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tv   System Failure The Boeing Crashes  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2019 9:33pm-10:01pm +03

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large parts the conservative party because they felt it was a betrayal of were upset because it kept the u.k. in an open ended relationship trade relationship with the european union so it's it is good for the european union because it protects the integrity of islands in the in the sphere of the beast because it because it maintains the good friday agreements and in the sphere of protecting the single market because there is no customs checks on the island of ireland equally as you had boris johnson say that in his assessments it's good for the u.k. because in one sense it does allow the whole of the u.k. including northern ireland to know draw from the european union's trading arrangements because the because they put the trade borders as if it's goods in the middle of the irish sea so both sides in that sense can get off. a medal big point of saying it's not just westminster that has to agree to this is the european parliament i don't suppose the european parliament is going to have a particular issue with the issue with it plainly is going to be the u.k.
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parliament which seems to be able to have it in its will to reject every single deal offered to its while the greens were absolutely nothing and it is perilously tight for boris johnson the democratic units as we know in northern ireland i say it's the crucial point i think is going to be whether the hard core sitters in the conservative party stay in line with the democrats if you do this and refuse it which is what they usually do or whether they actually back down because they think this could be the very last chance they have or have to get a bracks a deal done because if it doesn't happen this time there's every chance frankly of other general election or even another referendum which could overturn the us i think. i just want to drill down a little bit more into the democratic unionists position and you've talked there about this this compromise around ireland to maintain the integrity of ireland in coming up with this deal with northern ireland. it remains part of you but also
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he's aligned to a you procedures as well take us to to the point of conjecture the issue that the democratic unionist have with this compromise. the that the really really impossible thing for outsiders to understand about about the democratic party in northern ireland is that it cares far less about about things to do with money and trade than it does about it's about the concept of unionism the absolute imperative on the from their point of view that northern ireland remains a part of the u.k. it's 100 years ago yesterday that the u.k. started partitioning islands. putting the border between the north and the south and the whole point of politician from the u.k. sides was to protect the protestants majority the union is part of the majority of northern ireland and that's what the stands for any idea that and that northern
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irish economy could be more aligned with that of the european union through the single market than the u.k. is in their estimation an entire betrayal of the idea of unionism because they think it's had a little tiny edge towards a united ireland which is which we have political death for them so they would that that that that the whole point of their existence is to protect the idea of the union and if they say anything see anything get in the way of that they will object to it on principle and that and that's what they continuing to do now and you know the reason may be paid them off with over a 1000000 pounds to support a government that there's lots of talk about about about the boris johnson's government chance buy them off as well i'm not entirely convinced it's about money for them to be honest and just on that point about the political negotiations where is the negotiating room for bars johnson here in the democratic unionist saying that's it we oppose this out right is there the potential for an juiced. the reason
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why i was also able to offer and then there are those who are aligned within boris johnson's own party aligned with the democratic unionist are they going to stay strong as well as how does the the political wrangling what does that look like from now. well i mean i mean talking obviously about the situation inside the westminster parliament if boris johnson is going to get this deal through because he's got a minority governments of manas 45 at the moment so he's got to get the democratic units policy on side he's got to get both wings of the conservative party on side that's that's the whole of the right wing bloc athens the 21 concern the moderates soft and so these who he sat for not backing his deal they think this is a much worse still the trees a maze he's got to get all of them to support lawsuits and if you can get all of them to support he's got sense through the labor party and if he's on the opposition benches and say to them look how about you do this because you represent
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people constituencies devotedly surely this is a much better deal than no deal so why don't you baucus instead so it's perilously close in this in the certainly one estimation i've seen of an electoral map being company that says that he's going to lose by about 17 or 18 votes on saturday so something's got to shift between now and then if you're going to get this through. lawrence thank you so much for that of course lawrence there bring us up to date on this brics that deal that we just heard from the european commission president and the british prime minister barak's johnson who are talking up this deal optimism around this and now of course the challenge is to actually get it passed in the u.k. i found that with the u.k.'s opposition labor party leader jeremy corben says the deal is worse than the one struck by former prime minister to resign may and his party won't back it. always ready.
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to. see. the. place. you said. thank you so much danger to some of. the gentle aeration who are a challenge and stand by london to get the view from there and rory while we're hearing about a good deal for all the reasonable and fair and certainty where there was uncertainty is not a lot of certainty when it comes to the politics of these in the u.k. is that. no absolutely not this is why the country has been essentially paralyzed over breck's it for the best part of the last 3 years nobody can really predict what is going to happen on saturday when these m.p.'s gather in the house of commons to thrash through the details of this deal and to work out whether they can give it that supports or not is now of course boris johnson and
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its supporters in the cabinets and downing street etc. going to be positioning this as essentially a take it or leave it like if you. if you can't vote for this well then there is no alternative but to leave with no deal but of course as we've seen over the past month or so parliament has told him essentially that there has to be a deal if there is no deal then he has to get an extension and that extension has to be used to either work out a better deal for to have another election to have another referendum these are all possibilities that we could be seeing in the weeks or months ahead. but nailing this deal down is going to be as lawrence was just saying they're very very difficult for boris johnson he is positioning this is as a success against all odds that he has achieved the impossible where the e.u.
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said they weren't going to reopen the withdrawal agreements well boris johnson came in on the private eye but when the said the they would be noble tenets of the backstop well boris johnson managed to get an alternative to the backstop the thing is he's managed to achieve those things by essentially crossing or i am falling all over red line the british government has had for a long time namely that this this customs and regulate 3 division would not happen not be placed in the r a c now boris johnson saying that is something he's comfortable with and he's going to try and persuade as many employees to be comfortable with it to rory while you say that boris johnson has been able to achieve this deal done by traveling over all those red lines and it is a compromise easy i able to say that he has got this closer than to reason why did that for all the misgivings this may be
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a better deal than to resume i was able to negotiate. what i think what he is going to be trying to achieve is to. convince all the remain a m.p. . this is a better outcome than a no deal and he's going to try and convince all of the hardline brits it's here and please that this deal is a better outcome than no bret's it is positioning this deal and downing street is kind of the middle ground just as this safety raft for anyone who wants to get britain out of this political paralysis that it's been on been in and just move on with things and given the amount of bricks it fits he in this country. how many people just want to move on with life stop fretting about this issue stop
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worrying about it whatever side of the political spectrum they may come from whether they like bricks it or dislike it there is i think. a possibility that he might be able to convince enough m.p.'s on saturday that this is just something they need to push on with get it over the line and move on with normal life again. thank you so much for that prime minister has tweeted we have breaks that agreement that allows you to leave e.u. in orderly way we have unique solution for northern island that respects unique history and geography is good for island and nor the knowledge and i as he says no hard border all island and east west economy can continue thrive protects single markets and al place in it they've baka is live in belfast you know all the dollar move despite that tweet and despite some of the optimism the situation still isn't even the democratic unionist now come out and said that they oppose this how much
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sway do they still have how much influence is this opposition ultimately is this move forward politically enough to be critical. well it's enough to be significant whether it will be completely damaging for boris johnson is really yet to be seen on saturday but as lawrence was saying a little bit earlier on in the program boris johnson is 45 votes short of getting his plan over the line in parliament he needs every single one of the 10 democratic unionist m.p.'s in westminster to back it and what we've seen over the course of the morning in multiple statements is that they will not back it for various different reasons they've said that it damages the integrity of the united kingdom they've raised deep concerns about northern ireland being seen as a different tax. arrangement or different tax area compared to the rest of the united kingdom they've also raised some concerns about how the northern ireland
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assembly here behind me will function in all of this as well they have raised concerns about boris johnson's plan to keep northern ireland more aligned with the single markets i.e. more aligned with the republic of ireland than with the united kingdom going forward in order to make that arrangement democratic boris johnson has said well there will be a vote here at the northern irish parliament to make sure that people here want it but that will be based upon a simple majority and the d.p.p. are just really worried that the nationalists through their locks in a power sharing government with will do everything possible to push for more economic integration with the republic of ireland as opposed to allowing for the current situation to continue which is a situation that allows 30 members of the more than an assembly to complain get together potentially veto anything any legislation they don't like coming out of westminster so in all the d.p.
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i just would be worried about a $37.00 from their hands and about what they feel is something of a creeping and station from the public or violent when it comes to a future here for the northern ireland they thank you for that that's when we leave need barbara force this ongoing coverage of the brics deal that's it for me we're back in a moment with more of the day's news including more on this brics a deal between the e.u. and the u.k. . to strengthen the good you have to show the good all the more with the come still fight against corruption. this fire needs heroes heroes like no who are about the refused a 50000000 dollars bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark is to shine
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a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anticorruption here and now. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than all souls in this life what is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. shining the light into the darkness. because you're disloyal the desire to understand the world. makes us human. and the human condition is universe or.
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do you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al-jazeera. and i hope very much not speaking of elected representatives that my fellow n.p.c. in westminster do come together. european commission president. british prime minister barak johnson speaking about the brakes and.
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this is the news from coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. vice president is leading talks in ankara to push for a cease fire in northern syria a day after president go to one rejected any mediation. shouted out again hong kong's leader was called a liar by angry opposition legislators demanding her resignation. and i only harding with sports as boxing mourns the death of another fighter american patrick de has passed away from a brain injury sustained on saturday he's a 4th boxer to die this year. mr johnson is appealing to m.p.'s back home to back his deal that was agreed after intense negotiations in brussels johnson has thanked the leaders for their support
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european commission president is calling it a fair and balanced agreement the u.k. parliament will discuss the deal in a special session on saturday but it still needs ratification from both the e.u. and u.k. politicians i hope very much not speaking of elected representatives that my fellow n.p.c. in westminster do not come together to get bricks it. to get this excellent deal over the line and to deliver for exit without any more delay so that we can focus on the priorities of the british people improving our health service investing in pretty 1000 more police lifting up a living wage and many many other things. but we have 3 correspondents across the story nave baka is in belfast to bring us the reaction from northern ireland rory chalons is following the political developments within the u.k.
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from london 1st though we go to lawrence leigh who is in brussels and lars give us your assessment of what we've heard today from you and johnson and what's in this deal. well the the the difficulty obviously house has always been trying to find if you think of it as a kind of event diagram you know with the 2 circles need to be a bit in the middle where the 2 bits joined together new one which is what the european union wants which is to maintain the integrity of ireland both in terms of economically speaking the single market and politically speaking the piece through the good friday agreement that's what they want and so that's and they've always said no borders in ireland at all what the u.k. has always said is ok fine you want to protect the peace in ireland but we've also got to be able to shut ourselves off economically speaking from the european union in order to leave the e.u. properly in julie's trade deals and that's been the impossible bit to try to marry together so the thing that they say works that is the reason why this works for
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both of them to put the trade border effectively down in the sea between the island of ireland and the u.k. is because the european union consent can sometimes do say that's fine for us because ireland's happy with it and the u.k. can try to suggest that it makes a clean break if you like. johnson can make good on his promise that it's a better deal than the one that the reason may came up with the you had what boris johnson said in there an introduction claude young who was sitting next to johnson of the time made it very clear that so far as he was concerned it was a deal that he could sell to the e.u. 27 when he briefs them here this evening. you know this is a fair balanced remans it is testament to our commitment to finding solutions we provide certainty we have works it creates uncertainty you put tags the rights
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of our citizens country put text peace and stability on the island. so there are several things now which we thought might happen and what's the deal will be ratified tonight speaker says michel barnier said earlier on he's got to go to the european parliament 1st and then come back. and of course in the meantime he's going to the british parliament which which is old different a much more difficult story the other thing that won't happen though is that boris johnson won't now have to ask for an extension for the time being so the european union want to send a letter which by law he's supposed to do he's not going to try to put this back to the british parliament at the weekend on saturday and see if there's any way he can get it over the line laura thank you for that let's go now to rory chalons in london of course lawrence was outlining there the political road ahead and just what is required now to ratify this agreement what's the political reality here rory that boris johnson is facing.
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well the political reality is that it doesn't really matter and she wants the e.u. is agreed to it doesn't really matter what downing street is agreed to because the only way that this deal actually gets put into practice is if the bought a majority of the m.p.'s in the house of commons in the u.k. decides that they are going to give it their consent and that is a question that we do not have the answer to the moment it's certainly not a done deal there will be a frantic day of political activity on saturday when m.p.'s are going to be debating this putting various amendments to it working out whether they can give birth johnson's deal there that consensus now boris johnson is going to try position this so the people as a as he has done for weeks now let's just get bricks it done and people are tired let's move on this is the deal that we've got that's just rubber stamp it push it
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through and move on with normal life he is going to try and convince remain minded m.p.'s that this deal is better than no you did is better than crashing out of the e.u. with no safeguards in place and he's going to try to persuade the more minded m.p.'s that this deal is is is better than that it's all which is the thing that scares the hardliners that you know that the labor party or that it damns etc might force another round referendum and when the population of the u.k. are also 2nd time whether they want to leave the european union they might say no we don't so this is the kind of way this is the way that boris johnson is going to be framing this debate in the houses of parliament when it comes down to it on saturday he did the arithmetic is i think on noble at the moment they're all there . serious employees who didn't want previous deals are now saying that vote for
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this one but of course it's not we won't know until saturday. thank you for that will ireland's leader has described the deal reached by e.u. and u.k. leaders as a good what i think stands we have a draft agreement between the european union on the one hand the british government on the other i think it's a good agreement allows the united kingdom to leave the european union in an orderly fashion with a transition period which is very important for businesses and citizens across the european union and also in the u.k. and also. creates a unique solution for northern ireland recognizing the unique history and geography of northern ireland when a bunker is standing by in belfast force and they can you drill down a little bit into why the democratic unionists are opposed and how much of an obstacle that opposition is going to be for bars johnson.
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well it could be a very important obstacle for forced on someone that he will have to use the next couple of days trying to work out how to get around we know of course that there are 10 an m.p.'s from the democratic unionist party sitting in westminster they are of course the government's partners in power every single one of those m.p.'s has a vote every single vote counts as you know boris johnson is $45.00 votes short of getting that plan over the line in parliament but what we've heard repeatedly in several different statements coming from the d p here in belfast is that they are very much opposed to this plan for multiple reasons they believe that it undermines the integrity of the united kingdom one of the d.p.s. main red lines of the past has been the fact that northern ireland may well be seen as a different entity taxwise politically from the rest of the united kingdom they had asked so the previous british prime minister to resign may not to cross that right line and she didn't but of course with the johnsons plan alternative plan to the
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box open insurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland were left with a de facto border down the middle of the irish sea which symbolically doesn't go down very well at all amongst the democratic unionist party in the past of course just to remind you money was waved in the face of the democratic unionist party in the summer of $1300000000.00 can something similar be offered to the day u.p.a. this time around it looks very much like they are digging their heels in that they are very much ready to reject this this deal on saturday when that vote happens nave so much of the breaks that negotiations throughout has focused on the northern island and the question of of a border in the possibility that that would return the island to a state of conflict and just today we heard. this is really about people and is really about peace how of people in northern ireland people in ireland as well
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seeing this throughout and how are they going to to see this deal do you think how will that play out there. well let me answer that 1st we have given you the results of a recent study that was carried out a crew in queens university in belfast here and it looked at the emotional impact on people's lives people living close to the border but also further afield we talked of the results talked of a huge amount of uncertainty that was actually affecting people's mental health in certain areas we're talking about pharmacy for instance who worried about their immediate future whether or not manufacturers were going to be able to sort of shift goods back and forth from northern ireland to the public of on it and back again there are certain companies that rely upon the open border multiple times for they goods to go back and forth before a final product is actually made the economic impact along with the symbolic impacts of return to a hard border would be absolutely immense and jury in the whole brics debate and
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while the storm and assembly has not been sitting now for 2 and a half years in that vacuum we've seen the rise of dissident republican voices particularly in derry in the west a of northern ireland we've taught that if we bring threats coming from hardline nationalists talking about possibly bombing or attacking infrastructure if it appeared on the border p.c. it was hard won hard fought for nobody wants to see the clock turn back and that's why many politicians are forts tooth and nail ready to avoid any return to that hard border and thankfully multiple british politicians have repeatedly said they will not be on our border but even right to the wire now there has been that concern that the clock will indeed go back that's why perhaps some nationalist m.p.'s here are warming to this plan warming to boys johnson's plan in the same way that leo veronica in dublin has warmed to the plan.


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