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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 5:00am-6:01am +03

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bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to you. down to 0. this is al jazeera. santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera donald trump says $52.00 iranian targets aligned from retaliates to the assassination of top commander call some sort of money but revenge is exactly what mourners demanded as funerals were held for so many and up is killed in iraq. also in the news forces loyal to the libyan wall or khalifa haftar launch and strikes on a military academy killing at least 30 people. and the daytime sky darkens to an
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eerie blood red in australia after another day of bushfires likened to an atomic bomb. so i don't know trump has issued a stark warning to iran threatening to hit dozens of targets inside the islamic republic if it retaliates for the targeted killing of top command that cost him so many the u.s. president fired off a series of tweets part of which said iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain usa assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader let this serve as a warning that if iran strikes any americans or american assets we have targeted 52 iranian sites and those targets and iran itself will be hit very fast and very high the usa wants no more threats mike hanna following this one from washington d.c.
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for us hi mike i mean there are diplomatic efforts going on in this part of the world right now but this is the characteristic undiplomatic language from the u.s. president. indeed yes using a medium that is not covered in diplomacy and that is social media in the form of twitter very strong words from the president and somewhat surprising given that his administration officials have been briefing the media the secretary of state to my pump aoe in particular talking about the need for deescalation saying repeatedly that the us one steel escalation in the situation still the members of the administration though continue to for trey the attack as a defensive measure as a clear and present danger attempting to say that it was in response to an imminent threat but certainly president trump throwing any form of diplomatic niceties away in the off the street these tweets let alone the content of the tweets these coming
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out as he spent the day in d.c. reportedly at his golf club before returning to florida where he's been on the cation over the holidays here it might the white house has also released its official documents with regards to the strike i mean very much after the fact what's been the reaction to it. well this is an terms of the war powers resolution in terms of which the white house is obliged to notify congress within 48 hours of the commencement of hostilities when it puts troops in harm's way it comes in the form of a document that is signed delivered to congress and there's been a very sharply worded statement in response from the speaker of the house nancy pelosi who says 1st of all that she's absolutely dismayed that the entire contents of this notification are classified she says and i quote this notification raises
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more questions than answers that document pretty serious an urgent questions about the timing and justification of the administration's decision to engage in hostilities against iraq she then goes on to say that the trumpet ministrations provocative ischl a tree and disproportionate military engagement continues to put service members diplomats and citizens of america and our allies in danger she talks to about the fact that the action was taken without an authorize ation for use of military force against iran now this is a separate matter from the notification it's actually an act that has been used by previous presidents in particular george w. bush justifying the invasion of iraq but it does require congressional approval if he trumpet ministration has been arguing that no it does not this is going to be the subject of debate in congress particularly among democrats members who are
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absolutely incensed about the fact that the president completely bypass congress in terms of this escalation with iran so a lot of talk is going to be happening in congress in the days ahead and certainly the tone of the speaker of the house's response to that obligatory notification sets a very dire agenda for what will happen in the house. and in the senate in the days ahead thank you for the updates mike hanna in washington d.c. meanwhile they have been more rocket attacks in and around baghdad one exploded in the heavily fortified green zone near the american embassy 2 others hit close to an iraqi air base where there are u.s. troops in contract and also the has blood brigades of the pro iran paramilitary group is warning iraqi forces to stay away from u.s. bases there's been grief and rage as well in the streets of baghdad and in the shia holy cities of karbala and the jeff where funeral processions were held for the
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iranian command the confidence of the many and the iraqi militia leader don't forget the mohan days who was killed alongside him. before donald trump sent his tweets diplomats and leaders have also been scrambling to try to ease the crisis between the u.s. and iran that is carter's foreign minister there meeting the iranian leadership also the leaders of france the u.k. and saudi arabia calling for calm ok some a binge of aid has a report now from baghdad. multiple attacks have been reported in and around iraq's capital baghdad 3 incidents confirmed by iraqi security forces one took place inside the fortified green zone they predict have landed near the u.s. embassy compound iraqi security forces calling it a rocket attack near the celebrations area inside the green zone the another incident happened in the neighborhood in a residential area of baghdad and the 3rd incident and north of baghdad in sanaa
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had been province in balad base where some storerooms were head and we've also heard from one leader of the militia who has been lower has been our brigade which has been deemed as a terrorist organization by the united states that all iraqi forces should distance themselves from u.s. bases from sunday on birds so it is a state of high alert for iraqi security forces as they brace themselves for what they expect is going to be some sort of a reaction and we've also seen a flurry of diplomatic activity to try and deescalate the situation in that region this is being spearheaded by others foreign minister who went to the iranian capital and met not just the president but his counterpart as well there iran insisting that this attack which happened in baghdad is a flagrant violation of international norms and law which is something that we saw in the telephonic conversation between sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister
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and the really and foreign minister that was something that was repeated as well and throughout the day here in baghdad the situation remains tense but calm as protesters mourned the death of their leaders in the iraqi capital their funeral procession took place here and then the bodies will be taken from baghdad to karbala and najaf is where the end mohan this will be. they turned up in their thousands angry and somber for the killing of their leaders by the united states. chanting and the u.s. slogans the protesters included families of the supporters of iran backed fighters in iraq. god willing the resistance to defeat them or continue and this gathering is a response to american attacks on the need this and victory is coming. flags at the funeral of money and this represent the various fighting groups which
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constitute the popular mobilization forces iraqis see the assassinations as a violation of their sovereignty and of the rules of engagement by u.s. forces individuals the u.s. has called terrorists and public enemies are heroes to many in iraq that's why the current and former prime ministers came to pay their respects the leader of the popular mobilization forces who is also the national security advisor also walked with the procession. america's tyranny will fade as it exceeds its limits would arrogance we demand the iraqi government and parliament legislate to make iraq stronger with the popular mobilization forces the army and its people on sunday we want good news from parliament no procrastination and no delay we must get rid of dirty forces standing on iraqi chests. the banners of hezbollah brigades are prominent the u.s. state department has declared the shia group a terrorist organization its fighters were recently targeted by the u.s.
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on the iraq border and that was the reason cited by groups for attacking the us embassy compound in baghdad. this was the brigades former leader because we lost commanders of the hotshot who liberated iraq and liberated provinces occupied by eisel iraq force on behalf of all the world this violation has all iraqi people angry and condemning the crime. the bodies of the leaders try. from holy shrines in baghdad to karbala and najaf where hundreds will be buried while very ill is to take place in iran receiving messages of support for iraq's sovereignty president has spoken to world leaders including the turkish and french president they agreed on taking measures to prevent iraq from becoming a battleground for other countries to settle their scores and beason commanders of groups in dead last until the money could achieve the victory he wanted to expel u.s. troops from iraq the parliament's extraordinary session is already under mounting
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public pressure to legislate against the presence of u.s. forces in iraq but with a weak interim government with limited legislative powers the government is likely to not meet those expectations. with out of there a fact that. 14 people have been killed and 19 others were injured as a roadside bomb went off by a bus and became a fast 7 school children among the dead as well it happened it happened in the area of the province no claim of responsibility the bus though one of 3 in a convoy carrying about $160.00 people. libya's health ministry says at least 30 people been killed by an airstrike that had a military academy in tripoli many bodies still haven't been identified so that death toll could rise significantly it is the latest attack in warlord khalifa haftar ongoing offensive to seize tripoli from the un recognized government after forces are backed by egypt the u.a.e.
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and saudi arabia one of the one who is in tripoli and says most of the victims are believed to have been young cadets who were not on active duty. it's very clear to . at the hospitals the public hospitals were the victims were transferred from the military academy that was hit by a drone loyal to the warlord. we just came back from one of the public hospitals where the victims are receiving good treatments and medical sources there say that it was so difficult for them to identify bodies of the did victims because most of the dead bodies were either burned or torn apart by the attack now medical sources also say that they have been calling the health ministry has been calling on people to go to the hospitals to do neat blood most of the victims are aged 18 to 22 and their military students from all the cities and
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areas in libya do not we spoke to the commander the head of this military academy said that they don't have anything to do with the ongoing fighting for control of tripoli they're just as students of military academy they're not fighting against have to his forces that's where there is no reason why his forces are targeting this a military academy and meanwhile have to the fighter jets also targeted the main gate of m 80 gear port and of years has been halted in the airport and all flights have been diverted again to misrata airport about 2 and a half hours drive to the east from the capital of tripoli. now. promised to intensify his assault on tripoli off to turkey's parliament agreed to send troops to libya he said his fight was now against a foreign occupier and said men and women must take up arms and support. the man who has for years led
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a parallel government in libya now calls on all libyans to rise up against what he described as a looming turkish invasion but i do and i don't know how the enemy has announced war here advertise aggression and decided to invade our nation he'd be just a watchful defended took his people which had tied to us in brotherhood in islam must stand in the face of this deranged cannon labutta who is leading his army into ruin noisy and i don't know much about to be at the opera we address so a speech to the whole arab world to its people and leaders to its youth and saying that a national war is being fueled by this to range turkish sultan throughout the whole region targeting the at a bit tentative from its west to its east. after self declared libyan national army has been fighting to take control of tripoli since april more than 20 rockets hit civilian areas of tripoli shortly after his speech after is
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backed by turkey's regional rivals saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates . turkey is determined to support the u.n. backed government defending the libyan capital turkey's parliament approved the deployment of troops to libya last week after the g.n.a.t. asked for military support but there are still no confirmed details on timing troop numbers or what role they'll take this has the ability to alter the dynamics completely in libya and restore some largest position of strength at the negotiating table and given that the u.a.e. and egypt are not keen on an all out war with turkey in libya have to believe that his chances are running out and this is why we see these increasingly hostile statements towards techie. in a statement the un secretary general antonio terra's said he wants an immediate cease fire and a return to political dialogue by all parties but even the un backed government seems to have lost faith in the un's efforts on the ground one senior g.n.a.t.
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leader told libyan t.v. his government no longer relies on the u.n. mission in tripoli zain but. amidst tension mounts over turkey's plans to send troops to support the un recognized government tripoli egypt has been doing military exercises in the eastern mediterranean sea egypt has warned turkey any intervention will only make the situation in tripoli and the region much worse. let's have a look at what's coming up for you on this news hour indonesia in the grip of the worst floods anyone can remember and there's even more rain coming. also from democratic republic of congo to silicon valley why a rights group is suing california's tech giants on behalf of child minors and peta has english f.a. cup action sports putting the holders manchester city reached the final.
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to both france and australia now and people of work into more blood red skies after bushfires brought further destruction and death on saturday 2 men were killed on a highway on south australia's kangaroo island when flames engulfed their car further east fire in victoria have been threatening dozens of communities and strong winds whipped up the flames in new south wales as well the supporters from jessica washington. to these fire crews conditions are bad and quickly getting worse thousands of firefighters are on the ground battling unforgiving weather. the extreme heat and volatile winds make a deadly combination as bush fires burn at emergency levels in 3 astroland states in new south wales one local government minister described it as like an atomic bomb hitting the region is already caused major devastation here on new year's eve
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they making a frightening return with conditions even more unpredictable. looking at looking at sighting a large today and not so much property because a search and crews will be very vigilant for any changes in conditions the crisis is already astray is longest recorded bushfire emergency and millions of hectares of land has been burnt scientists estimate around half of bill. in wildlife have been killed in south australia on the popular tourist destination of kangaroo island 2 people died in a fire authorities said it was virtually unstoppable in malibu in the state of victoria where thousands of holidaymakers were stranded on a beach the sky turned a haunting shade of crimson as fires ravaged the region prime minister scott morrison has been criticised for being too slow to roll out a national response to the crisis but he finally announced the army reserves and 3
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navy ships will be deployed to help this bushfire season is far from over but it's caused so much devastation across australia in the southern part of new south wales it's not uncommon to see streets like this one with rows of houses completely decimated this holiday resort has become a makeshift home for many families forced to escape the fires the burkes don't know what they'll do now their house burnt down on new year's eve by the tour and we were able to go through. we had been told on the way home that they also bring the possibility that a house was still there because fire surrounded it. well or finally able to get there yet the whole house was engulfed in flames there was nothing out of all of it . their entire extended family has now been evacuated and are waiting for things to
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return to normal. with no significant rain forecast for at least a few weeks that prospect is still very far away just to washington 08 mins bay a stray. animal studies prime minister scott morrison has again defended himself against the theist's criticism he's facing for his response to the bushfire cross he says he and the government are doing the best they can in unprecedented circumstances this is the most significant this is the most comprehensive and the most dramatic in terms of escalation of response by come of government that we've seen to a disaster such as this and i believe that's where we need to focus our attention and and we are seeking obviously to communicate that directly to a strident to ensure that i can have comfort that the response is matching the need . and while lack of rain has exacerbated just rainy situation too much of it just north in indonesia has brought the worst flooding and landslides in decades entire
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communities have been buried and at least 60 people have died and there is more rain on the way and support from priyanka gupta. a torrent of mont sweeping through homes destroying roads bridges and farmlands cow these are indonesia's last floods in more than a decade. thousands of people are cut off from the outside world some still buried under heaps of mud help is arriving but it's too slow and there's not nearly enough for those who've lost everything i don't have to look up our someone i didn't manage to evacuate anything i lost my small stall my house remains but the windows and doors are gone. torrential rain began a new year's eve triggering landslides and causing rivers to break their backs. mudslides and bad weather are making it hard for rescue workers to reach those
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stranded in removed areas i think we have evacuated people from several places it is impossible for them because particularly led back is badly devastated with no access for vehicles nearly 400000 people are crowded into makeshift shelters in need around the capital jakarta. in some areas water has receded but the threat of diseases like dainty and hepatitis a is rising and there are signs of more rain in. the peak of the rainy season is in february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weather so the rain won't fall in the cities for the people whose houses are flooded we hope they will stay in refugee compounds so we can monitor their health their reduce possible disease. person here who do do. has blamed delays in flood control infrastructure for the devastation and has these floods show the effects are being felt by the city's most vulnerable. al-jazeera.
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5 of the world's biggest tech companies are being sued by a human rights group on behalf of the families of children killed or injured while mining in democratic republic of congo we're talking about apple google microsoft dell and tesla all accused of knowing the cold cobalt metal used in their products could be linked to child labor. in the mining town of the dispersed and poor looking for cobalt it's a vital component in batteries used in goods ranging from electric cars to phones and laptops more than half of the world's cobalt is produced in the democratic republic of congo tens of thousands of children are estimated to be used to dig for the toxic metal without protective clothing. they're here with their parents who say the whole family has to work to survive. we are here because we are suffering
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we have nothing to eat therefore and mining companies won't give us jobs they are getting rich from our main roads but kristie poor. in a legal complaint the nonprofit organization international rights advocates accuses some of the world's largest to companies are being involved in a system of forced child labor in congo the group says some children have died mining coal belt and others have been seriously injured. many are physically and sexually abused. their younger. it's hard to give exact number but. you can tell they have been abused in their behavior. some aren't even 14 years old. doctors say the number of people getting sick is disturbing. we have many young boys and girls coming into us sometimes it's injuries from when the mines collapse
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sometimes it's sexually transmitted diseases people don't wear protective clothing so in women we see birth defects and miscarriages from exposure to the middle human rights workers say a lack of political will is partly to blame. there is a lack of leadership foreign companies get away with a lot of things sometimes they treat local communities unfairly they get away with it of corruption in this if this changes then our people will gain from the resources. the government is putting in place monitoring and tracking mechanisms to tackle the exploitation of children in mining but international businesses using cobol to make goods and a pressure to guarantee they're not easing child labor. mexico has set an unwanted new record more than $31000.00 and just one year
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violence and kidnappings only seem to be getting worse and that is despite the president's promises to tackle violent crime reports from mexico city. on average there are 94 homicides recorded in mexico every day. that's 4 people murdered every hour or one every 15 minutes according to the latest figures published by mexico's public security secretary was another noticed by us the north east of the country has historically been characterized by ample use of violence violence as a form of currency and along with kidnapping and extortion have generated a terror and people who no longer feel safe fear is a part of daily life. for the better part of a decade mexico has witnessed a spike in violence from drug cartels. in the state of sinaloa cartel members have at times outnumbered and outgunned authorities you know nor are they during his 1st year in office mexico's president under basement ordered the creation of
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a national guard to rein in the violence he has in the shoeless you'll see that but even the president admits the federal security strategy requires a drastically different approach. you cannot fight violence with violence it's been proven that you cannot fight fire with fire this approach of inhumane authorities not valid it doesn't work it isn't efficient and it doesn't represent the new paradigm there were pursuing in terms of public safety. to make matters worse the insecurity gripping the country isn't limited to homicides it also isn't isolated to a single region every year mexico is shattering records for insecurity in the northern states it's the ongoing war against drugs in other regions it's the fight against organized crime human trafficking and gender based violence here in mexico . city and in the surrounding states kidnappings and extortion have grown exponentially during the 1st 3 months of 200-1900 kidnappings in this part of the
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country increased by 300 percent crimes like extortion grew by 200 percent and there doesn't seem to be an end to the violence out of. one of the main errors of the past 3 presidential administrations has been trying to design a federal policy as if the whole country had the same problem this is a big country with a diverse population with problems so wide that they are impossible to attack from a federal level. according to a recent national survey 78 percent of mexicans consider the region where they live as unsafe there's also an expectation by many that things will only get worse when . mexico city. in the news ahead on the fate of america's so-called dreamers could be a key issue in d.c.'s presidential election and a big upset for the star of slonimsky peta has that in the rest of the schools but let's.
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head to the plains of cloud on the satellite behind me here across much of northern asia we have got some pretty falls along with some snow flurries work in the east was across much of the central japan and then you'll see this mass of rain and overseas snow in the cold air working its way through eastern china says that in beijing on sunday 3 celsius that will come with some snow not a bad day that cycle's the korean peninsula but the rain is on its way towards you and also on its way toward shanghai be feeling pretty warm in shanghai 20 celsius meanwhile fine and dry for the next couple days into hong kong with a high there of a $22.00 very unsettled generate much of indonesia but the very heavy flooding rains across java they have that little bit heavier further towards the east but a bit of a break across this particular area and actually fairly dry for the next couple days much as the marcha and across into the man i put into just those scattered
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showers and often in thunderstorms i will sustain if you will sudden sections of india that will continue as we go through sunday said you across into much of the tunnel nadu andhra pradesh is where we'll see those showers it's warming up there quite nicely up into the knoll 22 in new delhi not quite as warm on monday and that's the day we'll see the rain and the snow pushing northwards across areas of pakistan. love the work but it's a series of ceremonies parties some feast we might know when they begin but not on the again. in the camorra silence extravagant wedding service markers of social status but this lavish celebration is unique that it would be glad that no one ever held this wedding someone equal to and why and its budget is also extraordinary the
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grand mal rage on al-jazeera wild. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishit you off trashing you know. that's not in a significant in numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag down very significant by dictating the government and the fucked up policy without shalt not kill part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera .
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on the news. and this is the top story u.s. president donald trump is warning iran against taking any retaliation retaliatory action the killing of military command the cousin so many trump tweeted that the u.s. has more than 50 iranian targets lined up on the money was assassinated in a u.s. airstrike in iraq 2 days ago. they've been several more attacks across iraq targets included baghdad's heavily fortified green zone and an iraqi air base where there are u.s. troops in my thousands of iraqis attended the funeral procession for son of money and the iraqi militia leader who was killed along side him. and at least 30 people have been killed in an air strike on a military academy in the libyan capital it is the latest attack by forces loyal to the warlord police after as he attempts to seize tripoli from the u.n. richard know it's. the talk a little bit more now about donald trump's tweets threatening iran and we've got to
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be with us to do that he's director of the center for the study of the middle east at indiana university was also iraq's ambassador to the united nations previously thank you few times good to talk to you again so what donald trump is saying is there are 5052 targets i think he says which are lined up and you know i noted in one of those tweets you talked about them being of cultural significance over significance to iran and its culture what do you take from that about well is targets might be. oh well the targets of course could be anything of if it's true which i doubt but if it's true. i mean iran is a culturally rich side as many countries in the middle east are iran iraq syria other places other entrance sites there are sites dating from various empires and so. and it could be anything that he has in mind i suspect this is mostly bluster on his part i don't really think the united states would genuinely attack. cultural
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sites even if it were to attack iran proper c. reckon it could just be bluster but we know that donald trump jiminy tweets a lot of stuff which doesn't necessarily happen but it's always wildly different from from us policy i mean look he's unpredictable at the very latest that's quite true and i understand why it's being taken seriously my faith is not in donald trump my faith. is. in the in the in the officer corps in the united states which which does abide by the rules of war as a generality this would be a war crime it is cultural sites are protected by a 954 hague convention on the protection of cultural property. to which the united states is a party a state party it is in fact
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a war crime in the under the rome statute of the international criminal court and article 8 paragraph 2 all the united states is not a part of the i.c.c. nevertheless i do think that he would not i don't believe that officers in the united states armed forces whatever else are capable of i don't think they would follow so manifestly illegal order. also talked about the iranian. sorry to interrupt you would talk about iranian targets but so much of the targeting we've seen already has been iranian todd so interests in iraq and i'd like your view as a former iraqi yes ambassador to the united nations where does this leave iraq now . well this is the problem you know up till now it has appeared that there was a kind of a proxy action between iran and the united states that that's no longer the case the the fig leaf of a proxy war between the united states and iran i think has been ripped off i think
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we now have a hot war between them with the united states having taken the action that it has taken now iran i think has the initiative to respond in the way that it that it thinks it can or sees fit the problem as an iraq you for me and i believe the problem and i believe most iraqis are of this view is that the battleground that the united states has chosen for its military confrontation with iran is iraq this is a fight that this is not iraq's fight it should not have been fought on iraq soil there is no question that some sort of a man is a man who had much blood of iraq ease and other nationalities on his hands but targeting him along with iraq he officials on iraqi soil was a blatant violation of international norms as well as of iraq you saw over until. and i think that it puts iraq in an untenable position of becoming the battleground
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there is a saying. putatively from the african continent that when the elephants fight it is the grass that is destroyed. in this case the grass as 2 larger powers 2 more powerful contestants go after one another the grass is iraq and that's a that's a that's a nightmare scenario i think for almost all iraqis faisal is thought about they always enjoy getting your perspective thank you for joining us it's my pleasure thank you. it's a good test from now on as dosage a barrier points where most people don't want war with the united states many are demanding some kind of revenge for the killing of. a friend for more than 30 years and one of his biggest supporters supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei paces respects to the family of major general hossam cell in money and the commander in chief of iran's armed forces offered some words of
5:38 am
comfort to sell him on his widow you've got to do it as you already knew he faced death a 100 times korean got his duties but he was killed to hear nothing i hope god gives him a higher place in the other war he was eager to martyrdom the supreme leader told the generals daughter how the entire nation appreciated all her father did for his country. a sentiment echoed by president hassan rouhani who also had a strong message for the united states. this great men deserve not to be killed by any ordinary person or terrorist but to be killed by history's biggest terrorist when this general died the whole u.s. army is put on alert and the entire region the country is now officially in mourning on the streets of the capital on saturday iran prepares to say goodbye to one of its most important figures. major general was in the money that america is
5:39 am
now unfocused way across there on people here credit the safety and security that they enjoy to him. who have managed to keep away groups such as i saw. no one. people here are demanding. money i've only seen him on t.v. but i feel like i've lost my father the iranian revolutionary guard corps and the army have to take their revenge our hearts are hurting i express our condolences to his family. like the supremely just said the era of hit and run is done they'll get a crushing response is the blood of bosses that have kept this country going i can't believe he's gone so i cannot match. major general salim money was the head of the elite schools force of iran's revolutionary guards which runs iran's military and clandestine operations abroad the united states said it was responsible for the campaigns in iraq lebanon syria germany kenya the rain and
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turkey us insulin money rarely appeared in public but videos of his military activities added to his status that's joined a photo another patrolling him as a man who was not afraid of anything so the money survived many attacks on his life but he would be in iraq where armed groups trained by his courts force killed hundreds of americans that the united states and that his reign at the age of 62 door such a pari al-jazeera to iran. we brought you the latest on the studies bush finds a little bit earlier conditions in some places have eased some waltz after what was described as another horrific day in 3 states let's not forget on saturday when we've managed to connect our jessica washington she's in on the south coast of new south wales how's it looking there now just. as he said conditions have eased in many parts of this trial yet but of course
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crews are still battling fires in new south wales in south australia and in victoria but they are making the most of these cooler temperatures and lot of so winds to take control of some of the fives which of burning across the area now yesterday here on saturday and it's really it was described as a horrific day the damage is yet to be assessed but it just made it that at least hundreds of homes would have been destroyed. anything you can tell us about the other states i was going to emphasize that was the worst of it seems to be in new south wales victoria and south australia getting hit as well. that's right it is this particular region of the strayer it's not just new south wales which is suffering but victoria southeasterly there are also 5 burning in queensland and has many although not as severe as what is happening in these 3 key
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states now we do understand that conditions all favorable in most of these states there's even a bit of rain here in new south wales and victoria but it's along the south coast region that the situation is still incredibly dangerous crews. this is an issue which will go on for some weeks ahead there's just been a town that's not true paul from here along the south the south coast region in between victoria and new south wales that whole town has just been evacuated so still an incredibly volatile situation extraordinary stuff isn't it jessica washington. new south wales thank you now hong kong health authorities have activated their most serious response level after an outbreak of a new type of viral pneumonia in china 8 suspected cases have been reported in hong kong chief executive for terror visited a railway station to review health checks for incoming passengers so the 4 cases have been detected in mainland china so far. china has replaced its top
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representative in hong kong as protests there are about to enter an 8 month state media says the head of beijing's liaison office wang john manning has been removed that is the 1st major reshuffle since the demonstrations began in june of last year and still explains now why beijing's the eyes and office is so important. it's supposed to promote communication between china and hong kong so it's effectively a bridge between mainland china and hong kong and it promotes and coordinates probation candidates now it has sometimes been accused of overstepping its jurisdiction just as an example in the 2004 legislative council elections and the believes on office was accused of mobilizing members of the interest groups and housing associations to support the pro establishments party and since 2010 the liaison office has often been a target for pro-democracy protesters now as to what sort of practical impact
5:44 am
it will have on hong kong politically it might be a little bit too soon to tell we don't really know yet whether the signals that china is going to adopt a more hardline stance when it comes to its treatment of the anti government protests in hong kong but what's interesting to note is the timing now the this reshuffle the 1st major reshuffle since the protests began 7 months ago comes 6 weeks after probation candidate suffered a humiliating defeat at local district council elections so while it may be a little bit too soon to tell whether this signals how china is going to be handling the protests in hong kong we know that the interest the timing of this it's interesting. to the united states with the fate of about 700000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children could become one of the defining issues of the 2020 presidential
5:45 am
election president trump is trying to end a program that temporarily protected them from deportation the supreme court is set to make a decision on the future just months before election day and he gallica as a reporter. norma ramirez was 5 years old when her parents brought her to the u.s. illegally she says that she didn't feel different growing up but like hundreds of thousands of others she's on documented scared and uncertain about the future and how the social security number and. really devastating because i had done everything right i was you know model student in 2012 president barack obama introduced the deferred action for childhood arrivals all back a policy which provided protections for the undocumented immigrants he gave people like norma the right to work and apply for student loans it also gave her a 2 year reprieve from possible deportation that ended when president trump
5:46 am
cancelled the dr policy in september of 2017 falsely claiming many recipients also known as dream is a hardened criminals now the question of whether the president acted lawfully is before the conservative leaning supreme court with a decision expected by june essentially what the administration did in what we're trying to argue to the court is that they didn't take into account the impact that rescinded in dhaka would have on hundreds of thousands of people in their communities for activist in dhaka recipient maria pearlers sanchez a recent princeton graduate the stakes in the future couldn't be higher for someone to have that kind of power to affect $1300.00 thousands of lives that is so. violent as a presidential election looms it's voters who may ultimately decide the fate of dreamers if the democrats win back the white house the president could reinstate
5:47 am
the program even if a court rules the decision was illegal but unable to vote almost undocumented immigrants can do is watch wait and hope for the best and to gallacher al-jazeera. all rights campaigners in france say hundreds of migrant children and teenagers are sleeping on the streets of paris many of them alone as winter temperatures plummet eroding the government to do more to help the reports now from the french capital. it's a cold night in paris and these young children and their families are spending it's alcide most people here are asylum seekers who say they fled violence and poverty for a better life in europe but few imagine that they'd end up on the street relying on charities for survival the 6 year old girl is from iran her and says they've been homeless for months. we have so many problems we want to send her to school but we can't as we don't have a home for these children and their mother who didn't wish to be identified from
5:48 am
the democratic republic of congo but was still jealous i don't know what to do my children are 5 a day years old i want them to go to school it's so painful for me to see others go but my live in the street a mere is one of a group of volunteers helping the families he understands them better than most the kurdish refugees arrived in france 2 years ago as a teenager and was homeless i was rich. factory. city teacher she write your books. really shop. back in the north of the city has rows of tents and makeshift shelters are crammed along the ring road campaigners say that hundreds of children and teenagers are sleeping on the streets of paris often in appalling conditions like this and what activists say is that the french government is flouting international rules by failing to protect minors under french law all minors should be protected by the
5:49 am
state but at this charity's day center staff say many young people sleep outdoors for months waiting for a judge to formally recognize their age. not. search . from help from the state and basically back in the street. after more than a year a judge has finally ruled that this afghan teenager ahmed is a minor now a. good life in progress will be there because the french government says it wants to crack down on illegal immigration and has tightened its laws but the authorities tougher approach seems to deny basic human rights to some of the most vulnerable natasha al-jazeera paris spain's acting prime minister has promised that solving the catalan dispute will be his top priority and there
5:50 am
are sanchez is seeking parliament's backing to form a government to do this in needs cut alone is largest septa's party to abstain and they've agreed not to vote against it at all on his attempt to break away from the rest of spain in 2017 calls the country's worst political crisis in decades but i must get a little in the dialogue must start by recognizing one another attending to each other's reasons there is no other way to resolve this conflict there is no other way than a dialogue that takes place within the law the law and its own as we have seen is not enough the law is the condition dialogue is the road. shortly after thousands of protesters hit the streets of madrid accusing pedre sanchez of being a sellout they say the prime minister has betrayed them by securing a deal with catalan separatists spain's constitution prohibits regions from breaking away. sport is coming up next for peta stamets and i have news of the
5:51 am
norwegian flyers and while the crowds in munich. austria. place. more than 7 decades ago a country was split into really big break with destiny and now at the time common bending shooting rampage all it took was a pan a match and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled its 72 had never been to india before al jazeera examines the violence but of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors politicians borders of blood. to be a child has to be innocent and caffrey but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of young children. with a mother behind bombs for siblings misspend for each other and decide whether to
5:52 am
stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the witness documentary al-jazeera. truth forewarn to. the bank of a look at your sports has paid off thank you very much spain's league has returned from its winter break and leaders barcelona have dropped points already in 2028 the champions were held to a draw by espanyol in the catalan darby barcelona trailed the at half time got level with goals from luis suarez and are to live with 0 but ended $22.00 bosses
5:53 am
frankie the young was also shown a red card and real madrid now only trail boss on goal difference in the title race they eased to a 3 nil win at a tough a raft of iran and croatian star luca moderates were on the scoresheet. hold as manchester city came through the 3rd round tie in the english f.a. cup but were given a scare by 4th tier port vale tom pope brought the underdog level at the if he had stadium to strong hopes of an abscess but said he would go on to clinch a comfortable victory teenager fulford and wrapping up a full one week i. newcastle face a replay with food to rochdale after being held to a one all draw 40 year old aaron ruber hand came off the bench for rochdale to school the equaliser premier league sides brighton and aston villa were knocked out by lower league opponents. the u.s. men's football team has cancelled an upcoming training trip to the middle east
5:54 am
following the u.s. airstrike that killed the iranian general salim army the team had been due to begin to we campaign cutter on sunday but say they'll stay home due to quote the developing situation in the region iran has promised harsh retaliation for solo mounties killing. a strong finish on day 2 from england's bowlers has given them the upper hand over south africa in the 2nd cricket test of centuries from dean al gore and a vastly funded person in capetown so the hosts close 121548 trailing by 54 runs england were earlier bowled out for 269. the reigning davis cup champions spain have made a perfect start to the new team tournament the a.t.p. cup well the unravel the del was their star man as they've georgia in the group stage. he won a singles match against nicolas really and also featured in the doubles as spain took the toy 3 minutes. novak djokovic secured serbia's 1st win in the competition
5:55 am
with a single victory against kevin anderson the serbs would go on to beat south africa 3 no joke which has been critical of having another world team event in the a.t.p. calendar in the build up to this tournament but seemed pretty happy at the end of this one. the los angeles lakers big summer signing anthony davis has been showing no mercy towards these old team the new orleans pelicans davis had a 40 point game against these former teammates for the 2nd time this season but i. read the pelicans number one draft pick zion williamson just a spectator as he awaits his n.b.a. debut because of injury meanwhile davis' partnership with the bron james has been blossoming blabber on setting up davis who ended the game with 46 points in the lakers 123113 victory. the boston celtics came back from 18 points down to beat the league's roost seen the atlanta hawks atlanta had the
5:56 am
chance to win it but daniel tice towered over trey young to block this 3 pointer boston are 2nd behind mobile t.v. in the east. but that already raves into action in the middle east for the 1st time on sunday with saudi arabia hosting the 42nd edition of the race it will be new territory for the tucson 4 with a one man champion fernando alonso as he makes his debut in the race the rally takes place over 12 stages and begins in jeddah. i mean obviously i'm lucky in all this period in grow. in the us in sun so that's my biggest and bigger that's for sure. on the other side i've been driving for more than 30 years with the steering wheel in my hands and the hopefully that we will help early that with my lack of experience america's queen of the slopes mckayla shifrin has suffered a 1st defeat in slalom skiing for most
5:57 am
a year on saturday in zagreb the 2 time olympic champion was looking for a 44th success in slalom world cup events but came up short she was beaten by slovakia is paid through the village up by just 0.15 of a 2nd to change her 6th title in this discipline shiffrin is still well to her rivals at the top of the world cup standings. and norway's mario cylindrica have secured back to back victories in world cup ski jumping 21 year old was welling the crowds at innsbruck in austria on saturday in the 3rd leg of the prestigious. tournament poland's garbage combat scheme finished as runner up and leads the full field standings the final leg of the competition takes place on monday at bishop schiffman. and that's all the sports news we have fee for now we'll see you again later for more. pay to thank you for that not as my love as i thank you for your company darren jordan is along 'd in just a couple minutes time but i'm exposing news right here on al-jazeera.
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for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination in total if we don't hurry will never be able to give the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. can trace dangerous the ice and then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life into the legendary sometimes luser cattle there was a cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera. it is impossible to overstate the mental scarring of the survivors which pieces lived in the home until the age of 4 when the nuns sold them all to yvonne and family by the time he'd lost his system she like nearly 800 others had a name recorded in
5:59 am
a different system for the catholic organization put bodies in here there were baptized to put them into our own conservation ground savages for further become painters think the government is so frightened of the damage to the church that the full excavation would do that's it is resisting it's so they're threatening court action i think the only way in which this will be result of this through an order of the spirit courts of this country i can't see any other way because there is no will there's no wish there is no appetite church and state in this country still wedded in a poisonous pact. to smoke to. a compelling film about getting an education under occupation. that is one student of that that looked at it asked us if you don't feel sick you would bump come frankly if we
6:00 am
don't feel secure but we come. but what happened after the cameras laughed. and learning to die on al-jazeera. to. form. donald trump says 52 iranian targets are lined up if terrorized retaliates for the assassination of its top military commander revenge is exactly what mourners demanded as funerals were held for me and others killed in iraq. and jordan this is al-jazeera. also coming up forces loyal to the libyan warlord to . launch air strikes on a military academy killing at least 30 people plus the daytime sky darkens to.


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