or talk of me out of. the south oh i hope i will get the short talk of the new senate the very kind of has a good look i don't know if i can help and not call the offical move the. al-jazeera ask the irish authorities to comment on mr albritton your statement the justice ministry replied to say that they do not comment on individual cases they went on to say that given the international late children threat from jihad this type of terrorism the authorities here work closely on an ongoing basis with their international counterparts in identifying and managing threats in this area. to for revenge is a dish best served cold in the 40 years of the hockey. meanwhile back in
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the u.k. the. just as had been turning in the case of our. lives. on the 10th of may 28th there was a dramatic development. the head of the british government prime minister to resign may sent a letter of apology to bell harsh and his wife fatima and in the british parliament the senior lawyer the attorney general made an announcement. on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reservedly we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal that you both suffered and our role in. the house had been waiting 14 years for this moment so his response was direct to our little one bit earlier. and i thought if you were to bury her in. the would be there was a t. and no one would have any if it is the fact that there's little. fighting and
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their lawyers showed the prime minister's letter of apology to the assembled journalists. the u.k. lost its way when i got mixed up in the rendition of an innocent pregnant woman and then to get off it just didn't but today i think it stood on the right side of history by recognising its mistakes and by apologizing. it's important to note that although the british government apologize for rendering the baha g.'s to libya former foreign minister jack straw and former head of counter intelligence sadam i 6 so mark allen have not admitted personal responsibility or any wrongdoing in the case of bob. and fatima bush. furthermore in october 20th the former head of libyan intelligence. publicly denied any complicity in the torture of political detainee. 1900. massacre at abu salim prison.
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al-jazeera spoke to corey krieger after the british government apology for me the most important moment when the british government apologized and may was the part of the prime minister's letter where she essentially says we believe you. abdullah came in fact and i had to relive the absolute bottom the worst moments of their lives for 6 and a half years to fight this case and we know how survivors of torture and abuse like theirs are often silenced and disbelieved so for the prime minister of the united kingdom to say in her apology we believe what you have said we believe that the cia and the libyans tortured you that for me it was the most powerful moment i don't think that the apology does totally close the rendition issue altogether for under the human fatuma it does it ends the chapter it ends the case they are satisfied that's the end of it but this isn't just a historical issue anymore is it so for example we know that gina has somebody who
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is at the very heart of the american torture and rendition program has been promoted to be director of the cia now and we also know that all around the world there are still security agencies with which the u.s. and the u.k. cooperate every day who torture prisoners so right now as we speak in yemen the united arab emirates is running black sites in which detainees are tortured and which rape is used as a technique of torture and these are people within the u.s. and the u.k. is in coalition and so i think that there's a real moral ethical and legal question for the security services in the u.s. and the u.k. about how closely they're going to fly to abusive security agencies and what the line in the sand is really going to be. the prime minister's apology may have restored the british government's reputation showing it was willing to try to write previous roles. but how did not to be for the tenacity of human rights lawyers it may never have been achieved on the same cannot be said of m i 6 and the cia
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8 years old from the death of gadhafi it's worth remembering that not every opponent of the gadhafi regime and victim of unlawful rendition by western telegin sages has joined the say come. we got some really lively weather push against the parts of north america over the next couple of days weather in the process of pulling away from the eastern
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seaboard from new england at least the side of canada but coming in behind me been talking about this for a couple of days now this next band of cloud this is that next cold plunge of we are going to see a fabulous snow that just driving across the prairie through the northern plains sinking further south was some west the weather to the central plains south of that is fine and dry still warm dallas at around 32 celsius have a high for around 22 that full kansas city just one degree celsius that denver so that's something like a $25.00 degree drop in temperature is full of them kansas city will say that kilogram making its way this would go on into friday a high here of around 9 degrees celsius further north a fair bit of snow pushing up into central parts of canada and a long line of rain spinning rod out of ontario down across the the upper midwest pushing down to the central and southern plains right into texas easing over towards louisiana as we go towards the weekend for the south because some showers
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continue across the caribbean generally into southern parts of the caribbean for the time being the great friend to this is lousy 5 dry and sunny. 2 planes came from studio 715 and check in now tell us that you're my. wife it is possible to fully clean. the premises all forensic evidence but what you then leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned some mystery wanted to give an excess of the stuff to speak about the role in the book before even the saudi government just a. murder in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . and 3.
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d. i don't know barbara negotiating that we would have a deal and we would have been out on a 3 ton ship a deal and you disagree with that deal because of the trial but it is the worst of the lot it was brought to us what you know what about his ability maybe his son goes head to head with the chairman of the u.k.'s directed party richard ties to tom's a very loose tough i'm sure there's nothing like there's not a loose about it's often shop it's pretty clear is as clear as brits it means but so yes it is and it's just as clearly hazy. on down to 0. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news our life from our headquarters and opinion of the parana coming up in the next 60 minutes it begins
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a ground offensive against kurdish forces in syria as jets and dottore continue to target keep positions. widespread panic and evacuations fears that the turkish incursion could trigger a new humanitarian crisis. to pay for the shot dead in germany and what's now being treated as an anti some messick attack. and a hero's welcome today as he as a media mogul turned presidential contender books out of prison in time for a runoff on. turkey has launched a ground offensive in northeast and syria just hours after its warplanes and october already began has been territory held by kurdish led fighters were turkey's military operation is designed to clear its border of couldst fighters the army
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says it's had 181 target so far charles traffic as an ox shockley on the turkish syrian border he sent us this report. turkish forces in the syrian rebel allies attacked kurdish positions in northeastern syria pounding them with strikes and artillery barrages in a cross border military operation just days after u.s. troops pulled back from the area. world leaders have described the offensive as dangerous and reckless and warn it will strengthen regional stability. the turkish vice president sees it differently. this operation will be a source of peace and will bring peace and we'll sort out the syrian crisis in a radical way this operation led by president recent tayyip erdogan as one of the steps and one of the procedures among other steps taken by president won for the
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sake of syria and for keeping the unity of syria and. turkey as president received the type says the aim of the offensive is to eliminate what he calls a terror a corridor all along turkey's southern border. he also wants to establish a safe zone inside territory currently held by the kurdish late syrian democratic forces where 2000000 refugees currently hosted in turkey can be settled. the s.d.f. says the offensive has caused widespread panic evacuations that will trigger a new humanitarian crisis and i know the better we saw 2 tanks in front of our village so we left fearing that out children might get hurt following the shelling of the village most residents have left but some young men have stayed. the kurds have been key players in the fight against isis in syria the s.d.f. of appeal to the united states and its allies to establish
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a no fly zone to protect it from turkey should tax that's not done at the key i mean cannot out in a gym identify that on the. back to the united for the mass to me to die i should say it is trying to lengthen the life of these groups we do not agree to any attacks by taki and supporting them and the world needs to be behind the attack on the northeast of syria the turkish government describes the main fighting force of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization linked to the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the p.k. k. which is fought against the turkish government for decades. early on sees this military operation as a chance to weaken an old enemy but the international community is worried about the prospects of more suffering for the people of syria as well as the security implications of this move. turkey has so far off wouldn't go clear planning about how to deal with thousands of jailed eisel fighters the syrian side of the border. the turkish defense ministry says
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a ground incursion into syria has begun and there are rising fears for the hundreds of thousands of civilians living close to the border many of whom fled to s.t.'s controlled territory for safety in a country that has already suffered years of war charles traffic al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border well let's look now at exactly where all of this is happening turkish forces are launching attacks in the town of ras al-ain they have also gathered near the turkish border town of clay it's thought that they'll cross into the town of what u.s. troops recently evacuated that town those in tatters held by the s.d.f. kurdish led forces turkey already has a presence in syria holding a number of observation posts but those in northwestern syria an area mainly controlled by turkish and rebel forces but iran's president hassan rouhani has called for restraint and dialogue between turkey and the kurds that the americans
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must leave the area accords whose country syria should support the syrian army and the syrian government the current trying to do deals behind closed doors not to the benefits of the region we urge our neighbor friend and brotherly nation turkey and the government of turkey to show due care and attention and patience in this issue well the us president has again threatened turkey with wiping out its economy if it quotes wipes out the syrian kurds i will wipe out his. economy of that happens i've already done it once with pastor bronson. i'm sure that he i hope that he will act rationally you do have to understand the fighting each other for many many decades actually for centuries they've been fighting each other that's going on to our correspondent rosalind jordan she's joining us live from washington d.c. and the president once again in just a matter of days issuing a very strongly worded warning to turkey but words that he has said before was.
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these are words that he has said before but 1st we should fact check the president yes to high ranking turkish officials the minister of justice and the minister of the interior were hit with travel bans to the united states and 2018 during the conflict over the legal status of andrew bronson an american christian minister who had been picked up by the authorities in turkey for illegally proselytizing the travel ban only affect these 2 men and their families it did not disrupt the turkish economy and once andrew bronson was released 2 u.s. officials the travel bans were very quietly removed so the question is how would the president who has been under pressure from congress to do something about
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turkey's decision to buy s. 400 missile defense systems from russia why he hasn't done anything about that it really does beg the question how could he actually disrupt the turkish economy now the president has also been under pressure this week because f. 1st it would seem that he had given rich of tayyip erdogan the circus president the go ahead to launch this military offensive against kurdish forces in northeastern syria but in the past several days the president has been saying no he's going to hold the turks accountable for their behavior and that he is expecting them to observe the laws of war but again elizabeth you have more pressure coming from both republicans and democrats in the u.s. congress saying that there needs to be real pressure put on to stop this military offensive and there's also a lot of anger aimed at the president himself because of the politicians believe that he is abandoning the kurds who helped the united states essentially wipe out i
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says fighters in northeastern syria. so in this situation how does the president in the white house strike a balance between what he would like to do fulfill the promise of many years of pulling troops out of out of syria and the loyalty that many u.s. politicians feel towards the kurds because of their instrumental role in defeating eisel in the syrian conflict. well it appears that you're going to just have a lot of different actors trying to respond to the situation there are numerous reports out on wednesday evening or thursday morning indicating that the pentagon is trying to figure out how best to respond if it's detected that people sympathetic to eisele are trying to regroup and trying to stand up their forces
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again to take advantage of this conflict between the kurds and the turkish military so you know even though there's no official comment from the pentagon about those reports that does seem to be one issue that is afoot the other thing that probably will need a lot more watching in the coming days will be whether rob republicans and democrats on capitol hill are able to push through legislation to hold turkey accountable for how it's conducting this military operation and the course one of the major factors in that is not just getting agreement among themselves but coming up with legislation that can survive a presidential veto and then can actually take the force of law a lot of steps before you actually get to something becoming a law here in the u.s. certainly a lot more when you consider how controversial this whole situation is thank you very much for that found out at the roslyn jordan with the very latest live in washington d.c. we are going to get more on all of this we're joined by william lon's professor at
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the george washington university and it school of international affairs and he's joining us live from washington d.c. mr launch very good to have you with us on al-jazeera do you think we are seeing the beginning of the end of this control of no fixed in syria. no i think among other things as my former colleague from crisis group was saying this morning that's what the kurds will probably do is retreat to areas where there are strongest and retreat to areas away from the border past the 18 kilometer point that one's been told they can't pass and shore up where they can there so the idea that this is a one month or 2 month operation is just wrong this is probably going to go on for years because everyone himself said he will remain there until we have a peace deal in syria and do you think that he will stick to that i think it's an 80 mile sort of 30 kilometer area that he's been told he can't go
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beyond i think it depends on the circumstance i think since the justification is turkey defending itself you know if they're in hot pursuit or if they're going after a certain area for very specific strategic reasons i think they'd be more than willing to go beyond that that that that limits but but but as for now i think the turks don't even really know exactly when that what they're going to do i think it's going to depend on circumstances on the ground and let me add something i did a count of the number of isis prisoners we have over 115000 detainees with all the family members spread in 7 camps where there's male fighters the 10000 male fighters and i think more than 10 camps altogether and i don't see how turkey's going to take over control of all these isis prisoners in an effective way
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from an enemy that they are targeting this is one of the many problems and of course they say they're going to settle a 1000000 people on ryan that doesn't even belong to them this is a very complicated operation absolutely and the on phase.


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