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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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thanks to free. trade. time. snapshots of the law. providing the clips into someone else's one. witness on al-jazeera. iran's supreme leader joins the crowds marking the funeral concepts of the bombing protesting his assassination by the united states. telegram julie macdonald this is soundlessly we're live from doha also coming up iran now says it's suspending its commitment to the 2015 you clear deal. in the u.s. donald trump threatened sanctions against iraq if it expels u.s. troops in the wake of so the mani's. and cooler weather and some welcome rain or
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for a bushfire rest might in a stray a but it's nowhere near enough to end an unprecedented disaster. there more warm welcome to the program iran's leaders have joined huge crowd since iran for the funeral procession of assassinated general qassam salami is calls for revenge against the united states school loud iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and president has done without any help prayers the funeral proceedings in the iranian capital they express their grief as a radiance packed the streets of tehran where 3 official days of mourning have been declared salamis they also earlier told the crowds for their father's death would bring quote a dark day to the u.s. . well amid the funeral for salon a u.s.
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president champus warned iraq elim poles heavy sanctions if that follows through with moves to expel american troops iraq's parliament voted in favor of removing american forces in retaliation for the u.s. strike that killed saddam on the last week near baghdad airport fall out of course from the assassination is spreading through the middle east iran is vowing to hit back and has suspended its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal and then later on monday nato leaders will gather for an emergency meeting to discuss the ongoing situation of we'll go to david ellis island though for u.s. reaction later but someone at fault in is in baghdad for us but 1st let's go live to dorsetshire bari who's in tehran door so tell us about what's been happening so far today. well the funeral procession saar underway in the capital the ceremony of the prayer service over the coffin was
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carried out by the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini just a short while ago at tehran university the supreme leader who was visibly grieving . conducted the service alongside him was standing the country's president hassan rouhani as well as the head of parliament of the larijani and the head of iran's revolutionary guard major general salami also standing next to the supreme leader was the head of the country's judiciary you see and next to him the newly appointed head of the revolutionary guard force who was appointed by the supreme leader on friday upon the news of the assassination of major general us insulin money so the highest ranking members of the officials within iran standing next to the body of the late general as they said their final prayers this morning now the body is currently on route from the capital to the holy city of we can see the images that people have come out to say their goodbyes to the general and as it makes the
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coffin makes its way to the holy city of where their people will also have a chance to pay their respects after that the coffin will make its way from home to his hometown of care mon city in central iran where he will be laid to rest later on tuesday. we know or what can we i suppose speculate about the next move from iran i guess that's the big question that everybody's asking. yes that is certainly the question of on everybody's minds not only on the international scene but also in iran we've heard just a short while ago from a very senior advisor i leave. he's a senior advisor on international affairs to the supreme leader one of his closest aides he was speaking at the funeral services of the late general and he said that america doesn't realize what they've done every actually now demand the united
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states leave this region completely the iranians want the u.s. troops to leave the middle east the soonest possible and he said that if they don't the united states will have created another vietnam in this region some very strong words from the about the situation and what we can expect to come we've also heard from another very high ranking adviser to the supreme leader who is also a former defense minister he gave an interview to a western media outlets on sunday and he said that iran will respond by attacking by hitting he said u.s. interests in the region so there is a sense that something is in the works we know that there was an emergency meeting held by the supreme national security council of iran on friday they decide on iran's foreign policy issues and that meeting an emergency meeting was presided over by the supreme leader who is also the commander in chief of iran's armed
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forces we know that the decision has already been made about how iran will respond but the president hassan rouhani has hinted that this response is not likely to come in the very near future not today or tomorrow but that in the months weeks and years ahead so there is a sense that iran will certainly respond but we just don't know when the response will take place and exactly to what extent it will happen there live with the latest from tehran dorsett thank you let's go live now i just want to fulton he's standing by live for us in baghdad hi there symbol so iraq's parliament of course has been calling for the expulsion of all american troops from iraq soil but practically speaking can this be done. well it's certainly not as easy as it may have seemed yesterday when the parliament voted on this decision to basically expel foreign troops including u.s. troops from iraq except trainers that are training iraqi security forces as they
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battle an ongoing iceland surge and see what would need to happen is actual legislation being put forth by the government. the existing agreements not just with the u.s. but with all the other governments that currently have troops here including the french government to tell their government and so on as well as the nato and this is something that would have to be initiated by the government by the executive branch and not by parliament and of course this is further complicated by the fact that we currently have a caretaker government the caretaker government cannot in itself initiate legislation so what we need to happen 1st is to actually appoint a new prime minister because of course prime minister i love that about the resigned and the end of november as a result of months of anti-government protests that prime minister would have to form a new government and the government would have to actually draft a bill which would have to be passed to parliament to then be voted on so many feel that yesterday's vote in parliament was more of
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a public show of anger rather than an actual step to really initiate the departure of foreign and u.s. troops from iraq but of course it is still a very significant event and perhaps the most significant thing that came out of yesterday was that prime minister i've done nothing himself came to parliament and gave a speech and himself advocated for the expulsion of foreign troops this is not something that we have seen recently since 2014 when these troops were invited to come to iraq to fight eisel and usually the prime minister is somebody who has to balance the relationships between the u.s. and between iran so here we had a prime minister 2 who took a clear side who actually advocated for the departure of u.s. troops and of course that is something that is quite new it remains to be seen how this will be followed up by. by the next government and similar we've also heard from now mentioning sanctions against iraq what what's the view there. well this will not go down well at all here in iraq be it in parliament or on the
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streets already yesterday we could hear the members of parliament as they entered the hall chanting no to america chanting yes to sulaimani and such rhetorical will only further polarize the country further push the country in the direction of iran so this is unlikely to go down well of course many iraqis still remember the extreme adverse impact of the un sanctions that were imposed in 1990 against at that time saddam hussein's regime and those sanctions remain in place until 2003 so these kind of words will only fuel opposition to the united states here in iraq and of course it konami clear it also doesn't make that much sense because the u.s. has a lot of interest in iraq especially in the oil and gas sector especially in the electricity sector so those kind of sanctions would also advise us have an adverse effect on u.s. companies that are investing here and of course iraq is also heavily reliant already on iranian and turkish consumer goods so it will only increase the death of
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economic ties between iraq and iran and that's something that the u.s. probably doesn't really want similar falls in there with the very latest reaction in baghdad simonas thank you. elizondo joins us live from washington d.c. hi gave so president trump as we were just discussing with similar in iraq is now threatening sanctions against iraq and talk of it's in cultural sites if they u.s. troops. yeah in cultural sites in iran it's essentially what the u.s. president has just done is threaten war crimes not once but twice in a 24 hour period let me explain on saturday president trump tweeted that the u.s. had over has over 50 different targets that it's ready to strike in iran should iran decide to attack any u.s. interests around the world and trump tweeted of those some are important iranian
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iranian cultural sites that certainly raised the attention of a lot of people when he tweeted that raised a lot of eyebrows and so on sunday when trump was on his way back flying from our law go resort in florida back to the white house in washington he spoke to reporters off camera a reporter asked him what did you mean by that did you mean that you did you really mean you were ready to strike he ran cultural sites and trump said he yes when he was asked to more about that his answer was that this they're allowed to kill people they're allowed to torture and maim our people they're allowed to use roadside bombs to blow up our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural site it doesn't work that way that is what president trump told reporters on air force one when asked why he was considering hitting cultural sites in iran if iran striked american interests so. that in of itself right there is
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a war crime because according to $1052.00 hague convention that the us is a signatory to it is simply against international law in a war crime to hit cultural sites now during a war now it's important to note that just in iran there are 24 unesco world heritage sites just right there so clearly some pretty strong words by the president and as one u.s. senator said the u.s. should not be threatening to bomb war co. traill sites or destroy cultural sites he said that's something that i saw would do and gave the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi said the house is going to introduce and vote on the war powers resolution this week to i guess limit u.s. president donaldson's military actions regarding iran. yeah the democrats in the house speaker nancy nancy pelosi have been quite upset that trump did not inform congress before he did this assassination of soleimani and others cording to
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the way it works in washington as if a us president declares war interns into war he has to get congressional approval 1st while this airstrike killing soleimani could be interpreted and is being interpreted by many as an act of war that's not how the trump administration sees it nevertheless it's close enough to work congress says we should have been informed about this that's what palosi is saying that's why she's writing this letter basically saying that congress when they meet reconvene this week in washington the house is going to vote on on something to hold trump to account to pressure him to give more information on what exactly is the intelligence that led to this strike that now is putting american lives at risk as palosi said now this was in response to president trump who earlier on sunday tweeted this he said
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these media posts will serve as notification to the united states congress that should iran's strike any u.s. person or target the united states will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate matter such legal notice is not required but it is given nonetheless that was pretty much trump right there snubbing his nose at palosi in congress saying listen if i want to strike back at iran i'll do it and these tweets are my notification to you that i will do so so pretty remarkable and unprecedented that a u.s. president would notify congress through tweets but that is the preferred means of communication for president donald trump. there live with the latest from washington dave thank you. well james dorsey is a senior fellow at the south rajaratnam school of international studies in nanyang technological university in singapore singapore and joins us from there now so the legality of these killings was something that we discussed as they happen but it
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now seems to have dimmed in the current debate with the u.s. firmly holding on to this argument of self-defense but why will this discussion continue to monitor well 1st of all it matters of course to the iraqis and the iranians the iraqis because they perceive the strike against cousin sort of money but also an earlier strike against an iraqi militia as a violation of their national sovereignty to the iranians it matters all the more because of the threat by person trump to strike at cultural sites i think what we're seeing is on a larger scale and trump is a reflection of that. increasing by omission by world leaders or abandonment by world leaders of the international law un james evidence for this imminent attack and speaking. from the u.s. perspective what do you think at some point the u.s. or the u.s.
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government will be asked to provide some evidence i think it's already being provided of being asked for evidence i'm not sure how much evidence they will give there is also another issue that which is that under the bush administration apparently the definition of imminent was widened almost to mean anything at any time in the future which if that is the case would mean that essentially the american president has a license to targeted killings and james we've got the complicating factor of an iraqi caretaker government and trump to eating that he would consider sanctions also on iraq how does that complicate the picture. well i think it complicates it primarily politically obviously. sanctions against iraq would be something that would not go down well in iraq itself and in fact turn a map iraq into increasingly anti-american but it would also not be something that
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would be internationally accepted and the question then is what point does trumps sanctions policy like in the case with iran to get to a point where others in the international community are going to be willing to stand up to it we heard from a savvy yesterday the iranian foreign minister and he painted a picture of countries reaching out from around the world to sell to them but they've not confirmed today that of course effectively the nuclear deal is as it were in the dustbin give us the significance of the. well 1st of all i think we've got what we've got to be very cautious the iranians have not withdrawn in a legal sense from the nuclear agreement they have progressive lee over the last month. there progressively. 'd violated of the provisions of the agreement but they have not withdrawn from it totally however rescuing the agreement at this point by either the europeans and or russia and china seems
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almost impossible and therefore we're back to square one which may in some ways be where the rain is want to be keep in mind that the iranian strategy of pinpoint attacks against the americans is a strategy that is designed to escalate tension in a bid to force the united states back to the negotiating table same source joining us live thank you sara. pleasure to be with you. when we return a look at some of the day's other news. then as well as opposition denounces what it's calling a parliament she cool ass off position leader one bi dil is blocked from entering.
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hello there some pretty good weather conditions across more central areas of europe plenty of cloud to the north and a very stubborn area of low pressure to sitting in the eastern end of the mediterranean this will give us some pretty heavy rain over the next couple of days are some warnings in place for southern turkey because we could see some flooding with these rains but also the winds very strong at times and of course or once it hits that cold tunning over to snow just 2 celsius on monday 6 degrees in athens you have all those rain showers kiran away from you and then you can see on monday the next system in the northern atlantic just waiting in the wings and by choosing that really begins to push across into mo northern sections of the u.k. we will some warnings in place here very strong winds and of course that will also be the case across into these coastal areas of norway some rain along the coast and against and snow to the mountains 7 celsius in also but mild in london and paris
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$10.11 degrees celsius northern africa not surprisingly without system in the eastern med we have got some strong winds as well as the rain working its way through these areas of libya and on into egypt as we go through monday and as a say really even quite false out these winds will be felt so if you choose day with a high of 30 and bangles. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination the old if we don't hurry will never be able to get the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. can trace dangerous the ice is that then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life into the legendary sometimes luser cattle there will die of cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera.
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you're. you're watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour iran's leaders subjoined huge crowds into iran for the funeral procession of assassinated general so the mahdi these are live pictures from to iran supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei the president has some loony prayers of the funeral proceedings in the iranian capital. iraqi politicians have voted to remove all foreign forces in response to the assassination of the arabiya come out of the bill is nonbinding though and it needs a government approval. of the u.s. president's threatening action sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves
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to expel foreign troops donald trump says american forces will not leave unless it rob pays for the u.s. base that's there. firefighters are getting some relief as they battle bushfires across the street after weeks of high temperatures they're being helped by cooler weather and great fire crews are also wielding builds and rescuing people who've been trapped for days the fires are likely to keep burning for months prime minister scott morrison is being criticized for his handling of the crisis and he's now pledged funds for the rebuilding effort just to washington is in batemans bay on the new south wales south coast she says firefights is a taking advantage of the improved conditions and this is said to be the most expensive disaster relief julia has dealt with and the federal government have pledged billions to help with relief efforts. this part of new south wales is usually so picturesque that it draws thousands of visitors every year but it has been completely transformed by this bushfire season crews have been battling heat
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wave conditions for days but after days of bad news this finally a bit of good news cooler conditions and even some rain there's also some good news coming in from the federal government who've just pledged at least 1400000000 u.s. dollars to help communities just like this one with their bushfire recovery to die we agreed that we would support the national bushfire recovery i can see by stablish national bushfire recovery fund which will be administered by that agency led by mr culver the commonwealth is committing an additional an initial $2000000000.00 over the next 2 calendar year starting right now to support all of the efforts of recovery right across the country the bushfire relief fund will focus on roads infrastructure and of course houses some communities have been
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almost completely destroyed this bushfire season spending for the relief fund hasn't been capped recognizing that australia's longest bushfire merge and sea is also likely to be its most expensive. it must malled has attacked teachers and students of an elite university in new delhi the incident is the latest in a series of violent clashes across india until has sent us this update from the john wall harlowe campus. the policemen are present here in numbers today but on sunday evening when some of the students and teachers hear water under attack they took their time to enter the university one must also get clearance from the security guard so the students who were beaten up are asking one of the security guards just careless or was the administration of the university complicit in the attack that took place on sunday evening about 50 people including women wearing mosques holding i enrolled in their hands went from one also to another they beat
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up students as well as some teachers and threatened the students as well at the moment about 20 people students and some teachers are receiving treatment at a hospital in new delhi and other students who were beaten up allege that the group that beat them up one gangster is but part of the a.b. repeat which is a students' union affiliated with the hindu nationalist party agent at the party the home minister of a country who comes from that party has ordered an inquiry and several ministers in the current government to have started in this university have condemned the violence but the students here don't feel safe anymore many of them have left their hostels and gone back home or to their friends houses to stay there the big question that people are now asking is because there's a sense of disbelief and panic but how could such an attack take place our students now not see inside their hospitals the students of this university have been protesting against the controversial citizenship law and more recently also against
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the proposed fee hike. there have been chaotic and confusing scenes in venezuela as the government of president nicolas maduro forcibly installed a new head of quantum and armed troops physically blocked opposition leader one and his allies from getting into the building ahead of the both a latin america at its embassy in yemen reports out from caracas. inside been israel as legislative palace punches were thrown insult her world in a chaotic to an even more chaotic vote for the presidency of the national assembly was for hours national guards have been prevented dozens of opposition deputies from entering the premises. inside the chamber minority pro-government lawmakers organized a vote with a show of hands that no one counted. luis baba an opposition deputy choose to corruption and recently expelled from his party was instantly sworn in and it
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will carry him out of like old brothers and sisters we have differences but we must end all this confrontation. but outside the confrontation was intensifying the opposition deputies are trying to break their way into the national assembly but the national guard is outnumbering up at this point and placing the blame from the building. in a desperate last bid to get in opposition leader flung tried to climb over the spiked middle fence surrounding the building. the security forces fought him off as well. shaken but determined why the announced he would convene the assembly elsewhere that you live in atlanta we're going to assume our responsibility and to rise to this new challenge that venezuela is facing. hours later 100 opposition deputies more than the simple majority needed to win reelected why the
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laws national assembly president vote. recognised by washington and many others but not by president nicolas maduro. i say you can believe what i think imperialist came out to say they would not recognize the result of the boat today in the national assembly i say to mike pompei o the u.s. envoy to venezuela elliott abrams and the assistant secretary of state that they should explain why they lost the leadership of the national assembly. was clearly the battle for that national assembly until now venezuela's only independent institution is far from over and it really intensify even further why though attempts to reclaim what he says is his rightful place inside the legislative palace on tuesday. see a new an al-jazeera caucus who has a new president elect leftist former prime minister. has defeated the conservative incumbent kalinda grab our kids in a runoff folds the conservatives hold
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a majority in parliament but milan of it's focused his presidency would be one of we conciliation and unity vote is seen as an important test before legislative elections in may to this. year for nearly $24000000.00 croatians are all looking for a place under the sun we are all looking for a place on the road that we're on a place in europe which is still in spite of all its problems the best place and the best continent to live on and i will cooperate with whoever happens to hold executive power with anyone who truly leads the country because i know what that means the french official overseeing the notre dame cathedral we construction in paris says it can't guarantee it will be saved after last year's far john lewis score again sold french broadcaster told a french bread broadcaster that the building is in his words still in a state of peril the 850 year old gothic cathedral lost its bar and ruth during
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a massive fire last april. not is not saved because as a director there's an extremely important step ahead which is to remove the scaffolding that have been built around the city if you see. it is difficult because there is lit on the scaffolding and we must take precautionary measures in conformity with the label so the workers are not exposed to that. this is sound as they are and these are current top stories iran's leaders have joined crowds into iran for the funeral procession of the assassinated general salon supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei the president has done with the help prayers at the funeral in the iranian capital city pari has more. the body is currently on route from the capital to the holy city of we can see the images that
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people have come out to say their goodbyes to the general and as it makes the coffin makes its way to the holy city of palm where their people will also have a chance to pay their respects after that the coffin will make its way from home to his hometown of care mon city in central iran where he will be laid to rest later on tuesday i welcome politicians have voted to remove all foreign forces in response to the assassination of a reigning commander so the money the bill is non-binding and needs government approval. the us president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves to expel foreign troops trump says american forces will not leave unless iran pays for the u.s. base that's there. after weeks of high temperatures fire fight is getting some help from cooler weather and some brave fire crews are also reopening both tools and rescuing people who've been trapped for days the fires are likely to keep
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burning for months prime minister scott morrison has been criticized for his handling of the crisis and he's now pledged funds for the rebuilding efforts. chaotic and confusing see this in venezuela where the government of president nicolas maduro has forcibly installed a new head of parliament opposition neither one was replaced with another politician who was recently kicked out of an opposition party for alleged corruption so there are now 2 competing leaders upon him and why door was also sworn in during an impromptu session at a newspaper office. those are headlines you're firmly up today the news continues here on al-jazeera after risking it all we will see you a little bit later but by. talk to old was there a we were told to get to it without going through alteration has this been
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addressed by you took you to listen to what these the proposal of spain for a couple anya we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter to 0.


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