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tv   Amazon Burning  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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investigates in the killing weekly protests near the border fence were cancelled u.k. prime minister boris johnson has visited the site of a knife attack in london where 2 people were killed on friday police say the attacker had been convicted of terror related offenses in 2012 but was released early the army in the democratic republic of congo's says it's killed a rebel leader as part of a major offensive against a.d.f. fighters the group has been blamed for a series of attacks around benny the latest killed at least 13 people. and the presidents of saddam has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder there were times he was convicted of killing 15 political opponents back in 1980 seat well that's you up to date stay stay with us here and all jazeera that use continues after fault lines coming up next.
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in these vang. had gone monday to leave. he n.t. . and want good deeds to end today when. i'm out that just 3 days. in august the world watched in horror as images like this can matter brazil a flames destroying vast parts of the amazon the world's largest rain forest. there have been over $80000.00 fires in brazil already this year
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a nearly 30 percent increase from the same period last year. the fires are part of a worsening trend in brazil the rise of deforestation and they've come as the country's president to you both so narrow has weakened environmental protections we're driving through a part of the amazon that's designated as national park and just out the window there's a large fire with its white smoke covering the entire area drifting over the highway and so this is just one of the many fires that have been set to illegally clear the rainforest. in brazil is leaving an environmental crisis. in the amazon. but there is have they made as soon that i don't think people realize which is that violence that comes with these trucks. there is a human rights tragedy behind the environmental childhood. is that there was sick eat a meal made you so but if you think. it's not just trees that are being cut in brazil
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it's lives of people on the frontline trying to stop deforestation. is out there. will sit on one lung via the. salt mines travels to brazil to investigate what's at the heart of the amazon burning. these are images from a day that's become notorious in brazil. august 10th. it's now known as the day of fire. what did this area look like. a lot better. than. it took place in the state of in northern brazil. the signs are still here 2
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months later visible in the burnt to earth. a small farmer here arrived home to see the hills around her farm engulfed in flames. back and forward. forward. 31 fires were said just in the former settlement torchy lives that one day. and in the area around here there are over $100.00 fires. a. month that stays and. america. saw. jakob on say had killed mondal. with the day a fire illustrates about what's happening in brazil is that most of these fires are not natural. or manmade deliberately set to clear land for cattle and often
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illegal logging. to jess in jerks who moved things like evil so long. why did people want you to spread the word about the day a shark and those who put on as a journalist in the town of nova progresso where the fires were centered days before the fire here. wrote an article saying that local ranchers replanning a series of coordinated fires for aug 10th sit bull's camel. scene vice. was like this. he says that the people who set the fires also had another objective. but he knew helmet she.
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was in position. to seal. the day a fire took place as the world's eyes turned to brazil and international outrage reached its peak over the fires here. leaders like french president a manual mccrone said president both sinatra needed to do more to protect the amazon considered a bulwark against rising temperatures and climate change. but both are now dismissed european leaders concerns saying they shouldn't interfere and without any evidence blamed foreign n.g.o.s. the put this. poor on this book is 1st to look at a greater so. eventually the government was forced to respond deploying the army across the amazon to combat the fires at the end of august. in nova progresso the presence of federal forces along with an investigation into the day of fire raise tensions and also for. us.
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is there plenty. to keep you stuck with us. flyers like this were distributed on social media and around town saying that it does say it was responsible for the attention brought to novel progresso or you're afraid when you saw this. going to me in the christmas song when he was. he was forced to leave town for nearly a month only recently returned when we spoke to him. at this you told us he isn't confident authorities will be able to catch the main people behind that they have fire. in lease so many americans are a little on his own that i would like to end the market because quasi going to jail as for that is ourself. even if officials don't catch the organizers the message
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the perpetrators want to send is clear it is a congenital it was a lot of little walk was a bucket if possible bombers one of them a former mine's spouse wasn't happy was just when you lost it is. deforestation was on the rise even before bolton are came to office. especially in areas like this of cattle ranching. but also illegal logging and mining. but the fires in brazil this year seem to confirm the worst fears of bolton are as critics that the new president would worsen deforestation rather than combat it. also nor was elected on a far right platform of opening up the amazon for development by easing environmental restrictions. will have it either got what it got to be limited set
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of people to work or we'll be it what you might see well fate will build up to what i didn't want to be what we seem to do. yes affairs are back up. under both so narrow deforestation is at its highest point in a decade with an area 10 times the size. new york city destroyed through october this year. and in august there was an average of a 1000 fires every day. the message that arrives on the ground is that now everything is possible and now we can't keep up with the key to farson because it will be forgiven. criminal networks are at the heart of deforestation in the amazon were valuable trees are cut illegally for temperature. later fires are said to clear the land so it can be sold often with fake land titles and used for cattle or sawing to key exports as well as mining.
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even with deforestation rising also merrill has weakened the main federal environmental agency slashing its budget. and not even a year into his presidency fines for environmental crimes have gone down by nearly 30 percent from last year. we want to understand how bold sonars policies and budget cuts have impacted obama so we accompanied a team of agents on a field operation in the state of pa and brazil's north. using satellite data they're hoping to confirm locations of illegal logging and try to find out who's behind. the wheel wrapped up water. and one point we came across a house that looked like it was recently occupied or logs were still burning.
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well this is part of the old as a lot of this. is. just a bit further down the road there are more signs loggers have been here. to show you. all of. the above legend told us that this took place maybe today or yesterday and that this tree customary tree is probably over 70 years old and this is a protected tree that's not supposed to be deforested. as we drove along it felt like we were always one step behind the illegal loggers. coming across one patch after another of scorched land. we couldn't interview any of the agents we accompanied because environmental ministry wouldn't allow them to speak. but we did find one agent who was not a part of this operation who was willing to speak with us about what's hot. the thing at obama under bolton are all. about what you think about the market research
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and the mean you were concealing his identity because he's not authorized to speak he told us that operations like the one we went on have become increasingly rare under golson r.-o. or quasi or report in school which the mostly xenos are used by your policy and also my giving you some guys hope also. was a poor woman to me i'm afraid we're going to work. is obsolete but you will enjoy what i mean this is no up yet it was garcia. he also told us that their job has become harder due to restrictions on destroying the equipment used by illegal loggers and miners judged you still would probably have been is really the sure you are very good here they are that you got a lot of you know. the stage argues but i guess i can only
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get what you see so i've been taking up all our grass and none of the edge new songs use work which a lot of them did in the yard to me. shows your garden. but you know. well of course in this. one effect of the weakening of brazil's environmental agency has been that communities in the amazon are increasingly on their own to protect their land. for indigenous communities this has been coupled with moves by president bill tomorrow to try and open up their territories for agriculture on mining. we met 2 leaders from the outer and the agents community 2 and more g.b. . they're taking us to see where illegal loggers have entered their territory recently. not. so new but as. this. asa was. my duty this is
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i keep. myself. in the way diane. thank. you mundine. and he see quando in that only. i could. fulfill and my daughter born. in montana. the past we walked along in the dense forest was one cut and plowed through by loggers. healed me saying to the other ball. up this old. you know what us on doesn't. it don't do venus is just a they made the democracy and. the day is. via on down the mob always me as. this in my bit of.
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and i saw him by the police found out how mad he didn't keep my aunt then she chewed off all that into faisal keep would if i was innocent that come out of progress and not. fall so much i don't think. before both sonar was elected their daughter set up a village on the border of their territory to try and stop criminals from coming in but in the past year it's become harder and illegal loggers have managed to cut and burn deeper and deeper into their lands encroaching on the community. later another of our leader toci joined us. in the areas we went to with him not only did we see where the trees had been cut and taken but that loggers were already taking
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the trees apart right in the forest. jam went through them while homeless and. say. it is issue number. they say they say you must send. officials refer to illegal groups that harvest this tree as pay mafias. deeper into their territory it's one patch after another of wood cut and torn away by loggers to be sold as part of the timber trade. or for the high level without much data and i think. with the lack of response from the government they've started confronting the
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longer to try and stop them. know. that their hand you know. but confronting illegal loggers comes with risks. a mass energy. man must see his kind didn't you butt out. you cason and good that they're mad men dissin 95 and 40 scanty. but. then they went to. deny so many of even that killed them. not nice.
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but i think this is a fancy. we made repeated requests to the ministry of environment for an interview but received no response. the local people. have stepped up their defense of the forest because of their lack of state their walk is extremely valuable especially now as you do asian when you have weakening over a year season they don't have enough people but that work by local residents in the us peoples on orders from farmers. has put them at risk a risk or threads intimidation violence and even killings by criminal networks that are intent on destroying the forests for profit. brazil is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a land of under because of the power of criminal networks deforesting the land.
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as illegal logging and mining have gotten worse here and threaten also. has tried to stop it by reporting it to officials but that comes with risks. 3 farmers who tried to report illegal logging here were killed last year. under quite bad. i. found they are you. you nailed the only. you know. the threats were made particularly clear last year when she tried to report the burning of 2000 of her banana trees to a bamma. young
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lady. 'd domi at extending my shoe. the threats haven't stopped since then. my has. to floyd least you'll. need the spammy. data. and the. media. with the killings last year she knows these aren't idle threats. my.
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it's not just maria's settlement. in the past decade over 300 people have been killed across the brazilian amazon over land conflicts standing up to powerful interests these are very specific killings instead killing to the personal police standing up and defending the forest back elian sends a message to everybody in the community that they you do anything that's going to happen to you so they impact of the killings is you know enormous. this woman knows the costs of trying to fight against you for station 2 well her husband a small farmer disappeared last year after he confronted a local rancher who was taking trees from his land. we're concealing her identity at her request because of her fear of being targeted by the people who went after
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her husband what happened with your husband how did this all began. i mean for procedure. was your husband intending to report illegal logging to the authorities before he disappeared. look as though he . was with. your mother. she told us the no one's been held accountable for her husband's disappearance do you know if your husband is dead or alive. they've been in the. despite the risks why was it important for your husband to report what was
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happening. or can you just give you my going to be. simple to separate hop by that. but. it was obviously. with no body to bury all she and her family can do is hope and wait for justice but there's a high rate of impunity here and murders are rarely solved and federal prosecutors say part of the problem is the power criminal networks have economically and over local officials and that is cause them was a killing for us asked of cell builders of them from a science level i'm a peaceful one would hope to pursue this is a compromise so injuries from which she's. going to shoot as well just jealous of each of us. but it was luck. so much that they must sell. my street to the poor dear just start to heal me. e q
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e s is that that's cool symbolism because that you look like she was the kid loco it was a day this was. probably me. look bad this last just once was that i think that is. what did the land name to your husband point. in saying our demise disappear. so we'll never. have you gone back to the land since your husband disappeared no. i'm. going to be present. at the situation continues along this path do you think the rate of violence could get worse if it isn't seen as child process joe manchin us of illness
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is to. sampson the self is only a spokeswoman quoting buddha a prop is the state of the food each day. going to insist. upon his. marches on houses which. as the fires continued in brazil also narrow took the stage at the u.n. general assembly in september defending his response to the crisis there not know stuff still there must the then cause to be the feel of full coverage is major loss i mean it's a major. and took aim at other countries saying the amazon was presumes to use violence or death as follows mortal bodies easier judge of the embark corners me just as the media paul told you form of there is just a thought the. goal in your earliest. version not
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a kill you know that my thought get out our north us a bit and here. the president why have you weakened over certain protection in the amazon we made repeated requests to person in both scenarios office for an interview but were told he was unavailable there is no doubt. that president obama's own belongs to brazil and the brazilian you know i don't think anybody's putting that into question. but at the end of the day there are people who are suffering most we did the structure of the amazon are brazilians. and yes sad. for don't. you know that is in the back.
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on county mccall that's what started the protest in ecuador could it be a multi-billion dollar loan which both tax the goodness to the corporation stereotypes of the poorest. on the part of the economic policy did it help to plan recover from its last decade. counting the costs on algebra. as nato turns 70 leaders will go in london to plan its future but after france's president wrong called the alliance brain dead is nato going through an existential crisis and what
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will this summit mean for future transatlantic military cooperation join us from december the 2nd for the u.k. nato summit on how does it. rocks prime minister officially submit says resignation to parliament but protesters say they won't specter. of that and how the marketing and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a senior rebel leader is killed in the democratic republic of congo as the civilian death toll rises. the u.k.'s prime minister criticizes the just a sister not to revelations that the london bridge.


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