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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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colonialism this is a v a not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. iran appears to be standing down which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world. but the u.s. president still announces additional painful sanctions on tehran. president trump's announcement comes as iran strikes back for the assassination of kasim sulaimani firing 22 missiles on iraqi bases hosting u.s. and coalition forces.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching ounces there are live from london also coming up on the program a ukrainian plane crashes moments after takeoff from iran's capital tehran killing of 176 people on board. these allegations are untrue and i should have never been arrested in the 1st place this sounds former chief makes his 1st public appearance since skipping bail in japan ahead of his trial in allegations of financial misconduct. thank you for joining us the u.s. president says iran appears to be standing down after it launched a series of missiles on american bases in iraq the attacks were in response to the u.s. killing of the rain in general and so the money donald trump flanked by his vice
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president to secretaries of state and defense as well as military leaders warned iran that u.s. military missiles were big and powerful and accurate and lethal he said he would be imposing further economic sanctions on tehran iran appears to be standing down which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world no american or iraqi lives were lost because of the precautions taken. the dispersal of forces and an early warning system that worked very well as we continue to evaluate options in response to rein in aggression the united states will immediately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on the iranian regime these powerful sanctions will remain until iran changes its behavior. well let's go
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live to our white house correspondent kelly halkett can really it was quite oh a far ranging speech from the president what more the trump have to say. well there was a bit of a surprise in the midst of the speeches and that was quite unexpected from the u.s. president that was calling for a wider expansion in terms of involvement in the middle east affairs by nato and the reason this is so surprising barbara is the fact that this is a president that once called nato obsolete has constantly criticized it criticized its members now calling for assistance with regard to the u.s. or ronnie in relationship it certainly was a surprise for many who were listening to this because we're not even sure if the president hasn't fact consulted with some of the key members of that a law it's there is the knowledge that germany has been consulted in some form or fashion but whether there was any discussion about the specifics on this is still
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not clear we did receive a readout that the u.s. president spoke with the german chancellor angela merkel but beyond that no details so that was certainly a surprise and also missing from the speech were a couple of things that many may have been looking for number one what the president was planning to do next given the promise in the fiery rhetoric from him that there would be a response if iran attacked any u.s. interest without hesitation it appears the president is now hesitating and as well no evidence that many have demanded with regard to the attack that the u.s. says was imminent and that's why there was the order killing of the iranian general . and kimberly i know it's still early hours but has there been much reaction to the speech so far. there has been some reaction that isn't particularly on capitol hill well the president's supporters obviously some of the top republicans are praising this president's speech one top republican calling it a home run they say that the argument 'd for some of the republican supporters is
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that the president is showing restraint which is something that is needed right now as there is that were very small window of opportunity for diplomacy in the midst of all of this but the president will respond at the time of his choosing the democratic members of congress do not quite feel the same way in fact they have been somewhat critical of the strategy so far and continuing to await briefings from members of the trumpet ministration what exactly the strategy is so far one of the top criticisms following the speech has been the fact that there still has not been a lot of information coming from this white house something the white house is promising to change but that many on capitol hill remain skeptical. that the white house can really for the moment thank you so that's what the u.s. president has been saying meanwhile iran's president says the real revenge for the man his assassination will include seeing the u.s. kicked out of the middle east. because of the
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do soleimani juicer has reviewed his body in videos and pictures the revenge for various is to force america out of this region the real revenge of the ultimate response by regional nations as we america is expelled from this region and its head of aggression its counsel for river. from lauren that asked said by joins us live now from the iranian capital tehran runs leader is have been speaking today the same dream leader said the missile strikes where slap in the face for the us what else did he say when he said that militaru response isn't enough to confront do united states he did say that iran is now a quipped in this day and nations stand up to the bullies of the world and that's very important in terms of how iran sees it sells ideologically a theologically iran very much sees itself as the underdog standing go up to this great evil as they see it oh but he also praised general cos and through the money
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he said that he was brave and are wise for and but he said he was also goods not only militarily but politically to he was none part to son and that's been reflected in terms of how many people have come out onto the streets and how the different political factions here have united in terms of condemnation of full he's assassination and asking for revenge but you also said that the presence of the united states in the region has to come to an end and i said we heard their president trump or so announcing further punishing economic sanctions obviously iran is already feeling the bite from economic sanction so how are people likely to react to that who people here will say what's left just sanction because synced donald trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal in 2018 the united states has unilaterally impose sanctions on iran now banking
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sector has been sanctioned or oil sect the office of the supreme leader and even the foreign minister has been sanctioned so essentially people would be looking and say ok well iran has been suffering economically sanctioned by also want to pick up on some of the things that donald trump said you said that looks like iran is standing down but from where star from where we're standing here into iran that doesn't seem like the case there's very strong language coming out especially from president rouhani and he said that the united states should know if they commit to further crime iran would act decisively with the armed forces but also donald trump said that iran should be thankful that the united states gave them $150000000000.00 roll that money was actually given to iran it was iran's money in the 1st place those were frozen assets over decades of sanctions so that was the united states returning frozen money iran's frozen money so still waiting for
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reaction from iran to donald trump to speech but essentially people would be not surprised about the new sanctions. with the latest there from the iranian capital tehran now said thank you. all satellite images have been released showing the extent of damage caused to one of the u.s. air bases when iranian missile struck in the early hours of wednesday morning several facilities on the base including aircraft hangars appears have sustained significant damage in the attacks u.s. president on trial said the strikes have not harmed any u.s. troops stationed there progress and has more now on the strikes. this is iran's promised response to the u.s. assassination of top iranian general hossam soleimani ballistic missiles soaring into the night sky there target an iraqi military base housing thousands of u.s. soldiers iranians are taking the core of the 2 hit back directly they wouldn't
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even leave their proxies to deliver the message that the americans. are kind of saving faith order for them because killing soleimani is it's an insult from the americans to iranian establishment to iranian a state as all and therefore i think you're ronnie and has to retaliate the question is whether that military will be used to retaliate against these attacks u.s. troops are based at the alena sardi a base in iraq one of 2 talking it's hit by missiles ever since president scuttled the. there has been to. get an escalation and that you know neither side can afford to give in because they look weak the leaders of both sides are committed to this escalation and it's hard to see how out yes
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you know where they are i don't want the u.s. says it's killing of cars some sort of money in an air strike was in response to an attack in iraq in which a u.s. contractor died and for which the u.s. blames iran and iran huge crowds have been in mourning. and demanding revenge for some of these death and immediate diplomatic solution to the crisis seems unlikely. both sides have to be rolling through gaijin diplomacy and right now i fear that i do not see that i do not see either side the iranian or the american willing to do the things necessary to engage in the pharmacy. iran wants us forces to power minutely leave the gulf region and it says there will be a harsh response to any further u.s. retaliation rob matheson al-jazeera. iran's foreign minister jevons that effects
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emphasize that tehran's next steps will depend on the reaction from the u.s. people said very clearly that if the united states takes any further action iran did respond accordingly and we would respond in a very harsh way but proportionately well we did not start this process of escalation the united states rage an economic war against iran the united states has to come to its senses the presence of iranian people in the streets of many cities unprecedented in the history europe can play a useful role by informing the united states of the serious error in their analysis that they should stop listening to clowns that they should base their policy based on realities and not some evolutions of some clowns who have ambitions of strip there's more news ahead here on al-jazeera including calls for an urgent ceasefire
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in libya and turkey and russia want to see peace by sunday indian workers take their anger to the streets tens of thousands of striking over the government from one of us sir. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well for the next few days it can be quite messy here for northwestern parts of europe as you can see on the satellite image a lot of clouds are coming through the region not only clouds we're seeing some rain and some snow in some higher elevations we're talking about northern in england parts of southern scotland as well now the rain will continue we're going to break across england by the time we get towards thursday night and we're going to be seeing some better weather here in london maybe some clouds in the forecast with the temperature there of about 8 but notice the system that is coming in from the atlantic 1st will be seeing some rain through parts of ireland as well as
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northern ireland by the time we get towards friday well down here across much of athens it is going to be much better we do expect to see a tempter there of about 13 degrees well for the northern coast of africa over the next few days we are expecting to see a mixed bag of weather a lot of rain a lot of clouds across much of the area now we're still watching the system in the eastern part of the mediterranean that is still bring some winds and some clouds for parts of egypt over the next few days but over here towards tunis we are going to be seeing increase of rain for you that will also extend over here towards the west for algiers it is going to be a rainy day where the temperature there of about 12 degrees and then very quickly down here across parts of southern africa notice the very heavy rain that's pushing across south africa right now for johannesburg it is going to be some rain in your forecast with a temperature of about 26 degrees. to be a child just to be innocent and care for me but it comes to an abrupt end at the burden of young children. with
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a mother behind 4 siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. the family in the hope of a challenge across the us mexico border the other side of the witness documentary al-jazeera. the the one. and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says iran appears to be standing down but still promise to impose further punitive economic sanctions on tehran from several hours after iran launched more than a dozen missiles at u.s.
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bases in retaliation for the killing of leading military think that figure the money. or staying with that story donald trump signaling a deescalation after iran launched a series of missiles on american bases in iraq we're joined now by al-jazeera senior political analyst joins us live from doha my one is always good to see you so behind all the rhetoric that we have been hearing from transporting think israel messages the real message is that we the united states have absorbed the attack in our base in the early hours and that we think we hope that iran has absorbed the assassination of its general or be it influential gen. me that does not make us friends or partners we are still the good old nemesis even enemies and the
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united states will maintain a pressure all social pressures on iran until it does abide by a good number of victories that the united states insists it must well because another one of the things that trump mentioned was more punitive economic sanctions on iran so what does all of this mean for the country. look iran. today is far better off than it was a few days ago despite again losing a general and influential general in iran today or the regime i should say the ayatollah as the iranian regime is on a far better position today than it was several days ago it was on that a lot of pressure internally there was a popular movement rising popular movement against the regime there was suffering economically and that was showing there certainly the regime's allies in iraq were
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suffering popular movement in iraq were out in the streets burning iranian consulates in the south generally speaking the iranian position in the gulf within the region wasn't that great but today iran and its allies and its clients in the region are up in up and he will there certainly the regime in iran is sort of defying its base within the country it's probably going to wind that when the next elections in a big way its allies in iraq are also taking over and sort of defying their position so i think for whatever reason the american president carried that attack whether it is or for his own electoral calculus whether it is because there was an attack on the embassy and that reminds him that former administration fell because of that but clearly the end result for the time being is that the iranian regime is stronger today than it was last week that's iran and its allies what about american
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allies the president say nato should intervene no what do you think the rollies of nato and crucially all of europe in all of this. to be honest barbara i think. by some miracle i think the american president has has opened the door for europe today and for nato because remember as we've heard earlier he's been calling all kinds of names including obsolete and so on so forth basically humiliating his european partners and so on so forth but now he opened the door saying basically that united states needs nato it needs europe it needs europe to change its position but it needs europe nonetheless that it was was no longer a bilateral issue for the united states as the nazis was not acting alone that it needs a spark knows but its partners are not about to deploy forces against iran in the region that are about to go to war for the united states against iran they might
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have done that before because america was attacked on 911 and it's deployed to afghanistan meeting outside their theater of operation in europe but clearly they're not about to do that in favor of president trump. in iran and certainly they're also not about to abandon the nuclear deal because they've been arguing for so for 23 years now that the this deal needs to be respected the question is whether they can mediate something between the united states and iran a senior political analyst. on one as always thank you. now in other news a ukrainian international airliner has crashed in iran killing all 176 people on board the boeing 737 aircraft went down shortly after takeoff from the capital tehran the crash is not being linked to current tensions in the region the airline described the plane as one of its best and the pilots among its most experienced has more. the passengers and crew of flight p.s.
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752 didn't stand a chance. minutes after takeoff the ukrainian international airlines flight from tehran to kiev went down in a city suburb. recovery teams pick through what's left of the plane of people's lives. most of the dead are rainy and more than 60 canadians were also killed many reported the students returning from vacation. the boeing 737800 was less than 4 years old and had been recently serviced. video on social media shows a light hurtling to the ground and then a fireball. iranian officials say there was no distress call. segment but fortunately it didn't question the residential area but the wreckage has scattered around the gardens of villas within a large radius nobody has survived. airport in kiev the arrivals
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board bears the grim news. this mother and father had been waiting for their son to arrive may seem so someone probably knew my son is a senior flight attendant my daughter called at 615 this morning to say that in the u.s. they were reporting that a plane had crashed a ukrainian international airlines plane. ukraine's now canceled all flights over iran the country's embassy in tehran initially blamed engine failure for the crash later remove the statement doors useful while the approaching we made our decision to suspend all the activities of all ukrainian of the asian companies in iranian airspace until the causes of this tragedy become clear. the crash comes amid heightened tensions across the region following a u.s. drone strike that killed top iranian general has a money in a sign of worsening ties iran's civil aviation authority says it will not give the black box flight recorder to u.s. plane make
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a boeing for analysis it's not clear which country iran will send the box to. the safety audit and it had no accidents whatsoever so there they really do there's a very very good airlines but i do believe it will be a mechanical or possibly it might possibly be a terrorist act it's too hard to tell at this stage the crash is a major setback for boeing but struggled to regain trust after the grounding of its 737 max aircraft following 2 fatal accuracies within 5 months. the boeing 737 is one of the most popular aircraft in the sky with a good safety record investigators must now to turn in how and why so many lives ended here. al-jazeera. russian president vladimir putin is in turkey where he's met president of the one the leaders have called for a cease fire in libya to be implemented by sunday they issued a joint statement saying that they wanted stability in the normalising of daily
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life in tripoli and other cities and qatar is the point troops to support the internationally recognized government in tripoli in their fight against warlord halley for half that. or the cease fire announcement was issued shortly after the turkish and russian presidents met to inaugurate a pipeline in istanbul it's known as turks stream and it allows russia to sell more gas to europe of bypassing ukraine simcoe signal is in istanbul for us she says the pipeline is one of many areas of cooperation between turkey and russia. the spite of violates roll 'd prices back in 2015 after turkey shut down the russian fighter jet by its southern border and this project was faulted and back in 20172 leaders decided to build this project again and this is the 2nd direct pipeline carrying gas from russia to turkey and it is seen as a seal of unbreakable turkey and russia relations and at the 2 the name turks
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stream actually was given by the russian president vladimir putin if both leaders are gone and put in see this project the spy line as a connection between the 2 countries not only for providing a secure energy natural gas from a rush out to europe but also as a secure line of political relations turkey russia relations are not only based on energy supplies or economic relations as you know tool countries have been allied in the region when it comes to syria when it comes to iraq they're actually keeping the different forms in libya and turkey supports the u.n. recognized government jna it russia supports the house certainly for hot start in libya but it seems to leaders discussed libya the tension in iraq the humanitarian condition if it and truck can rush are also expected to provide mady
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ation for libya as well. tokyo prosecutors say comments made by nissen's former chief that they conspired with the car company to remove him its leadership are false and unacceptable carlos ghosn that made the allegations when he spoke publicly for the 1st time since fleeing house arrest in japan going has been in lebanon since is dramatic escape last week he was out on bail awaiting trial on charges of financial misconduct which he says are baseless. i'm not here to victimize myself i'm here to shed light on a system that violates the most basic principles of humanity i'm here to clear my name and to pronounce clearly but it could be something that was interpreted as in every seat in the japanese your system these allegations are untrue and i should have never been arrested in the 1st place millions of workers in india are on strike protesting against the government's economic policy the last movement
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follows an increase in the number of farmers who kill themselves because of financial debt and now many in the state of punjab are calling on the government to act raman reports now from the funny guy income. these farmers are singing for their rights just some of the many tens of thousands who are protesting across india on wednesday because it's what they say is government in action towards the farming industry. and their leaders have a clear message for the government not the time we have to demand a fair in profitable price for all farm produce it should be bought on time by the market and then there's no reason for the farmers to convert to say well experts say at least fall farmers commit suicide across the country each day. those they leave behind like heart broke or are forced to deal with the financial problems that drove them to suicide. and she tied is up she's constantly reminded of the
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family she's lost 3 generations of farmers who kill themselves over a crippling debt her father in law husband and last september her son really my son would often say mom what are we going to do about this date i told him not to worry he was a child he was only 19 and my only son he kept saying why did the government not help people like us they only had the powerful and the rich. she shows me the bills the pesticides and seeds as well as the amount due to fields they rented unemployment is so high one senior academic at all thought of the farming crisis says successive governments have failed to offer the farming community viable alternatives you'll find that the old unwritten source of the income has not been coming up we're you'll find that people. are going to go to other occupations which
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are even if those operations are over a little they are not of their mother to that extent where you can find that they have a correction and half the shift the from the farming to the argument or going to vocal versions. the government says it's launched a dish it is to help farmers including easy interest on their loads and set up missions for food security and sustainable agriculture but farmer say that's too little to help from a simple job often stop work to protest about their financial woes but nothing on this scale one of the main highways has been blocked in the state and they're hoping that many more people will join them on this day of action in punjab and across india one scholar said it reminds him of the $890.00 s. in the united states when distressed farmers there also decided to strike and then started to elect people from their own community as lawmakers as the decades unfolded they even go to the president's. farmers of you the leaders say they'll intensify demonstrations like this if you delhi fails to address their concerns so
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hell robert al jazeera but john. much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering flooding of course our top story there there about the iranian strikes on u.s. targets in iraq on the web site. time for the top stories now in al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says iran appears to be standing down following its attacks on american bases in iraq trying call for a greater involvement from nato in the middle east and said he would be as hoses and raise the economic sanctions on iran. iran appears to be standing down which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world no american or iraqi lives were lost
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because of the precautions taken the dispersal of forces and an early warning system that worked very well as we continue to evaluate options in response to a reign in aggression the united states will immediately impose additional punishing economic sanctions on the iranian regime these powerful saying shoes will remain until iran changes its behavior. trump was speaking just hours after iran launched a series of missile attacks on bases in iraq hosting u.s. and coalition troops no one was injured in the attacks which iran said was retaliation for the killing of senior military figure custom so the money iran's supreme leader called the attacks a slap in the face for the u.s. . also in iran the ukrainian passenger plane has crashed moments after takeoff all 176 people on board were killed the crash isn't being linked to tensions in the
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region. russian president vladimir putin has measures turkish counterparts richard type better don is the ball where they have called for a cease fire in libya they issued a joint statement saying that they wanted stability and the normalizing of daily life. form in this some boss carlos ghosn has spoken publicly for the 1st time since fleeing house arrest in japan he says prosecutors in tokyo conspired with the car company to have him removed from its leadership claims the japanese lawyers have described as false and unacceptable. those are the top stories stay with us the stream is coming up next asking what does the u.s. around conflict mean for millions of iraqis and i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour i hope you'll join me then thanks for watching.
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welcome to the stream my family ok the killing of an iranian major general has put the u.s. and iran on the brink of war but iraq is the battlefield so what lies ahead for a country already struggling with a string of domestic problems send your thoughts for today's show through twitter you could be it. iran's targeting of 2 iraqi military bases hosting u.s. troops has put the world on edge with fears that terrans revenge attacks the u.s. killing of its most important military leader.


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