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farmers and if this deal holds i think those purchases will will continue or probably go up as well the pieces that are left undone are primarily in electoral property the enforcement regime for this deal as well as a number of sort of unrelated issues on national security in particular on huawei the chinese telecom for it seems pretty clear to me that part of the reason for his motivation to to get this deal was to get some relief for farmers and to put a boost into the macro economy in the u.s. as he heads into reelection and comes off of what was a very damaging week for him politically here in washington over to asia pacific now where more than a 1000000 japanese people have been advised to leave their homes as typhoon how could this approach is to give one of the strongest ever storms in japan is expected to batter the capital with record amounts of rain and high winds safety concerns of the consolation of 2 rugby world cup matches flights and train services have also been stopped when hey here's the latest from the japanese capital. the
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storm still on the eastern coast of all the island of honshu the most populated island in japan which is where poultry capital tokyo is located but certainly the capital city and surrounding areas already as you mentioned feeling the effects of this storm that certainly expected to get a lot worse in fact the peak of the strength of this storm here in the capital is expected to come at around 9 o'clock tonight local time so that's in about 5 hours from now we're seeing a lot of heavy rain falling in the city the wind is getting stronger alibi hour again that is expected to get a lot worse as far as the rainfall goes full cost as the saying that we may see this storm bringing levels of rainfall that we haven't seen since a deadly typhoon struck tokyo back in 1958 it's probably should have been a weekend when the sporting world much of it would have been focused on japan with those 2 rugby world cup games cancelled there is a possibility of
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a 3rd one on sunday being cancelled as well a decision on that will be made on sunday morning by the tone of the golden eyes is the formula one grand prix in suzuka which is about 300 kilometers to the south of tokyo that is still shadowed to go on sunday but of course a final decision on that may also be made on sunday morning most train services have been canceled as well where we. train station is just across the road normally right now on a saturday afternoon evening it would be extremely busy it would be bustling it is a ghost town now well still ahead here al-jazeera an explosive testimony by a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine during impeachment hearings against president trump also. we'll tell you what's behind these chaotic scenes in ecuador is coming to stay with us here.
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hello there i'm afraid the sunshine maybe and all the short supply across some parts of europe as we head through this weekend sun across the north there's just a stream of cloud coming in across these sections although it's not as bad as you can see across areas further to the south and the southeast it's been a system working its way across the black sea in the last few hours continuing to bring want to 2 shows just those fall in northeastern coastal areas of turkey and then we've got religion to go please guys good time which is 24 and running this saturday 26 in athens is warming up nicely and then to the north that is where the rain is working its way across the baltics pushing into northern as the europe and also just this line of those across northern sections of mainland europe now by sunday there's a new system pushing in from the northwest and it's being with us some fairly persistent rain heavy at times as well gusty winds so not feeling too. much of the
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u.k. and beginning to work its way into northern areas of france at the same time you see this line of kaddish i was also fall down into the southwest so we'll see if you show me across much of portugal and again on into northern areas especially in that cloud will continue its support for the south across areas of morocco on towards on geria but you know we're expecting much the way of showers over the next couple of days and how much is not see body fat warm again into missiles sunday with a high of 30. sponsored by town. do you know know you're going to be negotiating that we would have a deal and we would be down on them 3 times you put a deal and you disagree with that deal this is a terrible twos and we're still not it was brought to us when you would like example maybe his son goes head to head with the chairman of the u.k.'s practicality the 2 times the terms of removes top themselves so that there's not a loose about talking shop it's pretty clear actually it was clear was great to means but so yes it is and it's a story we. don't want to see. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera with me seldom reminder of our top stories the pentagon has warned turkey of serious consequences if it continues its military offensive against kurdish forces in syria on friday u.s. forces came and turkish artillery fire. also the u.s. and china have struck a partial trade deal donald trump has held talks with china's vice premier and suspended a terrifying $250000000000.00 worth of chinese imports that was set to take effect on choose day. and more than a 1000000 people have been advised to evacuate
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a super typhoon haiyan base approaches japan's capital to rugby world cup matches have been suspended. breaking news that kenya's star marathon runner kept chug a has become the 1st man to run the mouth and in under 2 hours he completed the distance in one hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds he was just under 26 seconds short of the target 2 years ago in italy and of course he broke that record just a few moments ago crossing the line in a very warm vienna to those rapturous welcome and certainly rapturous celebrations that have begun there it's not an official world record as such but he has certainly got and maintains the current world record because of the way that that marathon was run with usa guard now with the brothers with him
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to. stop wind resistance and everything the critics of this particular race really say it wasn't run under the normal marrissa the extremes of a large crowd of runners a group of runners but of course a lot more analysis on that a major achievement for him and another milestone in athletics regardless of what people think amazing. time there is an austrian. let's move on to washington's former ambassador to ukraine who says that donald trump pressured the state department to fire her and she was rude because of unfounded and false claims your van of it gave testimony to members of congress leading an impeachment inquiry into the u.s. president is investigating whether trump pressured ukraine's leader into in investigating his democratic rival joe biden and his son who worked there mike hanna has more from washington d.c.
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. the former ambassador to ukraine mari you've done of each was instructed by the state department not to appear in congress however she defied this instruction appearing before the congressional committee behind closed doors then there was the case of her opening statements being leaked and certainly according to that statement she came out with both barrels firing insisting that those with questionable motives had caused her recall from the ukraine that the direct instruction of president trump she spoke about what she called a hollowed out state department and certainly added to the congressional knowledge off the events that led to that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine that lies at the heart of this ongoing investigation importantly though she also opened a little bit of a chip in that white house boycott of the ongoing investigations it is now known
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that a number of other state department officials may be appearing in congress in coming days among them gordon sunderland who was blocked from appearing by state department last week but now he's been served a subpoena is lawyers say that he is willing and ready to appear in congress to give his evidence that documents that were in his position though will not be presented as they are in the position of the state department will staying in the country president trump personal ads that the new homeland security secretary is to step down and his replacement will be named next week on twitter that kevin michael lendon plans to enter the private sector clean and has held the post since april he's the 4th person to see in the role since trump took office in 2017. in india regional security concerns on the trade imbalance of dominated the 2 day
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meeting between china's president xi jinping wrapping up what's described as an informal summit with prime minister nuri and ramadi their odds after india revoke the special status of indian administered kashmir china has traditionally back to pakistan in its decade long dispute with india they also spoke about other development development or priorities in particular there were some discussion on trade related issues on economic issues on trying to identify areas for investment that the 2 countries good to encourage and also on how to enhance the trade volume and the trade value. in this also obviously included the issue of the trade difference that exists and the unbalanced trade that exists in tin is in high unemployment and rising inflation have been major problems for years reviving the economy will be one of the main challenges for the winner of sunday's presidential
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election runoff. has been to the town of more than mark to see what farmers and other businesses want from their new leader. mentees embarking on a journey he hopes earns him a stable income in a country known for its. his plan to thousands of marines for trees they're rich in nutrients and antioxidants but for a business to thrive in his ears have to buy his produce and as did his years economic crisis deepens the farmer may have to wait longer to reap the fruits of his labor and muscular like what are all 'd the biggest challenges financing banks grant loans to wealthy farmers but not to us there is no bank to help young entrepreneurs invest in a strategic sicked such as agriculture young entrepreneurs and business owners say they are growing disillusioned with the government maddie's worry that owns a company assembling parts for vehicles made in china he was hoping to export his
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cars trucks and pick ups to customers in africa but his business is struggling as to his years recession shows no signs of anding we didn't some of this business to produce 1000 units here locally our 1st aim was to maybe in 56 years we start exporting now made here we spent 8 years we still in the local market. turn either hydrogen is the world bank's representative into his year he's been pressing the government to redo ract subsidies for agriculture and dairy products to new sectors that can generate income i think the voters have you in a row clear message to were just politicians in this regard. and of the messages that they're not at us for it with to worry the economic model of tunisia works they do not have this road with the services they're getting in health education
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and social protection the economic reforms that the world bank and other financial institutions have been calling for me to queue years to implement it is yes financial elite and interest groups fear reforms might and don't mind their control over the economy for the time being business owners and farmers such as will have to continue the hard work of selling their products in a tough competitive environment. this is ins continue to demand higher wages chipper goes into shops and job opportunities but whoever is elected on sunday want to have that much room to maneuver the cash strapped government is under pressure to repay foreign debt and which other leaders turn they will have to balance the demands of the voters without making the government bankrupt. the town of south of the capital to an s. to the caribbean now where protesters in haiti have clashed with police in the capital port au prince today after
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a journalist was found shot dead in his car the reporter. was killed while he was covering the surge in violence has killed at least 20 people demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the president of el ways this is enough for you are. the reasons why we're protesting are down to hunger misery insecurity unemployment impunity and corruption has been tied to 69 cases of corruption in years the father of corruption what might be overdone was it has not kept his promises he should resign we want a new president so that we can have a better life well in ecuador there's been more fighting between police and indigenous communities as thousands joined a 10th day of protests against austerity demonstrators want to president lyndon moreno to repeal a law that ended a 40 year old fuel subsidy 5 people have been killed since those clashes began when will repel a reporter from the capital quito. clashes between police and protesters in
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ecuador's capital city showed no sign of relenting police used flash bang grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowd. demonstrators say authorities have also used live ammunition against peaceful protesters. the ongoing protests have paralyzed much of downtown. amidst the chaos and clouds of tear gas medical patients could be seen. fleeing nearby hospitals you don't know no see mushy numbers because the that's done before you see this we couldn't have imagined a situation it's horrifying to see people fighting one another on the floor if you look. after more than a week of unrest indigenous demonstrators continue to run from across the country to participate in the ongoing anti-government demonstrations some traveling from communities as far away as the amazon to join the front lines in a photo of him with a video of it but we've come from far away leaving our families behind and now
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we're here to participate in a national strike so the government can show us some respect. in a pre recorded message to the nation on friday ecuador's president lenny moreno asked for a direct dialogue with leaders within the national confederation of indigenous communities in the space it's imperative that we end the violence we need solutions to the issues of our country i'm calling on leaders to speak with me directly. outside ecuador's national assembly building demonstrators were once again met with sound grenades and tear gas several demonstrators as well as police officers were injured during the confrontation despite the ecuadorian president's call for a national dialogue tensions still remain very high here in quito demonstrators say that they're angry over the heavy handed response by authorities against peaceful protesters if anything these clashes between demonstrators and police only appear to be intensifying the indigenous leaders have agreed to sit down for talks with
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the president but with growing calls for the authorities to bring back order to the streets there's concern the violence could get even worse when. you do it for the. relatives of people who disappeared in chile during the dictatorship of augusta pinochet have rejected a proposal to release those convicted for the crimes they marched in the country on friday a reporter recommending the early release of the 15 convicts was released earlier more than 3000 people were killed and thousands more tortured old jailed between 173990. i think it's an abomination that criminals who committed crimes against humanity get prison benefits without having indicated they are sorry. but these criminals have been added to the list of people asking to be freed. in any of the international human rights to mount a wildfire near los angeles is forcing around 100000 americans from their homes
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mandatory evacuation orders were issued when the subtle ridge blaze destroyed homes the emergencies in the same area where 500 homes were burnt out 11 years ago. and the 1st person to perform a space walk has died at the age of 85 russian cosmonaut alexey leonov made history in 1965 when he floated outside of the aircraft for just over 12 minutes the mission almost derailed when the little space unit inflated in the vacuum of space that left him struggling to fit back inside the capsule he went on to lead the soviet part of the 1st joint u.s.s.r. u.s. space flight 10 years later. you're watching officer of with me is a whole rom the reminder of our top stories the pentagon has warned turkey of serious consequences if it continues its military offensive against kurdish forces
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in syria on friday u.s. forces came under turkish artillery fire that incident took place shortly after defense secretary mark esper heard calls for restraint from the president we have communicated with the turks on this issue i spoke with turkish defense minister a car yesterday to express our strong opposition to turkey's actions they reiterated the damage this is doing to our bilateral relationship the u.s. and china has struck a partial trade deal that could end the 15 month long trade war between the world's 2 largest economies after holding talks with china's vice premier doll trump suspended a terrifying $250000000000.00 worth of chinese imports that had been due to take effect on choose day washington's former ambassador to ukraine says donald trump pressured the state department to fire her and she was removed because of unfounded and false claims the event of it gave testimony to members of congress leader going
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to peace and inquiry into the us president is investigating where the truck pressured ukraine's leader into investigating his democratic rival joe biden and his son who had business interests there. more than a 1000000 job an e.f. people have been advised to leave their homes as typhoon haggis approaches the capital one of the strongest ever storms in japan is expected to batter tokyo with record amounts of rain and high winds safety concerns for the consolation of 2 rugby world cup matches and flights as well as train services. kenya's marathon run that could chill day has become the 1st person to run the mountain in under 2 hours during a specially arranged event in the austrian capital he completed the distance in one hour 15 minutes and 40 seconds 2 years ago italy he was 26 2nd short of the time that there's these headlines about that more news in half an hour do stay with us 3 years 3 prime ministers and still no breakthrough with the oct 31st
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departure deadline looming and there's the e.u. and u.k. brevet to square off in brussels was will boris johnson next followed the e.u. summit on al-jazeera. is not. that strange. island. clash. i think died by. china's human rights a same time hello i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week unrest in iraq a conflict that is beyond sectarian and the news outlets have been attacked for trying to tell the story she should have just let it go the american comedian who tried to justify her friendship with george w.
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bush only to see her efforts backfire on live a sibling journalistic rivalry in poland 2 brothers and the 2 opposing media organizations under their command and finding a meditative way through the news some. nice and peaceful it's important not to push too far you might bullet yemen square hong kong yoga coming to a mat near you the protests started small but escalated quickly social media can have that effect then came the security crackdown across iraq including the use of live ammunition. more than 100 protesters have been killed as many as 6000 wounded and a number of news outlets have been attacked since the u.s. led invasion in 2003 journalists have usually attributed under arrest on the streets of iraq to sectarianism the divide between primarily shia and sunni muslims they can't do that this time iraqi protesters are demanding an overhaul of the
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political system a system known as. if he which has played on sectarian divides to curve up the spoils of war torn but oil richer iraq so that most of the wealth gets circulated amongst the political elite and not nearly enough trickles down to ordinary iraqis that's what these demonstrations have been about and given the scale of the protests it's no wonder the politicians the security forces they control and the media outlets they own are closing ranks to protect the status quo our starting point this week is baghdad. why would iraqi protesters how to change a political system that works for the few and not the many protesters determined to have their movement covered term to a comedy program rather than a news broadcast to tell their story. why would they send the videos
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they captured of the demonstrations and the deadly security response to the al bashir show a comedy program airing on german broadcaster deutsche of ella's arabic service and not for instance to. their own publicly funded national broadcast. they were not looking for comedy relief they were looking for fair coverage of a story that is no laughing matter. at all bashir show is a platform for the iraqi people he is always addressing their concerns and he specially at a time when iraqi channels have been prohibited from showing the reality of iraq from showing the protests his coverage has been crucial he was dedicating. that episode. to footage from the protest is that this time instead of people listening to him it was going to be a sure show listening to the people on the street but the shabab john saw to i
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level saw the. level sort of job but at the heart. and his biggest criticism is where is our media why are they showing cartoons why they're showing cooking shows i mean this is probably one of the biggest moments in post 2003 iraq and the mainstream media isn't really covering it this point was we don't have a free and fair media mainstream media in our country. that was made evident by the coverage of the demonstrations more than $100.00 have been killed thousands more wounded but from the outset most mainstream media outlets in iraq tried to ignore the story not just out privately owned channels as well by day 2 of the protests police were firing live ammunition into the crowds iraqi television reporters started traveling the story but in many cases they downplayed
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. on day 3 came the internet shut down affecting 75 percent of the country some news outlets based outside baghdad that were covering the story would pay the price on day $5.00 masked men converged on the saudi owned. and the kurdistan based arabic among others ransacking their buildings sending the channels a clear message. so shutting down the internet was effective in reducing the ability of the protests this could to coordinate but shutting down the t.v. stations was part of a media blackout. the iraqi government was probably up to know that violence was going to erupt heavy the heavy handed approach was going to become worse and having life media coverage was not going to go down well. and so what the
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militias and government were trying to do was completely isolated iraq from the world these channels were covering events daily and from every province and that's why they were targeted because they were trying to give people a voice to speak out but i never. locked up. one like most of the popular unrest in iraq's post-war era the issues at the core of these protests are not primarily sectarian they are systemic with. terry and undertow. iraq is not a poor country it just feels like one despite more than $100000000000.00 a year worth of oil exports roughly 20 percent of iraqis still lack a safe water supply many blame a system known as move. the field which translates to sectarian apportionment and amounts to a form of ethno sectarian balance under move hasa some iraqi coalition governments
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hand out ministerial and government positions according to the percentage of the population that is shia sunni and kurdish the a portion budgetary spending on that basis as well and while that approach sounds demographically defensible in practice it is resulted in endemic corruption and the failure of the country's oil wealth benefiting ordinary iraqis. the political parties but they have managed to do is make sure that they have the wherewithal the tools and the resources to keep winning elections those stores are the following. a winning government office and the wealth that the government offices have and using that to reward their supporters. you also need public opinion these political parties have their own t.v. or newspaper or radio outlets than broadcast that message because their loyal base
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requires constant messaging in order to keep them activated it gives them voting for the next round of elections the half the system allow politicians to mask corruption in government basically there is no political will in iraq for any independent media because what an independent media will do is expose corruption on a grand scale but also give voice to marginalized groups in iraq who haven't necessarily been given a platform that my. question the current political system. throughout the country iraqis feel the political process doesn't represent their voice they feel that the mainstream media doesn't really represent their voice the conventional news channels are linked to political parties now those political parties are facing an existential threat these protests are saying down with the system down with all of the parties not one party all of them so of course they won't want to cover the extent of which the citizens of iraq have grievances. until
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2003 and the fall of saddam hussein the iraqi media landscape was barren consisting of just one t.v. channel 4 radio stations and 5 newspapers all state controlled satellite dishes were legal as the country transitioned out of the hussein era dozens of new broadcast outlets went on the air that the u.s. led coalition authority said would safeguard the country's new democracy all it took to acquire a license to broadcast was the money to buy one but very few iraqis could afford one those who could tended to come with political connections a decade and a half later what has resulted is a new landscape politically partisan proprietors and channels more devoted to their owners interests than those of their view. because this partition. if there is a problem that doesn't have a partisan nature. then the system fails kind of doesn't know how to handle it
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unlike previous protests against 6 talian political parties which you know this media outlets are made in designed to cover because you can just pick sides this is the protest of a majority shia hughes against a majority shiite led government. so they didn't know what to do so these high did just not to cover. so in a way the system failed like you know like system matter. which explains why when iraqis took to the streets they bypassed their own domestic media outlets and look for help elsewhere. is there any wonder that young iraqis when they chose to send their videos out for the world to see that they chose a comedian working for a german broadcaster broadcasting america as opposed to sending those videos to iraqi journalists and iraqi. it's not surprising at all actually the
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iraqi iraqis see have seen how politically affiliated the media are. and as they don't want to be associated with any particular side of the man and these protesters are very keen to get across the fact they have no political affiliation . and in the share a rocking and each of them. who are the independent international station out of that stops. were discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers and actually ravi mina sticking with the iraq war for a moment but the american side of that story the president who started that war george w. bush made some news this past week alongside a television comedian walk us through that story so the story began richard last sunday at of all places a game of american football in dallas texas the talk show host in question ellen
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degeneres a gate liberal comedian and she was photographed sitting alongside george w. bush at the game the reaction was immediate a lot of her fans were really disapproving of the company she was keeping remember george w. bush started the war in iraq in 2003 over nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and it caused the deaths of at least half of me. and iraqis and many legal experts say he should be tried as a war criminal so degeneracy then goes on camera filming her response to her critics were they buying the explanations she was offered there was some who were willing to accept what she said but by and large it did not go down well here's a clip of what she said i think i'm friends with george bush in fact i'm friends with a lot of people who don't share the same belief that i have we're all different and i think that we've forgotten that that's ok that we're all different for that segment went viral hitting 20000000 views and going on for half a 1000000 likes on twitter however it also amplified the criticisms and one of the most cutting pieces of critique was actually unspoken it came from an activist in
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new york city called shimon of and he decided to edit degenerates his video adding some images in disturbing ones showing the actual consequences of george w. bush's war for instance i wish people wouldn't wear fur i don't like it but i'm friends with people who wear fur and i'm friends with people who are furry as a matter of fact i have friends who should tweets more that we do has now also gone viral despite the best efforts of ellen degeneres his producers who tried to have it taken offline claiming copyright infringement we spoke with our file she one of the producer of that video so i objected to alan's video response because she really didn't respond she made it look like people are just upset that a liberal purse.


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