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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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yes that's a look at what's coming up for you on this news hour spain's a supreme court says several catalan leaders must serve years in prison we'll look at why that's happening also at least one protester killed in guinea journey around the condemning the president's plan to run for a 3rd. in sports south korea's football is set off to a historic world cup qualifier with their northern neighbors. russian president vladimir putin is in saudi arabia where he's expected to sign oil agreements and to discuss the crisis with iran this is his 1st visit in more than a decade the sign the 2 countries are getting closer he's meeting king solomon has many of the crown prince mohammed bin salman and riyadh saudi oil facilities of course came under drone attacks last month for which the us blamed russia's ally iran so close a look now at russia's relations with saudi arabia 2 of the top oil producers and
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opec of course that work together to reduce supplies to world markets to keep prices relatively high but the been on opposing sides on a number of issues especially syria and iran the 2 nations have discussed cooperating on missile defense which is a controversial issue for the united states of course saudi arabia currently relies on u.s. made systems which washington recently agreed to strengthen the thoughts of nicholai a question of who is an associate professor at the gulf study center of how to university he told us the timing of this visit is significant. there are basically 3 priorities the 1st one is to ensure the signing off as much economic contracts as possible in the nuclear petrochemical that are in the oil and gas petrochemical fildes. secondly to achieve the understanding on the system to continue the corporation within the opec bloss between saudi arabia and russia and possibly even the further decrease in the production output and finally to reach the common
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understanding or the key issue of the regional security most of the invested quite a lot of efforts in trying to make the litany of change in this relations to bring down at the level of let's say what it sees as a strategic partnership and now we believe that the time is really important because on the one hand there is a really serious decision on oil market that should be taken within opec lost by january 20th fainted on the other hand there is a growing insecurity in the region which as i said allows moscow to sell its vision of the future security structure and finally moscow believes that it at last it brought its ideas about potential projects for bilateral cope comic operation at the stage where they can be not only in simply signed by. implemented as soon as possible. i former white house rusher advisor fiona hill is testifying
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behind closed doors in congress today as part of the impeachment inquiry into president on trump hill was the senior director for european and russian affairs on donald trump's national security council and resigned just days before his phone conversation with ukraine's president back in july he was expected still several house committees why she was concerned about marie event of a removal as u.s. ambassador to ukraine she is also likely to discuss how in her view trump's lawyer rudy giuliani and the u.s. ambassador to the golden sundin were conducting their own ukraine policy separate from the national security council has she had her tansey live on capitol hill for us she has as i read through all of that it starts to add up doesn't it another strong case in this impeachment inquiry. right and she's been speaking for about an hour now we would expect her to speak for several hours today certainly the
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former ukrainian ambassador you mentioned in your preamble there she spoke about 9 hours almost on friday and this is the key question i guess is this the shadow foreign policy that was being conducted by rudolph giuliani and the e.u. ambassador bolton someone who will be speaking later on and this week i guess for the for the articles of impeachment for those purposes the key question is always is this shadow foreign policy on behalf of the national interests of the united states or for donald trump's personal interests that's the key question a president does have a great deal of leeway to control foreign policy as he or as he sees fit even to a point in their own voice and so on but but who is benefiting from this so that i think that's the really the key question who is benefiting from the former ambassador being removed early in her term and so on and it seems from the sort of leaks we've been getting she didn't make an opening statement but so that those around her have been talking to the press is that she will confirm that there was a shadow foreign policy a foreign policy operation conducted by rudolph giuliani and it appears she will
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say this was in support of donald trump's own personal political objectives of that scheme for any articles of impeachment this is all about you know who is benefiting why is all trump having the shadow foreign policy so she doesn't as you said know that much about that specific conversation on july 25th having said that it seems from what we're hearing that she will say that there was some kind of quid pro quo being offered a lot less 350 ohms but for that visit for president selenski to the white house that is open to corruption investigation and you'll get the visit so that's seems to be where she's going with that but she will be confirming we understand a shadow foreign policy agenda not necessarily in the u.s. national interest and that will be ok well the links don't usually take too long to there so we'll be back as she had a little later when we learn a little more from that testimony in the meantime we'll talk to john herbst who is a eurasia center director of the atlantic council but was also a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine joining us from berlin and i'm sure with that previous job
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you're fascinated by what's going on how important just on today's events do you think is this testimony from fiona hill. well i think her testimony will be important and if it's along the lines you describe it will be a raise the problem for for president trump i suspect though the testimony of gordon's son will be even more explosive if again the least we're hearing about the toast when he could come out do you believe this is all starting to add up now the sheer waste of evidence the sheer number of high profile people who are coming out because well donald trump's defense is always to just push back and say it's a witch hunt and other such lines but what this inquiry is doing is actually going down a legal forensic path well i think it's true that we have public evidence demonstrating pretty clearly that
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president trump was using the possibility of a visit with presidents alone ski as a quid pro quo in order to get selenski to do an investigation into vice president biden. i suspect we'll probably will see more evidence which suggests that that's what he was doing with the military assistance as well although it would be premature to say that and that's very very damaging that certainly was against american policy interests what about the 2nd she had was talking about it earlier you could hear our discussion with him but this idea of shadow policy and shadow discussions going on outside of what happened with the national security council if that's all confirmed as we as it seems i mean how how how damaging is that and is that something which again this president and this white house can attempt to sort of brush off. it's a little bit more complicated than that because i think it's true to say that mayor giuliani was conducting a private policy but about
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a private policy on behalf of the president however there were u.s. government officials involved with this to. embarrass the someone who we've already discussed also ambassador volcker and to a lesser extent but also our current charge a in kiev ambassador taylor. so where is all this heading then in your opinion are we. mean the feeling is that a impeachment was the unfortunate thing go ahead go ahead ok the unfortunate thing is that of all the people we just i just mentioned all 4 people the person who seemed to be driving the train was mayor giuliani who was not part of the government and if the policy is as we are as it looks to have been meaning that there was a quid pro quo certainly the visit maybe the weapons that was a very damaging foreign policy damaging to our national interest damaging to our national reputation. and if this all proves to be the case i think it amounts to
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a huge problem for president trump whether it's an impeachable offense or leave the others to commons but it is seriously a problem and john hurt's former u.s. ambassador to ukraine now with the atlantic council. very much appreciate your time thank you. there have been large protests in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 council and separatist leaders who've been sent to prison for their role in the region's failed bid for independence rail services to the airport were briefly suspended because of demonstrations the supreme court delivered sentences of between 9 and 13 years in prison before my counsel and vice president. received 13 years for the crime of sedition more with son your guy who are now in the regional council on capital of basilan that just took us through. the very sense things and the reaction to it. for the
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overreaction have been expected really there was an angry outpouring almost immediately after the sentencing was announced where people decided to congregate and meet points of the city center of fossil and if you look behind me here they've they've cut off 2 of the main arteries in the city center one of the roads that you see is actually one of the ones that leads to the airport now. whilst they met in the city center thousands of. took either the train or went by boat towards the airport where there is a huge group of them now essentially blockaded one of the total buildings and still they are turning up because people did go by and speaking to people here as well after they say this particular demonstration here they will go by foot towards the airport as well and of course their main. reason for this is to cause as much just
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for option as possible though they were called by the civil by the government to a civil disobedience protest take place as well which would involve the cutting off of streets as well as hitting the main communications areas and transport hubs such. the court but this is something that is going to definitely be continuing throughout the week you've got already on wednesday and nava march is another set of marches which are going to be starting outside of the cities and towns outside of the city and they will take about 2 days before they reach the city of boston lono weather will be a general strike at the end of the workday week thank you for the updates on your guy i go in barcelona now a strong police presence in guinea appears to have put many people off attending a protest against president alpha condé demonstrators had organized a rally in the capital conakry and at least one person died with another being
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hospitalized after shots were fired at protesters they're angry about company's plan to change the constitution and to run for a 3rd term 6 opposition figures have also been arrested. he is in the capital conakry. this is don't tell you this is normally a bustling road filled with people and activity it's a ghost town most people have stayed indoors because look around you these are the paramilitary security forces and opposition accuse them of shooting them down with live ammunition now over there is this if you can still see protesters gathering this is what's happening throughout the capital and throughout the country sporadic attacks or confrontation between the security forces and protesters protesters that are out on the streets to protest against attempts by president to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term in office now he's 81 years old and if he had his way then he would be one of the all this president and forgot and many of the protesters here are young
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they want to see change and despite the economic growth they want more political freedom and want to get their voices heard and that's why they've taken to the streets. what's coming up for you in this new. my government intends to work towards a new partnership with the european union queen elizabeth rang up the u.k. government's plans for the new parliamentary session of the report and. also the malaysian government's plans to build new artificial islands along the coast which has fishermen in the area in an uproar. when in sport we will hear from japan's rugby captain authors teams big breakthrough at the world cup.
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and i once again welcome to the look of the international forecast has seen some sharing just spilling out of the caspian sea across parts of northern iran is in the process of pay to ring out so it's looking largely dry and sunny as we go on through the next couple of days to run a 25 celsius further east getting up to sydney temperature in kabul 35 therefore kharaj a little more clout across the eastern side of the mat pushing across syria into lebanon into jordan as well 30 celsius that the beirut over the next couple of days is why this day promises to be a brighter day more the way of sunshine sunshine want sunshine to work across iraq baghdad of around $37.00 saudis or $36.00 the 4 q 8 mid thirty's across the river potential i just notice a little more cloud across southern parts of our monument just catch one or 2 coastal showers here to go on into wednesday was a chance of wanted to show us just around the gulf of aden as well which i also want to see showers into madagascar over the next day or so before much of south
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africa is now looking largely fine and dry not just a little more plowed into maybe angola seeing some live showers along the spells of friday and assist paying that way as we go through the next couple of days. on counting the cost president trump threatens to destroy turkey's economy again will find out how his conflicts of interest in istanbul. lebanon goes from one crisis to another and can gold hit a record high of $2000.00 counting the cost and i just did a new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides for you protesting about how does things in competition when they're online well i face mental state i'm directly out of translating slavery or if you join us on sand
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this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion this real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera. on the news on here at al-jazeera these are all top stories the syrian government troops appear to be positioning themselves for a direct confrontation with turkish forces near the kurdish held city of these are pictures of u.s. forces now stationed at the nearby bridge former white house advisor on russia
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fiona hill is testifying in congress as part of the impeachment inquiry into president don't trump she resigned just days before trump's phone call with ukraine's president. in july a large protests are taking place in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 catalan separatist leaders found guilty for their role in the region's failed bid for independence rail services to the airport were briefly suspended because of demonstrations. britain's queen elizabeth has outlined her government's agenda during the official state opening of parliament. cabinet has stressed the importance of leaving the e.u. by the deadline of october 31 but with a minority government it's unlikely parliament will pass any of the proposals mentioned in the speech charlie angela reports from london. the costumes the carriage the queen's speech is the high point of parliamentary pageantry and the british monarch announces the government's plans for new
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legislation in a speech written for her she began with proposals to support a back seat deal if a deal is reached this week my government's priority has always been to secure that you imagined kingdoms departure from the european union on the 31st of october. my government intends to work towards a new partnership with the european union based on free trade and friendly cooperation. boris johnson has just 5 days to secure a bricks deal the parliament would approve if he doesn't succeed he faces asking for an extension to the october 31st deadline or trying to force through a no deal breck's it against the wishes of the house of commons the government says it is hopeful for an agreement after the prime minister and as i was counterpart agreed on a pathway to a deal on customs arrangements with northern ireland but the need to quickly flesh out the bones about deal with the rest of the e.u.
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all before europe's leaders gather for the summit on thursday. in brussels u.k. and e.u. negotiating teams a meeting with all sides saying there's still a lot of work to be done the last number of months difficult. so i think your eyes might try to sugar say the ideal is possible that it's possible this month may be possible this week but we're not there yet the queen's speech included spending pledges on health care education and security but with a minority government it's unlikely many of the supposed will be passed by parliament instead many see it as a list of election promises an election that is looming ever closer charlie angela al-jazeera london poland's governing nationalist party has won a 2nd term in power early results from the electoral commission show the law and justice party won more than 45 percent of the vote with turn out the highest in 30 years has under simmons with more from warsaw. provisional results are now showing
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a guaranteed working majority for the law and justice party largely at the expense of the citizens coalition the main opposition party but as an interesting factor here in the massive turnout it didn't just work for the ruling party but others to the left wing who were in a splintered position at the last election not getting any real presence in parliament they now have at least 40 seats as a coalition so expect fireworks within the parliament ahead nevertheless the ruling party are able to move forward with their right wing populist nationalist agenda claiming to represent all people and using a very successful economy to the most even though there are some doubters about their spending on welfare the goodies as they're called by the opposition that disguise the real background to this party they believe in traditional values they
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believe in being tied with the church they're against minority grouping such as bt gay rights also and of course they're at loggerheads with the european union expect that to carry on especially the controversial area of the justice system where the e.u. feels that it's too politically orientated that's too influenced but they're disciplining judges and that is wrong so this is something that's going on in the background but don't expect any pullout from the you and the e.u. . a large scale cleanup is underway in brazil after a mysterious oil spill contaminated more than a $150.00 beaches the army as well as city and state officials are involved in the clean up oil is washed up along more than 2000 kilometers of brazil's coasts let's talk to gabriel elizondo in maceo on brazil's central coast any sort of timeline on this how long it might take to clean up all this oil.
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well it's going to take a very long time we're talking more than days it could be weeks potentially even months they're facing 2 major problems here number one is as you mentioned the area where the oil is washing up is on the entire northeast coast of brazil which is more than 200000 kilometers long so environmental officials that have to be having to use helicopters to fly up and down the coastline some of it very remote areas to try to identify where the oil is that it already found more than 150 different areas where the oil is at and then the 2nd problem is getting crews there to clean it up we've seen over the last few days we've been here crews are out trying to clean up the oil when they find it and when they can get to it but again the area is so big and some of the oil stains so large that the process is going to take a very very long time as one environmental official told us she said this is
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definitely an environmental catastrophe that they're facing and him is the small issue gabriel of where it's coming from i called it a mysterious oil spill because it doesn't seem to be a much information about where it came from which is extraordinary. yeah it's really unusual it's a mystery in a lot of ways let's just quickly go through all of the different scenarios here petrol price the brazilian run state government state oil company they've run tests on the oil and they say it is not from brazil they claim the brazilian government that the oil contains elements of oil from neighboring venezuela however venice well it didn't nice they had any sort of oil spill there there have been other people that have speculated that perhaps this oil could have leaked from rogue oil tankers off the coast in the atlantic ocean some other people say that it could be from a sunken vessel from world war 2 that is off the coast it could be leaking oil none
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of this is confirmed yet however i can tell you on monday brazil's environmental minister is asking that shell oil company give some answers and the reason why is because they found a few barrels of oil that have the markings of shell on them the american oil company they have washed up on the beach here and now show or oil company says that these barrels that have been found here are have nothing to do with the oil spill they claim that it's just lubricants that have fallen off a boat probably and washed up on shore bottom line is the brazilian government still thinks that this oil is coming from venezuela but there's absolutely no definitive confirmation of that just yet the investigation continues fascinating story isn't it gabriel leads on the in the sale in brazil thank you now thousands of protesters in haiti's capital calling for the resignation of president jovan elmore's saying the country has seen nearly a month of violent protests now haitians are angry about corruption rising
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inflation and fuel shortages was as promised to find a solution but all position leaders have rejected his attempts. ecuador's government reached an agreement with indigenous leaders to end the days of violent protests there they are began after the government moved to end decades all fuel subsidies on all the latest from the capital quito. on sunday chaos once again gripped the streets of the ecuadorian capital fighting between protesters and police turned much of downtown into a battlefield with demonstrators continuing to pressure the government to reverse course on austerity measures that many here view as damaging for the poorest sectors of society. more than 2000 people have been wounded since the unrest began with roads blocked volunteer medics have been forced into the front lines of the clashes. this is the worst we've seen we don't know what will happen next please move back move back thank you. this has been the scene over the course of the last
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few days with clashes taking place between police and demonstrators tear gas and smoke filling the air and what people here tell us is that they've completely lost confidence in the national government. as the unrest continued to intensify on the streets leaders of indigenous communities from across the country met with the ecuadorian president for talks moderated by representatives from the united nations after hours of dialogue ecuador's president lenin moreno announced the negotiations had finally reached a resolution. an agreement doesn't mean to win it all and agreement means to concede something that's why i say there is not much left to say it's great that the word that has been used more in these talks has been the words of the peace. process. indigenous representatives celebrated the announcement but also condemned the violent crackdown by police that has left at least 10 people dead and sent more
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than 1000 others to jail see. when says that the state take responsibility of all those who have been imprisoned or injured to ministers who are in charge of public security cannot guarantee safety participated in demonstrations since 1908 and i've never seen this level of brutal violence. by nightfall protests turn to celebrate. sure the streets filled with cheerful citizens welcoming the news it looks grim but with emotions still running high the hope is that this is a peace that will truly last. quito ecuador. at least 12 people are dead after a house collapsed in the north indian village of valid poor 13 others have been injured officials now looking into whether it was caused by the explosion of a cooking gas cylinder or whether it was down to the heavy monsoon rains. at least 40 people now confirmed dead after that powerful typhoon struck parts of central japan on saturday tens of thousands of soldiers have been deployed to help rescue
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the remaining stranded people when he reports from tokyo. there was plenty of warning before typhoon has arrived but the power of this storm caught some of japan's most vulnerable by surprise intense rainfall cut off many people and communities including dozens of elderly in a retirement home and car will go away northwest of the capital tokyo after the storm passed they were brought to safety by risky workers. the storm brought damaging winds in excess of 200 kilometers an hour but the main feature was a huge amount of rainfall some areas saw a meter in 24 hours and waterways simply couldn't cope with the embankment of more than 20 rivers collapsed one of the worst hit areas was not going to west of tokyo where a 70 meters stretch of the levee gave way many homes and businesses were flooded and japan's famous bullet trains were surrounded by water and going nowhere fast or slow all at the time who the major typhoon has caused extensive damage far and wide
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in the east and pan at one point the special warning for heavy rain was issued for as many as 13 prefectures there has also been emergency relief from various dams and flooding of various rivers it turned out to be a record heavy rain. more than 100000 risky workers were deployed including 31000 from the self-defense forces millions were ordered or advised to evacuate but some chose not to leave their homes or couldn't get out in time japanese a used to preparing for storms and other natural disasters but this one was different it may have come and gone quickly but many here say it was the largest most intense typhoon they've experienced and they're wondering because of climate change if it's a sign of things to come in some places a recovery has begun but this was a storm that claimed many lives and caused vast amounts of damage the full extent of which won't be known for some time with so many areas still inundated wayne hay
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al jazeera tokyo has an interesting one malaysia could soon have 3 new islands the government wants to build official islands in the northern state of penang part of an effort to develop the region and provide more economic opportunities however people are concerned about the impact on the environment foreign story has more now from. and you shoreline being built in a few years this area in the northern coast of malaysia will be filled with homes offices and roads land reclamation the process of creating new land from water logged areas is taking place on a rapid scale here and land mass is projected to increase by 10 percent within the next decade. the biggest and most controversial is the pinang south reclamation project an area that covers rich fishing grounds. and.
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when i 1st heard about it i was shocked worried and angry we depend on displaced for life what we call the golden triangle reka fish prawns and crips. off this coast is where 3 artificial islands covering approximately 800 square kilometers are planned to be built it's part of the penang state government's plan to help fund an ambitious $11000000000.00 transportation network activists worry the damage to the environment would be irreparable for the person the group is creating the call flight and that means they're going to destroy all the money that means it is the top of the structure of the marine ecosystem in land reclamation projects in the northern coast construction companies have built high rises and luxury shopping malls fishing communities that say they've been left worse off by the development. after the dredging started my catch has dwindled i
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can only bring in 5 kilograms a day you know when i used to haul in 15 to 20 kilograms a day before but local politicians have defended the large reclamation project. in some cricketing war on christmas you have to release it before it becomes an open slot. terms of who they are rushing to want to record an interview so what shall we do. the people who are the people. who rule. but the fishermen being forced to travel further out to see the increased financial costs outweigh any benefits florence italy al-jazeera and malaysia peace talks being held between sudan's transitional government and armed groups they include find as accused of genocide in the darfur region there has been 18 years of war which has killed 300000 people not to mention forced 3000000 people from their
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homes here morgan updates us now from juba regional country sent high level delegation to witness the start of talks between sudan's transitional government and various armed groups here in south sudan's capital juba another presentation includes the president of uganda as well as the prime minister of neighboring ethiopia and the prime minister of egypt as well as our representatives from various other countries in the region and across the gulf this comes after 3 negotiations was fine between the transitional government and the armed groups here in cuba last month and the agreement that was signed included releasing of political prisoners and prisoners of war as well as releasing assets that had been seized by the former government which was ousted in april now the start of talks with discussing what should be included in the negotiations which they expected to last for 2 months as well as which country will be mediating and hosting the talks south sudan has been lobbying to be the one mediating and it has expressed its
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desire and sudan has said that it wants south sudan but some groups are saying that they want other countries to take charge of the peace talks while the 2 sides sudan's government and the armed groups are here to discuss how they should proceed with their negotiations for peace those who have been impacted by the conflict are miles away and continue to suffer. tiredness is not just to you his face but also her 3 children she fled fighting 17 years ago to live here in a camp in south dar for and says the past 3 years have been the hardest. life during the camp is different from life outside here there is a lot of suffering outside things are available here we lack many things we lack enough food there is shortage of water we have to go out searching for our basic needs. is one of the largest displacement camps in the darfur region home to more than 150000 people many arrived when the world began in 2003 between government
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forces and rebel groups fighting against marginalization the rebels accuse the sudanese government of oppressing non arab tribes. the u.n. says were in darfur killed more than 300000 people and displaced over 3000000 the sudanese government's military campaign resulted in an arrest warrant for now deposed president already bashir the i.c.c. want him for war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide i joined a new un mission was launched in 2007 to reduce the violence but troop levels have been reduced in the past year and is set to end next year my camp has become a town more than a displacement camp housing people who fled from violence not only in south darfur but the other parts of the darfur region and while fighting may have compared to when the worst of it in 2003 many people say they yet to see actual signs of peace and security to convince them to return home. sudan's new transitional government following months of anti-government protests and the ousting of bashir has said its
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1st priority is achieving peace. sudan's government and armed groups including those fighting in daraa for signed a deal to start talks in october the country's suffering council says peace falls not only on those negotiating it but on the people as well. where they need the people to be united we don't want any more fighting we don't want people to be divided we want unity those who have done wrong in this region must say what they've done wrong so that the country reaches peace the country is now going through a change so people must be patient and wait for things to improve. but come presidents have heard it all before they've seen dozens of peace deals fail and no one represent them in the latest talks. the previous government negotiated more than 40 peace deals with darfur in the past 18 years now we don't believe in talks and we have not chosen any want to negotiate on our behalf so we doubt that there will be peace because people have been picked to present us i don't even know them no one
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came to ask for our opinions. talks that will affect not only rashid and her children but the future of all those displaced by conflicts in sudan he will morgan al-jazeera south dar for the nobel prize for economics has been shared by 3 people know him for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty indian born vanity and his french american wife to do flow from the mit the massachusetts institute of technology in the american michael kramer is from harvard the 1st become the 2nd woman to win the prestigious prize for economics. coming up. with andy on the houston astros to hold back on the series against the new york yankees the latest from the major league baseball postseason.
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thanks. andy is here with your sports. politics. officially it doesn't mix it always does that is the stuff of life but several leading french politicians have called for monday's euro 2020 qualifier between france and turkey to be called off it follows images of that same performing a military salute after turkey scored an injury time winner against albania last friday european football's governing body why for dozens of allow political gestures and are investigating the incident in light of the country's recent military offensive into syria the turkish court now preparing for the next match against world against the world champions in paris with thousands of turkish fans expected to attend. to you love them but terrorism originates from overseas this is
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what has caused a lot of security problems in turkey i don't want to make any political declarations the fact is our children could be the soldiers i would not wish for there to be any deaths all countries must condemn terrorist. for when. your political problems are there will this have consequences on the ambience of the match we will not be thinking of this year in a sporting realm a football match in a football stadium we will make sure we concentrate on that now bulgaria's coach has denied his country has a racism problem ahead of the country's euro 2020 qualify with england the match in severe will be played in a partially close stadium part of a punishment for racist incidents involving bulgarian fans earlier on this year and a manager gareth southgate said he'd held a meeting with his players to explain what should happen if his team is targeted while you wait for all state that in the events of racist chancing the referee will
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1st ask for an announcement to be broadcast in the stadium telling fans to behave if that if it doesn't stop the referee can suspend the match while a further announcement is made over the public address system if the racism continues the match can then be abandoned several england players were targeted with abuse during a game in montenegro earlier on this year and some of the squad have said they'll consider walking off the pitch tonight if there's a repeat. we had a mini in started with on things that could happen. moment to happen as well oh so. there's a protocol in place that. you know from my point of view and a close front if you were to do a job tomorrow on the football person hopefully we don't have to cross that bridge . for you to put in the bulgarian championship we have a lot of players of different ethnicities and skin color i don't think that we have the big problem like for example england do i'd like to focus on football because
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at the end of the day we're all civilised europeans and we're all working for the sport and this is all that matters well ahead of world football has been talking about racism he says players need to be protected but says it's up to the referees to take action very says the incident happens if the referee has the possibility to stop the game. to interrupt the game and finally should discontinue even to abandon the game with then all other consequences so i think the referee is. responsible he's in charge of making the right decisions on the pitch now south korea's players are set off for their historic world cup qualifier with north korea it's the 1st time since $990.00 of the men's teams have met in north korea south korean fans hoping to watch tuesday's game in pyongyang looks set to be disappointed by the country's biggest t.v. channels said north korea hadn't responded to their request to pass on
12:43 am
a live broadcast the south korean seen or forced to fly to their northern neighbor beijing. tran's rugby players are still taking in the achievements of reaching the quarter finals of their home world cup there when i was scotland setting up a showdown with south africa japan's captain luckily says he's not surprised by the team's level of performance. the steam is grown so much and scary to think you know how father sim can actually grow in the last 4 games so that we can beat each time. confidence is growing. is the support the fans give us and i really feel that during the games so i haven't slept been awake the whole time and i was in my bed. at 130 and i been awake give a sense of a slight to the japan against south africa as the last quarter final on sunday after wales vs france before that on saturday england side australia in 2 time
12:44 am
defending champions new zealand played island usually encourage the fans and think japan a contender is so win the whole thing. there have to be considered applying them before me going to one nice and then they're on the top right in the world on the form and the one quality rugby. i think japan should be very very proud of them people have said you know who do you want to play one live in flume dome. and i'm going to be the notes on the houston astros have leveled the playoff series against the near yankees colace korea and a walk off home run on the bottom of the 11th inning to help you since we're 3 see when the american league championship series is now tied at one game apiece the best of 7 series now shifts to yankee stadium for game 3 on changed. i mean i think it's taken years off my wife that's for sure these moments are. i mean just. i think every championship rommany look back at least from my experience
12:45 am
there's always moments. throughout the course of a ballgame or series or you know how to how do we win that game what happened and i mean i think tonight it's nothing short of that. i mean it was it was a struggle tonight i mean they you know they are the houston astros and they're they're tough to score runs off especially on a night when verlander you know is out there so you know they held the stone the night that's going to happen we know this isn't going to be an easy series by any means. but you know over time i'll take our guys in their approach and you know tonight they just did a better job of holding us down one of spain big few days in the history of mouth and running kenya's project costco now celebrating after breaking the women's marathon world record will be 25 year old running the chicago marathon here in a time of 2 i was 14 minutes and 4 seconds. at a time more than
12:46 am
a minute quicker than the previous want that was set by britain's paula radcliffe back in 2003. ok most sport for me throughout the night but that is it thank you very much mr richardson and that is it for this news zob plenty more to come in the next tall father the latest from syria and we'll be looking at ecuador's economy as well in light of the recent protests we're back in a moment. a climb to stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just park a logical object you're talking about to be political dimension where the spoils of
12:47 am
war smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collections the bank for selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings of muslims in the middle east don't sal don't that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. culture of dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and they'd take their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the india capital new delhi to better serve the refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up their own businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough.
12:48 am
planet is feeling the heat of the climate an ecological emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of it reversible changes to the why that's all be with you throughout as well on violent crimes contant make we'll have reports from the frontlines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called the threat al-jazeera brings you a new weekly. s.o.s. what sets up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. turkish syrian allies begin an advance on the strategic city of man beach which they have found to take from kurdish forces.
12:49 am
to get on time all sons of maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera there is anger and cuts of on your it's spain's top court sentences 9 separatist leaders to prison for their failed independence bid. president counsels a controversial stairs he planned the one that sparked days of violent protests but questions remain about how he will fix the struggling economy and a former trump advisor testifies before politicians as part of the impeachment inquiry against the president. so turkish troops and their syrian allies are advancing on the kodesh held city all man bridge this is just hours after president jet typo on warns the offensive would intensify syrian government troops appear to be positioning themselves for a possible confrontation with turkish forces that follows a deal between syria's government and the kodesh syrian democratic forces or s.d.f.
12:50 am
a deal that alonso. soldiers deployed close to the border with turkey government soldiers have been quick to the cause the army is now based in several locations in the north and on the political side a foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg they have unanimously condemned the turkish events of and calling for an arms embargo here's a nevada reporting from march accolade just on the turkish border with syria there's a lot of information there's only can you distill it a little bit for us maybe just starting with the movement of the turkish forces and now the syrian government forces as well. yes a new front has been opened the opposition syrian national army announced that they're starting an offensive to capture the town of members that's in the northeastern countryside of lefkow they are advancing so far they haven't faced any resistance but they haven't reached the edges of the city as of yet they are being supported by the turkish military the turkish military providing air power so you
12:51 am
have this advance in this is the kurdish democratic forces still control this town as well as the u.s. military as far as we understand the u.s. military still has a presence if not the town around the town today there was a videos of american troops on a bridge and their presence there really prevents the syrian government from advancing towards members because the syrian government has been a mad thing troops and then another side of members so you have the turkish army and their allies in the syrian government approaching this town both wanting to capture this town which really lies on a strategic crossroads that links eastern syria with western syria lying on an international highway so you can imagine the strategic importance now this land grab if you like is a result of the vacuum that that is emanating from the u.s. decision to withdraw from northeastern syria and about an hour ago a u.s. official is being quoted as saying that they want the united states troops to leave
12:52 am
immediately so if these troops leave immediately you know what happens next but what we understand is that the turkish defense minister is has been holding a phone conversation with his russian counterpart and the turkish defense minister says we're having constructive talks we are coordinating so the question is is russia the main player in syria coordinating between the different factions on the ground to assure some sort of coordinated withdrawal to avoid any confrontation on the ground thank you for the. chuckle a. president donald trump is suggests that the. the kurdish led forces may actually be freeing eisold fighters as a way to draw the us back into the battle in northern syria he tweeted this saying kurds may be releasing some to get us involved easily recaptured by turkey or european nations from where many came but they should move quickly big sanctions on turkey coming do people really think we should go to war with nato member turkey never ending wars will end the foreign policy chief federica
12:53 am
mockery me has condemned turkey's advance into syria and raise concerns about that very rise of eisel the influence in the region their conclusions we call for a ministerial meeting. of the global coalition because we see as one of the most immediate consequences of this military to it is in the northeast of syria the fact that. refined its briefing space inside that territory that worries us and normally this is a direct security threat to the european union not only to the european union 1st and foremost to the region and the international community so we want to see. this tackled in the global coalition format. on to other news in there been large protests in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 catalan separatist leaders who've been sent to prison for their role in the region's failed independence bid rail services to the airport were briefly suspended during the demonstrations the
12:54 am
supreme court delivered sentences of between 9 and 13 years in prison before vice president only received 13 years for the crime of sedition. with more now from. your reaction have been expected really there was an angry outpouring. of the sentencing was announced where people decided to congregate and meet certain points of the city center of barcelona if you look behind me here they've they've cut off 2 of the main arteries in the city center one of the roads that you see is actually one of the ones that leads to the airport now they met in the city center thousands of. took either the train or went by. towards the airport where there is a huge group of them now essentially blockaded one of the buildings and still
12:55 am
they are turning up because people did go by and speaking to people here as well after they say this particular demonstration here they will go by foot towards the airport as well and of course main. reason for this is to cause as much disruption as possible there were they were called by the civil by the government to a civil disobedience protest take place as well which would involve the cutting off of streets as well as hitting the main communications areas and transport hubs such as the airport but this is something that is going to definitely be continuing throughout the week. i think one person has died and another has been hospitalized in guinea off the shots were fired at protesters demonstrators around gets president condo's plan to change the constitution so he can run for a 3rd term ahead of the rally 6 opposition figures were arrested here is nicholas.
12:56 am
conakry. this is don't tell you this is normally a bustling road filled with people and activity it's a ghost town most people have stayed indoors because look around you these are the paramilitary security forces and opposition accuse them of shooting them down with live ammunition now over there is this if you can still see protesters gathering this is what's happening throughout the capital and throughout the country sporadic attacks or confrontation between the security forces and protesters protesters that are out on the streets to protest against attempts by president to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term in office now he's 81 years old and if he had his way then he would be one of the all this president and for many of the protesters here are young they want to see change and despite the economic growth they want more political freedom and want to get their voices heard and that's why they've taken to the streets the
12:57 am
white house says former adviser on russia fiona hill is testifying behind closed doors and congress today as part of the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump she resigned just days before trump's phone conversation with ukraine's president in july the details now with shihab rattansi in washington. unlike before my ambassador to ukraine is testimony on friday there was no opening statement for fear in the hills or nothing that could be leaked almost immediately to the press number less we have been receiving briefings from those around her about what she is saying and the key the key point is yes there was a shadow foreign policy operation underway at the at the control of rudy giuliani on behalf of donald trump but the next question is always right that's fine the president is allowed to conduct foreign policy in any way that he sees fit but was this on behalf of the united states' national interests or was it on behalf of donald trump's personal political interests and that the suggestions we've been
12:58 am
getting is yes fear and he'll say it was the latter this wasn't about u.s. national security this was about donald trump's personal position and that may be key in any articles of impeachment well after 2 weeks of protests people in ecuador celebrating the government's decision to reinstate fuel subsidies president leonie moreno and indigenous leaders agreed to scrap a subsidy that caused fuel prices to skyrocket both sides have now agreed to work together on a new economic policy is going to a little closer look at ecuador's economic situation right now because it's central to all of this when is adepts have 2 years of high spending by the former administration of roughly a quarter where the country is a former opec member it depends heavily on oil exports so when the price of crude dropped economy got hit to president turns to the international monetary fund for help but in order to get a loan of more than $4000000000.00 he had to introduce the tough austerity measures which included getting rid of the fuel subsidies he also raise taxes he relaxed
12:59 am
labor laws and cut spending. let's talk to mathias abel about this a professor at a university in the us why he's joining us on site skype from city in the as way province of ecuador and i apologize if i and i think i have pronounced a lot of that incorrectly. it seems to me everything i've just explained there is that the president to be fair to him was slightly caught between a rock and a hard place he had to make some changes fuel subsidies they are an expensive thing but the moment you take them out and people are used to them the moment you take them out well we see what happens here and they were used to them for the last 40 years you know for a big case or people really used to associate eyes if you were. president who passed more popularity where more border where. they. were
1:00 am
demand of these bonuses and they call them in the box so when whatever he sided with the end of this or 2 guys fuel prices she was not really you know. she's bored out of you while. this situation in the government was not great if they were so that the big question this crisis is leave us east. today is huge is there we don't come here their aim their reaction well he knows the popular reaction now so he's got to find something else what else could he do because. of course taking away subsidies is going to be unpopular of course increasing taxes is going to be unpopular of course reducing spending it's going to be unpopular is there anything he can do which might be palatable. one thing that he can do or is now they.


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