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tv   The Problem With Plastic  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2019 11:33am-12:01pm +03

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in a remote village that 7 months ago was on the water he's not happy with the government's response even saying that if you don't vote if you don't spend what you want to get before so that's what we're doing and that's a very bad but. the national can do is watching it and not doing anything the sly claims ripped through rose and washed away bridges. many of which have now been repaired the ruling for the my party says its recovery program has been a success so why was. it promises to continue if it stays in power and it denies foul play. that's not true take the humanitarian aid and give it to the population is that the case that's not true humanitarian aid was distributed in front of the international community election season might bring 100 out and promises from politicians that most cycling victims like to reserve lived in
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grinding poverty before the storms and since an election won't change that malcolm webb al-jazeera. mozambique. saying supreme court is expected to sentence 12 cattle on leaders over their role in the 2017 band referendum for independence or ruling could complicate spanish politics and reignite tensions just one month ahead of national elections on a go report from barcelona. i was in the middle of barcelona's largest train station a call for self-determination by catalan activists more than 2 years since catalonia is attempt to secede they are no closer to their go but they say they refuse to give up the bottom of union that this is a nonviolent action one of many more that are yet to come this is to defeat the system to change it and to become a new country. if the goal is
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a new nation then the full force of the spanish authorities is making sure it doesn't happen the euphoria of the 2017 south declared independence gave way to serious repercussions tensions between pro and anti secessionist spilled onto the streets it led to 12 catalan politicians and civic leaders facing charges for their roles in a legal referendum on the region status. and the crisis has continued to divide catalonia the spanish government hopes that a ruling will bring an end to this type bill an episode in catalonia for the pro independence this will likely move out of all their promise to unleash a campaign of civil disobedience in the way i mean sentencing. council and separatists have always insisted there are peaceful movement but the have been concerns from the central government to madrid that any jail sentences could ignite further turmoil in the region especially among more radical groups it's not by
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putting people in jail or pushing them into exile that will solve things we will make it worse the only way to solve the here is to admit that there has to be a democratic outcome the spanish government has said it wants to restart talks to end the stalemate in catalonia until now some procession leaders were unwilling to engage unless there was an amnesty for those facing charges and with neither side giving way no one is optimistic that there is a way out of this crisis any time soon sunny diagonal al-jazeera barcelona and the us the family of a black woman killed by a white policeman has accused the officer of murder 28 year old jefferson was killed in our own home in texas on saturday. or. what. the moment just before the shooting.
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someone near a window and one of them drew his weapon after perceiving a threat a neighbor called the police when they saw her front door was open.
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with andy. thank you very much for harvests japan have pulled off a historic win at the rugby world cup their victory over scotland saw them reach
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the knockout rounds for the 1st time in solomon history at 2821 when setting up a quarter final with south africa reports from yokohama. empty just a day earlier as typhoon had a base back to japan the streets of yokohama filled up with fans on sunday for the match that almost never took place just departed scotland in a winner takes all group match i. the hosts hoping to put on the brand of rugby the to give them 3 straight wins. scotland had threatened legal action if this match was cancelled due to the typhoon and they took immediate action on the pitch going its way 7 a lead. i think japan has proved irresistible on home soil so far and they thrilled yet again fighting back with 3 troy's and a 217 lead. scotland looked finished but they were determined to spoil the fairy tale but japan held on
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a 2821 when meeting much more than just numbers on a school board before to look at the podium i really want to watch the families of those people in the top 3 tonight but really yeah but if i did it to be talked about they have this morning is a great prize really one of the point because whilst we're celebrating tonight a lot of people and i just want to the logic knowledge they are incredibly proud of . the literary style you know you would if i was a hot until i was nothing about skill is all about emotional physicality and i think we share that. to permit how the woods again captivated the new audience eating no help at all from the weather to send scotland home early japan's victory over scotland head puts them firmly among the elite of world rick perry and seals their place in. hearts of a nation that until recently had minimal interest in the game that 2 victories over top 2 nations in the pool mean that they topped the group and go into
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a quarter final against south africa that's the team they defeated 4 years ago to begin their journey into world cup history paul reese al-jazeera yokohama oils of set up a quarter final against france the world beating europe wide to secure their 4th straight when they finished top of prudery wells did only $76.00 at half time they pulled away after the break 3 quarter bonus point victory it finished wales $35.00 you're a quiet 13. let's have a look at our quarterfinal lineup in full it all starts with england versus australia next saturday then 2 time defending champions new zealand take on island on sunday it's wales versus france and host japan a take on south africa kenya's bridgie costco has broken the women's marathon world record the 25 year old run the chicago marathon in a time of 2 hours for say minutes and 4 seconds time more than
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a minutes quicker than the previous mark set by britain's paula radcliffe back in 2003. miss a piece of climb to record 6 consecutive formula one constructs this title the german seems domination continued with a win for valtteri bottas of the japanese grown pretty but us finished ahead a ferrari spastic vettel is miss a piece teammate's in world champion leader lewis hamilton was 3rd hamilton could wrap up his 6 drivers' title at the next race that's in mexico. we knew coming to the race that we will have a good race pace like we've seen every sunday before even though driver has beaten us in the goal line so. yeah i'm glad we managed to get to the lead because he was so different when you're in the lead and you can really come to control the pace and you know when is the tires and everything so i enjoyed it today parker gough's rapid rise in women's tennis has had another landmark the 15 year old becoming the youngest by it's a win it's all title since 2004 american hating your line of the panko in austria
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to win the limits are open and that all medvedev late season searches continue the russian has reached the final in his last 6 tournaments on sunday hereis beating alexander's verify to claim the shanghai masters title. so many broken the record for most world championship medals by any gymnasts while started sunday's action in stuttgart in its high for the all time record alongside that's all the show ever valorise of the 22 year old american when so and so into more medals both of them goals to set a mark of 25 career. the 1st ever world beach games are underway in cats so it's a multi sports events that features some beach classics such as volleyball and white boarding there are also a few surprises us a helmet for ports. serves. and smashes. it's racquetball action just not the type you're used to seeing at roland garros or
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wimbledon this is beach tennis one of the events like the 1st ever world beach games taking place here in qatar more than a 1000 athletes from almost $100.00 countries are competing in the multi sport event designed to showcase sports which really get mainstream exposure. is really important because you know if some people can know about it all the beach games are about are there even so i.d.'s can be for sure an amazing step for all the sports. games speech of 14 disciplines including a number of beach favorites. but there are some sports in the mix that you mine also sit with life on the shore one sport that's happening will surely surprise a few. this is karate qatar it's a performance based martial art that dates back to $1300.00 now not only is it happening here in doha but a variant of it will be happening in tokyo i'll be lympics next year the
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association of national limpid committees which is organizing the games hope that by including a diverse combination of sports. a wide range of fans will be attracted in particular younger ones new sports. sports sports or to come in for the future i guess i mean some of those sports. program in tokyo and. our thinking i think the question want to attract to use. establishing the world beach games however as a permanent fixture on the global sporting calendar might be a challenge just making this launch event go ahead was hard enough it's only happening in qatar because the original host san diego pulled out as they couldn't find enough sponsors nonetheless. the organizers here optimistic after having seen the. rest. i'm confident the athletes have been given
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a warm welcome in qatar. looking to enjoy their moment in the spotlight so he'll malik's al-jazeera. that is always full for not wall lights. and that is all for the news hour thanks for your time keep it aired. on the other side of. an act of youthful defiant it's. your turn next doctor also in the school will the rest of your homework for in the morning was electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war on al jazeera.
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back to today's headlines there are protests like this one that are trying to preserve and we forested areas that have been already devastated setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the streets where they've been telling you international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and spot. on al-jazeera. you know without more you might see is very much a culture has been very harmful to the economy and the minds of many people challenging traditional attitudes how narrowing the gender gap is helping women in . escape poverty. we're trying to break these barriers so much she smiles by giving women access to resources meet the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera. when the news breaks if you look like if you're told in order to get
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someone who can get this country out of the crisis when people need to be. brought to a little cross that border area without that they should just be around has teams on the ground for the last these. 3. back to put. them in trees and lightning. and online. turkish forces take more ground in northern syria as the kurds strike a deal with the assad regime to help. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera value from doha also coming up echoes
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government agrees to repeal the law that spot nearly 2 weeks of deadly protests. celebrations intern is a professor claims victory in the presidential election. ramps up rescue efforts as typhoon haiyan this leaves at least 30 people dead. we begin in syria where government forces have struck a deal with the kurdish led syrian democratic forces which will see the syrian army deploy along the border with turkey the greenman comes in the face of a turkish offensive in northeastern syria that's led to heavy fighting in places the s.d.f. says the deployment of syrian troops will help them liberate areas under the control of turkish forces well they entered northern syria on wednesday and are vance in south turkish forces and their syrian allies have seized control of the
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main highway known as the m 4 key border towns of the ad and russell lane lie along this road both are now supposedly under turkish control well the m 4 runs east to west through s.t.s. held territory from the iraqi border senator reports now from a jackal a new turkey's border with syria i don't know what the map is changing in north eastern syria turkey and its syrian allies are moving into what her kurdish controlled towns. and the syrian democratic forces are pushed from a 120 kilometer stretch of territory along the turkish syria border and 30 kilometers south that is where turkish led forces now control an important supply line the m 4 highway that connects western syria to iraq it seems phase one of turkey's air and ground operation to eliminate what it considers and national security threat on its border has been completed. we will
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divide the terror corridor 490 kilometers down the middle we will advance 30 to 35 kilometers into syrian territory according to the state's own map which we have declared before. that means there is likely a phase 2 of the military operation that would involve more fighting with the s d f who were abandoned when u.s. president donald trump effectively gave turkey a green light to launch the operation a few days ago now the u.s. administration which long called the s.d.f. partners unexpectedly announced it would roll of american troops from the north east leaving this corner of syria up for grabs. we are facing genocide so all options are open we are ready for negotiations with damascus the arab league the european union and even iran who have a complainer role to stop the invasion. the population of this corner of syria is fearful of what comes next arabs and kurds live here they have
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a long history of animosity syria's war has deepened old wounds that little trust between them means there is a dangerous fault line there are reports of a russian brokered deal to allow syrian government troops to enter kurdish controlled towns of bani and members that would prevent turkey from including those towns in a so-called safe zone that it wants to create in northern syria how turkey reacts is not clear but it may try to prevent that from happening because it would disrupt its plans to create what it calls a peace corridor along most of its border turkey's syrian allies are already heading to the front lines following an announcement by the syrian army that it was sending troops to the north of the country new front lines are emerging the new landscape may be drawn militarily or by back door deals but there seems to be a likely outcome this may be the beginning of the end of kurdish rule in north
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eastern syria. on the turkey syria border later sent us this update. fast moving developments tonight it states is decision to leave northeastern syria effectively created a vacuum there are many players in the syrian conflict and all of them would like a stake in this corner of syria it is a strategic corner it is where oil fields are located it is the ag it's the bread basket of syria for the damascus government is cash strapped it would it would definitely want to regain control of this area the s.d.f. the kurdish led the f.m. had little choice because 1st of all it was abandoned by its allies the united states and it is coming under attack and the turkish army along with their local allies the opposition syrian national army they have been launching an operation against a group they consider a terrorist organization because according to turkey the the backbone of the s
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t f is a syrian kurdish armed group the white p.g. which is linked to the outlawed p k k so the s.d.f. had little choice it struck a deal with damascus a russian brokered deal that agreed to hand over the territories that remain under their control to the government now the question is will they be able to do that because the opposition is making clear that they will fight back they will prevent this from happening especially in the town of members when rebel forces have already sent reinforcements to the front lines the syrian army at the same time saying that they're sending troops to the north of the country to face what they're calling a turkish invasion so that the risk of conflict is real is specially if these players cannot negotiate a coordinated withdrawal or an agreement of who takes what in what area. funerals been held for a kurdish leader who was killed in the ambush on saturday the secretary general of
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future syria party was returning from a meeting when her car was attacked allegedly by turkey backed fighters a driver an aide were also killed the syrian observatory for human rights says armed groups supported by turkey have killed 9 civilians in the area. meanwhile turkey's president has dismissed claims that i saw prisoners of escape from detention centers in northeast syria it follows reports that an unconfirmed number of people fled from a center in ainissa after it was shelled by turkish forces the s.d.f. says another prison camp income initially was shelled by turkey on friday president obama says his forces will take responsibility for thousands of i saw fighters and their families in northern syria. when anyone sunday the u.s. announced it was pulling out all remaining american troops from the old and syria the us president has been accused of abandoning the kurds his secretary of defense has been on sunday talk shows trying to defend donald trump's position israel's in jordan $35.00 days into the turkish military operation in northern syria the u.s.
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military is pulling about a 1000 soldiers out of the combat zone we find ourselves as we have american forces likely caught between 2 opposing advancing armies and it's a very untenable situation the kurds have been very good partners in the d.a.'s campaign they were very good fighters on the battlefield we obviously enabled that as well but at the same time we didn't sign up to fight the turks on their behalf the u.s. administration would rather keep the focus on turkish president recip tayyip erdogan whom they accuse of planning to attack syrian kurds no matter what on twitter president donald trump said will be held accountable dealing with lindsey graham and many members of congress including democrats about imposing powerful sanctions on turkey treasury is ready to go additional legislation may be sought there is great consensus on this turkey has asked that it not be done stay tuned but trump's withdrawal order has critics accusing him of abandoning the kurds even
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those democrats now drafting a sanctions bill against turkey for god's sakes what are they waiting for right people are being killed right now are syrian kurdish allies are being killed right now it looks like many of the isis detainees there about $10000.00 fighters are now possibly going to be able to escape there are reports this morning that isis sympathizers have already escaped thousands of them and here you have secretary minutiae saying oh well we'll think about it maybe we'll do something president trump tweeting that he's going to destroy the our economy they look ridiculous right now and those republicans who normally support trump's foreign policy. to see this yet again you know leaving an ally behind abandoning people that we frankly told that we were going to be with is disheartening depressing frankly it's weak and i don't see how it follows through on the president's promises biggest from us in the campaign to defeat isis because i think it is going to research conflicting
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priorities in a war zone with no clear idea where the u.s. troop withdrawal will lead rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington and i could as government has just agreed to repeal a law that ended decades old field subsidies after holding talks with indigenous leaders earlier demonstrators angry at the rise in fuel prices attacks government buildings and burnt media offices they were defying a government imposed curfew in the capital quito protests 1st began nearly 2 weeks ago with money regular joins us live now from might also just bring us up to date on what's been agreed between both sides. well there are celebrations taking place on the streets of quito right now if you can hear behind me there is fireworks going on cars honking their hone horns people celebrating what's woods been deemed to be in agreement finally between the confederation of indigenous communities from across the country that have been protesting for over a week calling on the government to reverse course on
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a economic policy that sought to and decades were decades long fuel subsidies and austerity program that the government that many saw as being damaging for the country and they seem to have managed to come up with an agreement with the government where that's exactly what they're going to get the government has decided to abandon this policy measure and instead form a commission an inclusive commission that takes into account the voices and participation of indigenous leaders to find not only a solution out of this crisis but an economic policy that's beneficial to all sectors of society so this is something that that we personally were not expecting to be reporting this evening given what we saw take place earlier today a good continuation of clashes between demonstrators and protesters people in the streets saying that they had lost confidence in the government lost confidence in the president calling on the resignation of president president letting modena so this is certainly good news and hopefully it means a lasting peace for the streets of people and and the rest of the country yeah and
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that's just about to ask you about also where does this then lead the turf you and the other restrictions placed against the protesters. well on saturday that curfew was announced nationwide on sunday morning that curfew was lifted partially for the country except for one sector of don't specifically the areas where many of the demonstrators were staying were sleeping. we should mention however that despite this curfew a lot of people were still defying the curfew a lot of demonstrators are still taking to the streets still clashing with police into the night that appears to be over but we should mention that indigenous leaders have condemned the heavy crackdown the repression against peaceful protesters by authorities here in quito they cited a few statistics here more than 2000 people have been wounded since these clashes broke out more than a week ago 10 people have killed and have been killed unfortunately since the start of the unrest here in the country's capital and more than
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a 1000 people have been arrested so there are still there are still many things that need to be ironed out there still calls for justice for the people that have been killed are still calls for an investigation into those.


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