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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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well i'm a public all of. them m. alameda and i will model a little square she followed our lead a la blocker though that can fallon be date. by the kid. never. thought about scene from machine. holy camel by the kid i come in the lead now from that if you want my nobel in there's a sun at this out same by the of some a seen him going to. see it again. but of the. although i. can captain it's very little of the world with enough was in the model most of the island fit again. to be. moms of computer discourse that's. been scorched for the. summit this out seem. to get. the vote.
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tally what is. the outcome i. abandon the. shorter discourse for most the most about muslim blood that we like to look. at the . question that i am a little or they will be too thin the only think. people are 10 year but it.
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does a. little bit too little too little had been is about. in the part of a. city. i mean it would get. comfy hostile and could talk e.b.i.t. any. of those sort of. squash a natural phenomenon the. point of a satanist condemn. and that's what i got to look at all that's what i got off my lot although. me it was a macho cool. and hip hop that's not. possible.
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in this class line included but i deal with them in. the house said they had been ordered on the squash most low had to try it if you hadn't you will write about a lot of that he. said at the poker most of the rescue with this and
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a whole set of them must mean the pain the pain. in a machine that you. are getting you know you think you mean. it almighty. well michael medved jim initially inland then hi andy and omega genetic they might reveal crazy now if a quarter of a live in a little girl like waiting for a quarter of lean cuisine full of squash and then up falls in kenya to. elf and me or i are going to take another woman's way and get there with the love i get how i get i handed him a half of course for charlie. and then of course international mother nametags who had just gotten a fly in the m.l.s. . if you had fun i had the squash and the now out of the head on with there for a fee it's deliberate if you know if you variation. for us and there was
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a joke that i get. that muscle clear of with no more time i share america caylee. in a full force of the liberated by the mysterious i get from my lab and there are angles marianela like we going to be lab what i'll be able to qualify as a living legend that will have to load them bangle my own weak some of the e.m.i. and. probably it's a little squirrel could to tell us a little he has a much clearer private militia clearly which i will talk to you the one where head go out of their lives in a mill and then look at not very anaemic dynamic today a minister in a sawyer 38 american have been ill monza mechanism to the order was not in our level too long. says with an a and i can and it is asked in the ballad it's not about all of sudden in an effort . for the say you want me walkabout i'm in if it's in below will come. but the career the. norman and not before us have the
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electoral the lead attorney. when you open the thought process then. british open that had me so far not truth and money aside to its will and. fairness was. sceptical listen i had british open kind of. in the man i mean. this is nick i. mean. to say in it. without the bizarre. with. the. british open.
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and was i mean you were lucky. and you know. they were. able to let the kitty to london with that machine back but we give them. more with the line and call that the closure of a home as long as it was on the ocean with south ocean and then i could be a good the minute i want it and then a door before she would what i mean they'll come see. that's the rushes and again has the law. on a bit when i desert the shed light that the duchess and i bang gaze and then i get to be good then next day they were laid with me funny when can you tell me funny a lot and also not to have seen a lot of the. men who were very mean and would. have been without
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a new. man who would i even. caught on the home but i don't. know mike a middle course. if you know me because you know you all so little and if you know how to play. thank you thank you. i think i grant.
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you how good you could lead to. if you did what you wanted the egyptian we. would. schoolish.
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sees it. as they. hit them ahead of. them without the need. to. get. messy but if they don't then why have most of the. elderly 7. there it is. a performance from ernie only she absolutely dominates is the full game some. with only this question must be. within our midst of this. remake of the. end of
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the line up to have been is that we saw. with a lion. in . the us i've got enough in my lab. that the cli the illness will let the labia. and must leave with all that they can get then. good then if they play one of the top of the cool is that there. must be a model female maybe i will send the books. when there's that object in my and one of them and i became a stand. of that was. what i machine for short the middle. with a miniature of the bahama in the middle of your name commanding them in my loop demolition of the bahama mission let me show that i'm not an injection i will be able to afford them. and then it when in mobile or
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a. little . bit. in the decimal say out the minus that i have. gained here who would be i would be after i get to. do what he did if he did lay back he had a good then. my usual 30 found it being best in the dozen or so if out of the me is that there isn't enough and i would have been hagan if you did then would have. maybe been a stand out for. me going to event that. enough or so when he. would have been as though i don't know that i'm. going to behave benoist better than most
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here by the bucket so about an oil company so annoy you or you just need to do so in a way where if you leave mussina and go home telling which one had seen you know i don't fish on the head with a knee and don't know what i bought about the animals we've done had to do and had had you would have to know that i had. been the source of them and in the. discussion with a member of the muslim faith even in my lab and then i hope they enough in my lab.
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with a b.s. in my lab. with. them and i'm going to give them the muslim faith among them of what they have checked in there but then there are. many many. yes many sets in my lot to build. out of them at that at about 8 times or so right in the heart of their. mentholatum it's actually i'm a lot of them is for most of us up to most of what any. dimming. or vomit is it you know is is would them it is our brain quoted in my lab. dean is the name of lehman for kurdish ness that he led by the element by element of damon wanna be beneath the evil demon there were no words have been had it for the squash. when shelley lived it hard for
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exit and with death. how typical of him. a man has said it will in an live action it's hard when hanna lay him. your article where god damn it almost isn't made more hot within do a lot of almost sort of almost. 15 minute handle him several meters of you know national. well of course i mean hannah what several minutes washing that he got then you want to. hurry. meg morelli then whine about me to show you i said no lady in a game when i thought of us i'm going to take you with us our national however vikki they can live with them this. is an unfair.
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sprint with their job. they were left in the lives of those of their what album within that above at the meetin that above in the land. we are surrounded by phylum . then i had led a file and then a fairly and then a national and the lies went hi lynn the only. good then how to stuff a stock to run out of the valley when except. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill the person when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do it he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and here is the draw. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to
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the victims' families. if i could just find a finger i could bury bone hunter on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be passive backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. and the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular pill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans coming to wal-mart in canada to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will
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have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on al-jazeera. i mean how my his ear and oh how the top stories on al-jazeera the iraqi military says one person has been killed after a rocket was fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone it happened shortly after a separate incident at the scene a bridge witnesses say security forces shot dead at least one protester and injured dozens more. the pentagon has released the 1st images of the rays in which it says isolator a bucket of a daddy was killed on saturday the u.s. military says this is the moments when u.s. commandos stormed the compound robert does he was hiding in syria's atla province
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an explosion as seen towards the end of the 1st image general can of mckenzie junior described the daddy's final moments. u.s. media is reporting the former white house national security adviser john bolton has been asked to testify at the impeachment inquiry into president don't trump investigators want balls and to appear next week democrats are investigating accusations that trump withheld military aid to ukraine to force it to investigate his rival joe biden. syrian state media is reporting heavy fighting has resumed between government troops and turkish forces near the border syrian government forces have taken up positions following a recent kurdish withdrawal. chile will no longer host 2 major international summits in the coming months president piñera cancelled both the asia pacific
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economic cooperation summit and a meeting on climate change it's because of nationwide protests over economic inequality that has left at least 20 people dead and hundreds more injured like. the current situation the chilly faces demands a change in our agenda as a government to focus on what citizens demand therefore the president of the republic has taken a very difficult decision to cancel both international summits to focus on efforts to kickstart a new social agenda in the reforms the country urgently needs. and a large far has destroyed a unesco world heritage sites on japan southern island of okinawa firefighters are continuing to battle the blaze which gutted the main hall and surrounding buildings the shura council was built with a 500 years ago those are the headlines now it's back to al-jazeera world so it's.
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absolutely got to stay positive at this rally. she goes on it. was part of. just. c look at the power that she gets through this. especially last year was the image that it is a i left it at home our ups and the right way that being an 8th out for having the help of course. that all of that was a bit all in haiti. in the heart of the you had to be part of on the scene one. game in the 3 and we should point out that again after game yesterday action walked out of games idea. and i'll stand by him good question must be up to me i said on your t.v. . i thought that the for the week that he had
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a fanatical funny and that meant a lot the quarrel with them at that one our mission the last time we got a maestro in ohio in the high coma for coralie i will tell you that there is sentiment there and. it is a b. i make it 11 ahead of us and the. thought that they took and it. gives you what i'm getting that we spend there ohad i will get on the i'm sure we're going hammer the show bug you we need a week here. oh. he's got it he's going to. go through 3. 0 this is a. girl thank you. thank you. thank you.
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letters. and numbers of official say anything about a mom or. dad comes and they leave. you to look at them that. i was privileged and then. or. phonology i had. eyes he that he should be. my son and when he has been there you found them. happy. in. a mission in a up their way ahead. and i'm here with stella montana. and
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the real will be selling them all here i'm just had to be a mule have had not. my. thighs and i can do no hearts oh sure there is a scandal that is the short of a sort of. venom and nestled in the middle of your. 2 from my heart out. for my. littlest some of. you but. in a message. sent to live it on the show where nobody normal showed very close course.
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for me sure of the 2 hour i went is. oh. go to. my room it's not a rule it's a story this is the key. this was very lucky was what she said and then if a quarter billy hutchinson missy had 7. and on the job in. getting. out a fix. from. the home then a muscle theater this if you did then i was. a lie let me thank you which again
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thank you thank you we're going to thank you we are going to. british open it is showing her her. very happy girl so we were the girl we were. going to. look at that. even you know. there's been a lot of. fun . in the. 911 most though and i haven't had a will. go in and idea how does that the how you can but you've been
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a full. moon boy do. we see saluki ridiculous. oh i. i. i. i. i. i was her and you know most. of them on this one of them infamous question but i'm
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here to believe that this question. but there are ways that what you. and i plan upon they have committed for in this quest. when those. few minutes i am. getting to become a little 100. with lifted what my. what the my homeless guy. i wish i had a little more how about the. i. think it will sort of. question i'd be surprised how. many can you get done in.
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a life. we didn't met. a gunman in need to get in a black middle by many has. been been most rufe well when i think michelle. and. i know we are in the day yamit hag then after i would have left so i'm a bit mad to get. because . i'm sure. that we could trade actual here on the. market to. them of a budget for destruction in time to. go there isn't.
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much water. and all. the. but the whole.
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lot of. question. is if the higher the layman. and you say we can. that. cheney. is going to want to head off i've always been and it means. mine though if that's true. and i'm certain they occur in that little thing out at the front of
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a computer just in that area but heat them on us and you've heard of in several clues while monkey can be safe in my nickel is worth all my in a lot of them mishmash i didn't and all. let's i want to give the name of you here. with a. little monitor one. the khalifah lab. and then the heck with that many in the. bottle. my own. home. leave that. for the hell about with a lot of us i mean alignment exception of a sort of best answer. for the lot of gays old eye over so if i can measure the height that he has a man was silent or case about if his war most out of. the muddle of any fallin
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with. 1000000 or would learn about that in all my. home a lot of. squash would nada that is bush family and a woman home good then good then. i was. able to run on them at a similar level but they didn't the level of. the pool and.


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