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tv   Gaining Ground  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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cross the whole of the island of islands. to protect what they call the all and economy and the 2nd thing is that they don't want any our border inside of them because it would it would jeopardize the peace of the country in the way the michel barnier was talking about then the old deal that some reason may the former prime minister come up with satisfied all of those concerns that's why they were happy to go with it obviously didn't satisfy the british parliament that's what kept getting kicked out this new deal satisfies them too because primarily it puts most of the trade border not across ireland but in the sea between the island of ireland and the rest of the u.k. so on that level the irish government and therefore the european union are entirely happy with it and boris johnson can say he's happy with it too because he doesn't as he would put it keep the u.k. locked in this trade agreement through the backstop with the european union forever and a day so so on all those bases they're absolutely fine with it but they know just as well as everybody else does that actually is not about them anymore it's about the british parliament lawrence what's the atmosphere like there in brussels this
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morning is this being viewed there is as a real victory that this is that this is progress despite the fact that lots of questions still remain about whether this well eventually be ratified. i mean certainly the your opinion is is falling over itself to say that it's eager to help the u.k. leave despite all the allegations from the conservative government in london that it's the e.u. that's in the way the u.s. made it palpably clear over and over again that it wants to get a deal done because that's that's the way the u.k. voted and so in that sense they are trying to talk it up the deal won't get russified in brussels they michel barnier in his press conference made that entirely clear what will happen is that when johnson's already here he can hold a news conference with the younger the head of the european commission in about an hour from now and they'll both say this is a deal that satisfies everybody let's get on and do it boris johnson we're told is going to say to the e.u. $27.00 when he meets them it's this deal or we're leaving with no deal the trouble with that is it's a completely ridiculous and empty threat because it's not the european union the
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needs to be threatening it's his own parliaments has its own parliament the other looks like it might reject it out of hand the e.u. frankly wants to get on with everything else has got to worry about apart from this things to do with the enlargement plan. rouseabout the budgets and all sorts of other stuff that frankly sick to death of being blamed by the conservative party in london for blocking the exit when the conservative party in london has actually got all the problems. of it live press and brussels keep an eye on all those developments from there well let's now go to rory chalons in london to get the view from london rory as we were just saying there a deal may have been reached between boston and the e.u. but this isn't a deal that the u.k. has yet agreed to so how is johnson going to sell this to parliament and can. selling it by calling it a great deal. this is a reason very said when she brought a deal back from brussels as well the only deal in town at the moment he does seem
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to be being chewed on by plenty of conservative m.p.'s including people like jeremy hunt. a former minister and former candidate for the prime ministerial position was forced johnson eventually dogs who were cheering boris johnson on for achieving what many people said was essentially impossible for opening up the with george agreement again and getting rid of the backstop bots forest johnson as done this by essentially caving in on many of the things that the british government had said were red lines for a long long time having any kind of customs checks and regulate 3. distinct in between northern islands and the rest of the k things like that do you have a veto on on these kind of matters so. the position of the u.k.
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is going back to something very similar to what the european union was suggesting pretty much from the get go when negotiations began a few years ago and of course the question is now that there is this deal the broader johnson has as agreed with the european union can he convince a majority of m.p.'s in parliament that this is something that they can consent to labor the opposition. party have said that they cannot do that yet there will be a few i think rebel labor m.p.'s who will vote for it but of course is it going to come down to it with music in the house of parliament saturday is going to be this crucial day because parliament is said to boris johnson that if they have not agreed deal by the end of saturday then boris johnson has to write sue the european union and apply for an extension to bret's it well that was very talented at the thing from last month's i thank you very much for that rory that's now there isn't any of baka his life in belfast in northern ireland may visit me just had there
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a few minutes ago mr obama says 1st and foremost he was concerned about the irish people and peace on the island so how is all of this going down in belfast and how might any of this affect the peace process. well the true and it's a matter of great concern and consternation about the possible impact on the peace process but we already know the democratic unionist party the government's vital partners in power are saying that they will not absolutely back this bracks a proposal we have been trying desperately to get more information out of the d.p. all morning and they continue to refer us back to their statement which is only 3 lines long which says the following things stand we could not support what's being suggested on customs and can same tissues and there's a lack of clarity on the 80 we could go into a lot of detail about that but let's focus on the issue of consent because as you know under boys johnson's alternative plan to avoid a hard border between northern ireland of the republic of ireland he suggesting that northern ireland remains closely aligned to the single markets of boyd the
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possibility of any friction when it comes to goods going back and forth it doesn't mean that the rest of the u.k. and northern ireland are in 2 different zones as it were leading to the need for it's a fact so you border down the middle of the irish sea when it comes to customs but all of those arrangements according to parse johnson will be put democratically before members of the northern ireland assembly store monson the issue lies in the kind of vote the boys johnson is saying should be allowed to take place here to keep these arrangements in place he suggesting it should be a simple majority and the worry is from the d p that the nationalists who the unionists are in a coalition leadership where the government with here will try eventually to push later down the line possibly for more economic integration with the republic of ireland because it is of course the nationalist reason to be i guess to push for the idea of a united ireland eventually further down the line and that really worries the
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democratic unionist party the d.p. said it also undermines the good friday process let me explain this simply to you at the moment if 40 members of this parliament object to any pete. legislation it then has to go before members of both communities both the union is and the nationalists under 4 stances plan that is sidelined focusing entirely on a simple majority of those i said that really worries the g.p. they are worried about control here in northern ireland slipping out of their hands . back in their life. speaking to all our correspondents on. throughout the day to say with us here and i was there thank you neil. on to other news now on a high level u.s. delegation has just arrived in ankara hoping to convince the turkish president to halt his military campaign in northeastern syria u.s. vice president mike pence and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or are expected to meet president rush up to about
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iran in the next couple of hours while talks are already underway in ankara where the u.s. national security adviser robert her brian has already met the turkish foreign minister. and the high ranking diplomat it pushes happening as critics back home accuse donald trump of clearing the way for the offensive by pulling u.s. troops out of the region meanwhile turkish forces and kurdish fighters continue to battle in the border town. considered a strategic point for both well let's go live now to send in cosi earlier who is live for us in the turkish capital ankara sin in this very high level visit by pens and compare could this change out in one's mind shift anything at all. well so far when you look at prisons are dogs and other turkish official statements it doesn't look like so because yesterday our dance that if you want to change our minds to come to tell this no need for this but we know that there are negotiations
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ongoing all players in syria which is seen as a test table by many political analysts all players are negotiating syria iran russia united states turkey also what's russia is going to say is going to be very important as presidents are daughters going to have. to meet with the russian president went to 2nd and he's going to have a by later a meeting with u.s. president donald trump on november 13th and is so far turkish military has advanced on ground much quicker than expected according to many parties but of course as i said after the u.s. pullout decision to pursue. id i got engaged with the syrian regime the syrian regime denies this they say the idea the y.p. just surrender to us so it will depend which party is going to offer what to the corresponding party today is going to be full of surprises probably because our don
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yesterday at 1st he said he's not going to meet the delegation led by the vice president mike pence as his counterpart is a u.s. president donald trump but today they are going to meet and after this meeting which is going to take place soon don is going to come together with the u.s. defense industrial officials which is an important step for turkey as well because the sanctions mentioned by the white house against turkey includes defense industry as well but there was a statement that the defense industry would be exempted from this turkish military turkish defense industries kind of dependent on the u.s. imports u.s. weaponry so this is also another important deal that both sides have to take care about but so far as as a new line i can say that turkey's foreign minister gave an interview to b.b.c. and international media organization and he said that turkey would be fine if the syrian regime and russia to provide the out from the region where turkish military
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is conducting an operation right now said i'm crossing early that live for us and ankara watching that meeting very interesting thank you for that update send it. still ahead on out there the aftermath of more violence in mexico police. as fears grow for their security. and tension remains high in kenya after days of unrest targeting the president. we haven't really had particularly dry weather in japan over the last few days of had some breaks in between the showers but not really a few dry days and in fact the story is i'm afraid the same as we go through the next couple of days again the child has some showers on friday particularly into central honshu across into take a keeping those timers a bit lower just 18 in the tokyo and just 15 up in sendai meanwhile quite
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a bit of cloud out towards the west across the korean peninsula that clears on saturday but that is when they show a week on from. we have got some very widespread rain across much of the region so this won't happen recovery efforts and could even in some cases of course exacerbate those areas that are still underwater now further to the south into china it's a mostly dry clear pictures ago through friday those rains have actually dried up across central areas quite a bit of cloud just sitting across the much of the east so shanghai a mix of cloud and sunshine and still some showers into northern areas of it 27 year high on friday at the showers they should finally be indicated by sunday 30 degrees celsius and fairly humid in hong kong but mostly dry with a high over 29 and then indonesia widespread rains over the next 2 days quite heavy at times into borneo and fairly widespread saturday across much of the monday peninsula.
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the believe in the soul. a place like no one. for generations by the sun little. bugs for the discovery of precious little below the soul threatens to change their way of life for as a. witness. to. hello again i'm. reminded of our top stories this hour leaders from the united kingdom
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and european union say they have reached a deal on that they have described the agreement as fair and balanced but it still needs to be ratified by both the e.u. and u.k. parliaments. a high level u.s. delegation has arrived in ankara hoping to convince the turkish president to call off his offensive in north eastern syria it's believed vice president mike pence and secretary of state will try to broker a cease fire. his forces and kurdish fighters continue to battle in the border town of basra and considered a strategic point for both syrian forces moving north have become a major obstacle for tacky. well the u.s. ambassador to the european union is next in line to testify in the ongoing impeachment inquiry against donald trump it's expected that gordon sunderland will be questioned about text messages from the u.s. ambassador to ukraine discussing trump's effort to pressure ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden on tuesday a former senior adviser to u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei or was the latest person to testify michael mckinley was quizzed for 5 hours by house committees after abruptly resigning last week on a key figure in the impeachment inquiry us democratic congressman elijah cummings has died aged 68 as chairman of the house oversight and reform committee cummings led multiple investigations and to president trump's governmental dealings cummings passionately advocated for the poor and his black majority district of maryland he died in hospital due to complications from longstanding health problems now hong kong's lead a carrier has been shouted down for a 2nd consecutive day in the territories legislature opposition members protested in the chamber and called for her to step down at least 10 people were moved by security cameras trying to answer questions regarding her annual policy address she was forced to deliver a vast address through a video link on wednesday after the legislative session was cancelled some pro
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beijing politicians have condemned the outburst against lam in the chamber. always think that. citizens would not and even want to use. anyway so we all also know that it wasn't so and we still as a legislative council i don't think that and we let you members use any kind of including. physical law in the chamber to express do we. the french foreign minister has met his iraqi counterpart in baghdad to discuss the security of eisel camps in northern syria turkey's offensive against the kurds has led to concerns that many detained eisel fighters may escape european government.


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