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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 290  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2019 10:33am-11:01am +03

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so. that name doesn't exist. even muster in the business classes good logs need god's things and this is so. this does. as it goes on you know see i'm pissed about it was i was one of those he was. looking it was i kind of was under what i could get out.
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but i'm using the communal permission of the kids that get us like him again i say to you that to me for me moment. is but it was real you meant it when to put it. on your so hard on it so that. it's. such to preserve. major presence. and i make it. for the kids around the 50th gave because it was there is a simple history of. you know how and
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this how long. teen. mom for the ninety's was and i love to. get into either. because had so little as one of the early isenberg was for something only as young as the going in was a windows only since he had little. just along. oh this is so in chicago didn't. see.
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those cities guys that i'm waiting on. the old i know about this movie. she was a little me one of them. to me knowing me his money. would have been a bad idea because i want to be honest about it and bad but i don't care about any effort to get out of it doing it on
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a beat thing when i'm not going to heaven he added. the stars are made of the current. let me do it. but he didn't show up in the back yard he did it was in the night that's. in place and on this other guy looks the movie guy in united is going to be that's. going to put them to put been very good and that's i think that's man with lucifer but the movie i. see but it was a kind of coming up to the. concept of the film's hero because he. cannot
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be a compassionate god i miss. it i pushed. the moment that him into it would be better this puts the super committee that made me . feel for a few things. made it telling us a lot. is it i see your. so
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hot in here that. that all simplicity got a lot sympathy. to . to. you to you.
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and love amber my way out about. the state ferry is park about me because you know . i got wendy's hambly on it in that you know all too well that is because i. haven't the what's i. was here's your i am is this either you nobles god or that i support any of us. that. it is no more.
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i was. looking down. a little bit and i did not have this gun with me and that is a lot of it i didn't know at all that i'm not a. long journey 6 in the us i mean what on the a bull. i mean i used a little i was. big on it because he lets a little bit think that much you know. most of these that's both the illegal and those are the only way business and these are used to like make the most money he
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wants young to be opportunities. he's always having to help him as a given year all goes well i mean to lose all of. those needles on a nice bit on i thought all of the icing going to cause in the region must. not in the onion a move in the bully bailout of india has been on my levels and it's a mental. and emotional. and the cause of the young was about it's only money now but at least $30.00. ft hood i just as i mean that's going up with it as if they haven't
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asked for what i have to live he caused uncovered a study but a simple in a c. than a pic with a booklet and the almost never got. this article from them entirely. store isn't being made on making this could be the owner. and this kid this school alone none of this be a total mess and that is. because he made a community bundle deal most of the b. knew. this was looking down
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a connection. that you know if you miss how. little is really that look of being. said hello is but didn't like it or see. him play is dumb was a. lesson come up against. a
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one time glamorous picture house for the rich and famous of hollywood now sell it as the poor and forgotten and die. on town south. carving out a life in the ruins of the abandoned building residents reinvent the movies around themselves escaping their reality and reliving the former glory of cinema morocco was a witness documentary on al-jazeera. how
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is a lot going on with the weather across north america at the moment we've had an nor'easter this nasty little area clouds sweeping across new york into new england eastern parts of canada further south some lively downpours and rolling through here not so was in the northwest we've also got some marar the heavy showers some west to weather some wintry weather spilling acts of western parts of canada into the pacific northwest as we go on through friday in the main thing to watch out for will be down towards the panhandle we have a developing system here may become a tropical storm a good talk of depression from very wet and windy weather then coming into northern parts of florida and sioux up was allowed to through georgia easing up it was a southeastern corner north of that it quietens down so just the threats of a 15 degrees in new york centimeters not too fast want to see showers a possibility whether that wintry weather up around the northwest will become
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a little more widespread as we go on and stay further south into the caribbean as a spots ring of shot was across the caribbean still some very wet weather calls over towards essential america and that system has been bringing that wet weather up towards united states that will continue to drive this why across the gulf of mexico grassy pushing across a good part of florida. a march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing's busta selling aircraft immobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it failed our passengers it failed the globe fault lines investigates system failure the boeing crashes on al-jazeera and then i would put out more in my chain is very
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much our culture has been very harmful to the economy and the lives of many people challenging traditional attitudes how narrowing the gender gap is helping women in the camargue was a few poverty for example we're trying to break these barriers of machismo by giving women access to resources meet the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news our life or my headquarters in doha but may elizabeth prada coming up in the next 60 minutes allied again in the fight of
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a syria's border territory the u.s. and turkey announce a pause in the offensive against kurdish fighters. who gun battles and involves lots and mexico as security forces capture the son of a notorious drug lord. anger at lebanon's an economy boils over with thousands protesting. and abraxas agreement reached with the european union but boss johnson still faces a battle to get it through the u.k. parliament. turkey and the u.s. have reached a deal to hold turkey's offensive and ne in syria was a great offer u.s. vice president mike pence traveled to turkey's capital for talks with president trichet 5 at the one kurdish fighters have been given 5 days to withdraw from the
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region where turkey wants to create a so-called safe zone said in a begins our coverage from. which president. they came with an ultimatum and left with a deal a cease fire in arms for northern syria by the u.s. and turkey after hours of talks among the deal how pink patch up relations between the nato allies that have been tested by turkey is a military operation against a wife peachey turkey deems us to incur despite to roup a terrorist organization the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause operation peace bring you know order to allow for the withdrawal of why p.g. forces from the safe zone. for 120 hours all military operations under operation peace for
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a movie pause in operation the spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal. the agreement promises collection of why p.g. have appends and the disabling of their fortifications and all other fighting positions they will have to withdraw from in a reactor that is 32 kilometers deep expected to eventually become a safe zone that turkey has sowed for months the us is still committed to cooperate with the syrian democratic forces made up mainly of kurdish why peachey even though they're no longer aiding them militarily and the cease fire means it will not impose sanctions on turkey which i'm very happy to report tremendous success with respect to turkey and i want to thank president there was and i want to thank our vice president my parents. secretary of state bike bob baer great job all of the
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people that we sent over the last 3 days we said earlier group this is an amazing outcome this is an outcome regardless of how the press would like to damp it that this was something that they've been trying to get for 10 years you will lost millions and millions of lives they couldn't get it without a little rough love as i call them in. turkey also believes it got what it wanted a safe zone that will be primarily enforced by the turkish army and increased cooperation by the 2 sides in ensuring the deal sticks at this case. we will not stop the operation yet but we will put it on hold because a cease fire can only be agreed between 2 sovereign states. terrorists are the target of our operations so we'll bring it on hold to allow these terrorist organizations to withdraw from the area once they leave the area and completely withdraw then we will start our operation in. socialist south turkey have given no
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commitments on what will happen to bonnie but pence that there has been no turkish military action against the town which has been under control of the y.p. chief for some years syrian democratic forces led by the kurdish fighter group why peachey said they would abide by the cease fire if but would not withdrawn the spite to agreement within turkey and the us it is still unclear exactly how things will unfold on the ground as the us pulls out from syria russia continues to fill the vacuum and the syrian government finds the brokered deal fake and what the y b g engaging with the syrian government and russia there may be many new questions ahead see them to solo al-jazeera. and they know how the has more now from xanga or funny a turkish border with syria. turkey is calling this a win in the words of the foreign minister we got what we wanted and turkey got what it wanted because it conditioned a cease fire to a withdrawal of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces and of course the united
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states guaranteeing that turkey can create a safe zone this is what could turkey wanted to do create this zone in order for millions of refugees to return but it's not just that what happened is that these 2 countries nato allies have now restored their alliance a 7 decade old alliance before the arrival of the high level u.s. delegation to ankara relations were at an all time low now we heard the u.s. vice president call turkey an ally describe the relationship strong what this means for turkey is it is has been empowered it gives it a stronger bargaining position when the turkish president meets his russian counterpart in sochi next week russia of course a main power broker in syria russia criticizing turkey's military operation in syria in fact it has deployed its military police along front lines in the north east of the country filling the vacuum following the withdrawal of the u.s.
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military and basically telling turkey you cannot advance any further what russia wanted from turkey is pull out a military pull out from northern syria altogether and put in wanted or do go on to reach some sort of a security arrangement with the syrian government security arrangements that will allow the syrian government to return to the border so now erdogan meets gotten stronger every time the relationship between turkey and the united states goes sour russia uses this as an advantage but this cease fire deal if it holds will stop the violence in the short term but it is not a solution in the long term because damascus is making it clear that it now considers a safe zone that turkey will create an occupied territory and. the syrian democratic forces the kurdish led as the f. there saying yes we will comply with the cease fire we will withdraw but only from the area between the syrian border towns of tel aviv and rusling which means that
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the s.d.f. will can continue to be an enemy of turkey and the front lines around that safe zone could not be really safe. that's going to committee halkett she's joining us live from dallas texas where president trump has holding a rally and he has been patting himself on the back since the day was announced complete and he's well he's preaching to the converted at this rally isn't he. there's no question that the hundreds maybe even thousands of people who are packed in this around this dallas arena are supportive of the president's syria strategy in fact they say that it's time for the worst to end for u.s. soldiers they backed the president's efforts to pull back troops and donald trump himself has no minimum wanting himself saying that today was a very tremendous victory here who wanted the turkish president airlines saying that he was a gentleman but don't revolve like knowledge that coming to this agreement the
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cease fire agreement even had knowledge just was unconventional. today i sent vice president pants and secretary of state prompt a 0 to lead an american delegation to meet with president her to go out of turkey but got there today and it did work. without spilling a drop of american blood not one drop of american. no not everybody here in texas is happy with the cease fire agreement fact there is a small kurdish diaz right in the united states roughly 100000 in total a very small percentage of those who are here outside the arena protesting saying that this is kurdish genocide this is letting down the kurds once again you have to remember that the kurdish fighters helped the united states to defeat i still for more than 5 years lost 11000 fighters and this is the sentiment that is being felt
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i capitol hill as well there is some criticism by democrats in the u.s. congress in particular not happy that as of now those turkish statins lifted their promise in their job bipartisan legislation next week to put in place to sanctions on turkey there even some members of the presidents of the public a party in the u.s. senate were also unhappy particularly from mitt romney as a senator once a presidential candidate he is also concerned that this is a betrayal of the relationship to the united states and the herd saying what we have done to the kurds will stand as a blood stain i don't care. committee thank you very much for that for now that's committee health at live and dallas texas we are going to stay with the story we're joined now by joshua landis director of the center for middle east and he's at the university of oklahoma he's joining us from norman very good to have you with us on allergies they are so many questions around the steel firstly if the ceasefire
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what's being called a cease fire by some not by everyone if it does hold until he does end its military operation well who police this buffer zone. that's the big question you know nancy pelosi and schumer that top democrats in the u.s. in the congress have said. that this isn't a sham agreement they said the president has given up nothing president trump has given every him everything and it's unclear today who is going to take this 32 kilometer safe zone who's going to occupy it clearly russia and iran are pushing back they're insisting that the borders have to be sovereign that the assad regime is going to return to this area and we're going to see how this works out at the bottom of the agreement issued by the white house just recently it does have an
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article saying that syrian sovereignty syrian must remain interglacial and sovereign so that is going to be left to the future future you know who is going to rule over this territory and for how long and we've already seen at least some syrian army soldiers come back to this area for the 1st time i think in at least 5 years at the end the taishan of the kurds you know the u.s. withdrawal the turkish incursion forces and the kurds to ally themselves with the syrian army do the americans do you think have any leverage left would they old allies the kids especially now that the kurds again with the syrian army well they do have leverage i mean the united states has just shown has considerable leverage with turkey because of the possibility of economic dissatisfied in the u.s. of course has this leverage with turkey but i mean does it have any leverage left with the could something why would the kurds trust that now.


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