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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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effective government it's obviously not a date we can support we've made that assessment on the deal itself we're not doing a compare and contrast but certainly this gives us our border in the irish sea in terms of the terms of costumes and terms of single market without any consent that is meaningful for the people of northern ireland if the british prime minister fails to win parliamentary backing for his deal you'll be legally obliged to seek an extension from brussels to the october 31st break deadline result face says that is not going to happen breaks it it would seem is far from over potential partner al-jazeera brussels. that's going to have to his in brussels 1st it has been a deal before how is this one going to be different. this deal boris johnson's deal if you like differs from tourism a deal in that it provides for a much harder drags it a much more abrupt rupture with the european union the out of the customs union
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entirely at the end of the transition period at the end of 2020 the dreaded backstop that was designed to prevent a hard border on the island of ireland that so many m.p.'s couldn't vote for that's gone it's been replaced by a border in the irish sea that again many m.p.'s will not be able to vote for it has pluses on both sides for the u.k. and the e.u. for the u.k. of course it allows boris johnson's government to go make as many international trade deals as it likes and the e.u. gets its single market protected it's only land border with the united kingdom and of course peace is upheld on the island of ireland i think here in brussels among the leaders there was a real sense at the end of the day of relief and of optimism that they could now perhaps move on the worst is over moving on to the 2nd phase of brics it because of those breaks it is far from over they've got to negotiate a future trade deal but hopefully now they can do it in a more positive atmosphere less combative without the uncertainty of the hugely
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abrasive uncertainty of whether bracks it is actually going to happen at all hanging over their heads and the focus now shifts to westminster. it certainly does because again it doesn't happen until it becomes law all the tough in here is it's got the nod in draft form from the leaders it's got to pass the parliament crucially it's got to pass the house of commons boris johnson. optimistic telling the leaders here that there is a majority that is the message they will have received from him but not everyone agrees and certainly the numbers are difficult at best he's lost. democratic unionists of northern ireland it's questionable how many of the so-called spartans on the right of his party that steadfastly voted with the do you pay in the past how many of them will now line up behind him the opposition parties won't support it the question will be how many labor m.p.'s are willing to rebel more interested in seeing breaks it done than worrying too much about what's in breaks it
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ultimately the biggest question that hangs over all of this now is what happens if it doesn't clear the house of commons johnson is compelled under law now to ask for a delay which he says he won't do so the courts may be ready to intervene and importantly donald tusk the council president here earlier on made the point that if a delay is requested via the courts or by boris johnson where the leaders would have to decide in a number of leaders during the course of the day have made the point that yes they would be willing to countenance another delay to breaks it if indeed one is required to know how to thank you very much indeed. still ahead this half hour the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. accuses the president of outsourcing foreign policy to his personal lawyer. and yemen's government just closer to a deal that could end a power struggle in the southern city of aden.
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how we have had a real contrast in the weather across australia recently we've had heat wave conditions it's a good parts of queensland down to the southeast in cola very different story behind this cold front he just sliding away from victoria since a very active weather some some very downpours some snow as well some large hail some thunder snow also thrown in for good measure high pressure is in charge behind that it's a generally looking dry and prices for a time $23.00 celsius there for melbourne temperatures just not going up a touch for the time being further north of $28.00 there in praise but in a similar temperature actually for perth they will see the temps you get even higher as we go on into sas day to decrease by sas they are new kota on the other side of the country back down to 16 in melbourne south westerly winds coming in walsh alice possibly more wintry showers to i'll also be the case there into
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tasmania just notice want to welcome shows that just around the gold coast the sunshine coast as we go on into the weekend that western weather that's making its way across the tasman sea is going to push its way over towards new zealand some very wet weather coming in for a time temperatures struggling to reach 12 degrees in christchurch but picking up to 20 by saturday. a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother to reunite with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you.
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are mine of the top stories around is there a kurdish fighters in northern syria say they'll abide by a cease fire plan agreed between the u.s. and turkey yes vice president mike pence says turkey literature on those agreed to a truce for 5 days to let the syrian kurdish forces withdraw but 32 kilometers or. u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson has managed to clinch a new brakes a deal with the european union but it's unclear if enough m.p.'s were back the agreement when they vote on it on saturday. u.s. president on trump has been accused of directing officials to consult his personal
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lawyer about washington's policy on ukraine you know some bastard to the e.u. gordon sunderland says trump outsourced american foreign policy to a private citizen rudy giuliani son told a congressional committee investigating trump that giuliani's agenda including exuded a push for key have to investigate former vice president joe biden giuliani has so far refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry into donald trump. on to your question has more from capitol hill in washington d.c. the white house now says that 4 military aid that was promised to ukraine was hinge on ukraine complying with the president's demand to nish aid and investigation but the white house says this investigation had nothing to do with joe biden president trauma's political opponent but rather into the beginnings of the russia investigation back in 2016 in that u.s. presidential election the white house acting chief of staff mick mulvaney telling
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reporters that there was nothing wrong with this request he said that it was standing policy for the u.s. justice department to reach out to a foreign nation to assist with an existing investigation and in fact he said to reporters that anyone would find something wrong with that should just quote get over it. but that's it that's why we held up the money now there was a reporter who says the name for an investigation into the democrats was for the reason that he was on the to withhold funding to break the lease look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that is absolutely brutal in the form of. it which which ultimately then flowed mulvaney also says that the witnesses who have been cooperating with democratic investigators in the impeachment inquiry of president trump simply are doing so because they dislike trump's policies and are now joining what mulvaney calls the witch hunt however that doesn't take into consideration
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witnesses like the person speaking before panels today the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sumlin who is a wealthy hotel owner and trump joan or before being appointed to his ambassadorship he is telling investigators that he was troubled when trump directed him to work with a private attorney in conducting what critics have called the shadow campaign of u.s. foreign policy toward ukraine someone also said that he was not aware that joe biden was a factor in the investigations that trump was calling for but he said that had he been that if he was that it would be wrong. a key figure in that inquiry larger cummings has died at the age of 68 because of health longstanding health problems the senior democrats committee is the main investigative body looking into trump's governmental dealings cummings was widely seen as a formidable orator who advocated for the poor in his black majority district he
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was 1st elected to office in 1906 and it served as chair of his committee since january. on coleman's legislative council has descended into chaos for a 2nd day in a row as heckling lawmakers were dragged from the chamber by security they've been demanding an inquiry into an attack on a prominent human rights activists on calm has been battered by months of pro-democracy protests what highly reports. for the 2nd day running hong kong leader kerry lamb had difficulty getting your point across on the floor of the legislative council oh ok. 'd that was drowned out by heckling from members of the opposition chanting slogans of the protest movement now in its 5th month oh. as on wednesday lamb's question and answer session about her policy address was twice halted before she could finish. also know that probation council members condemned the protest in the chamber as
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a legislative council i don't think that any electrical members should use any kind of law and then including. all physical law lends him the chance to express their will i was before the legislative council session the leader of a human rights organization behind the largest peaceful marches over the last 4 months here was brutally attacked jimmy sham was assaulted on wednesday night by as many as 5 masked men who beat him with hammers he's in a stable condition in hospital also the attack on the monk kok area of hong kong was the 2nd in 2 months again sham the head of the civil human rights front he's ok thank you. if the convening of the a fellow human rights which is at home to him in hong kong for peaceful protests and this attack this very vicious attack took place practically on the eve of his for a course for. mass for
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a protest parade in hong kong on from day. one of the messages sham has sent from the hospital he's appealing for sunday's march to be safe law abiding and peaceful it's got harder al-jazeera on cong. the head of catalonia is regional government says another independence vote is needed within the next 2 years in barcelona thousands of people have gathered for a fortnight of protest the unrest and some of the worst seen in spain for decades demonstrators are angry over jail sentences given to 9 catalan separatists for their role in the failed independence bid 2 years ago in a 100 people have been arrested since protests began on monday extinction rebellion activists have disrupted rail services in london sparking a clash with angry commuters one climate change protester was dragged down from the roof of a london train during rush hour underground officials try to stop passengers from attacking the man extinction rebellion activists are in the middle of
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a 2 week civil disobedience campaign or the 1400 people have been arrested says the group began blocking roads bridges and airports in london demanding radical action on climate change. election observers from the european union have criticized mozambique's election saying it wasn't a level playing field between the government and opposition ballot stuffing was reported at several polling stations and many observers were subject to violence one was even murdered by police officers under there is malcolm webb reports from shy shy the capital of gaza province. it was right here that anastasio a matter valley was shot by 5 gunmen last week he died shortly afterwards in hospital he was an observer in mozambique's election and the director of a rights group. from above and his colleague fernando young tubby told us he'd been within minutes before at a training session for local observers and shy shy the capital of gaza province he
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says anastasio killing sent a clear message from producing drivel made to it makes me feel scared i'm living in fear after this the situation is worse we're being followed it doesn't sit well with me. anastasio and his colleagues had raised concerns about 300000 so-called ghost voters on the electoral register in gaza province before he was shot and his killers sped off in a car just down the road they hit an oncoming car an overturned was right here 2 of the men died at the scene 2 others ran away and one was taken to hospital with bystanders immediately recognize them and identified them as members of a special police unit it's only because of the car crash that in this case the identity of the killers was revealed and that's international rights group human rights watch has documented 14 cases in the last 5 years where activists and
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officials from government and political parties have been killed or attacked in similar ways the attackers normally disappear question here is no longer aware that there are death squads or more i think was on this then on disappeared was the provide them now thought on why members of the security forces boy there around the country you mean says the man's. killing wasn't the only violence during election campaigns opposition parties say their rallies were stopped in some areas by ruling party supporters and police after the murder police suspended 2 senior officers they told us they're still investigating and there's no evidence of political involvement in the killings usual guzzle there's a song what's being said by some organizations and journalists is entirely their own responsibility the police therefore doesn't agree with these statements that go
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beyond the police duties. the electoral commission says it's run a free and fair poll since tuesday's voting opposition and some observers have complained of serious irregularities in the vote counting process. the killing of anastasio will certainly affect how safe people feel to speak out malcolm webb al-jazeera gaza province mozambique the un says there's been progress in peace talks between yemen's government and southern separatists but you sides fell out in august with the separatists seizing control of the port city of aden saudi led negotiations in jeddah are aimed at rebuilding the coalition as it battles against who he rebels the u.n. special envoy for yemen says an agreement is within reach but. as i said at the outset many of us had hoped including myself here in riyadh had hoped the new agreement could have been announced today. i understand we're not quite there yet but it certainly does seem the progress has been made very significant progress
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during the jeddah talks under the leadership of the kingdom of saudi arabia. of fights to their strenuous diplomatic efforts the saudis there are encouraging signs as i say that an agreement aimed at resolving the issues between the government of yemen under president heading and the southern transitional council may be well within reach. the u.n. says afghan civilians are dying in record numbers in the country's increasingly brutal conflict with the taliban july was afghanistan's worst month since the un started keeping records with more than $400.00 people killed around 1000 $100.00 injured overall more than 2 and a half 1000 civilians were killed in the 1st 9 months of this year. the leading cause of civilian casualties was suicide in on suicide improvised explosive devices
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the 2nd was ground engagements followed by area operations and when we come to area operations this was the leading incident tight with civilian deaths. venezuela has taken a seat on the un's human rights council despite widespread criticism of the country's own rights record other latin american countries had objected to its candidacy with costa rica mounting a rival unsuccessful bid for the seat advocacy groups have also been critical human rights watch said a vote for venezuela was a vote for torture and murder and a quick reminder to catch up any time on our website address for that. dot com. top stories are not just there kurdish fighters in northern syria say they'll abide by a cease fire plan agreed between the u.s. and turkey yes wise president mike pence says take his lead it to one has agreed to
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a truce for 5 days to let the syrian kurdish forces withdraw from the 32 kilometers that's what turkey wants just tabish a safe zone where it can return syrian refugees and says turkey will agree to a full ceasefire once the kurdish fighters have left the area today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation for peace bring. you know order to allow for the withdrawal of y. p.g. forces from the safe zone. for 120 hours all military operations under operation peace for a movie pause in operation peace spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal. ukraine's prime minister has agreed a new brics it deal with the european union 3 years since the u.k. voted to leave the e.u.
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force johnson says this is the final chance to achieve breaks it with a deal on the 31st of october he's managed to change some terms of what's become brics its biggest issue of the border between northern ireland and republic of ireland but it's still unclear if enough m.p.'s will back his agreement. yes president donald trump has been accused of directing officials to consult his personal lawyer about washington's policy on ukraine yes and busta to the e.u. gordon sandland says trump outsourced american foreign policy to a private citizen rudy giuliani sunday and told a congressional committee investigating trump the jury on his agenda included a push for kiev to investigate former vice president joe biden. the head of catalonia is regional government says another independence vote is needed within the next 2 years demonstrators angry over jail sentences given to 9 cattle and separatists for their role in the failed independence bid 2 years ago. there's that
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line stu's stay with this one and one east is up next our finance. didn't the u.s. treasury reports to what's going to say that china was going to manipulate we bring you the stories and developments that are likely changing the world living what's behind the rise of piracy. counting the cost on al-jazeera. when the korean war split the country into damocles which one of the hottest separated by a border with a bit into cross. now some a finely being raised united with long lost relatives. one on one east follows a mother's emotional reunion with the some she last saw more than 60 years ago.
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when war broke out between the 2 koreas in 1950 mrs lee fled south with her husband before year old son and her baby daughter. in the storm of refugees the young mother stopped to nurse her baby. she was separated for a few minutes from her husband and son a separation that would last forever. 68 years later mrs lee who had built a new life insult received a lesson with news of her lost family. 2
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they are all the time on. the bridge across this letter to mrs lee. the little states the son she lost 68 years ago is still alive and lives in north korea. in 2 weeks she can see him again. you don't read every day you just have one minute and among our guests good at good people good luck on the love. humble make the old butter to go to the finger to go up to the house children that are to be do you who does have other know all to give get to it to sort of hot about it's all
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good he always will do to keep doing that all right now you're going to hold his way along so. i won't go if you're going to get can get whatever money will i think i'll join you and you ought to know what has happened if you know the area in my memory recall there was a lot of our money. and you don't know if you want to look around a lot of. 900 pound going to motivate him to make water and here's some of us and we. move him or come on come on come up or come again you'll know to get me to do not a marriage and hold on your show. all
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or desire on hunger number 0 of someone's hand them a while could hose i have got a number she knew to go to buy a death or. could or would have thought he had a good time and then a good senior had gotten to know her dog. the man and the guy like i am now her i would your mind their boys and their. good as
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a god good as he their god that i done now i'm going. to go and i'm a pure dumpling. because our job our goal now that a good kid is one of my legs out and then all my languidly to him good night ahead you want to go and wouldn't i am going to ken martin. today mrs levy is 91 years old. together with a north korean who lost his wife during the flies mrs lee built a new life in south korea. they swore to stay together into a career was reunified and they could find their families. mrs lee is now a widow her 2 daughters and now helping her prepare for being reunited with her son
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