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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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frankly we don't have security but we come. but what happened after the cameras left rewind learning to die on al-jazeera. donald trump says 52 iranian targets are lined up if terrorized retaliates for the assassination of its top military commander revenge is exactly what mourners demanded as funerals were held for some sort of mani and others killed in iraq. oh i'm daryn jordan this is our jazeera bleier from doha also coming up forces loyal to the libyan war delhi for have to launch air strikes on a military academy killing at least 30 people plus the daytime sky darkens to blood
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red in australia after another day of destructive bush lives. donald trump has issued a stark warning to iran threatening to hit dozens of targets inside the islamic republic if it retaliates for the targeted killing of top commander. the us president fired off a series of tweets part of which said iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain usa assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader let this serve as a warning that if iran strikes any americans or american assets we have targeted $52.00 iranian sites and those targets and iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard the usa wants no more threats let's cross to gable elizondo he joins us live now from washington d.c. so gay president releasing a series of tweets they're warning iraq about iran about any response what morsi
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been saying. yeah that's right these tweets were very harsh in very strong words by the president and somewhat surprising if you will because all day we've been hearing from administration officials including secretary of state mike pompei as saying that the u.s. wanted to deescalate the situation as much as they could given the situation but then you see these very incendiary tweets from president trump basically saying that the u.s. says he's 52 targets on their list that they could target in iran if iran decides to retaliate you say where does this fit this 52 number come from well that's symbolic in a lot of ways because the 52 where the 52 american diplomats that were held hostage in the u.s. embassy in tehran in 1999 for over 440 days after they
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left in that instead diplomatic crisis was ended over 40 years ago that was really a seminal moment between iran and us breaking of relations and there haven't been any diplomatic relations for the most part since then and so it was kind of symbolic i guess to trump use that 52 targets apparently but it's also unusual because the president in his tweet said that you know some of these targets are important cultural institutions in iran and presumably talking about you know unesco world heritage sites perhaps or something iran has more than 20 of them and explicitly explicitly saying that those would be targeted if they were to be targeted could potentially be a war crime so there's a lot going on here in these tweets but clearly it was came as a little bit of a surprise and and i think caught a lot of people off guard given that you're hearing one side of the administration saying they want to deescalate but another side the president's tweets doing exactly the opposite yeah gavan the white house has notified congress about the
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strike but we understand that house speaker nancy pelosi is incensed about its contents. yeah that's right white house sent a letter to nancy pelosi in the congress informing them of the airstrikes you say why why was that happening let's all part of the that's all part of the war power resolution so the white house is obligated to within 48 hours of hostilities commencing to send a letter informing congress about why they are doing this but the letter that was sent to the congress by the white house was classified meaning that . congress and nancy pelosi cannot release its contents publicly and she was furious about this she put out a statement and already just part of it she said that this classified war powers act notification delivered to congress raises more questions than answers the
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document prompts serious and urgent questions about the timing manner and justification of the administration's decision to engage in hostilities against iran it went on to say the trumpet ministrations provocative escuela tori and disproportionate military engagement continues to put service members diplomats and citizens of the us their lives and our allies in danger so nancy pelosi echoing the state comments of many lawmakers quite frankly saying why was congress not notified before these strikes this estimation of solo money and others happened and now they're saying we should declassify the information so the american people can also know why this happened as well all right i got to go there live for us in washington d.c. gave thank you. meanwhile there been more rocket attacks in and around the iraqi capital baghdad one exploded in the heavily fortified green zone that's near the
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american embassy to others it close to an iraqi air base where there are u.s. troops and contractors and the hezbollah brigades that's a pro iran paramilitary group is warning iraqi forces to stay away from u.s. bases well grief and rage filled the streets of baghdad and the shia holy cities of karbala and the jeff funeral processions were held for iranian command up awesome sort of money and iraqi militia leader mohammed is so was also killed alongside him well before donald trump sent his tweets diplomats and leaders have been scrambling to ease the crisis between iran and the us count us foreign minister was dispatched to lead to iran's leaders france the u.k. and saudi arabia all call for calm well let's get the latest from baghdad now some binge of a reports on those new rocket attacks and how iraqis are morning. multiple attacks have been reported in and around iraq's capital baghdad 3 incidents confirmed by iraqi security forces one took place inside the fortified green zone they predict
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have landed near the u.s. embassy compound iraqi security forces calling it a rocket attack near the celebrations area inside the green zone the another incident happened in the job neighborhood in a residential area of baghdad and the 3rd incident north of baghdad in sanaa had been province and i'll balad base where some storerooms were head and we've also heard from one leader of the militia who has been nor has been our brigade which has been deemed as a terrorist organization by the united states that all iraqi forces should distance themselves from u.s. bases from sunday on birds so it is a state of high alert for iraqi security forces as they brace themselves for what they expect is going to be some sort of a reaction and we've also seen a flurry of diplomatic activity to try and deescalate the situation in that region
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this is being spearheaded by others foreign minister who went to the iranian capital and met not just the president but his counterpart as well there iran insisting that this attack which happened in baghdad is a flagrant violation of international norms and law which is something that we saw in the telephonic conversation between sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister and the really and foreign minister that was something that was repeated as well and throughout the day here in baghdad the situation remains tense but calm as protesters mourn the death of their leaders in the iraqi capital their funeral procession took place here and then the bodies will be taken from baghdad to karbala and najaf is where i will mad the end mohan this will. they turned up in their thousands angry and somber for the killing of their leaders
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by the united states. chanting and the u.s. slogans the protesters included families of the supporters of iran backed fighters in iraq. god willing the resistance to defeat their merican will continue and this gathering is a response to american attacks on anita's and victory is coming. flags at the funeral of money and this represent the various fighting groups which constitute the popular mobilization forces iraqis see the assassinations as a violation of their sovereignty and of the rules of engagement by u.s. forces individuals the u.s. has called terrorists and public enemies are heroes to many in iraq that's why the current and former prime ministers came to pay their respects the leader of the popular mobilization forces who is also the national security adviser also walked with the procession. america's tyranny will fade as it exceeds its limits with our again as we demand the iraqi government and parliament legislate to make iraq
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stronger with the popular mobilisation forces the army and its people on sunday we want good news from parliament no procrastination and no delay we must get rid of dirty forces standing on iraqi chests. the banners of hezbollah brigades are prominent the u.s. state department has declared the shia group a terrorist organization its fighters were recently targeted by the u.s. on the iraq border and that was the reason cited by groups for attacking the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. this was the brigades former leader because we lost commanders of the hotshot who liberated iraq and liberated provinces occupied by eisel iraq force on behalf of all the world this violation has all iraqi people angry and condemning the crime. the bodies of the 2 leaders try. from holy shrines in baghdad to karbala and najaf. will be buried while very little to take place in iran receiving messages of support for iraq's sovereignty president has spoken to
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world leaders including the turkish and french president they agreed on taking measures to prevent iraq from becoming a battleground for other countries to settle their scores and. groups. money could achieve the victory he wanted to expel u.s. troops from iraq the parliament's extraordinary session is already under mounting public pressure to legislate against the presence of u.s. forces in iraq but with a weak interim government with limited legislative powers the government is likely to not meet those expectations. back that. libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed after an airstrike by forces loyal to the warlord. that death toll is expected to rise with reports of many more bodies at the scene a military academy was targeted in the capital is the latest attack in a half dollars ongoing offensive to seize tripoli from the un recognized government
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forces backed by egypt the u.s. and saudi arabia would have the wire that is in tripoli he says most of the victims are believed to have been young cadets who were not on active duty. it's very clear to. at the hospitals the public hospitals were the victims were transferred from the military academy that was hit by a drone loyal to the warlord. we just came back from one of the public hospitals where the victims are receiving good treatments and medical sources there say that it was so difficult for them to identify bodies of the did victims because most of the dead bodies were either burned or torn apart by the attack now medical sources also say that they have been calling the health ministry has been calling on people to go to the hospitals to do neat blogs most of the victims are aged 18 to 22 and their military students from all the cities and
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areas in libya do not we spoke to the commander the head of this military academy said that they don't have anything to do with the ongoing fighting for control of tripoli they're just as students of military academy they're not fighting against have to his forces that's where there is no reason why his forces are targeting this a military academy and meanwhile have to the fighter jets also targeted the main gate of m 80 airport and of yesha and has been halted in the airport and all flights have been diverted again to misrata airport about 2 and a half hours drive to the east from the capital of tripoli. 14 people have been killed and 19 others wounded in a roadside bomb attack on a bus and bikini 7 schoolchildren were among the dead the bus drove over an improvised explosive device in the to harney area of subaru province there's been no claim of responsibility but it happened in
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a region where armed groups have recently increased their attacks the bus was part of a 3 vehicle convoy carrying $160.00 passengers. but also to come here not just here including indonesia is in the grip of the worst floods anyone can remember and even more rain is coming. and why the fate of the so-called dreamers could be a key issue in the u.s. election later this year more on that stay with us. hello there not about picture a toll across much of the united states that $97.00 and eastern areas that rain clouds moving its way rapidly really up towards the fallen all they said the central plains and pretty good we have also when warnings in place across northern states very strong winds also the snow is pushing into the cascades and then really it's sunday into monday when we see that snow working its way further but that's
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really when the rain pushes in as you can see quite heavy along this coast area so a wet today in a seattle but elsewhere a very quiet picture that you celsius in atlanta fairly quiet as well through much of central america and the cow been one to bits and pieces of cloud we've also got a shot really all the way from southern mexico right across towards panama and also a line of showers working their way steadily through the bahamas sunday and on into monday taking a few shots certainly into more eastern areas of cuba we've had some very heavy rain particularly into southern areas of brazil and this rain has led to problems we've actually had landslides and old says the mudslides lots of rain through the streets this is a say in the southern states they had about a 3rd of the january total in 24 hours so in terms of was how many next if you were showers in the 4 calls on sunday certainly what day in rio with the high the 25.
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on counting the cost 2020 we pick through what could be the whole geo political and geo economic topics of the year for the most important election in the free world and we ask if the world can come together to tackle global warming inequality a globalized. counting the cost on al-jazeera. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from on london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. welcome back to our top stories here on the al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump percent a series of tweets warning iran against taking any retaliatory action for the
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killing of a top military commander custom solomonic is in amman he was assassinated in the u.s. airstrike in iraq 2 days ago. and there's been several attacks across iraq targets included baghdad's heavily fortified green zone and an iraqi air base where there are u.s. troops meanwhile thousands of iraqis attended the funeral procession for somalia and the iraqi militia leader who was killed alongside. at least 30 people have been killed in an airstrike on a military academy in the libyan capital is the latest attack by forces loyal to the warlord who we thought have time as he attempts to seize tripoli from the un recognized government. and as tensions mount of a turkey's plans to send troops to support the un recognized government in tripoli egypt has been doing military exercises in the eastern mediterranean egypt as want turkey at any interventional would only make the situation in tripoli and the region much worse now cooler temperatures in parts of
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australia have given firefighters a brief reprieve after what's been described as a horrid day of blazes on saturday blood red skies could be seen along coastal communities in new south wales hundreds of properties are thought to have been destroyed across new south wales and victoria and the death toll this fire season has now risen to 24 after one man was killed while defending a property but authorities say mass evacuations prevented major loss of life. this is the most significant this is the most comprehensive and the most dramatic in terms of escalation of response by commonwealth government that we've seen to a disaster such as this and i believe that's where we need to focus our attention and and we are seeking obviously to communicate that directly to a strident to ensure that they can have comfort that the response is matching the need just how washington has this update now from batemans bay on the new south wales coast. condition have been many. crews are still
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battling 5. tory about they are making the most of. life to take control of some of the 5 across the area now yesterday here on saturday and it's really it was described as a horrific day the damage is yet to be but it did that at least hundreds of homes would have been destroyed this particular region of not just new south wales which is victoria. they're also running in queensland and although not as severe as what is happening in the day now we do understand that conditions all favorable in most of the day. here in new south wales and victoria but it's along the south coast region that the situation is feel incredibly dangerous. which will
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go on. ahead. along the south coast region in between and new south wales that whole town has just been evacuated so an incredibly volatile situation. too much of it. has brought the worst flooding and landslides in decades and communities have been buried i mean 60 people have died and more rain is on the way. a torrent of munt sweeping through homes destroying roads bridges and some. these are in the nation. in more than a decade's styluses of people are caught from the outside. some still buried under heaps of mud has is a rising but it's too slow and just not nearly enough for those. we've lost
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everything i thought i would look up i was someone i didn't manage to evacuate anything i lost my small stall my house remains but the windows and doors are gone . torrential rain began on new year's eve triggering landslides and causing rivers to break their backs. slides and bad weather are making it hard for rescue workers to reach those stranded in remote areas i think we have evacuated people from several places it is impossible for them because particularly led back is badly devastated with no access for vehicles. nearly 400000 people are crowded into makeshift shelters in need around the capital jakarta. in some areas water has receded but the threat of diseases like dainty and hepatitis a is rising and there are signs of more rain in. the peak of the rainy season
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is in february and march so we're still facing possible floods we're now modifying weather so the rain won't fall in the cities for the people whose houses are flooded we hope they will stay in refugee compounds so we can monitor their health their reduce possible disease. person here who do do has blamed delays in flood control infrastructure for the devastation and as these floods show the effects are being felt by the city's most vulnerable priyanka all dizzier. china has replaced its top representative in hong kong as protests there are about to end an 8 month state media says the head of beijing's liaison office. has been removed as the 1st major reshuffle since the demonstrations began in june last year largely explains why beijing has liaison office is important. it's supposed to promote communication between china and hong kong so it's effectively a bridge between mainland china and hong kong and it promotes and coordinates
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probation candidates now it has sometimes been accused of overstepping its jurisdiction just as an example in the 2004 legislative council elections and the believes on office was accused of mobilizing members of the interest groups and housing associations to support the pro establishments party and since 2010 the liaison office has often been a target for pro-democracy protesters now as to what sort of practical impact it will have on hong kong politically it might be a little bit too soon to tell we don't really know yet whether the signals that china is going to adopt a more hardline stance when it comes to its treatment of the anti government protests in hong kong but what's interesting to note is the timing now the this reshuffle because major reshuffle since the protests began 7 months ago comes 6 weeks after a probe candidate suffered a humiliating defeat at local district council elections so while it may be
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a little bit too foon to tell whether this signals how china is going to be handling the protests in hong kong we know that the interest the timing of this it's interesting. now the fate of at least 700000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children could become one of the defining issues of the 2020 presidential election president trump is trying to end a program that temporarily protected them from deportation the supreme court is set to make a decision on the future just months before election day on the got a good report. norma ramirez was 5 years old when her parents brought her to the u.s. illegally she says that she didn't feel different growing up but like hundreds of thousands of others she's on documented scared and uncertain about the future and have a social security number. and. really devastating
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because i had done everything right i was you know model student in 2012 president barack obama introduced the deferred action for childhood arrivals all back a policy which provided protections for the undocumented immigrants it gave people like norma the right to work and apply for student loans it also gave her a 2 year a preview from possible deportation that ended when president trump cancelled the dr policy in september of 2017 falsely claiming many recipients also known as dreamers are hardened criminals now the question of whether the president acted lawfully is before the conservative leaning supreme court with a decision expected by june essentially what the administration did in what we're trying to argue to the court is that they didn't take into account the impact that rescinded in dhaka would have on hundreds of thousands of people in their communities for activist in dhaka recipient maria pearlers sanchez a recent princeton graduate the stakes in the future couldn't be higher for someone
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to have that kind of power to affect 1300 thousands of lives that saw. violent as the presidential election looms its voters who may ultimately decide the fate of dreamers if the democrats win back the white house the president could reinstate the program even if the court rules the decision was illegal but unable to vote almost undocumented immigrants can do is watch wait and hope for the best and to gallacher al-jazeera. spain's acting prime minister has promised that solving the catalan dispute will be his top priority whether sanchez is seeking parliament's backing to form a government to do this he needs counseling only as large as separatist party to abstain they've agreed not to vote against him catalonia is a legal attempt to break away from the rest of spain in 2017 calls the country's worst political crisis in decades but we're probably not going to tell you the
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dialogue must start by recognizing one another attending to each other's reasons there is no other way to resolve this conflict there is no other way than a dialogue that takes place within the law the law and its own as we have seen is not enough the law is the condition dialogue is the road. well shortly after thousands of protesters took to the streets of madrid accusing sanchez of being a sellout demonstrators say the prime minister has betrayed them by securing a deal with the council on separatists. rights campaigners in france say hundreds of migrant children and teenagers are sleeping rough on the streets of paris many of them alone as winter temperatures plummet they're urging the government to do more to help reports now from the french capital. it's a cold night in paris and these young children and their families are spending it outside most people here are asylum seekers who say they fled violence and poverty for a better life in europe but few imagine that they'd end up on the street relying on
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charities for survival the 6 year old girl is from iran her and says they've been homeless for months. we have so many problems we want to send her to school but we can't as we don't have a home for these children and their mother who didn't wish to be identified from the democratic republic of congo instead of their village i don't know what to do my children are 5 a day years old i want them to go to school it's so painful for me to see others go but my live in the street a mere is one of a group of volunteers helping the families he understands them better than most the kurdish refugee here arrived in france 2 years ago as a teenager and was homeless i was very rich my father have a factory. city teacher she write your books. really shop. back in a north of the city has rows of tents and makeshift shelters are crammed along the
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ring road campaigners say that hundreds of children and teenagers are sleeping on the streets of paris often in appalling conditions like this and what activists say is that the french government is flouting international rules by failing to protect minors under french law all minors should be protected by the state but at this charity's day center staff say many young people sleep outdoors for months waiting for a judge to formally recognize their age there are many. not. search . from help from the state and they are basically back in the street. after more than a year a judge has finally ruled that this afghan teenager is a minor in a. good life in france to be. become goodly the french government says it wants to crack down on illegal immigration and has tightened its
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laws but the authorities tougher approach seems to denied basic human rights to some of the most vulnerable natascha al jazeera paris. and don't forget you can catch up with all of you on our website there it is on the screen the address al-jazeera dot com. our time for a quick check of the headlines here on the al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump a sent a series of tweets warning iran against taking any retaliatory action for the killing of top military commander awesome somali so the money was assassinated in a u.s. airstrike in iraq 2 days ago trump says his country will hit 52 iranian sites if iran targets americans federalism who has more now from washington d.c. these tweets were very harsh and very strong words by the president and somewhat
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surprising if you will because all day we've been hearing from administration officials including secretary of state mike pompei all saying that the u.s. wanted to deescalate the situation as much as they could given the situation but then you see these very incendiary tweets from president trump basically saying that the u.s. has these 52 targets on their list well earlier there were several rocket attacks across iraq targets included baghdad's heavily fortified green zone and an iraqi air base where there are u.s. troops meanwhile thousands of iraqis attended the funeral procession forcing the money and the iraqi militia leader who was killed alongside. in other news 14 people have been killed and 19 others wounded in a roadside bomb attack on a bus in bikini. 7 schoolchildren were among the dead as been no claim of responsibility libya's health ministry says at least 30 people have been killed
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after an airstrike by forces loyal to warlord entered the have to a military academy was targeted in the capital it's the latest attack in have to as ongoing offensive to seize tripoli from the u.n. recognize government and cooler temperatures in parts of australia have given firefighters a brief reprieve after what's been described as a horrid day of blazes on saturday hundreds of properties are thought has been destroyed across new south wales and victoria but authorities say mass evacuations prevented major loss of life and tens of thousands of indonesians are stranded in the mergence shelters after some of the worst floods and landslides in years devastated entire communities the death toll stands at 60 but that's expected to rise and more rain has been for cost. well those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after counting the cost statement that's a much lighter. moment in time. snapshots of other lives. providing
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a glimpse into someone else's mother's. witness on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week 2020 we pick through what could be the hot geo political and geo economic topics of the year from the most important election in the free world will president trump win another term and what does that mean for trade wars and dispute could the world come together to tackle global warming and globalization and will we see more people on the streets of it but wealth is an.


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