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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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by. the way that you tell that story is what can make a difference. iran vies harsh revenge after a u.s. air strike in baghdad kills elite force commander cross on solo mommy. m how he had seen and this is al jazeera. also coming up. cousins of the money lead the revolutionary guards elite could force we'll have reaction to his death from a rise in the region and around the world. also has one of the largest evacuations in a string of history is underway but hope whether it's strong winds expected to worsen
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already devastating wildfires. and 100 babies dead and one of months we look at the reasons behind the unusually high child mortality rates at a public hospital in india. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has called for 3 days of national mourning after a u.s. strike killed a senior commander of iran's revolutionary guards major general cousin solomon and . they warned of harsh revenge and said the incidents would double iran's resolve to resist the united states we begin our coverage with al-jazeera is saying the saudi anon i have heartbreak in the upper ranks of the iranian military at the official announcement of the death of major general custom so the money the commander of iran's could force the revolutionary guard unit responsible for
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foreign operations so long he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in but doug was. was and anger at friday prayers in the iranian capital for the assassination of a man who led the charge against eisel in iraq and syria and whose death seems likely to lead to more conflict. back man god willing it is now time to clear and cleanse the region of these devils it is now time to show more resistance to the americans and show our resistance with action to tell those yankees to get out of here get lost. in the early hours of friday morning shortly after arriving in baghdad international airport u.s. missiles killed so the money and his close ally of the old 100 other members of the group were also killed in the attack a drone strike hit their convoy as they left the airport for iran's supreme leader
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ayatollah ali come in a slow money was a trusted confidant a member of his inner circle his killing in a targeted attack the most extreme escalation in tensions between tehran and washington in recent years come and he warned there will be revenge the cruelest people on earth assassinated the honorable commander who courageously fought for years against the evils and bandis of the world so i moneys martyrdom well make iran more decisive to resist america's expansionism and to defend our islam it values would no doubt iran and other freedom seeking countries in the region will take his revenge into her own senior leaders met in an emergency meeting of iran's national security council many iranians see the u.s. attack as an act of war across the region there will be implications anywhere where there is an american military presence. americans should should leave those countries immediately but if i was in the emirates i would leave now if i was an
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american in iraq i would leave now if i was an american any part in southwest asia i would leave immediately. the united nations high commissioner for human rights described the killings as a likely violation of international law the idea that iran is not going to respond is wishful thinking that will make the debacle of of invading iraq look like a walk in the park i do not think the president trying really understands what he's got in the united states into going up against iran i would argue that going to war with iran will be the most significant adversary that the united states has encountered since world war 2 us secretary of state michael impale tweeted a video showing iraqis celebrating the attack feared by his enemies inside iran so the money has for years been one of the most popular national figures in the country the international face of iranian resistance to american pressure he
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remained largely untouched by the waning popularity in recent years of the country's government over economic issues. while there is talk of revenge many iranians don't want to see a war but not totally sure i'm going to tell you mr trump unfortunately acted decisively saying that we won't go for war but push the issue toward the leaders must exercise restraint so that the tension in the region wouldn't increase further because this can have very serious consequences for the countries in the region. it will definitely increase violence but i fundamentally disagree with violence and conflict i believe people moving toward peace in negotiation to stick goals is much better. already told. iranians looked on as someone who could protect them cut down at the height of his popularity by a u.s. strike his death marks the lowest point in iran u.s. relations in decades. well solomon his
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assassination has worsened the crisis between iran and the united states and has raised concerns about the retaliation from iran that's likely to follow u.s. president donald trump's which is about the attack in the last hour he said general cousins of the money has killed or badly wounded thousands of americans over an extended period of time and force into kill many more but got caught he was directly and indirectly responsible for the death of millions of people including the recent large number of protesters killed in iran itself let's get more now from our fishery he's pants again allan just talk us through some of the reaction that we've heard from the united states. well i think it's important to say 1st of all the put him you see behind me is normally where they would hold briefings if there was an event like this and there is no plans for a briefing
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a tall on friday there's no sign of mark esper who is of course the defense secretary secretary of state my point here and he's been doing the rounds of american media he says that after this attack to the sites of action by the president of the united states that americans are safer but there's a contradiction there as well because while he's claiming americans are safer there's also an advisory from his very own state department are doing americans in iraq to perhaps leave the country there's going to be concern on capitol hill as well normally senior figures of congress are informed before a strike of this kind that includes both republicans and democrats senior figures on military and intelligence committees it appears from what we can gather that that simply hasn't happened this time but mcconnell who is the senior republican and the senate the leader of the senate his spokesman refused to comment on whether or not he was informed that's very unusual kevin mccarthy who is the leader of the
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republicans in the house we don't he was informed because he was actually go donald trump's private estate where he's spending the christmas and new year's vacation he posted a picture saying it was a brave decision by donald trump and we also hear from lindsey graham who is a close friend of donald trump a republican as well he is in florida it is seems that he too was informed so people who were in and around the trump orbit in the last 24 hours could well have been informed but it seems that the formal process to inform senior figures in the house and the senate simply did not happen that's a problem because of course might pompei or is saying look we acted because there was evidence that there was an immediate threat to americans and so those on both sides will want to see what that evidence was because being a doubt. this is a big step that the united states have taken this isn't the same as targeting someone like al baghdadi the leader of isis this is targeting someone who is very
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much part of the arrhenius government who is right there in the cabinet who is an advisor to the supreme leader and so they will want to see the evidence that made the intelligence community go to donald trump and say this is a short we have to take it and of course the president giving the go ahead there's also the question too on where this stands legally nancy pelosi who is the leader in the house the democratic leader she has said look there was no authorize use of military force against iran passed through congress and so we have to worry about the legality of this but there is widespread praise on the republican side that donald trump has taken this action donald trump himself saying he targeted a man who is responsible for the death of hundreds of american servicemen and injured the injuries to thousands more ok alan fischer reporting live from the pentagon thank you very much indeed let's get reaction now from iran al-jazeera
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star suggest bari is live in terror ron and what has the reaction been in iran. well there's been a huge sense of shock and loss and grief really across the board ranging from the ordinary average iranian that we've spoken to to the highest level of the establishment that would be the supreme leader himself we've also just been hearing from the national submissive 3 national security council that is a body that is tasked with one of the things that they're in charge of is their own foreign policy it's headed by the president hassan rouhani under the guidance of the supreme leader this body had an emergency meeting today and they've just come out with a statement saying that they've made a decision about what they're going to do and that in due time the united states will see iran's response that appropriate response that iran has decided to take so
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it's really now a matter of wait and see how iran will respond but in terms of what has happened there is a huge sense of disbelief anger and shock that is how i would describe the general mood and feeling in the country at the moment and so the money wasn't just the military commander he was so much more to many iranians he was a national hero on many levels he was. attributed to the fact that i still never set foot on the iranian soil he was tasked with and his divisions were tasked with guarding the borders of iran and not allowing foreign terrorists to enter the country so if there's a huge sense of loss and grief ok live in tehran thank you. 11 and foreign ministry has condemned the killing and asked the country to be spared from any repercussions this comes after hezbollah's leader issued a statement following to pursue the punishments of those who are behind so the money is killing us on this roller said it's the responsibility of all fighters
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around the world he said they will work day and night see achieve his goals. the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has cut short his trip to greece this is what he had to say before leaving athens just as israel has the right of self-defense the united states is exactly the same right cousin suliman is responsible for the deaths of american citizens and many other innocent people he was planning more such attacks president trump deserves all the credit for acting swiftly forcefully decisively israel stands with the united states in its just struggling for peace security and self-defense thank you. lawrence korb is a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says it's likely that the united states will see solomon his death as a protective measure. i think the united states' justification is going to be if
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this was a preemptive attack that we killed the 2 our military leaders that to prevent them from attacking our more american men and women in iraq and remember we're there legally this time this is not the invasion we left in 2011 iraqis asked us to come back so when they're at their request and the idea that the a rainy and lead the popular you know military forces are trying to get us out that's acting illegally where they are very legally we have only thing we've been doing is going after isis we have not attacked iran so i think united states probably has pretty good information that soul of manet was behind these attacks which of that you know there were 11 attacks one ended up you know killing an american and that he was coming into play and more attacks and so that's why you know we decided that we needed to take to take them out and i guess the real
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question is the ball now is in iran's court how are they going to respond they're having the meeting what will what will they do well there's no doubt about the fact and i think earlier you want your heads on a statement or a tweet from senator chris murphy from connecticut and then he said you know what is the authorization and i agree we do need a new authorization we can't rely on what was passed back in 2001 and say that that justifies you know what the what the president is you know and has has done and again under international law i would disagree in the sense that we were invited back why iraq and somebody attacked our forces who are they are legally so i think that that that that is a little bit you know nebulous here about you know whether we violated international law. because our troops were not attacking any arabian or arabian
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associated forces there we were focused only on isis and training to your rock be no more terror this was much different than when we invaded back in 2003 which everybody agrees was you know was the war going to do so to come on al-jazeera will bring you the clean up operation in tunisia as capital after some of the worst flooding in decades. hello there plenty of snow flurries around northern sections of asia about that cold air in place quite a bit of cat is being streamed through in the last few hours and sunny plenty of cloud as well as you can see here coming through the interior of the china so as you have 1st of all across the korean peninsula some cloud but it should be mostly dry not about across into honshu it's really a kite where we're going to see the chance of some snow flurries over the next
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couple of days and also mostly dry along these coastal areas of china more rain on the way as we head through sunday and begin to work its way on towards shanghai so he could see some showers late in the day and i mean might by then see one or 2 showers into all central and northern areas of honshu but on a cold day and take a high of 11 degrees celsius still very unsettled across much of indonesia particular calls across into java those flooding rains it's not too bad on saturday in fact is a must drive picture those you can see perhaps to the eastern end of job you've got some heavy showers and thunderstorms and also some scouts and showers across much of sumatra and the a peninsula but sunday is a much dried today but that is when we could see more in the way of rain again into most southern and eastern sections of java meanwhile in india we have got a few showers in the forecast here andhra pradesh across into edition but really the main story time which is heating up in new delhi not bad at 20 celsius.
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it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and eat shit off you know the next not insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically the insignificant evil is it quiet. down very significantly by dictating big government and the fucked up policy. shalt not kill part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. over the world. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories for you know iran's supreme leader has warned
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of harsh revenge after the us killed in force commander and solemn army in baghdad's ayatollah ali khamenei has said the attack would double to iran's resolve to resist the united states the us president donald trump past me tweeting about the attack he says solomonic was responsible for the deaths of millions of people secretary of state mike told us media the strike was justified and legal. and far fighters in australia say it's very likely more homes will be destroyed by bushfires the focus is now on saving lives where the conditions for saturday are being described as catastrophic and tens of thousands of people are continuing to flee areas under threat felicity davey reports from sydney. australia and prime minister scott morrison seen for himself. for the latest areas devastated by bushfires in new south wales the day after he was confronted by angry residents in
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the town of go this woman refusing to shake his hand the funny thing was that the prime minister said he wanted to offer comfort to those affected by fires on using and he's not surprised at their reaction people are angry it is something that i was there before i was with it is something that i understand it's not something for me to talk personally it's paid holiday season but with a state of emergency declared in the states of new south wales and victoria tens of thousands of people have been leaving tourist areas traffic's being backed up the many kilometers on major highways as people try to get home or at least to safer areas. about a quarter of the 4000 people stranded on a beach in the town of malibu in victoria have been taken on board naval vessels to escape the fires have been a process are not yet. well dan for sure and it's something that i want to get
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evacuations will continue as fire conditions on saturday a forecast to be catastrophic making every preparation possible for what will be a very difficult day shamar weather conditions are very unpredictable we know the temperatures will still be in the mid forty's in many parts of our state thousands of firefighters are in the field with additional helicopters on standby where unfortunately very likely we will lose homes tomorrow but will be very happy and we'll call it says there's no lives lost that is a single focus tomorrow a focus on saving lives in the face of an unprecedented bushfire season felicity davey al jazeera sydney but it's for some it's too late to save their property jessica washington is in one the south wales time where dozens of homes have been destroyed. mua bay is a small community here in new south wales you can imagine the devastating impact
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that this bushfire season has had on communities just like this when you see scenes like this at least 50 houses destroyed in just a few days now some residents went to a nearby beach trying to secure a safety for themselves and their families but others stayed on trying to fight the blazes defending their own properties and then neighborhoods within a 4 over in this direction a little bit. run across of their eyes till they had gone around the corner and the hate just hit me and others are hard more in the garage and then i run across the road and then the 4 balls come across the road off nothing i've ever felt or seen before and then camp a child already has myself down as they were from our earth you can see that the fires burned through many of the trees here particularly at the roots but not completely and that means that this area is still a high risk because it hasn't been completely burned through many of the residents
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haven't even had the chance to return to their properties and assess the damage but authorities are warning that the worst is still yet to come high temperatures a forecast for coming hours along with strong winds and that is an incredibly dangerous combination for crews on the ground and locals alike french police served a knife wielding man in paris who killed one person and wounded several others police say the attacker stands people at random in a park in the city's south which was filled with families and children during the school holidays the most of it isn't yet known. and investigation has found that a shortage of medical equipment so at a public hospital in the indian states of russia stan was in part to blame for the deaths of nearly a 1000 infants last year the deaths of 100 babies last month from the corner e investigation also revealed that hygenic her gina conditions were so poor that
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pigs were living in the components and is in quarter of the hospital where the infant deaths occurred. this mother has just heard of the news of the death of an infant her daughter was just 15 days old but doctors have not yet told her the reason of her baby's death now there are many such families just in the month of december in this hospital in drought just on in india a 100 infants died and even though the local government has ordered a quick cleaning operation the hospital is still pretty dirty you can look at that pile of garbage it's just been covered in front of our eyes have a look at this window this is right outside the maternity ward there is that garbage bin we've seen women cleaning the floors still pretty dirty and that garbage bin very close to where the intensive care unit of the ailing infants is now the hospital authorities say that this infants are dying
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because they already come in a very serious state this suffering from septicemia. and to have low birth weight botched commission for child rights protection their officials are also coming and they say that they have with their own eyes to see pigs roaming around they've seen that this number of caregivers are far fewer than those who need care and that life sustaining equipment the ventilators have not been functioning many of them if not all according to a report half off the ventilator in. this hospital meant for infants are not currently functional now earlier today we saw a truck full of garbage leaving the premises of the hospital but the local government insists that the rate of infant deaths in the state over the as is going down and not increasing. and i break of an unknown type of viral pneumonia is cause
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an alarm in china 44 people have been diagnosed in cases linked to a 3rd markets in the central chinese city of new 10 are being treated in isolation and a further 121 people around her or savation the outbreak has stirred memories of the sars epidemic in 2002. major cleanup is underway in indonesia's capital jakarta after some of the worst flooding and landslides there for 2 decades well then 40 people have died and at least 880000 displaced it's highlighting the city's increasing vulnerability as it continues to sink putting its 30000000 residents at risk between e.u. has a reports. jakarta's commercial district is usually bustling with shoppers but for now it's mud and sludge not customers keeping store owners into tenach are busy
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they've begun cleaning up after 2 days of heavy rain caused some of the worst flooding in years. i've suffered big losses i cannot seem goods to my clients everything is wheat we're so busy cleaning up we can't take care of sales i don't know who i can blame in the situation but us common people have become the victims. who are submerged. and 3 warehouses she says the damage will cost her more than $20000.00 but many others have lost much more yeah. i'm disappointed because the government is not helping us business owners i wish they would pay more attention to us because we've lost all our capital most of my goods can no longer be used i can't sell them. torrential rainfall began on new year's eve quickly overwhelming the city's rivers and canals streets were turned into rivers and strong currents hampered rescue efforts dozens of people died tens
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of thousands have been displaced. indonesian capital frequently floods but analysts say the city was ill prepared for a storm of this scale down by the impact of this flood is bigger than the years before it's massive more people or a directory and indirectly impacted households stores and companies all their assets are gone their houses destroyed and the cars damaged. authorities have promised to push ahead with the flooding infrastructure to prevent future disasters but that's little comfort to those whose homes and livelihoods have already washed away the city of rivers have returned to normal but with more heavy rainfall expected this month residents say the cleanup is far from over. al-jazeera. millions of tourists visit peruse much you piccies citizen each year it's one of the world's heritage sites and it's increasingly on the threats seriously behind
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more than 5 tons of garbage every day when response municipal authorities are trying to turn the area into the country's 1st eco friendly zone marianna sanchez reports from the turn of the enters the gateway to the citadel. this is the call for pick up cleaning up the small town of i was killed just to keep safe the ruins above more than 1600000 tourists this is the citadel of much of peach river here camera ready and their water supplies many likely don't know that much of the bottles left behind used to end up in the river. i had no idea i always try to recycle at home but i wasn't aware of that problem 2 years ago unesco threatened to blacklist much agree to raising the allowance of high contamination because it's a protected area the garbage has to be transported out by train there are no roads to reach such
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a beach and the waste left behind was thrown into the river dug into the ground or burnt in the injuring the citadel and the floor and for now around it. since the newness a pull towards begun a cleanup effort with the help of a private initiative now they're transforming more than one ton of plastic bottles daily into compact packs to be shipped out. and the hotel is collecting the used cooking oil for more than $200.00 restaurants and hotels transforming it into biodiesel were used in cleaning before it also ends up in the river the law prohibits the installation of a large treatment site the tiny plant donated by hotel is treating you again aggressiveness and to buy a carbon. simple don't allow those we aim is to keep the nearly 5 tons of waste here in turn it into bio carbon that will be used for agriculture and reduce comparable nation officials want to be to surrounding stern into the 1st eco friendly municipality in the country but they say they need the support of all
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tourists instead of carrying water bottles realisable of for at least say they would prefer tourist bring in their own reusable containers in that way they could get rid of much of the plastic trash water dispenser stations will be installed around town. in the meantime we are promoting the no use of plastic in hotels and restaurants and distributing recyclable bags everyone here is being asked to do their part the change is slow but now they say that your picture is being spared from this danger and you know some to sad to see that i was going to let this be the. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines iran's supreme leader has warned of harsh revenge after a u.s. airstrike killed cousin solomonic at baghdad airport ayatollah ali how many has said the attack would double to her hands resolved to resist the united states u.s.
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president donald trump has tweeted that cousin salmoni was responsible for the deaths of millions of people and secretary of state's might pompei you told us media the strike was justified and legal he says the killing saved us lives and that the risk of doing nothing was enormous. release everything that we know that's appropriate that we can that doesn't put anyone at risk what will do our best we want the world to understand that there was in fact an imminent attack taking place the american people should know that this was an intelligent telegin spaces where the drove us. lebanon's foreign ministry has condemned the killings and asked for the country to be spared from any repercussions this comes after hezbollah's leader issued a statement by going to pursue the punishment of those who are behind solomon is killing our son the sailor said it's the responsibility of all fighters around the world he said they will work day and nights to achieve his goals but wasn't just
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saw a man who was killed on the hondas the deputy commander of an iranian backed coalition of armed groups in iraq was also killed and in other news firefighters in australia say it's very likely that more homes will be destroyed by forests they say their focus is no on saving lives that's as weather conditions for saturday are again being described as catastrophic tens of thousands of people are continuing to flee from tourist areas under threats french police have shot dead a knife wielding man in paris who killed one person and wounded several others police say the attackers start people at random in a park in the city's south which is filled with families and children during the school holidays the motive is not yet known that she updates these continues on al-jazeera after life at.
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