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i don't know but i like i said we're going to help in this investigation to make sure that these are there's a law there's a fair amount of judgment that's using this investment was. about calling c.g. on the west coast of the island protesters take to the streets to demonstrate against the mounting deaths of civilians in counterinsurgency operations was real and i am. over as on the recently formed n.g.o.s defame a gross defies the death threats against her to document eyewitness accounts of the killings in ran in some major us we still have interest the gate the case says human rights violations because we believe that the person is an authority the one know it and the rest and killings it is still very clear that
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it's the police who killed those victims was it over. 7 a. 17 year old she may assume and her family fled their village soon after her older brother was shot dead by state forces she says she no longer goes to school because she's being watched. we meet her in the evening at a safe. place to meet the horror began when police arrived to the home early one morning in december last year. if i not only you adopt them it's 5 not a morning person. lying. in a farm suppose a medical student suppose the family backlash money.
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well you just. said a little by little. sheila may's brother jesus who had turned 27 on christmas day just 2 days before he was killed he was a construction worker and the main breadwinner for the family. his mother do you know was working in the fields when she heard the gunshots and ran back to the house when we go up. and i'm not poor leno to say london well and you know one. may. be in the. sun with me you're not in
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a. new and. that post $911.00 chair. let me go indeed one thing on the construction worker necessary. do you was arrested and taken to the police station. by a man that being. sustenance of percent blood in a learning. barn see you on a. similar name can you would lend us a percent though. she alleges the police placed a gun in front of her and then asked her why she hadn't. been up i've been there when the bucket pumping bunking in meaning now coming who will love someone. while.
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you know why it. got up and then when the. system by you. do you are in a family unknown living in hiding scattered across the country fearing for their lives in the. indian army and we know that it's all i mean by. human love beginning station under. these women also want justice but is scared they'll be easily targeted if they show their faces or their family members were killed on march 30th by joint military and police operation out of the $37.00 homes searched that day 14 people ended
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up dade. steve our public was a motorcycle taxi rider who according to his mother and sister had been labeled as n.p.i. they tell of how it was still dark when police barge through the back of the house early one morning get there how many thought the got the bomb or. not but the phone all day long when i did the non-doing on boy and when it does i go off to the book about the known a lot about my sickness i think steve was sleeping on the 2nd floor and i said not all the last months and more and one on and their own things are said by the about the apple is the real one now not accent of concepts which is. that all now but not all of us are me a. bottle a purse. the autopsy found that steve was short for time. in the chest and twice in the abdomen. man's husband was also
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a motorcycle taxi rider a chairman of the local branch of a transport union she says he too had been labeled as n.p.r. but he insists he had no connection to the rebel group he has seen among. our. police don't let the chin huddle at all so you know what i mean i got humbled woodshedding when the police arrived early in the morning of march 30th they served the husband with a search warrant she and their 4 year old son were beside him in a. ballot today. and again media savvy him as having no police. busting out. on loan. in 16 that. you know not only will you not only be managed. by little ones i am
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sad. she climbs a sister then saw 2 policeman planting guns in the laundry. until 11 am in one long seen. but i am in wait until i'm but i am even in pain. but i think up in the pool spotting. you know what i mean. meanwhile her husband's body was hastily removed you know off and he took. us in long. last but the thing. about. analysts say. unless. it's more than 6 months since the husband was killed and police are yet to give her a copy of the search warrant but even if she had it may end. and so she wouldn't take legal action until i only on my own.
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and that's something human rights worker clarissa singson admits makes it difficult to see justice even though we have witnesses and we have documented strong evidence in court be can't file because there's no witness this will will. brave enough because they fear for their lives because we cannot insured or see if their security we cannot even ensure our own safety and security the essence of this national guard as a spokesman for the president's anti communist transports major general polaha a dismisses the families feel is as it in mission of guilt those who are are probably hiding something those who are pregnant or probably members of this
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underground must organization he's steadfast in his view that those killed fought back there would be killing if there are no resistance armed resistance. so that's what happened i think that doesn't the direction of the investigation the result of the investigation and we would soon come out and you can you can check but when we detail the cases where witnesses say there was no resistance he denies any knowledge of them just to be clear some of the alleged atrocities that i've raised with you today were saying that you're hearing things for the 1st time yes many of the what you said we have heard personally i've heard for the 1st time it should be because. must tell you that there is no such thing as a state sanctioned killings no but i have been media reports on this i mean how did you not noisy this is the 1st time that i heard this indeed it. in the newspaper
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they don't say and. many of the reports are to be read darwin the sources because the major specially the mainstream. dominated by these super picard groups in the in the print and maybe even. today's are over as he's taking us to kindly own city in the heart of nicole says when most of the killings of a could end in july for political figures were gunned down the who's responsible is still unknown. that that's a sign. that in the view all white and. many like zara believe these c.c.t.v. video of the july killings busy piri similarities to official operations conducted by state forces they did not identify themselves but that that means almost the
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same as it's lag the it and the need of the area he dong. there is a fully armed man you know dead differently because i knew you were wearing fascists and they have these high power and fire arms riot yeah that it seems they're so relaxed sadly i just doubt. that in the heart. the end of the freedom caught. the operation took little more than 5 minutes the c.c.t.v. cameras are on the family compound triangle in the driveway and on the god station but unfortunately there were non that captured the entrance of a house just a short walk away. according to his family city council love pramono holland dodi was killed as he came out of his bedroom the autopsy found $23.00. gunshot wounds
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to his body were free to be left on the house red long leave the n.p.a. but the rebels deny responsibility and the family who now fear for their lives tell us they don't believe the m.p. where the killer is they say the counsellor helped pull families in the mountains but had no involvement with the rebel group this anonymous different was sent to a family member after the killing accusing them of supporting the n.p.a. it warns you are the next target and while the president is in charge your name will not be a raise from the least. around the corner from the 1st murder is the home of another victim this time the local council chief his son is also worried about his safety and doesn't want to show his face or afraid i'm. afraid of us we do not know and he resigned
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a nice. verifying. the walls by the skulls from m. 16 bullets my father and other misrule when you go to the window. would be when you open the window there's a thing he was shot and where was he shot in his face and you see the space who goes all. over by. side of you. from here it's believed the gunman drove north to another city with a kills 2 more people but the big question is how did such a large convoy of men get through the numerous police checkpoints in the area. i don't know how to explain it but. let me tell you again that we the government is not or does not condone those things and that's going to be part of again the
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commitment to you to the people of beggars that we will do our part in making sure that they conduct the investigation properly sort of we will be able to pursue the criminals so you will us personally make sure that there's your investigation because i mean there are many who say you know it has all the hallmarks of a state sanctioned killing no there is no such thing as a state sanctioned. is the same as the. drug problem i think they say that states i'm sure there's no such thing what kind of government will sanction dismiss killings but they. people get hurt specially if they're based over systems. but just the same the government is sincere in making sure that there's just these justices and beings are. good for you show ramos and her children there's been no justice. in this so hopeless.
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at 1st me a lot. not to find justice. then is just one. of the $87.00 farmers. and lawyers and these jurors were killed because of this counterinsurgency insurgency. and all of us all of the 87 have not gotten and just us. a chance for bringing in after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to join some of this journey to bring you not with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera.
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did he wish traitor or just a few months ago say that no chinese look we bring the stories and developments that are unlikely to change a living wants. is a piracy. counting the cost on outages in. the pentagon's announced it will withdraw up to a 1000 soldiers from northern syria as turkish forces push deeper into kodesh controlled areas.
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once again from doha i'm kemal santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister is offering to mediate talks between regional rivals iran and saudi arabia also a major cleanup operation on the way out to typhoon haiyan just rips through japan killing at least 23 people in the polls are now closed into his ear with voters of taking the next president either retired law professor or a media tycoon just out of jail. however when the u.s. has announced a major troop withdrawal from northern syria the pentagon says up to a 1000 soldiers will be pulling out as turkish troops on the syrian allies continue their offensive into kodesh controlled towns now in the light is advance the forces said. this is important because that will ensure supply routes from turkey as the operation goes on sunday seen some heavy bombardment of other towns too as it's
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fools events it. bubbles are taking control of. but all this fighting is forcing more civilians from the home that's the united nations number there now is to medic 130000 people have been displaced but the u.s. secretary of defense is the number one concern in his decision to move u.s. troops out of north syria was the safety of those american forces we believe that the turks now intend to go further south than originally expected and to go both west and east which would increase their is zone from beyond the 30 kilometer depth and nearly 440 kilometers wide at the same time we've learned the last 24 hours and it looks like the s.d.f. is cutting a deal with the syrians and russians we should say yes to have does so the surge of forces that are in syria democracy forces defense forces that's right there cutting a deal and now what we're facing is u.s. forces in a trap between a syrian russian army moving north to take on the the turkish army that is moving
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south it puts us in a terrible position and the protection of safety of our service members comes 1st to me i spoke with the national security team yesterday we talked on the phone i talked to the president and he is concerned and so last night he directed that we begin a deliberate withdrawal of u.s. forces from the northern part of syria syria more on that decision now with rosalynn jordan our correspondent in washington. the u.s. says it is pulling $1000.00 soldiers out of northeastern syria because of the ongoing conflict between syrian defense forces who are made up mainly of kurdish fighters and the turkish military the defense secretary mark esper says he has a responsibility to make certain that u.s. troops aren't injured or killed in that conflict mr esper also said during a tour of the sunday morning public affairs shows here in washington that he has made it clear to leadership that even though the u.s.
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appreciates the kurds sacrifice in trying to defeat eisel the u.s. did not put its forces inside syria for the express purpose of protecting kurds from the turkish military this is something that has already angered both republicans and democrats on capitol hill because they say that there's no reason why any other small group or any other official military for that purpose should want to partner with the united states in future call flix if only when in their time of need the u.s. is going to turn its back. in chocolate any of the turkish border with syria how does the will of the stench what's happening on the ground. as sorry if a 1000 u.s. troops are going to move out. well a new map is emerging new front lines are emerging the past few hours really dramatic events on the ground the syrian democratic forces the kurdish lead as the
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losing territory the turkish army along with their local allies the opposition syrian national army they have been taking ground from the they have been pushed from 120 kilometers from the border line and they've been pushed 30 kilometers the p.s. there are few pockets of resistance here and there but this 120 by 30 pocket of territory is is under the control of turkey and it's syrian allies and this is really the completion of the 1st phase of turkey's military operation to clear its border for what it considers a national security threat and that 30 kilometer line is the m 4 international highway a crucial supply line for all the players in this region now under the control of turkey and its allies and the president or the gun making clear that there is the possibility of a 2nd phase of this operation because he talks about how he talks about the i'm not a which is the arab name for kolbein
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e but if turkey is to move ahead and push ahead it could mean more fighting it's not just with the s. the f. but other players on the ground we understand that there are reports that a russian brokered deal is between the f. and the syrian government involves damascus deploying troops in the border town of khobar me something that turkey will not want to see yes it will prefer damascus over the over the s. the f. along its border but if it loses control of co bonnie it disrupts the peace corps door that it wanted to create in order to allow refugees to safely return to syria so the map is being redrawn frontlines a new front lines are emerging ok that's. chuckle i thank you for that. meanwhile turkey's president has dismissed claims that i still detainees have escaped from detention centers in northeast syria or egypt or one says such reports are designed to provoke western countries so after reports that an unconfirmed
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number of people fled from a center in and after it was shelled by turkish forces the figure ranges from dozens up to several 100 and it's just 2 days after a prison camp in commission was shelled by turkey according to the s.p.f. 31 says his forces will take full responsibility for the thousands of isolate fighters and their families in northern syria moving to other news in pakistan's prime minister is trying to mediate talks between saudi arabia and iran iran can met with the iranian president hassan rouhani in teheran his offer to riyadh later . says he is hopeful of a breakthrough soon more from our side bake in teheran pakistan's imran khan has been trying to negotiate some form of mediation since the united nations general assembly last month in new york where he met president rouhani on the sidelines now this is the 2nd meeting between the 2 leaders in the last month and iran can said today that this initiative is a pakistani initiative and no one has told pakistan to do this he said that he
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wants to facilitate talks between iran and riyadh iran as a neighbor. guy is with iran go a long way back to saudi arabia. has been one of our closest friends saudi arabia is hopeless when we have needed when we have been in need and so the reason for the strip that we do not want a conflict between saudi arabia and iran we recognize that it's a complex issue we recognize that. but we feel. but this can be resolved through dialogue president rouhani was speaking alongside him on khan and he said that iran welcomes talks with regional countries but a country thought that they could sew instability in the region without a response they were terribly mistaken. you know we discussed recent developments related to the middle east region particularly to the persian gulf and the sea of
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oman as we believe they are very critical regions for the gulf and the whole region we also emphasized on the strengthening of stability and more peace in the region. tensions have behind the region since the attack on the saudi aramco oil facilities on september 14th something the yemen hutu rebels came responsibility for but sag arabia blamed iran something iran rejects but there was also an attack against the reigning oil tanker in the red sea now iran hasn't blamed anybody but tension in the region continue to be high m.r. carney is set to visit sag arabia on tuesday where is expected to meet the saudi crown prince mohammed bin silverman and he's hoping that you can start some talks between the 2 regional rivals. and other news from iran which says it's discovered a new natural gas field the equivalent of about 2 percent of its current reserves the oil ministry says the discovery was made in the southern province of farce and there is a reserve there of more than 530000000000 cubic meters iran already has the world's
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2nd largest gas reserves but it isn't a major export or because of international sanctions the polls have just closed into nazir where more than 7000000 voters picked their next president and selection a test of the only democracy to emerge from the arab spring of 2011. with this report. millions of voters into his yard deciding who becomes the 2nd democratically elected president since the 2011 revolution enjoying a surge in support mainly among the young law professor an independent has promised to overhaul state institutions fight corruption and invest in marginalized. his rival media tycoon is popular in poor areas where his charity has been active over the last few years has pledged to and poverty and create jobs for chin it is for millions of people. the president must find solutions to the economy
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improve security and rein in the soaring price of food it's unbelievable you buy a commodity for a price and tomorrow it's incredibly more expensive than the health care must be address health care who you mentioned be given more opportunity the 1st round of the election was tight sayed came in 1st followed by a car we the latter was released from jail a few days ago after being detained on charges of corruption and tax evasion the leader of the secular party heart of his year dismissed the accusations as politically motivated the winner will be the one who manages to convince to his yes he has answers to their growing economic problems. then i don't see a consensus on the governing coalition and that means the political parties may not agree on a plan of action with them if. we have a poor infrastructure education was one of the best in the region now it has
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declined. politically it's been a busy week in tunisia last sunday a parliament was elected and talks are underway to form a coalition government the conservative party another came in 1st followed by an appeal coase heart of tunisia both have ruled out forming a coalition leaving another with a delicate task of convincing rivals and independent members of parliament to join the government whoever gets elected will have to ensure the governing coalition is formed quickly and measures are taken to tackle poverty and economic problems if people don't feel progress soon that's why deepen the growing disillusionment they feel towards their leaders about al-jazeera turnus in the news ahead activists in ecuador prepared to begin talks with the president after more than a week of violent protests in a major.


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