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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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and in iraq these politicians are now looking at passing legislation that one would punish members of the turkish government if they overplay their hand during this military operation and some of those punishments could even extend to the turkish president himself ridge of tayyip erdogan the big challenge for the legislators is coming up with a bill that they can not only get passed but also can pass once again if donald trump the u.s. president decides to veto the measure meantime the pentagon is confirming that it has moved what it's calling to high value detainees from a kurdish detention camp in northeastern syria outside of the country there are numerous reports in the u.s. press indicating that 2 british members of eisel who were instrumental in the murders of james foley the u.s. journalist as well as other western hostages are being moved so that they theoretically could be brought to the united states to stand trial for their
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involvement the pentagon isn't confirming that these 2 men are in fact the ones that are being reported on but it would be a significant change given that in recent years the u.s. had been keeping a high value detainees either in iraq or who had moved them to guantanamo while the united nations security council is due. to discuss the fighting in northeastern syria the 5 year members on the council that's france germany belgium opponent and the u.k. request of that meeting after taki announced the start of that cross border operation at a fanatic as has more from new york. after days of discussion the u.n. security council's agreed to have a meeting on current developments in syria but there's very little chance of agreement on anything other than expressions of general concern what do you hope to achieve this week road discussions and babson conventions that. should if peace is
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that be a chance to do so already issue since it's the european members of the council have been pushing for a meeting some of them have strongly condemned turkey but the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists issued a statement that stops well short of that civilians and civilian infrastructure should be protected in accordance with international law. the secretary general believes that there is no military solution to the syrian conflict the same language the un has been using throughout syria's bloody 8 and a half year long war there is nor military solution because there is no military solution as i have said repeatedly there is no military in solution to the student prizes so how does that apply to turkey's current operation if there is no military solution and that's the firm view of the secretary general is the clear inference to that that he is not in favor of a new military operation. we have been proven correct on this time and again people
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have believed that particular fences could wind the conflict from one side or another none of that has happened and it will not be able to happen the parties need to come together they need to resolve their differences diplomatically many of been questioning whether president trump effectively gave a green light to turkey ahead of its military operation but there's also attention to on russia after recent comments by its foreign minister sergei lavrov that the syrian kurds should start negotiations with the assad government russia like everyone else knew exactly what turkey was planning president obama made it quite clear in front of other world leaders even showing the map last month at the u.n. general assembly perhaps russia is prepared to tolerate turkey taking a corridor of land along syria's northeast border while it and the assad forces continue the bombardment of it lived in the northwest with the hope it will
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eventually lead to the kurds coming under the control of the syrian government jamesburg zira at the united nations. weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera by obstructing justice refusing to comply with the groom he's already convicted. vice president joe biden calls for donald trump's impeachment saying u.s. president has betrayed the nation. and will delve into the pentagon dollar corruption allegations that have led to mass protests in iraq. hello autumn prophecies be settling in in europe now so we've had to change of
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temps you've had the plunge of northerlies all the way down to the warmth of the mediterranean a flooding strout it's a league reason more recently in turkey from big thunderstorms the remaining thunderstorms are still there around the western side of greece but if you look at the wind direction principally a west to east picture so you think now in the teens windy cloudy some rain from the british isles east towards the baltic states and coming down to some degree into what bottom half of germany but if you're sides that is quite and have a day or 2 temperatures around the 20 mark or more athens at $27.00 a moderate at 20 and the sun should shine for the most part starting of course universe on the still legacy rain in this frontal system strug warmth and dust up from the central sahara for eastern libya and egypt to be rain probably a few showers around tripoli and of course in central israel 30 goes away by friday the temperatures in typically in the high twenty's along the north african coast. they went seasons more or less disappeared from ethiopia sudan and areas west was
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but there's still some big showers to be harmed and there still visible all the way to the west of africa. with a sponsor tone and. what are you protesting about how does this impact where their online life is minstrelsy comes directly out of translating slavery or if you join us on set this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come about everyone has a voice. through the discussion and there are the solutions on al-jazeera.
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and again i missed your take and dire heart a reminder of our top stories this hour turkish soldiers have crossed the border into northeast syria and the intensifying offensive against kurdish forces the incursion by ground forces was through 3 entry points following hours of airstrikes panicked people often in some towns. on donald trump again defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria the president's critics say he is shamelessly abandoning kaddish allies who helped to defeat i still trump is warning he will in his words wipe out the economy if forces go off limits. on the international community is condemning takis offensive the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting in just a few hours tuckey's president says the operation will bring peace and stability and loose out what he calls kurdish terrorists. on to other news now in protest as
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in ecuador have fought with security forces during a 7th day of anti-government demonstrations thousands of people in. on the streets of the capital angry over fuel price hikes introduced by the president. his administration has now temporarily moved to the coastal city of kill our latin america and it is that. on day 7 of nationwide demonstrations against governmental sturdy measures a nationwide strike paralyzed much of the country as massive protests continued especially in the ecuadorian capital was in quite a key with the president has set up a temporary seat of government a smaller but noisy group of demonstrators peaceful barges of their own run riot police and soldiers trying to keep these anti-government demonstrators away from another group that's demonstrating the group not here the president many in what it has actually lived right wanted to have yet to be leaving we wanted to
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mislead us to try to go to that settlement to the 1st time since the crisis this country has had and over a decade. preliminary talks with indigenous and trade union leaders are being mediated by the united nations and the catholic church but so far there's no sign of an agreement but. the president is talking of dialogue but he stubbornly says i want repeal the measures what kind of dialogue is that. what the government is under increasing pressure to make concessions. to revoke the measures because the ability to govern ecuador is compromise he can't govern under these circumstances with the people out on the streets he has no more political capital some are asking for his resignation so his options are limited. opponents of the indigenous led strike held
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a march of their own in saying they wanted peace. joined police on the streets to disperse anti-government protesters. and in what is being interpreted as a show of support for the government the armed forces announced that any quote consequences of their actions would be the sole responsibility of those who they say are generating social unrest the. human rights monitors from the united nations and the organization of american states have expressed concern over what they call excessive use of force against demonstrators and the media as the actual number of arrests surpasses 700 you see in human al-jazeera. indonesian security minister around her is in hospital after being attacked by a man with a knife as happened in the town of on the ground on the island of java has now been flown to jakarta and is in a stable condition police say an officer was also hurt 2 men and
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a woman have been arrested or there it is are investigating whether or not they've been influenced by eisel and 2 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire outside a synagogue in germany where suppose there were mocking young kapoor the holiest day in the jewish calendar a suspect is in police custody andrew symonds has been following developments in the city of hama. carmelita and methodically this gun man planned to kill jews on their holiest day of worship yom kippur dressed like a soldier wearing a steel helmet a camera is attached to it the device transmitting live video to a gaming website behind the police cordon is a synagogue the killers target but his plan failed the synagogue had been packed with dozens of worshippers safe from attack because the they can transfer doors were locked the gunmen had repeatedly opened fire on the doors he gave up and then shot randomly killing
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a woman passer by her covered body lying in the foreground here he went on to a nearby turkish kabob restaurant to kill again this man was inside. because if you know how i was standing at the entrance and saw an elderly woman passed by and behind her there was suddenly this man wearing a helmet and military style clothes he was holding a gun and wearing a baloch lover and then he tried to throw what looked like a hand grenade but it bounced off the door frame and exploded right in front of this elderly woman with a very loud bang and then he raised the gun and started shooting. german media quoting police sources say the gunman then drove 17 kilometers to landsberg he shot an electrician there from a workshop he's been airlifted to hospital with serious injuries as police warned people to stay indoors they confirmed they to rest did one person on the all of them in a sense by it all we have at least 2 crime scenes one person died as the result of
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a shooting in the area of ludwig book of a strasser and another one in the area of humboldt strasser we 1st received information that there was one terrorism suspect who was armed and have since been suggestions to the could have been more people involved but that's not confirmed at this point germany has tried to fight a resurgence of extremism in recent years including the firebombing of synagogues foreign minister. to eat it hit says in the heart that a synagogue was shot out on the day of atonement we must all act against anti semitism in our country. the german chancellor angela merkel joined a jewish vigil in berlin her spokesperson saying she expressed deep sympathy for the victims' families there is a mood of fear in this small german city just imagine what it was like for the congregation inside the synagogue as they saw a video feed from the security camera showing a man with
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a gun firing at the door smashing at the door for all of 10 minutes and now online a statement yet to be verified apparently from the suspect saying his objective was to kill as many anti whites as possible jews preferred andrew simmons out 0 power in germany. and joe biden has become the latest a democratic presidential candidate to call for donald trump. speaking as a rally in your house saying trump has abused the powers of his office to help his own reelection democrats everyone want inquiry however claims that trial pressured a foreign leader to investigate biden and his son trunk or the way of a witch hunt. he's already convicted himself. in full view of the world and the american people. don't trump is violated his oath of office betrayed this nation and committed peach book.
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33 . he wants to preserve our constitution our democracy our basically integrity he should be impeached. tech child apple has removed an app from its online store the protesters in hong kong used to track police movements the move comes after a strong condemnation of the app from the chinese government apple says the app was used in ways that endanger the law enforcement and residents in hong kong this week apple removed the taiwanese flag emoji phases in hong kong and macau also at the request of the chinese government. now iraq's prime minister has announced 3 days of mourning for the demonstrators killed in antigovernment protests of a corruption unemployment at least $100.00. thousands injured in baghdad.
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during days of unrest and reports from capitol. hill and no more corrupt government. of the anti-government protesters is an end to decades of crooked politicians since the u.s. led occupation and invasion of iraq in 2003 corruption watchdog transparency international says $450000000000.00 has gone missing former m.p. ra aimed there are g. is now an anti corruption campaign and for. the corruption floodgates opened in 2006 when the government replaced the jafari government there was a lauren place before 2006 where a committee had to approve all contracts above $5000000.00 change that to $100000000.00 and a vigil ministries named began to approve contracts themselves. a popular belief among many iraqis is government departments are controlled by political parties who
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reward their supporters with jobs and contracts the interior ministry made nationwide news earlier this year when details broke of a contract for 6000 pickup trucks each costing $35000.00 when the marketplace price in iraq was $14000.00 the interior ministry said the contract was above board and handled with correct procedure this former m.p. says there's no sector of iraqi society that hasn't been touched by corruption. the corruption and face the nation has affected this country and i feel sorry for it's everywhere public and private it's become normal it's really hard to eliminate this corruption needs to begin with judicial reform and the rule of law needs to be enforced from heilig to the officials all the way down. successive governments have tried to combat fraud with various committees in february this year prime minister . set up the high council for combating corruption but that hasn't satisfied protesters who say politicians and others guilty of corruption need to be brought
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to justice iraq's the 2nd largest oil exporter in the world and the protesters where that money goes now in the wake of these protests the government has announced that tackling corruption is $1.00 of the key issues it's going to look at but whether that's enough to satisfy the protesters remains unclear on al-jazeera baghdad. organizers at the rugby world cup in japan have canceled all matches on saturday jews or the threat of a typhoon typhoon haiyan is expected to hit tokyo this weekend with severe winds and rain tournament officials are hopeful that all 4 matches on sunday will stay on shuttle. and again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines turkey is intensifying its military offensive against u.s. allied kaddish forces in northeast syria ground forces crossed into syria through 3
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entry points after hours of aerial strikes the bombings have created panic and residents are fleeing some towns while u.s. president donald trump has once again defended his decision to withdraw american troops from syria the president's critics say he is shamelessly abandoning kaddish allies who helped to defeat eisel when asked by a reporter if he was concerned that will wipe out the kurds this to say i will wipe out his. economy of that happens i've already done it once with pastor bronson. i'm sure that he i hope that he will act rationally you do have to understand that fighting each other for many many decades actually for centuries they have been fighting each other all the international community has condemned to takis operation into syria but turkey's president has justified it is saying it will bring peace and stability the un security council will hold
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a closed door emergency meeting on the situation placed on fasting. indonesia's security minister around her is in hospital after being attacked by a man with a knife it happened in the town of on the golan on the island of java has now been flown to jakarta and is in a stable condition 2 men and a woman has been arrested. and 2 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire outside a synagogue in germany where shoppers were locking young kapoor the holiest day in the jewish calendar a suspect is in police custody and protesters in ecuador have clashed with security forces during a 7th day of anti-government demonstrations thousands of people marched in the streets of the capital quito angry over fuel price hikes introduced by president marina brenner is refusing to resign tech giant apple has removed an app from its online store that protesters in hong kong used to track police movements the move comes after a strong condemnation of the app from the chinese government apple says the app was
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used in ways that endangered law enforcement and residents in hong kong. those are the headlines to join me here for more news on al-jazeera after the stream stay with us. i swear every. i have family ok and this is the street and i really could be a whistle blowers why do they risk it all we speak with author tom muller whose new book is that question and we want to hear from you you can tweet us at a.j. stream or leave a comment and i live for you to chat and also be in the street. my
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name is catherine and i am there was a verb that was featured in the official secrets and you are in the street. you are . from wall street to washington whistleblowers are speaking truth to power the most recent high profile case has sparked an impeachment inquiry into united states president donald trump's dealings with ukraine but what makes some people choose to speak out about wrongdoing while others remain silent joining us to discuss this in washington d.c. tom the author of crisis of conscience a whistle blowing in an age of fort thomas drake a former intelligence analyst at the national security agency who blew the whistle on the agency's controversial surveillance program he was in the u.s. but he's joining us from melbourne australia and in our studio and then back with can see is a corporate whistleblower who worked as a compliance officer at how the facts health systems in florida for 20 years you'll
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hear her story in just a moment however what it's good to have you here talk this book is not a small book let me just show it to people how big it is and you spoke to so much. the whistleblower has as you were getting this entire book together how did you how did you sit down and and put those stories together so that we got a reading good sense of what many people will supply and what happens to them. i began by looking at one corner of whistle blowing false claims act whistle blowing which is corporate fraud and gradually as i talked with the people i began to get a sense of the sorts of people that do this in that area and then i began to realize that actually this is not just an island this is a continent of whistle blowing and i looked at other corporate whistleblowers and i looked the government was the lowest then i looked at national security was lawyers and in each and every case the personal dynamics of their their decision to act and the group dynamics of the group around them the toxic group doing illegality that
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retaliated against them was very very similar so there became a kind of a whistleblower character that emerged from my work what is the whistleblower a kite telling can say and then. someone willing to risk everything to do the right thing i think that's one of the things in the whistleblowers i have talked to that that's our common thread i think we're not willing to be silenced when we see something is wrong and that's what we hope everyone would want to do can you tell us the moment where you saw something wrong what you thought i have to do something about this so in my particular case i was a health care whistleblower and we had contracts with physicians that violated the stark law which is supposed to make sure physicians are admitting patients or doing clinical care for the right reasons and not for financial reasons so when our hospital i was director of physician services and we violated the stark law and
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then realize that the hospital after telling them they were aware of it then they decided to pay anyway then i realized that you know i had to tell someone or i would be complicit to that fraud and just to be clear. so i don't need to be done medical practice was done unnecessary they were being done for money yes so those were alleged allegations part of that case said old so it didn't go to court where you know so they're still considered alleged so that's what happens in settlements not everything gets litigated and become public which is part of the hard thing even though it settles for a lot of money you don't know if it's corrected by evan your story reminds me of a video comment we got from someone else who talks about the reason that she had to do it this is sheila white a whistleblower for in an employment discrimination case and here's what she said to the stream. recent actual scipio. treatment in retaliation in
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those 4 flights and i speak out of the why. i have to be. so tom that line i spoke out for people who couldn't speak out for themselves paraphrasing her there a little bit about something you see as a theme kind of a thread through the people that you've talked to over the course of this book absolutely she put in words exactly almost word for word but in what another whistleblower the whose case i looked into alan jones who blew the whistle both on johnson and johnson and made her partner sort of companies and his own office the inspector general of pennsylvania for a serious multi-state 1000000000 dollar wrongdoing he said i must speak up for those who are silent i must speak out for the people who are victims who have no voice use exactly the same terminology that's a kind of person who thinks about society and everyone in society as equal members
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and equal members of the human race. back in 201518 plus a very special interactive there are videos of the interns all about thomas drake and what he did open and i say have a look can my laptop i'm just watching the very beginning of it it's very traumatic how the camera that. then i am going to press plates fair to say that if there had been a time strike there could have been. here we had a guy who did absolutely everything was placed in the system he saw you know the warrantless wiretapping of hundreds of millions of americans. saw all of the corruption prostitute energy he brought in to congress and run them protecting him and he actively retaliated against him. thomas that moment when you realize you have to do something what does that feel like as as an emotional something who's walking in an organization where the rule is gone horribly wrong.
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in my case you know my 1st on the job reporting to my new duty station which was the number 3 person that had a say the signals intelligence directorate i quickly found out my government was doing in secret you know under the cover of the failure to keep almost 3000 people out of harms way. and they did so under the blanket international security and you what you say what does it feel like you don't wake up one morning and say i'm going to become a whistleblower but you're confronted by the stark reality of something gone terribly wrong. and it was simply the case i could not remain silent because a writer meant so i would have been complicit not only the wrongdoing but this case a violation of the constitution the 4th amendment and privacy rights of millions of people are the hardest what was the government up to and including the president but i knew that by doing so i was i was looking over
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a cliff and i have life was never going to be the same show and i have to say that i just played of course if anybody didn't recognize that person as edward snowden when the whole n.s.a. whistle blowing just blew up a you with that before he was that say you paved the way you can what you want to see next this week from our who says whistleblower should always be given a right to undertake their activities appropriate laws should be in place to protect them and the information that they have obtained so someone else in our community wrote back this is media b.x. who says there is at least in the united states the whistleblower protection act of 1809 that was an act it to protect federal employees but it doesn't seem so efficient whistleblowers feels lonely isolated and paranoid that they could be targeted in the streets by anyone seeking retribution thomas for you were you thinking of the legal protections you might have what was going through your mind the ramifications of what the law might offer you well.
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my eyes are wide open i was certainly not naive you know i had been serving the government in the past a number of times and here i was the senior executive there were existing channels they could they call them. disclosure channels there's also be protected against who tell you asian but there really expose or channels if you're working on wrongdoing and violations of law it committed by the highest levels of your own agency and in my case not just the agency but also the white house the president ited states the vice president you know the head of the now security agency they're not going to take too kindly to getting having someone even a senior as i was having them be exposed and so they're going to retaliate the problem is that these was although they say and i was under the intelligence
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community was it or protection act also later with the department defense i g.'s act. it's supposed to protect you but there's not that protect you against retaliation and you are left extraordinarily exposed. so in my particular case my case is filed under the false claims act which also has a protection for retaliation and in my experience that's on paper because unless you're willing to file a lawsuit against the retaliation your work is going to tell you it's perceived any time you have a complaint so i don't think they work well at least not in my instance. i could jump in i just took a little context let's remember that thomas drake was a multi-day decades servant of our nation. and someone who had proven is a true tism time and time again he came forward under the specific guarantee of anonymity he spoke out through channels that were carefully laid out legally protected in
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theory. but in practice of course it came it went from a whistleblower protection to a whistleblower trap and both of these people are people who simply cannot remain silent while this while this is happening they have a greater loyalty and a greater sense of duty then to their individual bosses or to their teams they have a higher calling if you will and that calling cannot be silenced and both of them have said to me at one time or another thomas to me at one time when i had to look myself in the mirror every day i had to do what i did ellen calls her choice of a choiceless choice i have to i had to be able to put my kids to bed at night and i couldn't if i had not spoken up so essentially these are people with a with a conscience an individual conscience that forces them to act and thank god that they exist tom he you mentioned something interesting that i want to pick up on you
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said the anonymity and there are people in our community that are talking about the named whistleblowers versus the unnamed so. someone writing in live he says the real whistleblowers are the ones you never hear about so that's one person's view another person writing to us on twitter also picking up on that point as if you blow a whistle on me i have every right to see you tom what's your take on that view an anonymous whistleblowing versus named whistleblowing well 1st of all many legal regimes many laws guarantee anonymity so that last statement is nonsense. this is simply not true the ideal world scenario is for a whistleblower not to be named because when they come forward and lose or lose it anonymity that is quite often a career suicide we're looking at 2 people highly qualified extremely ethical.


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