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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 284  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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ok but the pressing but thank you oliver patel research associate at the u.c.l. european institute thank you thank you russian opposition leader alexei navalny says prosecutors have asked the court to seize his moscow apartment as collateral in a lawsuit the valley helped organize a series of anti-government rallies this year in the russian capital that were the largest such demonstration since 2011 peaking at around $60000.00 prosecutors want me and the other opposition leaders to compensate for policing and have requested the seizure of his apartment to secure payment 3 people have been stabbed in manchester in the u.k. a man has been arrested on suspicion of terror fences and why he would has the story this is the man counter-terror police are questioning in manchester he's believed to be in his bosses and was tasered as he was apprehended. a few moments earlier 3rd for all people were injured in an attack in the city's biggest shopping
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center beyond 3 of them with stabbed we heard screams literally just outside the shop quite a lot screams i almost went on for about 20 seconds i was like a quick scream was party people screaming armed police along with the fire and ambulance service quickly arrived on the scene to lock down the area back you a the shopping center he was taken into police custody has now been arrested on suspicion of commission preparation and instigation of an act of terrorism. we do not know the motivation for this terrible attack it appears random is certainly brutal and of course extremely frightening for anyone who witnessed it. manchester police the well berthed in dealing with big incidents just over 2 years ago 23 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at an area on a grand a concert the response by the authorities to this incident to the on dell center was praised by the u.k. prime minister obviously our thoughts are very much with the the victims' families
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it's. clearly a. horrific incident and i'm just very grateful to the emergency services and to the police so i gather somebody has been apprehended and that justice will take its course forensic teams are now examining the scene and police in manchester remain on high alert emma hayward al jazeera that's it for me and the team here in london for this hour let's go back to come out and thank you barbara more with barbara at the top of the hour 900 hours g.m.t. now south africa's former president jacob zuma has lost his bid to avoid standing trial for corruption now expected to begin next week his lawyers went to the high court to argue the prosecution should be thrown out because it's politically motivated zuma denies accepting bribes from a french weapons company for a $180000000.00 government contract back in the 1990 s.
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china's president is in india where he met prime minister narendra modi xi jinping is there to discuss tensions over the disputed region of indian administered kashmir china supported pakistan at a recent u.n. security council meeting also up for discussion india's $53000000000.00 trade deficit with china a new security measures along the shared border in japan's capital bottled water instant noodles are the necessities they're all being stockpiled as super typhoon haiyan as closes in weather forecasters expect a deluge of rain and damaging winds in tokyo on saturday. 2 matches at the rugby world cup of been cancelled as a result flights and train services are being disrupted and evacuation warnings have been issued for flood prone low lying areas fightings again broken out in ecuador's capital quito as anti-government anger intensifies at least 5 people have been killed during a week of violent protests demonstrators are angry at new austerity measures
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introduced by president lenin more than or whatever to higher fuel prices what i know has temporarily moved the government operations out of the capital here's my live for us now with an update bring us up to date manuel. we've had to move just a little bit away from this plaza in downtown key so given that we were unfortunately champa tween one demonstration and a group of anti-riot police we had to sort of move out of the way it's remained very tense here in the ecuadorian capital early on friday morning clashes resumed once again between demonstrators this confederation of indigenous seats from across ecuador that have converged here in the country's capital if you can see these images it's a very chaotic it's very tense there's a lot of tear gas a flash bang grenades being used against demonstrators now there is an international sorry a national association of venus
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a pal of these that are calling on the government of letting morning know to to to come to a national dialogue to dialogue with these indigenous communities to find a peaceful solution out of this continued conflict given that there's been an escalation of violence over the course of over a week and now we have to we have to make sure that these are protests that have just begun they've started over concerns over this policy change in fuel subsidies and now people of are stopping just short of calling for the resignation of the president so there is also another aspect to this which is the private sector they're calling for more police and armed forces to restore order on the streets the concern with that is that that could bring even more violence and we've already seen over the course of the last week. joining us from quito in ecuador thank you for the update mineral. still more ahead for you on this news hour in fact it's the sport of dandy looking at how australia ended the rugby
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world cup pool stages in style. to strengthen the group you have to shoulder court all the more with it comes to fight against corruption. new cierra which heroes like new who are a band who refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better play each nominate your anti corruption hero now. talk to all jews there are. they don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would
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never start a war i am anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter the world a 0. so we mention before the break the issue of the typhoon approaching japan and it is having a big impact on the rugby world cup possibly even legal issues with the scots scotland on not have. their repeat boss is in fact threatening legal action if that world cup match against the house japan is cancelled now it's in doubt due to its hyphen hygienists scotland will go out of the tournament if that fixture is called off the
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japanese form a wall grand prix as all side been affected by the weather reports from tokyo. it is calm at the moment but the japanese capital tokyo and other parts of the country are bracing for the arrival of typhoon haggis which could be one of the strongest storms to hit japan in decades flights and train services have been canceled and of course this weekend should have been won when much of the sporting world was focusing on this country on sunday we had the japanese for me to one grand prix taking place in that's about 300 kilometers to the southwest of tokyo at this stage the race is still long but what we know now is that saturday's events at the grand prix have been cancelled so the organizers are saying that qualifying will take place on sunday morning before the race weather permitting but as far as the rugby world cup goes we know that 2 games have already been cancelled because of the typhoon that is new zealand against italy and england against france and
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there is a possibility that another game could be affected as well that is the host nation japan against scotland due to be played in your on sunday the tournament organizers saying that they will inspect the facilities on sunday morning before making a final decision about their game it is the final group game and there is a lot riding on it a win for japan would see it topping the group and going through to the quarterfinals for the 1st time scotland needs to beat japan to have any hope of staying in the tournament here's where it gets interesting though if the game is cancelled japan will go through to the quarter finals scotland will go home and already the scottish rugby union is threatening legal action if that happens all scotland have suggested moving that crucial much to monday when the typhoon has passed. its thinkable they'd be denied the chance to contest for their place in the knockout stages. this is a glorious will close schools an occasion we don't want the people that the that we
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also don't want to be the collateral damage lose this is importance was a nation and i think the ruby following public around the globe believe the same way and i think most people feel that it was one of the economic powerhouse of the game let's just say new zealand the house more thought will bring given to a flexible approach you know we see each game as an opportunity to inspire japan we've got the country behind us and. you know we will if the game does get called off. you know it's unfortunate but you know just to look for what comes it hit it. well friday's game between australia and georgia did take place the wallabies i found it pretty hard going to like tries benchley clinching a 20 seven's and bond's point victory. australia moved to the top of her but i still want to finish 2nd in the table behind wales which would mean that we face in england in the quarterfinals. we've really done well and grown our pack over the
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years. and we've got to keep building now that's i think quite well in all the matches of forwards and now we're into the knockout stages we want to build on what we've done over the 4 gandhi so a lot of changes coming up for the formula one grown print suzuki qualifying on that site based on sunday just before the race weather permitting friday practice did go ahead as scheduled the miss eighty's of valtteri bottas setting the pace despite all the embarrassing spinning really dry conditions during the 2nd session all saturday sessions at the track though have been cancelled if sunday's qualifying is also affected as a result from this practice will determine the grid position was for the race itself. not see big names of 41 in friday's quarter finals at the shanghai masters novak djokovic is the defending champion and 4 time winner but he's out so he was beaten by the 6 seems to follow suit suppress all this much just the ritual
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24 straight sets of asian tournaments i literally since passed on to him a place in the season in the 8 seeping finals of the 1st time in his career i and 6 on 4 champion roger federer also out he was beaten by germany's alexander's verify. the foreign counts of this one at once woodside in sets so as 163 in the set up the semifinal match the opener it's i the elite athletics academy run by alberto salazar has been closed down after the american coach was banned for 4 years due to dope and violations. salazar had to college various olympic champions at the nike oregon projects including britain's my farah and simon nike said the salazar situation had become an unfair burden on the athletes still felt. now the coach should run and it could show he says it's
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a case of when not if the 2 hour marathon barrier is broken keep chugging we making his or latest attempt on the record in austria on saturday the kenyan missed out by just 26 seconds in italy 2 years ago he's the current world record holder but this time one counts as an official record because amongst other things it's not that i can race and he's being helped by taking a 41 pacemakers. a few years ago it was more like any possibility of someone say it was more like realistic. and their way is the marathons their normal marathons 201 in berlin 202 in london and the difficult conditions in london. i mean to me i think it's more like a question of when and when it will be uncertain and. if the weather behaves itself out record it sam will start at 0615 in vienna or if it isn't rain and if
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the road conditions are good he'll go for it but it won't be an official record sadly which is a shame the same andy thank you so much for that more sport with. 2100 hours g.m.t. but right after the break bob or sara and the team in london have a full news bulletin here on how to 0 and come out santa maria thanks for joining us. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. destroy news hero coach heroes like know who are bad or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight
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a dark used to shine the light let's make the road to bed to plage nominate your anti corruption mirror. also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in 2 hours we can get sit on juries and the rest of central america is about the same time but more importantly why those 2 cultures north and south america beats us to teach a great it's
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a very important place for al-jazeera to be in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business than unfortunately smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the signs that office solutions it's very easy for us to have a 100 percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. the u.s. says it's deploying thousands more troops to saudi arabia as tensions soar with iran . hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up
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on the program turkey presses forward with its deadly offensive in northern syria forcing more than 100000 people from their homes more fallout from the gulf blockade reports that the united arab emirates paid nearly $2000000.00 through a u.s. lobbying firm in a campaign to discredit al-jazeera and a man of courage who ended one of africa's longest running conflicts ethiopia's prime minister wins this year's nobel peace prize. hello thank you for joining us the u.s. is beefing up its military presence in the gulf as tensions simmer between tehran washington and some of the arab world's most powerful countries the pentagon says it's sending 3000 additional troops to saudi arabia to bolster the kingdom's the fences following an assault on the oil facilities last month's september's drone
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attacks targeted the heart of the saudi energy industry and briefly knocked out most of its output yemen's who the rebels claimed as those attacks but the u.s. and saudis have been quick to point the finger at iran well my kana is in washington for us with more on this story 1st of all as anything coming out of the u.s. with more specifics on this beefing up of all the military presence. well there has been various comments from the pentagon saying that this is necessary in the light of those attacks in september last month they are sending immediately another 800 soldiers this brings to nearly 4000 the number that have been deployed since that particular attack in the last hour the special representative for iran brian hawk has said that this is essential in the terms of what he brands it
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raining in aggression but it's not only extra forces that are going there there's also a patriot missile battery or actually 2 of them a high altitude defense system along with 2 fighter squadrons and an air expeditionary unit so certainly this is a ratcheting up of the u.s. presence in the region remembering as well that this comes at a time when the u.s. is pulling forces out of syria yeah just explain to us how you think this sort of changes the balance of power i guess obviously towards iran but just for generally in the gulf. well it certainly the u.s. making very clear that it is intent on preserving its relationship with saudi arabia that it is going to back it up against all comers and in particular it is an extended threat to iran sending in these added forces to saudi arabia in its ongoing confrontation with iran but it's also a signal that may not be met with much appreciation here in congress it's
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a politically dangerous move by president trump to order these further troops in congress has resisted military ties or increased military ties with saudi arabia it has been infuriated by president trump's attempts to circumvent congress on the matter of relations with saudi arabia and certainly there's been great resistance in congress about the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria so these factors together are likely to see large noise coming out of the congress when they return from their recess mike hanna with the latest on that developing story mike for the moment thank you. well meanwhile iran says one of its oil tankers has been struck off the coast of saudi arabia the state news agency says the vessel which is known as disability was hit by 2 missiles in the space of half an hour the ship was sailing 100 kilometers off the saudi port city of jeddah it's now under way again and the crew are reported to be safe send us
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ravi has more from tehran. iran's foreign ministry confirmed on friday that in the early morning hours one of its oil tankers was targeted in the eastern corridor or of the red sea approximately 100 kilometers off the coast of saudi arabia the sub at the experience 2 explosions 20 minutes apart causing its oil tanks to leak into the sea foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi said this isn't the 1st time in recent months that iranian vessels in the red sea have experienced what he described as destructive actions he blamed the fallout and resulting pollution on perpetrators of the attack who have yet to be identified he said they were taking part in quote dangerous adventurism the finger pointing from to herat has already begun as well with a senior m.p. blaming the us or israel for targeting the oil vessel iran's national oil tanker company meanwhile whose experts are investigating the incident that company was keen to point out that while terrorism or some form of missile attack may have been the cause of this incident they did not suspect that any attack originated from
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saudi shores the incident comes a day before pakistan's in iran khan is due to arrive in teheran for his 2nd official visit since becoming prime minister he'll be here in an effort to mediate between riyadh and to iran to try to bring down tensions in the region but with this attack iran is likely to have its diplomatic defenses up once again and if there was any hope for a breakthrough during his visit it is now less likely to happen. turkey's president says his forces will not stop attacking kurdish fighters in northern syria no matter what anyone says at least 26 civilians have been killed since the offensive began on wednesday during warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe turkish forces have now pushed 8 kilometers deeper into territory held by the kurdish led syrian democratic forces at least 15 villages have been captured the un says aerial strikes and shelling has displaced more than
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100000 people turkey's military claims more than 300 kurdish forces have been captured or killed killed by the kurds say 29 died typewriter the one says the wider aim of the offensive is the set up a safe zone where 2000000 refugees currently hosted in turkey can be resettled while the u.s. has been criticized for pulling its forces from northern syria before the turkish offensive began but the white house is now warning that it will quote shut down turkey's economy if ankara goes too far in that it could even launch new sanctions . he is authorized and will be signing a new executive order giving the treasury department in consultation with himself and secretary pompei. very significant new sanctions authorities that can be targeted for any person associated with the government of turkey and
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a portion of the government this will be both primary sanctions and secondary sanctions that will be a political rally and speak to charles stratford is in the turkish district of nash on the border with 1st of all charles tell us what the situation is where you are. has witnessed some of the heaviest artillery bombardment to nasa strikes in the last couple of days behind me is the town of. inside syria now we understand certainly according to the government here. they say that turkish forces have pushed into around 4 coloma to those inside inside syria the understanding is that they were trying to close in forces inside. and this is one of the most easterly points of what the turkish government describing as the 1st
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phase of this military operation an operation that they hope will stretch around 100 kilometers west along the border down to the town of tell. where again i think you mentioned in your intro according to turkish government will turkish military sources they say that they're full cesar around 8 kilometers into syria in that area as well and we understand that the civilian populations have posed those towns have all but flayed most of them have gone very worrying situation as you can imagine on the. humanitarian side of seeing the u.n. saying 100000 people having fled their homes already and bear in mind that many of these people were internally displaced inside syria anyway we understand from s.d.f. sources also. seem to be. widening this this
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artillery bombardment now targeting the town of co bani and it come a surely which is actually beyond that town tel aviv did i just described to the west some comments from the s.d.f. as well an indication of the kind of pressure that there are in s.d.f. command saying that they found the situation frustrating and that they felt let down by the kind of security things put in place security measures put in place they described what he described by the u s meanwhile according to the turkish government on this side of the border the governor of mar he's reporting that another 8 civilians as many as 8 could have been killed were killed according to him in a mortar or artillery strike from the s.d.f. and up to 35 people injured there so an indication of the kind of straits that the population here along on the turkish side of the border of facing as well as this
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military offensive goes forward. char stratford in the turkish district of killen to a national border with syria charleston. the united arab emirates is trying to silence the al-jazeera news network and that's according to a bloomberg report. the u.a.e. is reportedly running a law being campaigned in washington d.c. using a law firm to try and influence staff in the u.s. congress they've also used twitter accounts hiding their u.a.e. affiliations in an attempt to discredit al-jazeera and catherine the gulf nation with a network operates the u.a.e. along with saudi arabia behind and egypt have been blockading katha since june 2017 with calls for the news network to be shut down that you call his war now from washington d.c. this is a really in-depth report again from bloomberg news and what it says is and this has been reported up until now that the blockade has taken
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a toll in the united states in essence they're saying that this very powerful lobbying firm in fact the most powerful in washington its name is a can grow and how are that the u.a.e. paid them $1900000.00 over the 12 month period ending in june and that what this law firm did is they had contact with staffers from 30 different members of congress and the trump administration all in an effort to get al-jazeera to be named agent of a foreign government this is something that's happened in the united states to broadcasters like russia today but al-jazeera has maintained that it is in fact independent from the government of qatar what would the impact of a far registration be well in the case of r.t. they saw their credentials suspended in some cases they weren't allowed into events so what this campaign apparently did was they had a slick produced video while according to the quote again from bloomberg. had a videotape they opened a laptop played a slickly produced video showed al jazeera giving airtime to terrorist groups the.


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