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you freely made your choice and started a new chapter and i'd like to think the young for their determination you continue to inspire the world you know sayen a law professor who ran as an independent defeated his rival in a bill carter we the media mogul and leader of the secular heart of tennessee a party cutaway was released from jail a few days ago after being detained on charges of corruption and tax evasion he dismissed the accusations as politically motivated saia took a principled stance on his opponent's detention refusing to campaign while he was locked up but once the vote was decided. supporters celebrated victory on the streets i was confident crisis aid would win i'm very excited for my country in the past elections my vote never counted this time i'm very happy because the man of voted for has become president the president has seen his powers diminish after the 2011 revolution the prime minister and the parliament shape the domestic agenda i
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see it faces to immediate challenges convincing the political parties but one the parliamentary election to set aside their differences and form a governing coalition and solving the economic problems so i get has repeatedly said that he was committed to helping his people now he must deliver his promises. to innes poland's governing nationalist party has won a 2nd term in power early results from the electoral commission show the law and justice party won more than 45 percent of the vote turnout was the highest in 30 years. at least 40 people are confirmed dead after a powerful typhoon struck parts of central japan on saturday tens of thousands of soldiers have been deployed to help rescue stranded people when he reports from tokyo. there was plenty of warning before typhoon had arrived but the power of the
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storm caught some of japan's most vulnerable by surprise intense rainfall cut off many people and communities including dozens of elderly in a retirement home and car will go away northwest of the capital tokyo after the storm passed they were brought to safety by risky work as. the storm brought damaging winds in excess of 200 kilometers an hour but the main feature was a huge amount of rainfall some areas saw a meter in 24 hours and waterways simply couldn't cope the embankments of more than 20 rivers collapsed one of the worst hit areas was not going west of tokyo where a 70 meters stretch of the levee gave way many homes and businesses were flooded and japan's famous bullet trains were surrounded by water and going nowhere fast or slow all of the major typhoon has caused extensive damage far and wide in the east and pan at one point the special warning for heavy rain was issued for as many as 13 prefixes there has also been emergency relief from various dams and flooding of
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various rivers it turned out to be a record heavy rain. more than 100000 risky workers were deployed including 31000 from the self-defense forces millions were ordered or advised to evacuate but some chose not to leave their homes or couldn't get out in time japanese a used to preparing for storms and other natural disasters but this one was different it may have come and gone quickly but many here say it was the largest most intense typhoon they've experienced and they're wondering because of climate change if it's a sign of things to come in some places a recovery has begun but this was a storm that claimed many lives and caused vast amounts of damage the full extent of which won't be known for some time with so many areas still inundated wayne hay al jazeera tokyo 3 economists have won the nobel prize for economics for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty indian born
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bannerjee and his french american wife esther a do floor from the massachusetts institute of technology and american michael kraemer is from harvard university flow has become the 2nd woman to win the prestigious prize. half of afghanistan's school aged children are out of school hundreds of institutions have been closed because of the war with the taliban and i saw well that's hampering efforts to improve education for all about us reports from kabul. the cost of illiteracy in kabul is being sidelined by society these afghan men never learned to read or write the consequence of 4 decades of war more than half the population living below the poverty line every morning before 9 they gather here hoping to get work as laborers on a good day they'll earn $5.00. anybody alive is miserable we're struggling always we don't have
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a life i mean physically we're alive but we just exist afghanistan is one of the lowest literacy rates and the world's only about 31 percent of adults can read and write the un has found there is a big gender and geographical divide nearly half of all men can read and write but less than one in 5 women here in kabul literacy rates are quite good but they drop significantly in southern ca but says for example in kandahar and helmand rights for women feel as low as 1.6 percent. then there is a new generation y. much not ok i like all of my subjects i love all my teachers i really like drawing and i try hard in that i also work really hard in english and math 11 year old care cos i'm self an entrepreneur he sells boiled eggs to the laborers but says he has big plans last night of a bit of i'm confident in myself that i will become someone special in the future
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while there won't be you know joe i want to be an engineer and when i do that i will give work to all of these labor as. so what is up of a kid doing right. he goes to a public school in a middle class suburb of kabul there are $32.00 students in his class he has everything he needs books stationery and support his father is illiterate the family is learning together too. hard to lug nuts on the i'm proud of a bucker and i'm hopeful for him sometimes he tells me that he will study very hard and find a good job i didn't ask him to do this but he wants to provide for us. a nice to make should 3700000 afghans nearly half of all school age children and not enroll. poverty is rife pushing children into work to feed their families this cultural challenges for girls one in 5 a married before the 15th birthday schools are under resourced and more than 700
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a currently closed due to fighting with the taliban and i still unfortunately the richest program is difficult to implement and on top of that reason is after 2001 there is a prison system expanded dramatically and loss of detail were hired but building their capacity and providing them on one professional development support. what level they care moves from exile or towards engineer afghanistan and its children still have a long journey to literacy hate shelob ellis. still had on al-jazeera sports news and one of us but its longest standing world records has been broken in chicago details right after the birth. to strange indeed. you have to show the good all the more we can still fight
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against corruption. these 5 new chiro church heroes like new who are about the. refused a $50000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international a so warm it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to why do they are used to shine the light let's make the router bit to please nominate your anti corruption hero. on counting the cost president trump threatens to destroy turkey's economy again we'll find out how buses conflicts of interest in istanbul. lebanon goes from one crisis to another and can gold hit a record high of $2000.00 counting the cost and i just.
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found out we're going time for the sports news with farah daring thank you so much turkey's football coach is defending his team's right to show support for their country's military offensive in syria they're preparing for their euro 2020 qualifier against france in paris on monday turkish media reporting 30000 turkish fans are expected to attend the game comes after french president and manually called on turkey's government to halt the offensive meanwhile the way for is investigating whether turkey's players broke the rules by performing a military salute during their last match against albania. terrorists that have infiltrated turkey have targeted turkish people we don't want war and i wouldn't want this discussion to take over that much of course we
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encourage our soldiers who are out there but i'm against any kind of violence if. your political problems are there will this have consequences on the ambience of the match we'll not be thinking of this we're in a sporting realm a football match in a football stadium we will make sure we concentrate on it. and once footballers are planning to walk off the pitch if there is racism games during their qualifier against ball garia later on monday the match will be played in a partially closed stadium as part of a punishment for bulgaria for their fans racist behavior at games back in june wild areas football union says in once planned to walk off is offensive and their coach says that english football has a bigger problem with racism than they do. for both but in the bulgarian championship we have a lot of players of different ethnicities and skin color i don't think that we have this problem like for example england i'd like to focus on football because at the end of the day we're all civilised europeans and we're all working for the sport
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and this is all that matters. we had to prepare our players because of what happened to us in montenegro so that was a process that we needed to go through before next away fixtures but. outside of that we trust the authorities to make sure everything is in place and we are all you know everybody involved with the game from both countries is is wanting to speak about the match they for president jonny and frontier know has no concerns about hosting the world cup and kept our despite low attendances at the recent world athletics championships in the country he was speaking out and vent in lebanon promoting football in schools alongside former manchester united coach joe samaria neo and brazil legend kaka in 15 i was confident the stadiums will be full when the world cup kicks off in 2022. the next world cup even though it is not the moment to speak about it but the next world cup in 2022 caliber will be the most
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beautiful world cup with 4 stadium being played in november december which is best period for world cup japan's rugby players are still taking in the achievement of reaching the quarter finals of their home world cob their thrilling win over scotland set up a showdown with south africa and although he's not had much sleep japan's captain michael leach says the sky's the limit for his team this team is crowned so much and scared to think you know how far the sim can actually grow and the last 4 games we can beat each time. confidence is growing. is the support the fans give us and i really feel that during the game so i haven't slept been away the whole time and i was might be. at 130 in i been awake give a sense of it's like today japan against south africa as the last quarter final on sunday after wales versus france and before that on saturday england take on
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australian and 2 time defending champions new zealand play ireland new zealand coach steve hansen things japan are real contenders to win the whole thing. but within a dept that have to be considered like the applying them before me like the one i see. the now on the top right in the road on the film and they're playing polo the rugby. league just seems to be very very prevalent people have said you know who do you want to ply with in full time. going to see them so you can use brigade kosky has broken the women's marathon world record the 25 year old ran the chicago marathon in a time of 2 hours 14 minutes and 4 seconds for skis time was more than a minute quicker than the previous mark set by britain's all in radcliffe in 2003 and in major league baseball the houston astros have leveled their championship series against a new york yankees carlos career had
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a walk off home won at the bottom of the 11th inning to help uses to a 32 win american league championship series is now tied at one game apiece. and that is all your support for now back to you during you so much for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we're back in just a moment with much more of the day's news and all the latest developments from the north east of syria coming up in just a moment see if that. to strengthen the good you have to show do good all the more with your camp still fight against corruption. new chiro heroes like new who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight
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a dark used to shine a light let's make the world to better please nominate your anti corruption mirror now. deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you decide to i disagree with that toy this sounds like blaming the public the country for the art and culture seeming any fighting these people well trained as much a part of the islamic state machine as a very end to the inspiration of populism altered future join me may the sun as i put the questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here al-jazeera. told to notice their own. they don't believe the 2 state solution the day you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that
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matter on the edges their own planet is feeling the heat of the climate an ecological emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis. on the face of it reversible changes to be a woman's all be with you throughout also long vomit correspondent nick carr will have reports from the frontlines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called by the threat al-jazeera brings you a new weekly show climate s.o.s. what sets up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. turkish troops and syrian rebels positioned on the outskirts of men are advancing towards the city. you're watching al-jazeera life from
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a headquarters in doha i'm dating travelgate also ahead anger in catalonia spain's top court sentences 9 separatist leaders to prison for their failed bid for independence. ecuador's president cancels a controversial austerity plan that spar days of violent protests plus. some of the most pristine beaches in the northeastern brazil have been covered by the crude oil that's been washing up on the beaches nobody knows exactly where this is coming from and gabriel is on doing a little is brazil story. hello syrian government troops appears to be positioning themselves for a direct confrontation with turkish forces and we're now hearing that turkish troops and syrian fighters have begun an advance on the key kurdish held city if. this comes just hours after president. warned that the offensive will intensify and
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that follows a deal between syria's government and the kurdish led syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. that allows syrian soldiers to deploy close to the border with turkey government forces have been quick to the cause the army is now based in several locations in the north meanwhile e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in luxembourg and they've unanimously condemned the turkish offensive they're also calling for an arms embargo. all this is happening and there's president donald trump because he suggested that the kurdish led forces may release isolators in an effort to get the u.s. actually involved once again in syria will get got part of the story from mike hanna in a moment but 1st we'll cross over to is in a flooded who's joining us from the turkey syria border clearly is in a there are new front lines that are emerging in syria talk to us about men vision particular why it's key and what's happening there right now. well you mention
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a new front the opposition syrian national army officially announcing that the battles to capture in the north eastern countryside of aleppo has begun the s. and a is being supported by the turkish army which is using airstrikes and artillery shelling to help the troops advance towards the city now this is a city under the control of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces you also mentioned the turkish president does have type or the gun earlier today saying that this assault is eminent we have taken a decision we took a decision a long time ago that decision was never implemented we will implement it now that decision of course is the roadmap it's agreed with the united states the united states was supposed to hand over the air to turkish army as well as their local allies but erdogan making it very clear the turkish army will not say once we control members we will leave it to quote our arab brothers because they are the rightful owners so the operation has begun the question is what happens when these
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troops reach the center of the city we understand that there are few 100 s.t.'s fighters holed up in memphis there is also the u.s. military so the u.s. military's presence in and around memphis on the outskirts of members syrian army troops there trying to make their way to members but the presence of the u.s. military prevents them from doing that so you have all these forces at play it is still unclear how this battle is going to play out there could either be confrontation or there could either be an agreement or there could either be a surrender so this is what's happening on that front line at the time and speaking of agreement then are we learning anymore whether it's from the political aspects or the military aspects about the agreement that was reached by the s.d.f. and the syrian government. well that's an agreement has allowed the syrian government to return to northeast syria for the 1st time in 2013 they were invited
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back they didn't have to fight their way back the s.c.f. was under a lot of pressure it was coming under attack by the turkish army and their allies it was abandoned by the united states now the s.c.f. the saying this is just the military agreement we didn't agree on political details political issues really have been contentious these 2 the damascus and the y p g have or excuse me the s.d.f. the y.p. g of course making the making of the backbone of the s.b.s. they have been a negotiation for over a year now they can't agree what does the s.c.f. want they want to maintain autonomy in this corner of syria the syrian government will not accept that right now it seems that they find some sort of a way to compromise but at the end of the day damascus wants to regain control of this area and the s.t.'s is going to lose this their autonomy in this region so the syrian army is stuck the turkish army and their allies are pushing in continuing their offensive and we have to make clear what is this offensive is about this is about anti-terrorism operations it is about allowing refugees to return turkish
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officials are stressing this time and time again even president is on said today this is a fight against terrorism not a war a war means something is between states so many are interpreted that as a message that we are not we don't want to engage in any confrontation with the syrian government so what we understand there's a lot of behind the scenes negotiations happening with all the major players and of course we all know with a key made key player is and that is russia and russia is in contact with all the different armies and players on the ground ok we thank you for that update from took ali. let's now bring in mike hanna he's joining us from washington d.c. so on the very latest mike on what president trump has been tweeting about the situation. well president trump is making very clear that he's intent on imposing sanctions against turkey and coming days he's backed in this by congress congress has been vociferously critical of president trump's decision to withdraw all forces
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from northern syria something that he did a week ago the remnants of u.s. troops leaving in the last 24 hours but in particular lindsey graham a senator on the foreign relations committee has been very very critical of the president but now he's been tweeting that with the president's assistance and with the president's cooperation congress will be launching sanctions against turkey in the next few days now the instruments have already been put in place on friday the treasury secretary steve newton said that president had authorized him to impose sanctions by executive order at any stage so certainly president trump appears to be lining up some form of retaliatory action against turkey given that his action has led to this crisis in the 1st place ok mike thank you well meanwhile the news foreign policy chief federico has condemned her his advance into syria and raise
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concerns about the rise of i saw influence in the region there conclusions we called for a ministerial meeting. of the global coalition because we see as one of the most immediate consequences of this military to it is in the northeast of syria the fact that. refined its briefing space inside that territory that worries us enormously this is i doubt it security threat to the european union not only to the european union 1st and foremost to the region and international community so we want to see. this tackled in the global coalition format. and iran's president hassan rouhani says u.s. sanctions have failed to bring his country's ecan economy down through a press conference at the presidential palace rouhani said iran will continue scaling back its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal until the e.u. fulfills its promises he also said they're trying to reduce their reliance on oil
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revenues as a big has more from to what the president has been wrongly discussing domestic issues is very much for the audience here in iran he very much staked his reputation on the nuclear deal the 2015 nuclear deal which the united states unilaterally put out of last year and people they have has been a sense of apathy and anger because he staked his reputation on this deal deal a century fell through with the united states pulling starting that maximum pressure campaign and the economy has suffered now what he's saying now is that the economy is stabilizing that the currency is stabilizing and employment levels are getting better so what he's saying is that america hasn't been successful and this is he's essentially talking to the iranian people the voters because there are elections expected next year but also the criticism that he has faced at home from hardliners that from the very beginning want him and want the people around him that they shouldn't be negotiating with the united states that the united states
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couldn't be trusted and they've now been proven to be correct but also criticisms towards him because they the hardliners in this country are saying that you went into this deal you negotiated with the united states and look what it's scotus the russian president vladimir putin is in saudi arabia where he's expected to sign oil agreements and discuss the crisis with iran it's his 1st visit to the gulf kingdom in more than a decade his meeting king sandman and crown prince mohammed bin some man in riyadh saudi oil facilities came under drone attack last month for which the u.s. a blamed russia's ally iran to iran has denied any involvement. in guinea at least one person has died and another has been hospitalized after shots were fired at protesters demonstrators are rallying against president a plan to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term ahead of the rally 6 opposition figures were arrested nicholas has the latest from guinea's capital. this is don't tell you this is normally
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a bustling road filled with people and activity it's a ghost town most people have stayed indoors because look around you these are the paramilitary security forces and the opposition accuse them of shooting them down with live ammunition now over there is this if you can still see protesters gathering this is what's happening throughout the capital and throughout the country sporadic attacks are confrontation between the security forces and protesters protesters that are out on the streets to protest against attempts by present day to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term in office now he's 81 years old and if he had his way then he would be one of the all this president and africa and many of the protesters here are young they want to see change and despite the economic growth they want more political freedom and want to get their voices heard and that's why they've taken to the streets ecuador's government has reached an agreement with indigenous leaders to
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end days of violent protests began the government's move to end decades old fuel subsidies when he has the latest on the capital quito. on sunday chaos once again gripped the streets of the ecuadorian capital fighting between protesters and police turned much of downtown into a battlefield with demonstrators continuing to pressure the government to reverse course on austerity measures that many here view as damaging for the poorest sectors of society. more than 2000 people have been wounded since the unrest began with roads blocked volunteer medics have been forced into the front lines of the clashes broke out when the i mean this is the worst we've seen we don't know what will happen next please move back move back thank you. this has been the scene over the course of the last few days with clashes taking place between police and demonstrators tear gas in smoke.


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