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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2020 10:00am-10:33am +03

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the on the on. turkey's parliament prepares to vote on sending troops to libya to help fight the warlord khalifa haftar. and how he and this is al jazeera live from doha and also coming up. the supporters and members of an iran backed militia pulled back from the u.s. embassy in baghdad but they still want foreign troops out of iraq. dramatic rescue a strain the navy helps those in stranded by fires in one call some time. and taiwan's top military officer is among 8 people have died since
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a helicopter crash. but we begin in turkey where it's formants is expected to vote in the next few hours on a government motion to deploy troops to libya so he has allied itself with the u.n. backs governments in the b.s. a fight warlord her if i have to or have to launch an offensive to capture the capital tripoli last april well turkey says the forces will protect its rights in the mediterranean sea and its interests in libya has recently signed deals with the country on military cooperation and maritime boundaries meanwhile greece israel and cyprus are about to sign off in athens on an agreement to channel gas from the mediterranean sea europe now that's it awards with turkey's deal with libya to extract gas from the sea let's head straight to ankara where mohammed is standing
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by at mohamed 1st of all is all this likely to pass the turkish parliament says the rainy opposition to these proposals. yes seeing more and more support for these laws from the foreign minister. being a position leaders trying to get us much support the one we're seeing. here this motion was supposed to be brought before parliament it on the 7th or 8th of this month when parliament resumed from a winter recess now we're seeing parliament holding a special sitting just to discuss these libya bill we're seeing this jewish and where the government seems to be. high and the defense minister has been speaking saying it's ease of the moral obligation of turkey to deploy quickly as
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possible he says. military isn't ready to move anytime to get. a life from parliament but also from the turkish president who is the commander in chief of the armed forces so we're seeing a situation where a lot is hopping in a very tom spawn. and mara just reminds us of turkey in the. ceiling agreement in. history supporting you and the government. comparing themselves with other countries. with a general. who they call here who. has
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been trying to gain influence in libya since the fall off from one of. these give them that part which in a tease. we do just that and then there is the lot of time boundary agreement it's signed along with the military corp which is being implemented now and getting gratification in parliament lot gives turkey going into territorial claims in that is the mediterranean sea and also through all of those partnering for the works of greece turkey greece cyprus and israel in the out a plan and project of various will not only extract the gas but also ship it through the mediterranean sea they wouldn't be able to do that. without. import ok mohamad abdalla for now thank you very much in. libya has been scarred
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by violence and to fight it by conflict since the fall of moammar gadhafi 9 years ago. looks at how the oil rich nation go to where it is 9. august 2011 and rebel forces sweep into the capital tripoli creating euphoria countrywide the 4 decades of with presses and dictatorial rule by obama give that the world over but in a country divided along tribal and regional lines the celebrations was short lived in national transitional council was established to govern after gadhafi is that a year later in 2012 libyans elected a new legislative authority called the general national congress the d.n.c. was given 18 months to oversee the transition to a permanent democracy nor. the deadline passed and divisions
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certain remain. new elections were held in 2014 and the new house of representatives was formed. but many members of the d.n.c. refused to recognize the authority of the new parliament libyans found themselves with 2 competing authorities the house of representatives based in tobruk and the t.n.c. based in tripoli. the east west divide soon developed into a full blown military confrontation when renegade general backed by the house of representatives launched operation dignity accusing the triplett based government of being affiliated with what he described as bullish as with extremist agendas. as fighting flared into 1015 the un stepped in brokering a power sharing agreement. the deal signed in morocco stablished a government of national accord which was indorsed by the u.n. and international community as libya's legitimate government.
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but 2 years ago hopes to and the political divide suffered another setback when the mandate of the jenae and archrivals. prime minister of the tripoli based d.n.a. and. had several meetings but failed to overcome their differences. in april helped ordered his so-called national liberation army took up chose the capital after making initial gains the war most forces suffered a series of defeats in street to street fighting on the outskirts of tripoli and have remained there since. 2 weeks ago after us forces backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the u.a.e. launched what they described as the final battle. is already killed and
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wounded hundreds of civilians and forced nearly 140000 people from their homes. 80 years after libyans threw a lot of this risk for democracy the country is at war and divided like never before. and has some joins me now in the studio let's start with an overview of what the situation is right now in libya has the momentum with is it with general after all. is on the move in which is of the southern outskirts of tripoli has been backed by fighters from that is some part of the country and he's determined to take over the capital tripoli. for different reasons if he takes over tripoli that would with position him as the most powerful man in libya let's not going to be. the end because then he would have to control a slot at one of the most important stronghold of the forces which are completely
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opposed to general had if i have to consider him to be a man who is trying to impose a dictatorial rule in libya and i have that is having the same time enjoying the backing of russia saudi arabia the united arab emirates and egypt who consider him to be the best bet against the rise of muslim brotherhood. extremist groups and also against isis has also the backing of countries like fronts and countries in the. in europe he's enjoying that momentum and he understands that if he cannot take over tripoli. any time soon within the coming weeks or months it might be extremely difficult for him to be able to reunite the whole libya under his control every because it. doesn't seem very united at the moment at let's take a look at some of these competing interests because there are
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a lot of competing interests at work here for many foreign countries you're listing there russia saudi arabia egypt and turkey just talk us through the different countries involved in all this and why are they backing the parties that they are backing within the year for different reasons strategic economic and political. libya is an oil rich country and its exports have been extremely important for the stability of oil price in the of the european union if they lose that lifeline is going to be catastrophic for many european countries in 2014 when the saw the rise of eisel in north africa particularly libya they were pretty much concerned the thought we have to do something about it and they saw after as the man who has the potential to and i said what the hell if i have to from the beginning been a divisive figure in libya the rebels who took arms in 2011 against gaddafi
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consider him to be a replica of qaddafi they say we didn't fight and our lives for the sake of a vibrant democracy in libya and finally to see someone like that if i have to be there and this explains this divide that you see russia france in particular say that we need someone like khalifa haftar turkey for example says there's a general government isn't. government of national accord that has been recognized by the international community and therefore that's the authority vested be considered legitimate of the country and what will this talk about turkey this is a bit of a gamble for them is it not because. i have to seems to be gaining territories easy to get immense in and he has powerful backers turkey's got quite specific strategic interests in libya itself it that there's a chance that that government could fall it is a massive gum ball for turkey it's an uncharted territory for them given the
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experience in syria but this time it is an involvement that could potentially change the political landscape in libya and this explains why the e.u. in particular is very concerned in from his side of the maritime boundaries agreement and mr corporation with the government of national accord in tripoli a few weeks ago i spoke with the libyan foreign minister about the deal and he said it is extremely important over the last few days we've seen the government of national accord in tripoli desperate for. turkish troops to be deployed as soon as possible because they are concerned the tide could be turning a favor of the do understand that if i leave or have to take over tripoli this is going to be extremely catastrophic for the government of national accord but i think for all if you look at the deployment of the troops if it takes place it will secure massive gains for for for for turkey it won't allow cyprus and greece to go
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ahead with the gas exploration it will also prevent egypt from going forward with this plan to share the same filled with the other countries of the same time with positions. as and crucially important political figure also in north africa and in libya in particular the e.u. is now being asked to get its act together and come up with a unified stance the problem that we have france is with have to or italy seems to be tilting to words the government of national accord and this division is crippling of the e.u. ok a very complicated situation indeed but thank you very much for breaking its own for a session there so the is there an taiwan's top military officer has died in a helicopter crash along with 7 other people so in the mean was on the helicopter
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when it made an emergency landing on the north of the island rescue teams have been dispatched the defense ministry says ministry says some of those on board are believed to be alive feingold is a an asia political risk analysts he joins us now by skype from taipei good to have you with us on the program this is a very senior military official involved in the killed in this in this incident has there been any explanation so far of what has happened. no not yet yeah accident site is somewhat remote because it's up a mountainside so rescuers have only been arriving there within the last hour or so so it's going to take some time to do a proper investigation and in fact the weather in northern i want is quite good today so east initially it does not appear to be why they're related so it may be
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mechanical related and it does seem very one could say the timing of this really is rather rather critical is it not because taiwanese again ring up for elections that's right do president as well as the parliament of taiwan will be elected on january a lot who set up this tragedy does occur within a few days of the election and of course one of the most prominent issues in this election is taiwan's national defense with regard to threats from china so now this kind of accident involving 6 senior leadership will unfortunately become part of the political discussion in the final days before taiwan selection and what how do you think this will impact the election then well the incumbent presidents try anyway and she's been a supporter of increased military spending social continue to give that message to
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the public to be hopefully it'll be a period of no campaigning whether it's the rest of today or tomorrow but once the candidates return to campaigning i think you'll see president assad emphasize that she has been a supporter of the military and she's been a supporter of increase military spending in the other side will probably look a way to criticize for example by saying yeah you spend more money on the military but you're not spending it correctly you're not spending it on a not me his for example that'll probably be the talking point from the other sad and and how will china be looking at all of this. you know that's that's an excellent question because taiwan does buy most of its military equipment from the united states other than some equipment that is manufactured to mastic away so china will say you know this is the risk you take by buying american equipment so the look to criticize that or they'll make the argument that you don't even need equipment where were your friends were not a threat and obviously that's not
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a very strong argument for taiwan's voters given recent events throughout 2019 but i would expect china to make the argument that you see this is the risk you take and you don't even need to be taking this risk but again that's not going be a strong argument for taiwan's voters ok russ feingold's ad great to get your thoughts thank you so much indeed for joining us by skype from taipei. still to come on al-jazeera after years of uncertain see the new year we'll see brits in the european union we'll take you through the cracks and challenges ahead . hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we're going to start the year fairly nice across parts of europe we're going to be seeing publicly clear
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skies across much of central and southeastern europe we are going to be dealing with some morning fog but that is only going to be 2 in thursday as to go towards the rest of the week we're going to be seeing a storm coming out of the atlantic there is right there that's going to bring some very heavy rain across parts of scotland down towards northern ireland as well as our lead here on a thursday in london it's going to be a windy day for you as well we do expect to see a time to there of about 10 degrees going into friday that system continues to make its way a little bit more towards the east the rain is going to start across parts of germany down into france as well as into the northeastern part of parts of spain we do think over here across the mediterranean it is going to be rain more rain is expected we could be seeing some very windy conditions as well that same system is going to cause a problem across the northern coast of libya as well as into egypt we could be some clay seeing some clouds all the way down across much of the central part of libya over the next few days ray could also make its way towards the south as well
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because it is going to be about 14 degrees here on thursday but as we go towards friday we do expect you see a temp to come be up to about 15 but it is going to be a chilly day for you and some rain in the forecast with attention a 14. day latest news as it breaks boeing is the longest manufacturing exporter in the u.s. . with detailed coverage critics say secular protections are great in the canadian constitution adele and the rest. and fearless journalism from around the world recycling fanfare like this one play a crucial role in argentina's waste management for them.
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this is al jazeera a reminder of the headlines this hour the turkish parliament is expected to vote in the next few hours on a government motion to deploy troops to libya turkey says the forces will protect its rights in the mediterranean sea and interests in libya. taiwan's top military officer has died in a helicopter crash along with 7 other people so the meal was on the helicopter when it made an emergency landing on the north of the islands rescue teams have been dispatched. her supporters and members of an iran backed group have withdrawn from the us embassy compound in iraq's capital baghdad this follows a 2 day siege well leaders of the popular mobilize ation forces or to to leave but
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they did so on condition that iraq's parliament votes on a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops some wonderful teen reports from baghdad. they left just as they had arrived a day earlier determined and angry but also pleased that they had managed to deliver a message to the us supporters of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces who had defied the prime minister's orders to withdraw just a day before now heeded the call of their leaders while some dismantled tents and ferried away supplies used to camp the night out the more defiant ones staged a final showdown in front of the embassy gates burning tires and flags to the sounds of anti-american slogans usa was let out of all our concert we don't america we can't brought it to ourselves it was done through really young voters rule out. killed ulcers road. ran through.
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the attack on the u.s. embassy was sparked by the latest u.s. strikes against hezbollah brigades which is part of the popular mobilization forces but the majority of the crowd consisted of its members and supporters but some here say they were also driven by what they perceive as an unjust american policy in the region this is my land and if you want to stay here you must understand it's. when the governments believe and understand. it's we can leave. as crowds withdrew u.s. helicopter circled overhead after reinforcements arrived from kuwait the night before the white house had pressured the iraqi government to end the standoff but it was clear that of floridians here didn't want to risk confrontation iraqi
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security forces surrounded the embassy but use no force to remove the crowds or the iraqi governmental forces have been put on a very confusing and sensitive position as i mentioned they have a very sharp partnership and an alliance with both countries the u.s. and iran so the iraqi government has to prove to the u.s. that it's taking either a neutral stance or it's protecting the u.s. embassy because that's what a government has to do. and yet to the outer gates of the embassy burned and vandalized bear witness to the iraqi government's inability to protect the u.s. presence here the speech here at the u.s. embassy appears to be coming to an end with u.s. trade in iraq account the perverts and forces now taking over the security and basically securing the area as the crowd but the hezbollah brigade has said that this is just the furthest left and for the united states they have vowed that they will not stand down until they see a full departure of u.s. forces from iraq before the monopole to al-jazeera but about. at least 4 people
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have been killed during an attack on a displaced people camp in sudan's west star for a region is salacious incidents in a wave of ethnic violence that's displaced people and killed as many as 40 arab tribesmen arrived at the camp and reportedly starr says quote shooting killing and burning according to a u.n. peacekeeping spokesman. evacuations have begun and relief supplies have arrived for thousands of the stray inns stranded in far ravaged times 8 people have been confirmed dead this week in new south wales and victoria where 17 people are missing charlotte bellus has the latest. 4000 australians were forced onto the beach and stranded here for 3 days now how has arrived for the victorian town of mela cooter the navy ferried people out by the only route possible this ship masked in the smoky haze at the moment we're moving people way up or see if the smart
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clear it will be able to get aircraft into melich her to towards the still not transportation of people out of there as well if. they have an hour wind or high temperatures and strong winds a forecast for australia's southeast on saturday leading new south wales fire and rescue to publish this map they've advised people to leave the shaded area from batemans bay south to the victorian border 250 kilometer distance down the coast i think the big thing that we've got on the wide the my mind is that it's the largest mass rely cashen of people out of the region that will get a sign and people are going to be passionate the rights people are queuing up to get into petrol stations through traffic is unable to get for really have to go to help them to get out of thousands heeded the advice to leave batemans bay and drive north towards sydney many with nothing left to say but themselves and house is gone
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it's completely burnt we found out yesterday morning to show. we went out there that the block that we were on has been burned from one side of the other does not apply to grass on it there's nothing left. about $1300.00 homes have been destroyed in new south wales since the fire season began in october it's been a record breaking year the fires arrived earlier and with more fury the normal straight in prime minister scott morrison. counterclaims it's a consequence of man made climate change is no doubt natural disasters turned that why angry because that's what i up by our natural disasters what we're saying is we have we cannot control the next fall disaster but what we can do is control our sports firefighters are trying to control the risk by destroying the bush 1st back burning to create natural firebreaks residents prepared to those choosing to stay gathered supplies and feel for generators and pumps if the wind chimes is very
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pretty in fact but here we are on more here for more knives and more family care for the family members further up the road from the stay here in our bicycle a. lot of these residents restocking preparing to face the fires head on charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. now with a clear mandate seltzer last month's election britain's prime minister boris johnson looks set to make good on his promise to deliver breck sits by the end of this month but the way forward is uncertain particularly when it comes to the u.k. future relationship with the european union jonah hill reports. as restoration work goes on to the outside of britain's houses of parliament a comprehensive renewal has taken place inside boris johnson's landslide election victory means legislation for the u.k.'s long awaited withdrawal from the european
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union is well on its way to being approved that leaves ratification by the e.u. parliament to allow brics it to happen at the end of january with a transition period to follow meaning little change on the ground until at least the end of next year for governments in and after years of tough often acrimonious negotiations it is possible the 2020 will see britain's exit from the european union become law but the. expect that to be the end of the briggs's pain through here in brussels due renewal to inside e.u. institutions new commission president. says she's keen to preserve good relations with the united kingdom in negotiations to come over the future relationship but e.u. interests will always come 1st and i think the danger in terms of relations is that again things get pretty tense between the 2 sides with the pressure from the u.k. side to get things done very quickly and then you side saying that's just not
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feasible unless you're willing to you know do things our way prime minister johnson insists a trade deal can and must be struck by the end of 2020 with no extension here in brussels you know people who are veterans of this kind of process with other countries you know see it takes much longer a year of more negotiating red lines rhetoric and brinkmanship lies ahead and back in london the prospect that by next december britain once again risks reaching no deal with the e.u. the one thing that we do know about prime minister and that. is quite obvious red lines is manifesting no single market. no role thier pinkel just says washer lot to support it but the other thing we know from breast cancer patients so far is it can be flexible when he sees a deal in sight breaks it promises broken ultimatums reversed the undeliverable
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delivered in 2020 then expect the unexpected. al-jazeera london. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the turkish parliament has expected to vote in the next few hours on the government's motion to do. point troops to libya turkey says its forces will protect its rights in the mediterranean sea and its interests in libya taiwan's top military officer has died in a helicopter crash along with 7 other people in the mean was on the helicopter when it made an emergency landing on the north of the islands rescue teams have been dispatched the defense ministry says some of those on boards are believed to be alive the inspector general of thailand's air force spoke at a press conference in taipei city a short time ago. the helicopter was affected by the weather the visibility is not
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very good we have yet to clarify the troops on the ground can see and hear ground after the aircraft disappeared with the radars 2 helicopters immediately took off from sunshine airport also 90 minute set off for the rescue operations we have yet to confirm the extent of the aircraft damage some of the passengers are still stranded in the wreckage and some of them are we are waiting for information from people at the site. supporters and members of an arabian backed group have withdrawn from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq capital baghdad after a 2 day siege leaders of the popular mobilization forces ordered them to leave but they've done so on the condition that iraq's parliament votes on a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops. at least 4 people have been killed during an attack on a displaced person's camp in sudan's west our food region is the latest incident in a wave of ethnic violence that's displaced people and killed as many as 40
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tribesmen arrived at the camp and reportedly started quote shooting killing and burning according to u.n. peacekeeping spokesman. and huge numbers of people are heeding emergency warnings and fleeing tones at risk of bushfires in the strain states of new south wales and victoria relief supplies all survived for thousands more stranded by the fires 8 people have been killed so far this week and another 17 are missing authorities are calling on people to leave at risk areas within the next 24 hours unexpected heat wave that swept the state's insight story is up next. to al-jazeera we were told to get to that between russia has this been addressed by tokyo we listen what is the proposal of spain for a couple on you know we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that
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matter which is iraq. is iraq becoming a proxy battleground between washington and tehran angry protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in baghdad south of us attacked in the arabian backed our military so how can this latest tension you can take this is inside story. out of there one welcome to the program julie macdonald dramatic scenes at the u.s. embassy in iraq supporters and members of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces surrounding the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's camp.


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