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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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problems but. you've shown the world you freely made your choice to start a new chapter and i'd like to thank the young for their determination you continue to inspire the world. a law professor who ran as an independent defeated his rival in a bill carter we the media mogul and leader of the secular heart of tennessee a party cutaway was released from jail a few days ago after being detained on charges of corruption and tax evasion he dismissed the accusations as politically motivated saia took a principled stance on his opponent's detention refusing to campaign while he was locked up but once the vote was decided. supporters celebrated victory on the streets i was confident case aside would win i'm very excited for my country in the past elections my vote never counted this time i'm very happy because the man of voted for has become president the president has seen his powers diminish after the
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2011 revolution the prime minister and the parliament shaped the domestic agenda. faces 2 immediate challenges convincing the political parties but one the parliamentary election to set aside their differences and form a governing coalition and solving the economic problems sayed has repeatedly said that he was committed to helping his people now he must deliver his promises. to. time for a short break here not just here when we come back find out what's become a major issue for voters in mozambique and tuesday's presidential election. face to face after 18 years of fighting saddam's transitional government sits down with groups whose only real chance of a breakthrough in that state. hello
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there it is a mostly quiet picture across much of the middle east we've seen quite a bit of cow that also is streaming across northern sections but not really bringing much with this in the way of it is the time which is a little bit lower $24.00 degrees in tehran $23.00 celsius across into baquba and sunny skies monday through the east and to the med going is that cloud $31.00 celsius in beirut and then by cheese day the cloud is back in the 4 calls the tower does not really changing very much we've got 37 for baghdad and city so not as hot as it has been and of course that's the same story as we head farther to the south across the arabian peninsula temperatures generally in the mid thirty's you'll see on monday we've got quite a bit of cloud just along the coast of oman tend to push further south as we head through choose that might just produce one or 2 coastal showers that really nothing more than that and this is a time which is sticking really in the to mid thirty's celsius then we had down
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into southern africa if you will in the forecast across into madagascar and certainly to durban of the next few days you could see very warm still in johannesburg by choosing we could just see even a scattered thunderstorm here and you notice the rains remain quite heavy and quite widespread through much of central and southern gola and that cat extend you cross into namibia as we head off into tuesday. philippines president roderigo deter he says he's cracking down on a communist ringback insurgency ringback but some fear it's a deadly campaign to silence his critics as the death toll rises one i want to investigate to territories new war on al jazeera. 0. where every.
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welcome back i'm out of the top stories here on the al-jazeera syrian government forces have struck a deal with the kurdish led syrian democratic forces that will see the syrian army deployed on the border with turkey yes to have says this will help them free areas out of the control of turkish forces as they advance into northern syria. acquittals government has agreed to repeal a law that and the decades old fuel subsidies after holding talks with protest leaders celebrations are taking place in the capital quito demonstrators say they will end there until austerity protests have lasted nearly 2 weeks. and these are celebrations into his ear as exit polls show a conservative law professor and political outsider is poised to become its next
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president he had his projects to win more than 70 percent of the vote beating media tycoon not billed carly. at least 37 people are confirmed dead after a powerful typhoon struck parts of central japan on the weekend tens of thousands of troops are still trying to reach people left stranded by widespread flooding and landslides when he reports from tokyo. there was plenty of warning before typhoon had arrived but the power of this storm caught some of japan's most vulnerable by surprise intense rainfall cut off many people and communities including dozens of elderly in a retirement home and calico a northwest of the capital tokyo after the storm passed they were brought to safety by risky workers. the storm brought damaging winds in excess of 200 kilometers an hour but the main feature was a huge amount of rainfall some areas saw a meter in 24 hours and waterways simply couldn't cope the embankments of more than
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20 rivers collapsed one of the worst hit areas was not good or prefecture west of tokyo where a 70 meters stretch of the levee gave way many homes and businesses were flooded and japan's famous bullet trains were surrounded by water and going nowhere fast or slow all about the who the major typhoon has caused extensive damage far and wide in the east and pan at one point the special warning for heavy rain was issued for as many as 13 prefectures there's also been emergency relief from various dams and flooding of various rivers it turned out to be a record heavy rain. more than 100000 risky workers were deployed including 31000 from the self-defense forces millions were ordered or advised to evacuate but some chose not to leave their homes or couldn't get out in time japanese a used to preparing for storms and other natural disasters but this one was different it may have come and gone quickly but many here say it was the largest
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most intense typhoon they've experienced and they're wondering because of climate change if it's a sign of things to come in some places a recovery has begun but this was a storm that claimed many lives and caused vast amounts of damage the full extent of which won't be known for some time with so many areas still inundated wayne hay al jazeera tokyo. police in hong kong arrested dozens of people after anti-government protests turned violent footage has emerged of a man being arrested after a police officer was stabbed in the neck near a metro station a 2nd person was also taken into custody in a separate incident protesters attacked a woman seen helping police clear barricades in the road business is seen as being sympathetic to beijing were vandalized the protests been running now for 19 weeks. plans are underway to build 3 artificial islands in malaysia's northern state of penang the government says it wants to develop the region and provide more economic opportunities but many are concerned that might not benefit them in the long run
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florence louis has more now from. the new shoreline. in a few years this area in the northern coast of malaysia will be filled with homes offices and roads land reclamation the process of creating new land from water logged areas is taking place on a rapid scale here and land mass is projected to increase by 10 percent within the next decade. the biggest and most controversial is the penang south reclamation project an area that covers rich fishing grounds. and. when i 1st heard about it i was shocked worried and angry we depend on displaced what we call the golden triangle. fish and crips. off this coast is where 3 artificial islands covering approximately 800 square
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kilometers are planned to be built it's part of the penang state government's plan to help fund an ambitious $11000000000.00 transportation network activists worry the damage to the environment would be irreparable for the 1st script of the call flight and that means they're going to destroy all the money that means it is the top of the structure of the marine ecosystem. in land reclamation projects in the northern coast construction companies have built high rises and luxury shopping malls fishing communities that say they've been left worse off by the development. after the dredging started my catch has dwindled i can only bring in 5 kilograms a day now when i used to haul in 15 to 20 kilograms a day before but local politicians have defended the large reclamation project development is concerned that the war on christmas you have to release it before it
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becomes an open slot. crap in terms of pretty rushing to not want to be here so what should we do we should be moving the people we're going to people. but the fishermen now being forced to travel further to see the increased financial costs outweigh any benefits florence. and 9 malaysia. ponens rolling nationalist party has declared victory in parliamentary elections exit polls show the lauren justice party is now on course to win an even bigger majority al-jazeera is under simmons reports now from the capital for sofia. countdown to a projected win and poland's ruling party right wing populist and looking forward to a 2nd term in governing. mom a pub or did i know she we had reasons to be happy. because
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despite a strong front against us we managed to win and all signs pointed it was stay like this and if it stays like this the good change will continue. but what he describes as good change has polarized his country it may have led to the highest turnout in any election since 1989 the law and justice party does deliver on its promises for example a $125.00 a month allowance for parents of each child and 0 tax for under 26 year old all in this past term it's a party that does do what it says on the turn but many people are concerned about what's deep inside that. the opposition says the ruling party is taking poland away from western style liberal democracy. people want cooperation and they want to see as period of visions we see in our country today unfortunately. law and justice
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has moved things so radically to the right that indeed the liberal minded people don't fuel any more in poland. one of the doubts in the minds of some voters is media freedom the state media is firmly in the grip of the ruling party and poland has dropped from 8 down to 59th in international media freedom shocked the ruling party is tied to the catholic church more than other governments and its vitriolic about gay rights. last summer police moved in the wrong gathering of the l g b t community when men attacked shouting abuse opposition parties planed political rhetoric for stirring up a trip to. the government that's looking set for a 2nd term promise is a brighter future of a bold and many say if they're better off it doesn't matter whether it's left centrist all right wing andrew simmons al-jazeera was. a group of election
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officials in kosovo have fallen off the opening ballot boxes from expatriate voters in serbia they're being treated in hospital after suffering allergic reactions and the count has now been suspended officials say there was an odd smell when the boxes were opened and staff members hands and eyes became itchy. held snap elections last week but more than 300 ballot boxes from abroad are still to be counted. protests are said julian getting on monday against president alpha condé his plan to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term 6 opposition figures have been arrested ahead of the planned demonstration reports. this is downtown connector in the area called telia a market area where over the weekend people have come to do their shopping to get basic necessities like rice water or oil because they fear that the shelves really
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close down because of these demonstration already people have been arrested leaders of these protests have been arrested by men wearing ski mask and arms and this has created a sense of anxiety and then to supply what may lay hand. so we're just outside. the main opposition figure you know one lives in a popular neighborhood but he sought refuge in the diplomatic foreigners who is. telling them to see. no thank you very good. at it all this needs to stop some say there are risks we get murdered when we defend values as important as democracy freedom people's right to live in a country with the rule of law prevails we must make sacrifices present overcome they want to change the constitution and run for a 3rd mandate and it is here that his opponents will gather on this is the band of
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protests human rights organizations have accused in the past security forces of using live ammunition against protesters. in unprecedented move the head of the armed forces came out with a statement saying that its troops. in the barracks this is a city and country on edge face talks are being held between sudan's transitional government and armed groups think fighters accused of genocide in the darfur region 18 years of war that has killed 300000 people and forced 3000000 from their homes as he beat morgan a postman from maryland southdown for some who fled the fighting are skeptical about what the latest talks can achieve. tiredness is not just you his face but also her 3 children she fled fighting 17 years ago to live here in camp in south dar for and says the past 3 years have been the hardest. the last part of
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that life here in the camp is different from life outside here there is a lot of suffering outside things are available here we lack many things we lack enough food there is shortage of water we have to go out searching for our basic needs. is one of the largest displacement camps in the darfur region home to more than 150000 people many arrived when the war began in 2003 between government forces and rebel groups fighting against marginalisation the rebels accuse the sudanese government of oppressing non arab tribes. the un says were in darfur killed more than 300000 people and displaced over 3000000 the sudanese government's military campaign resulted in an arrest warrant for now deposed president obama here the i.c.c. wants him for war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide. a joint a new u.n. mission was launched in 2007 to reduce the violence but troop levels have been reduced in the past year and is set to end next year my camp has become
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a town more than a displacement camp housing people who fled from violence not only in south darfur but the other parts of the darfur region and while fighting may have compared to when the worst started in 2003 many people say they yet to see actual signs of peace and security to convince them to return home sudan's new transitional government following months of anti-government protests and the ousting of the sheer has said its 1st priority is achieving peace. sudan's government and armed groups including those fighting in daraa for signed a deal to start talks in october the country suffering council says peace falls not only on those negotiating it but on the people as well. but we need the people to be united we don't want any more fighting we don't want people to be divided we want unity those who have done wrong in this region must say what they've done wrong so that the country reaches peace the country is now going through a change so people must be patient and wait for things to improve. but come presidents have heard it all before they've seen dozens of peace deals fail and no
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one represent them in the latest talks. the previous government negotiated more than 40 peace deals with darfur in the past 18 years no we don't believe in talks and we have not chosen any want to negotiate on our behalf so we doubt that there will be peace because people have been picked to present us i don't even know them no one came to ask for our opinions. talks that will affect not only rashid and her children but the future of all those displaced by conflicts in sudan he will morgan al-jazeera south dar for. all the news of course on our website there were things on your screen the address al jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera syrian government forces have struck a deal with the kurdish led syrian democratic forces which will see the tsunami
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deploy along the border with turkey the s.d.f. says this will help them for a year is some of the control of turkish forces as they advance into northern syria ecuador's government has agreed to repeal a law that ended decades old fuel subsidies after holding talks with protest leaders celebrations are taking place in the capital quito demonstrators say they will now end until austerity protests that lasted nearly 2 weeks might have apollo has more now from quito celebrations taking place on the streets of quito right now if you can hear behind me there is fireworks going on cars honking their hone horns people celebrating what would be in agreement finally between confederation of indigenous communities from across the country that have been protesting for over a week calling on the government to reverse course on economic policy that sought to and decades were decades long fuel subsidies and austerity program that the government that many saw as being damaging for the country and they seem to have
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managed to come up with an agreement with the government where that's exactly what they're going to get people are celebrating into his ear as exit polls show a conservative law professor and political outsider is poised to become its next president. is projected to win more than 70 percent of the vote beating media tycoon now bill. japan's military is deploying tens of thousands of soldiers to help with the rescue and cleanup efforts after a powerful typhoon ripped through the country's eastern coast more than 6000000 people were advised to evacuate parts of eastern and central japan typhoon haiyan this is one of the worst storms to hit the country in decades at least 30 people are dead and many more are still missing police in hong kong have made dozens of arrests after anti-government protests turned violent footage has emerged of a man being arrested after a police officer was stabbed in the mic near metro station a 2nd person was also taken into custody in a separate incident testers attacked a woman seen helping police clear barricades in the road business is seen as being
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sympathetic to beijing were vandalized those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one of statement that's what it father drinan your dog be negotiating it we would have had a deal and we would have you know when i return she put a deal and you disagree with that deal this is the terrible truth is that we're still not it was brought to us what you know what a great example maybe his stand there is head to head with the chairman of the u.k. spritzing party reaching the terms very loose so that there's not a loose about it's often shop it's pretty clear actually it is clear is brics it means yes it is and it's just as clearly we believe. on jesus. thank you philippines president roderigo deterred a self-proclaimed war on drugs has been blamed for thousands of alleged
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extrajudicial killing fields. now on the island of negroes he's launched another bloody war against a communist insurgency. but many say in reality it's a brutal campaign to annihilate his critics. if the death toll mounts 101 east investigates ditto today's new. it's. true he was standing right here and this store owner was sitting right there were at the scene of a targeted killing and just suddenly. this this mother's act stopped over there and faced ben and called out his name they knew his name was being you only why they said band and then ben looked at them. so we usually
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ramos's husband was gunned down outside the shop late one night in november last year this is the 1st time she's returned. i could not really find the strength to come back and see where he lied for us life. is so mad i don't know i feel so sad i feel so. just really and we've. been ramos was a human rights lawyer his wife blames president ditto days government for his death plus the state for since. taking the life of a person was very innocent. who has been very supportive of farmers this is not an answer. the island of negras is known as the sugar bowl of the philippines. the hundreds of thousands of hectares
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of kind fields concentrated in the hands of just a few politically powerful plantation over the. decades of exploitation of farm workers have fueled support for a communist insurgency. it's karela group the new people's army or n.p.a. is based in the remote mountain areas and is recognized globally as a terrorist organization. in november last year president to target declared a state of emergency on a grass ordering military and police when force wants to the island to launch operations against the new people's army but human rights organizations accuse state forces of not only targeting insurgents but carrying out extradition killings of those pesetas to pose a political threat to the government what do you when you when the. president to
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turtoni has openly called for the killing of human rights activists as well as lawyers who represent those accused of being n.p.a. one of the human rights. little. when spirit if. it be out of up being just. since he came to power in 2016 there have been at least 87 alleged extrajudicial killings of peasants human rights advocates and lawyers only grow silent. it's really this and that there discover in the systematic attack and political persecution of activists clarissa singh soon zahra over rez and belle ramos as we know you are all human rights workers take on cases of extrajudicial killings for benefit of
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charges for instance. in april this year photographs of the 3 women appeared on a poster of more than 60 people branded as fronts for the new people's army. the phone number to report sightings of them is for the local police. they are saying that people are and be should be killed and should be killed and it's it's really serious just 2 people on the poster are already. at only bad he she is husband was the 1st to be killed and. then in april this human rights advocate and city council was shot in the head while driving his motorbike. after each killing clarice arinze are received death threats saying they to be next. we know that it's part of the state to harass and to saul fear so that we will be sighted in and stop their work. this movie shows the 1st
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village that we organized way back in 1904 people say year ban passed the bar exam and so this was a community that see firsthand lives in the late eighty's government reforms was supposed to redistribute land to peasants the congresswoman who owned the plantation here refused to comply. been a new shoes in geo laid a full year legal battle for these families connected. at the would have been running the list now for a number to get to someone somewhere and make the final settlement in a much better manner without him with an add on this that. since his death the foma say the government's trying to force them to disband the collective that they can misstep by and demand one be done one woman in the case i'm an alpha and
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only because i'm a woman in a bentham they're make on bad men so sit it in the middle of that nobody said since yes i see people based on. their need been how most but i say yeah that'll be on the list some of those ability to do that month would say. god. in the months leading up to ben's death we should say is a local military radio program intensified its campaign against him claiming he was recruiting for the n.p.i. . then you know toba 20. 9 farmers were shot dead with high powered weapons as they slept in
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a field. then gave legal advice to their families and also members of the sugar workers federation who were charged with the murder is. the said that one massacre happened in the north of the us and of course a lot of people there knew. the killings for state sponsored so we were discussing what kind of case because the fire and so and i are of the military. less than 3 weeks after the massacre was dead. so i have here the autopsy report that was done by the commission on human rights one bullet hit his heart and came out and. and they said and of the gunmen mr new very very professional. it's really him. c.c.t.v. cameras captured the hitman after the shooting wearing
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a hooded sweatshirt on the back of a motorbike one man she saw assertion. it was an extrajudicial killing you know because these before he was killed he was already being surveyed on monitored by the intelligence officers of the military so he told you that he told me that and i was with here and i saw how he was being surveilled. you she says the intimidation hasn't stopped with her husband's mood of playing ploy of military title to his funeral convoy and allegedly threatened the mourners with a pistol who were later charged with posing a grave threat. since then there have been more death threats some of our staffs have received this. coffee and she says the military continues to stalk them as they try to do their work you can see in this speech that while we were
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conducting the mission tree men who are all covered this jeannine took pictures. and they were just standing right next to the military. these people are intelligence officers coming from there come really scared me a lot because the way the they dressed up with this child and i would 1st seemed loathing that the gunman us when he killed us. major general polonia is a spokesman for the president's new national tosk force to end communist conflict despite widespread media coverage of bin ramos's moodle he says he's not familiar with the 11 month old case we have to investigate we have to have philippine national police investigate these days and we have to make sure that. the guilty among our horses among members of the armed forces would be cross with the dogs and
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so you're not disputing that perhaps attorney benjamin ramos was targeted by state forces. i don't know but like i said we're going to help in this investigation to make sure that these there's a are there's a fair amount of judgment that's using this investment was. about calling c.g. on the west coast of the island protesters take to the streets to demonstrate against the mounting deaths of civilians in counterinsurgency operation 50000000000000000000 over as from the recently formed in geo defame a gross defies the deference against her to document eyewitness accounts of the killings even in some major us we still investigating
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the case says human rights violations because we believe that the person is an authority the one know it and the rest and killings if it's very clear that it's the police who killed those victims was the you know i thought it was 7 a. 17 year old she may assume and her family fled their village soon after her older brother was shot dead by state forces it's. she says she no longer goes to school because she's being watched. we meet her in the evening at a safe house. most. horribly again when police arrived at a home early one morning in december last year as. well as bail by law a little bit of doubt that.


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