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say they accuse him on con of wreaking last year's general election and say his government is illegitimate and who says is also a show of solidarity with residents and indeed administered kashmir which the strips of it sets out to me in this call hi to has the latest from karachi. tens of thousands of people from the opposition party are gathering had to welcome day leave them alone and follow ramón goes they're going to be spearheading the anti government campaign this month started in karate and we heating now to islamabad everyone is joining us and clearing all opposition parties and this will make history everyone is worried about inflation and justice unemployment now is the time that everyone can should resign and have free and fair elections without a military intervention of all the day the day of color data day would that be beloved coach made that pretty 7th of october
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a dog show known as the black day here in pakistan it was the 1947 that indian troops marched into the different view dated region of kashmir by the opposition a dog door during a black day they have already started protesting across the country to mark that particular day. but better yet the atrocities by indian forces in kashmir unbearable and unacceptable in the true violations of human rights we strongly condemn it it's been almost 3 months that they've been made into hostages and we're marking this as a black day. the marchers from here are going to travel over to howden kilometer and carries that video and. there are reports that the government and also i read some of the key leadership of the journey a day or that my islam that i've gotten going to create more anger here it did indeed going to be a myth. their challenge for the government of enron con the opposition and now are
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determined one his resignation they have been told between the government committee and the leadership of the opposition tried to reggae on the venue for the broader than a clam about the opposition had assured the government that they were not going to the red zone but they did great good snow balling to come thing really big and it will be a major challenge for the prime minister brown can go award that come by in front of the opposition who are now hell bent on what they call our god the moderate means freedom marked dame of god for election and the resignation of the prime minister. for years children have been recruited suffice in conflicts in seat on some of those wars have ended but human rights organizations say many children are yet to be released spy on groups and those who have struggle to
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rebuild their lives heber morgan reports from science quarter phone this has become the way al had he has and spends most of his afternoons since the 21 year old returned home to ca took me 2 months ago he says drawing helps him temporarily forget his 5 years as a child soldier which has scarred him mentally and physically most of them were high i used to hurt cattle and soldiers came up to me and said i will join the army they said i am no longer a civilian and that's how you became a soldier and if i don't defend the village women will be raped and killed or used to fire or produce and also record attacks or document them for the group. and heidi says he was 15 when the armed opposition known as the sudan's people liberation movement north forced him to join their ranks the espaillat has been fighting sudanese government forces since 2011 the conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands more most fled to neighboring south
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sudan the conflict became one of 3 in sudan all marked by human rights violations and atrocities there's no exact numbers on how many chelsea old as there are in sudan but rights groups say most are or have been part of opposition groups and while recent reports suggest that none are in the ranks of sudan's army their reports show some are part of the paramilitary rapid support forces rights groups say the rapid support forces recruited children after the war in darfur where they're accused of war crimes the new york times also reported that child soldiers are employed to fight for the saudi led coalition were in yemen some as young as 14 paid as much as $10000.00. and the rapid support forces are accused of killing at least 100 pro-democracy protesters when they're sitting was attacked in sudan's capital which 4 months ago the our staff and sudan's government deny recruiting children that we've conducted training within the ranks of the rapid support forces
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and have not recorded any use of child soldiers and to avoid being accused of recruiting them raised their enlistment age from 18 to 20 but some soldiers tend to have young looks and small bodies so mistaken for child soldiers. the united nations children's agency unicef says that it's working with sudan's new transitional government to verify soldiers' ages and will demobilize child soldiers if they find any there is a strong commitment in terms of the military of the nation that we as you said have been speaking with the r.s.s. and we have gotten the same assurances that we can come in that we can verify it has begun so it will be a question of access so where there is access will be able to verify. and how do says he wants to rebuild his life even though his recruitment meant his missed out on getting an education while he's yet to recover from his days as
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a child soldier he's hoping his future is intended by his past he's going to al-jazeera cuddly south kordofan. sports said africa have picked their place in the final on the rugby world cup the have all the action on japan. investigative journalism the world. global experts and discussion toshiba the deal and you disagree with that deal because of the terrible twos the worst of all it was brought to us when we wanted stories from other. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera. programs to inspire you on al-jazeera all i want to stay with most outstanding my wife the rest
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internment and mass indoctrination all we got children are now in a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. side of the spot with leah. thank you very much well let's start at the rugby world cup where south africa have been wales by just 3 points to reach the final it sets up a showdown with england for the trophy next saturday david stokes reports. a
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wales were in full voice for this one i mean to reach their 1st world cup final against south africa the teach on champions it was a bruising encounter in yokohama and a kick fest for the 1st our 100 polo didn't miss for the springboks with 3 penalties but done big i was on form 2 he kicked 3 of his own to ensure there was nothing to separate the sides. it was no knowing up to 57 minutes but then south africa broke the deadlock damien d.n.d. shook off the wales defense to force his way over to the games i think trying i hit back within 10 minutes working the ball out why to win get josh adams for his 6th choice of the tournament thanks 16 only and the game could have gone either way but it was wales that blinked 1st conceding a crucial penalty and having south africa the chance to edge themselves ahead once
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again. said i respect straight kick and wales have no answer this time it finished 916 and south africa with through to the 3rd world cup final whiles agonizingly beaten in the semifinals for a 3rd time the springboks will return to yokohama on saturday to face an in-form and even side he knocked out the defending champions new zealand this means everything to us as a team and i know we will come from different backgrounds and different everything and we know there's so many people some focus on the look on the supporters you know it means a world to us would love to win the world cup we will play a loss in them to win the final round but we they've got a challenge stop now why go my goal the way so you never know england coach eddie jones who was watching in the stands will do his best to deny south africa it's a repeat of the 2007 final which. the springboks won if they do it again they'll call the old black track over to the 3 world cup trophy that it stops out 0. liverpool have scored
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a major win in the english premier league their unbeaten run continued on sunday with victory over tottenham the reds had to recover from a goal down to win this one they scored twice in the 2nd half but how it's all are getting the winner from the penalty spot on 75 minutes liverpool now have a 6 point lead at the top of the e.p.l. i'm pleased but i expect as well that a game. as i love this is super good but it's just how football should look so. i should play against a really strong good organize sides with the threat constantly in your mind that each ball you lose will possibly end up in front of your own goal. it's a lot to have bounced back after getting battered by man city 51 in the champions league and they did so in a big way they crushed odin aisy who were reduced to 10 men 71 in syria on sunday colombian forward louis mariel was the star he scored a hat trick the victory means that
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a lot of test at 3rd in the table 3 points off leaders you've been. ac milan season just keeps getting worse though they lost again on sunday some quite comical defending lead to their downfall this time they were beaten 21 by roma it's their 5th defeat from 9 games and they set 12th in the table as for roma the result left them to 5th. mercedes driver lewis hamilton has won the mexican grand prix despite the victory though he'll have to wait until next weekend's u.s. grand prix in texas to clinch his 6th formula one world championship the britons when in mexico city was his 10th this season and the 83rd of his career sebastian vettel came in 2nd with both us and 3rd. and emotional roger federer won the swiss indoors for a 10th time on sunday playing in his hometown of basel the world number 3 beat alex to menorahs 6262 he's been in blistering form during the tournament he didn't drop
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a set and was never pushed to a tiebreaker but perhaps more captivating than his victory was the post match ceremony. how could this be a most done i would have never thought died with even 20. so the grateful dead could even read it once stones bones but this is very special for me. thank you and for women's world number 3 naomi osaka has made a winning start to her w t a finals campaign she beat pittsburgh in her 1st round robin match inch and then osaka taking it in 3 sets 764664 that's 11 straight wins now for the japanese she's looking to win her 4th title of the year. toyota is ot tunick clenched his maiden world rally championship crown on sunday be a sony and finishing 2nd behind teary knew of it in the rally spain becomes the 1st driver since 2003 to defeat either sebastian the up or sebastian o'shea across
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before season oh wow moto g.p. champion mark marquez extended his winning streak by claiming a dramatic victory at the australian grand prix maverick but now this one the same race last year and was on pole he led for much of the race but things went wrong for the yamaha writer as he crashed out on the final lap leading his fellow spaniard marquez to secure his 5th one in a row and his 11th this season. well that's all your sport for now but we'll have more for you later. this very much was sped it up from me for this news hour but do stay with us here and i'll disappear back in a moment but one of the tunes needs. to .
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a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time and turkish president added on will meet with u.s. president trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest. november on. china is calling on top i want to reunify with them my. advice the consequences it's one of one east best to guide. taiwan's determination to remain independent on al-jazeera. law. he didn't die a hero he died a coward. president donald trump confirms that u.s. special forces have killed the world's most wanted man isolator abu bakar a baghdadi.
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i'm having a hit in this is al jazeera life until also coming up from incumbent candidate to underdog argentina's president maurice your my creed fights for another term in an election dominated by the country's economic crisis. a show of unity and isms of lead protesters in lebanon form a human chain across the country in support of anti-government protests. at a state of emergency in california as wildfires rage forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. the world's most wanted man is dad's isolator abu bakr al baghdadi was killed during a raid by u.s.
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special forces in northwest syria has president donald trump says but does he blew himself up after being chased into a cave the raid was carried out in a berisha an area just a few kilometers away from the turkish border trump says ates u.s. helicopters 2 parts in the operation which lasted for runs 90 minutes our white house correspondent kimberly hawkins begins our coverage. because our daddy is dead in a rare sunday morning news conference president donald trump announced to the world the leader of eisele had been hunted down and killed by u.s. forces he died like a dog he died like a coward trump says the u.s. confirmed the identity of abu bakar al baghdadi at the syrian compound minutes after he died using d.n.a. u.s. forces reportedly spent 2 hours at the site obtaining intelligence including isis future plans well 3 children died in the raid 11 more were captured along with the
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small group of adults describing the raid in great detail from say u.s. special forces were met with gunfire as they descended from helicopters onto the northwest syrian compound where al baghdadi was hiding he was cornered in a tunnel where he detonated a suicide vest to avoid capture he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way and he had dragged 3 of his young children with him they were led to certain death. our big daddy had been under u.s. surveillance for weeks trump thank russia turkey syria and iraq for cooperation with the mission but he minimized the contribution of kurdish intelligence even as its kurdish fighters that for years helped the u.s. destroyer baghdad's caliphate says russia and turkey were even consulted in advance of the mission but not democratic leaders in the us congress we were going to
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notify them last night but we decided not to do that because washington leaks like i've never seen before and i told my people we will not notify them until the great people are out not just in but out the u.s. defense secretary says the death of al baghdadi will be a devastating blow to eisele but countering the ideology will be more difficult for the president's supporters in congress believe this is a turning point the killing. is a game changer in the war on terror like a scene reminiscent of the raid ordered by us president barack obama an al qaeda leader osama bin laden in 2011 truck watched the mission from the situation room of the white house he was surrounded by the u.s. vice president defense secretary national security adviser and the u.s. military's joint chiefs of staff president trying claims the death of isolator al big daddy is even more significant than president obama's killing of the leader
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osama bin laden it's a headline trunks likely to play up as he campaigns for reelection 2020 kimberly helped at al jazeera the white house. well dizzier correspondent dean youssef was one of the 1st journalists see reached the scene on the raid. that i guess this is the house targeted by u.s. helicopters and they approached the site at midnight and sealed the earlier off before they stormed it one person was taken away others were killed in a car passing through was destroyed and u.s. forces also handed over 3 children to one of the neighbors and requested they take them far away and then come back after the operation was completed 7 dead bodies have been recovered so far this home was them bombed by u.s. helicopters accompanied by a recon plane in a plane like this house a c. 2 a belong to abu mohammed al halabi we were told by an eyewitness he bought the house 2 years ago the owner of this house was not the target the target was a bug daddy as you can see the house is totally destroyed leveled to the ground the
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operation lasted for hours. well tom thanks russia syria turkey iraq and the kurds for intelligence which led to the raid some avenge of it has more from on the turkey syria border. there have been many questions that have been raised about how long he was there why did the us to use despicable time to take him out the u.s. president saying that he had been scoped in his words for days now and they decided that it was the right time to take him out he also thanked russia syria iraq turkey as well as kurdish fighters in syria so people have been asking questions about why in that particular order what sort of intelligence or information was given heard from the general who leads the kurdish fighters saying that there was for months a collaboration which happened between them and u.s.
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intelligence officials about the whereabouts of about that again the u.s. president saying that he had received some useful information from the kurds but he thanked everyone in the same breath we've been also hearing reactions from various countries who the president thanked the turkish defense ministry was the 1st saying that it had been informed of this particular incident before it happened in northwestern syria we also heard from the russian defense ministry saying that it was not really aware of where there was u.s. planes had passed over areas that controlled and saying that another death alluding to the fact that. he has been reportedly killed before does not change the situation on the ground and finally we also heard from the iranian information minister accusing the u.s. of creating isis saying a monster of their own creation has been killed and does not mean much so it is going to be interesting as information now results in next hours and days about how this attack was carried out the timing of this attack the timing of the u.s.
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pullout from the border region between turkey and syria and then repositioning of those troops in eastern syria closer to the oil fields where the tash are going to aim has reaction from iraq weapons out it was from. iraqis will contend with the psychological trauma caused by baghdadi and i saw for a generation whether it was being displaced from their homes losing a loved one being injured raped or simply living in fear you'd be hard pressed to find an iraqi family not affected by isis reign of terror in iraq with the news that al baghdadi is dead you can pretty much be guaranteed that most iraqis are simply saying good riddance to their fellow iraki just as with osama bin laden and al qaeda the death of baghdad he does not necessarily mean a dissolution of eisel although of course it is in a weakened state there believed to be eisel sleeper cells across iraq they have
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been launching attacks i spoke to the top general of the u.s. led coalition to defeat eisel here in baghdad over the summer and he says that eisel has done a very good job of adapting and becoming a nimble insurgency that he says is resurging here in iraq and syria he says the fight against isis is far from over we've been speaking to some analysts today who say this will certainly be a big blow to the group and their followers from a morale standpoint here in iraq the iraqi government is highlighting its historic intelligence gathering and cooperation with the u.s. military the government here is in a fight for survival in october there have been anti-government protests across the country one analyst says though that the government will try to portray baghdad his death as a big victory for the country in an attempt to divert attention away from the crisis the government is facing. now the polls some have closed in argentina are
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voters have been choosing their next president center left contender alberto fernandez his face in the incumbent. chris kuhn frustration over the economic crisis fernandez campaigns on the president's failure to stem oversee and inflation mockery has been in office since 2015 let's cross no 2 point as a reason it's reasonable is live for us we're still waiting for those 1st results to come in what are you hearing in argentina right now. while that's correct the 1st results are out we're hearing from the minister of interior at least basically saying that with 65 percent of the vote counted i let it go for now and that's why over 47 percent of the votes somehow you see my kitty $41.00 but this is only with 65 percent of the lowdown many are saying of those
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results do not include yet the results of the province of one of 5 years. in the past has generally voted for the fairness party so still we're hearing from the let's change party that's now we see a mockery sparty that they're asking people to remain no no no nothing is definite yet in spite of that we're here not far away from my read of the phone numbers the headquarters people are already celebrating chanting that the fairness party. i mean back many here believe that the. reference here help argentina can no more than normal economic growth and those supporters behind you there is a seem to be celebrating already but at the heart of this election is a rather serious issue and that is of course the the economy and it's ironic really because the income. but he was elected on
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a promise to think care of the economy but it seems given by the ends of cases you've just pointed to the electorate and i putting their faith back in the left. that's where i live so much of it came to power with a promise to fix what i didn't have and then make up or break a comic problems one crisis after another to solve it on one crisis with poverty rates up to 60 percent a default among other things like that yet i want them to go out and get the whole right to. increase our to start borrowing and increase before and that's argentina inflation rates are about at about 55 percent among other things and that's why one of the reasons why people are extremely angry with him expression what we are but what we do know that happening is that argentina right now is an extremely sensitive situation there doubt is going to be able to pay its
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commitments on its sovereign debt there is doubt of what's going to happen this coming monday and the past election during the primary elections there was a strong devaluation.


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