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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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entered office despite the escalation in violence the president insists that advances are being made as a child. the past there's a lack of peace in the country but we will achieve it however there is momentum behind this problem it was allowed to groove for far too long but we will find a way to resolve it while majority of violent or increasing in only a handful of mexican states there has also been an increase in crimes so along with an increase in the perception of insecurity nationwide in a national public security poll conducted by the government in the summer more than 70 percent of people say they consider the city they live in unsafe many here worried 2900 all previous records for homicides nationwide if the current trend of violence continues that may just be the case but lit up in mexico city a new round of fighting has broken out between libyan government soldiers and forces loyal to warlord highly for half time military sources have told al-jazeera
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that a drone belonging to libya's internationally recognized government targeted have ties forces in southern tripoli libya's foreign minister wants the u.n. security council to include half time in its sanctions list for war crimes against civilians the longest 7 president in bolivia's history has wrapped up his campaign ahead of sunday's general election evo morales is being challenged by carlos messi who led the country before him from 2003 to 2005 john home and has more from the capital a powerhouse. this is several more or less last push his final campaign event for sunday's election in bolivia is already the longest running president in the country skinny 3 days running for a poll of young people even those camille's today believe he has 2 halfs return to the past will continue with our change surely we must continue with our change next sunday don't abandon me you have never about me we want to continue working together to show that bolivia is full of hope you know what the people here who
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support him making him because he's consistently been able to 'd grow the economy and significantly. masama saw 4 years lifted them and he's the most of your future we have he's also particularly used the country's wealth in natural gas for social programs. has built schools he's made things better it wasn't like that before i met. this guy but this time around he's been pushed harder than ever and that's because many people in bolivia believe he's a roading democracy change the constitution to be able to run again despite a referendum in which the majority of them live is a narrow majority said that they don't want the people that don't want to see war of the devil rallies would be hoping that his nearest rival. a centrist candidate
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will triumph in sunday's election but ever more ollie's remains the clear front runner even if it's predicted to go to a 2nd round. a former senior advisor to u.s. secretary of state's michael impale is the latest person to testify in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into president donald trump michael mckinley was questioned for 5 hours by house committees after abruptly resigning last week politicians are examining whether trump pressured ukraine to launch an investigation into joe biden a leading candidate for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination meanwhile donald trump has been asked whether he is concerned that his former national security adviser could testify at the beach montagne inquiry it's been revealed that john bolton described trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani as quote a hand grenade who's going to blow everybody up in relation to his alleged back channel activities in ukraine john bolton i get along well with him some people
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didn't some people didn't like john bolton i actually got along with him pretty well. it just didn't work out i don't know that he got along with rudy giuliani rudy giuliani who are seeking out corruption and what happens mostly in the 26th election because there was tremendous corruption in the 2016 election i think even you wouldn't that the election was it was disgraceful what happened and what happened to me and what happened to the republicans and that continues with lives palosi and wish if adam schiff got caught making up statements that he said i said that i didn't say which is fraud i mean disputed purely fraudulent so it continues and austrian man has been charged after a family of 6 was found locked away in his remote farmhouse in the netherlands the 58 year old is accused of holding them against their will and harming their health a father and his 5 children aged between $18.25 were found in a secret room after the l.d.s. escaped it's believed they had no contact with the outside world
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a 9 year. afghans in germany have reached an agreement on arms export wars for their joint military programs but they remain at odds over saudi arabia germany has agreed not to block french exports to 3rd countries so long as the equipment is made with less than 20 percent of german components germany banned on the exports to saudi last year president defended france's decision to continue sending weapons say to has more from toulouse. the french president emmanuel mccrone the german chancellor angela merkel described the talks in toulouse as the period of intense cooperation they both agreed to have signed new agreements on an arms embargo against turkey for their incursion as they called it in to north east syria but the divisions between the 2 leaders were exposed at a cure in a session of the press conference and the french president of from for the
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1st time really defended that he was keeping to the arms sales to saudi arabia going while germany is opposing him let's hear what emanuel macro had to say is couldn't you can fix too long should we have stopped all exports to saudi arabia because saudi arabia is a partner to has been attacked by surveillance on its own territory we trace to refrain from brutally cutting all types of relations of riyadh as we would have provoked her to be cut our ties or saudi arabia artis would have led to them forging alliances with other nations. at least one person has been killed in mozambique after police trying to disperse a crowd at a voting station after polls closed on tuesday in tuesday's election the ballots are now being counted but activists say they have been several instances of vote tampering markham webb has more from the capitol hill. the voting materials have been brought from the polling stations to counting centers like this one here are
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the ballot boxes that voters had placed their ballot papers into and the ballots from each polling station of being counted and put into metal boxes like this there are more stacked up on this side and this counseling center more than 140 polling stations worth of materials here the officials are preparing the final reports but not everyone is happy with how the process has gone the center for public integrity is one of several organizations that's monitoring the elections has reported violence from dozens of polling stations and one case a province where a crowd disputing the count started throwing stones police or responded firing people burning tires outside and all the coffers and happened there according to our service on the ground which are local people there where 5 people were shot dead by guns and one of them unfortunately died. opposition of complained of
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pre-taped ballot some observers say they were blocked from polling stations and counting centers. the electoral commission says none of the irregularities are significant enough to affect the result and police haven't confirmed any deaths. generally the election process was peaceful and tranquil we urge people to remain calm and peaceful and wait for the information being broadcast. and the media. people in mozambique can't just waiting for counting and results to be announced but also waiting to see if this is an electoral process that they can trust. hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state michael impale and vice president mike pence are on their way to
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turkey to push for a cease fire in ne in syria they are part of a delegation hoping to meet president bush if type but the turkish president is insisting the offensive won't end until its objectives are met. if you lose our proposals or right now tonight all the terrorists lay down their arms their equipment and everything destroy all their traps and get out of the safe zone that we have designated be stung would absolutely michael going to do that with what we have described is done so many bits to the iraqi border then our operation spring which only targets terrorists will end on its own. turkish forces and kurdish fighters are still battling in these are teaching border town of meanwhile and syrian troops have entered the border town of kabbani s. turkey tries to establish its so-called safe zone in ne in syria hong kong's leader carrier has been childhood down for a 2nd consecutive day in the city's legislature a short time ago opposition members protested in the chamber and call for her to
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step down at least 10 people were dragged out by security trying to answer questions regarding her annual policy address the president of spain's catalonia region has called for an immediate halt to violence that's enough for a 3rd night the protests were sparked by the jailing of 9 separatist leaders on monday over their role in cost 9 years failed independence day 2 years ago the caucus taking for a break sit deal between the e.u. and the u.k. in the coming hours we could learn if the 2 sides were able to reach a tentative agreement ahead of a summit in brussels on thursday the u.k. government has spread should leave the e.u. by october 31st. a former senior advisor to u.s. secretary of state my point bail is the latest person to testify in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into president donald trump michael mckinley was questioned for 5 hours by house committees after abruptly resigning last week politicians are
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looking into whether trump pressured ukraine to launch an investigation into joe biden a leading candidate for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination those are the headlines as always more news on our website at 0 dot com coming up next here is a stream stay with us. yes there are. they don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was that pakistan would never start a war and to walk we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories of the 00. year in the stream what's the danger of facial recognition technology civil liberties groups say privacy shouldn't trump protection but government and police argue that attack ensure safety what do you think. today will look at how major
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cities are taking very different approaches to facial recognition and explore how the chinese government is using this technology to track citizens but 1st how does facial recognition even work check out this clip from a documentary i filed for a.j. plus. facial recognition software creates data points that compare facial features databases are built from driver's licenses mug shots and surveillance video. the initial technology was developed in the 1960 s. today it's replacing fingerprinting and police lineup. facial recognition databases used by law enforcement in the u.s. included 117000000 adults that's one in 3 americans. in san francisco california is widely known as attack but last week city officials voted to ban the use of facial recognition by police and other government agencies proponents of the tax say it could help prevent or solve crimes but critics contend
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these systems are prone to error pointing to cases in which they appeared biased against women and people of color if adopted widely they argue facial recognition could be abused to target rights activists or marginalized communities. here with us to unpack the debate mab cagle serves as a technology and civil liberties attorney at the american civil liberties union of northern california and london silkie carlos' the director of big brother watch an organization tackling issues related to privacy and technology and last but not least in new york city a little hey newman is a security reporter for wired she focuses on information security digital privacy and hacking welcome to the stream everyone so here i want to start with you you know we heard a little bit there in the intro from that clip i played that album kind of the basics of facial recognition technology but what is it and why does it seem so you pick with us today facial recognition was people to be identified in real time
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by surveillance cameras that most of which look like ordinary surveillance cameras and it completely changes the nature of casing so it enables the police potentially to identify and track thousands of people at any time which puts an awful lot of power in state hands and i think really rebalances the relationship between this isn't and the state so you know you said in your piece that it's replacing fingerprinting with fingerprinting a police officer has to also. 'd fingerprint you have to have interaction they have to have probable cause some kind of purpose with facial recognition we're all being subjected to this kind of a pecial police lineup we're all being treated as suspects so really help us break this down just even a little bit further than it was an excellent definition from silkie there but just for our international audience so when we're talking about patient recognition what for you makes this even more chilling perhaps than c.c.t.v.
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and what's the difference between facial recognition and using some of the apps on our phone to either unlock our phone or to use facial recognition features on some of the apps we know and love. yeah i think that pervasiveness as he says that comes from the fact that our face is just sort of out there in the world and we're not necessarily choosing what sees it or what it interacts with you know when we use it in an app or to authenticate something that we intend or to go into a building that we want to go into or something like that you know it's an interaction where we're making a choice when we're being sort of passively viewed through cameras that are placed in public or sort of semi you know public private spaces that we're just moving through in our daily lives that that becomes kind of out of control where we're just walking along and our faces like leading in front of us in this new way so
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matt what concerns that san francisco lawmakers specifically have when it came to racial recognition. they're concerned about a lot of what's already been said you know facial recognition face surveillance provides the government with an unprecedented power to track individuals and groups with hardly lifting a finger on the in terms of human effort you can i mean imagine a world where you step outside your door and the government instantly knows who you are where you are who you're sociate ing with us and even the expressions on your face whether whether it's correct or it's just a guess this is a dangerous signal and she and some cisco at the heart of innovation here recognize that this technology has dangers unknown dangers right now it's inaccurate it's dangerous and if it's perfectly accurate it's dangerous to our democratic rights mad so they stuffed up in the act sorry i didn't mean to interrupt you i thought you were done but as you were talking i couldn't help but wonder as you were outlining all those things you know my i phone and apple knows all those friends
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and even just without the you know face i.d. technology that exists but it's not just lawmakers in san francisco of course that are concerned sara rashid tweeted in saying i am for the ban not only is that and they said way to profile people but there is no scientific evidence that facial recognition has helped improve safety or deter criminal activity i would love to hear from you say ok after we watch this video from brian hoffer he sent to to us he is the man who drafted the law that banned san francisco agencies of course from using this technology take a listen to what he said. i think we all intuitively understand the dangers of this technology that right now today it would be really reckless to use it because of its really high error rate but the bigger concern is actually long term that it's going to become perfect surveillance that we will not be able to move about society freely i think it would obliterate our 1st amendment protections like the freedom of speech religion assembly and association i can't detach myself from my face i
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can't. leave my house without my my my face and everywhere i go on oh no i'll be tracked so here forgive me your name sounds so similar to me i meant to ask willie let me i'm curious your thoughts. yeah i mean i think as you said there's just a really cumulative effect of this and i also really appreciate it mattes point that you know whether this technology succeeds in becoming highly accurate which it currently is not or whether it stays in the state that it's in it's really dangerous either way because you're either sort of potentially misidentifying people or having you know people get involved who are totally unrelated to something or the situation that we were hearing from in that clip where you're constantly correct being tracked so it's kind of either way there's just this.
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serious concerns so i want to posit something for all of you and for our audience on the flip side of this and get your thoughts on it so we reached out to a local sheriff's office sheriff's office here in the us who their department is using facial recognition in the cloud you can take a look at this web site here recognition mission can be used to identify suspects quickly now this is the washington county sheriff's office and they actually sent us a statement on what they're using it for and how it's gone for them and they say we can provide that facial recognition has been a successful tool for us and it has several success stories one thing to understand is the facial recognition software we use is not the deciding factor when i didn't .


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