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tv   Egypts Squash Champions  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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regime it was and the office of spy chief a better understanding of the documents which reveal the collaboration between british and libyan intelligence services on al-jazeera. alone or entire nandan the top stories around his era lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has submitted his resignation to the country's president following 13 days of anti-government protests hariri says he's reached a dead end and dealing with the other president in demonstrations and violence that have paralyzed the country so holder has more from beirut. unrest in the streets of beirut running battles in the heart of the lebanese capital. police moved in after hundreds of men allied with political parties in power attacked the outside government demonstrators who have been in the streets for almost 2 weeks
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demanding the ruling elite leaves office the prime minister saddle how d.d. has now handed his resignation letter to the president fashion for 13 days the lebanese people have waited for a decision for a political solution that would stop the deterioration and i have tried during this period to find a way out to listen to the people's voice and to protect the country from economic security and social changes today i will not hide from you i have reached a dead end it is time for us to have a big shock to face the crisis. the crisis is threatening civil peace the protest movement doesn't enjoy the support of the entire country has been law is among a number of groups backing the government. oh they chant the name of their leader hassan nasrallah the iranian backed movement believes there is a campaign to topple the governing coalition to change the balance of power in favor of the pro western alliance protesters deny those accusations so definitely
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some people try to take advantage of this entire revolution movement whereby they will try to ride this wave and it's normal but the majority of the people on the streets are not the city is a very political party there are celebrations in the streets how did his resignation is seen as a welcome 1st step but what protesters are asking for is radical change early elections and an end to political sectarianism easier said than the question is will this trigger now a process by which hezbollah which is the critical player in the background as well as the president michel aoun and has already admitted some. will those people agree to a technocrat government that would mean giving up power so far the governing alliance says it will be toppled only through constitutional means maybe hoping his decision to resign will pressure his coalition partners to make concessions
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a hezbollah led government needs political cover from someone like heidi who enjoys the support of the international community what began as a spontaneous protest movement is now a political crisis that spilled onto the streets lebanon's fault lines are deep and it's unclear what happens next a political vacuum a precarious situation a divided street an economy grinding to a halt lebanon has been here before and like in the past it is the security of the country which is facing the biggest risk. beirut. techies president says tens of thousands of kurdish led forces have withdrawn from the border zone in northeast syria or egypt or better ones as russian officials told him the withdrawal was complete ahead of a deadline they'd been set to keep poorest its military campaign in syria earlier this month after 1st reaching a deal with the u.s. and then with russia under the russian agreement kurdish forces were ordered to move away from the turkish border by 1500 g.m.t.
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on tuesday russian and turkish forces say they'll now start joint patrols to create a safe path for syrian refugees to return. kryten except to hold its 1st december election in almost a century the prime minister burst johnson getting support from opposition parties for the early vote. johnson called the election an effort to gain a majority in parliament and break the political deadlock of a brics it. he's hoping to hold a vote on december the 12th m.p.'s have just rejected a labor party proposal for december the 9th which comes as the e.u. formally granted britain a 3rd delay to the brics it deadline. those are the top stories do stay with us al-jazeera world is coming up next and you can always catch up on our website our desire to call.
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have anything they have a good then. come into mine had them i can see that this mean in the. senate that he would. start it. very very curious thank you for. the. investment u.s. open more champion ronny you know what really. is.
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it works in the household. and it's course most here to lie low in the genes are not about same. the kind of more from him i will north of article study skills course also. and i will model most of it takes a few up to thailand for the squash fed they would fit one of the lot. more but although i am not for easy work at the mystical we. come our modern way then look to sell more suitable tool and. if it failed they can be. told to the
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animal for the bin you were not my brother was as i later let that name for a little find the little fairly well those were not told to i live in fear. and i would. often find a look at our model in at the last. fed they would fit in the little little tool of the. exactitude it was on a mostly cytometry well for the york times and a 10 year final battle faded exactly as your own will find them without fear exactly resume and of activity can it be to get them squashed almost or let me know where we're worried all day and this has to. we're going to. cite our web site. now some are a lot of trouble all of a sudden the straightest a member let me. and i was more a little squash it's a lot of work you know that can fail and be date. radical.
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left still there was a lot about same for machine. holy camel by the kid i come in the lab and from that if you want mandolin there's a sign at this out same by the of some a synonym going to. say that again they seem bothered to come to an hour although i'm a sure winner. and kept in the 30 little of the about. most of the exhibitors the island fit again. to get the. scores for the. so at this out scene. if it ever gets played. oh.
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sally was. in the she you know. i love the shorter discourse for most the most about muslim but the love that we like to look. at i was question that i am a little of there will be too thin the only think. people are 10 year but it's.
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can exclude i have line included but i deal with them in. the house said they had been ordered on this question most low had them try it if you hadn't you will hide from a lot of that you. said at the focus of the message you with this and the whole 7 it must mean for the painful pain. in a machine that you. thank. you
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i get a good thing you mean. it. well michelle made that same initially in the land then hi annie and omega genetic they might reveal crazy now if we go to live in a little valley like waiting for poor muslim crazy until it's washed and then up falls in kenya to. elf and they are going to take another woman's way and get there with a laugh i get how you get a hand in a mohave of course charley. and then of course international mother nametags who had you going after ireland the analysts say if you had fun i had the squash and the now audible head on with their feet it's deliberate if you know if you variations. for us and there was a job that i get. a massage clear of with no more time i share america caylee.
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in a full foster liberated by the mysterious i get from my lab and there are angles marianela like we are going to be lab what i'll be able to what i will have a live action that will have to load them bangle my own week some of the e.m.i. and. probably its little squirrel who could to tell us a little i'm actually a private militia clearly which i will talk to you the one where head out of the lesson and i'm looking at not very anaemic dynamic today i'm in a similar sawyer. and i couldn't have been ill moms woman and the 2 daughters was nowhere in our little bottle. says with an a and i can and it is as in the ballad it's not about all of sudden in an effort. for the say you want me walkabout i'm in if it's in below will come. but to clear the. norman and not be. ill or let's fill the lead
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attorney. if it. open then. and it had me so far an opportunity and money aside from its one and. they had british open kind of. one of. the in the man i mean. we all meet in. the same it. without a doubt that this harder by the. day is harder to get them in the. sub in the home. or the. british open. the senate. and was there when you were lucky.
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and you know. they were at the audition. for the home. if you haven't then you are able to land in with. a backbone we give them. more with an island that the closer to home as long as i was on the ocean with south ocean and then i like you did the minute i would it and then a drawl before she would what i mean i'm seen. that rushes and again has the. awesome though to flatten a bit when i'm there's a touch of light that the duchess and i bang gaze and then i get to be good then they were laid with me funny when can you tell me funny a lot last time not a lot of the. men who were very mean and. everyone that i knew. who did i even. wrote on the home but i don't. know my committal pretty all the
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racecourse. if you know you. and if you're not of the.
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thank. you i guess you could lead to. a few little at the end of the egyptian way. but that school is. a little. joke right. last. season. hit in the head
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a game that. i get. for the best and. then we had mostly. for the. elderly 7 opportunities. and there it is. a performance the rumor. she absolutely dominates is full gain some candidates only this question must be. within our midst of this. remake of the. end of the line up it is that we saw. with
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a lie in the. way. a fellow. man in. the us i've got enough in my lab. that buckley the illness will let the lobby have him can and must leave with all that they can get then and men are good then is the hope of the poor. mostly model female maybe i will send the books. when there's a good object of my and one of the most then. a minister of the hospital what i machine fished out a little in with a miniature of the bahama in the middle of your name commanding up in my loop. of the bahama. lemon a shot that's not i'm not an engine ought to be able to afford them. and then it minimal the a. little
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. bit. in that i'm also a out the money with a. high gain here who would be i would be after i got to. do i think if he added lay back here to good then. and how i got my usual 30 found it being within a dozen or so if out into the me is me that there may have been one i would have been hagen if you did then would have. maybe been a fan of. going to event. enough or so when he. would have been as though i don't know that i'm. going to behave benoist better than him or her by the bucket so about annoyed nick so annoy you or you just need
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to do so in a way if you leave mussina and go home talentless well done had been you know i don't shit on the head with a knee and you don't know without a doubt the animals we've done had to do we had to finish well would have and i think. squash. was so one of them and in the course of that i was question of a member. in my lab and then i hope the enough in my lab. with a b.s. in my lab. with. them and i'm going to give them.
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what they have to take the lead but there are. many many. sets in my lab to build. it out of them it at about 8 times or so right in the hope that they're. in it i made. a mental at them it's actually i'm a lot to them and for most of us up to most of what any of our main. or vomit is it you know is is would them it is our brain quoted in my lab head. of team is the name of many know a lot of lehman for kurdish ness that he led by the element by not of damon wanna. be made with david there were no words have been had it for the squash. when shelley lived it had about 4 exit. how typical of
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him. a man has said it will in an live action it's harder when hannah lohan. you know because we had a god damn it almost isn't meg mark up with into a lot of almost sort of almost. 15 minute handle hannah. you know national them well of course i mean hannah whatsoever i met wash and i got a new water. mag morelli then whine about me to show you i said no lady in the game when i thought of us. which is our national however vikki they can live with them this. is an unfair. sprint's with their job. they were left in the lives of those of their what would
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make them better but at the meetin that above in the land of the. we are surrounded by phylum. then i get that but i am i guess i'll begin a fairly an international level and the law is one helen in all. of them. good then and it's time for stock to an out of the early one except. another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment of phillis bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horror of the relentless taliban onslaught. with faith
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a witness documentary. on al-jazeera. there is grown in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and find out very quickly with no look even news from some nations prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be shown that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. the bold the magnet for tourists from around the globe the behind the picturesque landscape young men leaping to bars with groups in syria when i went east investigates on al-jazeera.
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0. every. i don't want to undermine the top stories on out lebanon's prime minister has offered his resignation bowing to one of the central demands of anti-government protesters saad hariri says he's reached a dead end in dealing with the demonstrations that have paralyzed the country the lebanese government has failed to fix the struggling economy which is close to collapse he made the announcement shortly after his supporters tore through a protest protest camp in beirut torching tents and chasing away demonstrators whatever he's government is dominated by factions on i'd with hizbollah the most powerful armed group in the country and a hunter has more on how the protester affecting lebanon's political divisions what
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they have been shouting the past 30 days really is all of that nobody is excluded they're all involved in corruption there this is what people here have been saying but you know it was that the ruling alliance really has lost a lot of support on the street in the past 13 days the very fact that you see supporters of hezbollah beating up those testers who are really peacefully demonstrating and words coming from hezbollah secretary general hartmann are like using the people here of being linked to foreign embassies or receiving funds from foreign embassies it really angered the street so it's going to be very difficult for the ruling alliance really to regain at the support that they have lost. turkey's president says tens of thousands of kurdish led forces have withdrawn from a border zone in northeast syria. to one says russian officials told him the withdrawal was complete ahead of
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a deadline they'd set the kurds to he paused its military campaign in syria earlier this month after 1st reaching a deal with the u.s. and then with russia under the russian agreement kurdish forces were ordered to move away from the turkish border by 1500 g.m.t. on tuesday. britain is set to go to the polls on december the 12th after a majority of m.p.'s backed british prime minister boris johnson's bid for an early election johnson called the election in an effort to break the political deadlock of a brics it an attempt by opposition m.p.'s to push the date forward by 3 days was defeated the vote still needs to gain final approval from the house of lords because the top stories do stay with us out as their world continues next on the back after that with full news i hope you join me then thanks for watching i felt. absolutely got to stay positive with the struggling. she goes i mix up. cost of.
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so. much so when. we look at the power that she gets through the legs. this question must be worth it in that it is they and the thought of hamas and the and the right anyway that being an 8100 you can afford to squash. that showed that was the end but that only a. in the heart of that you had to fly in part on the scene in one big. game and musty and always will find out that again 2 of them yesterday action walked out of game said shop and i'll stand by him good question must be up to me i said on your t.v. . i thought that the for the will 50 had a fanatical funny and that name in the lot the quarrel with them at that one our
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mission the last time we got a maestro in ohio. or only i will tell you that there is sentiment there and. it is a b. i make it 11 ahead of us and the doubt that they took and it. gives you what i'm getting that we should number one have i will get on the short we're going hammer the show bug you we need a week here. oh. he's got it he's got to already. let's go through 3. 0 this is i'm. sure you're.
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living. under supervision of say anything about to mom or. dad comes and they leave. you to look in them that i found i was privileged and then. or. phonology i had. eyes he that he should be. my son and when if his beauty i found. in. a mission in a up there way ahead. and the more he would tell him and then it. must not have any real will be selling them all have to i'm just had to be
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a mule have had not. my. thighs and i can do no arts oh sure there is a scandal that is the short of a sort of. venom and nestled in the middle of your. 2 from my heart out. a little. as are you but. the message. sent to live it on the show where nobody normal showed very close course. for me sure of the 2 hour i went is.
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oh. go to sleep so much room to room stories. this was very lucky was what she said and then if a quarter billy hutchinson missy had 7. lookin to land on him and under a bin lemsip tom. tom get it home. and in about of the. you know what i mean shoot. what i meant. from that if i can with the home then a muscle tear they said give it a good then i was washed i must need to work as a bush ally let me thank you our thank you thank you for your courage 1st thank
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you thank you thank you when she said in a lamb british open champion it is rather. be with am. going. very happy girl so we were that's the goal we were both the world might say. look at that telling. me i should or can win if it's not in the body that even you know. even those men know what to do. and they. always about how far can you walk and in the next. 911 must go on and i have been how will. go in the national id how does that the how you can but you've been a little. girl boy do. we
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see the ridiculous. oh. they were. much. work. thank. you. i'll see you know most. of them on this one of this question but then we have this question. with
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a lock or is that what you. and i went up on the bus for in this quest. when. i'm going to 100. with lifted what might that. let me. get you to be what the my how little you know got you did. i wish i had a little more how about we can. thank you thank you. thank you sir most. obvious question i'd be surprised how. many. in the surf
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a god of life. wouldn't let. a gunman in minutes get in a brilliant middle by many he said the bin bin must roof when i think mission. in the day yeah then after i would have left so many minutes bad to get. because in the. interim the. architect. them of a bunch of. code that isn't. all
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the. way. but the whole. lot of.
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2 the height of the human. that. cheney. is going to want to head off i've always been and it needs. to with a mind though if that's true. and i'm certain they are going in that little thing out at the front of a computer just in that area but feed them on yours and you will call her a bit difficult to swallow monkey can defend my nickel is worth all mine
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a lot of them mishmosh i didn't and all. i want to give the name of you here. with out on the. net and on the. we should. take a leaf 11. and a half with that many in the. bottle. my own with my own take a leave that here a. lot of mysteries he saw fairly well with a lot of us i mean alignment exception of a sort of best answer. for the lot of gays old i over so if i can measure the height that he has a man was silent for a case about the if is war most out of. the muddle of any fallin with. 1000000 or would learn about in all my clean one home
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a lot of. squash were not the that was squash valerie and a woman whom good then good then. able to run on them at a similar levels but it did in the level of a lot. of us had the. game it goes on for the lord. that people are. able to keep. the little island with us not with the whole of us on our bus home where had little home our house denial
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a moment in which that infant. committed . they are going. well whenever i. am they've been in. the us have been there. would have been from lebanon. to go to a lot of. average listen. to a lot of their.
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time you know how many of. the how to love. and i saw my 1st. in the south most of us and the salad. bar 100 and over that. i will have more on. my sentiments about this on. a cash show and then you want to. let's see and i see they are given. less of a lemon nixon was all over them a little too long a national gordon was sung on the theme will follow who are the limits. and there
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are clinton was always on the facade them the only thing at the. very early in the band. and hijacked american. damon. blah blah blah blah blah to be like your movie modern you mean any higher to make foolish way or the other part of. the problem in a few popular yachtsman heloc to marry a police force how many people work for the lead can feel as good as them how are we able to get them we are all damn happy in gazette.
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go in the. season. that fee to go is. on that. i hold. that they did this season. the cult on the fake and then the semifinal of the. haiti way about on the. get in they have to live by the suburbs of them and go is. this awesome you know what i bought their home in the uk and went ahead with a behavior that you. might identify the 2nd is about and they knew when this man the hag knew it i hate. it system but on that me she's awful
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and there you go is. no way i get. all that. much. what you wrote. thank you. l.n. . little cafe him and i laughed. and had the machine all the economy up squash. and then a gallop. and then a lot of i believe. we can sob and sob and if i mean it and i follow every motorway or i had a final motorway even lower. i mean safe it is. sad.
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sad. and sad body hill who saw it open much 7. yeah i must say thank you so much for me i was going 1st thing throughout the entire tournament. i know he's disappointed to not win this time i am too and i wish he could have been holding the trophy today with me but i'm sure he will next time. hang a logo in a way if i'm wrong or that i am in in a minute. the little double stuff on the moon. and then off enough the. warfalla. they can and. about for
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a game about russian on the on the much school. bus about. going to 3. and then the attic when much of. that almost all at their lunacy. will tell you that another idea in that line in the course. i feel like to feel i belong but a. campaign of. it's not that i'm gay i'm not that they think the nations mission. i would medium to home
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a salon and even i should say flattered that i did not allow the miss you know initiate my way as you know we. both side of the all to enjoy going to bed enjoy the never about a book i had at all but i. you know live. by them or we both follow. their money in it yeah they write us and break up the. break and then we're making the list out of in. pakistan. course. ballot pakistan and he was. telling you you were the last muslim shorten it of. course let's see any. course we had again from them of
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a hole in your colon. and the music lesson had been a little. lesson for their techniques that allow a machine well beyond what we call actionable sort might happen in course or some lower level that a little of the plenty but when the boss of the low level on a long day or an annex a limo service or don't get at the mccollum and later it's in there for a call along the. line then i'm going to question it that's a whole edward bennett was there when you were fairly with a local like a lobotomy and with a kid in the hallway to do it they knew how to mark their orders of architecture while you walk that island mostly how we were stuck they were mostly. much less than most of the squash. slayer in that area. more up from what layer yanni made the front of my lab in for a month or. more got much worse you had supported by a few more than my school slot machine marvin blathered had the head to head. of
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what he was like the lower freshman i was but i was not. the sort of. the hag or mccoy liver surely if you haven't had getting the labor leader both of you have in the british race malev has stumbled over the typical of the oldest question most of the whole class and it's so whereby i let me and so it. to gary and you only as question though that healthy than often get i'm exceed i'm in the personal costs. than sponsor's wrong the other has an focal length that any one with up a little more so would a lot lower not sort of that it is your own attitude in the thought of course had to finish that them in the here to sponsor this course at the scene a start of a labor had to force their start after the labor has evolved malaysia has details and then up to all of the circular cycles with it did you know this was a failure and i will fill him in to finish the financial phone call i had enough
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with you with often they are either helpful at it and they are technically. well in the game you know if you get it and you know mark tindall. that i hook him and me. and he can there's no way.
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had across southern regions of australia but at the same time finally we are seeing some rain through the interior through much of queensland that cloud a good indication is coming down from the north so as i say some much needed rain it won't do much to. the drop it will begin to have some impact meanwhile 25 celsius wednesday in brisbane generally the mid twenty's along that to south and east coast 23 celsius in perth adelaide 33 day. ahead of this next system mostly sunny skies some clouds maybe just a shower thursday into perth with a hive 18 degrees celsius and then across. generally have in the forecast it's really going to be wednesday that we have the highest. we've got to
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20 celsius. 60 and in fact it's a dry a bright day but quite a bit cooler in christchurch just 14 degrees celsius and we've had days of rain and then some dry. in that dry spell right now so looking pretty good on wednesday this storm system well out of the picture. picking up some good sunshine across much of the korean peninsula and then by thursday but it streaming into the. tokyo 20. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth worker zanny this week claiming its image by putting its young resident behind the camera. this truth be don't often hear told by the people who live them. in the news this is you're out
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on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks if you've been on point mostly young people come here to get to meet with the police with detail coverage was meant to be a chance for people from different walks of life to political affiliations to work together to shake their futures together from around the world not many people physical new type of thing all of these front pages represent is a much older title. the 1st hand glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the age of donald trump we are fighting the fake fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your legs on the cities or down the press is not after truck after the we're not the enemy of the people we
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are the people the usa the current battle ground truth is it anyway. this is. a this is the al jazeera news out live from london coming up. celebrations in lebanon as prime minister saad hariri submit his resignation i was off to his brother supporters test through a protest camp in beirut.


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