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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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the rest was geared to a domestic audience already campaigning for reelection president trump is keen to show he's keeping a campaign promise withdrawing u.s. soldiers from a generation of war kimberly hellcat al jazeera the white house the 39 people found dead in the back of a container truck in england are believed to be chinese nationals the bodies were found in a wednesday at an industrial estate in gray's that's just east of london a northern irishman arrested on suspicion of murder remains in police custody well al jazeera is lawrence and he joins us now live now with the latest from london lauren so the police have been revealing more details about the nationalities of the victims what more they've been telling us lawrence. yeah that's right dave that is the developments of the day they say they were all chinese $38.00 adult men and one young adult woman and that's that the fact they were chinese has also massively led to everybody speculating that they may well have been weak is from western
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china obviously deeply persecuted by the chinese states there's a community of legal refugees in turkey and several ways for refugees as we know to cross by land into the european union from turkey other through bulgaria which is fiercely protected by the bulgarian border guards or by lands in sioux northern greece and somehow however they these chinese people got there they found their way to belgium where the container itself was met by a lorry which had travels across the u.k. from the republic of ireland. northern ireland and that's where they froze to death the other observation the national crime agency in this country is making is that it is now a favored option by criminal gangs to puts. asylum seekers and refugees inside refrigerated lorries it seems to me for the simple and horrific reason that it's much more difficult the heat seeking equipment that border guards use to try to find out if there's a person inside
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a container it's much political they see what the quitman to work if they're in a fridge. lawrence i mean you know it's a horror story but i mean are the police any closer to understanding why this lorry took such an unorthodox and circus route with its human cargo. no no they're not and they're working with a belgium or forces the battle forces on that at the moment and obviously they're trying to find out that it's anyone at these these people were that the main focus and i think i think a lot of you really think this is worth saying is that they're treating it as a criminal investigation and all the politicians in this country saying it was the awful these criminal gangs exploiting people in this way which entirely diverts from the point that the only reason why criminal gangs and people traffickers are making so much money out of all of this is that the refugee resettlement program in the european union is absolutely destroyed so there's this thing called the dublin regulation under law which insists that a refugee has to try to seek asylum in the 1st european country they get into and if you want to come to the u.k. that automatically means you can have to get yourself smuggles otherwise everybody
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would have to get asylum in hungary or greece or will bulgaria or one of those countries and european countries routinely break the law by refusing people asylum claims and if that refugee if that refugee policy under law was abate inside the european union then criminal gangs wouldn't make any of these money and people wouldn't die in the way they're doing lawrence thank you for. when we come back the remains of the dictator ruth spain for 36 years or exude from the. lost. and i'm nicholas holland on the outskirts of nairobi in a flower exporting form find out next whether deal or no deal our exporters here in kenya say you know opportunity and direction. hello there. carol dry weather across japan but unfortunately we're heading into
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a day a rainy plaintive town streaming in very heavy amounts of rain at times expected on friday the lair of low pressure bringing this and then to the east. actually a typhoon which will have pretty strong winds sustained at about 140 kilometers an hour so there could be some impacts of further to the west across home but really the rain is coming from this area of low pressure now in both cases both systems move away as we head into saturday leaving in exactly dry day behind us on a much better day and sunny plenty of cloud 21 in tokyo and a mostly cloudy skies and quite cloudy. just 15 degrees celsius now the east in the south china the skies here 24 in shanghai not a bad day in hong kong on friday 28 but there is plenty of rain through the interior and that does tend to sink in a bit further southwards as we head off into saturday and still we've got more of the shadows along these northern and eastern coast of vietnam so it really has been
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wet there for the last week or 2 for the south across much of indonesia we've got widespread rain stream much of borneo and also across much of the peninsula and certainly today that rain pushing across into singapore with. a one time. glamorous picture house for the rich and famous of hollywood now shelters the port unforgotten of downtown south alabama. carving out a life in the ruins of the abandoned building residents reinvent the movies themselves escaping their reality and reliving the former glory of cinema. a look at this documentary on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you come out about top stories here on al-jazeera lebanese president michel aoun has addressed the nation in a televised speech after 8 days of protests he promised he would fight state corruption as demanded by hundreds of thousands of protesters. u.s. president donald trump has lifted sanctions on turkey saying ankara has assured him the cease fire in northeast syria will be permanent turkey's made a deal with russia to create a so-called safe zone. and the $39.00 people found dead in the back of a container truck in england are believed to be chinese nationals and the irish man arrested on suspicion of murder remains in police custody. now the remains of francisco franco the strong man who rules spain for 36 years have been exuma from the state more than liam will be roberto longside his wife in
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a cemetery north of the capital madrid franco led spain from the end of the civil war in $1039.00 until his death in 1975 percent of the jaeger joins us live now from bangor rabu sana so we understand the explanation has now been completed just talk us through what's been happening. well now that the remains of being placed on the helicopter which is then we go in to fly over to the location of the cemetery them and go to the cemetery where i'm currently standing outside it's short should be approximately about 15 minutes by helicopter there the family will also be convening there as well at the meeting point and that will be some kind of. procession of cars which will have the family members there followed by following the remains of franco
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then there will be a ceremony. at this cemetery here where there will be a mass said and then the remains buried that is the extent of which is going to what is actually going to be happening in real terms but it's really taken all a process of about a year as it were all just over a year ever since the spanish prime minister's said that he was determined to make this a priority during his time as prime minister to try and put an end to symbolic and as it were to that period and symbolize spain's full transition to democracy there is an interesting point you made sonia i mean so why is this significant i mean was it so important. well when you take a look at the effect that the dictatorship has had in the country and the great
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steps that were made in order to ensure that spain made a peaceful transition for democracy presiding over this was this enormous monument this more psyllium that was in a sense in essence a. reference to a dictator and now for those who supported him it was just a justifiable symbol but for a great many people that wasn't and it's more so the fact that that symbol also presided over one of europe's largest mass graves which contained victims from both sides of the spanish civil war with all of this there have been successive governments and the arguments growing louder and louder that for a modern democracy like spain for there to be such a technic symbol to a dictatorship one that really cost an enormous shadow over spain's modern history
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really the time for that was over in order for spain to be able to move forward but of course this is being. criticized by people to the right by certainly politicians to the right that this is being used to. old wounds sonia thank you. now bolivia's incumbent president evo morales is due to address the nation shortly the results from the presidential election show he currently has a 10 point lead over his main rival if he maintains that lead it would give him an outright victory in avoiding a 2nd round runoff but opposition leader carlos mencia says he has evidence of electoral fraud and wants protests to continue on as a runoff vote is held on home and has more now from the past. there as the bolivian election dispute continues both the opposition and government supporters took to the streets. the latter to show their support for leftist president ever more rallies and some francisco plaza for them is the only one who took the people into
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account. i had didn't affair with this person who's changed the destiny of the country the governments before just looted the natural resources and this person's distributed the wealth and stipends for older children now the pregnant women. they say moralities who was the front runner in campaign polls when the election fair and square you live e.t.l. again i say to the opposition whoever loses in the voting booth has to respect the democratic process democracy is not coming out with sticks and burning public buildings or not recognizing results democracy is respecting the people have decided. that there are significant doubts about the election the supposed rapid count on sunday show president more on this in challenger carlos messer heading into a 2nd round runoff with 83 percent of the votes counted. then that counts for 24 hours when it resumed president morales was suddenly on the brink of winning out
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right in the 1st round the vice president of the electoral tribunal said the delay discredited the electoral process and resigned. the organization of american states for ronald. carlos mencia says peaceful protests will be needed to force the people see your symbols movies and if we don't mobilize if we don't show our democratic power in the street this government will do what it wants with the election results . opposition supporters scarcely needed telling wednesday was the 3rd day they marched. is that iraq we are fighting to defend our fight because every morale is not respecting the will of the people he is not respecting the laws he is not respecting anything his time in government is over and it isn't just in the past but across the country there are many people here that feel that especially in recent years democratic standards have been slipping. especially the country's
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industrial center santa cruz st botolph's. president more on his has called it an attempt to kook sites in the burning of government buildings your position say instead it's a cry for transparency and change john home and. the pas. a court in bangladesh a sense and 16 people to death over the murder of a young woman in march news about john rafi's killing prevent outrage across the country in april the student was tied up doused in kerosene and set a fire after refusing to withdraw a sexual harassment complaint against the head teacher. the 1st black leader of south africa's largest opposition body has resigned most imani said there'd been internal conflicts in the democratic alliance as he made the announcement he added that he'd struggled to attract black voters to the historically white liberal party mani's the 2nd scene of black politician to quit in a week. over the past few months it's become more and more kids to me that there
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does exist. if you were going but you would look the eye to eye with me. i don't share the vision for the party in the direction it was taking. they've been several months of consistent and a coordinated attack on me and my leadership to ensure that this project. 5. flooding in egypt is set to get worse especially around alexandria at least 10 people including 4 children have died after 2 days of heavy rain the capital cairo has been badly affected with roads submerged in large numbers of people staying away from work the interior ministry says 3 of the deaths were due to electrocution while 2 people died of before them in the ruins of their homes. south korea's prime minister has met japan's leader in tokyo at a time of increased tensions not yawn and since the lobby agreed that strained relations needed to be mended it's the highest level meetings since tokyo
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introduced export controls on materials that are crucial to the south korean tech industry that was in response to seoul's demands for compensation from japan for wartime forced labor. or. both prime ministers have agreed that they are important neighboring countries in the region and we can't leave the difficult situation of bilateral relations as it is in terms of north korean issues we need to collaborate together prime minister lee urged for dialogue and a prime minister are they once again said we need to keep promises between the countries and hopes to continue the dialogue to resolve the issues. now the united kingdom imports $3000000000.00 worth of flowers every year currently half of those come from the netherlands but kenya is a close 2nd as britain continues preparations to leave the european union demand for freshly cut kenyan roses is booming reports from nairobi. the english rose is a delicate creature explains elizabeth could the general manager of flowers for the
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plant to bloom and grow with strength it requires not just attention but devotion these would need special attention because they're headed to the united kingdom and english rose. because they're right. and then. in the opening. britain's prime minister boris johnson is looking to expand the country's trade partners ahead of its looming exit from the european you get his predecessor attempted all sorts of moves to expand economic relations with former african colonies in early october the u.k. signed a partnership deal with southern african nations to keep trading freely after breaks it but that is the only deal signed so far with former colonies while that special relationship in kenya is worth 8000000000 dollars in trade no agreement has been made and johnson doesn't appear to have made a lasting impression here last year you recall the foreign secretary. boris.
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the bicycle guy and yet the u.k. he's dependent on many kenyan produce especially tea and flowers. it's during the winter months when it's cold and grey in the united kingdom that kenyan flowers are in high demand now no one really knows what the u.k. will look like then whether they'll be a deal or not but no matter what exporters here say the people in the united kingdom will be in need of their flowers. it takes 10 days for the flowers to get from kenya to the u.k. because under current e.u. regulations the plants have to transit through absa dam which is the e.u.'s flower hub if brits it comes into the bin at least see an open seat where you can get into direct street to every nations of the u.k. meaning that once you might be able to get like precious flowers because of the show tend to submission change and all sorts it means that they're going to have us
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late in the clouds we have a lot of us late which is also good for the consumer but the proper facilities and train customs officials necessary for such a trade are not yet in place to. hopes for a deal between the 2 countries before breakfast it is rapidly fading and yet key money remains confident that with enough care these english roses will eventually bloom in britain standing stoic unfazed by uncertainty nicholas hawke al-jazeera nairobi. time for a quick check of the headlines here the lebanese president michel aoun has addressed the nation in a televised speech after 8 days of protests he promised he would fight state corruption as demanded by hundreds of thousands of protesters in a hot bed of. the reaction we're getting it did not go far enough the president
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offering his solution to this crisis he is promising to fight corruption and he has opened the door to dialogue inviting representatives of the protest movement to go to the presidential palace to lay down their demands and he is promising to work with them the reaction so far has been why should we trust you we have been in power for years you have made promises like this before and in fact what we have been hearing from politicians over the past week in many ways you could use one of them blaming the other u.s. president donald trump has lifted sanctions on turkey saying ankara has assured him the cease fire no if he syria will be permanent he's made a deal with russia to create a central safe so the $39.00 people found dead in the back of a container truck in england are believed to be chinese nationals northern irishman there arrested on suspicion of murder remains in police custody the remains of francisco franco the strong man who in spain for 36 years have been exuma from the state moves on the m they'll be read buried alongside his wife in
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a cemetery north of the capital madrid early results from bolivia his presidential election show the incumbent emraan is has a 10 point lead over his main rival the protests between rival groups but intensified up the calmest message claimed evidence of electoral flow in sunday's vote. of course in bangladesh was sentenced 16 people to death over the murder of a young woman in march the news about john rafi's killing provoked outrage across the country in april a student was tied up doused in kerosene and set alight after refusing to withdraw a sexual harassment complaint against the head teacher and the 1st black leader of south africa's largest opposition party has resigned musina mani said there'd been internal conflicts in the democratic alliance as he made the announcement he added that he struggled to attract black voters to the historically white liberal party and the money is the 2nd senior black politician to quit in a week. so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the
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bottom line station that's watching that's enough. hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question the impeachment investigation of president may have begun but where does the dead let's get to the bottom line. in super divided america your views on one picture are very strong indication of where you stand on donald trump's impeachment look at this picture what do we see the speaker of the house nancy pelosi standing with mostly white men all around some of them are grimacing and she's pointing at the president if you see the leader of the democrats disrespecting the president united states you are probably
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anti impeachment but if you see an act of brave to finance a lone woman holding the president accountable then you're probably pro impeachment that's how divided the united states has become so is impeachment going to be a spark for an irreconcilable divorce between the people who live inside america or will it be a process that allows us to quote get over it to coin a trump team fortunately we have 3 people in the room that have all 'd the answers greg craig the former lead defense attorney for president bill clinton during his impeachment in 1988 and former white house counsel under president obama john fredericks chairman of the trump for president campaign for the state of virginia in 2016 and adviser to trump 2020 and a host of the john fredericks radio show which i have been a guest on and margaret carlson columnist for the daily beast and the 1st female columnist for time magazine thank you all very much for joining us today and we're going to try and get to you know as much of this impeachment story on the table as we can margaret let me just ask you for
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a moment to kind of tell me what the dashboard looks like as a person who has not really kind of gotten into the story an impeachment what are the priority concerns how is this shaping out from your perspective so may i just go back to your intro for a moment and point at you as nancy pelosi did and say that in any encounter between the speaker and the president the speaker always comes out ahead because she knows . how to deal with an unruly child. and on impeachment. the president has lately decided to call it a lynching. which is a fighting word if i've ever heard one but his his colleagues on the hill have not embraced that word because they're trying to find some way in which they protect their own office and don't jeopardize it but aren't totally in trump's camp because trump has done some things that actually do look impeachable and which at this very moment are being investigated by democrats on the border those impeachable things
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that the president has done better that are concerning republicans well certainly when it slashes over into something to do with foreign policy you even have golf buddies like senator lindsey graham coming out against donald trump on syria less so on ukraine but nonetheless troubled by it because they know that trump willingly put out the goods on ukraine by releasing the transcript which is part of the trump part of the trump mode now. greg remembers when it was it was not the crime it was the cover up that was always the problem now there's no cover up trump just admits everything and then discusses the lynching he doesn't dispute the facts and actually it upsets the ordinary course of business because
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actually reporters don't quite know what to do when they're not hunting down the watergate tapes or going to you know the underground garage to talk to deep throat you're left just with the impeachment and it's much easier to say that it's it's it's a renegade operation and you're going after the president i have is a witch then it is to actually go over the facts of the case because the facts are so damning greg i think people looking at the impeachment question i think part of it is a question of whether there have been illegal illegalities whether there have been high crimes and misdemeanors committed so there's a to margaret's point there has been you know a legal question but margaret also just mentioned lindsey graham in syria and you know the question of abandoning the kurds commander in chief has the right to designate where forces are and aren't and i would argue that that's not an impeachable offense that then throws into the question of political issues lindsey
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graham may be may be softening on the president because of policy differences as opposed to improprieties how i mean i know you have a sharp legal mind right now you have brought this otoh are we debating is it a political issue or is this a function of legalities let me talk about the process a little bit based on my experience during the clinton impeachment there was a there was a really scary moment for the defense lawyers who are and senator robert byrd was interviewed by cokie roberts just before the vote on the impeachment and he said as far as i'm concerned everything they have accused president clinton of doing he did . but i'm going to vote against his removal from office because it would be bad for the country and so at the end of the day the impeachment is a political process so the president should be worried about maintaining the confidence and the support of the republicans in the senate as much as he worries about whether or not he's committing impeachable offenses now one of the reasons i
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think we know the impeachment process is underway and it's going on now is because it's really sucking the air out of everything else you see it in the newspapers now there's a daily impeachment briefing you see it driving the campaign into the back pages the newspapers you see all the talk shows breaking news impeachment you see it in the house of representatives who are at least 6 committees in the house of representatives are focused on something to do with the impeachment that certainly happened in 1908 where everything sort of stopped until the impeachment. and watched the impeachment process continue and i think that's beginning to happen in the impeachment process with bill clinton with his 2nd term and as i recall and i could be wrong on this his popularity ratings were sky high when he left office and my incorrect know you're correct so he clearly as he went through the impeachment so i mean i think he got up during the impeachment so john is the
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impeachment process that has begun as far as as our colleagues here have said is this going to ultimately be good for president from and his political fortunes it could be if they get the right messaging and they get some adults in the room right now this is a tale of 2 cities and margaret is right on some of these issues because look the president didn't do anything wrong as far as illegality there's no impeachable offense there's no quid pro quo there's no mention of joe biden they can't find it but it doesn't matter right now in this stage that is irrelevant because the messaging coming out of this white house is absolutely horrific and if anybody's. stood like me at the press conference that mick mulvaney had my jaw dropped and was hit the ground i couldn't believe it 1st of all even if the how the press conference you don't have that many more secondly he came out to talk about having the g. 7 that darrelle which was the timing of that was just mind boggling and then he
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gets caught up in. misstating or stating or what ever the hell he was doing that had to be the most damaging press conference and the messaging coming out of the white house is amateur hour hit the gum that's why you're a supporter generally 5 point of the message yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm receiving this great right right right arm or c. so i don't even i would even say i hit the delete button steve that's an issue we have john get over it because i didn't see there were an impeachable offenses in fact i think trying to. admitted to impeachable offense and it's not just mick mulvaney by releasing the transcript of the call which he somehow in his addled thinking thought then if they did to him he didn't say the name biden he did ask for a favor he was keeping the money away from the president of ukraine to fight back against trump's pal lattimer putin all of it is there john there's nothing
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left to prove sure of but what i did was never connected there was never a quid pro quo with that but it doesn't matter margaret to your party how the favorite doesn't matter to you i ask you gerald ford when he was minority leader wanted to impeach one of the supreme court justices and they said to him what is the impeachable offense and he said what ever that held the house of representatives says it is so it doesn't matter whether it's a fence or not the bottom line is present trump is going to get impeached by the house they are going to impeach him palosi has to manage the 26 democrats that got elected in trump's districts that if they vote for this they're going down to 2020 she realizes that it's going to go to the senate and right now what they lack is a war room of adults corey lewandowsky dave bossie steve bennett people like that that can get the message out to republicans because right now it is
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completely me if course you don't have doubts he is the adult that you are really not in trouble ok greg craig let me ask you a question and i only have it john if you came out or one of your colleagues during the clinton impeachment process and was looking at one of the underlying you know offenses and said get over it america which is what mcveigh and he basically said about the ukraine. and so and there's now i mean this is i mean get over it we have t. shirts get over it we have a film clip i think of him. saying this and i have news for everybody get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy i'm talking mr carro that is going to happen elections have consequences and foreign policy is going to change from the obama administration to the trump administration and what you're seeing now i believe is a group of mostly career politics career bureaucrats who are saying you know what i don't like president trump's politics so i'm going to participate in this witch
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hunt that they're undertaking on the hill. so greg if somebody had done that in the clinton ministration or maybe any other demi i mean i'm interested in what you think would have occurred because we've got t. shirts now that say it you know with the 0 having a little orange wig on top of it this is probably the only thing i agree with john on today is that i think they have mishandled the messaging they mishandled the strategy. i think they miss handing the press presidency the the reality is that when president clinton was being impeached he was segregated walled off from the from the lawyer from the strategizing from the public argument of the impeachment and he spent all his time being president of states and he was very successful at it he negotiated a budget that was in surplus he had a series of international successes one in the white plantation between the palestinians in the israelis he traveled abroad he was at his those 6 months he was at his very best as the president of states and spent
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a very little time talking about the issues associated with the impeachment and all the messaging all the planning all the coordination between the various components of the white house and our friends on the hill were coordinated so the idea of someone just having a good idea and going out and saying get over it that never would have happened john you think this was a mistake i was horrific it was a it was a stupid mistake because it turned trumped from the victim to the to the aggressor as well that made no sense when i was there he said that i just shook my head and then he came out with flu. shirts and like you say with a wig on the oh and up to that point trump was being positioned as the victim this is a witch this is fake news i didn't do anything it was a perfect call and then it's well yeah get over it get over what the fact that he didn't do anything resenting to get over so it gore pulled the message until get back and the performance by mulvaney then. he was.


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