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tv   Europes Tourism Overload  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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we start exporting now made here we spent 8 years we still in the local market turn either hydrogen is the world bank's representative into his year he's been pressing the government to redo ract subsidies for agriculture and dairy products to new sectors that can generate income i think the voters have you in a very clear message to those politicians in this regard. and the message is that they are not satisfied with the way the economic model of tunisia works that are not satisfied with the services they're getting in health education and social protection the economic reforms that the world bank and other financial institutions have been calling for me to queue years to implement it is yes financial elite and interest groups fear reforms might undermine their control over the economy for the time being business owners and farmers such as it will have to continue the hard work of selling their products in
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a tough competitive environment to dizziness continue to demand higher wages cheaper goods in the shops and job opportunities but whoever is elected on sunday want to have that much room to maneuver the cash strapped government is under pressure to repay foreign debt and which other leaders turn they will have to balance the demands of the voters without making the government bankrupt. the turn of the south of the capital tunis. a wildfire near the near los angeles rather is forcing around 100000 americans from their homes mandatory evacuation orders were issued when the saddle ridge blaze destroyed homes a man in his late fifty's died as he battled the flames in the same area where 500 homes were burned out 11 years ago. still ahead on al-jazeera in sports kenya style marathon runner smashes another record be felt with. the break.
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in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business plan for the smelly business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then recycling becomes difficult to impossible on the signs that off a solution it's very easy for us to have a 100 percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. bureaus spanning 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondent live in bringing the stories they. have. been nothing i mean
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let's just now. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera slewed in world news. i come back a town in the central philippines is replaced an almost all male police force with female officers as part of a why the government effort aimed at promoting women into the workplace dogon reports. they are on a mission not just to apprehend criminals but to break stereotypes. these police officers are the 1st all female police force in the country every
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measures marry young police or pulleys mary's as they are called are from the town of maria in c.q. who are in the sensual philippines male police officers who were previously assigned here have all been moved elsewhere this is seen as a trail blazing move by colonel angela handel who is also the 1st female police director of the city hall or she said she knows how tough it is for females to rise through the police ranks we have women legislators we have women in in the congress we also have women presidents and why not 4 day philippine national police around 20 female police officers now staff this station assigned to protect around 12000 residents and although their arrival is celebrated here the pressure
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to deliver is felt deeply. they are made to undergo the same kind of training that male police officers go through really. the philippine national police has a 10 percent quota of female officers within its ranks under its reform program for decades female police officers were mostly just assigned to do desk work but that is about to change now they tell us a woman's place is also on the front lines local residents say they have already felt the difference people are more curious people are more curious nobody noticed the police station before now they understand what they do. and that the people are on our not other ways public trust in the philippine police has plummeted over the last few years the government's controversial drug war has left thousands of
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filipinos dead most of them from impoverished communities and allegations of corruption and abuse of power has affected its top leadership. these police officers vow to give their best because for so long they've been sidelined this time using their strengths and qualities as women to finally lead and rule in a man's world i. dug and al jazeera america in secure central philippines. well let's get some record breaking sports news right some. figure 78 years elude capture gay has made history has become the 1st person to run a marathon in on the 2 hours that by thousands of fans in vienna and the impact champion posted a time of one hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds the feat of the won't be recognized by the world's governing body this was that could kill the 2nd attempt to break the
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record having missed it by just 26 seconds 2 years ago. it took another $66.00 i tightened. after i've had just the man to run under 2 hours not inspire many many people to tell you mine is limited. i'm expecting more. for the world record holder run up and down a 4.8 kilometer stretch of straight road if yanna was selected because of the favorable climate good air quality and flat terrain he was assisted by 41 rotating pacemakers who helped. maintain the required speed they were grouped in an ira dynamic formation to shield the canyon from the wind was handed his drinks and energy gels from a bike it's something else that's not allowed and no americans and is one of the
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reasons this won't count as an official record while for more on this story we're joined by irish running writer did he he was has been watching the race in vienna well my 1st question has to be why is it not counted as an official record. yes so there are 3 different reasons this one count with the world governing body i have left us no fish a world record the 1st of those is that good job he was the only competitor it has to be an actual defect or competitive race to come to the world record also he was handed his drinks from a bicycle you're in an official race you're meant to pick them off the table behind them from a stationary table and thirdly and most importantly of all he had a team of rotating pacemakers the rules with the out of left specify that anyone any pacemaker that starts to recess to stay in and you can't be in and sell those and that's what good job he had today in front of me at a team of 41 days makers he had 5 athletes in front of them at any one time to just behind him so he was essentially running in the center of an x.
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it was found in when tunnel testing to be the most efficient way of running aerodynamically and because of that it won't count as an official world record but i don't think too many people on the streets by owner want were too worried about that today as we saw history be made if he as good as everyone thinks he is. yes and he's even better to be honest he is genuinely i think his modesty really is something that maybe doesn't catapult him to ultra superstardom in sporting morals but he is illegal messi of running essentially he is the roger federer of athletics he is the greatest distance running title you probably ever seen a sport he was very good on the track he won world championship at the age of 18 back in 2003 when he moved to marathon and 2013 he's won 10 straight major marathons and 12 if you count these 2 breaking 2 attempts and he really has just been convinced invincible for the last 6 years the marathon he's a limp dick champion he said official world record and now he's care of the out of that slice is 3 by the common the 1st person ever to run under 2 hours and yes
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there were rules bent slightly to do it but at the same time he had to put on a pair of shoes and run up and back the course and run 26.2 miles in one hour 59 minutes and 41 seconds which whatever way you look at it is not just literally astonishing achievement. let's talk about those little other tactics that help him achieve the feat. essentially the pacemakers were the big one but the level of detail is astonishing that they went to them by hard to figure out of the 15000000 investment into this whole project in the us the british petrochemical we were the ones bankrolling it by a british britons richest man jim wright that was behind us he's been investing more and more in sports in recent years some are considered controversial given there are perhaps the damage they have done to climate with missions and things like that that they're trying to spokes washed by getting involved in sports and cleanse their reputation however if they certainly put everything behind this project and no storm was left unturned it resurfaced any part of the role that was
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deemed slightly imperfect even does a camber on the roundabout that could show he ran around to make it more efficient and every time he took a drink from a water bottle. the budget was thrown away there was a guy by the roll of who picked up that ball would take it in with measure of the exact amount to give to all he had drunk and would even measure like the temperature outdoors with the dudes add a little bit cooler drink to the water to cool this core temperature or heat it up the steps that are out there would do that that's the it's an astonishing level of detail it's probably a sporty project certainly legs running that had never been analyzed sample 95 before but it certainly paid off hello well irish running right back a how to hey thank you very much about thank you. for this and pick temp in my 5 defending his reputation after being questioned about his former coach. at the press conference salazar who has been a given a full year ban for doping violations worked with far from 2011 to 2017.
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the let down by you guys to be honest most of them by you guys there you know allegation against me as i said again and again you read a paragraph go from room. to fire a coach xcode and then run the problems you know any games and you can smooth far off all wrong doing so they still do not exist to get. to the rugby world cup or decision on sundays big pull a match between japan and scotland will be made later in the game and yokohama is in doubt it due to typhoon haggis on friday scotland's while the bosses threatened legal action if their match against the hosts is cancelled said behind ireland and japan and pool and must beat the host to progress scotland it will go out of the tournament if the fixture is a cold off yes it's disappointing you just want to think well for all rugby finds that time teams are called although we also know the reasons why and we'll be.
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safe which isn't going to happen if the game was called off we will be very very disappointed but i'm a 100 percent up to mr to give the go ahead on sunday while our reporter wayne has mentioned earlier in the news out of the typhoon has also affected the formula one that we're all the activities at the japanese complex have been cancelled on saturday which means call fine will now take place on sunday morning if qualifying is called off the results from the practice sessions will determine the grid positions for the race. england's football is a have lost a qualifying match for the 1st time in a decade they were beaten 21 by the czech republic in prague in the euro 2020 qualify on friday a late goal a cynic on that a check and influence $43.00 game unbeaten run there when that moves the czechs level on points with england at the summit of their group the top 2 in each group
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will go through to next year's finals and that's nice wolf and we'll have more later on it's back to sami thanks so much. but so for me for this news out so rahman diary is back with more of the day's news so do stay with us here on al-jazeera. dina no no. tawdry negotiating if we would have a deal and we would have been out on a 3 ton ship with a deal and you disagree with that deal this is
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a terrible it is the worst of the lot it was brought to us when you know what it was about maybe his sandoz head to head with the chairman of the u.k.'s principality richard tines the tone is very new stuff i'm shocked to know that there's not a loose about it's often shop it's pretty clear which is as clear as brits it means but so yes it is and it's just as clearly grazing. on ounces and. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us bank of the us the ability to identify the people who only have a side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. and you know what put out more in my cheek is very much our culture has been very harmful to the economy and the minds of many people
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challenging traditional attitudes how narrowing the gender gap is helping women in the camargue escape poverty. they trying to break these barriers and she smiles by giving women access to myself and. meet the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. turkey says its calculate key border town as it intensifies its bombardment of northern syria but the u.s. says threatening significant sanctions.
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collapsible rahman you want to al-jazeera live by headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. millions asked to evacuate transport chaos japan is being hit by one of its worst ever storms. also the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testifies as part of the impeachment inquiry against president donald trump accusing him of a concerted campaign against her and. i. sprinted into the history books kenyan. becomes the 1st person to run a marathon in less than 2 hours. welcome to the program turkish forces and their rebel allies say that they have seized control of a key syrian cities town center it follows 4 days of intense street to street
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fighting with kurdish forces in russell ain the town is part of the 120 kilometer stretch that ankara wants to clear to create a so-called peace corridor all turkey's military is can you continue to target the rest of the border region now there are casualties on both sides and more than 100000 civilians have been displaced the u.s. has warned turkey of sanctions if the offensive continues from the president on down we have communicated with the turks on this issue i spoke with turkish defense minister a car yesterday to express our strong opposition to turkey's actions and reiterated the damage this is doing to our bilateral relationship so harder is our correspondent on the turkey syria border and saying a real focus in terms of developments around russell aine. yes significant development a significant blow to the kurdish led syrian democratic forces turkish troops along
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with their local allies the opposition syrian national army have now taken control of iraq's ally and that is the syrian border town one of 2 main border towns that the turkish led alliance has been trying to capture in order to create these safe zone that they want in northeast syria so ross alone has fallen after days of heavy bombardment days of air strikes and street by street battles so the focus of the operation will now move to the other town behind us and heavy artillery has been targeting the town since the early hours of the morning the turkish army and their local allies have also advanced deep into northern north eastern syria reaching 30 kilometers reaching the m 4 international highway that connects the east and west syria if they're able to to hold this their positions then they're going to divide the territory under the control of the kurdish syrian democratic forces so the
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fighting is continuing there is also a humanitarian crisis 100000 people that's according to the united nations have fled their homes as a result of this ongoing military operation well of course the other concern the relevant parties have is of course this incident which is what just near enough 24 hours ago and that's really got the americans very concerned. well yes that incident is just deepening the crisis between nato allies turkey and the united states turkey has been coming under mounting pressure from the united states as well as western countries european union the united states they're telling them we are going to impose sanctions that is a possibility if this operation continues if you cross our red lines but the message from turkey is no we are not backing down we are going to continue with this operation and the president himself making clear what his objective is and that is to push the y. p.g.
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the syrian kurdish armed group which forms the backbone of the us the f. 30 kilometers from turkey's border but what the president didn't say is how much of the border line turkey wants to capture is it going to be the 480 kilometers in the initial plan to create a safe zone or the 120 kilometers the 1st phase of this operation so that it's not clear ties with the united states worsening the incident of call bonnie at the u.s. accusing the turks of almost targeting their outpost turkey saying we have no we didn't plan to target that outpost we were responding to fire which emanated a 1000 meters from the outpost so deepening tensions turkey under pressure but this is still a very defiant country indeed for the flexibility to senate of course we'll continue to follow events for you through the day well protests against the turkish military offensive all taking place in several cities around the world but in smith spoke to some demonstrators in erbil in iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region. a little love
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lost here between the kurds in this part of northern iraq kurdish controlled parts of northern iraq and the turkish authorities the crowd has been chanting one terrorist or one terrorist and there is also a real feeling here of betrayal by the americans the kurds here saying that one day they are leading the fight with the americans against i saw and then the next day in about. those 5. i said. you both. were you surprised by what the americans did of course everyone is surprised that america was by sight of curtis rose by crusader with the storm help for curators and where they leave curtis and rose obama. president and it was crazy because in
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one night every one of them was strangers it's a chance for turkey to dominate us and kill the kurdish people so the american government has always promised our protection but now we see no protection that's why we think traitors there are already some 225000 syrian kurds in this part of northern iraq hiding sheltering from syria's civil war and the authorities here. camps and accommodation for another $30000.00 should they cross over the border from northeastern syria and the or far to say the k r g government they said when turkey's incursion started they said the consequences of the military escalation have implications far beyond syria's borders creating the conditions for a return of eisel and a mass displacement of people. more than a 1000000 people in japan have been told to leave their homes as typhoon haiyan this approach is tokyo the storm is expected to. back to the capitol with record
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amounts of rain and high winds concerns over safety have forced the cancellation of flights train services and to rugby world cup matches let's throw away in haiti our correspondent who's live for us in the japanese capital where that typhoon is fastly approaching what sort of stage are we at wayne. what we know now so haley's that the storm has made landfall on the eastern coast in central japan so certainly we are seeing some damaging winds along that coastline i think it's fair to say that here in the capital we probably haven't seen this strong wind so far that we were expecting of course they still could be coming we're expecting the intensity to reach its peak here within the next couple of hours so again those strong winds could still be coming i think as far as the capital goes at the moment the most concern centers around flooding we've had very
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steady rain falling throughout the course of saturday many rivers that flow through the city and around the city and now at flood levels said there is some concern around that in fact japan's meteorological agency has raised the level when it comes to rainfall to its highest level its highest alert level being level 5 and that means that people in the areas in tokyo and surrounding areas in eastern and central japan are in imminent danger of flooding and landslides and that's why we're seeing those evacuation orders and advisories go out you suggested there you mentioned there that around a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes many millions more are under the next catherine category down which is an advisory that the people are biased to leave their homes because they are in imminent danger of course take your trunks many tourists specially when there are large sporting events and of course we've touched on the fun the transport links and the well the ground have also been
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severely affected. yes i think it's fair to say that the capitol and many other areas that are in the path of the storm have basically been shut down for most of saturday and it continues to be that way the still a bit of traffic going up and down this main road in tokyo but for the most part the streets on saturday were very very quiet most shops restaurants bars have been closed throughout the course of the day i guess to much disappointment for as you mention the many tourists who are in town at the moment for the sporting events we've seen to rugby world cup matches for saturday cancelled are already a possibility of a 3rd on sunday being cancelled and the formula one grand prix in suzuka which is about 300 kilometers from tokyo that is shared jewel to do still take place on sunday afternoon but all of vents jeweled for saturday were canceled and the race organizers saying that that qualifying will take place on sunday morning but
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there's still a possibility that that will be affected further well of course so we know that will be keeping us updated in the coming hours so wayne hey there for us in tokyo or staying in the country it's already dealing with the aftermath of a tornado at least one person has died after it swept through sheba fragments the man died after strong winds overturned a car in it she harder the storm damaged homes and people in the area are still without electricity the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine says donald trump pressured the state department to fire her and she was removed because of unfounded and false claims marie evanovich gave testimony to members of congress leading an impeachment inquiry into the u.s. president they're investigating whether trump pressured ukraine's a leader into investigating his democratic rival joe biden and his son who worked there mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the former ambassador to ukraine mari you have one of each was instructed by the
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state department not to appear in congress however she defied this instruction appearing before the congressional committee behind closed doors then there was the case of opening statements being leaked and certainly according to that statement she came out with both barrels firing insisting that those with questionable motives had caused her recall from the ukraine that the direct instruction of president trump she spoke about what she called a hollowed out state department and certainly added to the congressional knowledge off the events that led to that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine that lies at the heart of this ongoing investigation importantly though she also opened a little bit of a chip in that white house boycott of the ongoing investigations it is now known that a nun.


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