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them during the one than the one i wanted. and one of them. is something that is all. but jane there it is a kind of what i'm going to die. young. i hope it will be. live. in the lucky one. and world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects
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you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled in so in houses and private collectors the bang for selling i mean artifact is where finances the beheadings of muslims in the middle east don't sal don't go back to one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera. well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in 2 hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly 2 cultures north and south america. it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be seen and about renegotiating it we
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would have had a deal and we would have been out on a 3 ton ship at a deal and you disagree with that deal this is the terrible truth is that we're still not it was. maybe his son and those would be chairman of the u.k.'s practicality. the terms very loose so that there's not a loose about it's often shop it's pretty clear it is clear as brits it means brits yes it is and it's just as clearly hazy. on the scene. hello i'm daryn jordan and with a quick reminder at the top stories here on the al jazeera u.s. officials say some american troops have withdrawn from a military position in northern syria that came out of turkish artillery fire though it appears the outpost did not take a direct hit turkish forces have now pushed 8 kilometers deeper into territory held
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by many kurdish fighters in syria the u.n. says more than 100000 people have been displaced by turkey's military offensive zana has the latest there turkey's border with syria. the battle for 2 key syrian border towns continues the line and the turkish army as well as their local allies the opposition syrian national council they're closing in on these 2 towns but the as the f. continues to resist the us the office continuing to put up a fight i must mention that these 2 towns are now empty the residents tens of thousands of people have left this towns why are these towns significant because they're going to be the perimeters of the initial safe zone that the turkish government wants to create in northeast syria the u.s. is sending $800.00 additional troops to saudi arabia that brings the total deployment of $3000.00 u.s. forces to the kingdom it's in response to an assault on riyadh's oil facilities last month president trump says the u.s. is helping saudi arabia but riyadh will pay for the deployment the u.s.
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and china have struck a partial trade deal that could end the dispute between the world's 2 biggest economies donald trump has held talks with china's vice premier and suspended a tariff i can't $250000000000.00 worth of chinese imports trump says the preliminary agreement covers intellectual property financial services and big agricultural purchases more than a 1000000 people have been advised to evacuate as a powerful typhoon closes in on japan typhoon haiyan is expected to batter the capital of tokyo already more than $16000.00 households and lost power and flights and train services are being disrupted and protesters in haiti have fought with police in the capital port au prince the day after a journalist was found shot dead in his car demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the president john l. murray's they charge police barricades leading to his official residence the killing of reporter josie it happened during a surge in violence that's killed at least 20 people he was known for his coverage
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of the protests but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness statement also watching often are. mum.
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you know the middle east and you go to. put him on. the question want to get the idea. of the war between a mighty. amount of money and what. i see the beginnings of a. reason for that and. i thought i was going to you know he hasn't. johnson but so when you get
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the believe in the salt flats. a place like no other. for generations formed by the sun later. the discovery of preciously below the salt threatens to change their way of life forever. witness sell a toe are now just eva. hellos but time for the casting to do is work now a bit of it but a cold air over the top of what warm water usually produces shows not yet all views on the satellite picture will largely free of clouds however in the forecast will
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bring in a week ish cold front normally behind it will develop clouds and rain for the caucasus and a hint for developing showers which should appear just north of terra or even of the city itself was hard to get to sunday back east and 21 degrees this time in the sunshine but anything south of there and it's still quite young there's nothing in the sky in pakistan anymore we've seen the back of the southwest monsoon should have seen the last the rain now and nothing much has changed in iraq or the rest of the band to be honest attempt as to where they might have been a month ago nor has it changed greatly saudi arabian that is yet we're waiting for the northerly wind to tuck into has done so we've lost a holy from salaries to what with chance of showers in the higher ground a western yemen and the southwest of saudi arabia again that's been the case for a week or so now as the sun takes the rain south through africa we've seen some pretty active stuff through south africa recently this is still looking cloudy new not very wet so for the most part we're still talking about lovely sunshine.
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on counting the cost president trump threatens to destroy turkey's economy again to find out how buses conflicts of interest in istanbul. lebanon goes from one crisis to another and can gold hit a record high of $2000.00 counting the cost and i just did a. turkish troops press deeper into northern syria and it's another warning from the u.s. of serious consequences. civil robin you're watching us is there
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a lot of my headquarters here in doha also coming up a temporary truce in the trade war between the u.s. and china that's hit economies worldwide train services shot a 1000000 people told to evacuate as typhoon how good this race is towards japan. and why one town in the central philippines has replaced its male police officers with women. welcome to al-jazeera the u.s. has once again warned turkey of culls sequences and very powerful sanctions if it continues its military offensive into syria but turkey's president says the operation will not stop on the ground turkish forces are pushing deeper into the northeast as their assault against kurdish fighters enters a 4th day 24 syrians have been killed according to the syrian observatory for human
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rights chris says 18 civilians have died on the turkey. side of the border the u.n. says lot of 100000 people have fled their homes since the attacks began all know when's day from the president on down we have communicated with the turks on this issue i spoke with turkish defense minister a car yesterday to express our strong opposition to turkey's actions and reiterated the damage this is doing to our bilateral relationship. u.s. officials say some american troops have withdrawn from the military position in northern syria that came into turkish artillery fire but it appears the outpost did not take a direct hit charles strafford reports from the take in syria bottle of black smoke rising over northeastern syria turkish army tanks and reinforcements move towards the border with turkey military says it's captured a number of villages around the kurdish controlled towns of to lobby out and russell i mean it's reported most if not all the civilian populations have fled.
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the u.n. says that more than 100000 people have been forced from their homes. there are civilian casualties among the thousands of people fleeing turkish artillery shells soldiers and their syrian rebel allies turkey says it's conducting what it calls an anti terror operation to create a safe zone so syrian refugees in turkey can return. to kurdish syrian democratic forces all s.p.f. is putting up fierce resistance turkey considers the main kurdish fighting force of the f.d.a. was aligned with a group which is for the turkish government for decades b.s.d.'s for too long side u.s. forces a highly effective in defeating eisel in northern syria and the turkish offensive began after the u.s. withdrew some of its forces from the area. turkey is nato's the 2nd largest
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military power blocs chief met the turkish foreign minister in a prescheduled visit he called for restraint but no harsh criticism of the turkish government i shared with him my serious concerns about the ongoing operation under risk of further destabilizing the region escalating tensions and even more human suffering. why turkey house security concerns i expect turkey to act with restraint turkey's president remains defiant. there is that in the down most of the big to make it is that we are not waiting for terrorists to come to our door we're now aiming to destroy target is ations are their source tookey on was respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our neighbors but under one condition we are not going to accept actions against our country the turkish military is widening its bombardment of s.d.f. positions along the border forcing potentially thousands more people to flee their
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homes and many of whom already internally displaced victims of the war in syria. al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border was in a sort of his life for us a notch college near techie's border with syria and really of the latest updates on events saying on the ground considering the turks are really under pressure to limit their operation. well that operation is continuing i can tell you since the early hours of this morning heavy artillery targeting positions of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces in 2 main a border towns the towns of. turkish troops as well as their local allies the opposition syrian national army they have yet to storm those 2 towns really the main towns along a 120 kilometer stretch of territory which is the focus of this ongoing operation
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so heavy artillery shelling airstrikes they want to control those 2 towns because that will allow them to push deeper into syria what the turkish military plans to do is to create a safe zone in the initial phase of course and this is what we understand from statements being made by turkish officials 810120 kilometer stretch of territory along the border 30 kilometers deep but we also understand is that they have reached some areas 30 kilometers in syria managing to cut the main highway the m 4 highway that connects the east and west syria what this will do really is the vide northeast syria the territory under the control of the kurdish led forces but as this operation continues the humanitarian impact is already being felt you already mentioned that on both sides of the border there have been civilian casualties war monitors reporting at least 20 civilians killed on the syrian side on the turkish side turkish border towns are coming under rocket fire and almost nearly 20
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civilians have so far been killed while signs worry about what's happening on the ground obviously the incident. the americans worried can we just expound on the incident which happened in the last 24 hours. yes that incident is deepening the crisis between the nato allies even before this operation relations between turkey and the united states were strained now the pentagon put it bluntly this operation has harm to our relationship now that incident that you mentioned the u.s. says that their soldiers came under turkish artillery fire in the town of khobar and which is also known as i know a lot of and they didn't suffer any casualties but they were clearly angry saying that the turks know we are here the turkish defense ministry responded by saying we did not target your base we were responding to fire that emanated 1000 meters from your base on a hill so it's still not clear if this incident is going to worsen the crisis but
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like you also mentioned earlier the united states is threatening severe economic sanctions if their red lines are crossed those red lines among other things involve the indiscriminate killing of civilians stopping the counterterrorism operations being conducted by the s.d.f. and the pentagon making it very clear we haven't abandoned our allies and we will remain in syria so the biggest question is is there an agreement between these 2 countries on what happens next after turkey takes control of the area that the u.s. military has withdrawn from that area between russell line and. this is stretching 30 kilometers deep into syria but of course we'll continue to monitor events through the day with you zain and all teams in the regions in a culture that corresponded. in other news the u.s. and china have struck a partial trade deal that could end the 15 month long trade war between the world's 2 largest economies donald trump has held talks with china's vice premier and
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suspended a terrace party on $250000000000.00 worth of chinese imports now that was set to take effect on tuesday it may take more than a month for a full deal to be written out. well we've come to a deal an intellectual property. financial services. a tremendous deal for the farmers a purchase of from $40.00 to $50000000000.00 worth of agricultural products another big issue that we've come to a conclusion on is currency foreign exchange we've also made very good progress on technology transfer and we'll put some of the technology transfer in phase one phase 2 will start negotiations almost immediately after we've concluded phase one and papered it. jeffrey wright is a united states policy analyst at the eurasia group and he thinks one of the reasons behind trans decision is to get some relief for u.s. farmers and to boost the country's economy. i think the pieces of this deal that
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are fairly concrete are the chinese agricultural purchases which trump says they will step up above their current levels and the cancellation of the looming tariff increase which was due to go into place next week beyond that there's a lot left undone around intellectual property a sectoral opening for financial services firms in china that has been rumored and pulled back a number of times and a lot of other issues where the real substance is still needs to be ironed out the chinese have already for the last 2 weeks or so their purchases of particularly of soybeans have been at much higher levels than they were for the bulk of the summer and so that's a big relief to farmers and if this deal holds i think those purchases will will continue or probably go up as well the pieces that are left undone are primarily in intellectual property the enforcement regime for this deal as well as
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a number of sort of unrelated issues on national security in particular on huawei the chinese telecom for it seems pretty clear to me that part of the reason for his motivation to get this deal was to get some relief for farmers and to put a boost into the macro economy in the u.s. as he heads into reelection and comes off of what was a very damaging week for him politically here in washington. more than a 1000000 people have been advised to evacuate super typhoon haiyan this approach is japan's capital it's expected to batter tokyo with heavy winds and rain to rugby world cup matches on japan's formula one grand prix have been suspended is going to very latest with wayne hale who joins me now from tokyo and of course where is a hurrican right now wayne because its effects are being felt and one assumes that the very well organized japanese will forward tees pen.
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yes that's right so the storm still have to post all the island of honshu most populated island in japan where for the capital tokyo is located but certainly the capital city and surrounding areas already as you mentioned feeling the effects of this storm that certainly expected to get a lot worse in fact the peak of the strength of this storm here in the capital is expected to come at around 9 o'clock tonight local time so that's in about 5 hours from now we're seeing a lot of heavy rain falling in the city the wind is getting stronger hour by hour again that is expected to get a lot worse as far as the rainfall goes forecast the saying that we may see this storm bringing levels of rainfall that we haven't seen since a deadly typhoon struck tokyo back in 1958 so the highest alert levels have been raised in this particular concern for communities on.


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