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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 296  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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so to say was sent. off a. jog i mean you need 100 foot. yacht any kind of to my new martin. who are can. be out of 50 feet of me as he. can it be diatom and i mean so we put together a system and to get there and yeah we were successful in gaining data from that 1st eclipse and we have gone to something like 14 it plops is there after i've continued to help her over this period of time she decides what she wants to study what what her science is and together we you know a collaborative effort put together and the instruments that we take to the eclipse . syrian physicists should you have to become
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a respected asked on them or with the global reputation. had kerry had to think this is just how wise institute for us trying to meet. there she continued her research into the sciences i was son will the air. when that sticks out. i listen see it's not because. in the past i know if she say at me to stick it. to his son see in my soul and feel. i had to read to feel suzanne no feet chromeo it i think he could what had been her. i would say that in my any place why and when i don't why am i.
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filters more i mean than the stock lists. i had d.d.d. to. mother had to delete and. so unless and then show for blow your leisure human eye on the stock list when no one's life or farm be to how was. she. to enough garbage d. day and so forth and they add hey in my and they. have been what i get as you say behaved anonymous and not salalah my limited.
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place of course like yours area and will be here and kenya and sammy are in south africa your firewood mark will individual in terms of both the science that she has done and the ability to obtain grants that fund the projects. to take us to these various locations. and that and no can then the reacting to said. somalia always a new beer sheva us. in the sort i hear sort on the list some serious. money that the laws are barely. and. no more and no they have some see it go on.
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top in the. become men consult has shown this and no. loss of koach it is very significant that she as a female is actually the faculty chair which is the leader of our faculty and this is very rare we are still suffering in general i mean all across the stem education in the us and also in other areas we are suffering from small number saw female scientists and so she's a role model in that sense and the fact that she is coming from the middle east is even more important so she's a role model for minority populations both in terms of female and also in terms of the fact that she's coming from. and working with sharia has been very very wonderful very fulfilling our she's
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a person that really encourages you to you know to to trust yourself to work hard and. you know do you do the work that you love as a person that she's just very she's absolutely welcoming she's very she has a beautiful soul and she's you know she has a great sense of humor and so we've been able to to really have a relationship beyond the academics and. doctors should you have remains committed to sharing her expenses as an astronomer she has reached out to her native syria though with limited success. no one gets into the south china. for a. c.v. to buy only type in tears i am pretty computer science so by then unopposed.
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on it so suck on it who suffered thompson out to say. epilepsy initial might be what was it that saleem ally lou come on out of tally on and no use to. said symon to the final mile but it the buy because. back to a status thing is to align the was plotted. all that because. the bond q. for the y. but the mother's own stuff unless she's a i mean nothing much anymore and must be always laughing. but i kind of been this babyhood with emily computers and. by then the sense that i fantasize about darwinian. will kind of domestically off limits and off a lot of b.s. combine also it's mojado to almost a model that uses the mom to look and i missed that this key plot 3 to be any element for lack of a sassy has done a lot of books. and bella. will soon will start sullivan in
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austin might be a local some and the all the illusion a couple. peña. banished to mom mom has said. about the mom and says they do and that's the mosque and it's a long lutie felt dizzy but does she have to the i.m.f. in its circle 50 percent emma said the sad going before the sin back you can get the best is sad going to. be monogamous in a system that has bogs and they feel fearful about best and. a dim of the duma and it's because if you cynical. modest. to. carry a. doctor has reached the very
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top fashion she attributes success to having a healthy work life balance which she achieves thanks to the support of. so what. can it. can it. can. help. me. in the what cannot be bed. in the bay and then. on the.
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side. a lot of. folks at the time what. to me. that what can be cambridge massachusetts was can thomas to the be hard but. no. luck to you will feel nothing. at all we have been and. has said. to steve when i'm really. into. yes. but. it would lead. to
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bad if i'm not sure foreign government. and that i did. feel. that i am. just a man. that . they tell me. that i like deity any. bit. that often.
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that i. am. and. 4 years ago i. was. friendly. and we've become great friends and. we have a lot of shared interests particularly in music. than i used to quite often i hear her. playing her chair over the sounds come across the road and we go to concerts together we enjoy musical events. and the learning. cuisine from her family to from it's been very.
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a good learning experience for me. and i was sort of in the. circle to be messy. feel. to be. who. has saved and all. that we wish you mass and a medal in. the n.f.c. but then. behave. while astronomers. and campaigner dr is on the stump for you so. very different pasts they remain close to their middle eastern heritage their journeys have at
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times been unpredictable yet and they're quite different ways are also very rewarding. why injections of the well to beaches in the sports of squash. from some of the top players who say. that's fun to watch us play because we focus on skilful and hard challenging shock. al-jazeera world examines why egyptians dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera.
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we've got some wet some windy weather moving away from the far northeast of the us system making its way through here we've seen some very heavy rain on that the eastern parts of canada dragging in some much colder air out of that west and saddam's hairier digging down across the northern plains of the u.s. through the midwest a lot of severe storms on the system as it starts to push is why it's very real nice to say but we still have you know cities and some day some warmth that we're getting up to around 20 celsius in washington d.c. and 18 there for new york as we go on into friday i said with temperatures here west of weather still lingering around a similar place just around texas with reckless pushing up towards console not
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a little further north woods down towards the southeast we've got the system which will push its way and from the gulf of mexico so we could see some flooding as a result of that right across the deep south further west it stays hot and dry 30 celsius in l.a. no relief from the. we have got some wet weather so when she weather into that western side of kind of there with cloud right pollen and from the pacific pacific side all of central america also seeing some wet weather stormy weather there continue for eastern parts of mexico with russia show us the caribbean. latest news as it breaks up on into this market started peacefully but the major confrontation is taking place on iran the police headquarters with details coverage that they get will be heading down to 110 meters which is so deep that only have 15 minutes on the seabed from around the wild the remains of jamal may never be found
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that is here for they still exist yes his legacy lives on. china is going on i want to reunify with the mine. by the consequences when i want to investigate taiwan's determination to remain dependent on al-jazeera . this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole romany watching the al-jazeera news our lives one headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next 60 minutes let someone else fight over this long blood stage sand donald trump alles what he calls
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a strategic victory as turkey and russia take over syrian territory previously held by the us also allegations of a coup and vote rigging as protests rage after a disputed election in bolivia and it's been described as an unbelievable human tragedy $39.00 people are found dead inside a container truck near london plus. sending money should be as easy and secure sending a message on facebook boss mark zuckerberg defends his company's troubled efforts to create a digital currency. back into the program u.s. president donald trump has ended sanctions against turkey saying its offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria is over. turkish and russian troops take over territory previously patrolled by the u.s. troops that it's time that someone else fight over the blood stained sand white
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house correspondent kimberly how. he promised a withdrawal but on wednesday u.s. president donald trump announced that some american troops will remain in syria trump says a u.s. brokered cease fire between turkey and kurdish fighters known as the s.d.f. was a success as a result u.s. sanctions imposed on turkey earlier this month are no more so the sanctions will be lifted. orla something happens that we're not happy with trump left open the possibility there could still be new sanctions and tariffs on steel exports from turkey to the united states the invitation for president wretch of thai of error to one to visit the white house next month is also still on for now trump says it may happen in the meantime he says america's work in syria is mostly done we have done them a great service and we've done
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a great job for all of them and now we're getting out let someone else fight over this long blood stayed and sand truck fired back at critics abroad pushing them to pick up where america has left off he wants washington's allies to help detain eisel fighters and repatriate them to their home countries. but trump syria policy faces domestic criticism in the u.s. congress even from within his own republican party senator mitch mcconnell is promising bipartisan legislation to push trump to cancel air to ones white house visit and halt the u.s. troop drawdown. the senate needs to speak up we cannot effectively support our partners on the ground without a military presence the democratic senate leader fears u.s. actions will have grave consequences for kurdish fighters fought alongside u.s.
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forces to defeat eisel he's particularly concerned with reports the united states withdrawal has now allowed some myself fighters to escape the president's incompetence without a one in syria has handed isis a get out of jail free card and put simply put american lives in danger well it was about foreign policy president trumps white house address was geared to a domestic audience already campaigning for reelection president trump is keen to show he's keeping a campaign promise withdrawing u.s. soldiers from a generation of war kimberly hellcat al jazeera the white house. the chief of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces his thing to russia for its work to end hostilities in northern syria in a video conference with russia's defense minister says that he does discuss the progress of the deal announced by russia and turkey on tuesday. as binge of it has
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more from the turkey syria border. this area that president trump calls long blood stained sand is about the 800 kilometer long border between syria and turkey more than half a 1000000 people have been killed in the last 8 years and the situation on the ground remains precarious on we've been hearing about 2 incidents which involved bombings and explosions in the kurdish help. and the russians are warns that warned the kurds to make use of these 150 hours to vacate these areas 30 kilometers deep inside syrian territory or face the turkish advance as the turks have agreed with the russians that they will be coming in 10 kilometers deep into syrian territory all this is happening while the syrian government is also taking an active role for the 1st time in 8 years along this border area syrian government with the russians is going to be moving in to try and vacate areas from commission lee and make sure that these areas according to its agreement with the turks are clear off kurdish
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fighters it is interesting to see the syrian democratic forces coming out for the 1st response after this deal gentleman has spoken to the u.s. president on trumbo and he said that trumper the short term that their partnership in syria is not completely over they will continue to work together although previously we have seen from the syrian democratic forces statements after statements where they feel betrayed by the united states this alludes to the areas in near the iraqi border in daters or province where oil facilities are located and the u.s. forces according to the u.s. president are going to be there working with local partners to make sure that those oil facilities don't fall in the hands of others so it is a situation the worst monitoring but at least for the next 6 days that's an 150 hours as agreed by the russians and the turks the guns will be falling silent. cermak role is a fellow in the arab center in washington d.c. joins me now from arlington in virginia talking with us here on al-jazeera i mean
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the real concern being voiced by many of president trumps detractors and some within his own party is the space that's being given to russia to influence the region space that the u.s. once occupied. yes it could easily russia's becoming the main power broker elop has expanded its influence to the northeast potentially also maybe if there was no more agreement with the written on this. russia has been playing the store in southern syria has been playing they managed to keep the iranians out of the door to use syria so i think everybody is basically. not surrendering but fine with the russian influence you see these relieved see the americans and you see that turkish at some point. they preferred to have russia instead of iran and obviously you have the president who completely surrendered u.s.
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policy in syria. but the 1st time you have a u.s. foreign policy so much linked to the most equality exe it's the 1st time you see the u.s. foreign policy in basically in in. the virtual laps in i mean we have the relation now after the speech thing with the kurds and then washington this week so he just said i'm going to throw the towel will not have any interest in syria and i'm going to use an interesting position so it's an interesting position that he's actually put himself in because from the outside if you look in he now has to see that the fact that both ankara and moscow getting closer to each other and one wonders whether ankara now has to get closer to damascus because it has been so critical of the assad regime over the past several years since the uprising began and then we saw the civil war. true i mean in the in the meeting in
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sochi between a lot of puttin recently. put in try to get this idea that do then you have to talk to the syrian regime. was noncommittal for him it's going to be difficult because he has syrian refugees and the opposition for him talking directly to the regime is going to bit maybe not fly well but again the u.s. withdrawal and trump withdrawal also might be a trap i mean the russian and the. political exist in norse syria it was very difficult for them in it live now they have to basically call exist they don't have all the details right so that they might pick off a little they might be something smaller between the 2 as the f. and the syrian regime going to work together now because they have most have not and no interest in that it was turkey well russia will try to cough in some not to control the turkish and the syrian opposition so it's going to be very. fluid situation moving forward nothing going to be set in stone the u.s.
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might withdraw the russian and turks might might want from seoul so we are in a moment where i don't think we can predict what might happen next in syria of course a president trump is very clear certainly to his domestic audience that he's bringing his troops home yet what we really are seeing on the ground is a redeployment where they move over to saudi arabia or they move over to iraq and the iraqi prime minister saying that he doesn't want to merican soldiers on his soil despite president trump saying well only 24 hours ago that he thinks his forces should protect the oil. i mean trump of use or position has been like sporadic like the stock exchange going up and down he said they want to withdraw in december they change his mind now he's in with his drawl then they convinced him on the map the year of the old field and seriously now he changed his mind or keep 200 he going to send 1000 maybe 800 to iraqis and as you said the iraqi said no once
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you show weakness on the ground of all ability or no commitment people not going to take you seriously that's what the iraqis are saying what the kurds are saying and what the russian and the turks are saying so he already show that he doesn't want to commit so they are ready to pressure him like of the under pressure of him on the operation recently and that he was due immediately so yes there is no plan i asked people of the pentacle nobody knows what's next in that deployment there if they're going to stay for longer 4 weeks 4 months for this look leave us policy in the endgame in syria so it's the moment of lapse of u.s. foreign policy not only in syria but what they actually in an across the middle east indeed want to watch for the moment german karl thanks very much for joining us from the u.s. . bolivia's opposition leader says that he has evidence of electoral fraud in sunday's presidential vote colace messa is calling for mass protests to continue unless a runoff is held present even the rawest needs to secure a 10 point lead to avoid that 2nd vote but counts have been frozen and bolivians
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are still waiting for the final result morales has denounced the demonstrations against him as a coup and says he's confident he'll soon be declared the winner john holeman was at one of those protests in the past this is the 3rd night of protests in the streets of our elections this sunday the country. you can see the people around us pretty defiant and they're also pretty angry what happened in those elections is there was a rock the count of the results it was meant to give a quick and certain indication of what had happened and who it was on that cross that count seemed to indicate that this was going through a 2nd round the train long term president president ever marley's and his nearest challenger carlos messer but the 1st count that rocked it vote count was poor some link and course the 24 hours when it came back online.


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