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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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their heart in the song. so at that height old bullet can. go in on backups and make good on the cut hey but i did so. they don't. know. maybe this isn't the color of growth. thank you. so we're going to thank. you. diana didn't mean to insult and i don't mean to joke minister.
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pratham drink could be for them some would have compatible me. brought on board room with the brother of the noble throw them in a pool. about a proud day this marial folks go at kaamelott a shame to make in the tempest with me. can we stop a new. ok deborah.
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in germany's capital there is a barber like no other sort of what it is to have been von i lot of those from prostitutes. but as history changes he's moving with its kind and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. the master barber of berlin deserve an al-jazeera. my favs simmons was. taken by the chinese government all i work does stay with my son stay with my wife and so. this is really or similar rights
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abuses of our time we decided to talk about it. just. tell the world. the truth about china's systematic repression of the week is. tell the world coming soon on al-jazeera. they say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the world. al-jazeera shares these personal journey is. inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path. witnessed documentaries on al-jazeera. a clan the star and world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking
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about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors dying for selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings and muslims in the middle east don't sell don't that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. in the. war or world. seeking a ceasefire in syria the us vice president and secretary of state depart for turkey . our proposal is that right now tonight all the terrorists lay down their arms their equipment and everything while president early one lays out his conditions for ending turkey's offensive in northeast syria.
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hello this is al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha i'm fully back to pull all still coming out elite. carry law shouted down for a 2nd day as she addresses the legislative council. plus the aftermath of more violence in mexico police are among dozens killed as fears grow for their security . thank you for joining as a high level u.s. delegation is on its way to turkey to meet president. hoping to convince him to call off an offensive in ne in syria secretary of state michael impale and vice president mike benz will try to broker a cease fire deal between the turks and the kurds decision to pull u.s. troops from northeast in syria has been met with criticism amid concerns about the
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fate of the kurds and the release of jailed eisel fighters meanwhile turkish forces and kurdish fighters continue to battle in the border town of ross and considered a street it's a strategic point for both syrian forces moving north have become a major obstacle for turkey as it tries to create its so-called safe zone in the area then a hunter has a rape. from the border. the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are holding out in line using tunnels and trenches to mount their defense it's been just over a week since the turkey led military operation began. the battle here is key if that operation is to succeed fighting has been fierce. the fighters are mainly from the syrian kurdish y p g group that make up the bulk of the s. the f. forces turkey considers it a terrorist organization. this border town is where turkey wants to create what it
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calls a safe zone that will stretch 30 kilometers into syrian territory the united states which not only abandoned the s t f and pulled its troops out of northeast syria is demanding a cease fire it has already imposed sanctions on turkey as a form of pressure but president treasurer tayyip erdogan who will receive a u.s. delegation led by vice president mike pence on thursday is not budging. all over which takes effect immediately all the terrorists used to lay down their arms destroy their fortifications the beeld and withdraw from the safe zone from which to you regular order that we will establish then our reforms you will be finished. so 400 kilometers of border has been secured turkey launched the operation with 2 objectives to push the y.p. g. from the border at least 30 kilometers south and to create this zone that will allow syrian refugees to return. the u.s. is now out of the way but russia stepped in deploying its troops on the front lines
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in a clear message to turkey moscow has called turkey's operation in syria acceptable and it seems that now wants its military presence in syria to end. and quit does have strong cards particularly the role it could play in helping to reach a political settlement to syria's war. make sure. that when the political trolls usually poses any government is being thought we will handle all reals in syria including an ordinarily we're only recalls directing and rebuilding these areas. russia has not shied away from publicly criticizing turkey for its incursion into syria describing it as an acceptable and demanding it to be limited in time and scale russia insists turkey has the right under an agreement reached with damascus in 1998 to push up to a maximum of 10 kilometers into syria to conduct anti-terrorism operations but
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officials insists the adena pot does not allow turkey to remain in syria permanently and moscow won't accept that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov explained what would be acceptable security cooperation between turkish and syrian army's along the border cooperation with the syrian regime would be a radical shift for turkey but there is a new reality government troops are back in the north for the 1st time in years unprecedented as well has been russia's position and criticism of turkey there will be hard bargaining ahead senator on the turkish syrian border and u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says the president had a meltdown over house of representatives vote which overwhelmingly condemned the withdrawal of american troops from syria and osi says she believes donald trump was shaken by the number of republicans who voted to oppose his decision to pull the forces out as well from washington. u.s. president donald trump is trying on
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a new label for his withdrawal from northern syria strategically brilliant in 2 appearances with the italian president trump went on to list a series of false hoods quickly dismissed by senators from his own political party kurds who are much safer right now one of the things that i think we could tragically see emerge is the potential for ethnic cleansing and against kurds now if you look at the kurds and again i say this with great respect there no angels i want to express my gratitude to the kurds. they were great fighters and we had a terrific alliance with russia wants nothing to do with isis russia is tough they can july says just as well to rely on russia and iran to protect us against.


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