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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2020 7:00am-7:33am +03

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thank. you still. his reign of terror is over donald trump says he acted to stop the war. by ordering the. general. iran's supreme leader delivers his condolences to his family and warns severe of. those responsible. this is. yet another state of emergency declared in southeastern australia catastrophic conditions. $100.00 babies dating one month we look at the reasons
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behind. child mortality at a public hospital in india. 24 hours off the assassination of custom solid body there have been more airstrikes in iraq we understand they have targeted the iran backed popular mobilisation forces now it's happened near a camp in north of baghdad the reuters news agency is reporting 2 vehicles were heat killing 6 people speaking on the phone al jazeera is a suburb in job the popular forces assigned the convoy was full of medics not fighting. but according to popular mobilization forces the. military wing of. that. and you're going to.
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have it yet at this time because you go. 2 words the area is intelligent which is also home to. a coalition base there are various speculation that there was some come off of one of the big 8 who was in this critical convoy because it allegedly by us. but so far a couple of like vision courses that made a bit of a that this was a medic on the close to attention good move in iraq and. they tried to be seen in the last few years more bad for the streets being closed in baghdad of disputed positions of. this and of course it's. well the us president donald trump says he's forces acted to stop
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a war with iran not stop one by assassinating by general just some solid money now he added that the u.s. is prepared for any reprisals until the body who led iran's elite could forces died in an airstrike in baghdad on friday solemn 80 has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago a lot of lives would have been saved just recently salim 80 led the brutal repression of protesters in iran where more than a 1000 innocent civilians were tortured and killed by their own government we took action last night to stop a war we did not. take action to start a war of iran's supreme leader. has warned of severe revenge for in his words the criminals responsible for killing iranians protested after friday prayers chanting
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death to america iraq's prime minister says the assassination will light the fuse of a destructive war and as other leaders around the world expressed concern and condemnation the u.s. has ordered all of its citizens to leave iraq straight away and its military personnel are now on high alert wraps up developments from baghdad. heartbreak in the upper ranks of the iranian military at the official announcement of the death of major general kasim so in money the commander of iran's quds force the revolutionary guard unit responsible for foreign operations so the money was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad. and a spontaneous outbreak of joy in iraqi cities over the passing of a man many see as the embodiment of iran's meddling here i sure wish i didn't have to listen to me i feel happy about killing solo money the reason is because of his foreign interference in iraq would you accept that all the intervening that all the
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families issues everything has been on trees. in the early hours of friday morning shortly after arriving at baghdad international airport a u.s. strike targeted a convoy of soleimani and his close ally hondas the deputy head of the iraqi popular mobilisation forces an iranian backed part military group other members of the group were also killed for iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali common a solemn mani was a trusted confidant a member of his inner circle and he warned there will be revenge your cruelest people on earth assassinated the honorable commander who courageously fought for years against the evils and bandis of the world sulaimani is martyrdom well make iran more decisive to resist america's expansionism and to defend our values with no doubt iran and other freedom seeking countries in the region will take his revenge. while there is talk of revenge
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many iranians don't want to see war hero with us support them and it will definitely increase violence but i fundamentally disagree with violence and conflict i believe people moving toward peace in negotiation to reach the goals is much better soleimani enjoyed some support when he led the charge to displace eisel from iraq a strong. holds but many iraqis now blame iran for instability and interference in their country and soleimani directly for a violent crackdown on anti-government protests which began in october the us assassinations are the most extreme escalation in tensions between to head on in washington in recent years and many in baghdad fear it will continue to play out on iraqi soil and if in any state that has she always syria and we condemn this it's unacceptable for something like this to be happening in our country it's a tween america and iran and in the end we will be hurt our situation is already
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not stable many iraqis oppose iranian and american interventions alike. earlier this week mohandas himself let a crowd of popular mobilization forces supporters as they attacked and besieged the u.s. embassy in baghdad he walked alongside. another senior military leader of the pro iran group who has now called on his followers to take up arms against the american presence iraq's caretaker prime minister idol of the mahdi condemn the u.s. strike as a violation of iraq's sovereignty and the rules of engagement of the american presence here he called the death of mohandas an aggression against the iraqi state . parliament is due to hold an emergency session on sunday but analysts say the government beleaguered and divided after 3 months of anti-government protests will struggle to mount a decisive response iraqi government is very weak for the time being there will be no more than statements coming out of the. caretaker prime minister or from the
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ministry of foreign affairs other than that i don't expect anything from the iraqi government but probably the iraqi parliament will. call for an immediate session and do will discuss the current. americans in iraq agreement and probably they will ask for the department of the american forces from iraq. whether their response to u.s. presence in iraq will be political or military the assassinations have put an end to a precarious balance of power that had dust far accommodated both u.s. and iranian interests in iraq the iraqi capital already a battleground for tensions between the u.s. and iran is bracing itself for the aftermath of the biggest escalation yet with both u.s. and iranian backed troops on the ground the country risks being caught in the middle of a military fallout between washington and tehran simona 14 al-jazeera but that well
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in the u.s. reaction to sell about his assassination is split between the buy to parties donald trump's republicans are praising his actions while democrats are questioning why the president didn't consult hungriest before approving the strike. as more from washington. president donald trump tried to justify his decision to order the killing of iranian revolutionary guard commander qassam sulaimani by claiming that sulaimani had been planning eminent and sinister attacks on americans in the region we took action last night just stop. a war the us president said sulaimani was responsible for the deaths of thousands of american service people over 2 decades solid mady has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago trump's republican allies in congress agreed or to all this evil man operated without them strike and countless and often
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have suffered for now his terrorist leadership has been and democrats say trump ordered the drone strike that also killed the leader of tehran back iraqi militia groups without consulting congress and warned of serious consequences this is the equivalent of the iranians assassinating the u.s. secretary of defense i do not believe the administration has gamed out. how very badly this could go for the us and our interests this action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into. iran has promised retaliation the u.s. state department issued a security alert urging all american citizens to leave iraq immediately despite the
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secretary of state's claims on u.s. media that americans in the region are now safer after sunni mani's demise while no one is accusing president shrub of ordering friday's drone strike for political purposes and does overshadow all political headlines in the u.s. including trump's impending impeachment trial the u.s. senate was to begin this new year by taking on that as their 1st order of business and instead senators are preparing for briefings on the u.s. military strike and whatever response it may bring heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. well iran's foreign minister has described the assassination as an act of international terrorism. in half the islamic republic of iran holds the right to respond any time and in any manner and it will we will not be involved in america's smear campaigns and their blackmailing we will give
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a proper response in any manner in time we will as stated by the supreme leader. of iran has told the u.n. security council that it reserves the right to self-defense off to sell about his killing gabrial elizondo has. their i remember ambassador to the united nations sent this one and a half page letter friday evening to u.n. secretary general. has and the security council and in it he says that iran reserves the right to respond based under international law and he also had some very strong comments in it as well saying that the assassination is solely a money quote by any measure is an obvious example of state terrorism and a criminal act that constitutes a gross violation of the fundamental principles of international law and the principles of the u.n. charter so that's the statement that's going out to the u.n. from the iranian mission so far the americans at the u.n.
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have not responded but earlier in the day u.n. secretary general antonio good here is did say that he is deeply troubled by events going on in iraq right now. diplomatic it is a judge but this is in new york where some of been asking if the strike was legal the u.n. security council has been meeting to discuss the situation in syria but i'm told in the margins of the meeting there were various discussions between ambassadors about the killing of general sort of money and diplomatic circles there are questions being asked about the legality of the move and whether it's a violation of the u.n. charter. we just for for the escape this is what we need no we need diskette ition we need stability in the region and we would really encourage everybody. to work for further this case is that a violation in china's view of china. china's foreign ministry spokesperson has
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made. to this america we are. paying close attention to the situation and when i can stay in the u.s. so for me in force you to gnash know relations and the suffering and territorial integrity of for iraq food to be fully respected meanwhile the u.n. secretary general antonio good terraces issued a statement he's called for leaders to exercise maximum restraint he says the world does not mean another war in the gulf. now that statement the jones mentioned was well received by agnes calabar who reports to the un on extra judicial executions doubt she's tweeted there is no more pressing time for the un and its leadership to step up the nell but the statement has not budged world you have the legal tools and the platform please use them and she included the has tag world war 3 earlier
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agnes calabasas go to al-jazeera she said it's unlikely solomon his killing was justifiable the international demand the international relief justification for the killings are very high because it's not only a question of whether there are. the us back to the north korean central defense which is questionable. it is not only a question of whether they a wall is an international armed conflict and that's a huge issue here you know nobody wants to address it directly but d.c. is there a much at the heart of the other conversation the statement that twitter paul vi did yesterday and the fact as we knew them seemed to n.t. kid treat television the statement provided today by the president this afternoon seems to be anti kitching and anti see patrie self defense.
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which is our there was imminent threats even though the plans for can get action suit against the united states i am not in a position to reach an exclusion as to whether or not these seas and justified under international law is in full mission is far too leads these why i am suggesting that we need an international inquiry in order to get into the details. but have a look at some other news libyan war of a for have to says his fight is now against a foreign occupier after turkey's parliament agreed to send troops to libya after us forces of light siege to the capital tripoli since april the b.s. un recognized government asked the turkish president richard typo to award for
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support the u.s. of the arab league have expressed concern about turkey's decision resort the off to have to buy those comments a video districts of tripoli were targeted with new is strikes more than 20 rockets hit the capital and at least one person was killed. one of the largest evacuations in astrologers history is on the way and need warnings of strong winds and hot weather will be worsening the rights of bushfires tens of thousands of people to flee risk towns in the states of new south wales and victoria some with the help of the australian navy where the conditions over the coming days have been described as catastrophic prime minister scott morrison has announced 3000 defense force reserves will be called up to help with the bushfire response let's go live now to just a washington maria on the new south wales south coast there are some us to talk about here just your of course from the evacuation to what the problem there is assigned to the start of the fires just give us
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a latest from where you are right now. and this area is on the high alert so we have just been moved along by police you can see that the road blocks in place behind me they have just told us that it's no longer safe to be in that area we know that there are a number of fires burning at emergency levels across the state and this area off the southern coast of new south wales is one that authorities are watching closely it's the dangerous combination of extreme heat and strong winds which have authorities being incredibly cautious today now that national response that the prime minister didn't just a short while ago in terms of the army reservists who will be coming into affected areas around the country has been well received but many around here are questioning why a response like that wasn't done of course pushed a state issue but the scale and scope of his crisis had many for national action
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and people wondering why it's taken so long. jessica we're also dealing with the evacuations could you tell us more about that which are enormous in the in this size and scope but also the daily hardships people are dealing with not just the fires but the electricity outages the lack of supplies and food and water there are so many things that feed into this crisis. will stand where we are in maria is close to many tourist areas and of course we know that many of the tourists and locals alike have been evacuated police have been visiting properties around this area making sure that residents have in fact left because the situation is growing increasingly dangerous we have just heard word that around this community there are a number of power outages the community of batemans bay which is home to thousands of residents has just lost power it's worth bearing in mind to put this in an
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international perspective that bushfires all normal part of the israelian summer but this scale has not been seen in a number of years we've spoken to many residents who've lived in these areas of the decades and they say that they haven't seen anything like this just a thank you just to watch and you bring us up to date on the fire was destroyed if maria in new south wales an outbreak of the mon year is causing a lot in china $44.00 people have been diagnosed in cases linked to a food market in the central chinese city of han or being treated you know isolation at the food 121 people are under observation the outbreak is to members of the sars epidemic in 2002. the shortage of medical equipment at a public hospital in the indian state of raja stan is being blamed for the deaths of nearly 1000 infants last year an investigation was launched after the death of
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100 babies last month alone and it also revealed hygiene conditions at the hospital was so poor that pigs were living in the compound and so vora is in cota at the hospital where those infant deaths occurred. this mother has just heard of the news of the death of an infant her daughter was just 15 days old but doctors have not yet told her the reason of her baby's death now there are many such families just in the month of december in this hospital in dr hassan in india a 100 infants died and even though the local government has ordered a quick cleaning operation the hospital is still pretty dirty you can look at that pile of garbage it's just been covered in front of our eyes have a look at this window this is right outside the most on the ward there is that garbage bin we've seen women cleaning the floors still pretty dirty and that garbage bin. very close to where the intensive care units of the
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ailing inference is now the hospital authorities say that this infants are dying because they already come in a very severe state they're suffering from septicemia pneumonia and i have to wait botched commission for child rights protection their officials are also coming out and they say that they have with their own eyes seen pigs roaming around they've seen that this number of caregivers are far fewer than those who need care and that life sustaining equipment the ventilators have not been functioning many of them if not all according to the report half of the ventilator in this hospital meant for infants are not covered. a functional now earlier today we saw a truck full of garbage leaving the premises of the hospital but the local government insists that the rate of infant deaths in the state over the years is
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going down and not increasing. now indian workers have been demonstrating against the government's handling of the economy there are happy with rising unemployment privatization and slowing growth and the frustration is not just coming from the opposition the union behind these protests is affiliated with the government party so how robin has more from the capital new delhi. the roads are busy in india's capital these day laborers sit here from early morning their bags of tools at the ready they're masons carpenters electricians and painters with no formal contracts and no financial security many have worked for days they say there is little work in the construction industry. is from the northern state of protests in your was there ever since i came to delhi i've been working i didn't have a chance to sit down on the roadside before the contractor would pick me up and take me to the site to work since more the year i work
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a stock and i've been sitting here. he's not the only one this gathering of b. j.p. supporters is not happy these daily wage labor is on the union that supports them what the government to act according to government figures the last financial quarter of 2019 so inflation rises to nearly 5.5 percent while food prices went up by 10 percent and manufacturing went down by 3.8 percent the real estate business has seen a slump to more moderate income or the. union leader and b j p supporter no ryan and wants the government to rethink its economic direction one that he says will benefit the working class now that the ball is in the government is what i would do is all the. nationalists are making. is something strange is not going not going. on voicing their frustration is about all the things people can do hear anyone say what they intend
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to do but it's the govern. that must change policy and in turn the economic future of all of those here it is usually 1st one of india's most respected economists says the government needs to spend in order to stimulate the economy the immediate measures required are demand because this is very clearly a shortage of demand in the economy workers don't have money to spend there isn't enough employment businesses are not investing somebody has to spend and it has to be the government. it's been difficult for the government to explain or even show the benefits of its new sales tax or why it removed all banknotes 2 years ago and replace them with higher value notes the international monetary fund has acknowledged india's economic slowdown and its urging the government to work on a stimulus package that can benefit the working class and revive the economy. the worry for prime minister dread remote government is that its old supporters are criticising its economic policies if it doesn't act soon seems like this may become
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a common sight so robert al jazeera new delhi. where thousands of teachers have taken part in a government protest in central hall call they accuse the city's leaders of turning teachers into scapegoats for the ongoing social unrest the government has launched several investigations into protest related activities by educators demonstrations in hong kong and now in their 7th. spain's electoral board has ordered the removal of the president of cattle to use regional government a court had already banned joachim torah from public office for 18 months he was convicted of failing to remove separatist banners from public buildings during an election. and leaders have been jailed for their role in a fire secession bid in 2017. french police have shot dead a knife wielding man after he killed one person and wounded 2 others in southern
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paris offices he lunged randomly at several other people in a park you managed to run away the suspect was killed after fleeing to a neighboring suburb he didn't have a serious criminal record but had received psychiatric treatment in the past. oil prices jumped nearly $3.00 a barrel following the killing of the iranian general custom solid body with the international benchmark for crude going up more than 3 percent in early trade back it's fear terror ron may retaliate by disrupting global energy supplies from the middle east if prices continue to rise fuel electricity and heating could become more expensive stifling the global economy. when millions of tourists visit peruse much of peaches citadel each year it's one of us goes world's heritage sites but it's increasingly under threat tourists leave behind more than 5 tons of waste every day disposal far he's trying to turn the area into the country's 1st
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eco friendly zone marianna songes reports in the town is aguas calientes the gateway to much of teacher. this is the call for pick up cleaning up the small town that i was just to keep safe the ruins above more than 1600000 tourists this is the citadel of much of peach river here camera ready and their water supplies many like don't know that much of the bottles left behind used to end up in the river nordin yeah i had no idea i always try to recycle at home but i wasn't aware of the problem 2 years ago you nescafe threatened to blacklist much of picchu racing the allowance of high contamination because it's a protected area the garbage has to be transported out by train there are no roads to reach such a beach and the waste left behind was thrown into the river dug into the ground or burnt in the injuring the citadel and the flora and fauna round it.
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since the newness a plethora these begun a cleanup effort with the help of a private initiative now there transforming more than one tonne of plastic bottles daily into compact packs to be shipped out. and the hotel is collecting the used cooking oil from more than $200.00 restaurants and hotels transforming it into biodiesel reuse them cleaning before it also ends up in the river the law prohibits the installation of a large treatment site the tiny plant donated by hotel. to buy a car. to keep the nearly 5 tons of waste here in turn it into bio carbon that will be used for agriculture and reduced to pam anation officials want to be to surrounding stern into the 1st eco friendly municipality in the country but they say they need the support of all tourists instead of carrying water bottles municipal authorities say they would prefer tourists bring in their own reusable containers in that way they could get rid of much of the plastic trash
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whatever dispenser stations will be installed around town. in the meantime we are promoting the no use of plastic in hotels and restaurants and distributing recyclable bags everyone here is being asked to do their part. for now they say machu picchu has been spared from this danger and you know. i was going to speak to . this is al jazeera and these are the top stories there have been more airstrikes in iraq which we understand have targeted the iran backed popular forces it's happened . north of baghdad as a big divide has more details but according to popular mobilization forces the head of military wing of the iraqi government to be heard that here we are to live and
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the local. population forces various affiliates in that convoy have expressed yet at the start with a comparison you go i visit iraq which leaks to hurt the area intelligence which is . a coalition a very a stipulation that there was some come. under the brigade to get to this critical convoy because it gets elected by us. well reports that attack time 24 hours off the u.s. strikes killed iranian military commander doesn't solve the money u.s. president donald trump says he ordered the killing to stop a war not start $1.00 trump says the money was plenty imminent attacks on american diplomats and military personnel what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago a lot of lives would have been saved just recently salim 80 lead the brutal repression of protesters in iran where more than
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a 1000 innocent civilians were tortured and killed by their own government we took action last night to stop a war we did not take action to start a war iran's supreme leader. has vowed to house for of in charge of the killing of solomonic and iran's foreign minister is warning appropriate retaliation is imminent in other news libyan will go to leaf i have to say as he's filed he's now against a foreign occupier to turkey agreed to send troops to libya after his forces of light siege to the capital tripoli since april. the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off to talk to out to 0 even bolen. we know what's happening in ai we generally know how to get to the places that others and all i was just only. by the police on fire best if i was honest and
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i'm willing to. set everything by a minor. the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. you can or will. we see. for years private armies have provided services to governments around the world they are often secretive that operate in the shadows. blackwater now known as academy is one of the most well known private army it has provided troops and other services to the u.s. government in different conflicts including the war in iraq but it's not always clear how these private armies are formed where they operate or even what their missions consist of so we travel to south africa to find out more even barlow is chairman of specialized tasks training equipment and protection international.


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