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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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we spoke to the secretary general here in this room we're going to try to cut you in but has justice now been served for the victims rewind haiti in a time of cholera on al-jazeera. the head of iran's civil aviation authority says the ukrainian airliner that crashed in tehran a wednesday was not shown. a video released by the new york times for boys to show the moments the plane was hit by what appears to be a missile. allegedly macdonald this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up india's top court orders an urgent review of the logs and kashmir and says the internet ban in the disputed state is an abuse of power. after months of fighting in syria's last rebel held it
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lip province russia and iran says a ceasefire. hello there the head of iran's civil aviation body has reiterated that the trainee an airliner that crashed into tehran a weapons day was not shot down by a missile but caught fire and was having technical difficulties a video posted by the new york times appears to show a missile striking the aircraft over tehran matheson has latest. this video posted by the new york times newspaper appears to show an explosion as ukraine airlines flight 75 to is struck the plane flies on for several minutes before turning back towards to han airport where security cameras capture the moment it hits the ground among the dead was 63 canadians we have intelligence from multiple sources in.
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clinger allies and our own intelligence. the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by entering in a surface to air missiles at the time of the crash iran had fired missiles at bases in iraq hosting us troops iran's military was prepared for a u.s. response but iran says the plane was not hit by a missile had to go near. any statement made before extracting the information contained in the black box is groundless however i'd like to assure you that the aircraft was not hit by a missile the aircraft was on fire for one and a half minutes after taking off so the pilot decided to return to the airport but he had many technical issues at hand. iran initially refused to hand over to the u.s. the so-called black boxes used to record cockpit voices and flight data but iran has now invited the aircraft manufacturer boeing to be part of the investigation france made the aircraft's engines and says it's too wants to be involved and the
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u.s. national transportation safety board says it's assigned a representative to the investigation there are reports the debris has been bulldozed into a pile but one expert says the day may provide answers there could be evidence with literally within the bodies of the victims that could point to whether or not for example an explosion took place inside or outside of the air that ukraine's president has laid flowers at a makeshift memorial at the airport where the plane was expected to land at least one vigil is being held in toronto in canada many of those who died had dual nationalities this coming back home from a ship you want to see his mother on the holidays and you know i swear we will turn britain about. some of furious that iran may have been involved in the crash others are waiting to find out when the bodies of their loved ones might return home rob matheson al-jazeera.
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last had begun and he has more on what they were any an aviation officials had to. iran is still maintaining that this aircraft was not struck by a missile now the aviation authority here did say that it was some amateur footage however they did that very fired that new york times footage that showed a projectile going and apparently hitting some sort of aircraft but what they did say was the case a bit more information about the flight the said that it caught fire for about a minute and a half to 2 minutes he said that the pilot did contact marabout airport which is a mom for many airport marabout airport is a domestic airport that deals with domestic flights here and ron he said that he sought permission to climb to a high altitude of 26000 feet now they've said that they recovered the black box
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with the data and that they will try to recover that they feel that they have the expertise to recover it but if they don't they will seek assistance from other countries such as canada the u.s. ukraine but it feels like that the aviation authority here is trying to be as transparent as possible giving us a lot of information taking into account what's been said by the united states and other that and canada about the missile strike but they have rejected categorically the head of the aviation aviation authority here that he was hit by a missile and he said if it was it would have the wreckage would have spread over a vast area and he cited the the plane that was hit in ukraine and how the by missile and how that wreckage was spread over a vast area and he says that this is very different but we gain that extra information because before we thought and what was said was that the pilot had not communicated but now we're hearing that he did communicate with marabout airport
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requesting to climb to a high altitude. was us a big reporting there now the u.s. house of representatives says voted to limit president donald trump's ability to engage in military action against iran it comes a week after he ordered a strike that killed so operating income other customs. the jocasta reports now from washington. house democrats say president trump's order to kill iranian general custom solar monny was a reckless move done without the consultation of congress it is unprecedented the level at which this administration is seeking to obscure the facts from the congress of the american people thursday's vote on the house floor is meant to deliver a rebuke to the president that the democratic led chamber has little confidence in trump's military decision making toward iran despite his justifications we caught a total monster and we took him out and that should have happened a long time ago. we did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy we also
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did it for other reasons that were very obvious somebody died one of our military people died people were badly wounded just a week before and we did it and we had a shot at him and i took it and that shot was pinpoint accurate and that was the end of a monster the war powers resolution passed in the house on thursday directs the president to terminate the use of u.s. forces in iran without congressional approval but how much power this measure carries is unclear it is a non-binding resolution which under normal circumstances means it does not carry the force of law but house speaker nancy pelosi says the war powers act is a special circumstance that gives the resolution legality that it does not have to be signed by the president of the united states the congress of the united states in this for hour of full voice can speak
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a new 9 that way about what the war powers act should look like and that should count for something house republicans call the vote a partisan distraction this resolution has as much force of law as a new year's resolution this resolution is not safeguarding our constitution but attacking our constitution by attempting to do. vest a duly elected president of his commander in chief powers a similar resolution is pending in the u.s. senate where at least 2 republicans have said they will support the measure to curb iran war powers but whether the resolutions will have that effect or will simply be ignored by the president is a question that may be decided in the courts. castro al-jazeera washington india's supreme court has ordered an urgent review of the locks on an indian administered kashmir they're willing is in response to a series of petitions challenging the legality of the government shops and that
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includes a ban on the internet you delhi reveal the region's autonomy in august and imposed extra security restrictions earlier was full of lorinda got over one of the lawyers representing the petitioners she says restrictions in indian administered kashmir of violating fundamental freedoms. i think it's a very significant judgment i was representing cush me times newspaper and our contention was that the ban on internet freedom is an assault on freedom of speech and expression freedom of the press and the restrictions on movement are all. have implications for freedom of flesh the court and the state had argued that these are issues of national security particularly given that kashmir is a border state that there is cross border daenerys them and therefore considering security can close there should be no judicial review the court has said that no these are matters of fundamental freedom and liberty and the court will subject
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every executive action in order to judicial review they have said held that the into bright student and that is protected under the constitution as far to freedom of speech and expression and therefore any restriction or prohibition on internet will have to meet the test of constitutionally feet to make sure that his executive action proportional to the problem that it poses right now what the way the state has conducted itself is that those orders were not published those orders were not even placed before the court to fill some full orders were given they have been directed to immediately publish all orders but deigning to internet restriction as well as movement restriction those orders must contain material particulars that why is the state taking this measure and is this is this required is this excessive in fact the court has gone so far as to say that repeated use of section $144.00 which we are now seeing across the country when that a protest on other reasons is an abuse of power any arbitrary shutdown ruffing then
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that can only happen after you publish the order alongside and it will be open to judicial review will happen when jacob is a professor at that you are allowed nehru university in new delhi and he says it will be difficult for the course to balance the government's argument the restrictions are necessary for security. the super important is very interesting lisa said that the freedom of speech and expression on optical 9 did not begin confusion in the right to the internet to that extent it has to be a really big doll and that the government cannot audibly truly shut down the internet for what indefinite periods so to that extent except those who do a judgment and b. and b. if one should os the question what is meant by it indefinite period that's to go on your feet here try to more importantly just north of by the government from. shutting down the internet it only there is that the government sure does no good for a long time i think should publish the reason why it is shutting down the need the
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next all to some extent it is a positive judgement idea that if the government wants it get it going to be new with shutting down the internet for all kinds of the repeat of the courthouse release said that the judiciary has to balance the interests of the individual that the spirit of expression and speech with the national security of the state now here is the here is the problem because the moment the government of india brings in the issue of national security janet just tend to go by the by the arguments made by the government but on national security they are likely to tinker with that and when when you should want to start by listening to this i think it's going to be your problem i think that is because. russia is so nice to see spine it to provence the last rebel hail clothes stronghold in syria more than 1300 civilians have been killed there since the government launched its offensive to retake the
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area back in 2018 well the violence had been escalating in recent months nearly 300000 people have been displaced by russian backed government airstrikes since december children and women are the most affected at least 175000 children have been forced to flee and sizes of families are urgently need humanitarian assistance aid agency is separated food and money to more than 180000 people jamal sheil joins us live from ankara and jamal what's the significance then of the see spot. well really where you just see exactly how significant it is in the sense that so far it's only been russia that has announced this station or of hostilities or proposed a solution of hostilities because we're getting reports that's still on friday morning although no airstrikes have taken place there has been some shelling. carried out by the regime of bashar al assad on the areas of moderate and the
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outskirts of this in spite of the announcement on thursday it's roughly about 18 hours ago now why are we still waiting to figure out how significant this is because obviously it's not just russia who is the main player when it comes to the situation in syria there are 2 other extremely important regional players namely turkey and iran iran maybe so long as russia has announced something will probably fall in line with that it is the turks that we're waiting to see what they are coming to or what their position is on this. latest announcement it's important to note that this isn't the 1st time that a deescalation or a cease fire has been announced previously there's been several other ones in fact it was always meant to be a safe zone ever since this standard process began between those 3 countries a couple of years ago is where all the armed rebel groups as well as the refugees that or the displaced rather internally who weren't refugees headed through and
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congregated in and that's what made it such a high lee dense population center and that area the fact that you mentioned so many people been killed since the government tried to retake it that so many people of you're talking about 700000 since april alone 300000 of those in december and just over the past week or 2 we're hearing guesstimates of 20000 fleeing all of those heading towards turkey so obviously turkey has been very adamant that some sort of decision. of hostilities has to be reached because of the burden that these extra refugees were putting on it not all to mention obviously the need for humanitarian aid to reach those areas so that is the context of it all whether this is going to be seriously considered. or implemented ceasefire well not quite sure but the early indications is that it requires a lot more support
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a lot more commitment from withdrawal players for it to have any weight or for it to last any longer. there joining us live from. still ahead. hopes for a cease fire in libya have been dashed we'll tell you why. more embarrassing leaks from buoying about the 737 and max all that more when we come back. hello there without some very heavy amounts of rain recently across areas of borneo particular calls out to the west as well sumatra really under the gun at the moment well some very heavy amounts of rain particularly along these west facing coast so they could accumulate maybe up to 200 millimeters of rain over the next couple of days that could of course lead to some localized flooding as we go through sunday
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it is a little bit drier and certainly staying pretty dry really across much of the money peninsula and southern areas of the thailand and then we had towards australia well as we know we have had some very welcome showers here but it's also come of the calls the winds have been particularly strong some high gusting winds and warm ahead of this system the the cooler air is coming on behind so as we go through saturday the high temperature melbourne is a lot lower than we have had recently $900.00 celsius but the winds are still pretty strong there also around western australia plenty of showers coming really from the remnants of what was that like and blake and then to the north you'll see this we're watching that of a possible cycle and development by sunday that system works its way with more showers through eastern sections of new south wales pushing up into queensland also taken some very warm across into areas of new zealand 2800 christ church on sunday but this is what happens next in melbourne by monday unfortunately the heat is back as is the snow on the haze.
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his new tour is the creation fake passports that full flower seeds be used one of many states the most a forger as he reveals the secrets of the strike on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. board . you're watching a quick reminder of our top stories this hour the boss of the run civil aviation
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body says he's certain a ukrainian airliner which crashed outside iran was not hit by a missile he says there was a fire on board new york times this released video that appears to show the moment a missile hit the play. india's supreme court has ordered a review of the lockdown in indian administered kashmir the local government must submit a report within a week you delhi revoke the region's autonomy in this fashion a cease fire in the province of it to the last rebel held areas in syria hundreds of people have been killed there over the last year. russia and turkey have also called for a ceasefire in libya by sunday but that's been rejected by war khalifa his forces have been trying to seize the capital tripoli from the un backed government and fighting has escalated in recent weeks scatty of a boy is and before this. libyan warlord khalifa hop star says the fighting will continue. the ceasefire called by
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russia and turkey has been rejected and have tars vowed to take control of the capital tripoli has been renewed by either the libyan arab forces will continue to target the enemy by iran land moving forward and spread its control of new forces in all areas from the capital from the east of sirte to the outskirts of basra to. international concern is now growing across the region hoft are met with italy's prime minister to separate continental roma hoping to stir support from the european union. then there is russia and turkey which support rivals on the ground on current has begun deploying troops in support of the un recognized government and by turning down the cease fire half dark could be pushing away russia one of his main allies. fighting has escalated between haftar is libyan national army and the internationally recognized government in tripoli.
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attempts to take control of the capital have fallen short but half the arse forces have gained ground especially in the coastal city of sirte and it was the right. and it was what had a. will continue to liberate libya from the clutches of evil were fighting terrorism at the state and world level. libya is strategically important it has the largest oil reserves in africa the country's location along the mediterranean coast has become a gateway for african migrants playing to europe. tunisia's president case ayad met with france's foreign minister to warn about the potential consequences of the conflict i think they. have all together with my european and egyptian colleagues we are highlighting the risks of an escalation in libya it would threaten to destabilize the entire region in the market to the south. leaders from the european union are banding together warning that libya could become
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a 2nd syria if the cease fire isn't to reach soon. al-jazeera and to get in the protestors in iraq are once again gathering in baghdad's tahrir square demonstrators 7 demanding a complete overhaul of the political system since excel what they say is corrupt and that most iraqis are being kept in poverty according to the iraqi human rights commission that these 485 people have been killed since those protests began 3 months ago let's go live now to mung condit joins us live from tahrir square the hub of the anti given full test movement in baghdad a man what are you expecting. well let me just show you this is likely to be the knowledge of protests that we've seen in recent weeks and perhaps even the largest protests that we've seen since the protests began in all told i think you know the reason for this is although they still are protesting about the government about corruption i'm
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a dimona still in place they want to change in the government they want your election is to be cold will they also protesting today eastlink to any people here and they'll tell you this very clearly no to iraq being a loser for the u.s. and iran is a very simple very clear message coming out no to foreign 'd interference and that's lucky boy we all seeing such large crowds are already gathered officially to protest doesn't stop for another couple of hours off to friday prayer we're expecting a significant number of people to come to describe just what they coming in not just from neighborhoods in baghdad from the provinces as well that marks 100 days since the protest movement began but the last couple of weeks and really given that it says on the last few days with the killing of course and so the money of your own income and and the hundreds the national xabi the bulk of the mobilization forces come on the body u.s. and then iran. television within iraq so all that's really spurred these protestors
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on they are very afraid that iraq will become the battleground main buffer ground for the u.s. and iran and i'm game run interesting the entire coleman tree over this past week due to recent events that the protest movement may have become a casualty of those events but between that and the kind of rather complex political landscape what is the kind of level of optimism for change. just take a look around to the level of optimism and so do we want to change that take a look at this obstacle or see this probably would look like a farmer or the parliament is not representative of illinois here because they are leaving on their city so the protest movement has been rejuvenated yes that was a mold with a few weeks but for right now just take a look at the number one this is a protest movement it doesn't look like it's going to go with it any time soon among college or joining us live from baghdad in months find q. . boeing has apologized to lead to messages that said it
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737 max designers were quote climbs supervised by monkeys the statements were made in instant messages released as author of an investigation into 2 fatal crashes involving the aircraft boy made its apology to the u.s. congress and federal aviation authority it says the comments are unacceptable and don't reflect the company's integrity matthew just still is an editor of asian aviation he explains how this could be perceived the company at much greater risk. it's dangerous obviously for boeing itself but 'd for the people that the pilots test pilots the people who are involved in sinise e-mails it's dangerous because if they are proven if it's proven that they actually to lie to a federal official someone from the federal aviation administration for example if it's proven that they lied to them that's
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a felony they could go to prison for that secondly and this is a bit theoretical but i was raised by lawyers 'd my mother was a lawyer my brother my oldest brother was a lawyer if in the process of committing a felony somebody dies then theoretically you could be charged with murder for that so if prosecutors could tie everything together and say this person lied and because of that law the plane was in peru and it cetera et cetera. theoretically you could have 346 counts of murder in there now that that's a bit of a stretch admittedly and i don't mean to blow everything out of proportion i'm just trying to demonstrate how serious this is because if you lied to a federal official in the united states that's a felony and someone could go to pick someone to go to prison for that. in australia more troops have been deployed to new south wales to help recovery efforts is the bushfire crisis their worst since the states of new south wales and victoria are expected to see temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius on friday
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when speeds are also rising at least 27 people have been killed and more than 2000 homes destroyed since september the diet not at this severe and extreme conditions that are across 2 states what i've said in my briefings this morning with the i.d.f. is i've given them very clear instructions to stand ready to move in support a medically in the event that i. needed in the white open what we hope we will not see to die but we must prepare for to die the conditions we've already seen in south australia as they are affecting communities there as we speak those conditions and conditions are now moving through southern new south wales and victoria well our correspondent jessica washington has been with a fire services in new south wales where conditions are worsening it is a day off strong heat strong winds authorities have warned that today is going to
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be a difficult day ahead with erratic conditions now we do know that those warnings are in place across new south wales victoria and south australia kurz are expected to have a long night ahead at the moment these crews behind me are on standby preparing to be called out they are expected that they are expecting that the situation will worsen as winds pick up later in the evening now this crisis has been going for months now we've heard recently for. the prime minister of australia scott morrison that once this crisis is all over he is open to the possibility of some sort of investigation into why this push by season was so much worse than previous years. malaysia has released audio recordings of former prime minister najib razak asking abu dhabi's crime prince to help cover up corruption they're part of the anti corruption commission's investigation into the one and the corruption scandal in one conversation that you've asked the crime prince to help clear his hollywood producers son of money laundering accusations.
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i've. got. 'd something very very. 'd very old or you're sorry. that. we.
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close we need to restore. a volcano has erupted in southern mexico proper casts a petal exploded on thursday shooting ash and rock 3 kilometers into the air authorities have banned people going near the volcano but there have been no evacuations of course 7000000 people live within 100 kilometer radius of the volcano and it's considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. all of them jim it's all about the headline so now the boss of iran's seville aviation body says he is certain a ukrainian airliner which crashed outside seron was not hit by a missile he said there was a fire on board new york times is released video that appears to show the moment a missile hit the plane. how to go near it so i know that it was a check the flow of drugs or any statements made before extraction the information contained in the black box is groundless however i'd like to assure you that the
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aircraft was not as hits by a mistrial the aircraft was on $51.00 and a half minutes after taking off so the pilot decided to return to the airport but he had many technical issues at hand india's supreme court has ordered a review of the lockdown in indian administered kashmir the local government must submit a report within a week new delhi revoked the region's autonomy in august clashes and us to cease fire in the province of idlib the last rebel held area in syria hundreds of people have been killed there in the past year. and libyan warlord the have to has rejected calls by russia and turkey for a ceasefire to be implemented there by sunday the 2 countries support opposing sides in the conflict while schoolbags huffed are his forces have been trying to seize 2 police since april turkey's begun deploying troops to support the un recognized government based in the capital. boeing's apologized after leaked messages said that its 737 max designers will call climbs supervised by monkeys the
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statements were made in instant messages released as part of an investigation into 2 fatal crashes involving their craft oil made its apology to the u.s. congress and federal aviation authority it says the comments are unacceptable and don't reflect the company's integrity in a strictly a more troops have been deployed to new south wales to help recovery efforts as the bushfire crisis worsens and states of new south wales and victoria are expected to see temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius on friday wind speeds are also rising at least 27 people have been killed and more than 2000 homes have been destroyed since september. well those are your headlines your firming up today the news continues here of course on al-jazeera after one whole one east see you a bit later. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north point 8 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are
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rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent will china be a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost. made a new identity. if the name for you. might cook for. him. he's known as the doctor. told. me they were. and he's helped criminals and terrorists move freely across the border. often to deadly effect. going on kong. what are 18 the hunt for the mafia forger.


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