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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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she wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. stormed the u.s. embassy compound in iraq donald trump claims iran and says it will have a quote big price to pay. hello again i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up north korea's leader kim jong il and bios to develop a new strategic weapon and accuses the u.s. of gangster like. the desperate battle into the new year to save homes and lives in australia the military on standby as lightning starts even more bushfires.
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i. am contesting on into 2020 the defiance is set to continue in hong kong. iraqi protesters have taken their anger against u.s. airstrikes on a shia group to america's embassy in baghdad they're protesting over sunday's u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria targeting a powerful iranian backed group the hezbollah brigades 27 fighters were killed so fulton begins our coverage with this report from baghdad. angry and determined they marched across the river tigris through unmanned checkpoints into the heart of the fortified green zone thousands of members of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces and their supporters surrounded the compound of the u.s. . embassy to deliver a stern warning notice. this is
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a message to trump and to the american embassy and consulate in baghdad. watch out you have touched our soldiers and our brothers they set fires at the outer gates as they tried to get inside the embassy grounds the situation appears to be escalating now with hundreds perhaps thousands of members of the popular mobilization for setting the leads to the close of the us embassy there for rolling stones their burning ceased the trying to climb the wall to reach the u.s. embassy compound and they're chanting anti-american slogans they're demanding the waves roll off american troops from iraq. the action is in response to u.s. airstrikes that killed dozens of fighters from the hezbollah brigades which form part of the popular mobilization of forces it all began as a funeral procession to honor those killed crowds pay their respects as the bodies passed by and vowed to avenge their deaths and the other on the list although not
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all of this character the act was carried out by the u.s. and israel they will pay a high price we will take a strong stand and we will not forget the blood of the martyrs as long as there's breath inside of us we will tell them that we are here on the streets and we are here to stay and there will be an aggressive response to their bases are not saying . top pm of the year supported this march including hard money the leader of the biggest bloc in parliament and there is. a bullet an insurgency after the u.s. led invasion in 2003 they pledged to use both military and political means to expel u.s. troops that are part of the dawn of this embassy has proved its conspires against iraq this is the embassy where they spy on iraq and where they lead to destruction of iraq this is where the saboteurs are supported the u.s. embassy is located in the heavily fortified green zone for months iraqi security forces have guarded it again. anti-government protesters but this time they appear
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to have orders to stand down the prime minister has condemned the attack on the embassy but the fact that these crowds have been allowed to reach the embassy gates appears to signal the government's implicit endorsement of the message they're trying to send iran has strong relations not only with the security groups that we talk about that we've been talking about but also with the political groups with the institutions with state and state actors inside iraq and across the political spectrum from and kurdish groups. through loudspeakers crowds in tahrir square who've camped out for months to protest against the government and the iranian influence renounced any connection to the group that entered the green zone this attack on the u.s. embassy could turn into a diplomatic crisis many fear it could be the beginning of an escalating proxy war between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil say want
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a full team al-jazeera baghdad. ok let's go live now to washington and my colleague gabriel elizondo he's there were donald trump has been tweeting about the unrest as of tuesday cable gets there in just a 2nd of these reports talking about the u.s. considering sending more forces into iraq how do we read that. yeah there are reports in us media here on tuesday evening that the u.s. could be sending as many as 4000 troops to the middle east very soon in the wake of these protests in baghdad outside of the u.s. embassy reports are that the entire 82nd airborne of the u.s. army is big division has already been given deployment orders and that 500 paratroopers are already in route to kuwait it's important to note that this is not yet confirmed we have reached out to the pentagon the pentagon will not confirm this with us however we are potentially expecting the pentagon to issue a statement about this potential new troop deployment in the coming hours if this
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is true it would mean a dramatic escalation in the number of forces that are being sent to the middle east so far only about 100 u.s. marines that were based in kuwait were sent to the u.s. embassy where they are now buffer security there in the hours in the beginning hours of the protests outside the embassy in separate news secretary of state mike palm pale gave an interview tuesday evening to c.b.s. news new united states he basically called the protests outside the embassy a very serious situation but said at no time was the u.s. ever considering evacuating the embassy in his words he said that iran was directly responsible he said again in his words this is all for stems from iran's state sponsored terrorism that according to the secretary of state and if that's not
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enough tuesday evening as well the president of the united states donald trump sent out a tweet where he again pointed the finger directly at iran i want to read you exactly what the president said in a tweet tweet he said iran will be held fully responsible for lives lost or damage incurred at any of our. he's they will pay a very big price this is not a warning this is a threat before finishing the tweet with happy new year so what you're hearing here is basically pompei on one side saying our embassy is now safe it's under control but on another hand potentially more troops going to the middle east and the administration again on tuesday evening making threats to iran the big question is what do they plan to do with these threats is it just threats verbal threats threats on twitter or to visit does the administration have bigger plans or of a response to what they say is iran's responsible for this those questions just
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aren't known at this point understood gabriel thank you very much the north korean leader kim jong il has promised to soon launch quote a new strategic weapon denuclearization talks which he and washington's told in october south korean media is reporting that in his annual address to his party kim said the u.s. would suffer helplessly if it continued to delay discussions he accused the white house of making gangster like the mom's correspondent tracking the story for us out of the bureau in so i has to this new strategic weapon do we know if they've got the technology in pyongyang to come up with something this new. that's right peter i mean people are still trying to work out exactly what kim jong un was we're talking about when referring to a new strategic weapon of course over this in the past couple of weeks there have been these tests satellite launching sites of what were presumed to be new engines
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this could be part of what was what he's talking about there a development of a new engine of course while much has been made of the fact that over the past 2 years there haven't been any launches of a longer range intercontinental ballistic missiles there have been developments of the shorter range missiles of the submarine launched missiles were met weapons with guidance systems and so on so that could be what he's referring to here all of that development has been continuing but what people are concerned about is whether kim judgment would return to launching longer range missiles or indeed do any nuclear testing so people have been looking to this new year address new year's day when they make these announcements about what the future is going to hold whether the new path might involve those things so certainly kim jong un seems to have be suggesting that that north korea will return to developing
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a nuclear deterrent interestingly though the kim jong un has said that just how much development they do depends upon the american so it does seem as though he is leaving the door slightly open to some possible agreement at some point in the future but it does seem as though the current path of negotiations and all of this summit diplomacy does seem to have ended for now but when you compare what he's saying today with the statements that were made 18 months ago at that famous singapore summit talking about the singapore declaration of a denuclearized korea it obviously leaves that agreement for the moment at least in tatters peter rob we'll leave it there many thanks. lightning strikes have started new bushfires in the australian state of victoria as the crisis there and neighboring new south wales threatens to get even worse hundreds of people remain
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trapped on a beach for a 2nd day as they seek shelter from growing bushfires in southeastern australia the navy is preparing to evacuate people by sea and from the waterfront in the town of in victoria in the state of new south wales tons of cloaked in orange and red haze at least 12 people have died more now from laura. but. as a massive water pyros towards the town of. $4000.00 people flats towards the beach those with boats went one step further as now the 5 fronts come through. every one side the sound it's got to get out of the dogs up the crowd that supplies but i never see them or get. the fire burning across 730 square kilometers i think day began and could resit it turn to day to night this video was recorded. we're just getting some invisible and i have a name so i reckon that they say. that in the words of no east at the
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moment and it started in the town of no it didn't get me a military there is currently under attack at the moment there's a number of houses we believe was lost in and around that community we've got 3 strike teams sitting in with the community literally standing saw us all with our community at the beach front victoria's premier looked towards the australian defense force for help while fire bosses tried to calm residents not just but across the states the number of communities are actually isolated and again this was a scenario that we forecast a number of days ago so our focus today is very much about how we can get in how we can support those impacted communities in the neighboring states of new south wales scenes repeated the. immunity of burma come to the local surf club with the ocean as their exit and this was a bait during the new year's holiday coastal towns
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a popular vacation spots authorities of tens of thousands of holidaymakers to go home or cancel the plans this is a very unfair evacuation center if work is really bad it's hard. apocalyptic this is very. major cities of not escape the choking smoke and flames a monday 100000 people were urged to evacuate from 5 melbourne suburbs this was filmed in western sydney just so far with. australia's wildfire season is breaking records. the 1st major fire started in early september before the arrival of spring the product of soaring temperatures dry ground and strong winds they've now destroyed more than 40000 square kilometers of land at any given time dozens if not hundreds of fires are burning and the full heat of summer has yet to arrive.
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al-jazeera. still to come here on al-jazeera 3 year a violent protest over his economic policies the french president tries to call me and go with the new year's address. allegations of forced abortions we speak to ethnic council acts who say they were detained alongside reka muslims in china. hello the crowd has been streaming steadily eastwood's across the central areas of china but the good news that it is taking with it's a plenty of those rain showers so not a bad at all generally on wednesday temperatures not to about double figures in shanghai some good sunshine 20 degrees in hong kong and also a much drive picture generally troels much of taiwan we got a few showers into the northern sections of luzon and also these coastal as of it
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now in the shadows tending to stand the picture as we go into thursday but that is when we will see more showers into mono than and central areas of the philippines from there we had a tools the south across into indonesia and some fairly widespread here rain here we have also right across into western borneo but really it's much heavier father to the south so a fairly tried they generate through the mill a peninsula and across into somalia it's going to be java where we see the heavy rains as we go through wednesday on thursday so at 28 in jakarta but a wet couple of days ahead and then from there we head across towards india the story has been about the cold and also the focus we've been impacting areas to the north end but take you to new delhi and that fold has been very dense and very very slow decay so this is what has been looking like for several days now there is no real change in the full cost but generally but mild on wednesday with a high of 70. a
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city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but has the power structure that maintains the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of for settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour additional u.s. troops have arrived in baghdad to secure the american embassy after it was targeted
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in a day of violent protests there angry over u.s. airstrikes in iraq and syria on sunday iran's rejected u.s. accusations that it was behind the of rest the north korean leader kim jong un is vowing to develop what he calls a new strategic weapon denuclearization talks between pyongyang and washington stalled in october lightning strikes have started new bushfires in the australian state of victoria as the crisis there and neighboring new south wales threatens to get even worse the navy is preparing to evacuate hundreds of people trapped on a beach in the town of monaco to. hong kong's new year celebrations were scaled back this year because of security concerns and months of violent antigovernment protests the city's traditional fireworks display was significantly reduced but demonstrators weren't deterred thousands still gathered across the financial. including along the waterfront and to china demonstrations and into the 6 months protest is a calling for greater freedom from beijing florence louise in hong kong she says
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new year's celebrations haven't distracted protesters. away from the new year festivities away from the neon lit shopping streets of hong kong protesters have gathered here outside a subway station this protest is to mark 4 months since police stormed the subway station images from that day show police hitting people with baton firing pepper spray passes by we're caught up in the violence now and this that incident angered a lot of people here who have accused police of using excessive force now one of the demonic protesters has been making the start of these protests nearly 7 months ago it's great to have these accountability. they want an independent investigation into alleged police misconduct in january a preliminary report is due by the police watchdog but protesters say that and not enough because they deem that agencies like the independent now there's no
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indication that the government is ready to meet this deadline and processes have said they will continue with that push for more protests into the new year. china's president says he sincerely hopes for the best for hong kong and its people in his new year address. the situation in hong kong has been if anybody's concern over the past few months without a harmonious and stable environment how can there be a home where people can live and work happily we sincerely hope for the best for hong kong and its competitor its a prosperous and stable hong kong is the aspiration for hong kong to compare traits as well as the expectation of the people of the motherland. muslim women who were detained in detention camps in the northwest of china have accused the authorities of abusing them and forcing them to have abortions al-jazeera spoke to some of them in part 2 of our special series of reports on the plight of ethnic kazakhs who say they feel there is nothing they can do to bring their abusers to justice. on this
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wall in the in kazakhstan are the faces of people who were held in china relative say they are being held in internment camps but beijing calls reeducation camps to counter what it calls extremism. was held in such a camp she didn't talk about her experience until after she'd been awarded citizenship in kazakhstan she says abuse she suffered has scarred her for life and she frequently suffers headaches. when i was crossing the border they saw i am using what's up i was detained and sent furthur a medical test they found i'm pregnant and forced me to abort after the abortion they isolated me in a clinic they gave me some medicine which they said was for tuberculosis i don't know what it wants members of the turkey community accuse chinese authorities of using abortions as a weapon against muslims either women afraid to reveal their identities have also told al jazeera about abuse at the camps the relative safe haven in kazakhstan is only for its nationals and does not apply to ethnic conflicts or chinese nationals
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and that's among the causes creating the china sentiment inside. dozens of people were arrested in. tunnel marty during an n.t. sign a demonstration in september these men crossed illegally into gaza to stand after their reportedly face terrorist meant by chinese authorities just said mr han and when i get him only now risk being sent back to china activists say events like this fuel anti sinus sentiment and kazakhstan should not roll over for its powerful neighbor if it nick. juice prosecutes its mass massively a prosecutor for example in russia in europe israel states they will talk against of its governments must defend any ethnic cousin in the world this analysts working with a government funded think tank says the china kazakhstan relationship is a delicate subject as a domestic chinese internal affairs but a center of if you take take into account the united nations motions on the we go
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if your stance or position was quite pragmatic and we abstain from voting. on. this motion so we have more independent stance and about the same time where realize the geopolitical realities so i believe it's. a style diplomacy where we try to sustain the relation the same time show our case some question why should kazakhstan the post china with which it shares a 700 kilometer border with other muslim majority countries support beijing earlier this year more than a dozen member countries of the organization of islamic cooperation or i see signed a statement in favor of china's policies commenting on internment camps the chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman has said the rigorousness city is part of the big family consisting of 56 ethnic groups in china tightly united together like the seeds of a pomegranate they are living a better life and fully enjoy freedom and rights china also enjoys friendly in close relations with the vast majority of muslim countries in the world. many of
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because exceed china's violating human rights on a large scale in the name of fighting terrorism they say their next generation has been killed before birth and their muslim identity is being systematically erased yet they argue there is no leader from the islamic world standing up to support them. some in java down to 0 a mighty god stand. bangladesh's main opposition party is demanding a rerun of the last election says the 2800 vote was not free or fair 10 via choudhry was among protesters in the capital dhaka. this is the product protest by the united opposition alliance and the leftist parties and bangladesh across the country their main protest is about 11 parliamentary elections that took place on december 2018 months you can look at each and every day people are facing various kinds of problems and the government is unable to soviets this
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government is unelected and illegitimate they should let go of the power and hold an election a democratic process on the same bus the leftist party united tried to brought out a procession heading towards the prime minister's office was confronted by the police and there was a major clash at least dozens of people were injured and 3 were event. one of the shows are going to enter he not in bangladesh there is no democracy now the present government is unelected and illegitimate we all rejected the last election and demand a new election under a neutral caretaker government yesterday police attacked us in a peaceful protest rally many were injured which is why we are here to protest. for our part the government is saying they came here with a public mandate the election was free and fair although it's making them nervous that i want to hear my dad moved on by the opposition party against the government right now considering it as luck to face red without knowing a crisis and what's going on across the border i mean they are last thing they want
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to see a political movement in bangladesh. protesters are camping outside mexico's embassy in the bolivian city. in support of the interim government offering still the mexican ambassador says accuse the embassy of sheltering alloys of the former president even not alice livio. so expel spanish diplomats on tuesday. can be as president adama has created a new political party which could allow him to run again after his term ends in january barrow has formally registered the national people's party naming himself as its leader his relationship with his previous party had been deteriorating amid widespread protests calling for him to step down. the deadline for gunman in the central african republic to hand over their weapons has passed and there's no sign it's happened that these $41.00 people were killed during days of fighting between market traders and groups in the capital bangui the traders issued
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a 48 hour ultimatum to the government to surrender their weapons and interests is in the capital for the u.n. sending in troops. well this is the market killing last week in which 41 people have been killed somebody has been injured the united nations is saying that it's finally deploying more troops to the area to do the people and also ensure that peace is maintained in this area apart from that. they're also saying that i should a side order has now been issued on anyone carrying a weapon in this neighborhood it looks like a b. sides the warring sides themselves actually tired of what's been happening all these years but be. the tipping point was when militias who had been protecting traders at this market from opposition militias from coming here and fighting them are the ones who eventually intimidating and of course exporting money from the
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traders here and those when the traders we acted as i said enough is enough they took up arms against them and then the united nations now and the security forces the central african with coming in to maintain the peace now the united nations and local security forces deploying to this market by the way i should while ago we saw united nations mission in central africa going around the market to ensure that the new declaration is maintained and supported at all cost the french president emmanuel mak wrong has called for calm across the country in his new year's address there has been widespread disruption in france for almost a month now amid anger over a planned pension reforms that's prompted lawyers teachers and the musicians to go on strike. latasha butler explains from paris. it was an unusual protest against the french government's planned pension reforms members of the paris opera orchestra played a concert to demonstrate against the proposals. we would do to show that our job is
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to play music and it makes us all happy deaf we've been forced to strike for a month and cancel $45.00 performances for needy 4 weeks people including lawyers teachers health workers and even ballerinas have demonstrated against the government's plans fearing their pensions will be reduced and they'll be forced to work longer transport workers strike has disrupted rail bus and airline services the french president has been under pressure as a break his silence over the protests in his new speech he try to diffuse the crisis. make no mistake on this important subject that so close to french people's hearts and identity i hear their fears and anxieties i also hear many laws to manipulation must always right and calm doesn't mean backing down but respect each other's differences my only compass is and will be the interests of our country
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macrame hope that his speech will end the protests but workers at this trade union meeting in paris said they wouldn't back down many of the workers damaged here have been on strike since the beginning of december and they say that the only thing they would persuade them to go back to work and end their protest would be if the government has described its pension reform plans they said we started to strike and we plan to finish it because as long as the government doesn't restore to reform we'll continue to strike we're not the only ones this analyst says that macro has failed to convince some people that the reforms are necessary has not managed to isolate the strikers because. the pension system is everybody's problem and he hasn't been convincing enough i think that. lack of trust in the politicians words in france so the moment is very deep and that's the main problem with my course is don't worry everything will be ok you know did they lose in this reform people don't trust him. but crawl has
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a record of pushing through controversial reforms but this one is proving particularly challenging the government says the changes would would nice the pension system make it fairer and save public money it will resume negotiations with trade union leaders next week but with night the side showing any sign of backing down the talks are unlikely to be a maybe yes it's a shocker to syria paris. this is syria these are your top stories additional u.s. forces have arrived in baghdad to secure the american embassy after it was targeted in a day of violent protests demonstrators were angry with the u.s.'s strikes the rock in syria on sunday which targeted a powerful iranian backed group iran's rejected u.s. accusations that it was behind the rest all from those want to run will quotes play
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a big price for any damage or loss of life at the embassy elizondo has more from washington. there are reports in u.s. media here on tuesday evening that the u.s. could be sending as many as 4000 troops to the middle east very soon in the wake of these protests in baghdad outside of the u.s. embassy reports are that the entire 82nd airborne of the u.s. army is big division has already been given deployment orders and that 500 paratroopers are already in route to kuwait it's important to note that this is not yet confirmed we have reached out to the pentagon. north korean leader kim jong un has promised to soon launch a new strategic weapon denuclearization talks between pyongyang and washington stalled in october south korean media is reporting in his annual address was passing mr kim's that the u.s. would suffer helplessly if it continued to delay talks he accused the white house
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of making gangster like the man's lightning strikes have started new bushfires in the australian state of victoria as the crisis there and neighboring new south wales threatens to get even worse hundreds of people remain trapped on a beach for a 2nd day as they seek shelter from growing bushfires in the southeast of australia the navy is preparing to evacuate people by sea and air from the waterfront in the town of in the state of victoria in the state of new wales turns a cloaked in an orange and red haze hong kong's famous new year's celebrations were significantly scaled back due to security concerns with months of violent antigovernment protests the anti china demonstrations and into this 6 month calling for greater freedom from beijing those are your headlines the news continues after the bottom line i'll have a quick summary of world news for you in about 30 minutes i'll see you then.
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hi i'm steve clements and i have lots of questions today can the same technology that we happily bring into our homes and we keep in our pockets that's making life and connections and knowledge easier to access can this all be turned around and weaponized against us let's get to the bottom line. usually when someone talks about killer attack people imagine giant killer robots vaporizing people and destroying cities with huge laser beams hollywood style but that's not what we're talking about today today we're keeping it real we all love to use facial recognition to open our phones but at the same time we know that facial recognition could be used by security agencies to pick us out of a crowd so what is the future hold for us as we freely give away our privacy in.


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