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by another agreement between turkey and russia under a d. confliction zone but we know that large parts of the province are under the control of the link. although turkey says that it has helped other fighters take administrative responsibility but on the ground the situation is that they are very strong and they have a very powerful present presence even the video that you saw of the aftermath of the compound fighters came there evacuated the area they cordoned off the whole place and told journalists to leave so it is an area which is close to the turkish border which is again raises many questions about why is that he was there and also whether he was trying to flee and save his family ok osama many thanks live from washington the turkey syria border let's pause for a 2nd go to our correspondent there to hold a report on how. the rose to become the leader of one of the world's most feared
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armed groups. it was july 2014 when the world got a glimpse of the man best known as abu bakar a bucket that he and iraqi whose real name is abraham a wide ibrahim. he walked out of the shadows to declare in islam it stayed in iraq and the levant from the great mosque in the iraqi city of mosul he led friday prayers after naming himself caliph or religious leader it was a show of power by an armed group which took over much of iraq's sunni heartland after the iraqi army all but collapsed 5 years later it was back daddy's state that collapsed eisel once controlled $88000.00 square kilometers of territory stretching from western syria to eastern iraq it lost its last stronghold in syria in march this year weeks after back that he made his 1st appearance in 5 years putting to rest many unconfirmed reports of his death in a video the ice a leader wanted to show he was still in charge and along with his group survived
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the territorial defeat back that he was behind the group's creation and expansion eisel originated in al qaida in iraq back then he became its leader in 2010 he then capitalized on the unrest in neighboring syria exploiting the security vacuum it started to capture territory and changed its name to islamic state in iraq and the levant before falling out with leader ayman al-zawahiri i see now the challenge is al qaida not only in syria and iraq but for the leadership of what it calls the global jihad this struggle but that he was once a prisoner and a u.s. run jail in iraq he is believed to have been born near the iraqi city of samarra in 1971 and said to have a ph d. and islamic studies from an iraqi university giving him religious credentials it isn't known what role baghdadi played in recruiting arab and foreign fighters or
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the. orchestrating attacks abroad there have been questions about his grip on power and reports of dissent within the group's leadership but the man who declared himself caliph the would be successor of the prophet managed to elude death and capture for years and even though i still state in syria iraq crumbled under his rule the group's goals are not defined by borders or one man its appeal comes from harnessing the grievances of sunday muslims in iraq syria and across the world senator. who's in iraq with reaction from baghdad his homeland. iraqis will contend with the psychological trauma caused by baghdad he and i saw for a generation whether it was being displaced from their homes losing a loved one being injured raped or simply living in fear you'd be hard pressed to find an iraqi family not affected by isis reign of terror in iraq with the news
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that al baghdadi is dead you can pretty much be guaranteed that most iraqis are simply saying good riddance to their fellow iraqi just as with osama bin laden and al qaeda the death of baghdad he does not necessarily mean a dissolution of eisel although of course it is in a weakened state there believed to be eisel sleeper cells across iraq they have been launching attacks i spoke to the top general of the u.s. led coalition to defeat eisel here in baghdad over the summer and he says that eisel has done a very good job of adapting and becoming a nimble insurgency that he says is resurging here in iraq and syria he says the fight against isis is far from over we've been speaking to some analysts today who say this will certainly be a big blow to the group and their followers from a morale standpoint here in iraq the iraqi government is highlighting its historic
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intelligence gathering and cooperation with the u.s. military the government here is in a fight for survival in october there have been anti-government protests across the country one analyst says though that the government will try to portray baghdad's death as a big victory for the country in an attempt to divert attention away from the crisis the government is facing. well islamic state may not control much of iraq and syria anymore but it does still maintain a network of supporters counter terrorism officials briefed the u.n. security council and oldest and revealed that the group has affiliates stretching from afghanistan in south asia. nigeria in west africa which is considered to be its strongest affiliate with more than 4000 fighters of the 40000 foreign fighters who join deisel along with their families up to 30000 of them survived the u.s. led campaign to topple the group and i still remains very rich with around $300000000.00 at his disposal according to some estimates as our correspondent and
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some a binge of aid was mentioning earlier here on the news russia's ministry of defense has issued a statement following donald trump's press conference it says there were no air strikes in the area by u.s. or coalition aircraft on saturday or in recent days the conflicting information about the u.s. operation raises questions and doubts about its been the ditty especially its success we have no reliable information about the u.s. military operation in libya that targeted baghdadi let's bring in more on bashar is al jazeera senior political analyst he joins us from london marwan what does this do to eisele. we're certainly weeks and weakens it further it has already been weakened over the last 2 years 3 years with sustained american western and divisional. offensive against its
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infrastructure over those large swaths of land in iraq and syria and with the killing over its leaders one of its more importantly there's i must add certainly at the this time except as we've known it no longer exists probably a new more like a stomach state $2.00 is already emerging of course out of the destruction of its kind of fight and that is one as you know your report mentioned earlier would probably look more on the model of al-qaeda than on the model of color fight where it just takes control of a piece of land and the clears every gene i think we're going to see more of an islamic state that is as they say in and security studies segmented pretty centric it illogically networked groups meaning they would be separate there would be diverse there would be geographically different areas urban and none urban and they were simply declare themselves to be that group they don't
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have to be hierarchically and setting to someone in specific place they could be there doing their own business but they would be calling themselves branding themselves as islamic state very much as we've seen a car to do over the last 20 years which i guess would allow eisel if and when they make a resurgence if and when big if of course that would allow them to carry on with their so-called war of attrition because they're on record as saying that's what we will do but to go back to a bad daddy for a 2nd what was his unique quality the way that he gave a geographical location a physical location to the caliph it and nobody from his ideology had ever done that before this absolutely. i think the whole idea is that he's the difference between him and the qaida is exactly that that he was ambitious and now would some would say a reckless enough to establish
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a kind of fight when the conditions were not conducive for such a project in this time of quote akai the 00s thought that this will come at the end this will not be at the beginning of their going to grand project for the islamic world but the fact that. he did do what he did out of mosul and then on to. in large parts of syria and iraq looked quite attractive in the beginning in fact it did attract as your report said thousands of fighters and families and so on so forth through it but its utter failure to actually run anything that looks even remotely like a decent place like a successful place let alone like a state and with the offensive by everyone everyone against them leading to it's their destruction now sense them back to the whole idea that the whole point of it was actually wrong and back that he was wrong in that sort of an it's the early
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start this month of the caliphate and as i said not everyone is going to go back to the model of outside of that a school called spin mother the segmented but it's centric network type group and i think that would be also dangerous perhaps even more dangerous than what we've seen from this time extent although i must emphasize those those millions who suffered from this time except in iraq syria and other parts of the middle east of course now are now relieved by the unfortunately and while we spoke a lot and the united states administration speaks a lot about idiology in fact the root causes in the region are just as important perhaps i would say more important than the aspects of idiology because i've heard that in the stomach state where born out of the destruction and war in afghanistan iraq and syria it on yemen and other places so the room. what causes the foreign invasion is an over or an occupation the sectarianism the russian sponsored the
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assad regime the maliki sponsored regime by the united states and also so horrific circumstances from afghanistan to syria through iraq that have led to the rise of the tide that later on through the rise of the islamic state unless those root causes are taken care of i think the iggy ology will continue to flourish what do you make of these comments that we've been getting from the russian foreign ministry the ministry of moscow that they are questioning and i quote the validity of what donald trump has been saying well you know i think for me just sort of 1st impression it sounds more like a public relations stunt on the part of the russians were actually now looking and watching how the united states had basically you know led to the death of back that the under their own noses meaning under areas basically now under the control of the russians meaning syria but on but if we move beyond that statement
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that and i think that's important strategically to look at how trump of course. thank the russians 1st. i think what's important here is that the trump administration i think like the obama administration's think of the russians as the best possible partner in syria and in the war against that are and why is that what because some other let's say superpower or was a superpower russia is the only country. that's involved in the middle east that has good relations with everyone in the middle east meaning israelis and palestinians saudis and the iranians turks and egyptians it's only putin it's only a russia that has good relations with everyone and is getting more and more involved so for the thrown by administration russia is going to remain a very important even i would say indispensable partner to resolve all sorts of issues notably in syria and in the war on terror so no matter what moscow might be
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saying today because it lost face basically if 2 of the top administration gaining or making gain against baghdad the and the stomach state i think in the long term you would see more engagement by the united states or russia to resolve issues that they see themselves as the adults in the room and that ne of the local partners are not reliable and hence they would be talking more to each other about the future of syria and iraq on the war on terror than before ok moment will talk in the meantime thanks very much will during the announcement donald trump also took the opportunity to touch so many financial and military commitments the u.s. has invested around the world he said there's no reason for us taxpayers to be burdened by endless wars in the middle east we don't want to keep soldiers between syria and turkey for the next 200 years they've been fighting for hundreds of years we're out but we are leaving soldiers to secure the oil the united states
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taxpayer is not going to pay for the next 50 years. you see what guantanamo costs when i could have paid tens of billions of dollars because we were good enough to capture people that want to go back to germany france u.k. and other parts of europe. let's bring in rina shot she's a republican strategist and consultant she joins us from reston in the u.s. state of the ginia rena welcome back to the news on al jazeera how will this be unpacked and has donald trump taken back the narrative of his presidency. well there are so many layers here to unpack and i think that's clear to anyone that was watching this morning's press conference the president trumps never before have we seen an american president in modern history and particularly in my lifetime i will say be so we're very candid about the trapster a mad bank got me and i think where we are with this moment is that the base the very people who have been elected to this presidency and will realize that tim i
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believe are feeling that there is something bassett that has happened this president is so successful with this capture and. killing so there is a feeling here i think a month of public yesterday that they are breathing a sigh of relief they are feeling energized that this is what we wanted we but that about for quite some time as you alluded to in the press conference but we got an outcome as part of that trial but it may have been even bigger than some of the months after. marcus pressie on a cable news in the states describing it as being a flawless operation so the headlines will clearly be positive. i think certainly everybody here i've spoken to here in washington in the past hour has felt that this is good news there's no question that if you're a democrat or republican you're certainly feeling that this is positive thing however the elimination of the caliphate that the president speaks so bigly it to
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use its language is that i think your many americans even those who are in the ranks of congress that are confused about what are geopolitical implications of this operation as you heard american journalist probably talk about or ask rather in this morning's press conference when did ringback this operation come together how did it happen so quickly senator lindsey graham of the sake of south carolina took to the white house press room scudi him this morning and said this the something that didn't months not years so though this is certainly a success for republicans i think in the coming days what we mean learn from certain senior trunk administration officials who he has it all in how you know the president actions leading up to the capture and killing our friends if you will still strategizing for a republican president how do you make sure all over the coming week say that the headlines don't drift back to the impeachment inquiry. well the number one thing i
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would have done is ask the president prior to him taking the podium this morning is to sort of tailor his langridge we don't want to leave the door open for i says to those still in you know who are charged with recruiting and still building we don't leave that door open prevents you use his language in the crude meant messaging and videos so i really would if it were really hope that the president with would take advice of senior counselors those who are going to the national security apparatus for a very long time but are not really the senior circle of this president. i would say he really needs to be measured even more so because this morning's press conference was a little too straight really and that is what also needs a door opener to get right back to teaching perceiving because we got to impeachment because this president really does she shoots from the hip he does
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things unconventionally and he really tells her mind during things that call for frankly bipartisan censure and also put his people his strategist people who are very close to him not say well look his his takeaway or one of the many takeaways from what an hour long news conference is even to the point of i didn't tell nancy pelosi anything because he doesn't trust that they wouldn't be leaks that's that's clearly part of his political d.n.a. if you will his line is might be according to strategizing people look i need to keep america safe and if that means i don't tell nancy pelosi so be it. and i think that's exactly what those who voted for the president wanted to hear that he was trying to keep an airtight lock on this operation seeing it always the end to make sure that it was successful without. look at this that rift between the intelligence community and this president are no no surprise and also no secret for
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most americans but it was the work of our career intelligence where even american men and women bits saw this operation through their frankly this operation the president is just a figure head and that's my own personal opinion there i think it was the president would be well served me it's you know it really commend the brave american women and men that bit teach the frontlines of our national security every day and want to ensure that we have better al comes in the middle east but don't mean that he can show to russia but again this president is all about appealing to the base and birds that he hopes were reelect him minissha thank you very much certainly thank you still to come here on the news for you a symbol of newfound national unity why protest as an 11 on a forming a human chain across the country. protesters not giving up in spain thousands marched in the capital and capital boss alone
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a demanding the release of 9 separatist leaders. and in the sports news find out why the fuss this man in qualifying will not be starting on pole position at the mexican grand prix. however we've got some rain in the forecast for the middle east over the next couple days chiefly across northern parts of the region are seeing a few showers sliding across the levant israel jordan seeing wanted to shout showers pushing across the central southern parts of iraq into iran around 15 to 20 millimeters of rain in one of 2 spots enough to cause some localized flooding showers than the forecast as we go through monday back that 28 celsius the 14 there for terror could see want to show is still there into jordan by rick getting up to
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around 25 degrees celsius as we go on through monday that western weather will slide a little further east was out of the southeast and cold turkey northeastern parts of syria could see some wet weather here it'll make his went to northern parts of iraq baghdad gets up to around 30 celsius temperatures picking up once again 30 celsius 2 in kuwait city largely dry meanwhile across iraq to be in potential highs here in doha round 34 celsius but we are keeping a close eye on a tropical side plane that's making its way very close to i suspect it will not make landfall but some very choppy waters here as we go through the next couple of days with some very brisk winds pushing across the region. all i work does stay with most sounds favor my wife the rest internment and mass indoctrination all we got children are now in
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a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. investigative journalism the world during a. global experts in discussion 3 times you put a deal and you disagree with that deal because of the terrible twos the worst of all the law it was brett's of us who want to have stories from other angles. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the great programs to inspire you on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera whinings peter dobby these are your top stories u.s. president donald trump today confirming the isolator. was killed during an overnight raid in syria by the u.s. military took place in the province of it live where donald trump said he was cornered in a tunnel where he blew himself up and quote died like a dog with a trump also thank kurdish forces russia syria turkey and iraq for intelligence to prove helpful to the raid is called the killing of a great night for the u.s. and the world. the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice. i blew a car al baghdadi is dead he was the founder and leader of isis
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the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world the united states has been searching for baghdadi for many years capturing or killing baghdad he has been the top national security priority of my administration . the unity of spain other news is the seam of the latest rally in the catholic capital barcelona the march there followed recent mass protests against the jailing of 9 separatist leaders they were sentenced for their roles in catalonia as independence referendum 2 years ago the rally on sunday is searching coexistence in spain and an end to catalan separatism. has the latest from that march but the focus of all the attention has been the probe into pendants the procession voice and all the protests that have been firing in the past week there was also the other side of this story which is the pro union voice looking at the figures from
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the facts like government's own statistics pulte for a sense of catalans want to see space however just over 48 percent want to remain a part of the country this is a pro union demonstration this here where the conservative and centrist parties have pulled for people to mobilize to make their voice is no reason because they feel that they are better as part of spain all of that as a separate entity let's look at the last you know you know i'm catalan i was born here my parents are catalan and i don't want catalonia to separate from spain because i come to the myself to be confident and spanish and the regional government is only going to going one section of caulk on society. give up us out of the way what's it going to be like to like the british with their excess of bottom are we going to separate the computer or ridicule it really isn't worth it
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we need to resign to do it together. and attention say haven't been this high since the illegal referendum in october 27th see both sides now are not backing down from this heated battle on politicians president charge of the time region and the madrid section of government the reason being because there is a general election happening on november 10th both sides are very keen to make sure that boy suffered neither of them to back down now. city elections underway in eastern germany opinion polls suggest a narrow win by the far left wing party is closely followed by the far right a.f.p. and chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats the election follows the killing of 2 people at a synagogue in the neighboring state earlier this month. its rhetoric is fueling anti semitism. colombia's holding his 1st local elections since a peace deal was made with the fuck rebels 3 years ago despite that election violence is once again on the rise after having dropped to an all time low 7
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candidates are being killed and dozens threatened in the lead up to the vote on sunday the elections are being seen as a referendum on the government of even 2 k. one year into his presidency. tens of thousands of lebanese protesters have formed a human chain people joined hands from tripoli to tire to create 170 kilometers long demonstration that urging a civil disobedience campaign until the government resigns there is anger over a worsening economy and what many say is the government's failure to tackle corruption. voting is underway in argentina's presidential election where the incumbent conservative moderate seal machree is almost certain to lose according to opinion polls his leftist rival alberto funded as for nando's has campaigned on that crease failure to deal with growing poverty and high levels of inflation to resupply reports now from when osiris. juan carlos unsought dyce
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a taxi driver in winter scientists he's 57 years old and said that in his lifetime he has seen how argentina has repeated the same mistakes over and over again that part of the me i mean if i don't care about myself anymore it's about my children future generations how can it be that we can never turn the page around living a normal country i want to country with social justice and somehow we never get there. arjun ties are choosing between 6 presidential candidates the 2 frontrunners are the business friendly incumbent market he promised to reform argentina but has been struggling with a financial crisis and a lot of the for a man this who's running mate is former president cristina fernandez the kershner from the powerful peronist party coming in 3rd is former economy minister roll out of the one year renegotiated argentina's foreign debt at the economic collapse in 2001 for a family from motley have been very highly favored here in the capital one aside if
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you might of the around 55 percent inflation rate and rising poverty ready even though mark 3 retains around 30 percent of the vote there are many who say that they're disappointed in the way he handled the coral and that's why they feel that this time they won't vote for him the primary elections in august gave the center left peyronie's party coalition a 15 point lead over maglis bloc even though many are disenchanted with the accusations of corruption that involved kristina kirshner they say they would rather vote for her coalition. but not pretty will they say has only benefited big business. i want a party that favors the working class and mockery did not do that i came here to buy dollars because we cannot trust in the end we don't know what will happen next week it. has lost significant value in the past year and people are turning to the dollar concerned there will be another collapse but some say they fear
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a comeback by the peronist party. i have been seeing the same crisis since 1945 and the fairness have always made things worse analysts say it's going to be difficult to force a 2nd round. the ruling party campaign is trying to consolidate the power they have and maybe think of the future and the type of opposition they are going to be there is a huge difference between mockery and fernandez that's difficult to reverse voters will now have their say will suggest the results will be clear cut and argentina will elect a president outright. anything different would certainly come as a major surprise. to research joins us live from. afar as mr cruise concerned why hasn't he managed to deliver on his early promises . well that's what many
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a year are wondering and now he somehow became. almost 4 years ago and with a promise in a way to revert argentina's history to revert the in demick economic crisis that this country has suffered over and over again and what we're seeing right now especially where we are right now we're here in la my plans for this is that one of the larger the largest districts of the province of one outside is around 2000000 people involved in this place and when you talk to people you're there basically telling you that poverty levels have been on the rise that inflation rates have been on the rise that many shops are closing down because of the economic situation and that's why what has defined in a way this election is the economic problems that argentina is facing today and as i was explaining in the report if my p.c. able to turn around the results that happened in the primaries that happened in august where i went above and said i'm on this the opposition leader one with at
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least a 15 point different many you would see that as a miracle what we're seeing at the school where we are right now is for example there is lots of witnesses from the government that are controlling this elections hoping that no will dragging take face of there's been a bit of tension here and in a way to shows the enormous tension that exists in argentina today because. the past results and polls show that a lot of thought this could win in a 1st round and if you don't win. immediate political objectives. well it's not clear yet what he's going to be watching everyone here all candidates are talking about and he may include it is the. anomic situation in argentina not only it's inflation and poverty and recession it's also for him that i mean since most people cough is that he says that he inherited
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a large very large fiscal deficit and that's why he was forced to take us some debts also from the international monetary fund and there's lots of discussion whether argentina will be able to pay that debt something that has happened in the past the stuff again what happened back in 2001 when argentina again defaulted on its 4 and that's poverty levels where 60 percent among other things are what we do know all about a fair amount this is his priority would be to reorganize the economy what he's saying is that he wants to put money in people's pockets well we're not sure how he's going to do that but because of the economic situation in argentina right now it's certainly not going to you seem. to raise a thanks very much. the police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters during these latest somebody running against the government and police brutality 1st aid workers say they treat protesters for injuries such as broken bones difficult from hong kong. police seem to have changed their tactics by
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trying to stop protests very early on almost as soon as that happened they started firing tear gas pepper spray and even rubber bullets in some areas but instead of putting all people it seems to have galvanized the people we spoke to say they weren't even part of the protest to begin with but once they saw the police actions they decided to join this march which hasn't been sanctioned by the government they have no permission so they marched down this main thoroughfare i'd like to explain exactly where i am i'm in this place called nathan road it's one of the main shopping districts i'm flying by hotels and shops on either side the whole area has been brought to. still by the protesters the police have several times tried to clear this area unsuccessfully with tear gas pepper. sprayed and even a water cannon but every time they seem to clear a certain part of this road people just come back here and we're also hearing that there are protests in other parts of this commercial area police have arrested more
12:35 am
than a dozen people so it seems like protesters and police are setting up for a long night of confrontations. still to come here on the al-jazeera news hour i'm anderson pellon jordan's capital amman which is bursting with colors and quickly becoming a home for street art. pages premier player is looking good at the oh yes to the finals details coming up in the sports. overthrow and the exiled they appoint and can say if you will don't miss me she knew an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the true issue is spying and we. think she is. with nutrition the
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return of the president on al-jazeera. in the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular pill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans coming to wal-mart in canada to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on i just.
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think peter let's start at the rugby world cup where south africa beaten wales by just 3 points to reach the final it sets up a showdown with england for the next trophy on saturday david stokes reports. a wales were in full voice for this one i mean to reach their 1st world cup final against south africa the teach on champions it was a bruising encounter in yokohama and a kick fest for the 1st our 100 polo didn't miss for the springboks with 3 penalties but done pick i was on form 2 he kicked 3 of his own to ensure there was nothing to separate the sides. it was no knowing up to 57 minutes but then south africa broke the deadlock damien d.n.d. shook off the royals defense to force his way over to the games i think trying i hit back within 10 minutes working the ball out why to win get josh adams for his 6th choice of the tournament i 16 only and the gun
12:38 am
could have gone either way but it was whilst that playing 1st conceding a crucial penalty and have. africa the chance to edge themselves ahead once again. i restrict straight kick and wiles had no answer this time it finished 1916 and south africa with through to the hood world cup final whiles agonizingly beaten in the semifinals for 3rd time the springboks will return to yokohama on saturday to face an in-form and even saw it he knocked out the defending champions new zealand is means everything to us as a team and i know we will hopefully defeat the big guns and confront everything we know to so many people some focus on becoming supporters you know it means a world to us would love to win the world cup we will play a loss in the final run but we they've got a johnstone and they'll be like oh my goal the way so you never know england coach eddie jones he was watching in the stands will do his best to deny south africa
12:39 am
it's a repeat of the 2007 final which the springboks won if they do it again they'll be called the record of the 3 world cup trophy that expects out his era. tennis world number 3 naomi osaka has made a winning start to her final scam pain the australian open champion beat patrick that tova in her 1st round robin match engine sent a socket taking it in 3 sets 764664 that's a levin straight when it's now for the japanese. baseball's world series as level at 2 games each after another win for the houston astros for the 2nd night running they beat the nationals in washington this was the key moment. here 09 i can see i have my. own way same with all 3 bases loaded alex bregman smashed a home run to secure an 81 victory for the astros they've been to nothing down in
12:40 am
the series but with 3 games left they are now the team with a moment. there was a. a lot of noise around losing the 1st 2 games and rightfully so because the nats to head out play just like i said and i think we we turned it around and now we've all played them for a couple of games and now we have a 3 game series. the winner of 2 or 3 wins a world series so i think that but our our mojo our vibe or our approach or you know our banter in the clubhouse we're the same just all the boys say we're in the world series and i will play and we're going to play game 5 tied to 2 who thought that in the beginning so here we are so let's just forget about it can't do nothing about the last 2 games let's look ahead and get ready to play more well in golf tiger woods is closing in on a landmark victory at the zozo championships and the japan he is currently 3 shots clear in the final round which will have to be finished on monday because of rain
12:41 am
woods's play in his 1st tournament of the season after undergoing knee surgery in august. he made it lewis hamilton can claim a 6 formula one title at the mexican ground prix later on but all the talk right now is about max for stop and being stripped of pole position the red bull driver was quickest in qualifying and secured 1st place on the grid. but after the celebrations and a news conference he admitted that he hadn't slowed down for yellow flags after this crash by about that he bought us for stop and was called to the stewards office and given a 3 place penalty which means hell now start from 4th so it's now far as charles leclerc who is on pole ahead of his teammate sebastian vettel. well one title that's already been decided on sunday is the world rally championship toyota's oughta tunick clinched his maiden crown by coming in 2nd in the rally spain finished behind it. becomes the 1st driver since 2003 to defeat either sebastian
12:42 am
loeb or sebastian across a full seize the outer. moto g.p. champion mark mark has extended his winning streak by claiming a dramatic victory at the australian grand prix maverick of a now this one in the same race last year and was on pole he led for much of the race but things went wrong for the writer as he crashed out on the final lap we've seen his fellow spaniard marquez to secure his 5th win in a row and his 11th this season. they were the. start of the boys are not. in the throne and these wars that mostly they got point for me but i knew that the by. if i didn't give up for 5 laps i would be able. would be possible to beat that sort of. already that's it for me but we'll have more sports free later back over to peter leah thanks very much will see that
12:43 am
painting graffiti on just about anything is one way artists express themselves in many parts of the world no different in the jordanian capital communities that didn't welcome streets a few years ago but things have changed under schapelle has that story from among. the canvas that miramar is working on looks a lot different to the ones she used in our classes in university. instead of producing art destined for a gallery or the wall of a wealthy household she's decided to paint for a different clientele. i didn't want to be in the system that's why i quit studying in the university graffiti has become much more welcomed by society and the government lately i hear from up the street artists that they can't sign with their real names and they have to cover up when they're painting here we don't have these issues i'm waiting for the situation when i have to run from the police or someone in the community because i'm painting on the walls or portraits or celebration of arab influence
12:44 am
a tribute to the celebrated iraqi architect zaha hadid as well as palestinian poet mahmoud darwish and lebanese musician marcel khalifa the paintings at the cold stares and amman are surrounded by homes built in the 1930 s. . the area has enjoyed a renaissance in part thanks to the work of miramar and other artists getting didn't get has he actually the stairs transformed from normal sad stares to a colorful tourist destination and all of this affects our sales because people come here to take photos and then buy something from our stores. just artists completed the whole atmosphere of the area and helped us to attract more people. many of the larger murals started appearing in 2013 after local graffiti artists decided to form a collective called doc it hosts a festival each spring where people fly in just for the chance to leave their mark on the city's walls artists from around the world are coming here to jordan and along with the local artists the crossing boundaries not just of countries but also
12:45 am
of wealth and class they say they're connecting the more affluent areas in the west of the city so the older and less developed ones in the east and the local businesses are enjoying an economic boost the neighborhood of mali has some of the most impressive in scale by one of jordan's best known street artists the son of palestinian refugees so he bought or is creating landmarks in his old neighborhood that have changed more than the physical landscape of the area that neighborhood of about problems by like fights drug dealing and all of that and it's been we've been doing it for the past 4 years and it's going to be as i do think so much like. a lot of kids there are like sort of their interests to have like a way to interact with tourists who was coming to that neighborhood and we're having a plan like now to make it through just me. being in like i want for international artists to do and it's $28.00 buildings that neighborhood. in addition to
12:46 am
encouraging local children to be more artistic so hate hopes his work will bring everyone together raise their spirits and express themselves in a colorful way and or chapell al-jazeera in the jordanian capital amman. in the last one years whenever you want it on the website the address al-jazeera dot com when we come back we'll talk live updates on all top stories here on al-jazeera i will see you very soon. rewind returns with a new scenery. and brand new updates on the vast amount to seeing these
12:47 am
documentaries. being blind continues with police go 1000000 euros and dollars in people's money just being taken in for their whole lives from the money and changes down in training $1.00 day on al-jazeera. cultura downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to brace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the india capital new delhi tibet so the refugees here since 964. have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they've become self-sufficient setting up
12:48 am
a business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. a story 1400 years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph episode one on a jesse the. last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice . abu a car al baghdadi is dead. u.s.
12:49 am
president donald trump confirms the leader of. al baghdadi was killed in a military raid in more than syria. was the trumps of the u.s. special forces operation ended when baghdad detonated a suicide vest after being cornered in an escape tunnel. you're watching on syria live from doha also coming up voters in argentina are at the polls today with president crees fate hanging in the balance. another sunday confrontation in hong kong protesters rally against what they say is police brutality. the world's most wanted man the ice a leader. has been killed his death was confirmed a short time ago by the u.s.
12:50 am
president donald trump he gave details about how baghdadi detonated a suicide vest during the u.s. raid in northern syria a number of eisel fighters were also killed as well as 3 children 8 helicopters were used in the mission and they were no injuries among the u.s. forces involved last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice abu a car al baghdadi is dead he was the founder and leader of isis the most ruthless and violent target ization anywhere in the world. the united states has been searching for big daddy for many years capturing or killing baghdad he has been the top national security priority of my administration u.s. special operations forces executed
12:51 am
a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern syria and accomplished their mission in grand style political hain is a washington correspondent passy what's your reading of this news. while the president clearly relishing in this what he sees as an accomplishment taking questions from reporters for almost an hour he had the effect of knocking off most of the sunday shows which were up until then would have been focused soley on the impeachment process but the president did something that we don't see u.s. presidents do he used language that is going to really incite daddy's followers if they hear it he called him a dog said he died whimpering like a coward said he wished he could show the video so that people could see exactly how he died let's not forget the president saying that there were 3 of these children with him when that best was detonated a he gave a lot of details about that used very crass language again called him
12:52 am
a dog and then he did say that they took pieces of his body with them the special forces soldiers when they left again there's concern by some in washington analysts that this is not the kind of language you want to use unless the goal is to really incite the people who followed him so that's been a bit of a concern here in washington but the president clearly relishing in what he sees as a good moment in his presidency and also he was talking at one point about having obliterates eat ice so if you follow the region told in any shape or form that's just not the case i saw has not been obliterated. no but this is in the president's not speaking to an international audience which knows better he's trying to speak to his base and he get he's been trying to claim credit for this and he says this basically every month he adds a month in the 8 months i've been here the year and a half i've been here i've done more to defeat eisel than president barack obama did he often misstates the dates that the u.s.
12:53 am
has been involved with the fight against isis but if fact checkers have said no that president barack obama actually started this fight the president trump continued albeit lifting some restrictions but again and this is been the concern for a lot of lawmakers here since president trump decided to pull those troops out of northern syria the u.s. troops out or them syria they're still according to pentagon as many as $18000.00 eisel fighters in that region and it's not just there they're spread out across the globe but that's not the message the president wants to send to his base he wants to say look missions over it's totally ok that all these troops out so now we see that turks coming in against the kurds who helped with this mission to get big daddy so it's a domestic concern that he's looking to he's not a president who's ever really been concerned about foreign affairs and how his image is reflected by the rest of the world this is all about reelection and sending a message to his base and he also said as well patsy that the quotes had been very
12:54 am
helpful despite the way that relationship between washington and the kurdish fights is as to what seeds over the past what 3 weeks now. well and that's one of the things we're seeing in tweets the kurds are saying we did this we helped with this and the kurds have a lot of support here in washington we've seen bipartisan across the board members of the house and senate say that what the president did was misguided that's the kind his words they're they'll use to describe what's happened to the kurds but the president in his mind has it that this area this oil fields he seems to be hinting that the kurds can go there and that the revenue although not nearly as great 'd as the president makes it sound could possibly be shared with the kurds so that they have in his words cash flow we've seen tweets to that effect so this the president again had to say yes the kurds helped but he thanked them as much as he thinks a lot of putin and president heard a lot of turkey and he and other countries also mentioned the help of iraq so the
12:55 am
president really thinking that this is his moment one of the other concerns that you're hearing from some experts and analysts here after that very unusual speech from the diplomatic room is the amount of potentially classified information that the president gave usually some details when it comes to special forces will leak out but the president talked about the chopper flight in was an hour and 10 minutes you can pretty much figure out which base the american troops were at he talked about knowing exactly when baghdadi arrived that potentially could expose the sources they had on the ground things about they knew about the tunnel in the door so a lot of information out there that you have to wonder if the higher ups in the military are all that happy that he happened to broadcast it on television betty thanks very much. al-jazeera correspondent dean yousif was one of the 1st journalists which the scene of the rate from what i'm at the moment i got eyes in shaded this is the house targeted by u.s. helicopters and they approached the site at midnight and superior off before they stormed it one person was taken away others were killed in
12:56 am
a composting through was destroyed and u.s. forces also handed over 3 children to one of the neighbors and requested they take them far away and then come back to the. operation was completed 7 dead bodies have been recovered so far this home was then bombed by u.s. helicopters accompanied by a recon plane in a war plane this house is said to have belonged to. the people we were told by an eyewitness he bought the house 2 years ago the owner of this house was not the target the target was dirty as you can see the house was totally destroyed live all to the ground the operation lasted for hours. for some of injury joins us live now as well from hanley on the turkey syria border osama welcome back to the program do we know how long al baghdadi had been in that location. peter those are the kind of details that we're waiting for the u.s. officials to. tell us because this is something as the president said he had been waiting for 3 days to act upon in there were targets where they had thought about
12:57 am
attacking the body but he'd moved from location to location he would be going to one place as the u.s. president put it and then changed directions so we're still waiting for those operational details of how long is it that they thought of that he was there and why was it heard and then they take him out now but it is now clear that u.s. president has confirmed that the american public enemy number one i would not have been valued leader 5 is now dead but many people are now asking what next what are the change on the ground what does it mean for isis because we know that i cite as a group which establishes caliphate decided so that it was up to 10000000 people living under its caliphate has crumbled there doesn't exist as a state in america doesn't control areas or doesn't control geography but it still files fighters scattered across the iraqi and the syrian desert in there is or as well as an problems what we also heard from the president was interesting levy he
12:58 am
thanked people in countries where they're in an order which would be which would sound peculiar to many people because they think russians the syrians the iraqis the turks and in the. so it is it is raising many questions about who are america's allies and who was involved at what level in this operation which the u.s. president says was carried out purely based on u.s. intel in the last few minutes we've heard from the defense ministries of russia and iran iran saying that this was a creature of the information saying that this was a creature created by the united states that they have taken out and the russians saying that it doesn't matter if one more death that is being reported because it does not change the mechanics of security in syria on the ground some of thanks very much al jazeera has more on how. the rose to become the leader of one of the world's most feared groups. it was july 2014 when the world got
12:59 am
a glimpse of the man best known as abu bakar a bucket that he and iraqi whose real name is abraham a wide ibrahim. he walked out of the shadows to declare in islam it stayed in iraq and the levant from the great mosque in the iraqi city of mosul he led friday prayers after naming himself caliph or religious leader it was a show of power by an armed group which took over much of iraq's sunni heartland after the iraqi army all but collapsed 5 years later it was back daddy's state that collapsed eisel once controlled $88000.00 square kilometers of territory stretching from western syria to eastern iraq it lost its last stronghold in syria in march this year weeks after back that he made his 1st appearance in 5 years putting to rest many unconfirmed reports of his death in a video the ice a leader wanted to show he was still in charge and along with his group survived the territorial defeat back that he was behind the group's creation and expansion
1:00 am
eisel originated in al qaida in iraq back then he became its leader in 2010 he then capitalized on the unrest in neighboring syria exploiting the security vacuum it started to capture territory and changed its name to islamic state in iraq and the levant before falling out with al qaida leader ayman al-zawahiri i see now the challenges al qaida not only in syria and iraq but for the leadership of what it calls the global jihad this struggle but that he was once a prisoner and a u.s. run jail in iraq he is believed to have been born near the iraqi city of samarra in 1971 and said to have a ph d. and islamic studies from an iraqi university giving him religious credentials it isn't known what role baghdadi played in recruiting arab and foreign fighters or in orchestrating attacks abroad there have been questions about his grip on power and
1:01 am
reports of dissent within the group's leadership but the man who declared himself caliph the would be successor of the prophet managed to elude death and capture for you.


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