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i disagree with that point because if we if we come to conclusion and then we have to have the president. promised that turkey spiting kurds as this if it's an ethnic group that's not the case to you has. said it numerous times and i mean good government has said it to president obama said it and there's also i think a very strong opinion from the kurds insult that now they're y.p. ji which it took is fighting for after is fighting against is actually throwing bombs across the border to kurdistan out to towns that are hope you'll be aided by the kurdish population so it's not fighting the kurds if we agree that turkey is fighting terrorists then we should we would understand that to kurds inside turkey are also not a dance there might be some criticism but if they're not against the elimination of y.p.u. from its borders. i think that's the distinction among to make between the
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kurds as an ethnic group and then between 2 i.p.g. or terrorists now we have the syrian government forces in position and fighting alongside kodesh forces inside syria and of course there is this concern of a direct clash between turkish troops and also syrian government troops what's the prospect for that or how do we even avoid that possibility. well 1st of all i think would be a mistake for this year even if you come into direct confrontation with turkey secondly i think the russian effect is more significant than the presence of some forces loyal to the assad regime it is going to he's conducting an operation to e.u. and russia are you know having diplomatic channels open and they're basically. turkey
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is looking at what russia will do instead of assad regime. i mean assad regime brought in some force which it was conducting an operation after it and a received the the answer or the response. that took you put forward and you know they were pushed back but they recently i mean did that relationship between y p g and assad regime was also interesting to look at because assad regime wants to was says claims to be wanting the territorial integrity and syria but wait the jeep was a threat to that yet at a time like this are willing to coordinate and cooperate against turkey so that's a little bit interesting to look at by the same time to eat will and what should have said that it's very unlikely that the turkish forces will come across will come for confrontation with with the assad forces but the presence is very symbolic
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i think for the assad forces to be there right now however how russia what we act or will coordinate assad forces is more important for turkey than the presence of some such force you know who that russian position is critical of the chile thank you so much for joining us there from istanbul. where some of those fleeing the violence are heading to iraq simeon autonomous kurdish region bernard smith is there and has this update from duck. by tuesday morning another 270 refugee. it crossed an informal crossing from syria into iraq it brings it to less than about $500.00 over night that is a trickle far to. become a flood and the biggest concern they have is whether there are i saw members supporters or sympathizers among those refugees and how they can filter them out. of them just a few packs of essential all this family could carry as they ran from the fighting
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in northeastern syria there amongst the 1st to make it across the border into the kurdish governed north of iraq. there was shelling and fighting this man says my family hasn't slept for days we've left everything behind. almost 200 syrians were bussed into a refugee camp in a monday afternoon the biggest concern for the kurdish authorities is who exactly is crossing the border eisel fighters or supporters mingled with the innocent officials cross reference names to make sure those who got on the bus at the border stayed on for the 90 minute journey here a local intelligence officer takes a photo of the tally i think it's going to be interesting to see who is coming in the next days and what the authorities will do to filter it is a population coming in certainly there's going to be checks done to make sure there
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are generally people are taking care of. everyone we spoke to share their shock at the overnight switch from living peacefully to being. little. america has let us down i didn't imagine that they will destroy the people in our future i used to like america but now i hate it i'm here you plump. the syrians will join the already more than $1000000.00 internally displaced persons and refugees being hosted in the kurdistan region of iraq and depending on how long turkey's military campaign goes on for the kurdistan regional government the k r estimates that anything between 30000 up to as many as a quarter of a 1000000 syrians will flee the fighting here into the chaotic. the syrian refugee camp has been here more than 7 years but tens a long gone children are growing up here people are putting down roots and now this
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small town is about to get bigger burnet smith al-jazeera is refugee camp in northern iraq plenty more ahead on the news hour including unexpected winds in the u.s. midwest hope donald trump thinks the presidency will examine what's at stake as democratic contenders battle it out in ohio and what's ahead for poland as its nationalist governing party wins another lecture. in sport one baseball teams 86 year wait for the world series is almost over it will have to details. south africa's former president jacob zuma has appeared in court facing 16 charges of corruption but the case has now been adjourned until next year zoom is accused of taking $267000.00 in bribes from a french arms manufacturer the charges relate to were $2000000000.00 deal during
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the $990.00 s. while zuma was deputy president he denies any wrongdoing or famine a miller joins us now live from pietermaritzburg there was a lot of anticipation of this and now we see the light how is the response there in south africa. well i think really south africans are anxious to get to the bottom of these allegations i think many of them weren't surprised that this trial didn't get going they've been a number of delays this is just the latest one and in this case for the former president jacob zuma will be applying for will be appealing rather against the judgment that say that he would have to stand trial and he maintains his innocence but also says that this is a political conspiracy against him he's also used the delays in his defense saying that the court proceedings with them be prejudiced but many would argue that zuma himself is responsible for those delays so the next we'll see the former president
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in court is likely to be in early 2020 until then as many south africans have expected there continues to be delays around getting the answers they're looking for. thank you so much for that aspirin desire is professor of sociology at the university of johannesburg and coeditor of zuma goal losing south africa's war on poverty he joins us now live from durban it's nice to have you with us as we just heard there from father miller no nothing unusual here nothing unexpected that this trial has now been put back but just give us a sense of what is at stake here both jacob zuma but also if the i don't see. i think it's you know on one level the court case was a damn school but another level quite revealing on the one place you could see the decline in zuma support reduced to the last remnants of the zuma plan but i think
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a lot of the commentators of south africa getting caught 'd up in the legal leaves the final unify in a care detail of a court case but i think if this court case goes ahead the arms deal opens up in incredible pain dollars box for as you say the a.n.c. itself because the a.n.c. was the midwife of a bizarre arms deal and it stretches all the way to former president tabo mbeki many a 100 largest come in there and so. and promises that ex-president jacob zuma. i was going to pick up on on just the extent to which this impacts the own sea because it's very you know as what are you hearing me who i swim can you hear me it's very crackly really cracked is there's a little bit of a delay as world which might see its crack which i've been unfairly here you let me
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just persevered with this i just wanted to ask you a question about the implications for the sea and to what extent there is still support resume or in the in the ranks of the party irrespective of the fact that that resource so launching this crackdown on corruption. well i think you know you just today use witnessed a complete decline in support of fishley from the a.n.c. in previous court appearances on various matters. the leadership was there formally in the court today it was noticeable that the chairperson of the agency in the province was not there and those who attended attended in their personal capacity the real people who were supporting him as what and what we refer to as the zuma clan so you see that decline. incredibly in support and almost a feeling that zuma eyes yesterday's man. thank you so much for joining us there
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from south africa. with the european union says reaching your brakes a deal this week remains possible but the chances are becoming increasingly slim lead negotiator micio bonney i made the assessment during a meeting of the unionists is in luxembourg on tuesday politicians in the u.k. and in brussels are trying to reach a deal by the end of the week is the october 31st deadline approaches e.u. leaders will be meeting for today's summit from thursday for more on this let's bring in the taj about butler who's in paris natasha despite the misgivings is this still a sense of some optimism that there may be a breakthrough before that deadline. she ate it michelle obama is certainly sounds a lot more optimistic than he has in recent weeks and this follow a series of intense negotiations between u.k.
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and officials to try and reach a revised deal now what michel barnier is saying is that there's a real willingness to try and reach some agreement before that e.u. summit on thursday and he says though that now that willingness of what he calls those good intentions really need to be transformed translated into a legal type text now will that be done in time for that e.u. summit on thursday being seen by many as a real deadline for the u.k. to have an agreement on the table well michel body seems to think it's possible. reach an agreement. is still possible obviously any agreement must work for. you all of the united kingdom and the whole of the european union let me add that you are you time.
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to turn good intentions in a legal text. why are we hearing some optimism there is that she more broadly amongst other european nations. well i'm not sure that i michel barnier sense of optimism is being shared by other e.u. officials we have heard for example from one french m.v.p. you said look it's hook 2 years for example to come up and agree on the irish banks all part of the with all agreement with boris johnson the british by mrs preedy reason may it's not something we're going to have to replace in just one minutes we also heard from the french a junior foreign minister saying ok everybody wants a deal she says that's clear but at what price because for the e.u. it's very it's been very clear all along that they will not concede or give any ground on the idea of a hard border returning to the island of ireland and they also want to keep the integrity of the e.u. single market we also heard from germany's e.u.
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ministers saying well he's not really short all that they managed to reach a deal so really conflicting statements but what we do know is that the french president spoke to boris johnson the prime minister on the phone to say morning and him and all my crawl told boris johnson whatever happens that by the end of today tuesday the e.u. wants to know whether or not there's going to be a real possibility of some sort of takes that could be signed off on thursday that's going to be something that michel barnier will have to deliver he'll have to let those foreign ministers in luxembourg know today by the end of today whether or not we might have an agreement in time for that summit natasha thank you for that the number of people to be in japan from typhoon harvest has risen to 68 as rescuers search for those who are still missing many areas remind flooded with mud and debris covering streets get on saturday dumping unprecedented rainfall in
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unleashing strong winds thousands of people in evacuation centers with many homes without water and electricity. has the latest from tokyo. many people i think does this but i. would write again because now more and more we're getting the picture of the size of this devastation that's reached many of the most communities small villages where many and that we are living around the thousands of homes are actually or put that he destroyed because of the flooding. we have to understand that the main effect of this cycle which is one of the strongest not the japan getting to the last 50 years wasn't it wasn't that usually in the past when but that other the huge they've pulled at this around $1000000.00 users in some areas with some months i can relate to about 3 months old that in full in the city and so many areas was also expecting this that usually
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falls on this is what schools use. used didn't they did something that's not good thing now so many of the people who a lot of the who fled their houses that went to that effect relations census months and now we're getting different numbers about this about that how many people say fuck you wait that some people with them by around 50000 are going to say about 5000. in a few months we'll have the weather with rob but still ahead on al-jazeera seoul shows off its military might at one of the biggest defense industry trade shows in the region and turkish football is back the offensive in syria from the pits we'll have more with libya in school.
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there was spectacular night last night across the levant if you were armed to watch new may have seen this is over jerusalem but it wasn't just jerusalem amount in jordan had a similar displayed i'm sure it wasn't confined to this small area are the as you might have gathered in the satellite pictures a mass of white top clouds these are all thunderstorms apparently moving up from the sas the end corporate still quite warm this isn't the cold pushed that would change you into water is just the start of the change in the weather type now the cloud is still there throughout today and into tomorrow it is drifting east was it to iraq and syria the top end is where the showers are likely and that of course is in turkey if you notice behind it it's not really what you call a cold front such to the focus for damascus and $37.00 ahead of it is not really much of a difference now the active weather that's still got to be in a stage in the changing of the season is this still the western side of the med and that is active in genoa 143 vintages fashions 7 of them the storms but in the early
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hours of this morning now you might think well we've moved out to the east winds and certainly this thunderstorms today for cross and jenny were disappeared the sunshine of tomorrow full showers come back on thursday with natural fact the tail end this front fades out in the central med. sponsored by the town of. a clandestine world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about
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a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collections are selling and artifact is work fine this is the beheadings of muslims in the middle east don't settle down that's one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera. we're watching al-jazeera ramadhan now about top stories this hour. the u.n. is calling on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible war crimes related to its offensive in syria the u.s. has imposed sanctions on ankara and plans to send vice president mike pence to.
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south africa's former president jacob zuma has appeared in court facing 16 charges of corruption but the case has now been adjourned until next year zuma is accused of taking $260000.00 in bribes he denies any wrongdoing at least 68 people are known to have died in japan's typhoon give his rescuers are searching for those who are missing the typhoon hit japan on saturday thousands of people the sheltering in temporary evacuation centers. rudy giuliani donald trump's personal lawyer has been asked to hand over ukraine related documents to the impeachment inquiry wednesday's deadline to produce the documents also extends to vice president mike pence on monday the inquiry heard from the white house's former russia expert who resigned days before trump's july phone call with ukraine's president she has is in washington d.c.
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unlike before my ambassador to ukraine is testimony on friday there was no opening statement for fear in the hills or nothing that could be leaked almost immediately to the press nonetheless we have been receiving briefings from those around her about what she is saying and the key the key point is yes there was a shadow foreign policy operation underway at the at the control of rudy giuliani on behalf of donald trump but the next question is always right that's fine the president is allowed to conduct foreign policy in any way that he sees fit but was this on behalf of the united states' national interests or was it on behalf of donald trump's personal political interests and that the suggestions we've been getting is yes fair and he'll say it was the latter this wasn't about u.s. national security this was about donald trump's personal position about may be key in any articles of impeachment. well steve clemons is an al-jazeera contributor and editor at large at the you know he joins us here on the set us to have you with us
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to be with you i want to start with a bit of an overview about just what these impeachment proceedings a showing us about the you know would kings of the trump administration the hierarchy and those divisions that we've seen played out i think it's showing a boy it's been 3 weeks to the day to day that nancy pelosi announced the impeachment proceedings would proceed so this is a bit of a moment and what we've learned in this period of time is that president trump often channeled activities he was doing away from his most senior and trusted official staff and against the best advice against their best official advice we've seen this even from someone like john bolton john bolton who is looked at by many as a nation is somewhat bombastic complicated official it looks like he was one of the adults in the room who protested when rudy giuliani and others were working a kind of foreign policy direction not through channels and so what we've seen is a byzantine and complex inner circle that was often at war with one another and
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this is the 1st time that we've seen not democrats criticizing these even size or insight or politically appointed republicans that that resigned not like jim mattis did or brett mcgurk the counterterrorism adviser they resigned over principle and over difference in issues these are people that had differences because of one of the riots one of them feel she resigned before the july 25 cool but had cautioned against this have a look at have a listen to to go back and look at what she had to say what was the type away from from what she had to say of those proceedings begin to go to this point about how trusted senior advisers were being kept in the middle why i think what fiona hill brought to the table and of course she was responsible on the national security council staff for russia and she's been rushed out he's been there the whole time probably one of them. as leading experts on vladimir putin as it was useful to have her inside but what she saw and what she was told by ambassador john
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bolton was to go talk to the senior national security council lawyers that rudy giuliani and others were run ending a run at running an endgame around the national security council and that they were engaged in improprieties things that shouldn't be happening and i think that she laid this out and she went forward and i think she basically said that both the removal of the u.s. ambassador to the rain on the pitch and other issues were done over the objections of the national security council that meant that the n.s.c. was advising trump not to take any of the actions he was taking he ignored them i want to just finish up with again a bit of a bigger political life a view of what we're saying we don't know the trump of said this is a witch hunt this is it true he famously said in the lead up to him to the election that he could shoot someone did on 5th avenue that wouldn't affect his bus is this the sign situation does he regardless of what happens in the house with the impeachment voters ultimately does he go to the next election embolden saying look
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what they're trying to do to me these are the people who not just in my enemies the you enemies and it strengthens us by look there's something very core about many members of president trumps a base they look at themselves that the true patriots the true guardians of what is ethical and right in the country they would not walk away from kurdish allies in syria they would not engage in kind of a criminal deal making. in a way and so i think a good number of them for the 1st time in this administration are saying wait a minute this looks and feels different so this is again not a partisan attack this is an internal reassessment of what donald trump's ethics mean and so i feel like this is a different moment and president trump cannot get away with everything because his own people are saying no i'm blowing the whistle so if i'm it's very nice to have you with thank you thank you. well starting in the u.s. now democrats and republicans will battle for support in the midwest which is
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important to winning the white house next year and in 30 of the past 32 elections the candidate who won you know heigho won the presidency that includes donald trump this is why the state was chosen for the democrats for the candidates debate john hendren explains what's at stake. for democrats it's a showdown in the american heartland the 4th presidential debate analysts say marks a contest between the democratic party's extremes i believe it will be a face off as we are looking at public opinion polls we're saying they're essentially tied and it it's looking more and more like a race between them more on one end of the party spectrum the establishment candidate former vice president joe biden on the other the progressive massachusetts senator and the new front runner elizabeth warren. who do you like i like biden. and why because i think he'll settle things down and get things on an
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even keel here work with the other side get things done and i think elizabeth warren can beat him i do i think because she always is on point she has plans she has you know policy she does gets get up there and get into like argument with them but with a dozen candidates spanning the same stage it's also the largest debate yet one that offers the prospect of a breakout moment for any of them are you forgetting what you said to magically and for. the what you said just 2 minutes ago it will be the site of many firsts the 1st debate since impeachment proceedings for president trump and every candidate on the day is wants him impeached but there are many many of us upstairs right now making signs to support donald trump tomorrow for bernie sanders the 1st debate since he was sidelined by a heart attack for joe biden the man with the most to lose the 1st debate since president trump asked ukraine to investigate him for elizabeth warren the 1st debate since surging polls have made her the front runner in this race for the
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democratic party picked ohio for good reason it's known as the bellwether state in 30 of the 32 past elections the candidate who won here won the presidency the latest was donald trump this time the democrats want to deny him this trendsetting state. for 2nd tier candidates this is a chance to rise to the top tier in post-debate polls it's going to narrow it's already been growing. so we'll see how many call it quits qualifying for the next round will be harder so for the other candidate failing to gain traction here could make ohio the end of the campaign trail john hendren 0 westerville ohio. boating is underway in mozambique's general election that could see the governing party extend its decades long rule the vote is taking place 2 months after the signing of a peace deal with longtime rival the opposition bernama body president felipe own
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you see is seeking a 2nd term but he faces a strong challenge from the now moses and from a moderate the 2 sides fought for 16 years in a conflict that killed nearly a 1000000 people well malcolm webb is john to join us now live from the puter and just give us a sense malcolm about the enthusiasm amongst the people about this election. we're at a polling station in a secondary school and to spoken to some of the people at the front of this line have been waiting here for 3 hours so they can get their chance to vote and go inside take a look see what's happening as he said this election follows a peace deal in the us. which was meant to be finally the end to the civil war that ran for 15 years and ended in 1902 we can take a look around and see what's going on in here as we talk about peace there was between 3 lima the ruling party ruled ever since independence from portuguese
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colonialists and were nominated the main opposition party and they were a rebel group who for probably most of this election is really going to test that deal and crucial this is how credible is seen as being credibility that already being called into question you can think about here this is the voters register now this is being. criticized by off position on rights groups who say in the gaza province which is historically of ruling party stronghold there's an extra $300000.00 people who don't exist who've been added to that register there were crying foul another issue has been of election observers rights groups say that 3000 independent observers i won't give an accreditation they're concerned that this was a deliberate attempt to try and prevent transparency in this election but the electoral commission denies any foul play he says that everything is going to plan and above board. and. you mentioned there some of the concerns around the
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process but there are also concerns out there given the divided ethnic makeup of the country given the history of the country there have been credible reports of concerns of potential violence and that inflame tensions once again one of the risks here. we just mentioned the violence i mean it was just last week in gaza province that i just mentioned where an election observer was shot dead by 5 assailants place better off in a car with just down the road that car crashed and then local bystanders immediately were able to identify the killers as members of the special police unit about the opposition and rights groups is really called into question who is behind this and they expressed concern that the reason for this killing is to intimidate observers in gaza province which is where the opposition allege that rigging is going to take place because of those extra $300000.00 ghost voters that they say
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are on the register the same time as an insurgency going on in the north and cover delgado province where for the last 2 years militant group has known locally as al-shabaab has been fighting with the government and the electoral commission has said that 10 polling stations there can't open more than fine. 1000 people there won't be able to vote and also an additional on the number of people who lost their voting cards in the conflict the attackers attack civilians attack villages there have been beheadings huts have been burned and that's cause more than 60000 people to flee their homes some are in camps it's not known how many of them still have their voting cards and were able to vote. nothing thank you. more people are being evacuated from their homes in lebanon due to wildfires firefighters are battling at least a 100 fires primarily in the mountainous areas southeast of beirut planes and helicopters have been sent by cyprus to help lebanon on is in the midst of
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a heat wave with monday's high about 10 degrees above what is normal for october poland's governing nationalist party has won a 2nd power 2nd term in power early results show of the law and justice party won more than 45 percent of the vote but the turnout was the highest in 30 years but as andrew simmons explains from warsaw it's a party that divides opinion polina lipinski is one of the voters behind this surge in popularity of poland's ruling party she's a devout catholic who fell on bad times 10 years ago when her husband's business went bust here with one of her 3 children for whom she gets a government allowance of $125.00 a month they say far far away from me because the far we don't have money to pay for a full.


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