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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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mike hanna thank you very much indeed. taking place in several cities around the world ben smith spoke to some demonstrations in abbeville in iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region a little love lost here between the kurds in this part of northern iraq kurdish controlled parts of northern iraq and the turkish authorities the crowd has been chanting one terrorist or one terrorist and there is also a real feeling here of betrayal by the americans the kurds here saying that one day they are leading the fight with the americans against i saw and then the next day has been about. this 5 of them in the isis. was. 30. 3 you surprised by what the americans did of course everyone is surprised that
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america was by sight of kurdish rebels by crusade with the storm help for critters and where they leave kurdish arrows aba. residents and it was crazy because in one night every one of them was strangers it's a chance for turkey to dominate us and kill the kurdish people so the american government has always promised our protection but now we see no protection that's why we think the strikes there are already some 225000 syrian kurds in this part of northern iraq hiding sheltering from syria's civil war and the authorities here. camps an accommodation for another $30000.00 should they cross over the border from northeastern syria and the or far to say the k r g cup and they said when turkey's incursion started they said the consequences of the military escalation have implications far beyond syria's borders creating the
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conditions for a return of eisel and a mass displacement of people. well talk is offensive has triggered a humanitarian crisis in northern syria where people have already suffered through years of war aid agencies say nearly half a 1000000 people are at risk the u.n. estimates the number of displaced at 810-0000 saying that market schools and clinics have been closed unicef is warning that access to safe drinking water is restricted and medicines becoming increasingly scarce so far 30 civilians have been killed in the fighting that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights . what should count one is the director of the international rescue committee in the u.k. was previously a field director in syria he joins me in the studio now thanks for coming to talk to us so these reports of tens of thousands of people fleeing the area is what's your assessment of the scale of the humanitarian crisis the offensive is calling causing well it's frightening for a number of reasons the number of displaced is expected to be over 100000 at this
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point what's more worrying is that they've already been displaced many times i used to know families and commission either have fled homes now fleeing new fighting in what was previously a safer part of syria and they're fleeing to places like iraq a city the former caliphate capital for the isis which is in ruins and there is no safe drinking water very little food and we don't have access to them because with the fighting going on as it is humanitarians haven't got the freedom of movement that they need so if if the options of places like record which is a pretty bad already where else can they go where would you where do they do you think well there's a real sense of desperation there are as the staff are hearing from syrians because they don't know where to turn they're going further away from the syria turkey border that was previously probably the safest part many are fleeing east as your report had indicated towards iraqi kurdistan but really there's a real squeeze of safe areas in syria left as
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a result of this offensive and to terms of what the aid agencies can do how do they work in these circumstances when even u.s. troops are kind of caught unawares at one point it seemed to they were they were kind of in areas where they suddenly had to move away i mean it's really dangerous if armed u.s. forces are at risk when i ask the humanitarians without weapons have to move around and work we temporarily suspended programs but have restarted mobile health clinics where we can and we're working around hotspots to try and reach as many people as possible but populations are moving away from urban centers away from the bombing and therefore harder to find and harder to help so i mean we've not had reports that germany france and other european nations have actually stopped their weapons sales to turkey how much of a deterrent effect you think that will have. i'm not sure that by itself is going to be enough of it to terence in the short term displacement is already occurring. and other groups are already engaged in fighting we hope that there can be a negotiated solution that satisfies both parties but ultimately that will only
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localize and solve this conflict there's still the wider syria conflict that we're fighting why in terms of tech human in the past take is actually had to deal with quite a large number of refugees so it seems peculiar in some ways that the in danger of creating another sort of wave of refugees well turkey has done a great job in hosting 3600000 syrian refugees by far the most they hope by creating a safe zone it's a place for syrians to return but we would say that has to be on a voluntary basis and currently there's bombing going on in that safe zone and more importantly a safe zone doesn't solve the conflict in syria we need syria to be safe not safe zones in syria and in terms of how you see this playing i mean you've been you've been you've lived in syria you've kind of worked there where do you see this going you think it's going to be a short term incursion by the turks or do you see this kind of escalating the syrian the syrian civil war and continuing for some time well it's really hard to know what the final objective of the turkish forces are but we do know that both sides have been quite intractable in their positions and stuck in the middle over
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450000 civilians so we have real concerns particularly as there's nowhere else safe within syria for people to flee to and many have fled from other parts of syria to this part so i don't see a short term end to this conflict and just briefly where would you say the biggest humanitarian need is now what's the project you're talking to your teams in the ground what do you tell them. well at the moment it's everything but i would say health clean water food all the essentials in the cute phase of an emergency response but if it prolongs they need everything that we would need to survive and that's a really complex emergency in a part of the world where it's very hard to get aid in says sanjay thank you very much and it comes to just thank you thank you. at least 3 people have been killed as typhoon has made landfall on japan's meno and one shoot fierce rain and wind has paralyzed tokyo even rivers flooded a normally busy streets deserted 9 people remain missing the rugby world cup
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tournament has been disrupted with the namibia vs canada match just cancelled with ortiz have lifted rain and flood warnings for the cantar region around tokyo but impose them on areas further north where the storm is heading when haye has more from tokyo. before the storm made landfall in japan people living in its path were urged to take extreme caution and to prepare for the worst because of the damaging winds that it would inevitably bring the heavy rainfall as well that could ultimately lead to widespread flooding in fact forecasters had said that this storm may bring levels of rainfall not seen in japan since a very powerful and devastating typhoon struck tokyo 1958 causing many deaths we've also had millions of people are asked to evacuated and evacuation advisories or evacuation orders many of those people living in
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areas deemed to be vulnerable to landslides but also in postal communities where the people are facing multiple threats of course from the strong winds and heavy rain but also the possibility of storm surge and the fact that we are almost in a full moon meaning that the tide may well be a lot higher than it usually would be and many people living in these coastal areas are still recovering from the last typhoon that struck at the beginning of the last month which caused a lot of damage and resulted in several deaths as well or 3rd he's taking no chances with the transport systems as well most train services were canceled along with hundreds of flights to and from tokyo's airports and major tourist attraction in iceland is at risk of disappearing altogether because of climate change islands glass is a melting at an alarming rate with experts warning even curbing emissions may not
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be enough to save them that clock traveled to one of the national parks which has the largest and most but humanist ice cap on the island. this is an island of elemental power shaped to reshape by natural forces where the landscape is constantly forged by. glass is sweep over active volcanoes ashbourne previous eruptions carpets the ice through the millennia the glass years have advanced and retreated but never has a retreat to be distressed because now glass a guide ron connally takes me towards the solheim your couldn't last year in the speed of retreat is very apparent so this in and they were in the last year was back in 2010 and this is an arch in the very front of the cliffs here this is where we would walk onto it stretched across this entire valley and now 9 years later
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there it is there's the front right back and it's continuing to melt at the exact same speed. this is one of the fastest disappearing glasses in iceland but its rate of loss is pretty much replicated wherever you go we enter the national park you know a world heritage site covering 14 percent of iceland tourists come here in their hundreds every day to see the sights but the sights slowly disappearing what was the glass here 20 years ago is now a raging torrent muddy ice melt. it is a very dramatic and very visible in the strafing of the impacts of climate change and it's happening not only to the world glasses but also for the polar icecaps and the thing is that even if we do think nif it can only curb emissions more than a 3rd of the world's glasses will disappear by the end of the century. no door cigarettes and it's
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a geologist he's been charting place the last few decades and he's well aware of the global implications the glaciers will melt the multiple to runs down to those shim and the ocean surface rises i told my friends in america just no past week the. refugees would not only be coming from mexico and central america it would become from florida and battle on the coast and the cove coast of america. and just the sea levels rise a water supply for hundreds of millions of people is disappearing before our very eyes. it is a bleak picture but there is no other way of telling scientists say the focus must now be on trying to save what we can at this crucial part of the planetary system. al-jazeera that i see meanwhile the chair of the arctic circle assembly has told on jazeera that current human behavior is
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a major threat to the future of the arctic on a frog no grimson says the way societies live must change to prevent the region melting and sea levels rising around the world the arctic by its own effort. would be ok. and if the people of the arctic would have the same living conditions as their heart for centuries there would be happy the problem is that all over the world in. america africa. the americas the energy system which was created warmer to $100.00 yesterday. is constitute in a fundamental threat to the future of the arctic. so we are seeing for the 1st time in human history. the interlocking off the fate of the arctic on one hand and the rest of the world on the old. and the tissue really the core
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of the climate challenge that the rest of the world is called to destroy the off to but the magical the ice in the arctic could also destroy the rest of the world because climate change is opened up the boards of ways it's opened up the region for exploitation of its vast resources and that is not forecast. to only be a temporary blessing if you want to call it that because if only up for the greenland ice sheet. it would lead to to meet those rice and she leveled all over the world dr would mean that every cost of safety whether it is ship in florida where the united states or whether it's in china korea your power or whether it is to buy up a top because tom. would be history and the problem is that the shy on
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which has been fundamentally wrong. and you just been wrong in the sense that the melting of the irish is happening much faster than anybody predicted it and that is a scary thought what is your sense of the future of the on what kind of ontic are we going to leave behind there is a big question mark where the world will be divided micron toward 70 of old for sitting next to me earlier today will be my age whether there will be any point in holding out to conferences of the time in her body because the whole thing will be lost by the time she reaches my age do you think that will be the case i don't know. but the reason why i'm still locked at least i think we can still prove what they've got the achievements of have been
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celebrated on all records in the last 10 years i believe it can be done that's what's more still to come this hour spain braces for the verdict in the castle and separatists case the country celebrates its national day. the professor versus the media tycoon presidential hopefuls square off in the final television debate. and in the sport with the latest move by china's basketball fans to stick it to the n.b.a. . we got plenty of sunshine across many parts of central and southern europe lost to clear skies like a cloud that's further north and a fair bit over this well still very blustery across northern parts clad in rain
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making their way from a west to east but out into the south hot pressure in charge that's keeping things calm and settled with some warm sunshine as well as a 25 celsius in bucharest in ankara 27 for athens little bit of cloud in sioux western parts of the bat want to showers a possibility here to the west the weather the windy weather that remains across those northern parts across a low countries then see the british isles saying been them well seeing some very heavy rain once again as we go on through sunday that will sink its way further south was just going to monday 15 celsius in london still hanging on to 23 there in paris not too bad but notice some wet weather waiting in the wings another area of wet weather will slide its way in across the bay of biscay over the next few days pushing across the peninsula back into central and southern parts of 5 and try once again i will say that sunshine across much of north africa stays largely warm and sunny a little bit of clout then to northern parts of algeria well if you squeeze out a few spots of rain here but by and large it's fine dry warm and sunny.
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at night in a stalking somalia patrolled street police. freemium . gang violence the youth a maternal approach to prevent crime. but . the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there mothers of rincon this is europe on al-jazeera. is different from other travels because we're not just there when something happens we are there before. copland's were there while it happens and we say we do have a permit so this and a lot of places us know much. about being in lebanon is very
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important it's about syria it's about lebanon it's about the power struggle between iran and saudi arabia it's all there and that's the challenge. among the top stories here al-jazeera a curfew is taking effect in ecuador's capital quito and the president has put the city under a minute tree down thousands of people have been demonstrating in the city for days angry measures that have led to higher fuel prices. at least 3 people are being killed and 9 more are missing as typhoon haiyan base passes over japan's may not and. namibia's rugby world cup match against canada due to take place north of
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tokyo on sunday has just been cancelled. as growing international criticism of turkey's offensive in syria and germany have stopped weapons exports to turkey over the assault on kurdish groups in the north east of the country. have also been protests over turkey's offensive across europe. thousands of people demonstrated in the german capital berlin accusing us president donald trump of betraying the. germany has one of the largest kurdish populations in europe one of the biggest purchase and support of the kurds was in paris where thousands of people took to the streets but brennan has more from the french capital. turkish military offensive in northern syria is of particular concern in france and the reason why is because around 150000 turkish people living here after the 2nd largest got his community in the diaspora but it's a 2nd only to germany now several 1000 of them have started out just
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a couple days notice of this protest they told me they are here in the muster lot of people sleeping on the right one god listening to speakers the bodyguards are extremely critical both present at one of the front of america and they also very concerned these people because many of them have relatives and friends sue moss still living there and that he had not returned not that you know he had a rush of the kids coming to hear inquiries but not only in paris and in from also in europe and i can see you all all over the world is very relieved of what's happening because what's happening will be at the clean sing over there will be a genocide against civilians the french president's model macro mistakes of these concerns and so forth he had a conversation saturday with the president from for america which president marco reus a racist to stop the 2nd offensive. and he said the main file to to send a real emergency i still in that region of the world and syria for the people here
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it's the really concern of the humanitarian problems of the suckers in france it has created a 100000 people who fled in the many relatives and friends as i say the people here felt very concerned about the future of the say. the chinese president xi jinping and indian prime minister narendra modi have held a summit dominated by trade talks the paten mom on a program in southern india and have called for a new era in relations between the world's 2 most populous nations and show more force. they walked and talked and talked a bit more even enjoyed traditional dance performances but the summit between india's prime minister and china's president had lots of photo opportunities but no announcements of major achievements. and she had what was called an informal 2 day summit in the town of. nothing was publicly announced on their festering border
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disputes. and india's foreign secretary categorically ruled out any discussion about the emergency in indian administration following india's removal of its autonomy he did say india made some headway on reducing its 51000000000 dollars trade imbalance with china. when. it sets the direction and. in this case. decided to establish a mechanism at the high level of. indian officials say the summit. should enable them to resolve the many disagreements that may happen or not some economists say of china. trade deficits india improve its economy and companies. of the ongoing war between china and the united states.
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30 year old hunting for a new job. in a factory. but. apple i phone. and many others in the factory redundant. recently found a reason to be hopeful a company that assembles phones for apple says it will start manufacturing in india soon. no hero more black and white some economists say the indian government's decision to reduce corporate tax should attract foreign companies and investors there is no other country in the world actually i would say rich can be. a big with a major shift. from china to india and that is the size of the market prime
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minister more the aims to woo the chinese leader but experts say he 1st needs to launch a range of reforms and boost economic growth before india can really compete with the world's 2nd biggest economy in china arch of ora al-jazeera. india. saudi arabia has approved the deployment of thousands of u.s. troops to the country the move comes after an attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities in september if the u.s. and saudi blame iran for the incident which it denies edition of american forces include fighter jets and an air defense system which the u.s. says is in response to threats in the region a roadside bomb has killed at least 10 kenyan police officers near the border with somalia a vehicle hit a device that kenyan authorities believe was planted by the armed group. and no one has claimed responsibility for the attack 16 people have been killed in an attack on a mosque in the village of sound masi in northern book at
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a fast so 2 others were seriously wounded when a gunman entered the mosque on friday during prayers and opened fire some aussie is near the border with mali which is home to armed groups linked to al qaeda and i saw it recently crossed the border into picking a fossil. mozambique holds elections on tuesday in the 1st test of a landmark peace deal that was signed in august which ended decades of violence between the 2 main political parties but it comes at a difficult time for the southern african country which has been grappling with natural disasters corruption and a rebel insurgency welcom webb has been at the final campaign rallies in the. us here in mozambique's capital maputo many people historically have supported the ruling party its presidential candidates is president felipe a new see the people here say living in a capital t. shirt in a meal and brought in on buses to hear what he has to say. as decreased over
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successive elections in local elections held a year ago was declared the winner with just 51 percent of the votes for us the country opposition disputed those results and opposition say this time there were serious problems with the electoral register and also that this being growing violence on the campaign trail was. really normal business your party has always been the closest contender in past elections its leader this is a well his final rally in the city was to the north he promised to fight rampant corruption the officials say the islanders stopped it from a campaigning in some parts of the country with. you know my winfrey my 40 each other in a 14 year civil war that ended in 1902 and signed a peace deal for the time. she was days election will test it. to be semangat leader of the opposition and dmanisi held his final rally in the
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polls this year but he's the man who was devastated by the cyclamen 7 months ago he says the government then used humanitarian aid to campaign for votes something in tonight's edition say to the problem that is still heard. support susan how do you go and vote on tuesday when in region where you watch as the votes are counted and they wait for the results to be announced. hong kong's government says protests as a phone petrol bombs inside a metro station as hundreds rallied against chinese control and police brutality nobody was injured by the bombs and rock police have been deployed on the streets aging brown has more from hong kong. for this march is now breaking up and it comes after more than a week of relative calm here in hong kong relative calm now many of the protesters are wearing face masks in defiance of course of that ban imposed by hong kong police more than
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a week ago warning that if people did wear face masks they risk arrest and also being heavily fine but that hasn't deterred some of these protesters now this march didn't pass without incident to m.t.r. train stations were attacked one of them had a pet food bomb showed it with there were no injuries also an outlet at starbucks was once more attacked it had its window shot at starbucks of course has become a popular target for these protesters a lot of the protesters here have also been talking about the common sort of come from president donald trump who says that he thinks that the protests are now in his words deescalating well a lot of the protesters don't know whether that means that the united states is now showing the same sort of support that it did for the protest movement that's to say support from u.s. politicians as they had say several months ago now the protests to say they are going to gather again on sunday for unspecified action certainly the protests are
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not on a scale that we will see several weeks or even several months ago there is still violence but it's not as intense as it has been in recent weeks. tunisia's 2 presidential candidates have gone head to head in a rare televised debate. polls unusual happen on sunday when voters will choose between conservative law professor. and business tycoon. who was recently released from prison however the cabinets need to convince voters they can resolve the country's stagnant economy should have our reports with us now bill carter we. face off in a debate a rare event in the arab world and a moment of pride for the tennesseans who 80 years ago inspired the pro-democracy movement also known as the arab spring. the debate was a crucial moment for the 2 candidates the election divided tennesseans secular and
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liberals back while conservatives leftists and nationalists endorser yet. this is always leading in the parliamentary and presidential elections into jail despite there are still moved on to the 2nd round my opponents thought i'd be defeated. in. a free they will never return to the cage and won't accept being given crumbs they are free already committed to building a new country. supporters of the bill carter we are job and their leader and media mogul was released from jail and is back on the campaign trail but the man and his party have only a limited time to convince people that he is the right person to leave the country i'd always party heart of which he founded 3 months ago came in 2nd in the parliamentary election becoming the 2nd largest political party after the conservative enough. from the beginning of the campaign out of his rival cases
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sayed kept a low profile but his supporters took to the streets promoting the burn they say will and corruption and unite the people but the people are frustrated with their leader 80 years after the revolution they see little change in their country and their expectations are high and have our president make young people more of a priority it's far as i'm concerned i have no faith in the political elite we want a president who stands for all to new zealand we are to fight a country that is different political parties social classes we don't want a president defending a particular class or group after the 2011 revolution the president lost many powers to both the prime minister and parliament but the president retains control of the fans and for enough. for many years the president is more than just a symbol the recent parliamentary elections have resulted in a divided parliament and the lead party may not be able to form a governing coalition this is where the next president is expected to step in the
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political impasse. in the u.s. state of california more than a 1000 firefighters are battling a fast moving blaze on the northern edge of los angeles the fire broke out on thursday night and has spread over 7000 acres at least one person has been confirmed killed authorities are working to contain the fire with intense aerial water bombing on saturday some of thousands of residents under evacuation orders were allowed to return to their homes the cause of the fire is still under investigation 4 people have been killed in a shooting in new york city and he's 3 others were injured in the incident which took place in the bar of brooklyn at a suspected gambling operation 2 weapons were recovered from the scene including a handgun and a revolver police have not identified a suspect or a motive for the shooting. an explosion has killed 9 family members in egypt's
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north sinai peninsula that's according to the associated press news agency egyptian officials reportedly say a shell hit the family's truck in. 6 of those have been taken to hospital in a separate attack 7 soldiers are reported to been injured when the explosive devices hit the armored vehicles and be allowed to and in the town of rafah border with gaza. spain's national day celebrations have been overshadowed by tensions over the upcoming sentencing of catalan separatist leaders rival unionists and pro dependents rallies have been held in catalonia as regional capital barcelona the catalan leaders could face 15 years in prison after being charged with sedition and misuse of public funds for their part in the 2017 independence referendum a new video has the latest from bosler. now ration is for spain's national day have been taking place on the streets of basra one of the capital of the island.


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