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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 293  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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that balloon high yield well get a little mind all of you with a uninsurable muhsin sort of shape over young pups of hunnam on the been and i'm just annoyed by the touch of a. lawsuit mccann said that one but a good demi on it was that it was in the 7 and the 9 and at that minute the sweep 'd someone told them of the say i am a sheldon on a video of the message hi in this t.v. some of us about other film came in the name kamala just in most of the wood on the national park where live when nurses xabi on general to him feel moved to hunt tarlac be in what are you about of the nuts in the can of cool oven of sin like a neon badness a lot of the thoughts we're the guardrail at the lab see would visit but blood no. one will see a good did not come out of the last defendant who were bowed. in the contest not
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for customers to call for michael and. for coralie missy it couldn't have been the 307 have been. can login to said that you can login you know that a canadian was a bottle or law half as what nestle on it but is that. the . world. that the. the and the the the. the the the the.
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the. one of the who are muslim a part of their they are number one has what my bob mossad limit my while. the couple has been tackled for but. you know i have a helmet with will an element and that kind of thing but a little here is a kind of a bell with a bottle of water and a delta for all of the was not enough of them pomegranates for a fella for me when i fell for him or for me our mother a 1000 of a body of gollum in her they got a flannel of a fly in a never thought helmet off the rug a feather thought of nothing about the mahabharata her. the law the anemometer then the less than is aluminum a penpal apple or follow a hollow for the was a by the was a bath of the a 3 in your. farnell has a vision of a vital measure that i. and
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bernard and monarchists. thank you haven't a lot of the ole in the nose and it has been a while but doesn't it john of and over and and you only the soft most in the room 100. of those high. heights and the still thought. there's a lot of men you know loads of good and insecure and then the 2nd enough is enough as another killer when they took on to someone high a lot of the lead led nowhere late knology them in the audience.
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and. their goal. and logical problem. if money. on more slot each one of a 2nd and already obama gunnison. as. good late night when late no gee if. you know what's also going to stop loss of book and account for the hello good feel awful stephen because for more on that i'm all gotten them aside and can. fashion i mean i'm up a lot here. soon it has occurred
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a stop loss and most honorable of all were russian zuma shaken with heavy hydrogen bomb but the what that the will of a kid. i learned at the love of you some sources in ottawa south my. then to be fair to you in the knesset well call it luck nobody said it them. or with them for some of us you know on a little sleep in most of us you know with all of us you know emotive prophetess it all would fall of a philosophy and lost in the sheer mode would be to do it. would be left alone as well you don't have a bit of agenda mostly. and it's.
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some of the most subtle. some. some bad know my. own self. harm no i was a bottom or on my. own myself when i welcome. i was sober want to meet her it. was really just. when i was there ever. going to get out of one of our most. of us you know we're not a very hard you're surprised. we're doing one out the right it's another german thought if you know where for us when women must. or was a bit ahead of women well if i see and when i look at and i said.
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you better shit out there is you know. started. going nowhere in a car lot about you know what you started with out of order out of bush i'm going to. walk in the sun. quite there are more you are. right up when a bird of our bows are very sorry for the us you are. among the evidence that could dispense with your efficient kit to get to just with was all of the men going to learn the. 5th garden or the other. kind of his. life and i would just. say to them would you have said he would feel very passionately that all i just don't have the kind of machine that has a history of said couple of wasn't even lanham it did come out of her article with
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. a moment of islam i got a fear set up when a slave asked us to come david under what i thought you had will see you know not a part of the call of the 1000000 feet of the turtle as you know when it come on the home and will while they were thought best a lawsuit about the novice one of the many not going to move out of a job on each other going into let's have a scene of an affair not. shown in the plays of the different kinds and the risk of a sudden pallor rather lamely gunky of a model doesn't often come up after the 1st group of on a power surge of birth it must in the shadow of the straining going to be. the loveliest any english of interest in.
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and it hadn't occurred. if he. said to do it of any kind if you had a macand how early. do the feet have a mic and. if he and if you feel. pressure to fuck mile journey but mostly my journey been in the. bush on and over the beauty of the acidic mood almost of a fossil amount of the above the core hollywood stars who are awash. in the beauty . of course if you have them again and at the couple places so raw you had them
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again the vet and had a lot to be most rude of the most rude who are the beauty nurse said because most of the. fellas. she'd have seen macand you know i've seen my carry on if you know but the career early in the better. where there are more truth agenda before the screen if you notice it macand more as in the cinema can. you learn about muslims. or the knowledgeable you know been or will be in an office in there you can see a mission shot from an russian national on par on the last of the we do as in america do the below us. because it was of objective all of us that the missoni not apollo seated at least. one of them isn't believe the job don't know why. it's the militias more. populist.
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you. do wish the not going to sell your daughter on a given us in a sort of ian understanding i guess i'm nonviolent i'm gonna sit and i had to go no one knows another word to a lot of involve clear although look obviously in manacor neither were as you to wendell to be the wind whatever it were adequate knowledge that i'm aware had according to google know when the old one but nowhere where the c.s. at the iowa moment was died well out of an incredible shot and a global flood nothing to grab. a little short of the shop lawyer one of these are you most beautiful gun or not
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don't need a limb of iraq and insanity you know i'm of the will of the law you were are you well you are my legally or the hardman going to not go the. other browser i don't much more look at your list each other because. it was a sure thing out of his in a while guy out of the 31 no one looked at it like you. love no one how do you know how to i like john busted i was was shot by a lot of you and i've now went out in a screw forgettable. hello
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there total still nest it was a fairly short lived event which is good news it means the rain the wind is continuing to kick away off the east coast of the united states now as you go through monday readers pick up a pace that all this way to use they had just sitting well off the far northeast that is still tied to that system but elsewhere we've got more rain all the way is coming from a system which is really sitting on the upper midwest and you got this line of dog
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green that's where the rain will be heavy at times even some severe thunderstorms possible we've got cooler air behind and moist warm air ahead and it's that clash of air masses that produced the severe thunderstorms it will continue to work its way east was as we go through tuesday and you can see plenty of rain through eastern canada and the winds coming down from the knoll so as they wrap around the backside of this system we will be seeing some snow most i was well across into the northern rockies the sunshine that is it and i look about 33 degrees celsius and sunny skies that conditions across the caribbean and even central america a little bit better as you start this new week we've got some heaviest wally from nicaragua on tools panama but as you can see elsewhere some clearer skies in the picture quite cloudy generally throughout the caribbean. but again as we go through tuesday faily calm if you have ana and showers in mexico city.
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rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the backs down to scenes documentary if i would compare it to iranian we haven't done we just bought the whole thing to . go to rewind continues with motown to greytown being out here in the soil learning about health by eating good it's train my wife i can't imagine doing something else on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste
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can now be used to manufacture building materials. a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother's judy to reunite with the son she lost more than 60 years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. but from doha everyone on come on sons of maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera now a few reforms but just not enough the protests grow across lebanon as the
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government tries to find a political solution to an economic crisis. also in the news battling to contain people's anger more deaths and curfews in place as protests sparked by planned rises in train fares spread beyond china's capital don't count him out bolivia is the longest serving president leads the vote but still looks headed for a run off with his closest rival. and a natural beauty in iran what spoil. in the chances of this 150000000 year old case becoming a world heritage site. so protests are spreading across lebanon as politicians try to come up with a way to quell the anger thousands of people stayed out all night chanting and waving the lebanese flags this protest movement which is unify people across the sectarian and religious divide and there are reports the country's main parties
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have agreed to measures proposed by prime minister saad hariri to ease the economic crisis but for many people the reforms just don't go far enough the supporters from stephanie deca in beirut. day 4 and more came out the streets so packed in places it was hard to move estimates but the numbers of over a 1000000 people across the entire country this fractured society defined by it sectarian allegiances but now people united under the lebanese flag all pointing the finger at their politicians. the leaders are liars they promised us reforms and change but they did nothing the only benefited themselves and didn't do anything for the people president michel aoun promised reform but he didn't do anything all liars it's been 30 years of this. these protests are the result of years of political infighting and political stalemate people accuse their leaders of being
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too preoccupied with their own games resulting in an economy on its deathbed lebanon's debt is the 3rd highest in the world attempts to tax the people increasingly poor and hit a nerve ingrained corruption they tell us has made life impossible. at the feet when. we can't we have to bring them out and over there why was there were a lot of their day to live a good way because. they like. the government must do something for the people the people are chanting the people want the full of the regime they've been calling for revolution they've been singing songs all night long they may be a real party atmosphere here but there are real serious issues at stake there are reports that the government has reached a deal including reforming the electricity sector injecting cash to curb public debt and cutting politicians' salaries it will go to
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a vote on monday. never forms we want to change their faces we are sick of their faces we want educated people to change the country and we don't want them to be affiliated to any party lebannon has never seen anything like this the 72 hour deadline imposed by the prime minister's side had 80 expires on monday most people have told us that the reforms are not enough they will stay on the streets until the government resigns but the question is the government refuses to go will they let hundreds of thousands of people continue to call for its full stephanie decker al-jazeera beirut. so we mentioned this reform plan from prime minister saad hariri this is some of the details it is reported to include a 50 percent cuts in the salaries of current and former presidents ministers and m.p.'s also a 3 point $3000000000.00 in contributions from banks to achieve a near 0 deficit in the 2020 budget it would also involve
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a revamp of the telecoms and the electricity sector which is crucial it's a demand from potential foreign donors and investors to unlock $11000000000.00 in funds let's talk about the style joining us from washington the director of research and analysis of the arab center nice to see you so when i read out all of those potential reforms to those sound like enough to you. no there should be doesn't this is only a band-aid the original problem is structural problems and they can be a structural problems and the political system hadn't been that make a rush of corruption everywhere. no matter what the banks now. and that won't make it dent and they mike $90000000000.00 and the big bet. going on is that another one bit is kind of the percent of its g.d.p. and go and you know things cannot go on like this these visa because medicare
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changes cosmetic reforms and the needed reforms 'd should be more ready get out more structural bend be prime minister was right now it's a quite a broad term to say that there are structural problems in the economy and structural problems in politics they can you tell us what that actually means. well and they can i mean i mean the services sector and the banking sector are the biggest sectors and actually over the net decade or so they are the only sector there's no industry no agriculture no water no productive services no productive sectors and they've got i mean that's that's really bad and the but in their system the old arrangement might be importing 3 may not necessarily work any more of your level of unease are very educated they are all full of downs they know what their what to do and everything that needs to be done and then the government whether it
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is hiring whether it is the scene whether they're whatever it is is done on a proportional. compression of bases that maybe doesn't address the. situation that are a lot of people who can contribute to the development of a country and the political class refuses to give and their presents to give. privileges so far well so when you talk about refusing to give in i'm thinking about all those people we think protesting who actually want the government to give an entirely and to resign. do you think that could possibly happen i mean governments generally aren't in the us and i think they're doing that. it's a big government i don't think the government is in the or even 130 line that specifically the people who are on power hezbollah hungry every moment the president bashar around it would not want to give up as well as it beautifully
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controlled through all of these people and does not want the government to go away but the problem is the government is ineffective. as far as i'm concerned i mean whatever comes after it. i think your land. and plays by the people who are not necessarily interested in political allegiances but only then the genesis of lifting this country from the dire situation it is and i think that is possible. is this. and i worry about using sort of again broad generic terms like this but is this looking more and more like lebanon sort of arab spring moment and actually a moment where it's learned from what happened in other countries where it didn't quite go as they expected and they could be some actual change here. you know and my estimation that this is definitely an arab spring. moment yes lou
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the. lebanese are not like they do chins or like the. but yet in the same band 11 these are the men being structural changes the changes in the political system really going to an economic system you know 11 under is not a military dictatorship of yours because their democratic country democratic system but then there are critics to support there are legal that are that exist for the prisoners so yes i think there is an arab spring in the offing in lebanon. and now that the proceeds i think lebanon like tunisia will be a shining example of the arab spring that's needed all over the war very interesting thanks for staying up to talk to us to appreciate it thanks very much. and protests and civil unrest are spreading elsewhere around the world we're looking at chile 1st of all where there's already a state of emergency in the capital and the government now says it's being extended
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to cities in the north and south the military is struggling for control and 7 people have been killed as buildings and train stations and set on fire to read more from santiago. it all started as a fight against a rise in the subway fare. but it has escalated into this. a major crisis that has the south american country in chaos look my vocal over social injustice is everywhere the minority concentrates all the wealth this is about how they rob us and supermarkets in health care how they profit without pensions protests like this one happened in many areas around the capital. the government declared a state of emergency on friday and pulled the military on the streets for the 1st time since the end of have been a charity in 1900 but that did not deter people. so this is how the clashes have been ongoing mostly young people coming here to protest against the government
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and cashing with the police that is responding mostly with that tiara gas and rubber bullets people are using lemme think to protect themselves most of those we have spoken to say but angry because they are fighting against this town that is perpetrating inequality. he says has been protesting peacefully and was shot by the police with a rubber bullet. in the air and this is how they responded we were a main on the streets and we won't respect a curfew we are in a democracy they can prevent us from being on the streets. on the other side of town families banging pots and pans supported the protests thank you never leave. we are tired of prices going up politicians make. in money we don't want to live in a bubble we have to protest peacefully so they listen to us people can't make it until the end of the month and that needs to change looting has been ongoing in
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several cities some supermarkets and shops were set on fire on sunday there was transport deadlock in santiago and queues have international airport the government was forced to impose a new 11 hour curfew president. has been meeting with his cabinet to try to address the discontent but always source says it's chile's economic model that needs to be revised. by the. ruling class. changing the model and the problem is the model and the model. based on the constitution is the model and it's. completely unfair. to the private sector thanks. has gone from being one of the poorest countries in latin america to one with the highest per capita income the problem is that the economic boom has not benefited everyone thank you and that's.


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