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tv   Paris Voice Of The Suburbs  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2020 6:32am-7:02am +03

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iran against further violence and provocations after an urgent meeting in brussels stoltenberg says a new conflict is in no one's interest and called for restraint and deescalation nato does maintain a 500 strong training mission in iraq for the fight against eisel but it's suspended that after solomon his death and a couple of other headlines for you forces loyal to the libyan warlord khalifa haftar have reached the center of the strategic coastal city of sirte trying to wrest control from the un recognized government part of have to as wider offensive to take the capital tripoli and protests have been held across india condemning an attack that targeted students and teachers at a prominent university in new delhi demonstrators say students affiliated with the ruling b j p were behind the violence though they deny that they got to that with the headlines on al-jazeera witness starts right now. on counting the cost 2020 we pick through what could be the whole geo political and geo economic topics of the year for the most important election in the free world and
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we ask if the world can come together to tackle global warming inequality a globalized. account of the cost on al-jazeera. the. us economy i know you don't. say it's not a total sum but almost. what
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library because it's like simpson in a sort of almost like a want you these are painted it won't look as you would totally keep and you can look at this it does tell you at least what you would also if you cannot see the you're also the part of the. internet that if you did kids at home. in the midst of it isn't that the person didn't see it. when the young seen the music and. you want to get citizens just using that will never. sit down and say oh some more did back in 2001. more song that it doubles your visit down the. electorate does it could give me a lot of. us could be faultless is it a text. but the old and most unfortunate of even a victory the more you want to meet the dalai just yet i think this could take
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years also you know and he'll spend in prison and all sequel on the if you could see. this also know this but i move the cluster does it have maximum. almost stop it i wouldn't ever can move. don't put in wales premier as well as. trying to make. money. because that's mistress with cities did you can do. that. and they're good at what. they're called. there's a ship. and next to give a. shit so i lost. my depth of some parts. of your latest.
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chrysippus so i get off the baton and used your dad to mean no. more new posts are you. sick or new some reason but when you really don't like. the bunny jokes and he just about screw them for the 2nd. ok ok. i've got. another dentical can't move i'm wrong. so i clearly. want to. stay on time john and. it was. really good. going to. those negatives get askance when she does but what. about the senate. buzzards or. congress who take
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a little more. about you know comment that the truck rush was. ok what. was cool with clinton feds. isn't a good day then he got for. christmas you forget is this what is it going to get called pleasant distance on his career also sausan song. sitting on the bus when he proposed of course. as you just said so. shelby and got a machine that a little they said to me is a huge case in which men. and chanel it wasn't me going to spend
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a year yes i would have all your. score all done but i'm into plus fun wonders to. do it in. the mud that. to today. they are just as viewing. it i will not say it dilutes. dismiss it is the key. she says she quit to talk. soon. after get after the real job.
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so if i came to blows or said i got a dick with it i can go on here i'll tell you remembered about the school why was it a discrepancy. not in your heart that's on the south i'm going to ship here the push was up and. if miss paralegal cynthia. would be found they'll fit and. signaling the respect in this is a fair chance again and i'm going to be. and we're going to buy the book who could please you did mention. i know what. it was but i would. not want to.
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let you feel the loss of a bit of what did i mean to the poor below. the earth. you can. see.
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many bodies in the madison. history of the. internet and that's going on. well pathetic attention let's just really close on this christmas season since i said introduce him to the success of his business and. to look to others. to see. the letter. to the that's. good. it was or is it because it was his childhood the stupid seats from his internal control system fish thinking that the pressure in the neighborhoods of oil was only consumes he just political to be sure not only just corners good point it was the most important it was described in washington for the news because on the other side of the other quote i'm not sure the kid's going to which will sometimes don't look just issues that i'm one of us
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not because of it's regrettable but to me it was it was worth it or political to be good if you want to be good you're going to have a talk with you're going to go bald on that. issue is going to boast on just in some way that's just what he could well what in other words would open clear this into question snow is still going to school what if you could drag ok. because wes and chris have ok this is real and what about whether going to come down to one of the political thrillers just like. this the or just a bit of political theater so i don't hear a phone call no solutions are all made but i'm going to just you're a loser move on make the current.
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job on your. own possible model this chrysippus not one time to postpone what is when i listen to the personal. pleasure of us coming at the shit i'm going to trying to. pick up step out into. super combat he'll say it's my veins. and if. you could is who cares if they're given by jesus to. not to bits it was iraq so we took them bush is the sump of bones not just a. you know. it could vanish and i don't do moves he would play.
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it was he didn't tell you that about it well guess i am. wrong way to go. the north atlantic all the live now was don't want to meltdown if you do because a lot of people going to hold it was that but then what you meant is it. was really only unmade it. nicked it wants it.
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and let's see what develops a budget to fence me to join at least one clown that i am not. the needs. of us and my convince no you mean on the on the list a little media because you think of them on demand yeah and the more death was a man of. the obscenely mediocre men that are going to. what do you mean engine in one expects books and then a movie that's really where they will be isn't going much of it i'm a composer do joyce really need you much as a couple to gump and still. well you know the mood to have peace and skew the president have to do to. assist the families so a lot of it. we're going to shift while we finish you know take and take them.
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but you got a possibility. but you aren't on the. ledge films on will and no more group or is it isn't because the prism of not. merely the lead of the small the you know very well because i'm pretty sure. those british you know christmas and they've been at through all these if the course makes it they are mistress improvements in big speaker group c. . you exit the moves that move in with the. program or through the others you're just going to tell me do you think the folks who could go over in europe something .
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that's when i was listening to back to my own distance when you see the people of the homes soon since you knew citizen that you didn't think. that would easily get to see that softball team to. do good deals and to. seek. to do with money. either. young. men don't want. them. don't know and don't know gnome and they don't appreciate. it oh not
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a forest year. after mr sustenance and simply going up an upward spiral and will need much more of the new king was the one. that almost. no. room in some peace and i joined our subsequent between when i watched them of. course if they haven't. done it really don't you think we're on an element. of what are you going to want to manslaughter after going to kuwait out climate joe you know of course it could. always just concerns about a new sort of more humid. facing city much do. you get a false. move
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you could get the teachers commences next. to skeet shooting and then new developments with these men and. don't leave food for some delegates to snub the hospital system known to me you didn't have other people need to. investigate difficult to vent comments. and leave. you but just to appease. jam problem it's mostly just sort of. signature content of new model good and bad your kids sort of consequent of your sound gotta love you know would you make it to
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the. did one more time as a minute when you and she does reports let's just don't there's a lot to my point you make of course and. indeed prison while we may above all north so if true enough is that as well nuff know rahm's that's been an emotion of live among us that some in a. group almost also i mean by that opens up to my. wife somewhat to the point you have been on the speaker what are. your views just explain me swapping the 2 people in your story just to get a piece called out to sell those helped topple appear to have a good reporters ask you to quote ok that's somewhat off.
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your mind of yes this is it was interesting just to myself. what does a 2nd look if a little. sorry to me can i get we what what what what size to. the point of the presumptive tone and. take. it off as can i but i'm in the dark is not. crude. this is. yes i. just thought. you were going to. believe me because she doesn't listen. a prisoner. to me why is the news
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from your doubt just summing it up ok he says was up. and citizens that i'm fresh on ice and square both if you molly delusion is day to day period. don't you see it. going to give you 3 more victories on the. sketchy comment i think the conditions this week and if you see them. on some. movie i should try calling started off human is alleging that i got. my task is to proceed you want to be is this if you pull this case because he could be from the cause of us your. sympathy but don't repulse because you know. there's a false imprisonment city. to photoshop or message as will you if you don't
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. see more unusual name. on the grid or if you must prove you know about them or is there a sense here that he'd received if you see a measure of success in protecting them from going on in class i want to. ski i want. to do just jump it's called i need to decide that will. be able to order if you want to think i don't really need. 6 i can expose a case like this because you didn't have to coral more tickets you more thought on this i thought in this case you're ok if you want to complain shows a race or something like that i see so i just. found. that sensed a tendency to sense that seems to me it's once you.
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feel 20 deaths and diminution traditionally it's a mustang in the sun. i don't. know about the new museum a. militia important section that if there's room for the 6 months i want to. see. a move to a school. that's typical. lead
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. was. the us. little. bit us was it the. beshrew sort of fit. so the best among the kids is a make up their general series it was gentle falsify expose it. acceptable a pretty good excuse looks a bit operating the excuse so used to question morkie legitimacy the lot of food.
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the president completes more the mahdi's it scares me dissolve it. does and they do try to smooth it off me every step of the development of the 2 goals it. up. for this year is really kind of a measure that if you look i'm doing this for good next that i what i mean when he says asks of a city. that has no longer will just come out i don't a circumstance of it on to complete the line doubling me jagged and cool. it took a boatload of your puppy or something you can discuss a bus a quote about food before. asking for assistance.
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really the question of all why down shock pool to pleasure has been on principle said look he is going through with the blogger view and the kind of guys that with but they want to see. it like a post in media at sidwell didn't you for your children or she reoccur you name it but hope and credit all before they've. made the public 1. 0. some of us don't dicky 50 issues it did for us from lot more swap last year it immediately seeps supposed of like history so just for cover havoc new swine simple spider form so they lived if you want.
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to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars for siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary on al-jazeera. one of the really special things that working crowd is here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's that it challenging but it is but to be there because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live
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to tell the real stories i'll just mended used to do the work in dead journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. of the world but it's a series of ceremonies parties feast we might know when they begin but not on the again. in the camorra sign an extravagant wedding so as markers of social status but this lavish celebration. well. no one ever held this wedding ceremony people. and its budget is all still extraordinary the grand matters on algis the. indias in the midst of a high tech revolution with the 1000000000. yet in a country where one in 4 can't be told right how can this technological boom be harnessed for the common good. life perhaps challenges
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a digital entrepreneur to devise an easy to use for struggling. county find a way to bring the 2 worlds together. like smoke harvest on al-jazeera. the u.s. defense department says it mistakenly sent out suggesting troops will be withdrawn from iraq. it's among the developments after the u.s. assassination of iranian general qassam saw a man whose remains have now arrived in his hometown for burial. live from doha everyone i'm come on son to maria with the world news from al-jazeera the headlines libyan warlord khalifa haftar his forces have taken the city of sirte an important game in their battle for the capital tripoli and we will
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hear from congolese families who say they're being pushed out of lucrative mines to make way for foreign companies. so the u.s. defense secretary has had to clarify that there has been no decision to pull troops out of iraq mark aspect and other military figures set the record straight after a draft letter from a top general was in their words mistakenly circulated the confusion follows that vote in iraq's parliament pushing for all foreign forces to go after the assassination of the top iranian commander so the money iraq is also urging the u.n. security council to condemn the killing of so the money and militia leader who died alongside him so the man is coffin has also arrived in his hometown the hour where he will be laid to rest later on tuesday the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini wept
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as he.


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