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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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that the tide may well be a lot higher than it usually would be and many people living in these coastal areas are still recovering from the last typhoon that struck at the beginning all but last month which caused a lot of damage and resulted in several deaths as well or thirty's taking no chances with the transport systems as well as most train services were canceled along with hundreds of flights to and from tokyo's airports. 0 when we come back spain remembering its national day heritage with thousands of supporters don't want the country to forget the tensions between the. president makes a case for a 2nd term as campaigning wraps up for an election seen as a test for keeping peace in the country.
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i know this and streaming the caspian sea and see as it'll pick up some moisture and it doesn't even. into northern areas of iran certainly in the next 24 hours my disease and scottish as. 24 degrees celsius 21 in back a bit cooler in the wake of that cloud and that system and also look at these temperatures here 39 in baghdad 34 city and staying at about those levels through monday but it will be a little bit warmer in bay ridge the high the 32 degrees celsius a nice anchorage 25 ones with that had their shells are going through there as well and the temperature is sticking in the sort of mid thirty's really across much of the arabian peninsula sunday and as we head off into monday alleged that moisture see that tending to push a little bit closer to these coastal areas we could just see one or 2 showers but for the most part it is fine and dry much of eastern madagascar as well as we continue through the next a couple of days as another front just sliding by south africa bringing the rain
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into sunday and then in fact we could see the thunderstorms into johannesburg on sunday and monday and you notice the rain quite widespread through on goal and in fact wanted to scottish you know monday certainly across into but it's water. my fast simmons' were all. taken by the chinese government all over the state with most stay with my wife and so one this is a really worse human rights abuses of our time we decided to talk about. just. tell the world. the truth about china systematic repression of the week is. tell the world coming soon on al-jazeera.
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the top stories this hour on al-jazeera turkish forces and their allies have taken control of the center of. a key syrian border town after 4 days of heavy fighting kurdish forces are disputing the claim. in ecuador protesters have blocked road access to the international airport in the capital quito during a 10th straight day of demonstrations at least 5 people have been killed since the protests began people are angry at new austerity measures introduced by more than a bit of lead to higher fuel prices. and at least 2 people have been killed in japan as typhoon haiyan this makes landfall outside tokyo more than a 1000000 people have been told they should evacuate their homes with the storm forecast to be one of the worst on record for japan. now final campaign
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rallies are being held in mozambique in the run up to tuesday's general election it will be the 6th vote since the end of the civil war in 1902 ruling from lima party is challenged by its rival renamo and they still tension between them despite signing a final peace deal in august there are 4 people vying for the top. job however the main to our president felipe and you see who is running for a 2nd term he came to power in 2014 with a reduced majority for for lima party he's up against a former fighter also from a mother who is the front man for a number which is a party still plagued by infighting so whoever wins will have to lead mozambique's recovery after 2 site clones and food shortages this year and have to deal with a growing rebellion in the gas rich northern province of carpet or gold at delgado has malcolm webb with more from the. president with the babysitter told his supporters that in a 2nd we'll bring jobs but also flying to russia but it's dropped and that's
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blighted some of the members of his party during his 1st she being on the headlines scandal being steady on bail opposition leading opposition blogs even on the help of a final rally in the northern city of. presidential candidate super bodies also promised to find corruption. full city if they were mislead by devastating cycling just 7 months ago the city will serve presidential candidates peace among them held his final rally that opposition of complaints of serious irregularities in the votes is registered they say something inflated the ruling party stronghold little said complained of violence on the campaign trail electoral commission denies any problems with the registered opposition since most of these problems just supporters to go to the polls on tuesday but i didn't didn't he watch as the votes
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are counted and wait for the results to be announced 7 people have been killed in attacks in northeastern nigeria locals say gunmen raided a military post in the town of god in borno state on friday a nearby village was also attacked 4 civilians and 3 soldiers the dead communities in borno state have been repeatedly attacked by a group affiliated with ice on. presidential candidates have gone head to head in a rare television debate before sunday's runoff voters will choose between who was recently released from prison and the retired law professor. and they to convince voters they're able to solve the crippling poverty and unemployment in tunisia this from her. no bill carter we. face off in a debate a rare event in the arab world and a moment of pride for the tennesseans who 80 years ago inspired the pro-democracy movement also known as the arab spring. the debate was
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a crucial moment for the 2 candidates the election divided to secular and liberals back while conservatives leftists and nationalists endorser yet. this is always leading in the parliamentary and presidential elections into jail despite there are still moved on to the 2nd round my opponents thought i'd be defeated. in . a free they will never return to the cage and won't accept being given crumbs they are free already committed to building a new country. supporters of the bill carter we are job and their leader and media mogul was released from jail and he's back on the campaign trail but the man and his party have only a limited time to convince people that he is the right person to leave the country i'd always party heart of which he founded 3 months ago came in 2nd in the
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parliamentary election becoming the 2nd largest political party after the conservative and. from the beginning of the campaign had always rival cases i yet kept a low profile but his supporters took to the streets promoting the burn they say will and corruption and unite the people but people are frustrated with their leaders 80 years after the revolution they see little change in their country and their expectations are high and have our president make young people more of a priority it's far as i'm concerned i have no faith in the political elite. we want a president who stands for all to new zealand we are to fight a country that is different political party social classes we don't want a president defending a particular class or group after the 2011 revolution the president lost many powers to both the prime minister and parliament but the president retains control of the fans and foreign affairs for many to his ears the president is more than
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just a symbol the recent parliamentary elections have resulted in a divided parliament and the lead party may not be able to form a governing coalition this is where the next president is expected to step in and the political impasse has al-jazeera to us china's president arrived in nepal after a 2 day state visit to india xi jinping held talks with prime minister narendra modi on a range of issues including trade however the issue of kashmir and china's support for pakistan was apparently off the agenda protestors in hong kong are continuing to wear their face masks during rallies despite a ban by the government and they're refusing to back down vowing more action against the government during brown reports from hong kong. well this march is now breaking up and it comes after more than a week of relative calm here in hong kong relative card now many of the protesters are wearing face masks in defiance of course of that ban imposed by hong kong
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police more than a week ago warning that if people did wear face masks they risk arrest and also being heavily fined but that hasn't deterred some of these protesters now this march didn't pass without incident to m.t.r. train stations were attacked one of them had a pet food bomb exploded with there were no injuries also an outlet at starbucks was once more attacked it had its window shot at starbucks of course has become a popular target for these protesters a lot of the protesters here have also been talking about the common sort of come from president donald trump who says that he thinks that the protests are now in his words deescalating well a lot of the protesters don't know whether that means that the united states is now showing the same sort of support that it did for the protest movement that's to say support from u.s. politicians as they had say several months ago now the protesters say they are going to gather again on sunday for unspecified action certainly the protests are
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not on a scale that we will see several weeks or even several months ago there is still violence but it's not as intense as it has been in recent weeks. spain is celebrating its national day but the festivities come amid internal tensions over the sentencing of catalan separatist leaders they've been charged with sedition and misuse of public funds for their part in the 2017 independence referendum rival unionist and pro independence rallies have gathered in catalonia as a regional capital and sonia day ago is there for us. liberations to spain's national day have been taking place on the street. so fos alone of the capital of the region the region that attempted to seat 2 years ago now while this was organized by a pro nationalist civil society the backing of 3 conservative and right wing
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parties in spain in taking place because people here are still absolutely determined to catch 100 should remain firmly cobs all the spanish states who want to belong you know i want to keep being cut along as plenty of people do not just. our thing yes so that is being cut line is our way of being spanish the wonderful thing about spain is that it's made up of many different parts but with a common essence. even though here there is a pretty strong feeling about the capital region should remain firmly. on the spanish state missteps alone you know force where there is a strong growth independence. they feel they should have the right to determine their own feature it's part of
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a legal referendum now force that attempts to see 2 years ago was an illegal referendum and certain politicians and activists paid the price by being arrested they now face a judgment one day whether it would be a charge just a rebellion sedition misuse of public funds that has further exacerbated the tensions in the region certainly doesn't look like it's going to be results anytime soon. now the kenyan distance runner. has made history by becoming the 1st to run a 42 kilometer marathon in under 2 hours cheered on by thousands of fans in vienna he beat the record by 20 seconds and said afterwards his aim was to prove there are no limits to human achievement and support from laurence smith. the man. the moment he's done it to one it all olympic champion marathon world record holder but becoming the 1st person to run the distance in under 2 hours has eluded until now
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i see fishel marathon distance of 42.3 kilometers has a 100 year history. he was aiming to do what many had thought impossible the flat course was designed to assist a fast time vienna in autumn specifically chosen for optimal conditions and he was aided by a team of 41 pacemakers laser technology help guide the runners to maintain the record breaking pace. as the clock reached 1150 and the crowds watched rome as one of the great barriers of distance running was taken apart i thought that is then i need to before i took another sister to the 63 s i tightened i've not cath now it's the 6th after i have had just the man to run under 2 hours in order to inspire matt many people this is the best performance i've ever seen and i think could be the ones i've ever seen in in a lifetime i the term legend is often overused in school but it showed he can now
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lay claim to a status amongst the greatest of all time. i think his modesty really is something that maybe doesn't catapult him to ultra superstardom in the sporting world but he is illegal messi running essentially his roger federer atlantics he is the greatest distance from intel if i've ever seen or this was classed as a solo race and the level of assistance keep chugging received all mean is this won't count as an official record but this wasn't about records this was about the realisation of a lifetime ambition. laurence smith. finally iceland glass years which are rapidly melting due to climate change trying to salvage what they can before some gases gases disappear entirely the arctic circle assembly has met in the capital reykjavik nick carr cares more now from nearby new york a national park. this is an island of
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elemental power shaped to reshape by natural forces where the landscape is constantly forged by a super charged geology. here glass is sweeping over active volcanoes ash from previous eruptions carpets the ice through the millennia the glass years have advanced and retreated but never has a retreat been as drastic as now. classic ironic only takes me towards the solheim you could last year and the speed of retreat is very apparent so this and the case we're in the glass here was back in 2010 and this isn't actually the very front of the cliff here this is where we would walk onto it stretched across this entire valley and now 9 years later there it is there's the front right back and it's continuing to melt at the exact same speed. this is one of the fastest disappearing glasses in iceland but its rate of loss is pretty much replicated wherever you go.
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we went to the national park and you know a world heritage site covering 14 percent of iceland tourists come here in the hundreds every day to see the sights but the sights slowly disappearing what was the glass here 20 years ago is now a raging torrent muddy ice melt. it is a very dramatic and very visible in the strafing of the impacts of climate change and it's happening not only to the world glasses but also for the polar icecaps and the thing is that even if we do think nif it could leak missions more than a 3rd of the world's glasses will disappear by the end of this century. odors cigarettes and is a geologist he's been charting glazier loss for decades and is well aware of the global implications the glaciers will melt the mult water runs down to those shim and the ocean surface rises told my friend to an american tourist no past week
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the. refugees would not only be calling from actually call and central america they would become from florida and battle on the coast and the gulf coast of america. and just a sea levels rise a water supply for hundreds of millions of people is disappearing before our very eyes. it is a bleak picture but there is no other way of telling scientists say the focus must now be on trying to save what we can at this crucial part of the planetary system nicholas al-jazeera that new york iceland. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines turkish forces and their allies say they've taken control of the center of russell i mean the key syrian border town after 4 days of heavy fighting kurdish forces there are disputing that claim.
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protests against the turkish military offensive are taking place in several cities around the world these are some of the thousands who turned out in the french capital paris kurdish leaders have accused the united states of betrayal. in ecuador protesters have blocked road access to the international airport in the capital quito this is during a 10th straight day of demonstrations at least 5 people have been killed since the protests began people around create new austerity measures introduced by merino that have led to higher fuel prices more from manuel ruffo now in the capital quito . attentions remain quite high in the ecuadorian capital where we are we're just a few blocks away print the national building the national assembly rather and if you could see over my shoulder you. 3
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will likely. that these 2 people have been killed in japan those time fern harvest makes landfall outside tokyo the storm is forecast to be one of the worst on record with meteorologists warning of unprecedented rainfall which could lead to floods and mudslides in several japanese prefectures 7 people have been killed in attacks in northeastern nigeria locals say gunmen raided a military post in the town of ghana in borno state on friday a nearby village was also attacked and 4 civilians and 3 soldiers are dead. and spain is celebrating national day but the festivities come amid internal tensions over the sentencing of catalan separatist leaders have been charged with sedition
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and misuse of public funds for their part in the 2017 independence referendum there is more news from a london news center in about half an hour here on al-jazeera that will be right after what i went. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. this fire needs heroes heroes like no who are about who refused a $15000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight the dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption nero now.
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thank you philippines president roderigo deterred a self-proclaimed war on drugs has been blamed for thousands of alleged extrajudicial killing fields. now on the island of negroes he's launched another bloody war against a communist insurgency. but many say in reality it's a brutal campaign to annihilate his critics. if the death toll mounts 101 east investigates deter days knew. this was. true he was standing right here and this store owner was sitting right there were at the scene of a targeted killing and just suddenly. this this mother's act stop over there and
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face them and called out his name they knew his name was being the only laws they said banned and then banned look at that. so we usually ramos's husband was gunned down outside the shop late one night in november last year this is the 1st time she's returned. i could not really find the strength to come back and see where he laid down for us life. is so mad i don't know i feel so sad i feel so. just really and we've. been ramos was a human rights lawyer his wife blames president ditto days government for his death plus the state for since. taking the life of a person was very innocent. who has been very supportive of farmers this since it's not an answer. the island of
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negras is known as the sugar bowl of the philippines. the hundreds of thousands of hectares of kind fields concentrated in the hands of just a few politically powerful plantation owner and it is decades of exploitation of farm workers have fueled support for a communist insurgency. its karela group the new people zomi or n.p.r. a is based in the remote mountain areas and is recognized globally as a terrorist organization. in november last year president a target declared a state of emergency on a grass ordering military and police reinforcements to the island to launch operations against the new people's army but human rights organizations accuse state forces of not only targeting insurgents but carrying out extrajudicial
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killings of those pesetas to pose a political threat to the government what do you when you when the. president to turtoni has openly called for the killing of human rights activists as well as roy is who represent those accused of being n.p.a. one of the young human rights are you and we still very little. well spirit safe. if they are of the up being just. since he came to power in 2016 they have been at least 87 alleged extrajudicial killings of peasants human rights advocates and lawyers only grow silent. it's really this and that there discover in the systematic attack and political persecution of activists clarissa singh soon as are over rez and bell ramos is read oh you
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are all human rights workers take on cases of extrajudicial killings for b.p. to charges arrests. in april this year photographs of the 3 women appeared on a poster of more than 60 people branded as fronts for the new people's army. the phone number to report sightings of them is for the local police in me as they are saying that people are and be should be killed and should be killed and it's it's really serious just 2 people on the poster are already. at only bad he she is husband was the 1st to be killed and. then in april this human rights advocate and city councillor who was shot in the head while driving his motorbike. after each killing clarice arinze are received death threats saying they to be next
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. we know that it's part of the state to harass and to saul fear so that we will be silent and stop their work. this movie shows the 1st village that we organized way back in 1904 people say year ban passed the bar exam and so this was a community that see firsthand lives in the late eighty's government reforms was supposed to redistribute land to peasants but the congresswoman who owned the plantation here refused to comply. been a new in geo late a full year legal battle for these families connected. at the would have been running the list now for a number they get is someone someone can make a bundle settlement in a federal land without pay and we can add on this that and since his death the
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foma say the government's trying to force them to disband the collective that he can misstep by and demand one be done one woman in the case i'm enough of an only guess i'm one of the most inept as i've been done to me where i can but men still sit in the middle of that nobody said since yes i see people based on. their new bit of how most but i say yeah the put me on the dole that someone had lost the ability to do that money would say yes. in the months leading up to ben's death he shifts it is a local military radio program intensified its campaign against him claiming he was recruiting for the n.p.r. a. band of.
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then you know toba 20. 9 farmers were shot dead with high powered weapons as they slept in a field. then gave legal advice to their families and also members of the sugar workers federation who were charged with the murder is. said that one massacre happened in the north of the us and of course a lot of people there knew. the killings for state sponsored so we were discussing what kind of case we could fire and so and i are of the military. less than 3 weeks after the massacre was dead. so i have here the autopsy report that was done by the commission on human rights one bullet hit his heart and came out and loves us and they said and of the gunman
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that's really very very professional. it's really a hit. c.c.t.v. cameras captured the good man after the shooting wearing a hooded sweater on the back of a motorbike one make sure sorry sir. it was an extrajudicial killing you know because these before he was killed he was already being survey on monitored by the intelligence officers of the military so he told you that he told me that and i was with here and i saw how he was being surveilled. you she says the intimidation hasn't stopped with the husband's mood of playing ploy of military told his funeral convoy and allegedly threatened the mourners with a pistol who were later charged with posing a grave threat. since then there have been more death threats some of our staffs have received. coffee and she says the military continues to stalk them
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as they try to do their work you can see in this speech that while we were conducting the mission tree men who are all covered this jeannine took pictures. and they were just standing right next to the military. these people are intelligence officers coming from there come really scared me a lot because the way the they dressed up with this child and i would 1st seem to loathing that the gunman newest when he killed us. major general polaha is a spokesman for the president's new national tosk force to end communist conflict despite widespread media coverage of bin ramos's moodle he says he's not familiar with the 11 month old case need you have to investigate we have to have philippine
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national police investigate this. and we have to make sure that the community amongst the armed forces among members of the armed forces would be cross with the dogs and so you're not disputing that perhaps attorney benjamin ramos was targeted by state forces. i don't know but i like i said we're going to help in this investigation to make sure that these there's a law there's a fair amount of judgment that's using this investment was. about calling c.g. on the west coast of the island protesters take to the streets to demonstrate against the mounting deaths of civilians in counterinsurgency operation 50000000000000000000000000 over as from the recently formed in geo defame a gross defies the deference against her to document eyewitness accounts of the
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killings even in some major us we still have investigated the cases and human rights violations because we believe that the person is an authority the one who it and the rest and killings if it's very clear that it's the police who killed those victims was it over. 7 17 year old sheila may assume and her family fled their village soon after her older brother who was shot dead by state forces it's. she says she no longer goes to school because she's being watched. we meet her in the evening at a safe house. last night the horror of began when police arrived at a home early.


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