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he signed a peace deal for the 3rd time in august this election will test it. the m.d.m. opposition party is a relative newcomer. but he supports grown in the last 10 years. it's leader that we see mango addressed supporters in the port city of beirut which was devastated by a cycle in in march he's also accused the ruling party of violent. death squads are commanded by a state which has been captured by the real email party it's the biggest gangster that we have in mozambique as mozambicans prepared to vote on tuesday they're waiting to see if the polls will be peaceful and if the result will be accepted malcolm webb al-jazeera maputo mozambique time for a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back the former prisoner on the professor a rare t.v. showdown as tenacious presidential candidates go head to head. and find out what's
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giving some fish farmers a malaysia sleepless nights stay with us. hello we got some fresh air weather pushing into eastern parts of north america over the next day i say this band of cloud here that's going to drift its way through the appalachians i was towards the middle and 6 days now a system out in the open water storm melissa that's going to continue drifting further east which is because through the next couple of days 719 left the new york 18 celsius for d.c. the chance of some snow most of the border just around ontario and that will continue to drift its way further east was as we go on into monday 12 celsius that's fun so that a little cool here in the process only 2 degrees there for winnipeg western parts
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of canada chance this is more snow coming back in here just around. over the course west coast it stays dry fine and sunny could do with the rain down towards l.a. of course california with those wildfires continuing to burn the other side of the kind. 3 where we do have some wet weather in the forecast as we go on through monday rather mid atlantic states and down towards the panhandle and indeed into the deep south some showers to southern parts of the caribbean will still see some rather lively showers over the next day or so drifting over toward nicaragua or towards panama just as some showers for the wind which as we go on through sunday little drier monday. didn't the u.s. treasury or just a few months ago say that no china let's bring you the stories and developments the dramatically changing the world the living what's behind the lines of piracy.
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counting the cost on outages if. i'm. not you know. some of it i like. welcome back at the mind of our top stories here this hour ecuador is in lockdown after the government imposed a nationwide if he would order troops on the streets of the capital quito falling 11 days of protests there's a new austerity measures that lead to higher fuel prices. france and germany have stopped weapons exports to turkey over its offensive on groups in northeastern
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syria the operation is found its 4th day in turkish forces say they've taken control of a strategic border town with the kurds tonight. and 7 people have been killed in attacks in northeastern nigeria locals say gunmen affiliated with eisel raided a military post in the town of gush uganda in borno state on friday a nearby village was also attacked. well more now on the international fallout of that operation by turkey in northeastern syria there's been a worldwide protests against the decision of the turkish government this was a scene in the french capital paris where turkish troops accuse the u.s. of the trail kurdish fighters have been america's main allies on the ground in syria in the battle against isis. there were protests also in germany. thousands of people demonstrated in the capital berlin germany has one of the biggest kurdish populations in europe. bill bennett smith spoke to some demonstrators in edit bill in iraq semi autonomous kurdish region. a little love
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lost here between the kurds in this part of northern iraq kurdish controlled parts of northern iraq and the turkish authorities the crowd has been chanting one terrorist or one terrorist and there is also a real feeling here of betrayal by the americans the kurds here saying that one day they are leading the fight with the americans against eisel and then the next day it's been about. this fire. like i said. you 1st. lady. were you surprised by what the americans did of course everyone is surprised that america was by side of kurdish rebels by crusader with the storm help for curators and where they leave kurdish arrows obama. president and it was crazy
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because in one night every one of them was changed it's a chance for turkey to dominate us and kill the kurdish people so the american government has always promised our protection but now we see no protection that's why we think the strikers there are already some 225000 syrian kurds in this part of northern iraq hiding sheltering from syria's civil war and the authorities here. camps and accommodation for another $30000.00 should they cross over the border from northeastern syria and the all far to say the k r g cup and they said when turkey's incursion started they said the consequences of the military escalation have implications far beyond syria's borders creating the conditions for a return of eisel and a mass displacement of people. where sons are camped on is the director of the international rescue committee in the u.k. and as previously a field director in syria he says there are no safe havens within syria for
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internally displaced people to turn to. the number of displaced is expected to be over 100000 at this point what's more worrying is that they've already been displaced many times i used to know families and community that have fled homes now fleeing new fighting in what was previously a safer part of syria and they're fleeing to places like iraq a city the former caliphate capital for the isis which is in ruins and there is no safe drinking water very little food and we don't have access to them because with the fighting going on as it is humanitarians haven't got the freedom of movement that they need well there's a real sense of desperation that i as the staff are hearing from syrians because they don't know where to turn they're going further away from the syria turkey border that was previously probably the safest part many of east had indicated towards iraqi kurdistan but really there's a real squeeze of safe areas in syria left as a result of this offensive populations are moving away from urban centers away from
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the bombing and therefore harder to find and harder to help displacement is already occurring. and other groups are already engaged in fighting we hope that there can be a negotiated solution that satisfies both parties but ultimately that will only localize and solve this conflict is still the wider syria conflict that we're fighting. a powerful typhoon has pounded tokyo and surrounding areas with heavy rain and strong winds kicking up at least 10 people 16 missing in japan a clean up operation has begun a day after one of the most powerful typhoon to hit the country in decades made landfall typhoon haiyan bits paralyze the capital on saturday before moving to the north it brought unprecedented rainfall that cause floods and landslides in some areas then a half a 1000000 homes are without power when he has the latest now from tokyo. we were told to expect a short sharp storm and that is exactly what happened as you can see it is a clear blue sky day in the capital tokyo on sunday in stark contrast to what we
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saw on saturday with a lot of rain falling and some very strong winds we still have some wind about but no sign of that rain certainly coastal areas on saturday saw some damaging winds but the main feature of this storm seems to have been the huge amount of rain that fell causing flooding in many areas and indeed there are still alerts in place for some of those areas because the rivers this wall and they have burst their banks in some places and also the reservoirs are very full so the authorities have given the green light for some of those dams to release water meaning that there is an ongoing danger for some communities living downstream from those dams we saw several landslides occur on saturday evening as well there is an ongoing search and rescue operation because several people still missing there is still disruptions to the transport networks as well some train services have resumed on sunday morning but they won't be back to full service for some time and most flights international
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and domestic in and out of tokyo's 2 airports on sunday have been canceled or delayed until monday now polls are due to open in a few hours time intimacy is presidential election runoff the 2 remaining candidates are going to head to head in a rare t.v. debate voters are choosing between business tycoon not bill curry who was recently released from prison and retired law professor. the winner will inherit a weak economy and soaring unemployment. reports now from tunis. no bill carter we and they say yet face off in a debate a rare event in the arab world and a moment of pride for the tennesseans who 80 years ago inspired the pro-democracy movement also known as the arab spring. the debate was a crucial moment for the 2 candidates the election divided to secular and liberals
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back while conservatives leftists and nationalists endorser yet. i was leading in the parliamentary and presidential elections to jail despite there are still moved on to the 2nd round my opponents thought i'd be defeated. in. a free they will never return to the cage and won't accept being given crumbs they are free already committed to building a new country. supporters of the bill carter we are job and their leader and media mogul was released from jail and is back on the campaign trail but the man and his party have only a limited time to convince people that he is the right person to leave the country i always party heart of which he founded 3 months ago came in 2nd in the parliamentary election becoming the 2nd largest political party after the conservative enough. from the beginning of the campaign out of his rival cases i
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yet kept a low profile but his supporters took to the streets promoting the burn they say will and corruption and unite the people but people are frustrated with their leaders 80 years after the revolution they see little change in their country and their expectations are high and have our president make young people more of a priority it's far as i'm concerned i have no faith in the political elite we want a president who stands for all to new zealand we are to fight a country that is different political party social classes we don't want a president defending a particular class or group after the 2011 revolution the president lost many powers to both the prime minister and parliament but the president retains control of the fans and foreign affairs for many years the president is more than just a symbol the recent parliamentary elections have resulted in a divided parliament and the lead party may not be able to form a governing coalition this is where the next president is expected to step in and
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the political impasse has al-jazeera to us mexican officials have detained a caravan of up to 2000 migrants from africa the caribbean and central america they were traveling from south of the country in the hopes to reach the u.s. border many of them have been held up now go to moloch for weeks or months awaiting residency or transit papers from. the scene was similar to a string of caravans that left central america a year ago. i mean. i'm not afraid i need to go on i don't know what's ahead of me but i'm not scared for what this was before this migrant caravan is the only way forward without a visa card you can't get out from something like soko. now a mysterious oil spill has contaminated at least 150 beaches along brazil's northeastern coastline dozens of teams are trying to clean that up but they say the thick crude is washing ashore too fausta keep up. has more now from the coastal
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community of course in northeastern brazil. one of brazil's most beautiful beaches now covered with oil it washed up on the sand here on what was otherwise a pristine beach. and it has the locals like joe's a mighty is extremely worried what to do i feel very sad this is an environmental disaster even if people are cleaning it up the damage is done i've been working here for over 30 years and i've never seen anything like it. but it's not just here or oil has washed up on beaches all up and down the coastline of the northeast of brazil recent days it's been seen in 9 coastal states in more than 150 locations. it's unclear where the oil is coming from but it's already killing sea life but it's so widespread showing up on a coastline more than 2000 kilometers long there aren't enough crews to reach it
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all. but they're trying the best they can they're finding so much oil that they're sending teams of men out to collect it all and they're loading it on the back of these flatbed trucks such as this and then putting it in these huge white containers to be taken away just today on this beach they say they've collected at least 2 tons of oil. local residents are witnessing an environmental disaster up close as. i went swimming today and when i got out of the water i had oil all over my hands and i'm worried because i don't know how my body will react to this. sort of all i've seen the 5 big dead feasts it's to say because it has also reached the eaves and you hear the oil stains really you ought people here now looking out over an oil polluted ocean left wondering how much worse it can get. along the northeast coast of brazil
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now fish farmers in northern malaysia calling on the government to tackle the issue of marine pollution they say the poor quality of seawater has caused them huge financial losses al-jazeera is foreign story reports now in the state of pentagon. there have been fish farms here at the mouth of the korean river in penang northern malaysia for more than 40 years but owners say the quality of the seawater is degrading and they believe that is causing their fish to die and they blame a nearby landfill for polluting the water. we depend on the sea for living if all fish can survive we are going to have to shut the farm if there is no fish in the waters will be out of job. on the northern shores of penang island. as his caged fish have been dying as well he too blames the
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water quality the state government says the polluting of sea water may be caused by runoff from an illegal quarry operated by marine research as say the increase in jellyfish off the coast of penang is an indicator that the sea water is becoming more polluted but say their studies suggest that that's not enough to cause fish to die as a sign base it is difficult for us to actually pinpoint on one factor ocean is a very dynamic environment. is a bore and. effect as well as. the climate change that causes course the pollution. it's not just those in the fishing and aquaculture industry affected. waterfall operators tell us tell us that on some days the pollution from this river is so bad that a fall smell hangs in the air and the water turns into
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a dark almost black color on those days they tell customers to avoid swimming in the sea. the local government says residents have to do their part. of the people or for duration there's a point to the slow and the whole system but the people here tell us they don't think enough is being done to ensure this proper environmentalists monitoring nor tackle coastal pollution florence louis al-jazeera penang malaysia all the news of course on our website there is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com. all right time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera ecuador is in lockdown after the government imposed a nationwide curfew and ordered troops on the streets of the capital when earlier
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demonstrators blocked roads leading to ketones international airport and set fire to a government building thousands of people have been demonstrating in the city to days they're angry at new austerity measures that lead to higher fuel prices across president has just announced he revised the law and ensure it benefits communities . in the capital peter. the president has not only asked for the military to take control of the streets and public spaces here in the city of quito the ecuadorian capital the military has actually been asked to enforce this curfew nationwide so this is widespread despite the fact that most of the protests the demonstrations the clashes with police have taken place over the last few days in the historic district in downtown ttyl the dynamics of these demonstrations as well the dynamics of the police response are changing minute by minute they're changing every day there were even today there are thousands more people than what we saw in the days prior france and germany have stopped weapons exports to turkey over its offensive
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on kurdish groups in northeastern syria the operation is now in its 4th day and turkish forces say they have taken control of a strategic border town that the kurds deny this a roadside bomb has killed at least 10 kenyan police officers and near the border with somalia police believe the homemade device was planted by the somali based group. 7 people have been killed in attacks in northeastern nigeria locals say gunman raided a military post in the town of galilee ghana in borno state on friday a nearby village was also attacked 4 civilians and 3 soldiers the dead communities in borno state have been repeatedly attacked by groups affiliated with i still a powerful typhoon has pounded japan's capital and surrounding areas with heavy rain and strong winds killing at least 10 people typhoon how could this paralyze tokyo on saturday for moving to the north a cleanup operation has begun and rescue efforts are now underway 16 people are
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still missing nearly half a 1000000 homes without power all right so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost stations and so much about that. philippines president roderigo to turkey says he's cracking down on the communist insurgency but some fear it's a deadly campaign to silence his critics as the death toll rises one a one east investigate to turn to his new war on al-jazeera. alone has a secret this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week president trump threatens to destroy turkey's economy again we find out how and we look at trump's business interest in istanbul . where have all the dollars gone lebannon goes from one crisis to another as one of the world's most indebted nations clings to its dollar peg. gold what is behind
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its rise and how high can it go you'll be surprised some of the bet those in the know are making. after president donald trump abandoned kurdish allies and gave the green light for turkey's incursion into syria the pushback from usually uncritical republican saw the president attempting to change his decision he said he would in his words totally destroy and obliterate turkey's economy if turkey does anything quote that i in my great an unmatched wisdom consider to be off limits what he meant by off limits wasn't clear but the threat was enough to send the lira lower so is it possible for trump to actually obliterate the economy we don't need to go too far back to see the damage done before and the best way to do that is to chart the liras decline the day before the attempted coup in 2016 the lira was trading at $287.00 to the dollar it's been downhill since then tensions between the united states and europe over syria and
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turkey's refusal to raise interest rates to find double digit inflation saw the currency weaken further from general 2800 to all. it sank 40 percent president trump impose sanctions on aug 1st after turkey refused to release a u.s. pastor who had been held over his alleged involvement in the failed coup a double tariffs a week later sending the lira to a record low the economy slumped into recession inflation peaking at 25 percent and the spat over russia's s $400.00 missiles kept the lira weak on october 7th trump threatened to obliterate the economy sending the lira down more than 2 percent with all the criticism president trump has been keen to point out the economic ties between the nations including its involvement in the f. $35.00 stealth bomber actual trade between the 2 is about $20000000000.00 making the u.s. turkey's 4th biggest trading partner but critics are keen to point out president
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trumps conflict of interest in turkey top of the list of the trump towers in istanbul according to the washington post trump doesn't own the building but was paid $10000000.00 to put his name on it. ivanka trump thanked president irwin for coming to the opening of the towers in 2012 and a lawsuit filed by 29 senators and 186 house democrats claims trump is a partial owner of $119.00 turkish business ventures that's according to n.b.c. well joining me now via skype from istanbul is sin then again he is a visiting professor at carnegie europe thanks very much for being with us so how close is the relationship then between presidents trump and one or the relationship is indeed quite close because president traum has been in regular dialogue with the turkish president are gone and as we see in this case
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he took on board. the arms arguments and decided to give the go ahead to the turkish across the border military operation and his stance is markedly different than what we heard from the others pillars of the u.s. administration and primarily pentagon. and we when we look at the turkish economy and president trump personally does does he have a conflict of interest because of the trump towers in istanbul he doesn't own the towers but does license his name. yes obviously that's the definition of conflict of interest and given that he has this business venture in turkey. even though as you rightly said he doesn't all the property nonetheless gets a license fee based on extending his franchise so in that sense yes there seems to be a cop the interest and trump has in the very recent past put sanctions on the economy
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that were there were damaging were they the sole reason for the economy sinking into recession nor it was just a an impetus really but already the church economy it had a number of structural deficiencies. very high external financing requirements more savings rate. and this is the main reason why coupled with the treta of sanctions. there has been a general risk of a version concerning the church on the me which has led to our financial our close and the shock on the currency last summer which peaked on the occasion of with political crisis are triggered by turkey holding on to us pastor and how much damage can the u.s. do to get to the turkish economy i mean president trump it has said he can obliterate the turkish economy is that just bluster or can he really do that. well
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i think that indirectly the u.s. could certainly do quite a bit of damage to the church going because fundamentally the turkish economy is one where there is a lack of domestic saving sort turkey has to be imported capital from abroad and therefore the cost of that capital is very important at a time when there is tension between turkey and the united states and especially if the u.s. administration including the president trump moves ahead in the direction of sanctioning turkey that will raise the turkey's risk profile and the cost of capital and that's going to be the main challenge for turkey point forward before we end up in such a scenario and if we go back just a few years putin put a stop to russian tourism after turkish warplanes had shot down a russian jet so turkey's economy is prying to sharks isn't it. it is it
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comes down to the fact that turkey's growth model is predicated on the availability of cheap capital inflows saw no way the deficiency over the past 10 years was that turkey was not evil to shift to a growth model that is less dependent on foreign capital flows this could have been the case for instance of turkey had done a number of significant structural reforms that would have raised productivity and ensured you know are sustainable productive to growth and the economy but clearing that turkey continues to be dependent on these capital flows which makes it vulnerable to these type of political pressures and how would you assess things now is the turkish economy finally turning around interest rates and inflation a coming down what's your prognosis yes there certainly has been a rebound in turkey it seems to be pulling back from its recessionary trend but
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the main challenge going forward will be whether turkey will actually be able to achieve the type of higher growth rates just started in the parts that's the main challenge even if it rebounds from this recession area it looks difficult right now and turkey may indeed. be a hostage to in an environment where it has logged growth rates. and this is something new for the turkish political system an economy system given that turkey had registered quite significant the high growth rates in the past c.n.n. who again thanks for being with us thank you. i one of the world's most indebted nations has declared an economic emergency a lack of dollars for imports of wheat oil and medicine has pushed lebanon's
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currency to the brink of devaluation now that could end lebanon's 2 decade long peg to the dollar the problem is the businesses buy goods from overseas in dollars and sell in lebanese pounds but lebanese banks are restricting access to foreign currency forcing many firms and individuals to resort to a growing parallel market and this is reflected in the current account deficit which means it is importing more than its exports in all living beyond its means the deficit has risen as lebanese ex-pats aren't sending as much money back home as they had in the past remittances to lebanon work revelent to 12.7 percent of g.d.p. in 2018 while the government is in talks with saudi arabia for new money the central bank has more than $50000000000.00 in currency reserves that's enough for 30 months worth of imports but if the government doesn't push through austerity measures a devaluation becomes a real threat then a hard reports from beirut. fuel importers here had threatened an open ended strike
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because of a shortage of foreign currency their customers pay in lebanese pounds but they need dollars to import feel lebanon's central bank is intervening it plans to provide dollars at a fixed exchange rate not just to importers of fuel but importers of medicine and to wheat supplies of which have already reached dangerously low levels economists say levanon which imports at least 80 percent of what it consumes needs an injection of foreign cash because the government is so exposed to the teaching of culture what's happening to see what's happening here are the problems of the g.c.c. countries. who right to be. there at the. and now the local currency has lost value it's the 1st time in 2 decades exchange
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dealers won't speak on camera. the official price pegged at $1500.00 pounds to the dollar black market prices have emerged. oh how much can i sell my dollar. 155000 and if i want to i cannot buy right for. 57 ok thank you. the central bank denies that lebanon is facing a dollar crisis and describes her ports of a shortage as an exaggeration but there are attempts to limit daily dollar withdrawals and more and more merchants are no longer accepting local currency they too refused to speak on camera as an. economic conditions have long been precarious this is one of the most indebted countries in the world a decrease in deposits into the banking sector denies the state
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a critical source of finance but there are other reasons behind the shortage of cash in the country. on iran for example affected its funding for its ally in lebanon which is also under sanctions this is disrupted the flow of. countries also stop providing help to a country they believe is controlled by their rival iran people are starting to take to the streets there is panic over the currency losing value which has hurt their spending power last month the government declared a state of economic emergency for these protesters however this crisis is not new and they want those in power to be held responsible for years of mismanagement and corruption well let's talk more about what's happening in lebanon from beirut we have sami executive director of the lebanese center for policy studies thanks very much for being with us so i want to ask you 1st help me out with the central bank has enough.


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