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she. liked the country and i'm lined up very much with. who travis that led me to the late president was. not all very much from the left and she's the spectrum. restoring credibility with the markets i think israel is a such i'll bet that this is a national moderate reassurance that it's hoping to be able to do not have how's your relationship treating those 2 actually worked out would be wrong if they leave the interesting things to say in argentina and you didn't get 3 months. the budget to actually improve relations with the rest of the world in general argentina snotty to. relations miss miss miss the. most changing times were exports and imports that would be absolutely crucial were armed it's a problem that never really solved in the past and should be a great tricky problem now fools who believe they can comment on harding thank you very much light america analyst and there has been an assassination attempt on 2
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government ministers and yemen the interior minister and transport minister managed to escape after a bomb a supplanting near where they were staying in shabab province as happened just a few hours after a deal between yemen's internationally recognized government and a southern separatist group was announced so a link draft of the saudi brokered deal with c. yemen's southern separatists included in a new cabinet of the internationally recognized government the separatists would be given half of the ministerial roles provided they are not involved in any fighting in a great areas the deal would also unite all forces from the southern transitional council and the government under the ministry of defense within 60 days. plenty more head of the news hour and getting a 12th day of demonstrations and lebanon will be live from the capital beirut. they survived a civil war and a polo by chimpanzees in sierra leone still face a dire future. and the sport was hamilton wins the mexican grand prix to do enough
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to win the overall type of. world leaders are saying the threat from eisel won't die out completely even though its leader of a car with daddy has been eliminated france and britain say has death the northwestern syria is it's an important moment but they will continue to work with allies in the middle east to defeat the group entirely our white house correspondent kimberly al queda ports on the u.s. raid that ended in the death of the world's most wanted man. a car i'll bet daddy is dead in a rare sunday morning news conference president donald trump announced to the world the leader of eisele had been hunted down and killed by u.s. forces he died like a dog he died like a coward trump says the u.s. confirmed the identity of abu bakr al baghdadi at the syrian compound minutes after
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he died using d.n.a. u.s. forces reportedly spent 2 hours at the site obtaining intelligence including eisel future plans well 3 children died in the raid 11 more were captured along with the small group of adults describing the raid in great detail from say u.s. special forces were met with gunfire as they descended from helicopters onto the northwest syrian compound where al baghdadi was hiding he was cornered in a tunnel where he detonated a suicide vest to avoid capture he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way and he had dragged 3 of his young children with him they were led to certain death. our big daddy had been under u.s. surveillance for weeks trump thank russia turkey syria and iraq for cooperation with the mission but he minimized the contribution of kurdish intelligence even as
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its kurdish fighters that for years helped the u.s. destroyer baghdad's caliphate trump says russia and turkey were even consulted in advance of the mission but not democratic leaders in the u.s. congress we were going to notify them last night but we decided not to do that because washington leaks like i've never seen before and i told my people we will not notify them until the great people are out not just in but out the u.s. defense secretary says the death of al baghdadi will be a devastating blow to eisele but countering the ideology will be more difficult but the president's supporters in congress believe this is a turning point the killing of 3. is a game changer in the war on terror like a scene reminiscent of the raid ordered by us president barack obama an al qaeda leader osama bin laden in 2011 truck watched the mission from the situation room of the white house he was surrounded by the u.s.
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vice president defense secretary national security adviser and the u.s. military's joint chiefs of staff president trying claims the death of isolator al big daddy is even more significant than president obama's 6 killing of al qaeda leader osama bin laden it's a headline trunks likely to play up as he campaigns for reelection 2020 kimberly helped at al jazeera the white house some of the injured a joins us live from a tehran the turkey syria border so we're talking about. what is there's been a success or was there somebody in line to to take over or something like this happens have a diety. well michel we've been hearing from various sources trying to figure out who's going to be the successor for big daddy because i still is no longer an organization which but god he created it is a shadow of itself it is an insurgency in various sleeper cells in the desert parts
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of syria and iraq so far there has been no announcement as yet made many people on social media have been discussing about the cardassian his name who was 6 and was nominated successor by isis propaganda back in august but again there is no real whereabouts where this person is whether he was taken out in one of the strikes that have been carried out by united states and its coalition partners so it is a wait and see but i still don't longer exists as a body which had its own self declared caliphate it had about 10000000 people living under its regime it is now an ideology and the bigger question is that what will be done by these countries where these many many recruits from iceland came through and were able to find their calling in i still because of lack of opportunities lack of jobs disenfranchisement heavy handedness by the government
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and we've seen more of those things in iraq and syria now as it used to be in 2014 when i still came about on the turkish front we've been hearing from the turkish government asking for an investigation on what was the movement of the inside syria how he was he transferred from iraq into syria where did he move from what location to the other and how did he end up so close to the turkish border we're also hearing from the turkish government that there have been multiple arrests of suspected isis fighters and affiliates in the capital ankara and in northern turkey $32.00 people have been arrested so it is an ongoing situation this seems to have spurred up a lot of a truck. a lot of attention to words and its sleeper cells in various parts of the world because a lot of capitals across the globe are bracing themselves because this could also mean that a threat from an organization such as i said which is sleeper cells all over the world has become more prominent. i for us thank you and my
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dad he was from iraq and he declared his so-called caliphate in mosul that's when tashi going to aim joins us live so as someone just pointed out you know but daddy could be gone but it's a philosophy that still exists and in the aftermath of what he did still exists as well and what it what are people they are still going to. people will be living with the trauma that baghdadi and i caused this country and in syria as well for at least a generation people are telling us of course they're happy that the world is rid of abu bakar baghdadi but they're they're saying how can we be happy when we are suffering when our lives are full of devastation nowhere is that more readily apparent than here in the city of mosul behind me is the grand mosque with that distinctive green dome and what once was a leaning minaret it was
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a landmark not only here in mosul but in iraq it was on some of the money so it's no surprise that in 2014 al baghdadi chose that mosque to introduce himself to the world today that he was the leader of i thought and ironically richelle in 2017 i thought return to that mosque bombed it as they made their retreat when government forces retake the city of mosul. many people. continue to live in. are still mourning. and then i got to know one another we have been greatly home by this terrorist organization by those gangsters who have no distinction between the young and the old the muslims and non muslims everyone has been harmed in one way or another once we had the news we jumped for joy simply because we have suffered for years they have no mercy many families lost their loved ones because of those terrorists.
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among. the residents and they were all delighted by the death of the sinful person named abu buckaroo of the dati he was the cause of destruction and we're all delighted to hear the news man has smeared the religion he along with other ice offer to have nothing to do with islam. you know how i hope that all of his calls tom to millions of people namely the residents of mosul no one was spirit the old the young men and women we were very happy to hear the news of his killing what benefit has he gained thousands were killed i lost my wife children including a newborn baby because of him. what he did. part part of part of. the attempt to erase the cultural heritage of iraq and now hopefully this building behind me will be restored to its former glory unesco is partnering with the united arab emirates in
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a 5 year plan to rebuild my. name there and mosul force thank you. and lebanon roads are being blocked in the capital beirut as part of a 12th day of demonstrations demanding change and sunday tens of thousands form a human chain stretching almost the entire length of the coastline from north to south demonstrators aim to present a united front in their calls for the government to resign because of corruption and mismanagement of the economy stephanie decker joins us live now from beirut so stephanie is there any indication that there is any type of movement on the government's part to to the demands of the protesters who have are now going on almost 2 weeks. well certainly not in the sense of the main demand which is that the government stands down yes we had that announcement of economic reforms so from the prime minister but it's not enough it can see one of the tactics being employed. by the protesters is that they've actually even
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brought in so far as they boarded mattresses some of them will spend the night here there's food being handed out there's a fridge and a lot of people who will sit here late into the night debating about where we are at this point and how we're going to go forward. over there not everyone happy with what is happening here this is one of the main highways to. to the capital beirut so those people who are trying to get to work trying to move around the city will have seen some prostrated motorist trying to break through the blockades some of the protesters would jump on the car to try and stop them so you have a real mix of people here this is obviously normal people from across the divide you also have we're going to try and speak to a lebanese music well known musicians that haven't done your hair we're live on al-jazeera english tell me why you're here what's the message what are you trying to achieve by being here. my main goal of the year is to remove a government. in my opinion is super corrupted. i voted in
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2016 and was hoping for change. a very little part of the lebanese society voted they did not believe in the system or the electoral law i hope that now and at the extent of machinery that they are reached they are ready to remove the government through protests and to us before and speeded election and then we can see who they believe now because they were forced i think in the last election to vote for their warlords and it doesn't work anymore when i ask how difficult is this going to be there is a system in place here that's been in place for a very long time i mean how difficult i mean yes the people remain on the streets but there are challenges ahead here i think the only obstacle between the achievement of the revolution and the things that things remain the same is the fear we really have
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a part of. we have of militias in the country we have weapons and we can see around us in most of the arab countries how bloody. overthrowing the system has been so there's a little fear but bigger than this fear is to be a huge love for each other. i think. through the last week that they're really they're ready to settle for us they're ready to. they're ready to sacrifice everything to achieve their goals and even if they're threatened and beaten and shot but every day we hope that. we won't reach the point that even the people in the militias have reached a point that they have to abandon their their leaders because they have. nothing as lived thank you very much so that is
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a very common message here is that the people want change and it comes to simple things like jobs like electricity the fact that this country's been mismanaged this is a tiny country richelle that has one of the biggest debts in the world it is a country also that's under strain of over a 1000000 syrian refugees one in 4 of the population is syrian refugees there are no jobs elektra's city and water don't work there there's been a garbage crisis at the bickering of the politicians what people will tell you trying to work out the best to their own advantages at the cost of the people at the cost of the country is the message of what's going on here so again the question is how long is the government going to let this go on for you have the army here you have security forces there's been fears that they were going to try and use force to dismantle these roadblocks that hasn't happened yet but yes everyone will also hear like how long is are they going to allow this to go on for or are we going to hear from any of the major players in the government as to any further changes their body knows at this point in time that people are staying on the streets it certainly seems like they're not going anywhere anytime soon
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stephanie decker live for us in beirut stuff thank you. the state of emergency in chile has ended following 2 weeks of protests against the cost of living presence abashment banana made the announcement as thousands joined peaceful demonstrations in the capital santiago and he's promising reforms and what he calls a new social pact after firing the cabinet to form a new government at least 19 people were killed and hundreds enjoyed in protests and mission i rise in train fares. i mean ited states california's governor has declared an emergency as multiple wildfires are burning out of control almost 200000 people have been ordered to leave their homes amid fears hurricane force winds that help the fire spread or salome has the latest wind gusts of around 140 kilometers an hour are fueling the flames in the heart of california's wine country the fire began wednesday and is only 10 percent contained putting people and property at risk dozens of structures have burned to the ground we've got rates of spread that are extremely dangerous at this point with erratic fire behavior and
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nearly 200000 people have been advised to leave home the largest evacuation the county has ever seen but the california highway patrol closed parts of a main evacuation route sunday morning due to 0 visibility and there's growing concern the fire will cross the highway to an area that hasn't seen fires in decades and as a result is covered in dense drive vegetation that area hasn't seen any fire history since the 1940 s. so that the fuels in that area are extremely dense they're extremely old and decadent and strangely dry the so-called kinkaid fire along with the tick fire in suburban los angeles are the biggest of several blazes plaguing california during its traditional wildfire season when high winds and low humidity make for hazardous conditions the impact stretches far beyond evacuation zones california's pacific gas and electric the utility company is cutting power to nearly
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a 1000000 homes and businesses to minimize the risk of power lines sparking additional fires. as many as 3000000 people could be affected the company has already filed for bankruptcy in the face of lawsuits from last year's wildfire season while this year's may just be getting started kristen salumi al-jazeera. and a few minutes we will have weather. everton still ahead also on al-jazeera suffering in silence the stigma many were hendra refugee men are too ashamed to talk about. is a coup being planned in bolivia president palmer alice thanks so we have the latest on the disputed reelection and then scored a groundbreaking win for tiger woods in japan sauna will happen.
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hello there the super psyched for next storm in the arabian sea still giving course the concern along the coast of oman it's making its way towards the shores but i suspect it's not going to make landfall but you can see it's a really well organized system this one clearly marked i on the storm now it's maximum intensity at the moment but is it equivalent to a category 4 hurricane such a very powerful system it will run down towards should stay offshore but we are still looking at right current she looking at some very big seas i think there is likely to be some coastal flooding as we go on through the the coming days and southern parts of india are also looking at concerned with still a clutch of storms rolling through sri lanka could see some flooding here this may well develop into a tropical system over the next few days and again drift out into the arabian sea further north we could do with some rain up towards northern plains new delhi smoke
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problems here course at the recent far worse in and around the area that has led to more pollution issues across those northern parts of india no somebody right in the forecast here it does stay dry it a bit of cloud rolling through but the wet weather that will continue across those southern parts of india a chance of some flooding into parts of the and also carola and possibly to the passes for lanka. good weather sponsored by countdown anyway. in a world of alternative facts and truths unfiltered social media spreads misinformation unfavorable reports become fake amusing fake phony the enemy of the people and press freedom is under attack. in a brand new documentary series we explore the media landscape roseville here's how our journalists the world over are coming to terms with this new reality and finding ways to challenge mainstream misconceptions whose truth is it anyway coming soon on a. overthrown and exiled they appoint again saying. through
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all all this race which in you i mean to much film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the truest fortune spot and we will not negotiate this issue is that all along with a long trip change things return of a president on al-jazeera. you're watching all the top stories right now the european union has agreed to britain
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until the end of january for prime minister for strong and sparks a deal. 3 days time. passed another delay to give them more time to scrutinize. argentina to get a new president at a worsening economic crisis president conceded defeat to center left candidate alberta fernandes who won more than 47 percent of the. draft power sharing deals been agreed to between an internationally recognized government and a separatist group it aims to end fighting in the port city of which the transitional council in august. summer hendra men and boys who escaped the genocidal campaign in 2 years ago say they were sexually abused by security forces there they fled to bangladesh along with 3 quarters of a 1000000 of the muslim minority tendre chaudhry has more from cox's bazaar. in this world's largest refugee camp there are many who suffers in silence on able to
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share their trauma because of extreme shame and stigma we met up with a 41 year old man who says he was tortured and sexually assaulted by me on maher soldiers who didn't want to be identified. by him beat me up badly then i was just a good reply woman kept me there to ford in the morning the very thought of this brutal experience makes me going to see her depression i feel traumatized i go through much mental anguish and pain most of the time it's unbearable. research by the u.s. base woman refugee commission in myanmar from systematic targeted premeditated sex and violence committed against men and boys you. i don't hear much about sexual violence against men and boys rights group and there are a significant number of male rape victims but they're very ashamed to come forward and talk about their ordeal and that they're largely overlooked and neglected by
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humanitarian agencies another 45 year old man says he was sexually assaulted by me on my trips in 2006 he suffers from chronic depression. they stripped me naked in 1st bird treated with a stick then one of the border policeman raped me later they sent me to jail even if the justice my trauma will never end only my death will relieve me from this pain just a few days ago a friend of mine with a similar experience in a recent international organization for migration study 14.2 percent of the male growing the respondents say they are victims of sexual violence this year we've we started to train staff caseworkers dealing specifically with sexual violence survivors and the services are in their infancy right now but it's something we've definitely identified to be. in the world's largest refugee camp
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the humanitarian response and services from male sexual violence survivors and next to nothing living most of the victims without any counseling or help. to prolong cox's bazar hitter haynes is a senior counsel for legal action worldwide the organization organization that has submitted reports to the international criminal court on behalf of the male rape survivors he joins us via skype from birmingham thank you very much for your time how difficult is it to really get an accurate number of victims of just how bad are widespread this is well it's very one of. remarkable features is that such is the cultural. reluctance to show men to. discuss these matters that many of these men did not in fact even seek medical help farm. just to give you some idea.
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l a w represents about 90 to 100 met but so far only about 10 percent of those who felt able to come forward and tell their stories there's no doubt in my mind that. the charting of these men was part of a wider campaign of apartheid peugeot even genocide many of them were attacked in this way because of their significance to the community community leaders or religious cables. so what what is that the avenue for justice that that you and your organization are pursuing well there are many tracks this. karajan and one of the better word to the i.c.c. to investigate crimes in. it is merely the 1st if has difficulties
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because of course milan maher is not a state's party to the grand statute and absent a resolution or security council it's very difficult to investigate crimes in manama but the court has indicated that it will investigate certain crimes which have a link to bangladesh and. the crimes of deportation. persecution r.p. genocide. the prosecution asked to be allowed to investigate and that is receiving a great deal of support from victims bloops in particular nor who represent about 500 of the victims and i hope this bizarre. the trial chamber chamber international criminal court could make a relatively swift decision to tremendous investigations because the
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investigations could not just look at the culpability of the perpetrators but look at the financing of the commission of crimes in my own model and so on and so forth which the international criminal court has put the wrong. because it seems like that what you're describing is is not a case of one soldier doing this or another soldier is it assists demick situation that we're describing like this this is part of what they do as a whole yes i mean the u.n. fact finding mission stram the crimes with a large response. and orchestrates chapman's or and the or storage. in finance through companies and organizations who have an interest in clearance of the returning it from mine. ok peter hain with the legal action worldwide senior counsel for that organization thank you very
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much mr raines my question. the driver of a truck to contain the bodies of $39.00 people is appearing in a u.k. court but it's robinson is facing charges of manslaughter people trafficking and money laundering the 25 year old was arrested shortly after the container truck was discovered last week the identities of some of the victims are still to be confirmed that britain has sent documents to vietnam's government for checks on 4 of the 39 people found dead a protest in haiti's capital calling for the president to resign ended in violence the protesters set up roadblocks across border prints with some lighting fires and throwing stones at police on sunday officers responded by firing tear gas protesters accuse president children and weeks of corruption and economic mismanagement a.t.'s seen weeks of fuel shortages. but recent eastern germany have shown their support for the far right the alternative for germany party more than doubled its vote in sunday's election and. it wasn't enough to stop the ruling far
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left wing party from winning as well on a miracle christian democrats suffered a setback coming in 3rd. but he is president has agreed to an audit of election results which sparked a week long protests alice was named outright winner of the presidential poll giving him a 4th term in power but the opposition accuses him of fraud after 2 or halt it john heilemann has more from. a could build though in la paz a civil society meeting allowed by bolivia's constitution this one's been called by those angry over the last sunday's election which gave 3 term president ever more a list another outright victory the european union and the organization of american states but both expressed doubts over the electoral process was leading opposition candidate carlos messer went further alleging fraud in going to new york
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20th we express the most important rights that we have the right to vote it's the maximum expression of individual and collective will and once again even murali is mistaking himself like so many other times wanted to rob us of the election was those who decided on a strike in the capital for monday to keep the pressure on the government protesters have already blocked roads for 3 days in the south of lapides a strike in the industrial hub santa cruz is now in its 5th day was that was their daily protests. but president moralists has strong support too few dispute that he won the election the question is if he had the 10 percent lead necessary to avoid a 2nd round he spent his 60th birthday in his stronghold the district of cochabamba making a show of examining the military has repeatedly called the protests a coup and the fundamentalists obama and the look trophy love villa in the district
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of cochabamba to all the bolivia people different social groups up to occur in just a buddha taught in the next week but he also said that he was in agreement with the solution proposed by the organization of the americans. nor did the vote which would be binding whatever it so their investigation comes up with was your position todo to 0 they agree with that plan to your reactions to the so they're hoping to start that would by the middle of the week the think that the spokes are here to express down the view was expressed really to good spirits good to the public good or bad i said i can say i know you said yes if the government accepts the order it's because they already have everything modified and read what we want is for them to know the selection and to have a really clean vote. the result showing let's move them hard for percent between a 2nd ground and an outright win for president rallies everything here is still at stake was to hold with out ziva look. early results when there was
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a presidential election suggest there could be a runoff vote and a ruling leftist candidate daniel martinez and his main opponent fail to get the 50 percent vote share needed to win outright so this means they brought from party is at risk of losing power for the 1st time in 15 years it's been under fire for failing to revive a weak economy presidential runoff is likely in november 25 year old sanctuary for chimpanzees is in a conservation success story in sierra leone it's endorsed civil war and the ebola outbreak but it's not my nature supports i'm talking gama its future is under threat along with the apes forest home it's. another orphan chimpanzee is brought to the tucker got my son jury every month that he's the new arrival here comes a vision is say for every baby chip rescued 8 to 10 adults or youngsters may have
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been killed. but even more warnings about people loss of their habitat the destruction that is going on is not sustainable in the sense of.


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