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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 41  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2019 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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the interest the gate the. human rights. because we believe that that person is an authority. and that arrests and killings it is so very clear that it's the police who kill those victims the. 7 17 year old she may assume and her family fled their village soon after her older brother was shot dead by state forward since she says she no longer goes to school because she's being watched. or in the eye to say it's. nice to meet the horribly again when police arrived at a home early one morning in december last year. i doubt that. 5 any fun
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in the medical student suppose. that money back that money you got. to see and it's. fun along at a money enough and some of. those. little money. sheila mae's brother jesus who had turned 27 on christmas day just 2 days before he was killed he was a construction worker and the main breadwinner for the family. his mother do you know was working in the fields when she heard the gunshots and ran back to the house. go up pull bucket. i'm not poor one. you know
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one. last thing you made. up in the. sun would mean you're not in. and. that post 911 share. the mic or indeed one being on the. do you was arrested and taken to the police station. by a man that. salutes a percent. not big enough one c. c the live near can you live nonetheless office and. she alleges the police placed a gun in front of her and then asked her why she hadn't. been up i've been here when the bucket pumping bunking.
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will love someone. who will love coming. by you. do you are no family and no living in hiding scattered across the country fearing for their lives. then we did it on the i mean by. human love begin to. wonder. these women also want justice but a sketch they'll be easily targeted if they show their faces or their family
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members were killed on march 30th by joint military and police operation out of the $37.00 home searched that day 14 people ended up dead. steve our public was a motorcycle taxi rider who according to his mother and sister had been labelled as n.p.i. they tell of how it was still dark when police barge through the back of the house early one morning get there how many it all got at the bottom of. the phone all day long when i did a lot of doing your bit as i go off to the bottom of the long haul out of a got my sickness i think steve was sleeping on the 2nd floor again i said not all the last months at mohawk and one under. their own things or with a bottle it's the real one now nags at a concert which is. a while again he. bought
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a purse. the autopsy found that steve was shot 4 times in the head chest and twice in the abdomen. mans husband was also a motorcycle taxi rider a chairman of a local branch of a transport union she says he too had been labeled as n.p.r. a but he insists he had no connection to the rebel group he has seen among. our. police don't look and had look at all so you know what i mean i go well hubble . when the police arrived early in the morning of march 30th they served her husband with a search warrant she and their 4 year old son were beside him in a. i want to lay. me gania several. police. busting out. in 60 and that.
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you know not only will you not only be married with. me a little once a year. she climbs a sister then saw 2 policeman planting guns in the laundry. on long scenic. but i am in my own chilling but i am even in pain. but i think up in the spot that being only you know what i mean. meanwhile her husband's body was hastily removed you know off and. i. was in long. last but the thing. about. it's more than 6 months since her husband was killed and police are yet to give her
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a copy of the search warrant but even if she had it may end says she wouldn't take legal action until i only. made me. stop what amounted to. a month and i. wasn't and that's something human rights worker clarissa singson admits makes it difficult to see justice even though we have witnesses and we have documented strong evidence in court be kept fired because there's no witnesses for when brave enough. because they fear for their lives because we cannot insured received their security we cannot even ensure our own safety and security the essence of dispassionate us as a spokesman for the president's anticommunist hospitals major general polani
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dismisses the family's fees as it in mission of guilt those who are trepan are probably hiding something those who are present are probably members of this underground mice organization he's steadfast in his view that those killed for back there would be killing if there are no resistance armed resistance so that's what happened i think that doesn't the direction of the investigation the result of the investigation and we would soon come out and you can you can check but when we detail the cases where witnesses say there was no resistance he denies any knowledge of them just to be clear some of the alleged atrocities that i've raised with you today were saying that you're hearing things for the 1st time yes many of go what you said we have heard personally i've heard for the 1st time it should be because. must tell you that there is no such thing as
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a state sanctioned killings no but there have been media reports on this i mean how did you not know if this is the 1st time that i heard this indeed it. in the newspaper they don't serve and. in many of the reports are to me regard the sources because the major specially the mainstream. dominated by these super pickard groups in the in the print and maybe even. today's are over as he's taking us to kindly own city in the heart of nicholas when most of the killing us of a could in july for political figures were gunned down the who's responsible is still unknown. that that that's the side. that he left you all right and that. many lives are believe these c.c.t.v. video of the july killings busy piri similarities to official operations conducted
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by state forces they did not identify themselves but that that is almost the same as its flag be it the need of parity dong. there is a fully armed man you know dead to defend this because and they are are wearing fascists and they have these high power and fire arms riot yeah that since there are so many blocks just as they are just out. in the heart. the end of the freedom caught. the operation took little more than 5 minutes the c.c.t.v. cameras are on the family compound triangle in the driveway and on the god station but unfortunately there were non that captured the entrance of a house just a short walk away. according to his family city council love pramono holland dodi
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was killed as he came out of his bedroom the autopsy found $23.00. gunshot wounds to his body were free to be left on the house red long leave the n.p.a. but the rebels deny responsibility and the family who now fear for their lives tell us they don't believe with the killers they say the counselor helped pull families in the mountains but had no involvement with the rebel group this anonymous different was sent to a family member after the killing accusing them of supporting the n.p.a. it warns you are the next target and while the president is in charge your name will not be a raise from the least. around the corner from the 1st murder is the home of another victim this time the local council chief his son is also worried
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about his safety and doesn't want to show his face or afraid i'm. afraid of ghosts who do not know me so i resigned in the east. verifying. the walls by the skulls from m. 16 bullets my father got out of the stall when going through the window. would be when he opened the window it was a thing he was shot and where was he shot in his face and the mysterious face. goes all. over but. the side of the ear. from here it's believed the gunman drove north to another city with a killed 2 more people but the big question is how did such a large convoy of armed men get through the numerous police checkpoints in the area . i don't know how to explain it but. let me tell you again that we the
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government is not or does not condone those things and that's going to be part of again the commitment to you to the people of beggars that we will do our part in making sure that they conduct the investigation properly sort of we will be able to pursue the criminals so you will us personally make sure that their investigation because i mean there are many who say you know it has all the hallmarks of a state sanctioned killing no there is no such thing as a state sanctioned. is the same as the. drug problem i think they say it's just the states i'm sure there's no such thing what kind of government will sanction this misgivings with the. people get hurt or especially if they're loose over systems. but just the same the government is sincere in making sure that
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there's just peace and justice was beings are. good for you show ramos and her children there's been no justice. this is a hopeless. first me a lot. not to find justice. then is just one. of the 87 farmers and lawyers and these jurors were killed because of this counterinsurgency insurgency. and all of us all of the 87 have not got them and justice. a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother to break unite with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean
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war on al jazeera. 3 years 3 prime ministers and still close ranks with the oct 31st departure deadline looming and the e.u. and u.k. prepare to square off in brussels what will boris johnson to do next followed the e.u. summit on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this. turkish forces advance deeper into northern syria as u.s. troops evacuation outpost after coming under fire. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s.
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is to send more troops and then add defense system to saudi arabia to bolster security against iran. we've come to a very substantial. phase one deal donald trump announces a partial trade deal with china after the latest round of talks. and super typhoon haiyan this close in on japan threatening to bring the heaviest rain and winds in 60 is. welcome to the program u.s. officials say some american troops have withdrawn from a military position in northern syria that came under turkish artillery fire but it appears the outpost did not take a direct hit turkish forces output. and deep into territory held by the man the kurdish fighters in syria their offensive began on wednesday the u.n. says 100000 people have been displaced john stratford is at the turkey syria border . black smoke rising over northeastern syria turkish army tanks and reinforcements
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move towards the border with turkey military says it's captured a number of villages around the kurdish controlled towns of to lobby out and russell i mean it's reported most if not all their civilian populations fled. the u.n. says that more than 100000 people have been forced from their homes. there are civilian casualties among the thousands of people fleeing turkish artillery shells soldiers and their syrian rebel allies turkey says it's conducting what it calls an anti terror operation to create a safe zone so syrian refugees in turkey can return. to kurdish syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. he's putting up a fierce resistance in turkey considers the main kurdish fighting force of the s.d.f. was aligned with a group which is for the turkish government for decades b.s.d.'s fought alongside
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u.s. forces in the highly effective in defeating eisel in northern syria and the turkish offensive began after the us withdrew some of its forces from the area. turkey is nato's a 2nd largest military power blocs chief met the turkish foreign minister in a prescheduled visit he called for restraint but no harsh criticism of the turkish government i shared with him my serious concerns about the ongoing operation and the risk of further destabilizing the region escalating tensions and even more human suffering. why churchgate house legitimacy security concerns expect churches to act with restraint turkey's president remains defiant. there is that it down most of the big to make it is that we are not waiting for terrorists to come to our door we're now aiming to destroy target is ations of their source took he only suspects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our neighbors but
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under one condition we are not going to accept actions against our country the turkish military is widening its bombardment of s.d.f. positions along the border forcing potentially thousands more people to flee their homes many of whom already internally displaced victims of the war in syria. al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border well richard white says that defense expert witness trot that said just a political consultancy he says washington will hold true to its threat of sanctions if turkey continues to push forward into northern syria. what the pentagon is doing is a howling that her through various channels where the u.s. forces that are the also were seen warnings in the sanctions there's that were discussed earlier today that the treasury department the pentagon has reaffirmed and that u.s.
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forces have the right of self defense so i think there are both the you know the department said at the level of the treasury the defense department state former arps are continuing to try and work out an arrangement by which will minimize casualties the u.s. and syrian as well the initiative now is with the turks and so it's a question of how far the turks are going to go and how they're going to do it my and understanding is that the the u.s. resistance to the turks intervention will directly reflektor how far the turks what's going to happen with those prisoners and how many civilian casualties there are so it's a limited intervention. there's no the elites of many isis prisoners al qaida is unable to regroup and so on then i think we'll see the level of u.s. warnings lack of support in public but not active opposition if over the converse
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occurs i think you'll see the u.s. takes much stronger steps to confront and change the surface particles that the u.s. announced $800.00 additional troops some extra equipment for saudi arabia to strengthen the kingdom security following an attack on riyadh's all facilities last month that brings the total deployment of $3000.00 u.s. forces to saudi arabia welton jordan has more now from washington d.c. . for the 2nd time in a month the u.s. is sending troops to saudi arabia to help protect that country from iranian attacks in response to continue threats in the region i've ordered the deployment to the kingdom of saudi arabia of 2 additional fighter squadrons and supporting personnel along with additional patriot and fat air and missile defense batteries taken together with other deployments i've extended or authorized the last month this involves about $3000.00 united states forces a few 100 u.s. troops went to saudi arabia in mid september after iranian drones and cruise missiles destroyed part of the op geike include heise oil facilities washington
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also impose sanctions on iran central bank and its sovereign wealth fund and this is on top of our oil sanctions and our financial institutions sanctions but this latest deployment is much larger because the trumpet ministration says the threat from terre haute has worsened we are accumulating risk of a regional war and i've been saying that for over a year here in another forum and then on september 14th we had an active war and we continued to accumulate risk of a worse conflict a mid east policy expert said the troop deployment is important but not as important as many assume the additional missile defense systems seem to be a clear reaction to a successful attack by drones and by missiles on saudi oil facilities which actually was a great embarrassment to the united states and to saudi arabia u.s. officials insist they're not being provocative by sending more troops and weapons
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to saudi arabia chances are officials in tehran will disagree roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington well president trump has defended the deployment of troops to the middle east. we are sending food and other things to the middle east the house saudi arabia but are you ready saudi arabia at my request has agreed to pay out for everything we're doing at 1st but saudi arabia and other countries do now but saudi arabia has agreed to pay us for everything we're doing down there and we appreciate that but p.j. crowley is a former special assistant to the president on national security affairs he says the deployment is to reassure gulf nations the u.s. remains committed to security in the region 1st it seems to be an extension of the u.s. reaction to you know what happened last month i think the timing of this has more
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to do with with well domestic political considerations and regional security considerations you know trying to ministration has taken some some heat here politically in the united states you know for its its casual response if you will to the turkish action in syria and i think this is a way of trying to balance that off by reassuring those in the regions particular goal of the united states remains committed to the security of the region while the overage arching policy is to try to push back on on your growing influence of iran in the region. and that's the policy you know whether it has an effective strategy to achieve that is a very good question you know as prime hook at the state department said today you know that the united states remains open to a diplomatic solution given the rising tension between the united states and iran
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by the same token when the president on down it is not necessarily creating conditions that enable that diplomatic solution to occur. the u.s. and china have struck a partial trade deal that could end the dispute between the world's 2 biggest economies donald trump has held talks with china's vice premier and suspended a tariff icon 250000000000 dollars worth of chinese imports it was set to take effect on tuesday. but we've come to a deal intellectual property. financial services. a tremendous deal for the farmers a purchaser from $40.00 to $50000000000.00 worth of agricultural products another big issue that we've come to a conclusion on is currency foreign exchange we've also made very good progress on technology transfer and we'll put some of the technology transfer in phase one phase 2 will start negotiations almost immediately after we've concluded phase one
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and papered it well i'm a time going as a china analyst advises the chinese government on economics and development he says trump announced this deal to divert attention from his domestic troubles. in this particular case he's echoing what is being said in beijing there's been a number of articles and some statements that indicate all the areas that he has mentioned are in fact are the deal but you know donald trump is in a difficult situation he lost 5 court cases yesterday his personal attorney has been to say compromised and he's in a position where he wants to change the narrative obviously from the financial side this will work but he's he's has some bad optics here and he risks this idea that he is caving in in order to get some good press and it's going to a lot will depend on how his base reacts to what he's proposing there's this narrative that china has been wholesale stealing intellectual property force
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transfers all of these types of things that the reality is that china has been taking steps you can see it in their corks and you can see in the number of cases that are being brought and won by foreign entities here in china so it's not really something that beijing is giving up it was much more of an optics at this point remember in the beginning days china did not have any intellectual property they were not part of the system registering it when they were outside the w t o s so in w t o comes along they basically have nothing today and they're one of the largest ip producers if not the largest in terms of volume and they have a real they have skin in the game and therefore they are moving to protect it you know president trump as an ounce of the acting homeland security secretary will step down and the replacement will be named next week trump said on twitter a kevin mcmullen n is looking forward to spending more time with his fine.


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