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levels and the cancellation of the looming tariff increase which was due to go into place next week beyond that there's a lot left undone around intellectual property a sectoral opening for financial services firms in china that has been rumored and pulled back a number of times and a lot of other issues where the the real substance is still needs to be ironed out the chinese have already for the last 2 weeks or so their purchases of particularly of soybeans have been at much higher levels than they were for the bulk of the summer and so that's a big relief to farmers and if this deal holds i think those purchases will will continue or probably go up as well the pieces that are left undone are primarily in electoral property the enforcement regime for this deal as well as a number of sort of unrelated issues on national security in particular on huawei the chinese telecom for it seems pretty clear to me that part of the reason for his motivation to get this deal was to get some relief for farmers and to put
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a boost into the macro economy in the u.s. as he heads into reelection and comes off of what was a very damaging week for him politically here in washington don for a short break here not just when we come back. we'll tell you what's behind these chaos of season ecuador's capital. and how one town in the central philippines is trying to break gender stereotypes more not stay with us. there are many seasons in the u.s. so it seems at the moment there is snow as far south as colorado in fact and this is denver the tension in denver dropped from 28 on thursday to bind us 9 on
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friday that is one huge change and you can see where the snow came in and that's also prompted the santa ana winds in california which doesn't help very much with the fires you've got a nor'easter developing in the northeastern corner but the active weather still really remains in the middle with the biggest temperature contrast is so you've got potentially nasty thunderstorms with her running up through the midwest and further south and then drifting off to the northeast corner still talking in the snow potential here probably not as far south as nebraska anymore we're talking saturday here and also you see nothing in the sky you also didn't see the cleverness of the winds blowing through the valleys the santa ana still in california the picture for sunday's a little bit quieter than the snows and forty's heavily and the nor'easter is going breathe a sigh of relief drifting science through the caribbean the still plenty of cloud here the seasonal rains are out there heaviest now in places like nicaragua or a bit further south through costa rica panama and northern colombia which gives
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some relief to places like haiti which you make. philippines president roderigo to turkey says he's cracking down on a communist insurgency but some fear it's a deadly campaign to silence his critics as the death toll rises one i want to investigate do charities new al-jazeera. whether someone is telling or someone is very rich that's not who we meet you think it's how you approach a vigil and that's a good way of doing it you can just. die out. welcome
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back up your mind of our top stories here on the al-jazeera u.s. officials say some american troops have withdrawn from a military position in northern syria that came under turkish artillery fire on friday turkish forces have now pushed 8 kilometers deeper into territory held by many kurdish fighters in syria. the u.s. is sending additional troops to saudi arabia the pentagon confirmed that military hardware will also be sent to bolster the kingdom's defenses following an assault on riyadh's all facilities last month. and the u.s. and china struck a partial trade deal which could potentially end a dispute between the world's 2 biggest economies donald trump says they put them in their agreement covers intellectual property financial services and large agricultural purchases. now the u.s. is former ambassador to ukraine says donald trump pressured the state department to fire mary 11 ovitz has given a dramatic testimony to members of congress leading an impeachment inquiry into the
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us president she says she was removed from her post because of quote unfounded and false claims inquiries investigating with a trump tried to pressure ukraine's leader into investigating his democratic rival joe biden and his son who was working in ukraine michaela as the latest from washington d.c. . the former ambassador to ukraine mari you have one of each was instructed by the state department not to appear in congress however she defied this instruction appearing before the congressional committee behind closed doors then there was the case of opening statements being leaked and certainly according to that statement she came out with both barrels firing insisting that those with questionable motives had caused her recall from the ukraine that the direct instruction of president trump she spoke about what she called a hollowed out state department and certainly added to the congressional knowledge
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off the events that led to that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine that lies at the heart of this ongoing investigation importantly though she also opened a little bit of a chip in that white house boycott of the ongoing investigations it is now known that a number of other state department officials may be appearing in congress in coming days among them gordon sunderland who was blocked from appearing by state department last week but now he's been served a subpoena is lawyers say that he is willing and ready to appear in congress to give his evidence that documents that were in his position though will not be presented as they are in the position of the state department while staying in washington and president trump has announced that the acting homeland security secretary will step down and a replacement will be named next week trump said on twitter that kevin mcmullen plans to enter the private sector's cannon has held the post since april is the 4th
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person to serve in the role since trump took office in 2016. protest as in haiti have clashed with police in the capital port au prince a day after a journalist was found shot dead in his car the killing of reports in the head of joseph happened during a surge in violence that has killed at least 20 people he was known for his coverage of the anti-government protests demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the president german eloise they charge police barricades leading to his official residence. the reasons why we're protesting are down to hunger misery insecurity unemployment impunity and corruption has been tied to 69 cases of corruption the father of corruption. the jovan was it has not kept his promises he should resign we want to new president so that we can have a better life in ecuador there's been more fighting between police and indigenous
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communities as thousands joined a tense day of austerity protests demonstrators want the president and in marino to repeal a law that ended a 40 year old fuel subsidy at least 5 people have been killed in the unrest. has more now from the nation's capital quito. clashes between police and protesters in ecuador's capital city show no sign of relenting police used flash bang grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds that let the demonstrators say authorities have also used live ammunition against peaceful protesters. 6 the ongoing protests have paralyzed much of downtown. amidst the chaos and clouds of tear gas medical patients could be seen fleeing nearby hospitals they don't know mostly mushy numbers vistar that's done before you see this we couldn't have imagined a situation it's horrifying to see people fighting one another on the floor if you want to. after more than a week of unrest indigenous demonstrators continue to run from across the country
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to participate in the ongoing anti-government demonstrations some traveling from communities as far away as the amazon to join the front lines in the photo so much video that by stress that we've come from far away leaving our families behind and now we're here to participate in a national strike so the government can show us some respect. in a pre recorded message to the nation on friday president lenny modano asked for a direct dialogue with leaders within the national confederation of indigenous communities is indispensable if it's imperative that we end the violence we need solutions to the issues of our country i'm calling on leaders to speak with me directly. outside ecuador's national assembly building demonstrators were once again met with sound grenades and tear gas several demonstrators as well as police officers were injured during the confrontation despite the ecuadorian president's call for a national dialogue tensions still remain very high here in quito demonstrators say
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that they're angry over the heavy handed response by authorities against peaceful protesters if anything these clashes between demonstrators and police only appear to be intensifying. indigenous leaders have agreed to sit down for talks with the president but with growing calls for the authorities to bring back order to the streets there's concern the violence could get even worse when measured up on the jersey to do it for the. ethiopia's prime minister ahmed has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize he beat 16 year old climate change activists gratitude among others is credited with helping to end his country's 2 decades long war with neighboring eritrea robyn kriel reports from ethiopia's capital addis ababa nobel peace prize for 20192 ethiopian prime minister ahmed ali. leader heard of his prestigious prize and with that praise from his supporters of an ethiopian we have seen
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has played a major role in championing social justice. and what we expect know. of the peace progress and development of the mission of parliament is of parliament importance sworn into office barely 18 months ago at the height of civil unrest in ethiopia and during a state of emergency the 43 year old former army intelligence officer hasn't shied away from taking tough decisions. his biggest achievement is making peace with neighboring eritrea following a 21 year long conflict on their border which began with rule in 1998 abi managed to reestablish normal relations between the 2 countries he also ordered the release from jail of his critics opposition politicians and journalists have even established
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a ministry of peace which includes some of the government's most notorious ministries such as the national intelligence service and the police force he's also trying to open up the economy allowing foreign investors a sharing traditionally state of monopolies it hasn't been easy though abbie survived an assassin armed with a grenade at a campaign rally last year was. and interests like fighting nationwide forced around $3000000.00 people from their homes abi also survived an attempted coup a few months ago by some soldiers unhappy with his leadership for close allies including his chief of staff were killed in the failed uprising in the am hard region and he's disappointed many of the o.p.'s by failing to quickly transform the economy the only problem that have. they wanted the change to happen immediately. we have now if you can the problems in this country
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a lot of the economy is growing very fast the amount of. expenditure of those going into infrastructure has been at the expense of livelihoods a general election is jew next may some opposition supporters told al jazeera that that will be the ultimate test of his peace prize i believe will help us an impetus for him to significantly improve his legitimacy it will be understood in a sort of understood us an international recognition for not only for him but you know for the people and for the country in going forward you know tackling the challenges and realizing the ambitions of the mass people for democracy inclusive an accountable state as the prime minister received the news of his prize he said he hoped it would promote peace building efforts elsewhere in africa thank 'd you very much. just didn't you say to remark if. you don't go after europe and i can i can imagine how the rest of objectivity would
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think it's possible to work on peace process in our continent abbie's job of keeping if you would be a united and stable is a big one but he's off to a good start as this year's nobel peace prize laureate robyn kriel al jazeera at. the we can expound june in our songs was remanded in custody on friday after a brief appearance via video link to a london court the hearing was to determine whether he should be extradited to the us a song faces 18 counts there including conspiring to have government computers and violating an espionage law he could spend decades in prison if convicted to avoid an international arrest warrant issued in 2010 asylum sought asylum in ecuador he subsequently spent almost 7 years in the country's london embassy the case is due to be heard again later this month. russian opposition leader alexina valmy says
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prosecutors have asked a court to seize his moscow apartment as collateral in a lawsuit in the valley helped organize a series of anti-government rallies this year in the russian capital they were the largest such demonstrations since 2011 peaking at around 60000 people. now tell him the central philippines has replaced an almost all male police force with women offices it's all part of a wider government effort of promoting women in the workplace. they are on a mission not just to apprehend criminals but to break stereotypes. these police officers are the 1st all female police force in the country sorry matters marry young police or pulleys mary's as they are called are from the town of maria in c.q. who are in the sensual philippines male police officers who were previously assigned
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here have all been moved elsewhere this is seen as a trail blazing move by colonel angela handel who is also the 1st female police director of the city hall or she said she knows how tough it is for females to rise through the police ranks we have women legislators we have women in in the congress we also have women presidents and why not 4 day philippine national police around 20 female police officers now staff this station assigned to protect around 12000 residents and although their arrival is celebrated here the pressure to deliver is felt deeply. they are made to undergo the same kind of training that male police officers go through. the philippine national police has a 10 percent quota of female officers within its ranks under its reform program
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for decades female police officers were mostly just assigned to do desk work but that is about to change now they tell us a woman's place is also on the front lines local residents. they have already felt the difference people are more curious people are more curious nobody noticed the police station before now they understand what they do and that the people are on our say not other ways public trust in the philippine police has plummeted over the last few years the government's controversial drug war has left thousands of filipinos dead most of them from impoverished communities and allegations of corruption and abuse of power has affected its top leadership. these police officers vow to give their best because for so long been sidelined this time using
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their strengths and qualities as women to finally lead and drool in a man's world. jim duggan. central philippines. now the 1st person ever to perform a space walk has died at the age of 85 the russian cosmonauts alexina not made history in 1965 when he floated outside of the spacecraft for just over 12 minutes the mission almost derailed though when the end of a spacesuit filled with air which left him struggling to get back into his capsule he went on to lead the soviet part of the 1st joint u.s.s.r. u.s. space flight 10 years later. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. officials say some american troops were withdrawn from a military position in northern syria but came out of turkish artillery fire it
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appears the outpost did not take a direct hit turkish forces have now pushed 8 kilometers deeper into territory held by many kurdish fighters in syria and u.n. says more than 100000 people have been displaced by turkey's military offensive. the u.s. is sending $800.00 additional troops to saudi arabia the pentagon confirm that military hardware will also be sent to bolster the kingdom's defenses following an assault on riyadh's old facilities last month. we are sending troops and other things to the middle east to help the arabia what are you ready saudi arabia at my request has agreed to pay us for everything we're doing at 1st but saudi arabia and other countries do down but saudi arabia as you greed to pay us for everything we're doing down there and we appreciate that but u.s. and china have struck a partial trade deal which could potentially end the dispute between the world's 2
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biggest economies donald trump has held talks with china's vice premier and suspended a tariff hike on $250000000000.00 of chinese imports the u.s. is former ambassador to ukraine says donald trump pressure the state department to fire mary of out of it she has given a dramatic testimony to members of congress leading to an impeachment inquiry into the u.s. president says she was removed from the post because of unfounded and false claims inquiries investigating whether trump tried to pressure ukraine's leader into investigating his democratic rival joe biden and his son who was working in ukraine protesters in haiti have fought with police in the capital port au prince the day after a journalist was found shot dead in his car demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the president. they charge police barricades leading to his official residence the killing a reporter and a heavy joseph happened during a surge in violence has killed at least 20 people and was known for his coverage of
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the anti government protests. all right so those are the headlines the news continues on the al-jazeera after one of many stage and that's a lot of battle. one simple mistake could be fatal. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for a former north korean soldier the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . old marine boy a witness documentary on al-jazeera. thank you philippines president roderigo deterred a self-proclaimed war on drugs has been blamed for thousands of alleged
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extrajudicial killing. now on the island of negros he's launched another bloody war against a communist insurgency. but many say in reality it's a brutal campaign to annihilate his critics. and the death toll mounts one a one east investigates ditto today's new. it's. true you were standing right here and this store owner was sitting right there were at the scene of a targeted killing and just suddenly. this this mother's act stop over there and face them and called out his name they knew his name was being you only was they said ben and then ben looked at them. so we usually
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ramos's husband was gunned down outside the shop late one night in november last year this is the 1st time she's returned. i could not really find the strength to come back and see where he laid down for us life. is so mad i don't know i feel so sad i feel so. just really and we've. been ramos was a human rights lawyer his wife blames president ditto days government for his death plus the state for since. taking the life of a person was very innocent. what's been very supportive of farmers this is it's it's not an answer. the island of negras is known as the sugar bowl of the philippines. the hundreds of thousands of
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hectares of kind fields concentrated in the hands of just a few politically powerful plantation over the. decades of exploitation of farm workers have fueled support for a communist insurgency. it's karela group the new people zomi or n.p.a. is based in the remote mountain areas and is recognized globally as a terrorist organization. in november last year president to target declared a state of emergency on a grass ordering military and police when force wants to the island to launch operations against the new people's army but human rights organizations accuse state forces of not only targeting insurgents but carrying out extradition killings of those pesetas to pose a political threat to the government what do you when you when the. president to
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turtoni has openly called for the killing of human rights activists as well as roy is who represent those accused of being n.p.i. one of the human rights. little. well spirit. if they are of the up being just them. since he came to power in 2016 there have been at least 87 alleged extrajudicial killings of peasants human rights advocates and lawyers only grow silent. it's really this and that there discover in the systematic attack and political persecution of activists clarissa singh soon zahra over rez and belle ramos as we know you are all human rights workers take on cases of extrajudicial killings for benefit of
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charges arrests. in april this year photographs of the 3 women appeared on a poster of more than 60 people branded as fronts for the new people's army. the phone number to report sightings of them is for the local police. they are saying that people are and be should be killed and should be killed and it's it's really serious. to people on the poster are already. at only bad he she is husband was the 1st to be killed and. then in april this human rights advocate and city councilor who was shot in the head while driving his motorbike. after each killing clarice or in zahra received death threats saying they could be next. we know that it's part of the state to harass and to saul fear so that we will be sighted in and stop their work. this
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movie shows the 1st village that we organized way back in 1904 people say year ban passed the bar exam and so this was a community that see firsthand lives in the late eighty's government reforms was supposed to redistribute land to peasants the congresswoman who owned the plantation here refused to comply. been a new shoes in geo late a full year legal battle for these families connected. at the would have been done was now for a number to get to someone somewhere and make the final settlement in a much better man without him with an add on this that and since his death the foma say the government's trying to force them to disband the collective that's become a setback and demand one be one man woman in the case i'm enough of an only guess
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i'm one of them and you know has it been done to me there and make an amends to see it in the middle without me that is that since yes i see people based on. their new bit of how most but i say yeah that'll be on the list some of those ability to do that month would say. god. in the months leading up to ben's death we should say is a local military radio program intensified its campaign against him claiming he was recruiting for the n.p.r. i. want. then you know toba 20. 9 farmers were shot dead with high powered weapons as they slept in
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a field. then gave legal advice to their families and also members of the sugar workers federation who were charged with the murder is. said that one massacre happened in the north of the us and of course a lot of people there knew. the killings for state sponsored so we were discussing what kind of case we could fire and so and i are of the military. less than 3 weeks after the massacre was dead. so i have here the autopsy report that was done by the commission on human rights one bullet hit his heart and came out and said and they said and of the gunmen was really very very professional. it's really him. c.c.t.v. cameras captured the hitman after the shooting wearing
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a hooded sweater on the back of a motorbike one makeshift so. it was an extrajudicial killing you know because these before he was killed he was already being survey and monitored by the intelligence officers of the military so he told you that he told me that and i was with him and i saw how he was being surveilled. he she says the intimidation hasn't stopped with the husband's mood of playing ploy of military told his funeral convoy and allegedly threatened the mourners with a pistol who were later charged with posing a grave threat. since then there have been more death threats some of our staffs have received. coffee and she says the military continues to stalk them as they try to do their work you can see in this speech that while we were
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conducting the mission tree men who are all covered this kenyan took pictures. and they were just standing right next to the military. these people our intelligence officers coming from there come in a scared me a lot because the way the they dressed up with this child and i would 1st seen loathing the gunman newest when he killed us. major general polonia is a spokesman for the president's new national tosk force to end communist conflict despite widespread media coverage of bin ramos's moodle he says he's not familiar with the 11 month old case we have to investigate we have to have philippine national police investigate these days and we have to make sure that. the guilty amongst the armed forces among members of the armed forces would be cross with the
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dogs and so you're not disputing that perhaps attorney benjamin ramos was targeted by spiteful says. i don't know but like i said we're going to help in this investigation to make sure that these there's a law there's a fair amount of judgment that's using this investment was. about calling c.g. on the west coast of the island protesters take to the streets to demonstrate against the mounting deaths of civilians in counterinsurgency operation 5000000000000000000000000 over as from the recently formed n.g.o.s defame a gross defies the deference against her to document eyewitness accounts of the killing even in some major us we still have an interest the gate
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the case says human rights violations because we believe that the person is an authority the one know it and the rest and killings if it's very clear that it's the police who killed those victims was it over. 7 17 year old sheila may assume and her family fled their village soon after her older brother who was shot dead by state forces it's. she says she no longer goes to school because she's being watched. or in the evening to say. nice to me horribly again when police arrived. early one morning in december last year. with. 5
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a lack. of those. suppose. malony back that line young black.


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