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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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used to struggling. to find a way to bring the 2 worlds together. like smoke harvest al-jazeera. iraqi politicians join mourners at a funeral procession for the targets of friday's u.s. air strikes in baghdad. and i'm elizabeth for autumn and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up rise up against foreign occupation warlord khalifa hof this call to libyans as turkish troops prepare to join the war. china replaces its top official in hong kong after 7 months of anti-government protests and pledging to resolve the cultural disputes spain's acting prime minister and just closer to forming
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a leftist coalition government. thousands of people have gathered in baghdad to mourn the targets of friday's u.s. air strike that killed major general qassam sunday money a huge funeral procession was held for the top iranian commander as well as for iraq's. on this the deputy leader of the iran backed popular mobilization forces iraq's k. take a prime minister the not the man the also attended but and to us fridays have continued across neighboring iran with thousands denounced sunday mani's assassination and as uncertainty goes over how iran will respond nato has suspended a training mission in iraq citing safety concerns when a somma been job as an baghdad and he says there is anger on the streets. we've been hearing from people who were mourning the death of christ and for the money
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another of the hundreds who has been the commander of the 2nd in in charge of the popular mobilization forces and throughout these professions that you saw through the day in baghdad you could see the flags of various factions who constitute the popular mobilization forces now there's route of the procession is that the both both of these bodies will be taken to holy shrines in baghdad and then to karbala and then to niger from where passing from their moneys body will be flown for his final rights in there and resume the old one this will be buried in the holy city of niger if it is worth noting that there was a not a fear amongst analysts who were watching the situation we saw a stricter security measures coming into play here as well as the green zone being fortified again but so far the procession has been peaceful it has moved on to other locations and iranian groups and paramilitary groups close to iran have been
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saying there is going to be revenge there is a lot of langar on the streets but it is going to be decided by iran on vent and where that revenge takes place. let's go to our correspondent patty culhane now she's joining us live from the pentagon and as the iraqi armed forces decide to restrict the work of u.s. led coalition forces in iraq we're hearing patty thousands of u.s. troops are on their way to elsewhere in the region. yeah exactly we asked the pentagon about that and how how they're going to respond they really just try to deflect deflect the questions they will ask nato the iraqi is about that so it seems that the u.s. trying to figure out what the response is going to be trying to figure out what's happening on the ground we do know on the ground there can be $3000.00 additional u.s. soldiers headed that way as of last night the pentagon saying that this special operations force special operating force from the 82nd airborne just to clarify they're not like seals but they are soldiers that are specially trained to be able to react
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quickly to situations so about $3500.00 additional troops going in we believe to kuwait possibly to iraq and they're there really just in case no one knows how iran is going to respond so this is a force that specially trained were of let's say an embassy anywhere in the middle in the middle east was under attack they would have the skills the training and the equipment to be able to go in and try and reinforce the security of that american facility and meanwhile lots of questions where you are about whether the trumpet ministration had the legal authority to carry out the strike lots of questions around the intelligence that they say. that there was going to be an eminent strike on u.s. interests. exactly under international law self-defense is. something you can use and perhaps that's why we're seeing secretary of state mike pompei is saying that they stopped an imminent plot to kill dozens possibly
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hundreds of americans in the region what exactly is that intelligence well officials have been deflecting say i can't tell you that it's classified but they can't say that to do u.s. senate who's going to get a briefing next week in just a couple of days and like most things in congress the information will likely leak out after that so far those who have been briefed really it's coming down partisan lines republicans say in the intel is good democrats saying it's not enough doesn't make any sense so what will know a lot more about exactly whether self defense was a legitimate claim from the trump administration but there's the broader question of u.s. law now what we've seen is the administration saying we had authority under laws passed after 911 that let us go after terrorists and we even saw the vice president mike pence tweet out that solomon was was connected to transporting 10 of the 12 hijackers from 911 into afghanistan couple problems obviously there were more than 12 hijackers and everyone who's looked at that said that's not true didn't have
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a meaningful role in the $911.00 attacks and so the president the vice president being criticized for it appears to be a pretty blatant and easily proven lie twitter but you could see that potentially be in the motivation trying to figure out how this fits under u.s. and international law thank you for that and out of all the nations live at the pentagon thank you. let's move on to other news now libyan war north korea for half a says has fine is now against a foreign occupier after turkey's parliament agreed to send troops to libya half the force of an attack in the capital tripoli since april they must ravi has the latest. the man who has for years led a parallel government in libya now calls on all libyans to rise up against what he described as a looming turkish invasion but i do recall that i don't know how the enemy has announced war he has advertised aggression and decided to invade our nation he bit
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just a watchful defended took his people which had tied to us in brotherhood and islam must stand in the face of this deranged cannon labutta who is leading his army into ruin no as if about going i don't know much there are to be a couple we had to so a speech to the whole arab world to its people and leaders to its youth and saying that's a national war is being fueled by this today's tech assault and throughout the whole region targeting the at a bit tentative from its west to its east. after self declared libyan national army has been fighting to take control of tripoli since april. more than 20 rockets hit civilian areas of tripoli shortly after his speech have stories backed by turkey's regional rivals saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates . turkey is determined to support the u.n. backed government defending the libyan capital turkey's parliament approved the deployment of troops to libya last week after the g.n.a.t.
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asked for military support but there are still no confirmed details on timing troop numbers or what role they'll take this has the ability to alter the dynamics completely in libya and restore some largest position of strength at the negotiating table and given that the u.a.e. and egypt are not key in on an all out war with turkey in libya have to believe that his chances are running out and this is why we see these increasingly hostile statements towards techie. in a statement the u.n. secretary general antonio terra's said he wants an immediate cease fire and a return to political dialogue by all parties but even the un backed government seems to have lost faith in the un's efforts on the ground one senior g.n.a.t. leader told libyan t.v. his government no longer relies on the u.n. mission in tripoli is in basra. and al jazeera without that there's at the scene of a grad missile attack he says residents i'm worried about further attacks. this
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density populated area in some neighborhood in the vicinity of m 80 get pulled the only operational airport in the libyan capital tripoli was hit by rockets launched by forces loyal to the world have to the transportation minister of the government of national accord said that this area was hit by 20 rockets into n.t. 4 hours one old man was killed several other civilians were wounded a child lost his eye there is a schools here in this area too that was hit and education was suspended that schools in a to get airport a vision was also hold in the in the aftermath of this attack there is also a hospital in the neighborhood of a hospital that was hit by a rocket launcher by have to us forces and the united nations support the mission in libya has expressed concern over indiscriminate shelling of residential areas
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people here are still living in a state of panic fear and anger and they say that in the aftermath of the attack some of them left their homes others try to keep inside fearing it wasn't possible and they say that as long as have to his forces are on the southern outskirts of tripoli then such attacks will most probably continue. now the egyptian navy says it's conducted military exercises in the eastern mediterranean it comes after car won't turkey that a military intervention in libya would have a negative impact on regional stability while turkey plans to send troops to support the un recognized government in tripoli egypt backed warlord khalifa haftar who have received the libyan capital for months. china has replaced its top representative in hong kong as social unrest in the city continues for a 7th month state media say the head of beijing's liaison office wang shimon has been removed it's the 1st major reshuffle since the protests began problems louis
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has more and why beijing's liaison office is important. it's supposed to promote communication between china and hong kong so it's effectively a bridge between mainland china and hong kong and it promotes and coordinates probation candidates now it has sometimes been accused of overstepping its jurisdiction just as an example in the 2004 legislative council elections believes on office was accused of mobilizing members of the probate interest groups and housing associations to support the pro establishments party and since 2010 the liaison office has often been a target for pro-democracy protesters now as to what sort of practical impact it will have on hong kong politically it might be a little bit too soon to tell we don't really know yet whether the signals that china is going to adopt a more hardline stance when it comes to its treatment of the anti government
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protests in hong kong but what's interesting to note is the timing now the this reshuffle because major reshuffle that the protests began 7 months ago comes 6 weeks after a probe candidate suffered a humiliating defeat at local district council elections so while it may be a little bit too soon to tell whether this signals how china is going to be handling the protests in hong kong we know about the interest but the timing of this is interesting. now hong kong health authorities are on higher due to an algebraic of a new talk of why would an ammonia in china 8 suspected cases have been reports of the city which is now activated its serious response level chief executive carry lab visited railway station to review extraordinary health checks for incoming passengers $44.00 cases have been detected in mainland china so far and the outbreak has revived memories of the sols epidemic which killed 700 people across
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china in 2003. still ahead on the bulletin a number state of emergency in southeastern australia after catastrophic bush fine conditions for 10 and why mining for cobalt and democratic republic of congo are comes at a high cost for many. but . we got more disturbed weather making its way into the middle east particularly around the levant a lot of clap just showing up some wet weather easing out of the eastern side of the mediterranean so some cloud and rain spilling across turkey some snow there over the high ground once again syria lebanon jordan you can also see some wet weather and notice a lot of wet weather too just easing down across see the gulf there that's going to
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push whites was us here in qatar as we go on through sunday and audience to monday all trials back from this weather system which has made its way across iran and afghanistan some snow there over the high ground and eventually i'm just pushed out towards the straits with mus see some wet weather to say for its high just pushing in across the u.a.e. thought of them behind that quite a brisk way and so it will freshen up in doha temperatures around $21.00 celsius on monday as i marry a cloud actually extends across the red sea it's sinking further south with southern parts of egypt pushing down towards sudan or trackers see some wet weather some showers there just sliding into ethiopia wore those heavy showers also pushing right down across the rift valley they want to showers around the gulf of guinea but for much of west africa is dry.
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no the world but it's a series of ceremonies parties feast we might know when they begin but not. in the silence extravagant wedding service markers of social status but this lavish celebration is unique. no one ever held this wedding ceremony. and its budget is also extraordinary the grand marriage on al-jazeera world. it is good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories thousands of people have gathered in baghdad to mourn the targets of friday's u.s.
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air strike those killed include senior iranian commander major general carson saw their money the procession was attended by top political leaders including iraq's caretaker prime minister. libyan warlord khalifa haftar says his fighters now against a foreign occupier after turkey's parliament agreed to send troops to libya after forces have been attacked in the capital tripoli since april and china has replaced its top representative in hong kong the social unrest in the city enters the 7th month stage media say the head of beijing's liaison office one chairman has been removed it is the 1st major reshuffle since protests began. now spain's acting prime minister peder sanchez says solving the caution on crisis will be his top priority is open to debate in parliament that could lead to a new government after 8 months of dead. block sanchez a seeking to form a leftist coalition he has secured a pledge from a key separatist party to abstain in the vote that's despite the separatists
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getting a major blow from electoral authorities who on friday ruled to strip the head of his regional government from his position. firefighters in australia bracing for a difficult night as hot and windy conditions continue to spread bushfires nearly 150 burning in new south wales alone and self-restraint 2 more people are confirmed dead tens of thousands of people have fled the worst affected areas jessica washington reports. for these fire crews conditions are bad and quickly getting worse thousands of firefighters are on the ground battling unforgiving whether. extreme heat and volatile winds make a deadly combination as bush fires burn at emergency levels in 3 states in new south wales one local government minister described it as like an atomic bomb hitting the region fire has already caused major devastation here on new year's eve
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they're making a frightening return with conditions even more unpredictable. and . conditions the crisis is already a strain leah's longest recorded bushfire emergency and millions of hectares of land has been burnt scientists estimate around half a 1000000000 wildlife have been killed in south australia on the popular tourist destination of kangaroo island 2 people died in a fire authorities said it was virtually unstoppable in malibu in the state of victoria where thousands of holidaymakers were stranded on a beach the sky turned a haunting shade of crimson as fires ravaged the region. prime minister scott morrison has been criticized for being too slow to roll out a national response to the crisis but he finally announced army reserves and 3 navy
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ships will be deployed to help this bushfire season is far from over but it's caused so much devastation across australia in the southern part of new south wales it's not uncommon to see streets like this one with rows of houses completely decimated this holiday resort has become a makeshift home for many families forced to escape the fires the burkes don't know what they'll do now their house burnt down on new year's eve by the charm we were able to go through. we had been told on the way home that they also bring the possibility that our house was still there because pfizer around it. and we're more finally able to get there yet the whole house was engulfed in flames there was nothing of all of it in. their entire extended family has now been evacuated and are waiting for things to return to normal. with no significant rain forecast
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for at least a few weeks that prospect is still very far away just to washington out 0 batemans bay a strain. to indonesia now where tens of thousands of people remain stranded in emergency shelters in some of the worst floods and landslides and years devastate and tire communities the death toll stands at 53 but that is expected to rise and there's more rain on the way to gauge reports. from the year the true extent of these floods and landslides can be seen these helicopter is on its way to the region of low back where dozens of people were buried and communities cut off. medical aid and food supplies are being flown out to the 10s of thousands of people who have lost their homes or simply can't get back to them. monsoon rains that
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started on new year's eve have unleashed the biggest flash floods in the region in a decade rescuers are finding more bodies and emergency shelters of filling up. in the capital jakarta this sports hall has been turned into a temporary home but it can only hold a few 100 people. at least 170000 across the city need shelter but i've got to get. those children who looked very sad when they arrived who are traumatized seeing the floods. 6 in areas people can return to a cleanup is underway but it's a major challenge in time as suburbs are submerged some places are 19 feet under water with more rain on the way the government has become seeding clouds the process of pumping certain chemicals into the air in an attempt to prevent trying
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across flood affected areas hit. by. the peak of the rainy season is in february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weather so the rain won't fall in the cities for the people whose houses are flooded we hope they'll stay in refugee compounds so we can monitor their health and reduce possible disease the hope is that floodwaters recede before the next rains arrive nicola gage al-jazeera now a lawyer for the foreman assigned boss carlos gone says he feels betrayed by the japanese justice system going fled japan from lebanon this week claiming he was avoiding political persecution of allegations of financial misconduct were more details are emerging about guns a dramatic escape the legs here brian reports this house in beirut is where carlos ghosn is believed to be holed up now arguably one of the world's most famous fugitives saw by police in japan and turkey the subject of an interpol red notice
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and a global bady a frenzy. is a skate has embarrassed in japan where gun had lived under house arrest and strict bail conditions including a ban on overseas travel. media reports say the surveillance cameras show him simply walking out of his tokyo home on sunday he didn't return he knows that at the end of the year pam ledger's new years which is probably the most important holiday so that there will be very few people watching him so he was going to escape this was the time. and he had to sort of preparing taking lessons in the martial arts and being a physical trainer so he was ready to run. the former head of the. making alliance and a giant in the global auto industry he was 1st arrested in $28.00 he was facing trial on charges of financial misconduct allegations he's repeatedly denied. his
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escape spanned 3 continents and plenty of mystery gone contains he was fleeing political persecution of a turkish company it says going to a charter flight from osaka to istanbul and another from there to his childhood home by rote. it's understood that there's an interest in lebanon after a transit through turkey from japan the following is very important it is understood that there was a transfer in the cargo department at the airport in istanbul for. an employee falsified flight records name didn't appear 5 people have been arrested in turkey accused of human trafficking. going has tried before to evade attention by dressing as a workman when leaving custody and match and his blog lawyer to kashi to kano seen here with the v. it says he felt betrayed by carlos going to skype but not by going himself instead
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the japanese legal system had been bad from seeing his wife and want to kano called a violation of human rights and another lawyer was being spied on. is promising to tell his side of the story this week alexia brian al jazeera. we're going back to iraq now we're getting reports that 2 loud blasts were heard in baghdad just moments ago let's bring in our correspondent some of bin job it is joining us live from there in baghdad and sounds like that car has been broken. yes liz we've heard from security officials that at least 2 projectiles of landed in the fortified green zone which houses the u.s. embassy compound sources in the u.s. led coalition have been telling us that did none of these projectiles have landed inside the compound but they are in the vicinity of the compound as you said
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tensions are very high and this fortified area has been blocked even further more security personnel have been called in and we've been seeing the entrances been fortified with barricades and blast walls so here's what we know so far that multiple projectiles it is not clear whether the of those rockets or mortars have landed in the fortified green zone near the u.s. embassy compound and details about this attack are emerging asama thank you for that finale that is asama been java's with all the information we have live in baghdad thank you. so the democratic republic of congo now where many children working in mind say they're physically and sexually abused they're forced to mind cobol to metal used to make everything from batteries to mobile phones now in a landmark lawsuit a nonprofit organization is accusing 5 of the world's largest tech companies of exploiting child labor how to metastasize more. in the mining town of
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the dispersed and poor looking for cobalt it's a vital component in batteries used in goods ranging from electric cars to phones and laptops more than half of the world's cobalt is produced in the democratic republic of congo tens of thousands of children are estimated to be used to dig for the toxic metal without protective clothing. they are here with their parents who say the whole family has to work to survive. we are here because we are suffering we have nothing to eat therefore in mining companies won't give us jobs they are getting rich from our main roads but who are. in a legal complaint the nonprofit organization international rights advocates accuses some of the world's largest to companies being involved in a system of forced child labor in congo the group says some children have died mining coal belt and others have been seriously injured. many are physically and
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sexually abused. their younger. it's hard to give exact number but. you can tell they have been abused by the change in their behavior. some aren't even 14 years old. doctors say the number of people getting sick is disturbing. many young boys and girls coming in to us sometimes it's injuries from when the mines collapse sometimes it's sexually transmitted diseases people don't we are protected so in women we see birth defects and miscarriages from exposure to the middle. human rights workers say a lack of political will is partly to blame. during companies get away with a lot of things sometimes the local communities. they get away with because of
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corruption in this country this changes then our people will get from the resources . the government says is putting in place monitoring and tracking mechanisms to tackle the exploitation of children in mining but international businesses using cobalt in the goods and the pressure to guarantee they're not easing child labor how do. that page meant inquiry in the us congress has been granted access to the foreign contents of an associate of president personal noir a federal judge ruled that rudy giuliani's associate pardon us can turn over the material to the house intelligence committee the foreign dottle seized by prosecutors not upon us was arrested for campaign violations in october ukraine born partners was recruited by giuliani to investigate democrats including trump's rival joe biden. police in chile have used water cannon and tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital santiago demonstrations have been going
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on since october on monday the president announced that a referendum on constitutional reform will be held on april 26th it is one of the main demands of the protest movement that began over an increase and rail fares. low again as a problem with the headlines on al-jazeera 7 these are pictures from karbala in iraq where people are mourning the targets of friday's u.s. air strike earlier thousands gathered in baghdad to mourn those killed including senior iranian commander of major general qassam soleimani the procession in the capital was attended by top political leaders including iraq's caretaker prime minister and the iraqi armed forces have decided to restrict the work of u.s. led coalition forces in the country a solid bin job it has moved from baghdad. the prime minister's office who is the
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commander in chief of the iraqi army has said that any operation taking place on iraqi soil has to be with the approval of the iraqi prime minister the commander in chief of the armed forces it has been the case from the very beginning he's just reiterating to reassure the public in iraq seeing that every action that would be taken from now on birds should be taken with his approval again will this be followed if there is a high profile target we'll cross that bridge when we get there. and a red flag has been raised over the. iran's holy city of qom it's a traditional. blood spilled unjustly and a call to avenge the person who was killed multiple iranian military leaders are promising to retaliate for killing a top revolutionary guard general has threatened attacks on ships in the gulf and to punish americans wherever they are and reach libyan warlord khalifa haftar says his fight is now against a foreign occupier after turkey's parliament agreed to send troops to libya after
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forces have been attacking the capital tripoli since april china has replaced its top representative in hong kong as social unrest in the city continues state media say the head of beijing's liaison office wang min has been removed it is the 1st major reshuffle since the protests began. firefighters in australia bracing for a difficult night as hot and windy conditions continue to spread bush. $155.00 as a burning in new south wales alone a dozen which are out of control tens of thousands of people have fled the worst affected areas in the southeast well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us and sad stories coming up.
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we did not. take action to start a war. donald trump defends the assassination over iran's top military leader but critics say the u.s. president has made the world a more dangerous place how will the killing of persons on the money affect american troops abroad on the trigger another endless war this is inside story. alex alex. the athlete. and welcome to the program i'm hala. the u.s. president's has long said he pool american troops out of what he called the endless
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wars in the middle east but donald trump's critics say he may just have laid the groundwork.


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