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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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it's that i've seen where indigenous communities just have a better model. for the all the way. sources in libya say at least 20 students at a military academy have been killed in an air strike i would highly for have to us forces. this is al jazeera ny from london also coming up. reports of multiple attacks across iraq as diplomatic efforts are underway with iran's leaders to try to resolve the crisis. in iraq thousands attend the funeral procession for the iranian military chief and iraqi paramilitary leader killed in friday's u.s.
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as strikes on baghdad. firefighters in australia brace themselves for another difficult day as hot and windy conditions continue to fuel widespread bushfires. we begin with breaking news from libya medical sources say at least 20 students at a minute she academy in tripoli have been killed in an air strike by forces loyal to warlord holly for have to it's the latest attack in half his ongoing offensive to try to seize control of the libyan capital from the un recognized government after us forces are backed by egypt the u.a.e. and saudi arabia. syria correspondent mahmoud abbas will have joins us live on the phone from tripoli serve you gather more information about the strike. we're now in front of one of the main hospitals in the city center of the libyan
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capital one of the victims of the end of strike would burn out of here medical sources here in this hospital say that they were not able to identify the victims because most of the dead victims buddies were burned also they say that they were striving to take up but the bulk of the victims of the airstrike that talented students many kind of students at many city college and the city center it's very clear to keep him family colleagues everybody here is just pushing to try to end in sight and they're wondering why the posters are targeting the military college despite the fact that the students of the military college not taken part in this fight against his forces in southern tripoli now the health ministry has been polling on people who go into hospitals to do need blood now we know
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that this military college had students from over but libya from the east of the country from the west and from the south and again nobody knows why these have to the forces of propagating this military college despite the fact that there are not taken part in the fight again it's to have forces the faith of panic and a state of anger among civilians here and the city center and also among the people there's a sense of the area around military college and you know had to with a lot to talkin to me thank you very much indeed. or ports a coming in of multiple attacks across iraq just a day after the assassination of one of iran's top commanders only money in a u.s. airstrike as his funeral took place in baghdad iraq's prime minister declared 3
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days of national mourning to mark his death and that of iraqi paramilitary leader. with violence comes as diplomatic efforts are underway to try to resolve the growing crisis such as foreign minister has met the iranian president in tehran and called for a peaceful solution but some of binge of aid has more from baghdad. multiple attacks have been reported in and around iraq's capital baghdad 3 incidents confirmed by iraqi security forces one took place inside the fortified green zone they predict have landed near the u.s. embassy compound iraqi security forces calling it a rocket attack near the celebrations area inside the green zone the another incident happened in the neighborhood in a residential area of baghdad and the 3rd incident north of baghdad in sanaa had been province in balad base where some storerooms were head and we've also heard
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from one leader of the militia who has been has been our brigade which has been deemed as a terrorist organization by the united states that all iraqi forces should distance themselves from u.s. bases from sunday on birds so it is a state of high alert for iraqi security forces as they brace themselves for what they expect is going to be some sort of a reaction and we've also seen a flurry of diplomatic activity to try and deescalate the situation in that region this is being spearheaded by others foreign minister who went to the iranian capital and met not just the president but his counterpart as well there iran insisting that this attack which happened in baghdad is a flagrant violation of international norms and law which is something that we saw in the telephonic conversation between sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister and the iranian foreign minister that was something that was repeated as well and
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throughout the day here in baghdad the situation remains tense but calm as protesters mourn the death of their leaders in the iraqi capital their funeral procession took place here and then the bodies will be taken from baghdad to karbala and najaf is where i will mad the end mohan this will be. they turned up in their thousands angry and somber for the killing of their leaders by the united states. chanting and the u.s. slogans the protesters included families of the supporters of iran backed fighters in iraq. god willing the resistance to defeat their merican will continue and this gathering is a response to american attacks on the need this and victory is coming. at the funeral of money and this represent the various fighting groups which constitute the popular mobilization forces iraqis see the assassinations as
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a violation of their sovereignty and of the rules of engagement by u.s. forces individuals the u.s. has called terrorists and public enemies are heroes to many in iraq that's why the current and former prime ministers came to pay their respects the leader of the popular mobilization forces who is also the national security adviser also walked with the procession. america's tyranny will fade as it exceeds its limits with our again as we demand the iraqi government and parliament legislate to make iraq stronger with the popular mobilisation forces the army and its people on sunday we want good news from parliament no procrastination and no delay we must get rid of dirty forces standing on iraqi chests. the banners of hezbollah brigades are prominent the u.s. state department has declared the shia group a terrorist organization its fighters were recently targeted by the u.s. on the iraq syria border and that was the reason cited by groups for attacking the us embassy compound in baghdad. this was the brigades former leader because we lost
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commanders of the hotshot who liberated iraq and liberated provinces occupied by eisel iraq force on behalf of all the world this violation has all iraqi people angry and condemning the crime. the bodies of the 2 leaders traveled from holy shrines in baghdad to karbala and najaf. will be buried while very ill is to take place in iran receiving messages of support for iraq's sovereignty president has spoken to world leaders including the turkish and french presidents they agreed on taking measures to prevent iraq from becoming a battleground for other countries to settle their scores and beason commanders of groups say in death by some silly money could achieve the victory he wanted to expel u.s. troops from iraq the parliament's extraordinary session is already under mounting public pressure to legislate against the presence of u.s. forces in iraq but with
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a weak interim government with limited legislative powers the government is likely to not meet those expectations. with out of there or back that. to mike hanna in washington d.c. there are reports the white house is expected to give congress formal notice of the strike on syria money we know about this. there are several out lights are in for reporting that the white house has inform congress that later on in the course of the day it will deliver a reason for its exercise its attack in iraq this isn't terms of the war powers resolution which makes it obligatory on the president to inform congress 48 hours after hostilities have begun now the nature of it is a signed document from the white house which would be expected to lay the reasons for the action that may be part of the classified of the public part of the document but then also within the document it's expected that there would be the
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intelligence reasons given for the action that may well be classified limited to the eyes of congress alone so certainly this is a important step it is time democrats within the congress have been calling very strongly for such a move to be taken arguing that president trump has got to meet his obligations in terms of the constitution one of which they insist is to comply with the measures of the war powers act now this act is in place to prevent a president from taking any unilateral action without the permission of congress remembering very importantly that it is congress that declares war is not the president so this is going to be an ongoing debate in the house the fact that the white house is complying with the war powers resolution would appear imply that it does except the limits on the president's authority to put u.s. forces into conflict areas and mind talking of u.s.
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troops and we're getting reports that around 3000 or so or so at least thousands of being sent to the region what more information is a match about that from that. well this is being a staggered process essentially there was an initial deployment triggered off to the demonstrations outside the baghdad embassy when an initial group of soldiers from the 82nd airborne were sent into the region this was a 3 stage deployment initially but now that has been extend to ated where it would be an invasion that some 750 paratroopers would be put into theater at this number according to the pentagon is now well over 4000 or from the same division 802nd airborne so this is certainly an increase in the number of forces that are being deployed which is somewhat ironic so many commentators in the light of the fact that president trump has insisted through his presidency that he wants to reduce the number of u.s. soldiers in conflict zones rather than increase them so certainly in the last 8
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months there has been an increase he sent more troops to saudi arabia he is now sending more troops into the middle east in the wake of his attack on the iranian general mike hanna thank you very much indeed. still to come around 0 indonesia is suffering from its worst flooding in a decade with the situation expected to get worse before it gets better. the children forced to live on the phrasing streets of paris rights groups call for urgent action. hello there we've got some very unpleasant weather conditions across southern areas over the heat still very much in place the tickler through the interior we will some rain is coming in which is much needed but the trouble is once this system comes in the winds
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a very strong at the same time and then once the front goes through the winds actually change direction but this is what's going to happen to temperatures throughout sunday $23.00 in adelaide a lot cooler in melbourne and 18 degrees celsius that is the rain but as a say the winds are shifting direction all the time where we have goals and very heavy amounts of rain is hair up into the northwest this is possibly a developing tropical psycho's that really will produce some heavy amounts of rain particularly across into broome for the next 2 or 3 days maybe as much as 300 millimeters of rain it is fine sunny warm out to was western australia and puff and then you can see on monday these temperatures are considered below into melbourne that rain pushing through victoria and just make his way up the eastern side of new south wales i mean want across into asia fairly unsettled through much of the northeast that they're fairly fast moving the shadows the snow flows through much of japan where we have got some stones on the is this mass here heading towards beijing so snow flow as you claiming to cloud on monday and the rain beginning to push into seoul and feeling cheetah with
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a high of just 4 degrees celsius. oh there's not. a compelling film about getting an education under occupation. that is once the been of that i looked at it asked us if you don't feel sick you wouldn't come frankly we don't feel secure but we come. but what happened after the cameras left rewinds learning to die on al-jazeera. you.
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are among the top stories here on out is 0 reports coming in of multiple attacks across iraq just a day after the assassination of one of iran's top commanders kasim soleimani in a u.s. air strike diplomatic efforts are underway in iran to try to resolve the growing crisis. and breaking news from libya medical sources say at least 20 students at a military academy in tripoli have been killed in an air strike by forces loyal to warlord holly for have to. well that comes out to have to call down or libyans to take up following a vote in turkey which favors sending troops to tripoli they'll support the un recognized government in the capital against have to as a tent to take the city samus ravi as well. the man who has for years led a parallel government in libya now calls on all libyans to rise up against what he described as a looming turkish invasion but i don't know what i don't know how the enemy has
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announced war he has advertised aggression and decided to invade our nation just a watchful defended turkish people which had tied to us in brotherhood in islam must stand in the face of this deranged cantilevered who is leading his army into ruin noisy and i don't know much about to be a popular we had a speech to the whole arab world to its people and leaders to its youth and elderly saying that a national war is being fueled by this to raise to take a sultana throughout the whole region targeting the arab identity from its west to its east. after self declared libyan national army has been fighting to take control of tripoli since april. more than 20 rockets hit civilian areas of tripoli shortly after his speech after is backed by turkey's regional rivals saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates. turkey is determined to support the un backed government defending the libyan capital turkey's parliament
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approved the deployment of troops to libya last week after the g.n.a.t. asked for military support but there are still no confirmed details on timing troop numbers or what role they'll take this has the ability to alter the dynamics completely in libya and restore set of lodges position of strength at the negotiating table and given that the u.a.e. and egypt are not key in on an all out war with techie in libya have to believe that his chances are running out and this is why we see these increasingly hostile statements towards tekkie. in a statement the un secretary general antonio terra's said he wants an immediate cease fire and a return to political dialogue by all parties but even the un backed government seems to have lost faith in the un's efforts on the ground one senior g.n.a.t. leader told libyan t.v. his government no longer relies on the u.n. mission in tripoli zain but. firefighters in australia are bracing for
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a difficult day ahead as hot and windy weather continues to fuel unprecedented bushfires in 150 foz a burning in new south wales alone a dozen of which are out of control tens of thousands of people a fled the worst affected areas at least $23.00 people have been killed since the fire season began in september jessica washington reports. for these fire crews conditions are bad and quickly getting worse thousands of firefighters are on the ground battling unforgiving weather. extreme heat and volatile winds make a deadly combination as bush fires burn at emergency levels in 3 states in new south wales one local government minister described it as like an atomic bomb hitting the region fires already caused major devastation here on new year's eve they making a frightening return with conditions even more unpredictable. citing
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a lot of. property. and. conditions the crisis is already astray longest recorded bushfire emergency and millions of hectic as if land has been burnt scientists estimate around half a 1000000000 wildlife have been killed in south australia on the popular tourist destination of kangaroo island 2 people died in a fire authorities said it was virtually unstoppable in malibu in the state of victoria where thousands of holiday makers were stranded on a beach the sky turned a haunting shade of crimson as fires ravaged the region prime minister scott morrison has been criticised for being too slow to roll out a national response to the crisis but he finally announced an army reserves and 3 navy ships will be deployed to help. this bushfire season is far from over but it's
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caused so much devastation across australia in the southern part of new south wales it's not uncommon to see streets like this one with rows of houses completely decimated this holiday resort has become a makeshift home for many families forced to escape the fires the burkes don't know what they'll do now their house burned down on new year's eve by the tour and we were able to go through. we had been told on the way home that they also bring the possibility that our house was still there because fires surrounded it. and will or finally able to get there yet the whole house was engulfed in flames there was nothing of all of it in. their entire extended family has now been evacuated and are waiting for things to return to normal with no significant rain forecast for at least a few weeks that prospect is still very far away just to washington out 0 batemans
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bay a straight. in indonesia tens of thousands of people remain stranded in emergency shelters forced out of their homes by some of the worst floods and landslides in many years 53 people are so far confirmed dead and that total is expected to rise with more rain forecast gauge report. from the year the true extent of these floods and landslides can be seen these helicopter is on its way to the region of la back where dozens of people were buried and communities cut off. medical aid and food supplies are being flown out to the 10s of thousands of people who have lost their homes or simply can't get back to them. monsoon rains that started on new year's eve have unleashed the biggest splash floods in the region in a decade rescuers are finding more bodies and emergency shelters of filling up.
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in the capital jakarta this sports hall has been turned into a temporary home but it can only hold a few 100 people. at least 170000 across the city need shelter but i've got to get more of those children who looked very sad with the right who traumatized seeing the floods. in areas people can return to a cleanup is underway but it's a major challenge entire suburbs are submerged some places are 19 feet underwater with more rain on the way the government has become seeding clouds the process of pumping certain chemicals into the air in an attempt to prevent rain across flood affected areas. the peak of the rainy season is in
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february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weather so the rain won't fall in the cities for the people whose houses are flooded we hope they'll stay in refugee compounds so we can monitor their health and reduce possible disease the hope is that floodwaters recede before the next rains arrive mykola gauge al-jazeera china has replaced its top representative in hong kong as pro-democracy protests they're about to enter an 8 month state media says the head of beijing's office one regime in has been removed as the 1st major reshuffle since the mass protests began in early june the demonstrations against chinese influence in hong kong have frequently turned violent and hong kong health authorities have activated their most serious response level after an outbreak of a new type of viral pneumonia from china 8 suspected cases have now been reported in hong kong chief executive kerry visited
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a railway station to review health checks for incoming passengers 44 cases have been detected in mainland china so far. well the 31000 people were murdered across mexico in 2970 an unwanted new record from cartel violence to kidnappings and crimes against women the country's security situation continues to deteriorate when you're up i know reports from mexico city. on average there are 94 homicides recorded in mexico every day. that's 4 people murdered every hour or one every 15 minutes according to the latest figures published by mexico's public security secretary was another noticed by us the north east of the country has historically been characterized by ample use of violence violence as a form of currency and along with kidnapping and extortion have generated a terror and people who no longer feel safe fear is
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a part of daily life. for the better part of a decade mexico has witnessed a spike in violence from drug cartels. in the state of sinaloa cartel members have at times outnumbered and outgunned authorities you know not of that during his 1st year in office mexico's president and the basement ordered the creation of a national guard to rein in the violence he has in the shoeless will see that but even the president admits the federal security strategy requires a drastically different approach. you cannot fight violence with violence it's been proven that you cannot fight fire with fire this approach of inhumane authority is not valid it doesn't work it isn't efficient and it doesn't represent the new paradigm they were pursuing in terms of public safety. to make matters worse the insecurity gripping the country isn't limited to homicides it also isn't isolated to a single region every year mexico is shattering records for insecurity in the
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northern states it's the ongoing war against drugs in other regions it's the fight against organized crime human trafficking and gender based violence here in mixed. city and in the surrounding states kidnappings and extortion have grown exponentially during the 1st 3 months of $2900.00 kidnappings in this part of the country increased by 300 percent crimes like extortion grew by 200 percent and there doesn't seem to be an end to the violence out of this. one of the main errors of the past 3 presidential administrations has been trying to design a federal policy as if the whole country had the same problem this is a big country with a diverse population with problems so wide that they are impossible to attack from a federal level. according to a recent national survey 78 percent of mexicans consider the region where they live as unsafe there is also an expectation by many that things will only get worse when
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. mexico city spain's acting prime minister petra sanchez says so being the catalan trust is or his top priority is open to debate in parliament that could lead to a new government after 8 long years of deadlock sanchez is seeking to form a leftist coalition has secured a pledge from a key catalan separatist party to abstain in the vote human rights campaigners say they're concerned for the welfare of hundreds of migrant children and teenagers sleeping on the streets of the french capital many of them are known and forced to survive in inhumane conditions as winter temperatures plummet there are increasing calls for the french government to do more to help the reports. it's a cold night in paris and these young children and their families are spending it outside the people here are asylum seekers who say they fled violence and poverty for a better life in europe but few imagine that they'd end up on the street relying on
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charities for survival the 6 year old girl is from iran her on says they've been homeless for months. we have so many problems we want to send her to school but we can't as we don't have a home for these children and their mother who didn't wish to be identified from the democratic republic of congo instead of their village love i don't know what to do my children are 5 and 8 years old i want them to go to school it's so painful for me to see others go but my live in the street amir is one of a group of volunteers helping the families he understands them better than most the kurdish refugees here arrived in france 2 years ago as a teenager and was homeless i was very rich my father had a factory. city teacher she write your books. come to your is a really sharp. spike you cannot move back in a north of the city who rows of tents and makeshift shelters are crammed along the
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ring road campaigners say that the hundreds of children and teenagers are sleeping on the streets of paris often in appalling conditions like this and what activists say is that the french government is flouting international rules by failing to protect minors under french law all minors should be protected by the state but at this charity's day center staff say many young people sleep outdoors for months waiting for a judge to formally recognize their age there are many. not. search . thing from help from the state and they are basically put back in the street without any support. after more than a year a judge has finally ruled that this afghan teenager is a minor because he. could live in france to be. become good live the french government says it wants to crack down on illegal immigration
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and has tightened its laws but the authorities tougher approach seems to deny basic human rights to some of the most vulnerable natascha butler al jazeera paris plenty more for you any time on our website the address of that is al jazeera dot com and you can watch us by clicking on the orange live icon. in mind of the top stories making news here on al-jazeera libyan medical sources say at least 30 students at a military academy in tripoli have been killed by forces loyal to warlord holly for have to use the latest attack in have to as ongoing offensive to seize the libyan capital from the un recognized government that would otherwise head has more from tripoli we know that this military college had students from overwork libya from you to become free from the word and from the south and
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again nobody knows why the rules of how to get to this military college despite the fact that. there are not taking part in the fight against this that for reports coming in of multiple attacks across iraq just a day after the assassination of one of iran's top commanders custom silly money in a u.s. airstrike the latest violence comes as diplomatic efforts are underway to try to resolve the growing crisis catus foreign minister met the iranian president hassan rouhani in tehran. and iraq's prime minister has declared 3 days of national mourning after thousands of people attended the funeral procession for silly money in baghdad a top iraqi paramilitary commander of a monday and mohandas was also killed firefighters in australia bracing for a difficult day ahead as horton windy weather continues to fuel unprecedented
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bushfires nearly 150 fires burning in new south wales alone a dozen of which are out of control tens of thousands of people a fled the worst affected areas and at least $23.00 people have been killed in indonesia tens of thousands of people remain stranded in shelters forced out of their homes are some of the worst floods and landslides in many years $53.00 people are so far confirmed dead and that total is expected to rise with more rain forecast china has replaced its top representative in hong kong as protests there are about to enter an 8 month state media say the head of beijing's liaison office when jim in has been removed. rewind is next revisiting pupils and teachers in the occupied west bank 13 years after i found out.
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hello and welcome to rewind today we're casting our eyes back to 2008 when filmmaker tom evans was following a group of pupils attending school in the west bank teenagers trying to get an education against a background of buying.


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